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"Sexuality is your spiritual energy coming through the body."

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The Sexual Healing of Humanity

Spirit Guide eM channeled by Steve Rother - September 20, 2018

Spirit Guide eM: Greetings, dear ones. I join you this day with a very special intent. As you may know, I am a balanced entity. I do not have to separate into masculine or feminine. On this side of the veil no one does, but as I present myself in your world I do so as a balanced masculine and feminine entity.

I bring that up today because we wish to speak about sexuality on your planet. What is sexuality? It begins as the pulling apart of the two facets of yourself. You may know a part of the group is a beautiful, magical lady by the name of Merlia. She is the feminine aspect of Merlin who entered this dimension as a man, and as such he had to separate himself to play the game (of pretending to be human). Yes, weíre always talking about separation. Humans come in pretending to be separate and you are. Youíre all pretending to be separate from each other, but you also must separate your different sides within yourself.

Now youíve stepped into the fifth dimension (5D) and things are different. As we mentioned last time we came together, you have moved into spiral time. Spiral time and spiral thought are something that humans are simply not used to, yet. Dear ones, you are now starting to see it. Thatís part of the reason that all these sexual misdeeds are being uncovered. Isnít it interesting that just recently you found a new layer of sexual misconduct by people who, quite honestly, really should know better? Yet, what is that all about? It often shows up in those who pull themselves apart, trying very hard to play the game of pretending with only one part of themselves. Vows of celibacy are a perfect example of this. Of course, the challenge about sexual abuse in all forms is that it is passed down through generations.

Generational Healing

Let us give an example of a man who abuses his young son. Well, that young man will generally grow up and abuse his own children is a similar way. But what if the son decides to change? He may very well grow up and say, ďI will not abuse my children!Ē And if he does the work, he accomplishes incredible healing within himself. Yet it does not stop there, for that healing goes forward and backwards in the timeline. He not only heals his children who donít have to experience abuse, but he also heals his father, grandfather, grandmother, great grandmother and all those who have passed this energy down. This destructive energy can be passed down in many ways. It can be acted out physically through physical harm, sexual acts, or even emotional abuse.

On the other hand, letís say that this young man who was abused grows up and does not do the work. Instead he does something that we call "white knuckling," holding back but still experiencing the anger even though he is not acting it out. If he has children that energy will still pass on to them in a similar way as if he had abused them. They in turn will pass it on to their children. And so, it goes from generation, to generation, to generation until somebody finally steps in and breaks the chain.

New Vision in Spiral Time-Space

Part of the problem is that humans have been experiencing everything in linear time. So, when something happens, it slips into the past and they say, ďOh, thatís the old me,Ē or ďThat happened a long time ago. Iíve forgotten about that!Ē But it doesnít go away, dear ones, for its imprinted in the annals of time. That was the third dimensional way of dealing with these difficult imprints. As a result, the imprints were passed down generationally to be dealt with.

Humans have now passed into the fifth dimension (5D) and you have spiral time instead of linear time. In spiral time-space the energies come back around, allowing you to see forward and backwards on the timeline with much more clarity.

When it was just a circle in fourth dimensional time, you would tend to repeat things because you had very little forward or backward vision. In spiral time-space you can see as if it just happened, and thatís the reason that you have no more secrets. All these things that were hidden not so long ago are starting to be uncovered. That happened with what you call the ďme tooĒ movement. It is about being able to see in circular time, having a new vision, then calling into action what is right and what is wrong.

We tell you, dear ones, there is more healing occurring on this planet right now than ever before particularly around sexual abuse issues.

Sexual Energy Will Not Be Denied

Sexuality is a significant part of your spirit and your experience on Earth. If denied, it will overreact and express in ways that are inappropriate.

In your news media, you are seeing evidence of this in abundance. Many religions teach that sex is the base energy, the animalistic or physical part of you which is not spirit. Weíre here to tell you that is the reverse of how we see it.

Sexuality is actually your spiritual energy coming through the body. When you separate those two and play the role of being a good little boy or girl, the sexual energy pulls back and creates repercussions. What if healthy sexual energy was recognized and even taught in your religions? It is the denial of sexual energy which is erupting in some of your religions right now.

The vows of abstinence go completely against the spiritual teachings that they are trying to convey. Guilt is taught as a proper response to sex, and because of this the spirit is restricted within a belief system. Sexual energy is too strong to be restricted in this manner and will erupt in other ways if it is denied.

It is difficult to move forward when your mistakes are hidden or covered over. That is what has happened as humans have looked the other way and said, ďOh, that was in the past.Ē Or ďOh, heís better now. Heís okay. Letís move him to a different place where he wonít experience those problems.Ē That was the way it has been done before. Yet today, in spiral time, it is finally coming into focus. Youíre looking back into the spiral of time spotting all the inconsistencies and challenges, and youíre bringing them forward for healing. That is incredible, and we applaud you all for this.

Judgment Has No Place in the Fifth Dimension

We also tell you that itís important to understand how this belief has been passed down. And what of the perpetrators of sexual abuse? Just because someone was responsible for acting this out does not mean that they are a bad person. That is an important part, for these are people just like you. Many had to deal with generational abuse and have been playing that out in their own lives.

Remember, dear ones, there are no good or bad people. Yes, there are people who are sick. There are people that have caused great harm to others, and they will have a price to pay for that. Yet, to sweep this problem under the rug by saying that these perpetrators are somehow less than you does nothing to solve the overall problem.

In a fifth dimensional reality with spiral time-thought, this will no longer work to hide the problem. It is for each of you to place yourself in that personís life for a moment to try to understand how this could happen. Only then can the collective of humanity heal.

Your jails are filled with people who have been abused, yet you have very few ways of working with it. You donít have special classes for them or healing modalities to help. This problem is much more prevalent than most people think. We will tell you right now that 27% of all people walking on your planet have had a sexual abuse issue of some sort that they carry. That is a huge percentage, and yet the problem has mostly remained hidden. Modern societies have hidden it from view and made it improper to discuss openly. However, that approach will no longer suffice in the fifth dimension and spiral time-thought. We applaud those of you who work in these areas and carry an open mindset for daring to step forward.

Even if you have been taught to be repulsed by it, the reality is that you all have sexual energy, desires and needs. As you age, it takes a slightly different form in some, yet it still remains. Can you imagine what it would be like to be raised in a society where one could exercise that sexual energy safely and comfortably, unleashing the spirit without guilt?

Thatís the creative energy within you. Thatís what I, as a balanced entity, can bring out without having to separate myself into masculine or feminine. I can lean over here and play into the masculine. I can go over there being soft and gentle in the feminine, for I have no restrictions of that.

As you move further into the fifth dimension, this can happen to everyone. That is why youíre doing so much clearing right now. Now that youíre moved into spiral time-thought, youíre starting to be able to think in a different way.

Itís a New World

We tell you, dear ones, that this is a wonderful time to be on Earth. You have reserved your seat to be here for exactly this moment. We celebrated tremendously when you stepped into the fifth dimension. We told you all about it exclaiming, ďItís so exciting!Ē Yet at that moment many were convinced that all of your problems on Earth would soon end. We do not measure success by the ending of resistance. In truth, many new problems have surfaced as people wake up everyday attempting to put on their old third dimensional realities and try to make them work in the fifth dimension.

Many of the systemic problems that were before hidden are now being uncovered and brought up to examine closely. Thatís wonderful, celebrate it! Donít judge it, rejoice in the healing that can now start taking place in so many areas. Celebrate that collectively, as human beings, you are starting to decide how your world is going to be. Thatís exciting! Celebrate your sexuality because hiding it or covering it up, trying to be prim and proper, can kill your spirit within.

Some time ago, the question was asked, ďIs there sex on the other side of the veil?Ē We laughed hysterically because of the question and we said, ďNo, not really.Ē We do not need that type of an interaction because weíre all connected already. We are all an integral part of each other. But the energy that you experience during moments of sexual pleasure is the same energy that we live in all the time.

So, when you understand a little bit more about that, youíll start to understand more of your sexual energy and the natural curiosities about it. Furthermore, youíve stepped into a fifth dimensional reality. Youíre starting to re-unite the multidimensional aspects of yourselves. That will be interesting to see, because in one aspect you may have a person whoís well-balanced in their sexual energy. Yet in another aspect, you may be an abuser yourself having been abused.

By Contract

As you play the game of pretending to be human, you jump into one of these bodies in a timeline, a generational line or even in a genetic line. You jump in by contract. Some of you chose to have an experience where you intentionally place yourself in a position to be abused as a child. Now that the walls are starting to dissolve between dimensions, you can draw on that strength from the other parts of yourself in other dimensions.

You see, dear ones, you are perfect beings. But here on Earth perfection cannot exist, so itís necessary for you to divide your perfection up into these 11 dimensions. And as the walls that divide those dimensions are starting to thin, multidimensional healing within yourself is now possible because you have all the parts to the puzzle. Your spirit is perfect, pretending to be imperfect (as a human in 3D reality). If you start bringing those parts back together you will heal yourself and the world.

So, what does that feel like? How do you do it? Should you sit with your arms crossed in a certain way or is there a mantra to hold in your mind? No, dear ones, there is none of that. There is no set procedure, but youíre going to feel it constantly. Every once in a while, youíll have an idea come into your head from another dimension of time and space. Sometimes you may feel an excitement in your heart or possibly the lack of love, which is fear, for no obvious reason because you donít know why youíre afraid.

Suddenly, itís simply a wave coming from another one of your dimensions. Open to that possibility, open that connection, and you start to reintegrate yourself in a new way allowing sexual energy to shine brightly. No oneís afraid of it. You donít have to hide it, because itís exciting and something wonderful to be shared. Yes, that is where youíre going.

Does it mean that you will have to blend your sexism, or become a neutral sex in your next incarnation? No, dear ones, thatís not the idea. You are moving into Bio-luminescence very quickly, much faster than you may imagine. Because of that, youíre not going to need the divisions in the same way that you do now. Yes, youíll still experience sex but not in quite the same way. The move into Bio-luminescence means that you will no longer need the physical expression of sex. Just wait, dear ones, until you experience your first multidimensional orgasm.


Humans have separated so much. Not only in your spiritual experience, but also in your societal experience and the way societies are built. Society has expectations of how a young boy or a young girl should be, and youíre imprinted with these ideas. In the fifth dimension, many of those ideas donít fit anymore. We ask that you dare to look at this openly and honestly. Dare to be who you truly are and let the spirit shine through openly.

Imagine that thereís a teenage girl who has strong sexual energy and she becomes aware that people look at her in a certain way. Not knowing what it is or what to do, she tries to hide and learns to negate something beautiful. Although she intended for the opposite to happen, she becomes more attractive to those who look upon her. Open to it, dear ones.

Humanity has nothing to lose as it steps further into the fifth dimension. Evolving humans will soon find out a lot more about sexual energy, as well as how it can be safely and effectively utilized. Then youíll be able to use it more on command, rather than having it command you, and thatís a big piece.

When you start working with your new societies, which you will soon begin building, keep that in mind. Donít place expectations on people so that they must abstain from sex in any way, because that creates a negative vortex which draws in all sorts of energies.

We hope that you can see that on your planet right now, for itís happening in an incredible way. It is almost unbelievable the numbers involved with this, and we tell you, youíve only uncovered less than a third of it so far in that one area. Spiral time means no more secrets, and youíre still acclimating to it. As youíre jumping into it and getting used to it, thereís more coming.

No More Secrets

Thereís no more hiding. Thatís the idea, especially about things that you might be afraid of. There will come a time when you go Home, dear ones, that if you had an abuser in your experience you will thank them for that because it allowed you to grow in a way that you could not have otherwise.

Thatís a beautiful step, dear ones, and youíre moving at an incredible pace with this evolution. The rise of the feminine energy is very powerful on planet earth right now, and it is reaching a balance although itís going to take some time. Itís a rather quiet energy, which is perfect, but itís very strong. Support it, stand in it, and dare to let your own sexuality be proud. Thatís who you are as a spirit, not a human.


So, it is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in this way, giving you some reminders about Home, helping you to step into this new reality. Yes, you have adjustments to make. Yes, you have new thoughts and new ideas that you must grasp to integrate into your reality. But youíve done an incredible job so far and we have the greatest hope for all of humanity. You see, we have the best people on the job. As these next steps begin, think of the integration that you can use and how you can bring it all back together into one perfect being. Treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together. I am eM.

Source: Steve Rother at Espavo.org


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