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"YOU and ONLY you have the power to change and create your own health!"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness


Jesus Reveals The SECRETS
To Maintain Perfect Health

Sananda (Jesus) channeled by Adele Arini - June 18, 2018


Sananda (Jesus): Greetings, my brothers and sisters. Today, Adele is at last ready in every way to channel my rather long, third message in the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE higher dimensional teaching series, we all have planned to create together, in this exact NOW moment. Most of the time, something needs to first happen in Adele's personal/work life to then trigger the next channeled message.

Prior to writing all of her messages, she needs to first experience or do something or meet some people, for the contents of our next message to then flow through her, authentically. The writing process can never be forced for it all needs to happen at the perfect Divine Timing when both she and the world are finally ready for it. So thank you all for your infinite patience and support.

Everything that we have advised you to do in our messages, or in every single higher dimensional guidance we have given you throughout our older messages that Adele has chosen to do, she has gone through and personally experienced them herself. She needs to be able to write these channeled messages from the perspective of someone who writes from experiential knowledge. She had gone through so much in life for her relatively young age, all of which were planned pre-birth, so that she can now serve the Light as a channel of higher wisdom. Authentic wisdom that needs to feel, or to ring true to you all.

These Channeled Messages Were All Written By You And For You

All of you and Adele and I are truly ONE. That means if you happen to be reading or listening to any one of the channeled messages Adele has been writing on our behalf, you or more accurately, your Higher Self, has definitely contributed to the writing process. And that is the reason why you were attracted to these messages.

Your Higher Selves have invited all of you to come here to this website and read your own channeled messages, as a reminder, or a wake-up call, so that you can begin the process of remembering everything that you have voluntarily chosen to forget, when you first entered physicality on 3-D Earth.

In other words, these channeled messages were all written by you and for you, so that you can come here & read them, at the perfect Divine Timing that you have decided for yourself.

Higher Dimensional Wisdom Behind Healing

And as promised at the end of my last message, today I will be sharing with you all the higher dimensional wisdom behind healing, or curing your bodies of all illnesses, diseases, ailments and/or any physical-mental-emotional-spiritual disability that you, or your loved ones, may have.

Today's channeled message is perhaps one of the most important messages the Human Collective needs to know right now, so if you happen to know someone in your life who can truly benefit from reading this timely reminder, please do not hesitate to share this message with them.

The content of my message today is very intricately and inextricably intertwined with Father God's most recent message through Adele, titled The Art of Healing Your Life (Click Title To Access). So if you haven't read that channeled message, please stop reading here, and move on to that message first.

Each older message we have written actually paved the way to greater spiritual and higher understanding on any particular issue being discussed. So, if you are new to our messages, it is highly recommended that you read everything in order; ideally from the very beginning.


It is truly time, my beloved friends, for ALL OF YOU to enjoy perfectly healthy bodies that you truly deserve to have, no matter your age. Anything is possible. There are no limits to what you can create and manifest in your physical reality right now, except for the limits that YOU have set for yourself.

German writer and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

In other words, YOU and ONLY you have the power to change your own health. If you are currently experiencing major health challenges, the time is now for you to realize that a perfect healthy body can be yours to have, ONLY IF you are willing to do the work to make it happen!

You also have the power to change the way your bodies look. You and your Higher Self are the MASTER of your physical bodies, and NOT the other way around. You can choose to have immortal bodies. No matter your current age, you truly have the freedom to look however old, or however young you want to look. You can feel and truly look younger again.

In other words, say if your definition of an ideal physical appearance is that of a 30-yr old, someone who is not too young and not too old, then you have it within you to stop and reverse your internal-external ageing process. You can return to how you used to look and feel as a 30-year old.

BlissfulVisions.com Some of you have perhaps seen photos of men and women who look a lot younger than their true ages. I am quite sure when you first saw them, you would wonder if those images were photo-shopped, or if they knew highly-skilled plastic surgeons and had gone under their knives, to be able to have the youthful, wrinkle-free visage they are currently enjoying. Alternatively, they may actually be lying about their true age.

Usually, 99% of the time, you would be correct in making those assumptions. However, there is currently a growing minority of men and women living on earth right now, who are truly defying the convention. They truly believe that their physical bodies are sacred vessels of their Spirit, and thus have looked after it with much tender loving care. They intuitively follow the inner guidance their bodies are telling them to do, in order to stay in peak condition. These people are constantly “listening” to the physical signals coming from their bodies, and are 100% committed to following the guidance their bodies are continuously giving them in every moment.

This can be simple. For example, if someone is feeling slightly dehydrated. A wise person will take steps to immediately rectify this minor imbalance before it becomes an issue, or before it affects them to a greater degree. A more complex example would be if you have recently undergone trauma or hardship of any kind in your personal/work life. You need to do whatever it takes to bring your life back to perfect equilibrium again, by not running away from the feelings or emotions associated with this trauma. You need to deal with it immediately, instead of wallowing in fear or anger or sadness or self-pity, so that this trauma will hold no power to keep you continuously chained in the “lower altitudes” that prevent your airplane (that is your life) from flying in the higher altitudes of higher dimensional energies of love. (See my previous message to understand what this means: Part 2: The Lost History of Jesus of Nazareth: Section - You Are Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Soul Like Jesus . Click Here).

The Source of All Illness and Disease is Usually in the Mind-Emotions

BlissfulVisions.com All chronic illnesses, ailments or diseases are usually the result of prolonged negative thinking or internal stress or mindsets (beliefs) that need to be addressed and permanently released, before they become a problem, and before they manifest into your physical reality.

The only exceptions to the above, are health challenges and physical disabilities that your Higher Selves have specifically chosen to experience in this lifetime for the purpose of your and your loved one’s Soul Growth.

Sometimes your health challenges can also be caused by past life traumas that may still be deeply embedded in your physical body's cell memories – awaiting the perfect timing for them to be raised to the surface to then be permanently cleared from your energetic body.

Your Beliefs are Powerful and Create Your Reality

Below are a couple of examples used to illustrate how powerful beliefs, coming from past conditioning, observations and/or life experience, can take you down the path in life where (presumably) you do not wish to go:

  • The women in your family (grandmother, mother, aunt, etc.) had suffered from breast cancer. And since their genes have been passed down to you, you then (subconsciously) believed that breast cancer may be hereditary, and that someday there is a high probability that you will experience the same health challenges. If you continue to hold on to these beliefs, then lo and behold, you will attract and manifest it into your physical reality sometime in the future.

  • Adele has agreed to share her personal story. In the past 10 years, she has been struggling to lose weight. She has tried many different diet systems (popular in Australia) without permanent success. Short-term success occasionally occurred, but in no time, she would re-gain the weight she had lost. Back then, watching Adele struggle with her weight and eroding self-esteem was not easy, for all of us here in the higher dimensions who love her deeply.
  • Her weight-health challenges came down to one root cause: She didn't love herself. She didn't love her life. She didn't love life.

    For her, back then, being physically incarnate on, what used to be 3-D Earth, was extremely challenging for her spiritually-awakening-Self to cope. As an empath, she is able to sense or feel the world and people around her in a way that someone who is still in a deep, spiritual sleep, can never be able to do.

    She is able to feel and sense people's thoughts, feelings and moods easily, if she were “in tune” with their energy fields. A traumatizing event that happened halfway across the world, she will be able to feel its reverberating effects as easily as if this event had occurred in her own backyard.

    The sufferings of many living inhabitants of Planet Earth, especially of those in the animal kingdom that are so very dear to her heart, often caused her to fall into a state of lower vibrations. In the past, there came a point in her life where she stopped caring about life, her body, her health, how she looked, and instead focused upon instant gratification.

    She began to eat and drink anything she felt necessary to immediately make herself feel better, without considering the long-term consequences. This is the very definition of emotional eating. She wanted to simply escape the “hell” she was going through, primarily caused by the further awakening of her spiritual abilities and the deeply-entrenched childhood and emotional trauma she had yet to clear back then. If she had continued like that and not changed her ways, she would have probably manifested a sick and imbalanced physical body by now.

    With our loving support, however, in the past few years, things have begun to change dramatically. Adele has fallen in love with life. She has begun to feel genuinely happy for being alive, and for being able to assist many light-workers in a way that suits her passion and innate gifts and talents. Her consciousness is now often vibrating at the frequency of joy, peace, gratitude, health, and abundance, and her outer physical reality is now beginning to positively change in all aspects to mirror (reflect) this inner shift of her consciousness.

    Nowadays, she has totally adapted and been able to manage her energy sensitivity in a way that is congruent with her goals. She is now naturally attracted to, and often craves healthy foods-drinks, and finds it easier to stay committed to her weight loss goals. In the past few years Adele has done a lot of clearings and letting go of all “emotional baggage” that no longer serves her.

    She is now entering the final healing-clearing phase, where she must face and release all unhealed traumas-scars coming from her past lives on Earth. After that's done, she will be able to enjoy having a healthy, lighter physical and energetic body, as the 3D consciousness that used to be her normal operating system will have been raised in vibrations (will have been upgraded) to that of a higher, fifth-dimensional frequency. And when that happens, Adele will then truly become Master of her life, and Master over her own physical body, and not the other way around.

    Adele's journey demonstrates that the process of true, super-deep, lasting healing that goes all the way to the core of a person may take several years to be completed, depending on each person's motivational and readiness levels to change, and how much “emotional baggage” they have to clear.

    The SECRETS To Perfect Health

    The healing process can truly be likened to the process of peeling an onion. For permanent healing to take place, you need to be ready to face, heal, and then let go of everything (all the layers of the onion) that is blocking you from reaching your goals.

    Please remember that your goal of having a perfectly healthy body (along with any other important goal you may have) lies deep within, at the onion's core. The many layers of the onion you need to peel, to get to its core, symbolizes the many, deeply entrenched and deeply embedded 3D beliefs-habits-mindsets that you need to release.

    No matter how tough and emotionally exhausting this cleansing process may be, you need to always stay resolute & committed in your goals to get to your core-goal-powerful Inner Self, and release everything that is still holding you back. You need to have the unshaken inner belief that what you want has already been given to you, right here, right now, and actually start living from that Consciousness, from this Higher Truth.


    LAYERED PERSONALITY - Peeling the layers of the onion often uncovers tears of relief.

    You need to broadcast and emit the vibrations of health to get perfect health. Or, you need to vibrate at the frequency of abundance to get more abundance. You cannot be vibrating in the frequency of scarcity or lack if your goal is its polar opposite.

    And this is especially true for those of you who have waited a long time to manifest any important goal you may have. You cannot keep your focus on the problem, and expect the solutions to appear.

    You need to focus on your desires, in order for the ways, the solutions, the people you need to meet who can help you, the books, the websites, to then “magically” appear in your life, and to assist with the manifestation process of these desires.

    Like Adele (and so many others who have come before her) had often said, please persevere and “fake it until you make it.” Start living NOW from the end result.

    Before long, depending on where you are in your spiritual awakening phase, the time lag between when you initially expressed your goals-wishes and when you actually manifested them into your physical reality, will get smaller and smaller, until one day, there will be no time lag. Everything that you wish for and would like to create, is manifested instantly.

    When this happens, you will realize that you have permanently left behind your old, 3D-Self to once again be your naturally powerful higher dimensional Self. The Higher Self who is completely unlimited in every way.

    The Actor That Created Cancer in Himself

    The following is a real life story of an actor that truly demonstrated our powers of Creation and Manifestation. This actor was recently in a TV drama series, playing the part of someone who was battling a terminal disease. In the drama, this man displayed his acting prowess by deeply moving the audience's hearts. He truly embodied that role and became one with the fictitious, scripted character. In every single episode of that highly-emotional drama, he was living the life of someone who had cancer.

    This means, throughout the many months it took for the actor to complete the filming of this drama, his entire Self was constantly emitting the frequency of someone who was battling a serious disease. His words, the emotions portrayed, his actions (in the drama), and even his eyes showed genuine portrayal of someone who was a cancer patient. For his eyes to show “genuine emotion” meant even his thoughts were consistent to that of someone who was seriously sick.

    What happened next was not at all a surprise. This actor got cancer in his real life, a few short months after filming was wrapped up. The Universe saw that this actor was thinking, talking, feeling and behaving in a way that was consistent with that of a patient battling a terminal disease. And consequentially gave this actor, what he had been “emitting” most of the time: that of an unhealthy body.

    The Universe Alwasy Says “YES” to Your Energetic Broadcast

    The Universe does NOT differentiate between what is 'real' and what is 'fake'. The Universe is acting just like an impartial genie; it will always grant your wishes that you have given out to the Universe (coming from your consistent energetic vibrations and signals). Provided what you want does NOT infringe on another person's Free Will.

    This is why you have to be very careful about what you focus upon. What you focus upon always expands. You need to have perfect clarity about your goals and intentions. And you need to do whatever you can to align everything that you are thinking-saying-being-doing, with what you want to happen, and not its polar opposite.


    It is high time for all of you to deeply realize and understand that the physical Universe that Father/Mother God has created is all about vibrations. Everything is energy. All is one. The Universe is simply the Manager of all vibrations.

    You are currently living in physicality, to experience, practice and demonstrate your Divine Creation and Manifestation powers. Everything that you are constantly focused upon, both wanted or not wanted, will always be given to you 100% of the time. (As long as it does not infringe on someone else's Free Will, and, as long as your vibrations and the vibrations of your desires are a perfect match.)

    Your powerful emotions (positive and/or negative emotions) will speed up the manifestation process of your desires. This is also called the Law of Attraction.

    Jesus Used the Power of Belief To Heal Others

    During my famous physical incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth, I had come across a lot of sick and disabled people and was able to seemingly heal many people who had come to me. The reason why I said “seemingly” is quite simple. Sick people who had traveled to see me back then, were the ones who already possessed strong belief systems within themselves, that once they met me, I would be able to give them the final push necessary to boost them into perfect health.

    These people wholeheartedly believed that it was time for them to return to perfect health. They once again felt they deserved to have perfect health and were ready to welcome it back into their lives. At a Higher level, they had decided that they had learned everything they could, and had experienced everything they had wanted to experience, from living inside a sick or disabled physical body.

    This is the reason why, so often after someone had transformed back to their perfectly healthy Self, I would always say the following phrases to them, over and over again: "Your faith has healed you. Go and stay in peace and be freed from your suffering."

    These two statements that seem simple enough to understand actually have a profound, much deeper meaning to them:

    1. "Your faith has healed you." Quite simply, this means that, I (Jesus) did not heal you. It was definitely not a case of me acting humble. I was simply stating facts; stating the ultimate, authentic Truth. It was my way of saying to them: “You have chosen to heal yourself. You were the one who has healed your physical body of these ailments. I was only there to facilitate and help you manifest your crystal-clear, powerful, existing inner beliefs and intentions into your physical reality faster.”

    2. "Go and stay in peace and be freed from your suffering." This second statement was my crucial piece of advice for them: to always remain in the vibrations of perfect health, peace, abundance, love and harmony, so they can continuously enjoy a healthy physical body and consequently, normal healthy lives.

    In other words, if after being healed, they returned to their old lives and then started behaving like they used to (that created-manifested the experience of having a sick physical body in the first place), then, there was a high probability that they would once again, manifest into their future reality, the same sick body, they just healed themselves from.

    Only You Can Heal Your Life

    It is important that you now realize that ONLY YOU can heal your life. Only you can heal your physical body. No one but you, can heal your body and your life. You are the Supreme Authority of your own life, in every way. You are completely responsible and must stay in charge of your health in every way.

    Before the start of my ministry, I was already the physical embodiment of my Higher Self. I was walking around truly as a living embodiment of the Christ Consciousness; God's pure, Unconditional Love and Unity consciousness. I had transcended all 3D limitations, and become an Unlimited Being in every way. I had achieved ONENESS with my God-Self. Oneness with my Inner Self.

    This means as Jesus, I was walking around with an Awareness, or with a Consciousness of someone completely functioning from a Higher-Dimensional Perspective (a Higher-Dimensional Operating System) that states: All is well. All is perfection.

    BlissfulVisions.com "Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind. You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you. Since you are awareness there is no need to attain or cultivate it. All that you have to do is to give up being aware of other things, that is of the not-Self. If one gives up being aware of them then pure awareness alone remains, and that is the Self." -- Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (30 December 1879 – 14 April 1950).

    At some point in your past, you have all experienced how other people's way of being, their vibrations and consciousness could easily affect your moods and feelings. Hanging around some people you knew, could either: lift you up, or bring you down. All is energy. All is vibrations. In much the same way, your vibrations are constantly affecting the people in your vicinity (to a greater degree) and everyone and everything else on Planet Earth (to a smaller degree).

    In other words, your very presence; your Consciousness (i.e. your vibrations) affects ALL on this planet, collectively.

    And in much the same way, when you are spending enough time in the presence of someone who is living from a heart-based, higher dimensional perspective - someone who has almost, or already become an embodiment of their Higher/Inner Selves - your own vibrations will automatically be raised higher, to match the vibrations of this person.

    And this is what happened to those sick people whom I had seemingly healed. The aspect of my Self who played the role of Jesus, had attained the consciousness of someone who completely believed that everyone was unlimited, perfect, and whole in every way. Healing was actually NEVER required, because all the people Jesus came across during his physical incarnation were already perfect just as they were. These people's Higher Selves were all powerful, Divine Aspects of Father/Mother God, and therefore, they did NOT need to be healed.

    When these sick people came close to my physical location, my energy field; when they came close to my attained, Higher-Dimensional Consciousness, their entire Being began to vibrate and accelerate at a Higher level.

    All four aspects of a person's Self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) were automatically cleansed of all negativity and 3D beliefs, and their combined frequency was then raised to match the frequency of their Higher Selves.

    And the after-effects of this energetic synergy, coming from the blend of my higher-dimensional energy field and the sick person's energy field, was that of a complete physical transformation.

    This was often labeled as a miracle healing by those who had limited understanding of the entire process.

    (Please note, that the word 'healing' that Father God and I have often used in our channeled messages, or that Adele has been using a lot for her energy healing services is simply a label, or a symbol, used to best describe the after effects of such a journey and such a practice. The word “healing” should be more accurately replaced by the word “realignment.”

    The practice of energy healing is the practice of realigning ALL with their perfectly healthy, Higher-Frequency Selves.

    As mentioned previously, I had given out specific advice after all those sick people had transformed back into their physically-healthy Selves again. I specifically told them to be careful not to drop their vibrations; not to return and live with a lower consciousness that had created the physical diseases and ailments in the first place.

    I could not constantly spend time with every single one of these people, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was never responsible for their consciousness, for their day-to-day vibrations. In other words, I could not live their lives for them. Each of them was responsible for their own lives, and it was up to them to either: remain in the Higher-Vibrations where I had assisted them in moving into, or to drop in frequency, back to where they used to be (prior to their miraculous healing).

    Some of you have previously experienced an energy healing session from either a Reiki practitioner, or a practitioner of any other energy healing modalities. Immediately after a session, you would have noticed remarkable improvements in your health, or in how you were feeling. This was because after an energy healing session, your energy vibrations had been raised to better match the vibration and frequency of your All-Powerful Higher Self. It was then up to you to either remain flying in the high altitudes (of your All-Pwerful Higher Self) or to lower your airplane (that is your life) back to the low altitudes of lower energy vibrations, where you had previously flown around in for so long.

    No one can ever be held responsible for your own regular, habitual, or daily vibrations. Deep healing must come from within.

    You need to commit to doing whatever you can, to stay high-vibrational at all times, in order to reach your destination of complete energetic realignment with your Higher Self, i.e. complete, permanent and lasting healing.

    In other words, the fastest, surest way for you to completely heal your body and life is to 100% commit to doing whatever you can to becoming and embodying your Higher Self in every way.

    When you are walking around as the embodiment of a Higher Dimensional Consciousness - that of your Higher Self – you are at your most powerful. You become unlimited. You are free from all 3D beliefs.

    Powerful Truths To Transform Your Subconscious Mind

    Remember to often repeat the 3 potent affirmations Father God had shared with all of you in the channeled message The Art of Letting Go that Adele has previously written for us. The power of those 3 statements should not be underestimated. They are:


    However, if your love for yourself and for your physical body is severely lacking at the moment, please also say these 3 additional affirmations often, to help you in your journey to perfect health and oneness with your Higher Self.



    Important Points To Remember

    Let me now summarize all the important steps you need to take, in order to heal and realign your life and physical body completely with your already-healthy-all powerful Higher Selves:

    1. Be clear about what you want. Perfect inner clarity and a strong, unwavering intention to reach your goals are required for this challenging healing journey that is not for the faint-hearted.

    2. Turn on your powers of Creation and Manifestation by regularly saying Decrees or Affirmations that are consistent with your goals of a healthier life, a healthier body.

    3. Do whatever it takes to stay constantly aligned with your goals. Focus on your goals and not on their polar opposites. Keep your vibrations as high as possible. It is important for those of you who are serious about having a healthy physical body, to read and re-read my older channeled message through Adele titled The Blueprint of Your New 5-D Life and thoroughly learn how to stay high-vibrational.

    4. Follow your inner guidance, your intuition. Talk to your body often, and once a day, send loving messages and thoughts to it. Tell your body how much you love it, and how grateful you are for having a healthy body. Talk to your body as if perfect health is already yours now, using present tense instead of using future tense. Listen to the physical signals ands symptoms that your body is constantly giving you. And give your body the TLC (tender loving care) that it needs at all times. Your body is always working hard to bring your four aspects of Self into constant equilibrium; into perfect balance.

    So if and when you are craving something, always honor its needs by giving it the healthy alternative of the substance you may be craving for. This is how you demonstrate your love for life, and your love for your body.

    Always be open to your spirit team's guidance on how best to heal your life and physical body. When we constantly send you repetitive information about something or someone, or when we give you inner urgings to do or get something, that is our way of supporting you in this endeavor and goal.

    The process of energetic realignment back to your Higher Self, can happen as fast, or as slow, as you allow it to be. It all depends on your commitment, motivational and readiness levels to once again be wholly healthy and wholly ONE with your powerful Higher Self again.

    The cliché “You Are What You Eat” is literally true. Make powerful intentions right now to consume only organic, high-vibrational foods and drinks that support your goal of becoming perfectly healthy again. And make strong intentions right now to permanently release everything that is blocking you from getting the results you desire for a healthier body. Including all self-limiting beliefs and habits you may currently have. Please take the time to read this wonderful, free eBook titled Eating for Ascension by Meg Davis.

    Click Here To View/Download eBook "Eating for Ascension

    And please watch Dr. Anthony Lim's YouTube video on the magnificent, life-transforming benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.

    You Got Support: In whatever goal you have set out for yourself, your spirit team and I, will strongly support you 100% in that endeavor. For example, if your goal is to one day become 100% vegan; eating only organic fruits & vegetables, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance (e.g. financial assistance perhaps so that you can afford to buy organic produce).

    Also ask us to help strengthen your motivation in becoming and staying a vegan, or living a healthier lifestyle, especially in times of stress when you are then more susceptible to going back to your old, unhealthy eating/drinking habits.

    Archangel Raphael, as the Healing Archangel is able to assist all of your health-oriented goals, along with all of us here in the higher dimensional realms. Please do not feel as if you may be bothering us with your requests for assistance. We are multi-dimensional. We are able to assist all of you, all at the same time.

    Believe, Ask, Manifest

    BlissfulVisions.com Now that all of you know, or more accurately, have remembered the higher-dimensional knowledge and wisdom you need to heal your body and your life, what are you going to do next?

    Will you do whatever it takes to free yourself from this third-dimensional limitation of having a sick, ailing, diseased physical bodies? Or would you like to continue playing small, playing weak, as if you are entirely powerless in the face of the health challenges you are currently facing?

    Are you NOW ready to take back control of your life, your health, your body? Or will you continue to be dictated by your circumstances and act as if you have never read this channeled message in the first place?

    As Father God had recently stated in his last message through Adele, "If you keep doing, or being the way you have been doing and being all these years, you will keep getting the same results and outcomes that you had been getting thus far.

    Something has to first change, before your health can begin to change for the better. And that something is: YOU!

    As always, your desire to change, or not to change, will be completely supported by all of us here in the company of Heaven. For your Free Will, your freedom to live your life the way you want to live it, is very much respected at all times. We are loving you very much beyond measure. Your brother in Light, Sananda.

    About the Author

    BlissfulVisions.com Adele Arini is an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Pellowah Practitioner, Angel Messenger and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner (BP).

    She discovered her empathic abilities at a very young age, which began a journey to be able to communicate with animals, plants, Angels, Asecnded Masters and Spirit Guides.

    She opened her energy healing practice in 2012, and started helping others to heal and rediscover their authentic Higher Selves.

    She lives in Melbourne, Australia and can be reached at her website: To learn more about Adele, go to Raphael’s Healing Space.


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