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By "The Team" channeled by Peggy Black, September 18, 2017

Lord Ashtar: Commander in Chief of the Airborne Division of the Galactic Federation of Light: BlissfulVisions.com The Team: We are here, acknowledging your resilience and courage while holding a space of peace and calm in the midst of incredible chaos. You are witnessing great shifts and changes. Also, within your own personal reality and body you are feeling/sensing great shifts and changes. The celestial energy events are being felt far and wide and their effects are being felt by your entire planet.

Use Your Multi-Dimensional Gifts and Abilities, Be Gentle With Yourself, and Practice Good Self-Care.

These times invite true mastery and awareness of your multi-dimensional gifts and abilities. It is most important for you to remember that who you are as a divine being is a doorway, portal and anchor for the frequencies and vibrations that are bringing about this evolutionary surge.

There is more that is unfolding than what is visible. Remember! Appearances are often misleading, so continue to know and understand that there is more to be revealed. You are in the process of your own personal activation and re-calibration. So, we invite you to be gentle with yourself and practice good self-care.

Many are experiencing what they might call unusual events, sensations, thoughts and even images coming forth. Just allow these experiences to be witnessed and to develop without expectations. As you know, you have been inviting this expansion, activating your memories and your own personal ascension codes. We say good work.

You and Your Planet Are in the Process of Ascension! You Chose To Be Here! And, the Entire Universe is Watching!

You have invited and willingly allowed the celestial and galactic gifts of frequencies to trigger this awesome awakening. Embrace the subtle changes you are experiencing, for they will uncover any limitations, even those you might hold dear. You and your planet are in the process of ascension. This is why you selected to be a part of this incredible cosmic occurrence at this time. Please realize that the entire universe is witnessing this ascension activation happening on your planet. You are not alone.

We realize that many times you do feel alone here, dealing with your personal struggles and the desire to expand and grow out of this tight fitting mental construct. We assure you that you are doing a much better job than you acknowledge within yourself. Use your tools when you find yourself stuck in your struggles.

Ground Yourself into Mother Earth, Daily!

Remember, the importance to physically touch the surface of your earth. This action offers two important aspects. When you allow yourself to place your bare feet or your full body on the earth, any excess personal energy of discord can be released in this simple gesture and you will quickly return to your centered, balanced place. You will also attune yourself to the vibrations of your planet and as the frequencies change, you are in alignment.

The celestial and galactic frequencies bathing this dimension have been invited and called forth by you and your divine knowing and conscious self. You have never been truly comfortable here (in this 3D reality). You know this is not your home. You know far better realities in which there is an understanding of the connection and the true sense of oneness.

This awareness and understanding comes from you remembering being in those higher dimensional realities. This energy you are feeling and witnessing is occurring within all humanity. Some, like yourself, welcome this enormous change and there are others who are in resistance out of their fears and misunderstanding.

Stay in the Loving Energies Flooding the Planet!

Nevertheless, these activating frequencies are exponentially expanding to every corner of consciousness in this 3D reality. It is shaking things up a bit. We invite you to stay in your center and anchor the loving energies that are flooding your planet. The old fear-based programs and paradigms are shifting and being transformed even as they seem to be increasing.

It is most important that these frequencies and activating energies are received by those who can embody them. Once they are embodied, the awakening individual carries within their own personal energy signature the vibrational seeds to trigger and stimulate others to blossom into their mastery.

When you stay aligned with your true and higher knowing, you are aware that you are doing this work to anchor a new template which will end the misconception that humanity has of separation (the feeling of not being the essence of love-incarnate in human form and not feeling the unity of oneness with Prime Creator God). You are the living portal allowing this true shift in consciousness to come forth and be recognized by all.

Many Dormant Portals Are Being Activated!

Many dormant portals within you personal field, your DNA and the field of this planet are being activated, triggered and enlivened to open and be available as part of this global shift.

Your personal activations will manifest, unique to each individual. We invite you to be receptive and stay conscious, in a state of calm and balance. This is the skill of the master that you are. It is in that awareness of who you truly are where you do your best and most powerful work and service.

As you embrace this understanding, even if you can only hold that state for a few moments, you are actually anchoring a peace and calm within which allows your entire planet to take a deep sigh, so to speak. It is also in the state of peace and calm that you can and will invite celestial and galactic beings to join you in this reality to be in partnership and friendship for the highest and the best of all concerned.

Ask for Help!

Star-beings, Ascended Master, Angels, Archangels, Celestials and all divine beings are awaiting invitations from you and others who know and perceive that this is their birthright and responsibility. So be the inviter, continue to request support and assistance from all beings of love and light in all matters concerning this earth and the well being of all living things.

But, do not fall back from this for this is your mission. At this moment in your lives, this is your mission. This is what you came here to do. And, do it you will. And, doing it you are.

Your Own Healing Is Vitally Important!

Connect with the elemental energies, the nature beings, all those ethereal beings who are dedicated to the healing energy of nature and its manifestation. You, as well, are a part of the healing action required to bring a state of enlightenment and recognition that all living things are conscious and connected.

Make it your intention each day to connect with other forms of living energy, practice mentally and energetically reaching out to other energy forms. Listen for any message that might be offered. Perhaps you will become the voice for those living beings that do not have a voice. You are ready for this deep, rich connection with others.

You Are Part of the Ascension Team!

It will become your silent intent to know and sense your inter-relationship with all, and from that alliance, offer your own healing love and balance. This is what is being called forth now. You are certainly a respected, responsible member of the ascension team.

Remember! We honor you with our love and support. We acknowledge you as you step into your mastery. We are available. Call upon us. The Team.

Attribution: Channeled by Peggy Black on September 18, 2017. This message can be freely posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the website source. www.SanandaWebsite.com

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