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Q&A about Med Beds answered by Skye Prince

Note: This webpage contains selections of Q&A from a 63-page PDF file. Not all Q&A from the 63-pages are listed here. PDF is in English. To get the full presentation, please download the PDF (HERE).

The PDF contains questions from participants of a telegram channel from June 10, 2021 to October 31, 2021 and answers by Skye Prince, a registered nurse (RN) who claims to be active in the Secret Space Program (SSP). Skye has personally benefited from using Med Beds in the Secret Space Program, and as a RN, she's also treated patients with them.

This is her biography from her YouTube channel: For the past 11 years, Skye has been doing readings, healings, public demonstrations, paid, charity and spiritual churches, and mentoring many people in Mediumship and psychic development and has appeared as a guest on the popular Australian television show PsychicTV.

Skye has been assisting many people on their journey of self-discovery and is available for private and group sessions. Skye is based in Sydney, Australia.

June 10, 2021

Q: The facilities these beds are going to, what is being done about the administration of the facilities that if this is an existing hospital, will not manipulate the med beds for those who are rich. My concern is the majority of hospitals are run by bean counters who only care about the bottom line and not about the individuals who are ill. Those who need it often the most are turned away from lack of funds? Are these the same places that have been pushing or forcing the VAX? It will be hard to trust these places to do the right thing. I think this is pretty much why so many of us want to get facilities made for lack of trust on what to believe from Doctors and Hospitals.

Skye: They are being set up in specialized healing centers first away from the current health care system. When the med beds and other advanced healing technology is disclosed, then hospitals, big pharma, etc., will be phased out.

Q: I think it would be a clinic run by the military.

Skye: The clinic will be run by the militaries medical departments alongside benevolent extraterrestrial beings and those who will be using the beds as practitioners have already and will be chosen by these beings. Later down the track, there will be courses and job openings.

Q: From, what Iíve been reading, it seems like there are different types of beds and some need more advanced training and some donít? Iíve read and have been told that itís not required to have a medical person run it...(perhaps have a person like a medical director available at all times to monitor for emergencies.). Are you referring to a particular type of med bed or all med beds?

Skye: A person cannot operate medical technology without knowledge of medical stuff. See the issue is, say you have a patient come in that is in heart failure or has severe injuries from a car accident, you need to know initial first aid, you need to know how to treat and handle that patient especially in the waiting area, etc. What if someone as your sedating them goes into cardiac arrest, etc. You need to know how to read certain anomalies the bed is picking up. Many people talking about using the beds don't understand its MEDICAL technology and they think all they have to do is push a single button. Its not like that at all.

Q: How available will these beds be? Will we be able to buy some right away? Also what would be the price range? Thank you.

Skye: No, they will not be able to be purchased for some time after the initial roll out. As for cost, there is no word on that.

Q: Why are they so expensive when they are to heal humanity? These people who seriously need it, like myself, can't afford to be healed.

Skye: They will cost nothing to use.

Q: Any of us would like to purchase this technology to heal people in our local communities. First what kind of training does it take to operate a med bed and do you know anything about availability in the near future?

Skye: First up what people need to understand is med beds are extremely advanced medical technology. At first med beds will only be available to specific healing centers and not available to purchase for your own clinic or home. Like all advanced medical technology there is quite a bit of training needed to safely use it including a substantial amount of knowledge regarding biological, medical, disease, etc. For someone with no medical training your looking at at least 12 to 18 months of training. When they are first rolled out, it will be used only by professional medical staff trained by the military personnel.

Q: Thank you Skye. There are going to be a lot of us wanting to purchase them and as you said they are not for home but at a healing center. How are we able to get a hold of them or be able to visit them. There are a lot of people with serious illnesses here and Iím included as I have two brain tumors. What are the chances of people like me being cured Skye?

Skye: You will not be able to purchase one for quite some time as they will be used on a triage basis, so the real sick take priority. When they are made public, each country will have a central center where you book an appointment for the consultation which will involve a medical history, full body exam, etc then your information will be entered into a quantum computer in which the computer will decide based on urgency and what you are having done as to when you use the bed in a center nearest you.

Q: I know someone who is working with Simon Parkes and they are bringing the first med beds out in July/August in California and Florida. Have you heard this?

Skye: Yes every country is in the process of having them installed.

Q: What type of Medical personnel are required? MD, Natural Path, Surgeon? Etc?

Skye: Any type of medical professional.

Q: Ah, okay thank you. So do you know of any way to fund them with no involvement or is that covered already.

Skye: Nesara-Gesara is the funding.

Q: How do we get it to the homeless who are forgotten, and the veterans with PTSD. these people will not go to these exams they know they can't afford them and probably don't listen to TV.

Skye: There will be humanitarian teams who will go to these people, no one is left behind.

Q: You will also need to realize, with Nesara/Gesara there won't be a lot of what we see now. There won't be homeless, panhandlers, poverty and suffering, starvation. EVERYTHING will be changing. Like we were told in many RV groups by gurus, some things we have/had on our lists to help with, will no longer exist. The Whales, New Governments, etc., will be stepping in to aid in a LOT of this.

Skye: Exactly

Q: I hope they are mass producing the beds so they will be readily available to us.

Skye: They are being replicated using advanced ET technology. They can make i believe something like 1,000 per day.

Q: Thank you Skye, we are all so excited about this new technology and how we can help it become available to the world!

Skye: Until they are released publicly, there is not much we can do. (Note: Hold the vision and ask Spirit for the Med-Beds be released and available to the public as soon as it is divinely possible).

Q: Can you please tell us a bit about the procedure, like how long it takes to be on the bed and if the healing effects are immediate or the person's health gets better over time as it is kind of a reactivation of their health?

Skye: So basically procedures last anywhere between a few minutes to about 15 hours depending on what your having done. So you ring your national center. and they will set up the initial consultation with your nearest center, when you get to the consultation they will go through medical history, you will have a full body scan usually wearing a type of hospital gown that only last a few minutes, then they will discuss the findings of the scan and then your details and results and what you want done will all be entered in the computer. Then the computer will decide on where you will be placed on the list and you will be notified of your treatment date, time and place. On the day of your treatment, when you arrive you'll be asked to change into a gown and given a light sedative then when you get on the bed, a sleeping gas will be released and this gas will keep you asleep for the duration of your treatment. When the treatment is complete you will be moved to the recovery area and seen by medical professionals and counselors depending on what type of procedure you had.

Q: I may have missed this, but are the Med Beds the ones that can replace/grow limbs and organs?

Skye: Yes

Q: Wonderful! And you stated that they will be free to the public so no need for us to include them in our humanitarian projects?

Skye: Some humanitarian projects will include them but not all.

Q: Can a med bed repair joints? (Hip knee replacement etc) Can they help regrow teeth? Can you speak to the versions that make you younger? How long does a session typically last? Is the patient sedated? Can they repair brain damage?

Skye: People will be trained in all the beds as each center will have multiple beds and each staff member needs to be trained to operate all. Med beds can repair anything from teeth to hair to eyes to organs to joints to muscles, they can re-grow limbs and repair spinal damage, they can also age regress someone by approximately 30 years while keeping all memories and knowledge.

October 31, 2021

Q: When will med beds be available to the public? This year or next?

Skye: No one knows.

Q: This is about the med beds. There's a woman saying that you have to be at 5th Dimension (consciousness) for the med beds to work on you.

Skye: The cabal has been using the beds for decades and they are definitely NOT 5D so no you don't have to be 5D. However people who are not coming from their heart or who are judgmental, backstabbing, lying, manipulators, etc will NOT be considered as staff in any job in any position in any center. We are looking for genuinely caring, compassionate, empathetic people.

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