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"Updates on the termination of the Dark Cabal’s reign over humanity."


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January 20, 2020 – SPECIAL PLEIADIAN MESSAGE – RESULTS OF THE JANUARY 12, 2020 AGE OF AQUARIUS GLOBAL MEDITATION - Key members of the Earth Alliance are reporting that a critical mass of conscious cohesion was achieved during the Age of Aquarius global meditation. In fact, the estimated number of star beings participating in the event reached historical levels, upwards of 4.5 Billion or more. Congratulations! You did it. Light has fully taken over this world, and things will never be the same again on planet Earth.

As of January 12, 2020, the old paradigm on planet Earth has changed for good. Light Forces have completely taken over this reality, and intense efforts are underway to change this world into a realm of Light, Peace and Prosperity for all humanity. Record number of lightworkers on Earth are using powerful positive intention to create a better world to end human suffering, and for all beings to live in Peace, Abundance, Freedom and Love forevermore.

The entire year 2020 will be filled with amazing events that will completely transform this realm into the paradise it was always meant to be. Lightworkers are asked to keep the meditations going on a daily basis to strengthen the New Earth matrix light grid, and to spread the good news that a New Day has dawned on planet Earth.

BlissfulVisions.com January 7, 2020 - NO ESCAPE FOR THE DARK ONES. THEIR TIME IS OVER. - Commander Apollo - Your notoriety as a planet will become even greater as you finally conquer the forces of evil. You are in this process now and we are completely with you. All of the plans are being activated now. If you breathe deeply you can begin to feel the changes. Focus on what heaven on earth will feel like and breathe in truth and the light. There is no escape for the dark ones. Their time is over. Expect to see them acting out through anger but turn your backs to them. They no longer have a stronghold on you. You are in a new day and a new era. Your true purpose in life will be revealed. Stand tall and courageous because you are the brave hearts of creation just for being on the earth at this time. Feel the joy and celebrations that are coming and be pleased with yourselves for all of your hard work. Source: Commander Apollo channeled by Valerie Donner.

January 7, 2020 - THE DARK CABAL LOSING POWER. THEY ARE BEING HUNTED DOWN AND REMOVED - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council - Greetings. I am pleased to speak with you today with matters of importance. As a part of the Earth Council, I am privy to what is occurring on the earth, much more than some other parts of my team. Humanity and the earth are being lambasted by the dark forces due to their fear of losing power. They are attempting to instill and paralyze humanity. This is particularly originating in the Middle East. The United States, being the power that it is, is a focal point and a trigger of this fear.

There are dark beings who are profoundly corrupted running governments on your planet are being removed. This applies to every aspect of the corporate world, and all of the other institutions that have held sway over humanity for far too long. We are declaring that this is the end of it! The earth is ascending along with the humans who choose to rise in consciousness and be in the fifth dimension and higher. You are the Masters who came to the earth at this time with such light and power that these dark ones will no longer be able to exist. Please accept this knowledge about your selves for it is true.

The lower forms have lost their foundations. They have little to hold on to and represent some of the foulest beings of creation. This is why they are no longer going to be allowed on the earth or to have any contact or affect with the earth and humanity. All of the money that they have processed, the laws, the secrets, weapons, contamination, and their ill will to life and respect for the earth, will have little bearing on future of the planet. This will be wiped clean as they continue to be removed. If there is hope for them, they will be on another planet, otherwise, many of them due to their evil ways, could end up having their soul’s memories removed and having to start all over.

As you can imagine, this is frightening to the dark forces. They already know that their identities are going to be revealed with dire consequences. The public will find out as part of disclosure what they have been up to and it has not been good. Humanity will discover the facades that they have kept and the many lies they have told. Life on earth is not as it has been portrayed.

All of the forces from the Galactic’s, the light realms, forces of creation, are working together for this cleansing. It is happening quickly because everyone with heart and soul, goodness and mercy, has had enough. Today I’m making this pronouncement because it is timely. I am telling you there is no more room for switch and bait, lies, quid pro quo, service to self, abuse, violence, or any other destructive operations. Everyone has their trajectory as a part of their path. The gateways of departure are open. Everyone will be where they are destined to be.

As this process progresses there will be many revelations. Along with this, there will be miracles, manifestations, collaboration, cohesion, balance and harmony. Love and heart will govern humanity’s actions. Living from the heart with joy, happiness, and love, will expand freedom of the earth and all of life. You will be celebrating. Progress is being made that you will not hear about in your mainstream media.

Your Galactic friends and family are looking out for you. There are numerous reasons for us to stay focused where our help is needed. The terrible man-made disasters that are occurring now must be stopped. Too much life is being sacrificed for the greed of the others. You will learn more about this later.

Today we have painted a picture that will lead to a glorious future for you and the earth. Please hold this future for heaven on earth in your hearts and know that we are with you. We always have you in our hearts and we love you dearly. I am Mira in service to you and the earth’s Ascension. Source: Mira of the Pleiadian High Council channeled by Valerie Donner.


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