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"Become a Conscious-Creator-Connected-Light-Being in Human Form!" - St. Germain

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How To Be A Creator-Connected-Light-Being

Saint Germain channeled by Natalie Glasson - August 1, 2018

Saint Germain: BlissfulVisions.com St. Germain: Those who are ready can step up and embody the new wave of energy which symbolizes embodying responsibility of your ascension process.

For some, the thought of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion. This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them. To take responsibility doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual pathway or achieve your ascension on your own. These understandings are born from the ego’s belief in separation with the Creator.

Taking responsibility for your ascension is to open and surrender yourself to the Universe of the Creator and allowing yourself to be guided, trusting that all will be well and fulfilling.

Opening yourself to the Universe of the Creator allows you to be steered in the most beautiful way to experience magnificent spiritual and soul learning, growth and understanding.

When you do not take responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution, you lack direction, connection with yourself, understanding of your needs, blame others and wait for others to do your spiritual work, growth and evolution for you.

Other people are always present in your reality to assist, inspire, direct and reflect the truth of the Creator to you. However, to grow spiritually with acceleration there is a need to be centered in your core by surrendering to the guidance of the Creator, and from the intention of co-creating in harmony with the Creator. This is to take responsibility for your own growth.

Co-Creation in Your Ascension

The question you can ask yourself is, “How can I co-create fulfillment and spiritual growth with the Creator and those around me?”

This question allows you to realize you are the core creator and manifestor of your reality and existence upon the Earth. However, you cannot do it alone. Therefore, co-creation is always essential. When you surrender to the Creator and are willing to receive guidance, assistance and support from the Creator while realizing that your purpose is to receive the guidance and act on it in ways that inspire and fulfill you, then you are stepping up to receive the new energy waves anchoring into the Earth to aid Ascension and are taking responsibility for your spiritual evolution.

It is also essential to recognize all creations first as an ENERGY within you which takes form in wonderful and often unexplainable ways in your reality.

When you recognize yourself, your creations, those around you and the Creator as ENERGY, you perceive your reality differently and realize that all energy is born from the Creator and wishes to experience connection in order to transform and create new energy.

Archangel Michael expands on this truth: you are ENERGY, your creations are ENERGY, and everybody and everything in Creation is composed of ENERGY.

Archangel Michael: “There has been a very important facet of Creation that has been withheld from the masses until now. All manifestations in the Omniverse are composed of organized ENERGY from the Heart Core of the Supreme Creator. There is a Master Creator Core of Cosmic Consciousness, which contains an allotment of the Full Spectrum Essence of the Supreme Creator.

The Father and Mother God of this universe were endowed with a portion of these Creator attributes, qualities and virtues. This is the primary source of Creator Consciousness within this universe, and all is balanced – all is equal – all is harmonious. Before the God Rays of our Father-Mother-God were radiated out into the great void, there were an incalculable number of powerful Supreme Creator Rays sent forth out into the cosmic void.

There are living pyramids of Light-Life within every ENERGY field and dimensional space of Creation . . . Each star in the galaxy is a node of ENERGY vibration. Also, each person functions as a living star capable of receiving and conveying harmonic frequency vibrations according to his/her level of consciousness. These frequencies are called your Sour Song. You are a point of Light, a vibrant Spark of the Divine. This universe is composed of one gigantic Celestial Soul Song.” Source: Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman, July 28, 2018.

Accepting The Light Within Your Being

When asking for guidance concerning the purpose, journey and experience of your ascension, you realize that moments of awakening and realizations of yourself and inner self offer to you the choice of diving into the light to allow miraculous experience to occur or to remain within the limitations of preconceptions.

When you choose to accept the light within your being and around you, then you create a bridge between your physical reality and your spiritual being. This launches a transition process.

Every moment of your existence as a human, you are a spiritual Creator connected light being and consciousness inhabiting a physical body. But, often the physical body takes prime focus until a bridge between the physical and spiritual energy of your being is reformed and continues to be reinforced.

Awakened consciousness and inspired understanding of yourself seeps into your mind and awareness as a gradual integration. You will notice that awakening repeats itself in numerous diverse forms becoming more advanced throughout your entire life.

To dive into the light and to focus on creating a bridge of light between your physical and spiritual self take place when you surrender to the Creator, opening yourself to receive the expanse of the Creator.

When you choose to surrender and download or recognize the light of the Creator within your being, especially in moments of confusion, trouble or chaos, you are taking responsibility for your spiritual growth, co-creating and achieving your purpose, allowing yourself to progress along your spiritual pathway with ease and perfection.


Achieving Greater Connection in Your Ascension

A Guided Meditation by St. Germain: Allow yourself to sit peacefully content in experiencing your solid material reality. Enjoy the experience of your body and surroundings, honoring energy in physical form.

When you are ready, imagine a violet beacon of light manifesting at your third eye chakra (in the forehead between the eyebrows). It captures your imagination. Explore the violet energy as much as you wish.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you dive head first into glistening violet light, enthralled by the freedom that has been give to you as you bathe in the violet light. Your body feels weightless, your emotions light enhanced, and your mind clear. You can swim effortlessly following your intuition and inner sense of direction through the light.

Turquoise light seeps into your expansive violet pool of light. Enjoy the light and notice as red, blue and green light also integrates. Imagine, sense, acknowledge as you wrap yourself in each manifestation of color. There is so much to explore and discover. You find yourself diving into each color, vitality, freedom, energy and expansion are experienced. Let your sense open to the Light.

Whiter peaceful light enters into your awareness with strength and holiness. You swim upwards and bathe yourself in the purity of the white light.

With your permission, a golden beam penetrates your central axis flowing down to the base of your being.

You are one with all that is the creator. This is your destiny, your truth and your eternal existence. It is what you seek in every moment and now you are consciously experiencing it. Your mission is to realize that you seek oneness with the Creator in your daily reality and understand that each experience on the Earth offers you the opportunity to experience oneness.

Feel yourself shift back to your physical body. All that you have experienced drifts into your body creating a rose shaped energy at your heart center. You have achieved your greatest desire in the entire world and universe – to be one with all that is the Creator and the Universe. You embody this eternally and can access it always.

Your Ever-Flowing, Ever-Evolving, Ever-Inspirational Ascension

In sharing this guided meditation experience with you, I – St. Germain – wish to offer you the idea that Ascension is fluid, ever flowing, ever evolving, ever inspirational, and continues to advance your spiritual growth in extraordinary ways.

A feeling of being guided by a driving force that is beyond your comprehension will be coupled with an emerging wise certainty within your being. In many ways, there are no stops and no time to step away from your pathway, yet a feeling of traveling nowhere fast will occur simultaneously.

In truth, you are at every moment of your golden pathway, achieving a greater connection and bridge between your physical and spiritual energies with an understanding of your purpose in your ascension process.

Remember that your physical reality is extremely important in your ascension process as it is your canvas for expression, experience and creation. It is a series of numerous expeditions of exploration within and around your being, accompanied with embodiments of consciousness and understanding that describe your ascension process and purpose.

When you create the intention to take responsibility for your spiritual growth, then you will allow the world of the Creator to unfold before you, experiencing with divine perfection and timing the magic, bliss, love and truth of the Creator within your being.

Realizing your purpose is easy. It is simply to express the Creator in beautiful, fulfilling and creative ways to support yourself and all. I am a light constantly guiding you, Saint Germain.

About the Channel

Natalie Glasson, Channel, Lightworker @ BlissfulVisions.com Natalie Glasson is a Channel, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor and Founder of the Sacred School of OmNa. Natalie has been a channel for over 10 years dedicating her life to assisting others in awakening to the light of the Creator. Natalie has always been able to connect with and express the consciousness of numerous Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Elementals, Goddess Beings and Star Beings. She constantly shares new wisdom and enlightenment to aid emergence of the divine energy within the physical body, thus supporting the manifestation the Era of Love. Website: Sacred School of OmNa


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