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"Illumination means one can now comprehend another level of reality"

Road to Oneness

Spiritual Illumination means comprehending another level of reality

Spiritual Illumination by Archangel Gabriel

Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff

Archangel Gabriel: Beloved Ones, let us have a discourse on the quality of love known as spiritual illumination. Illumination means that one can now comprehend another level of reality. It comes out of the silence of contemplation and depends upon the silence for its stability.

As one’s personality comes closer to spiritual perfection, one becomes aware of their higher purpose and their spiritual growth becomes their main focus in life. Their awakening personality will begin to follow the spiritual guidance that comes from within rather than through established rules and doctrines of religion and society. Spirituality becomes the central purpose and focus of their life.

Illumination is a form of divine grace!

As one regains true knowledge through the divine that lives within them while still being embodied on Earth, they become willing to live in unity with this higher aspect of self. This awareness and illumination is a form of divine grace which encourages one to let go of all former patterns of thought and behavior which do not match one’s spiritual aspirations. There is a longing to come closer to the divine and to feel at one with divinity.

This is a time to make all the new learning they are experiencing their own and to find ways of expressing it in the world. It is also a time to be kind to oneself.

After an individual has been sufficiently cleansed and purified and their mind remains fully focused on the presence and qualities of the divine, a state of illumination may unexpectedly arise.

The Experience of Illumination

In the initial experience, they might perceive a blinding and intense inner white light. They experience deep feelings of universal love and profound spiritual intuition and insight.

For many months these deep feelings and insights will keep flowing in. These will gradually settle into a state of a raised and more intuitive and loving consciousness. They become aware of the divine presence within everyone and everything and their intuitive abilities are greatly increased. They radiate a presence of love, peaceful harmony and goodwill towards all who come into their sphere of influence. They become aware that they have received a spiritual gift along with the illumination experience and try to develop this into an ability that will lead them to help others awaken to their own higher potential.

One gradually gives up (crucifies) one’s personality and individuality. It is necessary to examine every aspect of their lives and make decisions about what they want to keep and what is to be discarded. They come to a point where they ask for nothing and desire nothing.

Surrender of individual will to Divine Will

They surrender their individual will to the will of the divine within them in total passivity and acceptance. By giving up everything and being completely passive, one is able to be filled with the divine spirit. They experience a constant peaceful and love filled union with the divine. They know themselves as a loving instrument of divine will that is meant to be used for manifesting the divine plan on earth. This comes from direct action of the divine and brings new knowledge and truths that one knows were not something previously known to them.

Living one’s life in this state of illumination is easy and full of bliss; there is a permanent state of great happiness and contentment. It is like living in a state of grace that can never be lost again. Whatever one does is never for selfish interests but is always done for the highest good of all. They live a life of selfless service for the greater good of humanity and the universe.

Illumination may also occur simultaneously with the dark night of the soul or with the process of purification, enlightenment and selfless work. These may coexist together, causing emotional extremes over short periods of time.

Reaching a state of Illumination!

One does not need to be perfect to reach illumination but can continue their purification on deeper and deeper levels. They do not have to give up things, just their attachment to them.

Illumination is the result of purifying and learning to control one’s mind, heart and emotions in order to develop a higher mental and emotional body. In today’s world, one’s capacity to understand, comprehend and communicate has greatly increased and this makes it much easier to come to a state of illumination in one’s life.

This information that is available helps one to be on an accelerated path rather than being lost in confusion and emotional misery for long periods of time as happened in times past.

With all the information that is easily deciphered and readily available on the different stages of the spiritual path for the spiritual seeker, it behooves each individual to develop the ability to discern and know what is right or wrong for them. They can do this by keeping their highest goal in mind and asking their inner guidance for help to be led to the right information for their next step on their spiritual growth path.

Purification of consciousness is most important!

What is most important is to maintain one’s purity of consciousness and keep their spiritual goal on the right path. In this way, one is led to the right material, people or events that is important for their evolutionary progress. Whenever one really needs additional information, their spiritual guidance will let them unexpectedly find it.

Walking the spiritual path means finding one’s own insights and personal relationship with the divine. This illumination can be the pinnacle of achievement of one’s lifetime rather than going with the flow of chaos. Their reality is experienced with unusual clarity, and a radiance and beauty that was never before suspected.

May the vast arena of the divine creativity in which your life is immersed become ever flooded with more light and compassion for all living things.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Source: www.therainbowscribe.com


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