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"Lightworkers: You Are Raising the Vibrations of Love on Gaia (Planet Earth)!"

Road to Oneness

Gratitude and Inspiration for Lightworkers!

By Lord Ashtar channeled by John McConnell, Sept. 10, 2017

The Team @ BlissfuVisions.com Lord Ashtar: I speak now of the love that you share and you are spreading throughout all the planet. For it is you as you spread this love and this one consciousness, it is you that is making the change. It is you that is bringing up the vibrations of the planet. It is you that is raising the frequencies, thereby transforming the collective consciousness into higher vibrations of love energy.

I speak now of consciousness. For it is you that is creating the consciousness here; that is making this consciousness, this love, this vibration increase across the planet. You – the lightworkers, the light warriors – those of you that came here to do this. And, now is the time for this to be.

Reach Out and Help Your Neighbor!

Now is the time for you to reach out and help your neighbor wherever you can. Reach out and offer them advice, offer them your understanding, your love wherever you can. That is not to mean that you are to invade their privacy. Not at all. But it does mean that where ever the opportunity arises, now is the time to reach out and help your neighbor in any way that is possible in that given situation.

I speak now of these storms raging across the planet. Know that they are not the storms that have been predicted. They are the storms that have been created by the fear mongers across the planet to lower your vibrations. And your purpose is to raise the vibration, so you are going against the fear mongers all the time. But, know this: As you continue to raise the vibration, as you continue to do all that you know how to do, it is helping the process greatly.

Time to Awaken and Help Others Awaken!

Now is the time for you not only to awaken your selves, but also to help others begin to awaken as well, as they show the need for it or the desire for it. Do not fall back from this. Take up this mantle, the consciousness, the oneness, the knowingness, that you know you can bring to the situation whenever it arises.

Find the courage to speak out wherever you can because there are so many out there that are just looking for a spark. They are just looking for an ember that will begin to rise into a flame or that they can help to rise into a flame themselves, just as you have. Just give them that spark and let them take it from there.

But, do not fall back from this for this is your mission. At this moment in your lives, this is your mission. This is what you came here to do. And, do it you will. And, doing it you are.

It’s Important To Play Your Part!

All of those that are working for the light, are spreading the light, are sharing the light, all of you are continuing to raise these vibrations and make everything across the planet come back to the way it was supposed to be, the way it needs to be, the way it is becoming, and the way it will be.

For as you move into this New Golden Age, you are the ones that are creating this Age. Do not be mistaken. There are some that seem to be doing more to reach more people across the planet, you might say. But, do not be deceived by this because you are doing what you can, simply in your meditations, simply in your prayers, simply in whatever it is that you know how to do. Just allow it to be. And, allow and know that all is according to Heaven’s plan.

Do not think even for a moment that your part to play in this is minor for it is not. It takes all the parts together – all the parts – to bring the entire picture to come to fruition. It takes all of the pieces of the puzzle to put the puzzle together to complete it as a whole. And, you are the ones that are doing that.

The Green Light is Coming!

True, the green light has not yet been given by Creator, but it is very close to being so. As we have told you before, we are ready to move at a moment’s notice when that signal is given. And, as you may know and as you may feel deep within you that signal is really very close now.

I am Ashtar. It is always wonderful to be with you, but even more wonderful when we can join together on our ships in various places on the planet, where we can sit and experience with each other and have those wonderful celebrations that have been spoken of. For those celebrations are ready to be put into operation. All of my peace and love be with all of you. Lord Ashtar.

Lord Ashtar: Commander in Chief of the Airborne Division of the Galactic Federation of Light: BlissfulVisions.com Note: Lord Ashtar is also known as Commander Ashtar, the presiding Commander in Chief of the Ashtar Galactic Command, the airborne division of the Galactic Federation of Light. He works closely with spiritual counselor/commander Lord Sananda, known to Earth as Jesus the Christ.

Attribution: Channeled by John McConnell, Sept. 10, 2017. This message can be freely posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source. www.SanandaWebsite.com

Lightworkers: Stay in the Protective Shield of Gratitude, Joy and Love!

Lord Ashtar: Commander in Chief of the Airborne Division of the Galactic Federation of Light: BlissfulVisions.com Council of Twelve: Our message today is for lightworkers working tirelessly to raise the vibration on Gaia (planet Earth). We know your efforts. We appreciate your hard work. We recognize the highs and lows of healing. We envelop you all in love-light energy to re-energize and realign you for the coming weeks and months. We communicate today to thank you for your commitment to humanity and Gaia and to gently remind you of the importance of caring for your own sovereignty, health and spiritual evolution.

The New Earth is being birthed in positive manifestation aided by cosmic forces of light way beyond your understanding. Trust this process. Know that the path is rocky and many will stumble and fall, yet many more will pick themselves up and move forward to enlightenment. Censor all negativity with ruthless self care. Protect your own vibration. Lightworkers: Stay in gratitude, joy and love. Seek nature and meditate for realignment of the spirit, mind and body.

Humanity’s Problem with Accelerated Transformational Energies

The veils are thinning quicker than humanity can handle. Thus, the people of Earth have the potential to awaken at an exponential rate. We are invested in ensuring this transformation from dark to light is as painless as possible. However, it has been recognized that humanity’s enslavement has left them ill equipped to deal with exposure, disclosure and truth. We are concerned humanity at this time will be unable to withstand full disclosure. To see the different alien species, hybrids and clones operating on planet Earth, as they have for thousands of years.

A small minority are ready to see beyond the prison walls of the holographic matrix simulation, but the majority have been kept in energetic chains of dense frequencies preventing organic evolution of ascension. This majority who hold onto religious dogma, political rhetoric and fear frequency need to be shown compassion and love as they wake up. For it is those whose eyes have been tightly shut that require the most support and guidance.

Do not despair, lightworkers. This is the way of humanity’s awakening. Nothing is as it has appeared or has been fed to the mass global population. We seek to reassure lightworkers struggling with the empathic effects of ongoing trauma and devastation on Gaia (planet Earth).

The Solution to Ease Transformation

In ancient times, humanity was closer to the stars, to the rhythm of Gaia and could conceptually connect with visitors from space. Today, there is concern for humanity’s welfare. After many moons of programming, conditioning and karmic enslavement, the disconnection has become too profound between mind, body and soul, and between Gaia and the multi-universe.

Humanity’s enemies (aka the dark cabal, illuminati, etc.) use holographic technology and mind control programming to disguise their true nature, and to enslave humanity. Therefore, we are placing a matrix of light over the dark cabal’s holographic reality. We are using our technologies to slow down humanity’s perception of the accelerated process of DNA upgrades they are immersed in. This will ease humanity’s transition. It will release humanity from the full shock of truth disclosure. The Intergalactic Federation has stepped in to manage this disclosure.

Individuals who vibrate higher and therefore see more, will be the truth seekers, the bringers of light. They will gradually light the way out of darkness. This is why they are known as light warriors. In small ways and big ways, they will reveal truth.

There is nothing sinister in our intention or our actions. We seek to illuminate, to empower humanity to break it’s chains of slavery. We operate within laws of the multi-universe, as do all involved in the ascension process. We bear no ill will or harm. We seek to facilitate an easier transition. To allow humanity in all its vast diversity to acclimate and realign to higher dimensional planes of existence, where truth is the language and no darkness can hide. We are the way-showers, the light bearers of truth. We have done this before and will do so again. We are invested in humanity’s evolution. We look after you in these momentous times of Gaia’s ascension and humanity’s chance to escape enslavement.

Protect Yourself With Love-Light Energy

Gaia has chosen this time to shake off her predators and to rise to a more peaceful state of being. She seeks recuperation, not revenge. She is rising as a Goddess of the Stars to reclaim her right to abundance. This is her will, her right and her way. The species of humanity aboard her are part of this transformation.

The higher cosmic frequencies draw out the negative, the dense, heavy vibrations of greed, hate and evil. These are times to be wary light warriors. To have shields of protection up at all times. Shields of love vibration. For no low frequency being with intent to harm in their heart, can penetrate sacred shields of love-light energy. We are urging you to use protection mantras to communicate with your Higher Self regularly, even if you cannot yet hear their responses. We urge you to be cautious and led by your heart. To know and embody Love as the sole defense against all dark energies. Humanity is learning not just about energy and frequency, the language of the multi-universe, humanity is learning about itself.

To those volunteer lightworkers who are navigating multiple dimensional realities on Earth at this time, we call you to heart chakra activation. We remind you to breathe into your heart chakra, to keep love flowing. This will stabilize your frequencies, thereby embedding you more into 5th dimensional existence.

The matrix of light we are placing over the cabal’s holographic reality will be seen and felt by you. You will be able to manifest at accelerated rates. You will be able to protect yourselves instantly from all lower frequencies and vibrations. You will understand the power of language as a tool to set and reset immediate vibrations of reality. This increase in spontaneous manifestation will power up positive timelines from the ground up.

Stay in Love. This is Freedom.

To resonate with these words is to be activated as a lightworker. It is to know your mission and respond. It is to integrate mantras of protection, gratitude and manifestation into every aspect of your lives.

  • Use self care healing therapies to realign your energetic systems.
  • Work to open the third eye.
  • Endeavor to communicate with your Higher Self directly.
  • Learn the skills of setting your own frequencies rather than be programmed by outside sources. This is freedom. This is what humanity needs to see. In their neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers. They need to see that change is possible.

Lightworkers, we understand the constraints many of you feel, and we see the loneliness in many of your hearts. We ask you to fully embrace multi-dimensional Love and guidance within a protective shield of love-light. These are the spaces of fifth dimension abundance. Reach out to them. Become one with Universal Love-Light frequency and you will be safe from threat, harm or damage.

We are reassuring those who hear us, that protection is available now, it is in place, that humanity is not alone during this profound transformation. As spiritual beings, you have guides and soul family all around you. Commune with them to create sacred protected spaces of high frequency light.

Lightworkers, you are the alchemists. The warriors of Gaia transmuting dense karma to golden love-light energy. We thank you in grace and with humility. The Council of Twelve.

Attribution: This message can be freely posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the website source. www.SanandaWebsite.com


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