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"All souls are at a critical point in their journeys for the Great Shift that is in full swing."

Road to Oneness

Awaken To A New World On Earth

Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

BlissfulVisions.com Master Imhotep: A new world is coming to your Earth plane, and the higher selves of every person on this planet are “standing at attention” now. All souls are at a critical point in their journeys for the evolutionary process that is in full swing. Mother Earth is evolving, and hopefully, so are all of you!

This evolutionary process is a powerful collective force of the Creator’s light that is woven throughout the universe into every conceivable sentient being, planet, star and celestial light that you can imagine—and you most certainly are all part of this One Creator Force. Hear me now: all of you are part of the One Light of Creation. Pay attention to your feelings and know that love is this powerful force of evolution within you.

When you truly feel the depths of the love of this One Light within you, you’ll never be the same. It is a turning point in your evolution and your understanding of love. Many of you are feeling this now, lightworkers are awakening, and people are shifting into love. Though you may not hear about it in your daily news, it is happening. People are feeling an awakening to love and saying, “I feel different. I cannot be who I was.” Isn’t that beautiful?

Finding a New World Within

So, where is this new world and when will you see it? The short answer is that you needn’t go anywhere; you can find your way to it through your heart. All you need to do is go into meditation, focus into your heart and feel the love--the love for yourself, for your life and for all those around you this very moment.

When will you see this new world? You’ll begin to see it when the people of Earth stand up and say, “We are tired of blaming others for our fate. The yin-yang of the third dimension doesn’t appeal to us any longer. We want to live in a world of infinite harmony, peace and love.” That is what this new world is all about.

What it takes, my friends is a world filled with souls who feel compassion for one another and for Mother Earth. Within each of you is the potential to be in love more deeply than you are aware of now. How can you be more in love with yourself, those around you and with Mother Earth? It’s about bringing forth the Love of Creator within you that awakens a sense of nurturing, compassionate love for all. This is within everyone’s heart—male or female, you’re all born with this love. You need only recognize that you are all One Light of a loving Creator on a collective evolutionary journey of Love.

A Meditation to See a New World

Take a moment with me and let me guide you in a short meditation. Sit comfortably and take some deep prana breaths. Now, send you awareness down into your heart and bring forth a feeling of peace. Let it envelope your entire body. Breathe into that feeling. Now, move it out from where you are now. Take another deep breath and see a world filled with people—children, women and men—who look upon each other compassionately and honor each other’s journeys in love. Continue breathing. Bathe yourself in this feeling of a world based in love. Imagine your life in a world such as this and feel in your heart how it would be. Take another breath and slowly return from your mediation.

Q: You know, I’m really worried about the hatred that I see playing out in the world. How can people be so cruel and insensitive to the hard lives and the plight of others?

Master Imhotep: I’ve said that a new world is coming to your planet. What do you suppose that means for you as an evolutionary particle of the Creator’s Love? It means you wanted to be here. Each of you chose and were chosen to be on Earth at this very special time to honor your Creator Force. And you do that by living out your life purpose and lessons in love for you and all of humanity. Isn’t that special?

So, when you see the events playing out around you on the world stage, remember that each person has a plan and a part that they are endeavoring to play out. How you personally choose to engage with anyone is your choice. How you choose to look upon their journeys is also your choice. Sharing Your Love

Will you choose to look upon the journeys of others in hatred or fear or even anger? How will you respond? Will you choose compassion and hold them and yourself in a loving space--much like the great Mater Jesus who chose love and brought forth compassion for all. You are all on an evolutionary process of finding your love and sharing that with others.

Listening to Your Heart for the Answers

My friends, you created a life blueprint prior to coming here—each of you. You wouldn’t start an incarnation without one. Believe me, I, as an architect, would be one who would know about blueprints and the importance of following them. (Smiles) So, what is in your blueprint and what is your purpose and plan for being here?

You can go to someone like my channel, Karinna, and have them give you insights into your life plan and purpose, and many people do. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, you can also go into your own heart in meditation and ask. Get your answers by being fully in love with yourself and your journey and letting go of judgement and fear that you might be doing something “wrong.” Listen and find out what your heart has to say.

And it may take time to hone this ability to truly hear what your heart has to say, but it will be worth it, my friends, because the truth is there. For each and every one of you, the truth is in your heart and that is something that will serve you well in these shifting times—in these times when you hear something that you’re not sure of, you might ask yourself, “Is that really true?” Your heart knows, my friends, your heart knows.

Q: How do I create a better life for myself? It seems that I’m always struggling just to have a good life.

Master Imhotep: In mastering your journey on Earth, you may be under the impression that there is something to figure out or a special technique to mastering your life journey. The real mastery comes from finding and bringing forth the love within you — like mining for gold — and allowing love to guide you.

My love, I am telling you that your clarity in stating what you choose to have in your life is a big part in consciously creating the life of your desires. Focus intently and lovingly on what you’d like to have in your life and believe it is so. For, you see, you created a life plan prior to your coming here, and it is a plan that you will feel when you are in love with yourself and your situation. It will allow you to correct your course should you need to and feel balanced in stormy seas.

The guidance will come through your meditations and the very focus of your light on the things and people you choose to attract into your world. So, when we talk about a new dimension on Earth and your part in it, you would want to be creating a vision for that new world. How would it feel? What would the people be like? What do you see yourself doing? Hold a vision of love for yourself and your place in a new society of love on planet Earth.

The New Dimension on Earth is Within You

Let me conclude by saying that yes, your world is shifting—on all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Mother Earth has four bodies too! You may have felt her physical body shifting, but her emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are shifting too—just like you! Isn’t that wonderful?

Not only that, but you and everyone around you are feeling this shift. You may not recognize it as part of the shift when you do something that seems commonplace like moving to a new apartment or creating a new relationship, but it may very well be part of your great shift and you being where you need to be.

What I pray that you recognize is that beyond all the gloom and doom that you see in the news, there is a growing person-to-person network of people who are communicating in love with compassion. It’s a new world being created already within all of you. Tune in and you can feel it.

This is what I mean when I talk about a new dimension on Earth. It is within you, amongst you and all around you. As you connect your hearts one to another in meditation and gatherings or day-to-day communications, you build upon this loving energy that creates a new world on Earth in love. Meditate, my friends, and find that voice of your heart. It is that guiding force that you all have to lead you into Love. And in love with you I AM, IMHOTEP.

About the Channel

Natalie Glasson, Channel, Lightworker @ BlissfulVisions.com Karinna Nielsen is a Lemurian Goddess healer, spiritual channel, and purveyor of ancient Lemurian wisdom. For more than 20 years, Karinna has been on a journey of love, awakening and service to Mother Earth and our great shift in consciousness. She is passionate about assisting others in aligning with their life purpose and experiencing more joy-filled, fun and fulfilling lives through the healing practices of the ancient Lemurians.

She is a certified practitioner and lead trainer for Signature Cell Healing® workshops, a Lemurian healing modality, founded by master healer Kahu Fred Sterling. Her channelings from the Lemurian Goddess Light are focused on sharing Lemurian wisdom, personal transformation and the ascension of our planet into a higher awareness of love. Articles by Karinna are published regularly in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Karinna offers private readings, healing sessions & workshops, monthly free live teleconference calls and Global Healing Meditations for Mother Earth. Website: Karinna Nielsen - Ancient Lemurian Wisdom for a Modern World.


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