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Road to Oneness


Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: October 2019


Launching 6th November 2019 - 108 minute movie & 8 part documentary series - Join over 83,000 who've registered to watch for free! Docu series subtitled into 18 languages!

October 29, 2019 - Time of the Sixth Sun is an inspirational and uplifting documentary film about the shift in global consciousness and the emerging movement to find a new way to walk more lightly on this Earth. Our ancestors understood our symbiotic relationship to nature and the elements, and foresaw the collapse of an unsustainable world. Filmed predominantly in North America, Mexico, Peru, S.Africa, India, Egypt, Israel and Australia, this film is a synergy of ancient wisdom from the indigenous Elders and insights from pioneers of new energy consciousness, who collaboratively hold the vision of a new earth experience.

The film is introduced by Greta Scacchi and narrated by ‘Tobias’, an angelic being who has lived many lifetimes on Earth, channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe. Our crew flew to Colorado and whilst Geoffrey was in a trance state, we asked Tobias if he would tell our story. He called it ‘the biggest evolution of consciousness humanity has ever experienced.

"You are witnessing the dissolving of old systems and the birth of new energy consciousness. It is time to re-member who you are and why you are here, at this time of the greatest change ever." (Tobias)

The power of this film is carried in the transmission of both the narrator and the speakers, and is interwoven with ceremony and the visual journey of the film’s "everyman," a modern day musical troubadour.

A montage of sound and visuals create a sonic tapestry, inviting the viewer into an intimate and authentic experience of a world in transition. A sensory feast that promises to be as impactful on the ear as it is on the eye, whilst an original soundtrack seamlessly weaves sacred songs, prayers and chants with the resonant strings of Estas Tonne, virtuoso guitarist and troubadour on his journey. A meditation for the soul. Click Here To Sign Up For The Free Movie.

BlissfulVisions.com October 26, 2019 - YOUR JOURNEYS THROUGHOUT THE GALAXY - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are in the process of exploring which of your personality traits can be assigned to the different star systems that you are all from originally. We know, for example, that the trait associated with helping others, being of service, is something that you have brought to Earth and to yourselves from the Sirius star system. You incarnate there to explore that theme. The theme of being of service then becomes a part of you, and you are all there to integrate these various themes and aspects of self. In some instances, like Sirius, the Pleiades, and our little star system, it is obvious. You get your capacity to teach and heal others from the Pleiadian star system. You get your proclivity towards spiritual evolution from our star system of Arcturus.

Certain star systems are more of a mystery in terms of what they have lent to the evolution of the human consciousness. When you were incarnate in the Orion system, for example, you explored victimhood and oppression. And so, we are unraveling those traits within you that might harken back to that time when you were in the Orion system, and you were either an oppressor or a victim. Most of you played both roles, and that is also something we want you to recognize so that you can embrace that you also at times have played in the dark, just as those who would oppress you now have done.

It is our theory at this point that you explored victimhood and oppression to eventually glean the trait of balance and moderation from those lifetimes. It is a system that went from great war to tremendous peace, and so your tendency towards wanting peace comes from your association with the Orion system.

You all travelled from star system to star system on your way to Earth, and Earth was always meant to be a melting pot of the galaxy where a race of beings, the human race, would have the opportunity to bring all of these traits, all of these aspects together and integrate them into oneness and wholeness. In the star system known as Antares, you also explored themes that are somewhat of an enigma in terms of how they’ve contributed to the human condition and personality as it is today. In the Antarian system, you created androids, and those androids eventually rebelled, and so there was a great war there as well. Your desire to explore technology to the ultimate heights, and the search for a balance there as well is evident in your history and the history of the Antarian system.

We believe at this point that the time you all spent in the Antares star system was meant to make you rely on your intellect to the degree that you have. People on Earth put much more faith in science than you do in what you cannot see and touch and prove. And so that is our working theory on how the Antarian roots that you have are affecting you now.

We want to understand your history in this galaxy and how it has affected you because we want to help you integrate all aspects of yourselves, make peace with who you have been and who you are, and when you have that inner peace and you feel whole and complete, then you are ready to shift your consciousness. It’s been a long journey, not just on planet Earth, but through the entire galaxy and universe for all of you. And in the acceptance of all that you are and all that you have been, you are bringing yourselves closer and closer to that moment of ascension. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton - Click here to read more about Lost Origins.

BlissfulVisions.com October 25, 2019 - WHAT SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION IS ALL ABOUT - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been interested in the ways in which you all interact with each other socially for quite some time because it says a lot about who you are as individuals. Who you are with each other is who you are with yourselves.

If you are hiding aspects of yourself from another person, or everyone, then chances are you are hiding something from yourself as well. You are in denial of an important aspect of you. Now, this is something that is manifesting itself more and more as people only show the positive aspects of their lives on social media. This has been going on since before the dawn of the social media era, however.

When people would talk about what was going on in their lives and in their families prior to the existence of Facebook and Instagram, they would usually only tell the good parts and leave the rest out. Now, of course, there are exceptions and there always have been.

There are people who are in touch with who they are to such a degree that they love sharing all aspects of themselves, and that has always been the case. But when we observe you, we observe what the majority of you are doing, and the majority of you are holding back what you feel ashamed of about yourselves.

And if you’re not ready to admit to your friends, co-workers, family members, and even strangers, that you are in pain, for example, then chances are you are not dealing with that pain, not in a healthy way. And so it is a good time to ask yourselves if you are being honest about who you are and how you feel, and we are talking about being honest with yourselves about these things. That’s where you want to start. You want to start with your inner dialogue. You want to start by noticing how you feel and what you do about it, and during this period of self-examination, maybe it would be a good idea to stay off of all social media platforms. Because if you only see the best of what everyone else is living, and at the same time, you are trying to face your demons, your darkest hours, that might make it much more challenging. In fact, we are quite certain that it will.

When you are ready to dig deep inside yourself, you need that time to yourself to feel your feelings, to examine your thoughts, and to decide if the person you present to the world is the person you really want to be. When you do this work, you liberate yourself. You can be free to be who you really are, but you cannot look to society to grant you permission first, because in most cases, it won’t. You first need to decide that you are perfect just as you are, with all of your issues.

And when you can present that version of yourself to the entire world, then you can start to relate to other people honestly and authentically. Then you can start to develop real friendships, real relationships. Then the healing with family members and others can begin, and that’s what spiritual evolution is all about. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

The video is related to the subject matter of spirituality - channeled by Brad Johnson from Adronis who shares his perspective on the Silver Lining Agreement: A method that involves empowering yourself with love to dissolve all lack of abundance and self-imposed limitations in your life.

BlissfulVisions.com October 20, 2019 - A MASS LANDING OF UFOs/SPACESHIPS NEED A CRITICAL MASS - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been exploring the possibility for humanity to have full and open contact with extra-terrestrial beings in a shorter amount of time than we had originally predicted.

Now, we are not big on giving predictions that involve timeframes for all of you because you are jumping timelines so regularly. But we have been under the impression that you will have full and open contact with physical e.t.s in three to four years. Recently, however, the strength of the desire for this contact has increased significantly. Now the only question is whether enough of you will align with that reality where the e.t.s that you are going to have full and open contact with land their ships in less than three years.

We are talking about a mass landing of ships that would be for everyone to witness. We know that ships land on Earth all the time, that people go on board those ships and have beautiful interactions and journeys with their e.t. friends, but we are talking about the landing of ships in areas where there would be so many witnesses, and also, the media would get involved.

When you have amateur footage of UFOs, or more accurately put, spaceships, you also have a tremendous amount of doubt. Now, as much as people are doubting the mainstream media these days, when all of them, regardless of their political leanings, are reporting the exact same occurrence, it becomes harder to doubt. There will still be those who believe that the mass landing of ships will be faked, but eventually, the ships will come to almost every major city so that everyone will be able to experience contact and so that it will be undeniable that what they are seeing is real.

People will feel the energy coming off of their new e.t. friends, and that too will be an undeniable experience. All right, now, back to the timing of this. It certainly is something that a great deal of you have been asking for, and there certainly are plenty of e.t.s who would like to answer that call, but you need a critical mass situation. You need a situation there on Earth where there will be more people embracing the e.t.s than there will be people ‘freaking out.’ And you’re getting closer and closer to that percentage. You are receiving this transmission because you are amongst the ones who would embrace your new friends from outer space. We know that, and you know that. We also know that you’re not going to convince anyone with your evidence that e.t.s exist and that they visit regularly. You’ll have an even harder time convincing people that they are walking among you.

So this is going to be a very big change for those who doubt the existence of extra-terrestrials. It is also going to open up a lot of the secrets that have been kept from you, and the general population will have access to a tremendous amount of knowledge. Therefore, the timing of this mass landing of ships has to be precise. They cannot just come because so many of you want them to come. They have to wait for that critical mass to be reached so that there are enough of you to soothe the ones who are running scared.

Again, you are closing in on that number, and a big part of that is the amplification of the desire for great changes on your world. Those desires will result in more individuals having their gradual extra-terrestrial experiences. When we say ‘gradual,’ we mean that they will build upon first experiencing them in dreams and through visions and channeling experiences, and then gradually working their way up to face-to-face contact. As many of you know, this is inevitable. It’s going to happen, and it’s just a matter of time. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com October 17, 2019 - AWAKENING REPORT: OCTOBER 2019 TO JANUARY 2020 - Archangel Michael - Beloved Family of Light, we have reached a moment that many of you have waited for, and asked for, for many lifetimes. There is a wave of Cosmic Light approaching your Planet that will activate a "Great Awakening" on the Earth.

Even now, many of you have felt that wave as it began to approach at the September Equinox. This energy is so intense that it causes physical symptoms in many as your body seeks to integrate and balance.

This rising energy will be felt at the 10:10 Portal on the 10th of October, and it will continue to intensify at the Major 11:11 Star Gate on the 11th of November.

Then it will continue on to the 12:12 on the 12th of December and the 21:12 on the 21st December (Solstice) and will culminate on the 12th of January (1:12:2020), when Saturn and Pluto move into conjunction in the sign of Capricorn.

At each of these important nexus points, more of the New Divine Masculine will be revealed on the Earth. It will be the Divine Masculine that will lead the way in creating new structures for the New Earth. This is the role of the Divine Masculine, to create structure for the flow of the Divine Wisdom of Sophia, the Divine Feminine Essence of Wisdom and Light. It will indeed be a powerful, intense and awe-inspiring shift on many levels.

Time Lines, SpaceTime and Slowing Down the Tempo of Life

Beloved Ones, as the waves of Light Codes arrive on Earth, there will be another "acceleration" in the SpaceTime field as consciousness is raised yet again.

To many this will be perceived as time moving even faster, and they may feel the urge to try to move even faster on the physical plane to "keep up" with the increase in frequency in SpaceTime.

This would not be recommended, Dear Ones, as what is needed is to slow down and allow the body to align with "natural" SpaceTime, which is the natural frequency of Nature (Divine Source Code) on your Planet.

At this time on your Planet you have two expressions of time. The one is, as mentioned, natural time that spirals in harmony with the SpaceTime field and vibrates at the frequency of the Divine Heart. The second is "artificial" or "linear" time that is anchored in mechanical illusion and hurtles forward, ever increasing in momentum as it moves further from natural time and the spiral movement of the Galaxy.

That is why it is so beneficial to spend time in Nature. You allow your cells and your DNA to resonate with natural time and to slow down physically so that you can experience the higher frequencies of Light Codes from the Divine Heart.

To meditate and to do Ceremony in Nature is to align with natural time through focus and intention, and it will assist you to integrate and embody these light codes without undue disturbance to your physical body system, or overstimulation of your nervous system and your emotional and mental bodies. Source: Archangel Michael channeled by Celia Fenn - Click Here To Read The Full Report.

BlissfulVisions.com October 14, 2019 - THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT - Sheldan Nidle - Note: In his Galactic Federation of Light: Updates Archive 1997-2007, Sheldan Nidle published a very absorbing catalogue of our star family’s spaceships and their deployment, etc., etc.

The GFOL is described in a very detailed manner. The followiing is an excerpt from the archives, and the entire archives are available by clicking on the link below.

The plans may have changed over time but this is a view of the contemporary intergalactic scene around 2000 to 2007 – above, on, and below Planet Earth.

Planet-Sized Craft

Every Fleet maintains a number of Science Teams that constantly survey the Star and, if applicable, the Solar System they are assigned to investigate. In your case, several of our large planet-sized craft are surveying the existing condition of your Solar System. Soon our ships will have completed their complex maneuvers and eight large planetoid-sized ships will be ready to carry out our promises.


At present, our First Contact Team is moving some 130 large Mother-craft into areas that your many major governments can more easily monitor. We are doing this to more firmly establish our role as the final persuasive hammer for the decrees of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Presently, your worldly Cabals have blatantly shirked the implementation of certain positive elements in their "end game" agreements. We can state that we are working to adjust these things. Much smaller Fleets of our Motherships are carefully assessing each Planet in your Solar System.

The actual First Contact Fleet has a three-part command structure, which presently is being used to assist our Galactic Federation Medical Teams. At the top are the various interstellar Motherships, each containing several smaller atmospheric Motherships. These [atmospheric] Motherships are employed as Sector Command Posts and each launches several Scout Ships.

These, in turn, can quickly teleport their personnel to wherever they are needed, or land, if necessary. All members of this small fleet of 3 to 50 Scout Ships are closely monitored by the atmospheric Motherships. If need be, any Scout Ship can be transferred, instantly, to another Sector. The Fleet is organic and operates, much like a neural network, according to the principles of fluid group dynamics.

Most of our Inner Fleet is made up of these older Motherships. When you enter them, you immediately feel their great Love and deep caring for you. Unlike the newer models, these Motherships were constructed to remain in a specific configuration. This consists of either a large cigar-shaped pod, which can be many hundreds or even thousands of miles long, or alternatively, a series of huge, interconnecting, lozenge-shaped units.

These two designs easily accommodated the primary mission requirements. In general, the Ships with the single hull were used for diplomatic, liaison, and defense operations, and those with the multi-hull design, for a variety of scientific responsibilities. It is to the latter that most of the newer Scout Ships are assigned.

And as these Scout Ships are larger and more complex, these older Motherships were fitted with enlarged access portals, modernized landing docks, and updated service stations. These renovated docks have the ability to allow the Scientific Scout Ships to reconfigure, or shape-shift, according to the needs of each specific mission.

Upon entering these older Motherships, you will first notice the different lighting and floor technology. The hallways are illuminated using a special photochemical process which produces a soft, full-spectrum light that reproduces the light of the Sun without the harshness that your light is noted for. This lighting is adjustable and is regulated according to individual desires by the Ship’s artificial intelligence computers.

The flooring embodies pressure-sensing material that reacts to the way you walk, giving you the impression at first that you are literally “walking on air.” Both these technologies have been updated, and these newer versions, now combined with personalized holographic technology, can reproduce those aspects of your Home World that give you the greatest pleasure. Thus, you are always in an environment designed to support you in every way to enable you to attain your highest level of creative potential.

The various Lounges, Crew Quarters, and Workspaces are likewise designed for optimum relaxation and functioning. The main purpose of a Fleet Mothership is to aid her Crew in carrying out its delegated mission. All workspaces are integrated with a telepathically interlinked computer network and a variety of Android Assistants. Each Android is at the service of any fellow workers. These Assistants help in repairing and maintaining needed equipment and in interpreting the data collected during the day’s many scientific expeditions. Source: Galactic Federation of Light Starfleet: Updates Archive 1997-2007 by Sheldan Nidle.

BlissfulVisions.com October 13, 2019 - US NAVY WHISTLEBLOWER CLAIMS THE DEPLOYMENT OF MILE-LONG SPACE CARRIERS - Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D. - The US Navy has authorized the publication of a patent for a nuclear fusion reactor that can both generate enormous quantities of power and yet be small enough to be fitted on mobile platforms, including spacecraft.

The patent’s publication supports Whistleblower/Insider claims of mile (1.6 kilometers) long space carriers that have been secretly built and deployed by the Navy since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The patent application for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device” was just published on September 26 after being lodged on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy back on March 22, 2019. The inventor is Dr. Salvator Pais, who works at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division and has previously lodged other patents on behalf of the Navy concerning a hybrid air, water, and space vehicle propelled and protected by electromagnetic fields.

In the patent description, Dr. Pais explains how his nuclear fusion device differs from similar devices under development. Ignition is the point at which the nuclear fusion process begins generating electrical power in a self-sustaining way through the superheated plasma. Dr. Pais further explains how his device will use electromagnetic fields to ignite the nuclear fusion process.

It is claimed in the patent application that this plasma compression fusion device is capable of producing power in the gigawatt (1 billion watts) to terawatt (1 trillion watts) range and above with input power only in the kilowatt (1,000 watts) to megawatt (1,000,000 watts) range. By comparison, America’s largest nuclear power plant, the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona, generates around 4,000 megawatts (4 gigawatts), and the A1B nuclear reactors designed for the Navy’s Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers generate around 700 megawatts.

Pais’ description makes clear that the nuclear fusion reactor is the power supply for several innovative patent devices that would go into the Hybrid Aerospace Underwater Craft (HAUC) the patent for which was awarded on December 4, 2018. The HAUC, as previously described, would generate a quantum vacuum field outside the hull, removing all air, water, or other molecules, thereby enabling the craft to rapidly move through the atmosphere, ocean, and space without meeting any resistance.

William Tompkins’ testimony, in particular, stands out since he claims he designed kilometers long cigar-shaped space carriers while employed at a secret think tank at Douglas Aircraft Company and other leading aerospace corporations from the 1950s to 1970s. What gives Tompkins’ testimony great weight is that he worked directly under Dr. Wolfgang Klemperer, the former chief designer for the US Navy’s flying aircraft carriers, the USS Akron and Macon, built and deployed in the 1930s by the Goodyear-Zeppelin corporation, where he worked at up to 1936.

Importantly, Tompkins claims that before the deployment of these kilometers-long space carriers in the early 1980s, the Navy retrofitted nuclear (fission) powered submarines as prototype spacecraft in the late 1970s. I recently interviewed a chemical engineer, who is still working in the industry and has chosen to remain anonymous, who says he served on a retrofitted nuclear submarine deployed into space in 1979.

If retrofitted nuclear submarines and kilometers-long cigar-shaped space carriers were secretly deployed by the Navy in the late 1970s and early 1980s, as Tompkins claimed, then the power supply needed to lift and propel such craft into Earth orbit would vastly exceed that used by nuclear fission reactors today. Source: Dr. Michael Salla, Ph.D., founder of Exopolitics.org - Click Here To Read The Full Story.

BlissfulVisions.com October 12, 2019 - THE ENERGY FOR MAJOR CHANGES CANNOT BE HELD BACK MUCH LONGER - Mike Quinsey's Higher Self - The build-up for change is growing, and as we see the greater picture we can tell you that major changes loom large. The impetus has been growing for some time now and more delays are being minimised. The energy for change is now so powerful that it cannot be held back much longer, as many countries are in a state of confusion and the people are getting stronger in their demands. The old ways are no longer being accepted so expect changes that reflect the path the new energies are leading you. The New Age must establish itself soon and allow advancement that will lift people up to a new level that reflects their needs. The energy streamers are in place and as conditions arise that will become the bedrock for the future, people will come to the fore ready to lead the way. There is such a bright future awaiting you all, and more souls are waking up to their greater potential that has come with the New Age.

Battles are taking place in several countries and some are where there is a self-appointed leader who has exercised dictatorial methods to hold power. However, the people are rising up and seeking change to ensure a fairer society, where all are considered equal and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Regrettably it inevitably leads to confrontation and violence and is a path that so many have already experienced. The people will win such battles as it is time for changes that are needed to carry them forward, so that they can receive the benefit of new ways of living that offer a more pleasurable and beneficial way of life. It is all being prepared and will be waiting the outcome of future changes that should make life more comfortable.

The period that you are in has been described as a point in your evolution when matters will reach an all-time low, but it will be the trigger for the commencement of programs for changes that will quickly lift you up. So do not despair at the negativity when this period of time arrives as it may be a blessing in disguise. Certainly the world is in a turmoil and with the climate changes and sea levels rising, that may bring major changes to the coastlines with inland flooding. It is all speculation yet history and experience suggest Humanity takes good note and prepares for the possible outcome. Be assured that your Space friends who follow your progress are fully aware of events taking place and are doing their best to influence those who are ina position to help you.

Understand that you all took an incarnation at this time being fully aware of what was coming. Indeed some of you were greatly anxious to be on Earth for such a momentous time. Therefore many souls are awakening in this period, to their undertaking to take part in preparing people for what is to come. They are equipped to do good work with a great deal of experience behind them, and many are amongst the young people that have the vision to see what is coming and how to deal with it.

Be assured that the President Elect is waiting for his role in holding office until new elections can be held. It can be seen as the beginning of a new era when the old will no longer hold sway, and with the growing awareness and understanding of the importance of the coming period the “New Ages” will come into prominence. You will be surprised as to how quickly the new ideas will materialise and a new pathway created, that covers all that is good and necessary to bring the long awaited beneficial changes into being. These events are not that far away from coming into being, and come they will because the future has already been ordained.

Each of you can help things to manifest sooner rather than later by staying positive, particularly during the current period of much confusion and negativity. Be a beacon of Light and you will connect with others of a similar vibration and together make a formidable force for good. Never waver from your beliefs and know that you will be helping light the way for others that are searching for the path to completion. Obviously there are souls with all different degrees of spiritual advancement, and with the awakening that is taking place each one seeks a greater understanding. Many sense that something powerful is occurring, but only the enlightened ones have sufficient knowledge to appreciate what is taking place.

In view of the amount of Light that is being sent to the Earth it is not surprising that more and more souls are awakening and as soon as they do help is immediately on hand to guide them on their journey. That is the beauty of the spiritual system inasmuch that every soul is helped to evolve and keep to the spiritual pathways. If you need help simply ask for it and if your request is granted providing it is not contrary to your life plan. Karma should not be an issue amongst those of you who are well along the path, and in this New Age you are being helped extensively to a point that exceeds levels maintained in the last Age.

You are all spiritual beings having a human experience and when your life terminates you return to the higher levels that you may well describe as being for a relaxing period to allow you to recover. After reviewing your life it may at least in part enable you to decide what your next experience should be always with your spiritual evolution in mind. It is a joyful time to once again meet family and friends who have gone before you, and even meet those souls who are out of the body during the sleep period of their human body. Such levels are only open to those of a similar vibration so you are assured of a happy and pleasant experience.

The wonders of human experience are limitless and the higher your vibration the greater are the opportunities to seek further experience by travelling the Universe. Some such evolved souls spend their lives on board a Spaceship but since they are for example likely to be in enormous craft of several miles in diameter, there is no feeling of being restricted as it is very similar to being in a small town. You will no doubt understand that such opportunities give you greater experiences than being on Earth.

Knowing what the future holds for you should give you heart and strength to withstand any negativity around you, particularly as you know it can only last for a relatively short period before major changes take place, that will carry you into a period of peace and beauty that knows no end. Source: Mike Quinsey's Higher Self.

BlissfulVisions.com October 9, 2019 - SPIRITUAL LAWS ARE NOW IN EFFECT. LEARN WHAT THEY ARE. - Mother God - The current situation on the planet is very intense. Your Father God and I have been working very hard to calm the situation down and bring some level of calmness to the planet.

Due to the ascension process which is now at full speed, the Planet is now heading into a direction that was designed by the Divine and the company of heaven. At this speed, mass ascension is coming much quicker than originally anticipated, and that is a good thing.

The Divine has been ready for the mass ascension for some time now. The only drawback is that the process can be intimidating for some and that can cause a certain level of chaos.

Your Father and I want the planet to have a peaceful ascension and that is why we are doing whatever it may take to calm down the planet and humanity. 

However, it doesn’t mean that we are going to slow down the process. It means that we are trying to bring peace to the process and human heart so that the level of mass ascension is going to be the same, except the chaos will be less and the planet will be more peaceful. That is the goal for the next few weeks or so, and your Father God and I have been working toward that goal.

Besides the chaotic nature of the mass ascension and the fall of the old energies, the Divine also brings the fresh and new energies to the planet to fill the void created by the ascension process. This ascension process has been quite eye opening for the planet and humanity. Sometimes, it can be quite jarring for young souls because they have not gone through this kind of human evolution.

At the soul level, this kind of growth is definitely welcomed. An opportunity like this is rare. Nevertheless, once souls come to the planet, walking as humans, they tend to be intimidated by soul growth opportunities and that is why mass ascension seems chaotic. Souls are acting out. Their minds have limited understanding of what is going on, and that translates into fear and a threat to their existence. 

So, in order for this ascension process to go smoothly, the Divine will continue to bring in the peace element and that will be a great help. Humanity needs to know that everything is alright. The human existence is always honored and it is always going to be there. That approach helps to calm the planet and humanity. And that is what your Father God and I are doing. We are bringing the peace element to the planet, the peace every soul needs in order to live in this chaotic time. 

Things have been heating up lately. The planet is releasing relentlessly and that trend is going to continue. Mother Earth has had enough. Now all she wants to do is to let go, and let Gaia live. What that means is that the old energies have no choice but to be transmuted into light. The old patterns which have been running the planet for too long, and now are done. The planet has zero tolerance for any destructive behaviors and patterns.

Spiritual laws are now in effect. There is no grace period any more. Souls learn their life lessons very fast and that is partially because the planet has been getting on the spiritual path for a while, and the spiritual routines have been adopted by the planet and human race. From this point on, the planet is going to continue the path of spiritual journey. 

The human race literally has to adopt what the spiritual laws are saying about how to be a spiritual being and how to live on a planet which is on the ascension journey. Everything will be measured in the spiritual sense. And all things have to follow the spiritual laws and truth. That is how the life will be for the planet and human race, and that is the true nature of Gaia and her design for the planet and humanity. 

Time has come dear children for the new has taken effect. Every human on the planet has to follow the new spiritual journey that the planet is having. There are no exceptions. All souls here are being treated equally and all souls on the planet are required to follow the Divine and spiritual laws. That is the call of the Golden Age, and that is the spiritual journey every soul is taking, planet-wide.

Take your journey seriously and learn about spirituality. Know there is no more grace period. Breaking the spiritual laws is not advisable. There’s always a price to pay for breaking the law. It is just that simple. Humanity has come to a point where spiritual laws are totally in effect and are respected by the souls on the planet. That is the new nature of the planet and human race and that is why your Father God and I have come. We want the spiritual laws to be reestablished on the planet. The spiritual laws are working for us. We are the ultimate law enforcement officers. And we are now doing just that, enforcing the Divine laws to this lawless planet. And we have seen the results of that. I love you my angels on earth. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear ones. I love you. So it is. Source: Mother God channeled by Linda Li.

BlissfulVisions.com October 7, 2019 - YOU ARE ALL PREPARING TO BE PART OF THE FIRST WAVE OF ASCENSION - Saint Germain - I have come at this time now to bring you certain news.

News that you might already be aware of. But many across the planet are not. News that these energy waves that have been coming into the planet are raising the consciousness across the entire planet. And all that are experiencing this, ALL that are experiencing this across the planet, are also raising their consciousness. Even though they may not know they are doing it, even though they may not even understand what consciousness is, as you do now.

But know that you are moving into those higher vibrations daily now, even hourly, and moment by moment. And you are experiencing raising of these vibrations and the ensuing consciousness raising that comes with this. You are feeling more and more of the blissful sensations that come with this. Because all is opening up to you now. All is opening up to you in those higher vibrations, in the higher fourth and fifth dimension. You are finding yourselves there more and more. And if you are not, you will. Because it is all a process of continuing to acclimate to these energies, and to continue to intend that you raise yourself up more and more.

Simply by your intention of raising your vibrations, you do so. You may not be aware of that, but try it. Find yourself somewhat in the doldrums during the day, and simply say, “No more! Enough is enough!” and raise your vibrations by your intention. Think of something wonderful. Think of a happy place. Think of something beautiful.

Or even better: go out and experience that beauty. BECOME that beauty. Feel it moving within you, resonating within you, the life force all around you. That life force of the Earth, the life force of all of living things here on the planet is always there.

Just allow yourself to experience it more and more. Touch a plant, a tree, a flower and feel the consciousness within that plant, that tree, that flower. Put your hand in some water, preferably a running stream, or the ocean. Feel the consciousness within it. Even the water that comes from your faucet into a bowel or a cup has consciousness within it. Feel that more and more. Become one with it. Raise the unity consciousness within you. Become that unity consciousness.

That is what this ascension is all about. Unify everything within you, within the limitless being that you are. You are connecting with all of the life around you. That is ascension. That is what this is all about now, as you are all preparing to be a part of that first wave of ascension. Some of you are already in that ascension now.

Do not become cave dwellers. Do not find yourself in solitude, for that is not what you are here for. You are here to raise yourselves up, yes, but then to assist others in raising themselves up. And you cannot do that from a cave. You can only do that by coming back down and mingling with them again.

But while you do that, hold that force field around you, whether it is the Violet Flame or your merkabah, or whatever it might be—a tube of light. Hold that around you and let that give you the protection that you need to hold you in those higher vibrations even when you are in the midst of lower vibrations. You can do it. But it is not easy. This is why those of us who have ascended do not often come back down and mingle in those lower dimensions, in those lower vibrations. We can, but we choose not to most of the time.

But, as you have heard many times, as you continue to raise your vibrations to meet us, we will come and meet with you. That is a promise from all of us, all of those that are here mentoring to you, all of those that you have not yet met in this life. It is a promise from all of us. We will attune to you, and you attune to us.

I am Saint Germain. I leave you now. But continue to hold the Violet Flame all around you. Feel it burning away all the old dross, the old programming. Visualize this happening. You becoming a flame, an eternal flame that burns brightly throughout all eternity. Source: Saint Germain channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com October 6, 2019 - WE ARE UNCLOAKING OUR SHIPS TO THOSE WHO ARE READY TO SEE - KaRa the Pleiadian - I am KaRa. I so appreciate these times that I can be here, and all of my brothers and sisters as well can be here with you, to help to communicate to bring messages to you. Messages of hope, messages of joy, messages of Oneness.

Today, the message that I bring to you is one of change, one of great change that is in your midst right now as we speak here and now. Many projects have been underway for some time. Those of us here, that you call the Galactics, we have been working on many projects. Those of the Agarthans have been working on many projects as well. All to bring about the shift of consciousness here, the ascension of planet, Earth, of Gaia, and all of the people here on the planet and within the planet. That change is in motion, and many projects have come to their completion. There are still more to come.

But one particular project that we have been working on for some time now is to bring disclosure to you. It has become quite evident that those of your leaders, your world leaders, are most likely not going to disclose our presence to you, not in a large announcement-type of way. It is still possible, but it is not looking very likely at this time, at least not in the near future.

So we are bringing disclosure to you. We are showing ourselves more and more to those of you who have eyes to see, yes, but also to those that are not quite ready to get the glimpses that you have had for some time, now. More of you are getting these glimpses as well. It is because that you believe, that you are more and more seeing, just as the story you heard today of this one, James, and his Beloved JoAnna, and how they saw one of our ships, just as many of you at your last Advance saw our ships.

That is going to become more and more commonplace, where many will look up in the skies and they will see what at first appears to be a jet or a plane. But at further glance, as they look more closely, and as they open their third eye to the possibilities, they will then see what had not been able to be seen before because of the cloaking process.

But we are uncloaking our ships to those who are ready to see.

And at first, as I said, you will see our ships, and we will appear to many as another jet in the sky. But look more closely and you will see that it is not a jet. It is not one of your air vehicles that come from this planet, but rather one of the ships that fly high above your planet, and are constantly monitoring all that is occurring here.

We, the Pleiadians, as well as the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, all of us, are monitoring everything that is happening here on the surface. And I can tell you, without any doubt whatsoever, there will never be any major catastrophes that have been spoken of in the past that have been in your old timeline. For you have entered a new timeline, a new timeline that has been forged by your consciousness, those of you, the Light-workers and Light-warriors that have created this new level of understanding that is now possible.

And I tell you more and more to look up at the skies. See our ships. Communicate with us telepathically. You are beginning to use your telepathic abilities, which is what you will use when we come in full contact with you. You will have learned to do this, or I should say, ‘re-learned’ how to do this. Because all of you have used telepathic abilities before. And this is the communication that we use.

Many of you have seen our ships. You’ve seen the blinking of our ships where we send the light to you. But again, it is only for those that have the eyes to see. But know that we are communicating with you. And if you send a telepathic message to us, we will reciprocate that message in some way, so that you know you are not looking at a satellite.

You are not looking at simply stars in the sky. Many of those stars that you see in the sky are what you and many others think are stars, are not. They are our ships. And the ships count in the millions and millions. So gaze at the stars, but see beyond that. See what has not been available to you in the past. Because you have not been ready to utilize your third eye. But now you are. Now you are ready to open up to the vistas that have been beyond the seeing previously.

Use your imagination. And notice how your dreams and your waking state consciousness is changing, not ‘is going to change,’– is in the process of changing now, in this moment. For we are here. We have always been here. But now we are ready to move into the next phase of the operation, the operation of disclosure here on this planet to all of you who are ready, and to many others who are on the verge of becoming ready, or opening up to the possibilities that before were closed to them because they were closed to anything outside of the normal, or anything outside of the ordinary.

But the programming that you have grown up with over many, many lifetimes, you are able to go beyond that programming because your third eye is reawakening, because your DNA is reconnecting once again, because your high heart is becoming reawakened and re-established, because your Soul-Star Chakra has become reawakened (this occurred within our group, Ancient Awakenings during our last Advance/Retreat). All of these things are leading to the full realization that we are here, and we are ready to welcome you, just as you are ready to welcome us.

Be at peace, my brothers, my sisters, my dear friends. For the time is close, now. The time in your understanding is close, where we will be fully in your proximity, and you will be more fully in our proximity at a physical understanding, at a physical level. Not so much physical in your 3-D world, but physical in your 4-D, and even 5-D world. All of my peace and love be with all of you each and every day, in each and every moment. Find the joy in those moments. Source: KaRa the Pleiadian channeled by James McConnel.

BlissfulVisions.com October 6, 2019 - REMAIN STEADFAST TOWARDS THE LIHGT - Mike Quinsey's Higher Self - Events are moving so quickly that changes must come soon that will be for the betterment of Mankind. The old guard will not give up their remaining power of control without a fight, but there are new energies gaining strength that will ensure evolution continues as intended.

There are many souls waiting to introduce new ways of living, that will help remove the need for labour intensive operation. You have been held back for far too long and now it is time for beneficial inventions to be released that will give you more time to follow your own interests.

Changes never come easily, yet come they will and nothing will be allowed to halt their introduction.

Realize that the unrest throughout the world is a sure sign that people are restless, and either know or sense that they are entitled to a better life and seek the changes that will bring it about. From our side of the veil we know the potential that awaits you that will give you a great upliftment. It saddens our hearts to see so much suffering on Earth, yet it need not continue and we are doing all we can to assist you. We say again, that the old paradigm finished with the advent of the New Age, so you must focus on all that is good and desirable to bring it fully into manifestation.

Understand that you have much more power to achieve your goals than you realize. You do of course get help from us and other advanced civilizations that have your interests at heart. So do not give up and visualize all that is good and you will help it come into being. Be assured that when the time is right for your advancement we stand alongside you giving every encouragement. We have seen all of these changes previously and know what help you need so that you keep focused on your goal.

Humanity is not unique and many older civilizations have successfully gone through what you now face, and they are aware of the problems. You may not see them around you, but you will feel their energy and sense their presence. They come in love to help their brothers and sisters through the lower vibrations so that you can take your place in the higher vibrations. They will bring peace to you and in your moments of meditation they can influence you, so that you know what to do next, but with the best will in the world they cannot present you with help until you are ready or have asked for it.

You are a very young civilization that has only just recently awakened to your true potential, and you will be aware that you are far more than your body because you are a spiritual being. Your history goes back a long, long way, and you have experienced so many different lives that you now stand as an old experienced soul. Nevertheless you are unaware of them at present as such memories are held back so that in your present life you can experience without any distractions. One day yet to come you will be given your true “history” and undoubtedly you will be amazed and astonished.

Eternal life comes through the Supreme Creator and is accompanied by the most exotic form of love that you cannot imagine. Love is the energy of all energies and one day when your travels have been completed you will like all other souls return to the Great Central Sun. You are just one soul amongst countless others who share your urge to return to the Source. It is what you seek whether or not you are actually aware of it. So you see that all other forms of life whatever that takes are in essence just like you. We are all One.

Can you imagine what a wealth of experience you have and yet you are still creating new opportunities to learn more. As we have previously mentioned, evolution is not as most imagine a continual straight path but moves in a circular motion. It takes you an immense period of time to complete one circle of experience, and because events are always advancing by the time you reach the starting point again everything has moved on. It means that as an experience it seems as one that is continual without any breaks or any sign of completion. Also bear in mind that you attract events to yourselves through the power of thought, and as you evolve further you will reach a point where you will manifest what you want instantly.

Life on Earth is a pale reflection of what is in store for you, and when you look back you will wonder how you ever got through such testing times. Those of you who have been successful will continue to evolve at a much faster rate and the times you are presently in will seem but a distant memory. The old has little place in your present period of experience and we encourage you to entirely focus upon the future in a positive manner, as you are laying down your future pathway now. We speak mainly of your spiritual advancement, because as you rise up you gradually leave behind the material aspects because you will create from pure thought.

You will no doubt wonder how families are affected by the changes we mention, and the answer is that individuals may go their own way but the link remains so that contact is always possible. Understand that souls join family units by their own choice and for the experience that they can give. However, some souls continually join up with the same group and will take different roles within it. It comes down to exactly what you need to progress for your evolution. The soul is a free spirit and can select its own path of development, but usually following advice from those who are more spiritually experienced.

Life in the Universe of Matter is meant to teach you lessons that are necessary for your continual evolution. You who have successfully passed the marker are now on your path to the higher realms that you will find are so different to what you are experiencing now. It will be far more enjoyable and full of welcome surprises. Your immediate joy will possibly be that you are in a finer version of your etheric body that does not have to suffer the ills and problems you previously experienced whilst in physicality.

You have in some senses been babes in arms and have needed much guidance to get through your physical experiences. Yet here you are ready to go further along the path to the higher realms. The key factor is that progressively you will have more power of thought, so such thoughts must be tempered by good sense and loving intent. Start now and you will find it easier to adapt to a new way of thinking. Telling the truth at all times is another factor as eventually other souls will automatically know when you speak with anything less than the whole truth. Source: Mike Quinsey's Higher Self channeled by Mike Quinsey.

BlissfulVisions.com October 6, 2019 - BECOME AWARE OF THE DECEPTION OF THE DARK ONES THAT ARE PREYING ON YOU - This is Ashtar Sheran and I have a message for all those awakening now on Planet Earth. We are aware that there is much difficulty within your community with dishonesty and deception. The lightworker community has been invaded by the dark in an effort to keep your collective vibration down. Off planet influences are working overtime to prevent spreading of light and love within your community. Social media is a large part of this as well.

It is part of your mission as a lightworker to learn to discern lies from the truth. As you determine words to be a lie, your vibration will rise and you will become more discerning. Being able to sense energy is also a valuable tool and the empathic one is best with this.

Sharon Stewart (the channel for this message) is such an empath. She is sensitive to lower energies but is faster now at transmuting them, which is the work all must do in order to help heal your world. My Divon Aquila, with her sword by her side, fighting for the light upon earth, is my voice and my heart. She stands in my shoes on your planet, she speaks my words for me so that I may assist you in other ways.

I am one of the most replicated entities by the dark ones. So is Archangel Michael. All channeled messages by any extraterrestrial/divine entity must be scrutinized to see if any part of the dark agenda hides within the channeled words. Beware that channelers are particularly targeted because of their ability to reach many people. People who channel organically can be easily compromised by the dark – they already have dominance of your lower minds. Sharon is adept at sensing the energy of, and finding the few words in a channeling that make it fake. Awareness of the dark agenda is key. At this time, naivety is your worst trait. The dark will stop at nothing to spread more lies and ruin the reputation of the light ones you work with.

It is your task to become aware of the ruses the dark ones are playing on you, it is your task also to master these ruses and not to fall prey to them. To the extent that you yourself are dishonest, you will be able to be fooled. You are living in a world of illusion where death, fear, anger and hatred run rampant. The only truth is love. To the extent that you fall outside of this truth, you can be deceived.

It is part of your work. It is part of your Ascension. We cannot protect you from these untruths – you must learn to do this yourself. In order to know the truth, you must know deception – that is part of duality. The dark is playing its role to the hilt and so you must never let your guard down. Keep your heart full of love and follow those who speak to your heart. You cannot go wrong. I remain in service to your light, Ashtar Sheran. Ashtar Sheran channeled by Sharon Stewart.

BlissfulVisions.com October 6, 2019 - WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU BECOME SPIRITUAL MASTERS - The 9D Arcturians - We have listened very carefully to your requests for assistance, and we also connect with many of you at night when you have left your bodies and come to us on the astral plane. We know what you want and we understand what you need. We also connect with other beings to work out the best possible ways to deliver to you what you’ve been asking for when you are in a space where you can receive it. We are no different from any other force in this universe. We cannot break the laws of this universe. The laws say that if you’re not a vibrational match to something, you will not receive it.

So really it is our main goal to get you into a higher vibrational state of being so that you can receive what you’ve asked for and what has been granted by ourselves and the beings that we work in harmony with. How can we help you to get into a higher vibrational state, you might wonder. Well, certainly, we do so through these transmissions. We offer a high vibrational frequency of energy through this channel, and that energy is meant for all of you to meet it. We know that you want to meet us, and you can meet us by raising your vibration to be in harmony with that energy.

We also are sending you vibrations that can be absorbed at any time, even when we are not coming through this particular channel. Now, we tell you this because we want to increase your expectation of receiving what you’ve asked for energetically. We also tell you this because it’s true, but know that it’s true should help you to get into a higher frequency state. And again, it is really up to you to be a match to what you’ve been asking for.

Whether you receive what you’ve asked for or not rests on your shoulders, and we are the ones who come up behind you and massage those shoulders to loosen them up. We seek to mesmerize you. We seek to put you in a type of trance state so that you can relax, let go of the heaviness that you often carry around, and receive what we and others like us are offering. You have many ways of doing this as well. You have your own techniques for raising your vibration. We are one way for you to achieve that higher vibrational state. You have so many, and as you gravitate towards them naturally, your vibration will naturally rise up, and that’s when we can sneak in the energies we know you want and need.

And we will continue to do so, whether you continue to receive these transmissions consciously or not. That is our deal with humanity. We are here to help you elevate your consciousness. We are here to help you become spiritual masters, and you are there doing all of the hard work of living in a very polarized, physical environment, and we appreciate you playing your part. We certainly are on Team Humanity and Team Earth, and we always will be. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com October 5, 2019 - 5 STEPS TO GETTING WHAT YOU WANT - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very familiar with the ways that you all have of setting yourselves up for failure and disappointment. We see you doing it all the time, and we know that most of you are doing it for the purposes of sparing yourselves from a major letdown.

We also recognize that this particular process of putting yourselves in the position to fail is one that you have learned from others. You take on the vibration of those around you if you do not know enough to reject certain notions and not allow yourselves to be overcome by the vibrations of those around you.

But it doesn’t have to be this way anymore, not at this point in your lives and in your spiritual evolution. You can see these self-defeating thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior as what you decided you wanted to overcome in this life. There is a natural tendency to want to do better than your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles did. And certainly there is hope when you are young, but that hope can be snuffed out by those around you who want very much to save you the trouble of getting your hopes up. So how do you break the familial cycle of putting yourself in a position where the expectation is to not succeed?

Well, as we said in our previous transmission, you can see yourself as a Source Energy Being, and in that way you are holding space for yourself to succeed. But that can be easier said than done. We want to give you some practical steps for putting this philosophy, this approach to life into action. And so, here those steps are.

  • First, you want to make peace with this setup. Make peace with your family and how they unintentionally squashed all of your hopes and dreams.

  • Second, become aware of the thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. Awareness will take you very far in all areas of life.

  • Third, once you have that awareness, you can see these self-defeating ideas as words that are floating around you. They exist in your field, and they are easily blown away by you when you take a deep breath. So you take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, you blow through your mouth out and see the words being blown away.

    Now that may seem trite and a bit too simplistic, and so, now we get to the more interesting and challenging part, part four, or step four in this process.

  • Four, open yourself up to possibilities that you cannot even imagine. We want you to go beyond the limitation that is built into your mind, and in order to do that, you need to operate outside of your mental processes. And so, you just feel yourself opening up like a flower that receives sunlight and rain, but you are opening up to new ideas, new thoughts, new beliefs, new expectations, new vibrations. You can receive energies that hold higher vibrations than what you were fed when you were a child.

  • Five, the final step is to relax. Relax into the knowing that you’ve done the work. Relax and receive what is coming to you that is new, exciting, interesting, and limitless. The more you can relax and let things come to you in all shapes and sizes, the more time that you have then to enjoy your creations, to enjoy living in the realm of infinite possibilities. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com October 4, 2019 - NOTHING CAN STOP THE VICTORY OF THE LIGHT - Commander Ashtar of the Pleiadians - We greet you with great love and understanding. We bring you the Sword of Truth. There are more and more light ships entering through these portals daily, everywhere around the planet. It is necessary as part of the alignment for the heart of the earth and the calling home of the beings of light, and for the ground crew, who have been working diligently for eons. You are about to go home. It is time for us to take over and do what needs to be done. You have called it forth and we have heard you. The spells that have been cast upon the planet, particularly on the light, have been completely removed to lighten your load. We are here to facilitate you on your path. and we have heard your call on behalf of the planet.

What has been in will be outed. We will assist in the governance of the planet until things can be stabilized. There is an overlay of a new financial system that will change the planet completely. Everyone will have what they need. It is not as the dark forces have planned, for what they have done to you and the planet will be taken over by the light.

Just because the dark forces say they want something doesn’t mean they will have what they want. They are setting themselves up for a big awakening. We are grateful to them for what they have done and for getting you to a place where they can be taken over by the light. Just because they say they want something, or plan something, doesn’t mean that it will come to fruition. They do not understand. They think they know everything and that they control everything, however, this control is very much slipping away.

We are today preparing for a big, big meeting here. We are welcoming you and thanking you for your direction and for all the hard work that you are doing. Please know that in your time is no time in terms of long periods of linear time that it’s going to take to shift all of this troubled planet. We encourage you and your friends of the light to know that we have powerfully taken over the planet. Nothing can stop what we have in place. We are here with you. You are with us. Nothing can stop us from what we are doing. We have plans in great detail and it’s going to come forward like a huge wave. First there will be gentle maneuvers; you will see immediate changes, unusual circumstances. For those who are just focused on the material world, they will begin to have little satisfaction with what they have. For those of you who are focused on the golden era of Mother Earth, you will love the beauty of this earth. You will love your new lives and the abundance that comes with this.

For all skeptics with good hearts, some of their hearts will be convinced very easily and many of them will change their points of view. “There will be many arrests all over the world, and we will see to that. Those who are being arrested will go exactly where they belong. We have never before seen such darkness or suffering on a planet. You have the full support of the Light Realms along with all of us Galactics. Because of who you are, we are going to accomplish everything that needs to be done for you to have a wonderful new world awaiting you. We don’t think that you will be missing the criminals too much.

We are your Galactic counterparts. You came here to be with us and to have some fun. We do like the fun you are having. You make us laugh. We are celebrating you, great ones. We thank you for your hard work and for all of your endeavors. Believe in yourselves. Know who is in charge and that we are real. Our love is with you everyday when you are here and even when you are not. Good bye for now. Source: Commander Ashtar of the Pleiadians channeled by Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com October 4, 2019 - SIGNS OF PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION - Mira of the Pleiadian High Council - Please know that the Divine Plan is in place. We are competent in our work and our efforts are effective. Much has been accomplished since I last spoke with you. We have completed some important projects on behalf of the planet. Perhaps you might have noticed the absence of chem-trails in your areas? A large number of dark ones have been removed also. We are happy to provide you with this confirmation and please know that we have other assignments that will continue to make a huge difference.

Your planet sank too low to achieve freedom on its own from the darkness that has kept you enslaved and abused. We are around you and on the planet, to assure you of your proper place in the solar system and with your galactic counterparts.

Other signs of these changing energies are the opening of the secrets and the emergence of truth; the awakening of humanity; times of being in bliss and joy (5D); easier manifestation; increased solar activity; more ships in the sky; pressure from inside to release issues that no longer belong; the rising Schumann Resonance; volatility of energies impacting the physical body; new like-minded friends and the departure of those with whom you are not in resonance.

We understand that many of you have unmet needs financially and in other ways. One suggestion is to use the 5th dimensional energies to manifest what you need. This is what the 5th dimension is about. Let go of the struggle, worry and fear. Consciously reside in the knowledge that you are being taken care of and provided with everything that you need. If you are someone with extra, give to others with open hearts and know this is how to begin living in higher consciousness.

Take time to enjoy the increasing light-filled energies in nature and in all kingdoms. Every kingdom is rising in consciousness. Look deeply into a crystal, the eyes of a child or an animal. Feel the softening of the layers of protection that used to keep you from noticing the love from creation. It won’t be long before you will be continuously residing in the Golden Age. Source: Mira of the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com October 3, 2019 - YOU ARE THE HEROES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very consistent in the offering of our praise for humanity, and we are not alone in seeing you all as masterful and as doing so much better than you think you are doing. There are many other councils, collectives, and federations that we connect with, and the feeling is unanimous that you are handling the situation you are in there on Earth so very well. But we want you to be the ones who are acknowledging yourselves and others because it is so much more valuable when it is coming from within or from another human who has been feeling that he or she is also struggling. Of course, some of you are not struggling.

You have come so far. You have already shifted to the fourth dimension, and you are well on your way to shifting to the fifth. Now, it is very important for you to recognize that this was set up for all of you to face tremendous challenges, because you wanted so much to see how much power, how much wisdom, and how much unconditional love you could summon to get you over that final hump to 5D. The challenges that you face are ones that you put there, but there are villains, playing that part very well, to give you the impression that they are the ones responsible for the current set of circumstances that you have there on your world.

You asked them to play those parts because you wanted villains that were doing such bad things that it would take a tremendous amount of unconditional love to help heal the situation. You also wanted villains that would attempt to disempower you to such an extent that you would have to go within to find your true power, and you wanted villains that would attempt to dumb you down in all of the ways that they do so that you would be able to download wisdom that was beyond anything you could’ve possibly imagined with just your physical mind.

So you see, everyone is playing their part perfectly well, and you cannot judge how well humanity is doing by how badly most of you are being treated by the villains. What you can do is see that you are in a massive production with your friends, friends that you will recognize someday, behind those ugly masks that they wear. And you are the heroes. You are the ones who are going to find that strength and that peace, that determination within you to grow, to rise above, to become the beings that you are now destined to become.

The fact that you have not all given up on this production speaks volumes. The fact that you have not all gone insane speaks volumes. The fact that you are all still there holding onto the knowing that you are Source Energy Beings capable of doing anything is why we, and others like us, having nothing but praise for the human collective. You are doing it, you have been doing it, and you will continue to do it. You will continue to choose love because it is your true nature to do so. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

October 2, 2019 - THE GOLDEN AGE (2037-2038) - Adronis of Sirius channeled by Brad Johnson - This video was produced at the Empowered Light Expo (Philadelphia, PA) on September 6th, 2019.

Adronis shares profound insights into the future in this video. Some important topics include:

  • The fall of corruption, control, domination and tyranny will end by the year 2024. The dark Cabal (aka Elitists, Deep State) will be dead.
  • Incoming frequencies of cosmic energies of global transformation will increase. Everything will be in a uproar to help clean out the emotional and psychological debris that has accumulated throughout generations. Transparency is becoming dominant because humanity is moving towards becoming completely intuitive where there will be no more secrets.
  • The more the world works in compassion, the more the world will transform into love and harmony. It doesn't matter if you do compassion as a business or as a volunteer service, as long as you do it.
  • The moon is a spacecraft, not originally a part of Earth's orbit. It came from the planet Maldek that was destroyed eons ago and became the asteroid belt. Earth does not need a moon. The dark forces have for eons been blasting disruption frequencies towards the planet and humanity to heighten emotional upheaval to keep humanity enslaved. By the year 2024, these disruption frequencies being emitted from Earth's moon will be completely de-activated, meaning cooler heads will prevail.
  • The years 2016-2024 signify the Span of Change on Earth. The years 2025-2036 signify the Span of Renewal. The years 2038-2050 will see Galactic Contact.
  • The modern age will end in December 2037, known as the Year of Climax. Everything will shift, moving into the Fourth Dimension (4D). The Three Days of Darkness will transpire, the grandest of all purgings. Earth will become a Garden of Eden. Not everyone will make the shift. Two worlds will be created, a 3D world and a 4D world. This process will become known as the Harvest.
  • The year 2038: Earth will emerge as a very pristine 4D planet. Compassion will reign because 4D is a compassionate domain. Humanity will be super-intuitive, 100 times more than it is now. We will live in harmonhy with Earth using crystals for energy and other things.

BlissfulVisions.com October 1, 2019 - 2020 PREPARATION - The Creation Energies - Dear Ones. Your days seem to float by without any change – one day after another of sameness. Oh, there are sparks here and there, but no fire, no need to do much of anything other than pretending to be interested in something. It all seems too much.

Such is so because you are in a resting, or perhaps better stated, in a void stage for you are doing much internal work. So it is your outer world seems almost foggy. You have no concrete attachments other than those you have had for the past few months. Attachments that are not necessarily exciting, merely there. Those pieces are your security blanket holding you, if you will, to the earth as your inner-being shifts minute-by-minute. Resulting in possible changes to your sleep or activity patterns.

We wish you to know all is well before we address your internal shifts. This last push before your calendar year of 2020 is to ensure you are ready for the global shift occurring throughout next year. For before this 2020 global shift, you were of 5D, but functioning much of the time as if you were of 3D. Not necessarily in your thoughts, but in your actions – attending this party or that activity or not functioning as you once did because of the inner confusion such activities cause.

These 2020 preparations include both your inner and outer-beings functioning differently than has ever been true for you while of the earth. Perhaps you have had an inkling of what your new actions and reactions will be, perhaps not. It does not matter. All that matters is that you know your world will never again be as it was the past number of years. That you have prepared for this time.

Those preparations are nearly over. For you are no longer of 3D, nor will you find it necessary to pretend that you are as has been true for as long as you have been of 5D. For most of you have hidden your shift, believing your true being could not be displayed.

In 2020 and beyond, you will not care what others think of you. For you will be in such a different place that the gnats of 3D expectations will no longer tweak you externally or internally. So it is the division between 3D and 5D will be formalized.

Perhaps you are now worried that those you love will not make the break, so to speak. That you will again lose friends and family. The opposite is true. For this division will be so evident that those you interact with will either be a follower or of 5D. And those you now find as your go-to friends and family are likely followers.

The cut between 3D and 5D will become very clear.

For the earth is no longer of 3D, nor are you or millions of others. Some of you might label what we are speaking of as ascension. Or believe you will rise from the earth in white garments to create a new earth. It does not matter. Merely know that what is today will not be in 2020 – not for you, the earth, nor most earth inhabitants.

Even though the future is now at the sunrise point, it will be of the full sun by 2020.

The difficulties of those of 3D will continue and increase. Something you will observe, but not necessarily care about for your new explorations will have little to do with fear and rage.

Those of 3D will fight among themselves to no avail. For there will be no winners or losers in that battle, merely an ongoing rage that cannot be contained. You and those following will be in such a different place as to not notice. If you will, a complete reversal of what has happened as you progressed in your 5D life.

In the past, indications of 5D thoughts and actions were either marveled at or ignored depending on the acuity of those observing. And if those of 3D were interested, that interest did not lead to a continuing practice of love, nor did it mean they wished to change.

You were the opposite. Once you heard your inner-being call you to your spiritual5D path, you could not stop yourself from shifting. In truth, doing so seemed less difficult than not.

So it is now. You are different because of your curiosity and need. While those of 3D are doubling down on what they believe is the right path. It is for them, just as 5D and beyond is the right path for you.

Those of 5D and of 3D will inhabit the earth simultaneously. For 5D is the vision of the future while 3D is of the past. Which is little different than earth generations not understanding one another.

Perhaps you are concerned that those of 3D will start wars or continue harming the environment and earth entities. Such would be so if those of 5D and beyond were not the majority – as will happen in 2020 and beyond.

This is a new earth with new beings. Not the least of which is you. You created new earth, so you could play with your creation skills in a concrete environment instead of the nebulous environments you experience when not of the earth.

You have created your peace – even though you might not yet understand that. And in 2020 you will use that peace to create a new physical world for yourself and all others who wish to be of 5D and beyond. So be it. Amen. Source: The Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman.


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