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"Everything is Shifting to the Higher Vibration of Energy and Light!"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness


The STORM of Great Change is COMING!

Sananda (Jesus) channeled by James McConnell - August 29, 2018


Sananda (Jesus): As always it is such a pleasure to be with you, to be able to share, and open up consciousness within you and all around you or to assist in doing that. For that is what this is all about–is raising consciousness wherever you can, whenever you can.

Make it your daily activity, your daily purpose, you might say–to raise your consciousness whenever the opportunity arises, whatever it might be. Feel the Love coursing through your body and as that Love moves through your body, send it out. Send it out to whomever would have a need for it. Let the Love express outward. For know that you ARE that Love, that expressed Love of the Father-Mother God. Let it always express outward. Do not hold it in. Let it out. Express the Love, the Consciousness, the Light.

As you know, many things are continuing to change. Many shifts are happening. And the same old-same old is no longer holding true. Some would still hold on to that, would want the status quo. But that is all changing–for the status quo, the same old-same old–will not be allowed too much longer. And for those that want to stay in that space and want to continue to know the familiar in their lives, that want to stay within that comfort zone that they have always known, that will be available to them; but for those of you that are ready to move on into a Higher Level of Consciousness, Higher Vibration, to actually experience in a full waking state those dreams, those experiences you have been speaking of, to actually have that on an every-moment basis, this is what is ahead for you.

And I tell you now, as Sananda, it is time now to remain calm as the Storm approaches. We have spoken of this Storm before. You hear it in many different ways, and it IS approaching. And with it, a great many changes are coming.

You only need to continue to hold patience for just a little bit longer. For the many things that have been happening in the background are now beginning to come forward and are going to begin to become revealed. And there is nothing that can stop it. For it is destined. It is destined for the Truth to be revealed to all of mankind.

And the Truth shall come in many different ways from many different sources. One of those sources being your media. For even that which you call the mass media is beginning to turn. Because those that are in control or have been in control are going to lose that control, or are going to turn it over, and the Truth will be revealed from many different directions.

And it will be overwhelming to a great many who will begin to see some of these things, hear some of these things that you have been experiencing now for a while. They will hear it now for the first time. And just as it was quite shocking to you at times–some of the things that you have heard, think about what it will be like for them when it all comes forward–almost all at once. They will be shocked.

And you, those of you that have been preparing and acclimating to these energies will be there to assist, to share, to open up those things which you have known for a while and it will be time for them to now know.

I am Sananda. I leave you now in Peace and Love and truly stay calm, for the Storm does approach. Source: Sananda Website.

Ascending to the Next Level!

Sananda (Jesus) channeled by Ann Dahlberg - August 18, 2018


Sananda (Jesus): I am Sananda and I have a few important matters to tell you today. We are at the threshold of a new era and Earth or Gaia and everything that lives on her is now in the process of being transformed to a higher vibration of energy and light. Everything that is not in unison with this vibration is now falling by the wayside and disappears. The higher vibration is now penetrating Earth and everything is impacted by it. Your bodies are adjusting to the higher vibrations and is discarding all the old dross in forms of thought patterns and blockages.

The resistance is being crushed and the more resistance you allow in your life, the more trouble you will have. Be adaptable, try to understand and see what you should change and your life will immediately become better. The higher vibration has come to stay and everything is trying to adjust to it. Sit down and feel what it is that needs to be released in your life, so that your body can vibrate in harmony with the higher frequency that has reached Earth and is spreading with great speed. More and more people have picked up the higher frequency and have started to act in it with their new ideas and their recovered creativity. This is also true for the animal and plant kingdoms. Everything on Earth is today adapting to the frequency of the light. The loving light with its higher frequency finds its way everywhere and nobody can escape it.

It is time to get out of the cocoon and try your new wings – Your beautiful wings with all the colors of the rainbow that carry you wherever you wish to fly. The confinement will be replaced with openness, what is grey will be replaced by what is colorful. Joy and harmony is what is going to permeate your bodies. Everything that can make you laugh is good to practice now. Everything that gives you harmony and joy is preferable, since the body needs to feel that way so that the higher energies of light and joy can be absorbed into it. What do you like to doi? Do you like dancing, painting, go for walks, be out in nature, write, sing….yes there is an infinite amount of ways to find joy in one’s life. Make sure you get some joy today and during all days ahead. It will make it easier for your body to find its correct vibration at a higher energy frequency.

We are all going through different kinds of symptoms at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual kind. This is unavoidable since we are leaving a heavy density in favor of one that is lighter. You have managed well dear people on Earth. You are on your way and many of you are keeping up the pace with Mother Earth. Many more are slightly behind. So, there is a great transition that is on the way and Mother Earth will get a well-needed face-lift. Everything is open now for your successes. All that you have hoped for and waited for is now open and are only waiting for your gifts so that they can blossom into full bloom. It is time for the work to start – the work with yourselves and the work with your Earth.

Is the most wonderful of times in the Universe – and it is now. We rejoice and dance with you along the way. It is a beautiful path that we follow. It is a white path that is lit up by the sun of the Universe, and everything is just bright, light, beautiful and loving.

I am now leaving you with great love in my heart. Sananda. Source: Sananda Website.

41% of Humanity is Spiritually Awakened.
5% embodys Christ consciousness!

Sananda (Jesus) channeled by Adele Arini - April 9, 2018


Sananda (Jesus): Greetings my friends. Today I would like to discuss potential futures/timelines faced by the Human Collective, based on current Light data and planetary vibrations level. I am sure all of you know that the future is fluid. The future is what you all make of it. Your individual and collective futures are very interconnected. The thoughts, words, feelings and actions of just one person can have great, far-reaching ripple effects on the entire planet.

There are approximately 7.6 billion souls physically incarnate on the planet at the moment. Imagine the combined, collective Creation and Manifestation powers you all have on the future of Humanity, and the future of planet Earth. If all of these 7 billion people were to work together to create Nova Gaia right now, Nova Gaia will be manifested in less than a week. This is how powerful you are when you are working together in harmony with ALL to achieve a common goal.

At the moment however, only 41% of Humanity is spiritually awakened. And out of this spiritually-awakened group, only about 5% is either consistently doing their best to embody Christ consciousness every day, or, have successfully embodied their Higher Selves. The rest, the 36%, are still too busy learning the ropes and aligning their entire lives to their higher purpose.

If you belong to this group of 5% (people who have been awakened for quite a while, and are now making very good progress by joyfully fulfilling your life missions), you should really spend a minimum of 15-minutes of meditation per day focusing purely on the creation of Nova Gaia. When an awakened person starts living life fully committed to the grand project: The Creation & Manifestation of Nova Gaia – all of us here in the higher dimensional realm can see the MASSIVE difference this person is making on the entire planet. This 15-minutes focus on Nova Gaia formation may not seem like much to you, but the effects of this little exercise are tremendous; especially when done regularly.

Start Using Your Remarkable Imaginations!

Everything that you would like your new, fifth-dimensional planetary home to be like, imagine as if this reality is instantly manifested in this exercise. Imagine there is pure clean air and water, and a bounty of organic fruits/vegetables everywhere – easily accessible at no cost for everyone on the planet. Imagine this entire planet completely cleansed and healed from all the toxicity and destruction mankind had heaped upon Her throughout the eons of time. Imagine everyone living in perfect harmony; giving each other the unconditional love and respect each soul deserves to have. Imagine as if all members of humanity have completely overcome their differences. There is complete and absolute acceptance, inclusiveness and unity towards all within the human race: no matter your skin color, religions, education and financial backgrounds, nations/languages, sexual orientation, etc.

Visualize a world where money does not exist. Where everything you need is always fulfilled at no cost to you; at no cost to anyone. Visualize every single person on Earth feeling joyful, blissful and very fulfilled; living their lives with so much passion every day, doing what they love and loving what they do. Imagine a world where everyone enjoys perfect health. Where sickness and disease are no more; and the process of aging as one gets older is just a distant memory.

Visualize the entire human collective becoming so spiritually-advanced; so much so that everyone’s Divine, spiritual powers of Creation and Manifestation are fully awakened and operational. And when this happens, the entire Universe will open up for you. What “the you” today would classify as miracles will one day be an everyday occurrence. Miracles will become the “normal” outcomes coming from exercising your powerful creative abilities!

All the things I could do to demonstrate my Divine powers, (in my most popular physical incarnation as Jesus the Christ), you can very easily do too, one day! Turning water into wine; healing the sick, blind, deaf and/or the handicapped; walking on water; controlling the weather; raising someone from the dead etc. These are only very few, very basic examples of your True, Powerful capabilities! You are magnificent, powerful Divine Light Beings; currently walking around in the “disguise” of a human body.

And Here Comes A Basic, Fundamental TRUTH:

In the eyes of our Creator God, you are just as special as I am! You are equally powerful; equally loved and equally Divine. You are God; walking around this planet in the physical expression of a human body.

There is a very important reason as to why the message that “You are God” has often been repeated, time and time again. There is a huge, big GAP from at first, you “knowing” something, to then change to you “believing” in something, and finally you “becoming/embodying” something. The more often we repeat this authentic truth for you, the more it will sink in deeper and deeper into your subconscious until one day, you BECOME the Gods/Goddesses you TRULY ARE!

It is now time, for you to embrace the Truth of who you are. Most of you reading this are still walking around acting completely powerless in the face of challenges life has placed in front of you. YOU put those seemingly-impossible-to-overcome challenges smack-bang in the middle of your current path as an opportunity (a higher invitation) for your third-dimensional Self to return to, align with and embody your super powerful Multidimensional Higher Selves. Once your entire being (physical, mental and emotional bodies) perfectly aligns with your Higher Self, you will have the abilities to eliminate those challenges completely, permanently, once and for all. And life on Earth will truly be without third-dimensional limits and restrictions.

It All Comes Down To This:

Are you ready to let go of ALL controls? Are you ready to surrender completely, to the Wisdom, Love, Light, Unity and Power that is your Higher Self?

Complete and utter surrender of your life to your Higher Self is the ONLY way for you to experience a life so magnificent beyond your wildest imaginations!

Have complete, absolute faith and trust that your Higher Self, your spiritual team of angels & guides, and our Creator God, unconditionally love you so very much, beyond measure. They want you to have what you want to have. They want you to be what you want to be. They want you to do in life, only that which you really, joyfully want to do in life. Your Divine, Free Will is totally respected and totally supported 100% of the time!

In other words, by surrendering control of the steering wheel of the ship that is your life on Earth; by letting God and your Higher Self take the wheel to lead, you will still get to the destination of where you want to go. There is ONE big difference between surrendering control and not surrendering control.

The Benefits of Surrendering

With God and your Higher Self in control, they will make sure that your path is the most joyful, most fulfilling, most abundant (in all aspects), most fun and it will be the safest, fastest route to where you would like to go! Your omniscient God/Higher Self will always be there to guide you through all the stormy seas; and they will be the powerful navigation system/GPS your ship needs to get to where you want to go, what you want to be and do.

“When you let go, something magical happens. You give God room to work.” - Mandy Hale

Surrendering to your Higher Self also means a full-time commitment to be the Unconditional Love that you truly are, within. This means with your act of surrender, you will automatically return to the Love that you are. You will automatically spread love wherever you go. You will automatically act like the love that you are in everything that you do every single day. And you will treat ALL living beings with love straight from the heart, exactly the way that you yourself would like to be treated.

Editor’s Note: The words “Surrender” and “Surrendering” are oftentimes misunderstood in the spiritual sense, in my opinion. Because we use words by their meaning and definitions in the dictionary. Surrender and Surrendering have a military connotation “to give up or yield your power or control to another oftentimes superior power and authority on demand or under duress.” This is not the intention or meaning of the term that Sananda is using here.

Actually, it’s more like what Sananda said earlier, it is a “returning to, aligning with and embodying your super powerful Multidimensional Higher Selves.” It is an actual merging of your consciousness with the Divine Love and Light consciousness energy of your Divine Higher Self.

There is nothing on the Earth plane that compares to the feeling of this “merging.” Hence, it is difficult for people to understand and appreciate the reality of “Divine Surrender.” I have found the only place to feel this “Divine Surrender” is in deep meditation. It’s easy to surrender to your Higher Self when you experience the energy of Divine Love in meditation or enlightenment. Because the feeling is out of this world! And, you just want more of it. And, for it to never end. Trust in what Sananda (Jesus) says, “Let your Higher Selves in to lead the way. You will always be safe, protected and guided to the best, highest, most joyful and peaceful path that is the blueprint for your new 5D life. You are Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Within you the Wisdom of the Universe resides.”

BlissfulVisions.com LOVE is truly the greatest POWER in the Universe.

When you align your every thought, word, feeling and action with the power of LOVE, the Universe supports you in ALL of your endeavors! Magic happens. Every day you will wake up in the morning feeling so excited about what the day will bring. Work will become fun and it will feel like play. Everyone and everything will cease to be a stranger. You will feel so united, so acutely interconnected with ALL THAT IS. All will become your best friends.

And the best thing is, you do not have to worry about money and/or earning a living ever again. Success in all that you do will come naturally zooming into your life with what seems to be little or zero effort! This will happen when you all remember the art of opening up to receive all the best things in life the Universe has got to offer you.

Going to the mountaintop where your goals of spiritual mastery and enlightenment are located, requires complete surrender, trust and belief that the Universe/God is ONE with you. That they are always on your side, supporting your every endeavor. The ascension process requires you to ascend or leave behind all of your small, limiting, highly restrictive third-dimensional beliefs that are holding you back.

And when everyone on the planet is practicing this art of total and complete surrender to their Higher Selves, Nova Gaia will no longer be a very distant physical reality. Every time there was a courageous person who had bravely jumped off of the cliff and left the old ways/lives behind, to then take the road less traveled your Higher Self is leading you to, the Light frequency of Planet Earth rises exponentially.

As you fully commit to be the living, physical embodiment of Divine Love in everyday life, you will become a very powerful BEACON of Light. People all over the globe will be attracted to your works; to your light; to your love. You will exude/emanate the Christ consciousness so easily and so naturally, with zero effort. You become a living, breathing, modern Christ in action; spreading Love, Unity and Light wherever you go and in whatever you do.

The time is NOW for all of you (who have decided to ascend in this lifetime) to be this embodiment of the Christ consciousness in your everyday life.

  • Let go of all false beliefs based in fear, lack and limitation.
  • Lower your guard and let God in. Let your Higher Selves in to lead the way.
  • You will always be safe, protected and guided to the best, highest, most joyful and peaceful path that is the blueprint for your new 5D life.

When Will Nova Earth Happen?

Based on today’s planetary light frequency levels, Nova Gaia will be fully established as a physical, manifested reality in approximately 25 of your Earth years. This estimate is based on the relatively incorrect assumption that the small group of 5% (mentioned earlier in this message) never grows any bigger, or never welcomes new members into the group. In other words, if the number of people who are consciously embodying their Higher Selves ALWAYS remain stationary at 5%, Nova Gaia will become a reality in 25 years. Now, WHAT IF, that percentage rises? The answer is obvious. Utopia Earth will be manifested into your actual, physical reality faster than 25 years.

Knowing that, what will you choose to do, to be and to create next, my dear friends? Are you ready for your massive move into the higher dimensions, and join many of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters of Light?

Out of the INFINITE number of potential futures/timelines currently lying in wait, in the realm of potential, which one will the Human Collective choose to manifest? Will you consciously choose the easiest, safest, less chaotic, and smoothest timeline where Ascension happens so naturally? Or will you let others make the decision for you, by NOT participating in the process of creating and manifesting Nova Gaia?

Your powerful, conscious participation in this grand endeavor is needed to ensure that YOUR path will be less rocky, less stormy and less stressful. The choice is yours.

The image this channel had chosen to represent this message is very appropriate. The best way to predict the future is to create it. Let your Higher Selves take over and take control. They will help to align yourselves with the best, brightest, most peaceful future you all deserve to have! Your Higher Selves will do this by helping you CREATE the future Nova Gaia of your dreams. Reclaim your Sovereignty; your Divine powers of Creation and Manifestation and then make Heaven on Earth come true!

You have all chosen to be here, on planet Earth, in this Great Divine Moment of Gaia’s (and all of her inhabitants) massive move from the lower to the upper dimensions of consciousness. You have chosen to be here to participate in the creation of Nova Gaia. You eagerly came from many corners of the Universe and chose to be born here, not only to have a front row seat to watch this Grand Show currently playing on Earth, but also to contribute, get involved and take part in MAKING IT HAPPEN!

So Let’s Get Started, Shall We?

I, Sananda, your brother in Light, promise to walk with you every step of the way. Call on me whenever you start to forget who you truly are and your very important reason/purpose for being here. You are, at every moment, completely loved, guided and surrounded by higher dimensional light beings who only want the best for you.

Please call for our assistance whenever and wherever you need it. Talk to us, and talk to your spirit team. Make the intention to establish a direct line of communication between you and us, so that in time, you can become less and less reliant on higher dimensional information that comes from the outside of you. You are Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent. Within you the Wisdom of the Universe resides.

Sending out much Love and Light to you all, Sananda.

About the Author


Adele Arini is an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Pellowah Practitioner, Angel Messenger and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner (BP). She discovered her empathic abilities at a very young age, which began a journey to be able to communicate with animals, plants, Angels, Asecnded Masters and Spirit Guides. She opened her energy healing practice in 2012, and started helping others to heal and rediscover their authentic Higher Selves. She lives in Melbourne, Australia and can be reached at her website: To learn more about Adele, go to Raphael’s Healing Space.

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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness