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"Be thankful for me and to me. Make me your Friend." - The Spirit of Money

How to Attract a Steady Flow of Money!

The Spirit of Money channeled by Carolyn Oceana Ryan - October 8, 2021
Summary of Channeled Message by www.BlissfulVisions.com

BlissfulVisions.com The Spirit of Money: Resistance to appearances of the present moment slows or stops the flow of my energies (money) to you. That is the pre-set law of quantum physics. Ignore appearances.

Be thankful for me and to me. Thankful for so much in life, and ready to meet life with all its demands. I am, as with all Abundance and Prosperity, made of the Joy of flowing, forward movement.

If you wish for me to flow easily to you, by the laws of your Universe, I require that those who are ready to receive me into both their essence and their outer life (accounts, wallet, etc.) do so with JOY, and purely for the JOY OF RECEIVING.

Stop concentrating on what you “NEED money FOR.” Take Joy in receiving your different money forms, as with Abundance, for its own sake. RECEIVE WITH JOY, GIVE WITH JOY.

Humanity has been taught that money is low and evil, and that to be spiritually aware and pure, you must despise me (money). And, yet, this guarantees a very low flow of my energies in your life, and it cuts off other forms of your Abundance as well.

What I notice is the way you receive my presence – my energy – and if you love having me around. Revel in any amount of money that comes in ($2 or $20,000 or whatever the amount). Be full of JOY that you have been given that amount, greeting me as a dear friend, and enjoying my presence for a moment like you would a dear friend.

If someone were to say to you over and over again, “I want you but you are never enough for me,” you would realize, “this is no friend to me,” and would walk away with all your self-respect in place. It is the same with how I feel many days. Because your emotional upset, anxiety, and underlying resistance and fear of your own judgment shoves me away.

Love and give thanks for what you have received. And, if you can, keep at least 10% for yourself. Keeping even just 1% is a huge help because your subconsciousness will begin to understand then that “money comes to me so I can accumulate it and enjoy it.” Notice how your money keeps adding up more and more, and that “ALL GOOD THINGS ARE FLOWING TO ME.”

If you turn around and immediately spend all of me (money) without taking time to actually FEEL and RESONATE with the financial wealth of any amount in your hand, I feel as if you have said we are not friends. You are announcing to the Universe, and to my energies, that you do not really want me to be with you. And the channel or vehicle by which you received me begins to narrow or fade.

When I’m not flowing in your life, that is a sign that there’s an energetic imbalance somewhere often leading you to make money decisions that are not for your higher good. TRUST that I can come to you in many ways.

I am a presence on this planet that has been badly mishandled and misaligned. Learn to RELAX so as to be OPEN to receive money and my energy. Focus on the miracle of your breath – the in-flow and out-flow. The inner will take its cue from the outer. Be physically quiet, and allow your attention to flow about how you are feeling about me inwardly. Do not stress over the lack of money. Make me your friend.

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