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"Think of them as humanitarian and disaster relief groups - here to ensure Ascension!

The Galactic Federation of Light Is Here!

A Pleiadian Message channeled by Artemis Pax

Sananda (Jesus): BlissfulVisions.com The Pleiadians: We belong to an alliance of non-terrestrial and extra and inter-dimensional beings who have been observing humanity for quite some time. We are benevolent in nature, coming from neighboring dimensions (some you might call spirit or angelic realms), other star systems (i.e., Pleiades, Arcturus, and Sirius), and the neighboring Andromeda galaxy. We are the forces of light, in essence, all working in support of our prime creator’s plan for our cosmos. There are several hundred groups working on this effort so for your ease we call ourselves The Galactic Federation of Light or The Earth Alliance.

Most of us are not physically present on your planet at this time, but that will change (see the article The Long Awaited Mass-Landings). We are already in contact with spiritual beings on your Earth and we are also responsible for some phenomena you have witnessed, like the light-sphere UFO sightings and most of the crop circle formations.

We are all connected via what you might call a cosmic Internet (field of consciousness) and in telepathic contact with some high vibration beings on your Earth. We are creating this message with one of our channels in order for you to better understand our role in what might be called the Earth effort (Ascension).

While we are largely advanced civilizations that are peace-loving and non-violent, we acknowledge that there have been malevolent non-terrestrial forces illegally involved in humanity’s affairs for millennia. Our role has been limited to civilization mentorship and consciousness raising, especially in recent time. However, the situation on your world is alarming, as many of you know. Your corrupt, inefficient, and unconscious systems of thought, belief, and behavior seem to have the best of you. But this can change and we are determined to help you change all that is not working for everyone in your world.

We and our alliance organizations, whom you might think of as humanitarian and disaster relief groups, are here to ensure the following:

    1. We are deeply committed to helping cease the humanitarian and planetary catastrophe on Planet Earth. We ourselves were guided through difficult phases in our own civilizations’ development and we know how important mentorship and guidance are. We have therefore pledged our efforts and resources to this cause until the desired transformation is achieved – a world that works for every being.

    2. We refuse to accept any excuses, terrestrial or non-terrestrial, that suggest that Planet Earth’s citizens cannot or will not evolve beyond systems of tyranny and exploitation of people, animals, planet, and resources. We share the same divine spark with humanity that we are all a part of. We are one and must stand united in this cause to bring what you might call heaven to your Earth.

    3. We are committed to using our wisdom, knowledge, technologies, and resources to help humanity ascend out of a chaos and destruction mentality into full consciousness based on shared values: altruism, cooperation, sustainability, abundance, prosperity, and love for each and every being in creation. We have many plans to help guide and support a cultural and social renaissance on your world, which will contribute greatly to the co-creation of a reality you all can love. We will also be welcoming you into our Alliance and will work to prepare you for that eventuality.

    4. We know that a completely new world for humanity can be achieved in a short time, but we will also endeavor to acknowledge and maintain the aspects of your culture, like free enterprise, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, creativity and resourcefulness, that regularly impress us. If you love something, we love it, too, and we look forward to experiencing all that your creative and innovative culture has to show us.

    5. We abhor the tendencies in your culture to treat people and animals violently and abusively. Not only is this not compassionate, it does not result in a productive and fulfilled populace nor does it nurture a healthy planet. We are all greater than the sum of our parts and it is crucial to ensure that each being reach their full potential. This can only be done with constantly loving intentions and thought processes that consider the good of the many over the good of a few.

    6. We are especially aware of the plight of women, children, and animals on your planet. Far too many people on your planet are subjected to preventable poverty, malnutrition, disease, lack of water, and lack of basic safety. Women, children, and animals are too often treated like possessions to be exploited and are too often deprived of what they need and deserve. In short, the most loving, gentle, vulnerable, and giving in your society are treated the worst. This must end.

    7. We are determined to help humanity realize that an abundant and sustainable future is possible. We will endeavor to help humanity clean up your planet, which is choking from pollution, toxins, disease, and global warming. At the same time, you will achieve an equitable quality of life that will stun everyone. The need for fossil fuels will end quickly as will many other scourges of your current civilization. Long term thinking and focus will soon be privileged over short term exploitation and destruction.

    8. We will work with you to change the prevailing culture of negativity, competition, and tearing each other down. We rely on positive reinforcement and non-judgment in our interactions with others. This is the way we are raised and it is what we pay forward in all of our dealing with other beings. We also embrace truth and transparency and find them critical to the needs of a thriving civilization.

    9. We will support your technological evolution and will help reveal currently suppressed technologies and scientific knowledge. We will also make many technologies available to you, including free energy, regenerative medicine, manufacturi9ng and replication technologies, computing and media platforms, and many other innovations that will catapult you into a bright, green prosperous, creative, and inspiring future. For one thing, we believe that certain fundamental human (we are also humanoid) right are critical to the develop0ment of an advanced civilization: living a safe, healthy, violence-free and pain-free life, for instance. It is also a human right to be encouraged to realize your full potential and to live your life comfortably, abundantly, and in any way that fulfills you.

It will become very clear in a short time that humanity has unlimited potential, as do we. By working together, we improve not only your corner of the cosmos, but the greater cosmos, as well. With love from The Earth Alliance, The Galactic Federation/Confederation of Light.

Source: The ET Manifesto: Channeled by Artemis Pax, Pleiadian Starseed Volunteer.


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