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Book cover for Jesus: My Autobiography by Tina Louise Spalding

"Jesus: My Autobiography"
by Tina Louise Spalding

Book review written by Rev. Dennis Shipman

This channeled book will send massive shock waves into the world, especially throughout Christianity. It shatters many beliefs and perceptions we were taught, and offers an entirely different view of Jesus that is far more human than we ever imagined.

If you’re a fan of Jesus like I am, this book will answer all those questions you’ve had since childhood about the real Jesus. We thought we knew the historical Jesus as taught to us in the Bible and by our religious institutions, but this controversial book will create the perfect storm.

The purpose of the book is to clarify the truth about the real Jesus during his life on earth more than 2,000 years ago. Told in his own words, Jesus sets the record straight about his mission on earth, and why he did the things he did. He tells the truth of who he was as a man, as a healer and spiritual teacher, and describes in detail his enlightenment. Yes! He was a man who experienced the full-enlightenment of Oneness, also known as Union with God. He was not the ready-made-god that we were taught! He was a man that raised his human consciousness into divine unity consciousness.

At the time Jesus was in human form on the earth plane, there was great persecution going on against the Jewish people by Jewish church authorities and soldiers of the Roman Empire. Jesus was teaching freedom from self-imposed limiting concepts and restrictions, self-empowerment, self-love, our divine nature, the amazing ability to create our own experience, and how people can connect with the non-physical spirit realm through a personal transformational process and have a personal experience of enlightenment and awakening. This went directly against the agenda of control and domination by the powers-that-be, and this is what eventually set up his crucifixion and death.

Hot Riveting Topics

  • Jesus had ordinary beginnings, as ordinary as any of us, he says. He was born in a normal way, not the miraculous virgin birth we have been taught. He wasn’t born in a barn. There were no three wise men. No star in the east. He grew up in a family with brothers and sisters, and they played and argued and fought just like kids today. He was not a solitary person with no family or friends as the Bible seems to indicate.

  • Jesus was born with the seeds of transformation and rebelliousness. He questioned authority, and always defended the underdog. His mission was to change a restrictive and oppressive society – not through destruction but through enlightenment – that was full of violent rituals and unnecessary, superstitious teachings that missed or withheld the truth.

  • Jesus was a family man, married to Mary Magdalene. He was not celibate. In fact, he practiced sacred tantric sexuality with his wife. They raised two sons.

  • Since childhood and throughout his life, Jesus received telepathic communications from nonphysical spirit sources.

  • Jesus describes his massive, life-changing enlightenment at the river when John the Baptist baptized him. He disappeared into the forest for six weeks, not into the desert as told in the Bible, and there an extraordinary transformation took place.

  • By the time of his crucifixion, Jesus had learned how to leave his body at will, which he did. He was not there for his crucifixion. He was in the nonphysical spirit realm having a good time. His crucified body was dematerialized, and he created a new body for his resurrection.

  • Jesus says he did not die for our sins, and he is not the Son of God. That was a bogus fantasy made up by the early Christian church. Jesus says that he is no more the son of God than you or I. That we all are sons and daughters of God, who is our Creator, and we are all equal. No soul is more important than or less worthy than any other soul in the eyes of God. Some are just farther along the road of awakening than others; that is all.

  • The book describes the nefarious actions of the early Christian Church. How it “dumbed down,” edited and changed and threw out many of the teachings of Jesus in the Bible, and created a god out of Jesus for their own greed and political aggrandizement, and conspired to kill him to end his powerful influence. Jesus says he did not want or need a church. The Bible is not the word of God, he says. Both the Bible and the Church are human creations.

Other Hot Topics
This book has a lot more pop and sizzle than what’s covered here in this book review. There are 25 chapters, 267 pages, a question and answer section, and supplemental texts. Hot topics that captured my attention, in addition to the ones cited above, are:

  • Reject Societal Teachings (You Are Divine)
  • Understanding the Myths of Sacrifice and Suffering
  • Sailing to Africa, Becoming a Pupil in Kashmir (India)
  • The Transformation (Enlightenment)
  • Healing the Sick and Performing Miracles
  • Escaping to France (After the Resurrection)
  • The Church is a Human Creation
  • The Power of Prayer and Spiritual Wealth
  • Change Your Mind to Transform the World
  • You Must Rescue and Reeducate Yourself
  • Awaken and Exit Your Own Hell
  • Tuning Out the Static to Return to Oneness
  • Experience the Realities of the Opposite Sex
  • Sacred Sexuality and the Asexual Divine Mind.

Publishing Details
  • Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
  • Soft Cover: 9 inches by 6 inches, 267 pages (Available in Kindle, Paperback, MP3 CD)


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