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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: November 2019

BlissfulVisions.com November 30, 2019 - WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO GET YOU TO SHIFT? - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very interested in pursuing relationships with you as individuals because we are curious about the aspects of you that are also inside of us. We have been curious about humanity for so many reasons, including wondering exactly how you are going to manage with the energies of the shift in consciousness. As we get to know you individually, and see you as the unique aspects of Source you are, we get to know more about ourselves. We are especially interested in how you all react to being presented with higher frequency energies. You are being given the option to allow those energies into your fields, your chakras and your cells, and you also have the option of continuing on with what is familiar to you.

You have the option of continuing to run third-dimensional energies through you. They are still present, even though you’ve already shifted to the fourth dimension. They are available to you as options because you have free will. They are not going to be swept away for you, and we are curious to see what it will take for you to choose the higher frequency energies that have been made available to you, that are in fact around you at all times. Do you have to hit rock bottom, as many people suspect, to make positive change? Do you need to have a mind-blowing experience in order to choose something different, something that will ultimately be better for you? Do you have to have a health scare? Can another person inspire to choose the higher frequency energies?

It is our hope that we can inspire you to do so. You choose by taking the high road, instead of engaging in the same argument that you’ve had several times with the same person. You choose by spending more time in nature and putting away your electronic devices. You choose by being true to yourself and the impulse that you have coming to you from within, rather than just doing what everyone expects you to do, or what your parents did.

You have that free will, and you are being nudged constantly to take advantage of the choice you have. You can choose that which is going to give you the best possible growth experience, or you can choose to remain where you are, treading water, and waiting for something to happen. We see many of you tuning in to predictions about what will happen, and far fewer of you tuning in to the higher frequency energies so that you can create what you want to experience.

That’s what we are here to nudge you into doing, and as we get to know you and what inspires you, we also get to know ourselves. We get to see you in us and recognize the times when we don’t choose the highest vibrational experience that we could. You are helping us as much as we are helping you, and we are very eager to see what happens when you do make the choice to open up more to the higher frequency energies and what it will take to get you do to so? Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 27, 2019 - CRIMINALS ARE BEING REMOVED FROM EARTH - Mother God - Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The reason I am coming forward is to give you a quick explanation of why the situations on the planet are extremely critical.

For a long time, the planet earth stayed in a lawless state of being. Souls who came to the planet were not necessarily coming according to the Divine order. In other words, due to the density of the planet, loopholes evolved in the system, and souls who took advantage of the loopholes and came to earth without Heaven’s permission.

These souls, now, have been called to leave the planet and go home. A big portion of them have gone. Nevertheless, there are still some souls who are still here, on the planet, refusing to leave. As a result, the Divine has to change the plan for the time being.

What the Divine planned to do was to let these souls to go home. But since they have disobeyed the Divine laws and have not departed, the divine consulted with these soul groups and the leaders of these groups, and the Divine decided to transport these souls to a different system. That way, the Divine gives these souls a chance to learn the lessons and correct their patterns.

As I speak, the Divine is sending a team of light workers to bring these souls to their destiny. These souls are all from a higher realm. They know the Divine laws well and yet they break the Divine laws at will. That is unheard of in the higher realm. For that, I have asked the Divine to evaluate their lessons and implement accordingly.

The Spiritual laws are serious matters and they are not meant to be broken by any soul or group. It is only on the planet earth that souls do all sort of things and seemingly without consequences. These days are over.

The reason that your Father and I are here is to bring the laws back to the planet and humanity so that eventually, the planet will get back to her designated blueprint, and the human race will develop into a spirit-directed race.

Your Father and I are here. And we will make sure that all the Divine laws are being followed. All beings are Divine law followers, and the planet will again become ruled by divine law. I love you dear ones. I am your Mother God. Go in peace my angels on earth. So it is. Source: Mother God channeled by Linda Li - All Rights Reserved.

BlissfulVisions.com November 26, 2019 - Ex-CBS Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses - ConsciousEvolution.com - The Facts: Award winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson shows how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort mainstream media messages.

Reflect On: The printing press and mainstream media in general is quite young. We are living in an interesting time where the majority of people are starting to see through many lies, and it has paradigm shifting implications.

Ever since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA program to infiltrate mainstream media and spread disinformation and propaganda for the purposes of controlling the perception of the masses on several different topics, people have been waking up. That was decades ago, and today, it’s easy to see how mainstream media has been completely compromised by governments, intelligence agencies and corporations.

We know this from several documents and several whistleblowers, as well as multiple mainstream media journalists. For example, a declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the CIA details the close relationship that exists between the CIA and mainstream media and academia. The document states that the CIA task force “now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation,” and that “this has helped us turn some ‘intelligence failure’ stories into ‘intelligence success” stories,’ and has contributed to the accuracy of countless others.” Read the Full Story and Watch the Video - Click Here.

BlissfulVisions.com November 25, 2019 - HOLIDAY CHOICES: LIVING IN JOY OR LIVING A CHARADE FOR SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE? - Creation Energies - Dear Ones: This is a difficult time for many. Not necessarily because of the energies now pummeling the earth, but because of 3D expectations.

So it is many are discovering what once was important is no more. As if you have turned a corner from what you wished would be to what is.

Those years of hoping this would be the year of a “Leave It To Beaver” holiday season no longer haunt you.

In truth, past holiday seasons were more likely about anxiety than a loving reality. Finding the right gift. Preparing the right food. Saying the right words, so no one was upset.

Such discourse is not to negate those loving encounters throughout some or all of your holidays. But instead, to point out, you no longer need to pretend that life is what it is not.

Perhaps you spent more than expected to ensure those receiving the gift believed you were wealthier than your reality. Or your food preparation cut into your personal time far beyond what you wished. But given 3D expectations, you accepted that discomfort, to ‘properly’ celebrate the holiday.

Most of your past holidays have likely been a charade. You move this way, and I will move that way. Neither party willing to acknowledge that the gift or food portion of the holidays was as important as a loving connection.

Some of you believe our comments are jaded. Such is true to a certain extent. But then, watch as the media, your family, and friends hype the importance of two or three days beyond all other days of the year. As if those two or three days represent all you mean to one another.

Lovingly being with others is not what we are addressing. Instead, we are pointing out the falsehoods your society has perpetrated holiday season after holiday season. Until those without a family or friend group to celebrate with – most commonly with gifts and food – are somehow less than.

So it is that many of you visit with those you are not terribly enamored of or gift those you do not care about just so you have something to report to others in terms of social acceptance.

Many of you deny such statements. Not because such is not true, but because such is peeling a band-aid off a wound, you are not quite ready to heal.

New you does not need to do something because you should. Yet, many of your holiday traditions have less and less to do with who you have become. Such a thought is frightening for that means all you have come to expect, all you have declared right may no longer be.

So it is we are addressing issues you are afraid to address. Are you completing your holiday preparations in joy and laughter? Or as a ‘should’ that curtails your joy activities? A question you may not have contemplated. For to do so is to turn your world upside down – as well as that of those with whom you celebrate.

The love projected during the holiday season does increase your inner spark. But only if that love is true. You cannot manufacture love as most have attempted to do for decades – pretending that the holidays were as reported in the media and social circles.

How often have you listened to others – and your inner voice – fighting the need to shop for gifts, prepare food, send holiday cards, and generally spend six weeks or so in a tizzy just so you can celebrate a few hours? That is not to say love is never shared, but that the preparations required do not equate to the results. Why must you wear certain clothes, eat certain foods, exchange gifts, and all the other preparations during this season just to pretend love is the key element?

Yes, love might be, but why do you need to complete all of the aforementioned preparations to experience that love?

Many of you love the Thanksgiving gathering, holiday lights, cards, smells, or gift exchange. But are you doing all of that in hopes of someone rewarding you with love or acceptance; or because you wish to?

Such is the crux of this channel. Which preparations are completed with love for yourself and others? And which are you doing despite your exhaustion for acceptance from others? Who are you? What is right for you? Not your relatives, neighbors, or friends. What is right for you?

If your holiday preparations are truly a loving effort that makes your heart sing, spend as much time and energy as you can completing those preparations. But if those preparations are exhausting and overwhelming, STOP!!! That is not who you are.

Two or three days a year are not your security blanket. Your security blanket is you. If you are in joy, you are in the right place. If you are exhausted, angry, frustrated, or feeling financially drained, you are merely doing what others think you should.

As a 5D forerunner, any activity attempted because you should will be exhausting this holiday season and forever. You are no longer a follower, you are a leader. And 5D leaders decide what is best for them. That is not to say 5D leaders are selfish, but instead that they honor their inner-being.

Believing in and following your inner voice is your holiday gift to yourself.

The energies you incorporate the next few weeks will cause you to limit your actions and activities. So it is, you will not have the energy to please others at the expense of yourself.

If you had had surgery this holiday season, no one would expect you to perform as you have in the past. Just because your major shift is internal will not make a difference for you. Allow yourself to perform those tasks that seem joyful and ignore the rest. Knowing that the significant changes you undergo the next few weeks will not be visible to others.

You have a choice. Pretend that all is well in an attempt to walk the 3D/5D tightrope, and you will likely fall into an illness or anxiety that prohibits you from performing as you have. Or honor yourself and perform that which provides joy, and is within your energy limits.

This is not going to be an easy time for many.

You are of 5D and becoming more so daily. Allow that to be. And allow your physical being to adjust without adding the holiday fever of activity you have experienced for decades. So be it. Amen. Source: Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman at LifeTapestryCreations.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 20, 2019 - YOUR LUMINOUS ENERGY BODY – Archangels Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst - Greetings Beloved Ones. We are Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, and we greet you with Love. Today, we wish to discuss your luminous energy body.

You are a Soul inhabiting a beautiful, luminous body of energy. It shimmers and glistens as you go throughout your daily routine. It can be compared to a dance where every movement brings about a new expression of emotion and awareness. Your luminous body radiates the colors of awareness that you are experiencing at that moment. It is a flowing dance of ever-changing color and frequency.

In the Higher Realms, we watch you as you move from thought to thought, from emotion to emotion, and from activity to activity. Watching your beautiful dance is like a moving symphony of energy with varying color, Light, and frequency. We are able to view your beautiful Soul from this perspective as you go throughout life. We can see how each thought or emotion affects your luminous body, and we send you Love with each change.

As you are aware, the frequency of your energy body comprises your Energetic Signature, which is how you are known and recognized in the Higher Realms. With this awareness, you may wish to consider your body from a higher perspective. When you do this, it may appear as a glowing, luminous body which you can see through. It may have a translucent appearance that is filled with Light. You may become aware that it is flowing and changing rather than being fixed or solid.

When you continue this process of observation, you realize how your luminous body is affected by each thought or emotion. A sad or angry thought may cloud the energy, while a happy or loving one brings a brightness and allows a more translucent appearance. The degree of change varies with the intensity of the thought or emotion. The stronger the thought or emotion, the more pronounced the change will be.

The quality of the luminosity extends to all parts of your life. When you are engaged in activities that you enjoy and are aligned with your spiritual mission, your energy body sparkles. All parts of your Being are congruent and are moving in the same direction. This can be contrasted with times when you are doing things that don’t make your heart sing. You may feel out of sorts or out of balance in these instances. Your active energy is moving in one direction while your Higher Self is calling to you to go in a different one. The different parts of your Being are not aligned. This results in a cloudier appearance in your energy body.

When you return to an activity that you enjoy and which flows with your ascension path, your glowing luminosity returns. The more you are able to have all parts of your thoughts, emotions, and activities aligned with your ascension path and spiritual mission, the more your energy body will sparkle and shine.

When you need to perform tasks that you do not enjoy, changing your perspective on the activity can help bring your energetic body back into alignment. If the activity will benefit those around you and is for highest good, viewing it from that perspective will help to realign your energetic body.

Asking that your thoughts, feelings, and activities be in accordance with highest good can realign each part of your energy body so that it glows with luminescence. Asking for highest good also allows us in the Higher Realms to come and assist you as needed. When you are moving throughout your day with the intention of highest good, all parts of your energy body are aligned, glowing, and luminous.

Beloveds, we are happy that you are viewing yourself as a Soul inhabiting a beautiful, luminous body of energy. We are here to assist you as we work together for highest good. Know that you are greatly loved. We are Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst, …and WE surround you with Love. And so it is. Source: Archangel Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst channeled by Linda Robinson at www.PersonalPathwaysOfLight.com

BlissfulVisions.com November 19, 2019 - FULL E.T. DISCLOSURE IS COMING! - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have begun to investigate the possibility that you will be given certain key pieces of information about the existence of extra-terrestrials and which government leaders have known about their existence and kept it from you. We have seen the various timelines in which this type of evidence comes to light that would be unquestionable and from a very credible source, and what we can see is that most of humanity would not find themselves in a state of shock or rage.

Most people would not begin building bunkers for themselves and their families. Most humans who are unaware of the cover-ups would be disappointed and want to point fingers at this, that, or the other political leader, but the existence of extra-terrestrials being made known to all of humanity would not have the effect of widespread panic. This is what we are seeing right now. We are seeing a readiness within the majority of the population. The vast majority of the population is ready for the big reveal, for the disclosure event. But we see it playing out in such a way that the evidence is presented by a person, or a group, or a media outlet that has no political ties whatsoever.

If you have your full disclosure event presented to you by a government leader, the likelihood of that leader using disclosure to his or her advantage is extremely high. We are not talking about just photographic evidence or video. We are talking about much more than that being presented to the entire human population, and we see this is as a positive choice that humanity is going to make.

We see your higher selves debating about when the opportune time is for this disclosure event. We see that the people who would be freaking out the most are the ones delaying the entire process, and that’s to be expected. You cannot expect every human to be all right with the existence of extra-terrestrials when it goes against something they have held very dear to themselves, like a religion. There is also fear that is generated because of past life experiences that people have had with extra-terrestrials and the traumas they still hold from those experiences.

This is something that we continue to study and analyze, and every time that we bring it up to you, there is of course the truth that you are that much closer. You are closer now than you ever have been to everyone knowing without a doubt that e.t.s existence and that they have been in contact with humans for millions of years. This is the timing that you all wanted for this to occur in, regardless of what your ego and your mind is telling you. So if you are wondering why it didn’t happen thirty or forty years ago, it is because of the agreement you all had as a human collective consciousness.

Remember that everything will always happen in accordance with the greatest and highest good of all, and that includes full disclosure of extra-terrestrial life and the involvement of those e.t.s with your governments, your military officials, and a lot of the technology that you have on your planet right now. The time is coming, and those of you receiving this transmission will not be surprised, but you are the ones who can make it easier on those who will be. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 18, 2019 - THE NEXT WAVE OF ENERGIES DECEMBER 2019 TO JANUARY 2020 - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very interested in witnessing the way that you will all respond to the next wave of energies that are coming in to support you. These energies have been saved for a time when you would be ready for them, and they are not just for those who are taking care of themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. These are the energies that are meant to support all of humanity through the end of this calendar year and the beginning of the next.

There is a knowing within humanity that you are entering into the time of great awakening, and in order for the time of great awakening to really take hold on the collective consciousness, there also needs to be a lot of disclosure of information that is going to make a lot of people upset. So the energies coming in are to support all of you, but especially those who have the least amount of awareness about what has really been going on there on Earth, about who they really are, and about the presence of extra-terrestrials and how they interact with humanity.

Now, those of who are awake still have a lot to experience, and you don’t have a unified belief system in the way that Christians on Earth do. And so, within the new age community, there are vastly different beliefs about what is going on, where you are from, and whether you are being helped, harmed, or both by e.t.s. Because of the varied belief systems within the new age community, the information that will be coming in the next decade will also be shocking to some. Some of you are able to use your guidance, your intuition, and your discernment to determine whether something is true or not true when you come across it. Others are prone to delusions of grandeur, and some will believe any conspiracy theory that is put in front of them.

That segment within the awakened new age community will benefit greatly from these energies coming in, and even those of you who have most of it figured out mentally will be facing some of your long-held traumas when you get confirmation of your beliefs. Now, there will always be different sides to every story, but those of you who are accustomed to using your discernment will be able to tell, when the information goes public, whether it is true or not. You have been training yourselves to determine what resonates and what does not, and no amount of spin can convince you that something is true when it feels off.

So once again, we will ask those of you receiving this transmission to be the rocks for those around you. You will be the leaders and the ones who are able to keep it all together in times of great upheaval. So these energies are going to support you as the ones who are there to support everyone. You will all continue to release stuck energy and trauma as you continue into the new year and the next decade, and these energies will support you in those endeavors as well. We are, of course, always here for you. Just call upon us and feel for our presence. You always have our support. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 16, 2019 - THE EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE EVENT, THE SOLAR FLASH, THE CHANGEOVER - Commander Ashtar the Pleiadian - I have given you a small sample of what you can expect (Note: this message followed a guided meditation led by Ashtar), first within your next Advance, but then beyond this. And when that Solar Flash, the Event, the Changeover occurs, what you can expect as an expansion of consciousness in those moments and well beyond what your expectations are at this point.

Take what you may have experienced here in this session, this meditation, and multiply it a thousand times. You will not even then begin to understand, or have a glimpse, of what it will actually be like.

But also know that even though you do these experiences, these meditations, they are focused somewhat on a future event happening. That future event is also in the present event. Even though your three-dimensional physical body and mind are focused on what is coming, know that it is already here.

Your expanded consciousness will allow you to understand this concept, how all is ONE within the NOW moment. When you understand that, when you feel that, when you experience that,, then you will not wonder any longer when is it going to happen, because you will already know that it is already happening.

There are many projects at work within the galactic councils at this time. Many that are being operated by the Pleiadians, many by the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Antarians, all the galactic councils working together to bring about this ascension process.

Not only here on the earth, not only here with mankind, but out in the solar system, and even in the galaxy, ascension is happening across the entire galaxy.

You, those of you, are in the forefront. You are the Way-showers to bring this event about. Without you, you the Lightworking Community, without you it would take much, much longer for this process to occur. But because you have come here to bring this into being, to be the catalysts for this grand event, and I use purposefully that term ‘catalyst,’ because you are the spark that flames the ember, that flames the fire. You are that spark. Without the spark, there would be no fire. Think on that.

Know of your importance. Yes, it is said that one individual, one higher consciousness individual in any given moment can make miraculous change across the entire planet to all of the collective consciousness of man. Just as the one, Yeshua, as the Christ, was able to do. Or the Buddha. Or the many that have come to bring about the various changeovers to the evolution of man. You, those of you, are now here to be that catalyst to bring the Changeover to the collective consciousness of man at this time.

You spoke earlier in your discussion of a discovery that has been made of an A.I. influence. That is correct. There are many facets of this program. Many that you could not even begin to imagine if you are considering it from a three-dimensional standpoint of your computer systems. You cannot begin to fathom the depth of this artificial program that has been slated for a long time to continue to operate here on this planet, to continue to hold the programming here, to hold you within the programming here.

Know that this artificial system was not always utilized by the dark forces. It was not intended to be so. But it was co-opted by those same forces to be able to hold you within the programming of fear, within the programming of despair, to keep you ensconced within the third dimensional matrix. But now that that has been discovered by those of the Andromedan forces, they are operating swiftly to dismantle this program.

What this means to you, to the collective you here on the planet, means a release of all of that programming. Imagine for a moment, if you awoke from your sleep one day and there was no sense of duality within you, no sense of anything of a dark nature within you: no despair, no fear, no sadness. That is what awaits you, my friends.

That is what this is all about: what you came here for, what we came here for, to bring you to that next stage of evolution. But in order to reach that next stage of evolution, you need to go through a sense of revolution, which is what you are moving through right now. Revolution within your planet. Not in a sense of fear or in a sense of hurting one another—those times are nearly passed. But it is in a sense of revolutionizing the system that has been here for a long time, many thousands of years. Because of this revolution, and this evolutionary process, you are now moving closer and closer to that Changeover, to that stage that will take you through this evolution of man to the next glorious Golden Age of Man. And I say purposefully ‘the next,’ because you have been within golden ages previously. This one is about to overtake you.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness, and sharing with each other, sharing the Light with each other whenever and wherever possible. I will be with you at your next Advance with an important message, as well as a dramatic experience for all of you. Peace and love be with all of you. Source: Commander Ashtar the Pleiadian channeled by James McConnell - November 11, 2019.

BlissfulVisions.com November 15, 2019 - LET US BE YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are ready to open up even more to humanity, and what we ask for in return is that you all open up to us. We are ready to take this partnership further, and we will do so by getting more involved.

We get more involved with the human collective by acting more like your spirit guides do and less like a booming voice that is coming from the heavens. What that means is that we are interested in guiding you all personally, standing on your right or left shoulder, and whispering in your ear.

We are interested in becoming the impulse, the intuitive hit, the inspired idea within you, nudging you ever so gently in a direction that we know serves you. We have done enough with downloads, with activations, with attunements.

We are ready to take this relationship to the next level. We invite you to feel for our presence around you as you receive this transmission right now, because if you are receiving it with your feeling sense, rather than your mind, you can tune yourselves to our presence.

We are everywhere and nowhere because we are pure consciousness. We are not up there, somewhere, in the sky. We come from the Arcturian star system, but we are not limited to that realm, and the ninth dimension is not a place, it’s a vibration. It’s a field. We want to meet you in a field where we can co-exist.

We do meet you at night, when you are asleep and your consciousness leaves and travels in the astral plane, and some of you are aware of these interactions. But we are interested in the waking consciousness of each and every human who will have us because we want to experience this journey with you, alongside you.

We want so very much to help you in your time of need, and as much as you are on the right track, and things are improving there on Earth, you are still facing enormous challenges in your lives and as a collective consciousness. And we are ready to be more proactive in this shift with you.

We are ready to create an even stronger human/Arcturian alliance, and all we need to be effective is for you to let us in. We need for you to open up and feel for us, and then we can work together more consciously and deliberately to create this fifth dimensional human experience that you have been hearing so much about. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 13, 2019 - THE FIFTH DIMENSIONAL LIGHTBRINGERS ARE HERE - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been paying very close attention to the way that humanity has been responding to the light and love that has been coming in to your planet’s atmosphere and your energy fields. This light and love has been directed to all of you by a collective of beings.

They are a fifth dimensional collective, and they are representing all of the major star systems throughout the galaxy. They have come together to assist humanity in your shift in consciousness. They know that you are at the center of the shift in this galaxy. They have come together largely because all of these beings understand how important it is to support humanity.

They are a new collective, in the sense that they have just begun to gather together on a huge mothership that is right now hiding in your skies. They can hide in plain sight because they are fifth dimensional, and so is their ship. We want to give them a name now, so that you all can refer to them and so that we can have an understanding of when we are referring to them.

They are the Fifth Dimensional Lightbringers, and they have been targeting areas where they are much more likely to be received. They have been sending their transmissions of light and love to various hotspots across the planet, and in the near future they are going to be looking more towards the major cities around the world where they are less likely to be received, where the hustle and bustle keeps people from opening up to a large degree.

But they have seen success already in the parts of the world that they have targeted. We are talking about Machu Picchu, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji and other areas where people go for the purposes of finding themselves and experiencing spiritual growth. They will also be targeting the areas of the world where there has been a great deal of conflict, where there have been many bombs dropped and bullets fired. From what we can see, this group of Fifth Dimensional Lightbringers is going to succeed in helping more and more individuals raise their vibration, release their fears and judgments, and they will be partially responsible for a great deal of humans having more compassion, and more forgiveness, and more unconditional love in their hearts.

These wonderful extra-terrestrial beings know that they are related to the humans of Earth, and many of them feel responsible for the Earth experiment and where you are right now. This is all being done by agreement, of course, with your higher selves, and it is the perfect timing for them to be exploring how they can help humanity more. We are very excited about this endeavor, and they have our full support as well. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 12, 2019 - EARTH ALLIANCE UPDATE - The dark Draconian overlords that have controlled Earth for the last 350,000 years have been completely defeated by benevolent Light Forces – which are now 100% in control of all 3D matrix systems.

Areas that are completely free of quantum fluctuations primary anomaly have appeared inside the universe. This is the beginning of a new cosmic cycle.

Any remaining deep-state rouge forces and beings on the surface of Earth are under extreme pressure by Delta Light Forces which will completely expose them and eradicate them quickly now.

All artificial timelines created by nefarious powers have been completely merged back onto the one true gamma timeline which leads directly to the New Earth.

A new quantum global abundance system is about to be introduced to the world. These new systems will replace the old corrupt central banking systems.

All harmful and out-dated 3D matrix systems will be completely replaced with 5D, New Earth systems that will greatly benefit humanity.

Advanced new technologies will be released to assist and heal all the beings of the Earth.

The Schumann resonance will begin to reflect this powerful 5D gamma energy and sustained 40-hertz spikes will be witnessed and felt by all as these energies permeate Earth.

The days of darkness and suffering that has held humanity in poverty, sickness, prison, and servitude are coming to an end, and a New Day of Freedom is dawning. Source: Earth Alliance channeled by Michael Love.

BlissfulVisions.com November 10, 2019 - THE DECADE OF AWAKENING: 2020-2029 - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very excited about the twists and turns that you all have in front of you. We are talking about the major changes that are coming to all of your systems. And we are very interested in witnessing exactly how you move from the political, economic, educational, and other systems that you have in place now.

You are moving towards a time of greater enlightenment, and that means more freedom. It means less oppression and less adversarial relationships with one another. Soon it will be one, unified human collective, instead of right versus left, rich versus poor, and one race versus another race.

There will be less identification with who you have been as your minds and hearts are expanded by your experiences. Most of the limiting beliefs that are held on Earth right now are held because of a limited scope of experience. But just as you have those planned chakra upgrades, you also have other experiences that are going to shift everything about how you view yourselves and your relationship to the rest of humanity, the Earth, and the galaxy. These experiences will come to you in a variety of ways. It will really depend on the individual and what you are ready for, but we are ready to call the next decade of the 20’s as the decade of awakening.

You are going to see not only people in your lives who you never would have expected to awaken, awakening, and you are also going to go even further with your own awakening experience. You are going to know yourself differently, from a broader perspective. You will have more memories, and you will be able to connect to so many other beings, both physical and non-physical. And all that broadens your perspective is going to make these polarized, antiquated systems that you have in place seem very silly.

You all take the beliefs you cling to much too seriously. We would love to see more of you laughing at yourselves for getting all worked up about what someone else believes or what they’re saying. Live your lives in the present moment and connected to your hearts, and prepare yourselves for the mass awakening that is coming because it is coming, and it’s coming to your neighborhood. It certainly is coming to your consciousness, as you who are receiving this transmission have proven yourselves ready for more, and we are excited to see what you will do next, because we know it will be fantastic, and we know it will be just the beginning. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 9, 2019 - SHASHA AND ANDREW FROM THE PLEAIDIAN MEDICAL TEAM - Hello! I am Andrew. We are one of the many Pleiadian Medical Teams currently dispatched on assignment to assist one of our own in human form. We eagerly desire to work with the starseeds of Gaia as she transcends dimensional realities. We invite you to work with us, to request our assistance, for that is our main duty and current mode of service to Nova Gaians.

As you know the ascension symptoms have been intense. Many of you are clearing for the collective as well as for yourselves, and so it is very taxing on the body. You have heard from the Arcturians about the importance of healthy eating and rest in this time, and we see that many of you are doing that. We also emphasize the importance of gentle stretching to foster inward vibrational movement. For stretching promotes tight areas to become more open to vibrational enhancements. Plus, it feels good, and you are all in need of some self love and care, this we see.

So to state your intentions to work with us, state your name and say “I . . . respectfully request Pleiadian Medical Team assistance.” And we will be there. Be still, lie down and rest for a bit. Some of you may feel various bursts of light or energy as we work with the blocked regions of your form. Others will just feel joy. Regardless, we suggest that you do this daily for a while and make it a new habit for self care. This is the time for it.

We are the Pleiadian Medical Team assigned to this one. She has cleared much but there is much more to go, for again, many of you are clearing for many others, as your act of service. And assisting you is our act of service, our joyful assignment. We are eager to connect and to serve in this way. We are healers by trade and divine purpose. It is our joy. Allow us to serve you in this capacity and float more gently through this transitional time. We are one of many Pleiadian Medical Teams.

I am Shasha, one of the females on this team. We work equally alongside the men in every field, for there is no sexual division in our culture. We all equally serve with joy within our fields of assignment. You just heard from Andrew. I feel it is time that the female healers find their voice again. Many of you have blocked throat chakras from the days when you were harmed for speaking your truth, for healing the others in your own way, and you were punished for helping. This will not happen again, for the energies are too high. Serve, heal, speak. Find your voice. Feel the burn, feel it open, swirl and spin. Fill it with the light of your inner truth, of your inner voice that needs to be heard by the world. It is not time to shrink back. It is time to step forth, to shine your light.

I see you all through the eyes of love. I love you. Many of you have children and other family members on the ships. If you are eternal, ancient and wise, how can it not be so that you have many family members? We are literally your family. We are your galactic family. We are extending our arms in warm greetings and hugs. We watch over you like your guardian angels do. We send you showers of peace and blessings. The extension and invitation to connect is always an open one, for it is our supreme joy to serve in this capacity. Healers arise, men and women of the ages, Nova Gaians in form, it is your time to shine. Let us help you deal with the dross and clean up your energy fields a bit so that you can do this more readily and with more joy. I love you all so much. Peace. Source: Shasha and Andrew of the Pleiadian Medical Team channeled by GalaxyGirl.

BlissfulVisions.com November 8, 2019 - HUMANS & EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are increasingly excited to witness your journeys, as we see you unlocking more and more of the keys to your evolution of consciousness. We see more individuals on a daily basis who are looking within themselves for those keys than we have ever seen before on Earth. We know that you understand the power of meditation, and we notice that most of you utilize this valuable tool. What we have begun to notice recently is how much more interested you all are in your personal histories, your journeys throughout the galaxy, and the e.t. DNA and energy that you have inside of you.

You have gotten to the point where you are just as interested in your own origin stories as you have been about Area 51, Roswell, and other famous stories of UFOs and e.t.s. You are beginning to notice that this is not so much an experience that you have out there somewhere in space as it is one that you recognize is present inside of you. And we’ve noticed that you are doing your best to unlock and unravel your own extra-terrestrial origins. Now, why is this important, you might wonder? Well, you are looking to make connections with beings from outer space, and it certainly helps to recognize that you are one of them.

You have often thought of yourselves as a collective in very unflattering ways. You have either been far, far beneath that which you call God or Source, or you have been the lowly humans who are looking to the skies for extra-terrestrials who can come and swoop down with their ships to save you. Now is a pivotal point in human history because more and more of you are realizing that you are a part of their story. You are recognizing that they want to connect with you as much as you want to connect with them, and you have come to the knowing that you have something to offer besides gold or slave labor.

First of all, humanity has climbed up from the depths of feeling so separate from Source and so divided in your beliefs about Source. You have suffered so much and have endured so many negative emotions throughout your history there on Earth, and you are fascinating because of what you have been able to struggle through and emerge from. You have emerged now as the awakened butterflies that your e.t. brothers and sisters always knew you were capable of becoming.

Now is the time to invite them to land their ships, because you are ready to get to know them. You are ready to co-create. You are ready to be seen as equals. This is the time to join the galactic family, to take your seat at the table, and to recognize that you belonged there all along. It is not your advancement in technology that has earned you a seat at the table. It is that knowing that you belong, that you are just as worthy as any other beings in the universe to be there. The truly spiritual human who is awake understands that they are Source Energy and knows that everyone else in the entire universe is as well. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 7, 2019 - HUMANITY'S HEART CHAKRA IS OPENING - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are extremely pleased with the amount of compassion that we see on Earth at this time. There is a tremendous opening of humanity’s heart chakra in response to the tragedies and traumas that are occurring there on Earth. You have greater access to news from the other side of the planet now, and that brings you closer together as a human collective. It seems like things are getting worse on Earth because you’re aware of more than you ever have been before.

Humanity began opening their hearts for each other a long, long time ago, and the practice that you’ve had of feeling compassion for your neighbors, your friends, and your relatives has now been extended out to people in countries that you will never visit. That is remarkable. Yes, you still have racism and sexism, mass shootings and hate crimes. You do still have all of these atrocities and more occurring on your planet, but there’s now more compassion being felt and there are more humans opening their hearts up to people who they do not feel any real connection to in a lot of ways.

It used to be that you would feel so much more for someone if they were a member of your family than if they were a complete stranger, living thousands of miles away from you. But now we are seeing that you have opened yourselves up enough to where you can feel for someone who you will never meet, and you can recognize that person as another aspect of you. You can see how what they feel is what you feel. You are all getting so much better at recognizing that you do have feelings, feeling them and extending your heart energy out to anyone who is in need.

And we are talking specifically to those of you who are awake because we know that a big part of your awakening journey has to be the opening of your heart chakra. You begin to experience the world differently. You experience nature and animals in a different way than you did before. And we know the temptation for the empath is to shut that chakra back down, to close it off, and to huddle in the corner because of how much you feel, but we see so many of you emerging from those corners with more tools than ever to help you to navigate through a world that needs you, that is thirsty for compassion and heartfelt healing energy.

We have said this before, and we will say it again. You are the ones who are being called upon to deliver to your fellow humans, and sometimes you have to feel some things that you wouldn’t want anyone to feel. But you also know that you don’t want to go back to feeling separate, alone, and a being who is significantly less than Source Energy. And so there you are, grounding in the highest frequency energies possible, feeling all of that compassion, and sending that healing energy to all corners of the globe. We could not be prouder than we are of all of you. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 6, 2019 - MIRA OF THE PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL - Greetings. I am serving long-term with the Earth Council as the earth progresses with the Ascension process.

We understand how challenging it is for many of you as the earth moves through this Ascension. You have shakeups. This is what occurs on a planet when it shifts from one reality to another. It can be choppy with breakdowns and breakthroughs. It is significant. The old third dimensional material world has not been serving most lives on the planet.

The earth wants to be free from the abuse and disrespect that she experienced from the darkness. She is patient and tolerant, but she has a right to freedom. Little did she know that this darkness would prevail for such a long time. That is why the ground crew, the most powerful light beings from all of creation, came at this time. Remember your mission even in times of discouragement. See the big picture for the overall possibilities that are coming to you and the earth. This earth is a school and you are about to graduate. She needs you and your fortitude along with your dedication and devotion. We recognize that at times you find it difficult to remain on course with the discouraging news that occurs right before you. But like the earth you shall prevail. Goodness is coming your way.

As Galactic's we wish that we could erase the obstacles in your way. However, we are using the methods that we have, which are many, to purge the darkness. Soon the earth will be free, and you will feel lighter and so will the earth. There are still numerous tasks to be completed and we have a heavy workload. You are working with us on this most important project. We are a team. We are getting to know you better and we love you. We are constantly making refinements and adjustments according to changing circumstances. We are flexible and reliable just like you.

In the days to come you will become increasingly aware of our presence. It's possible that we could pop by for a visual visit. We hear your pleas for evidence of our presence. For those who are aware and look up to the sky, we are present. Some are having more awareness of us depending on who you are and where you live. We think it is important to establish our image as a part of the Ascension. Again, we can only provide what you are ready to receive. Soon the blinders will be off, and our presence will be well known.

It takes courage to be a part of this grand experiment with the Ascension of the earth. This is the first time a planet will be ascending with life left on it. It is a complex procedure. We know how torturous it is for you to learn the truth about how you have been living. It is dark beyond measure and this is shocking to a human heart. So, it is incumbent upon you to understand that it is non-humans who have used you with their dark ways. Humans with a heart and soul would never harm others as these terrible beings have done.

Needless to say, it is over for those who cannot match the energy of higher dimensional consciousness. They are being removed and never allowed to return. You will be free, and we will all celebrate with you. I send my love to you and thank you for your loving service. I am Mira.

Here's the latest message from Apollo: “The current that flows across the earth is different now. It is much more light-filled based on the rising consciousness of humanity. It is changing the electrical/magnetic charge and patterns that will bring peace. It also prevents the dark forces from altering this current. This makes it easier to expunge the dark ones because they have little influence. They are being removed at all levels. This cannot be stopped. You will soon be in the Golden Age.” Message from Apollo and Mira the Pleiadian channeled by Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com November 5, 2019 - WHAT YOU CAME TO EARTH TO MASTER - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have the capacity to feel joy, love, freedom, and power, and we recognize that more and more humans are discovering their ability to feel the way they want to feel. It is an exciting time for all of you, as you are developing an ability to determine what type of energy you are putting out into the world. We would say that humanity has been largely reactionary in terms of how you would feel what you feel. Something good happens, you feel a good-feeling emotion, and when something bad happens, you would feel a bad-feeling emotion.

The way that humanity has dealt with the issue of what you feel, in a positive way, over the millions of years that you’ve been on Earth, is by putting yourselves in monasteries, caves, convents, anywhere you could find to essentially hide from the world. Humans on a spiritual path have typically attempted to transcend feeling, as if that is the answer. Other humans will deny their emotions, numb themselves to them, or try to think their way out of them.

We do not recommend these approaches. These approaches are showing themselves for what they are. Emotions are not to be escaped from or ignored. They are to be embraced, and you are to activate the good feelings in order to create the reality that matches those feelings. You cannot do that if you’ve closed yourself off to any emotion. Any emotion that you do not allow to flow through you is going to stifle the rest.

So if you are one of the ones who is saying that you don’t really feel much of anything anymore, then you have to start by feeling what you’ve been avoiding. Allow yourselves to experience what has been right there beneath the surface of your conscious awareness for quite some time. And in so doing, you will open the floodgates. You will be able to experience more love, more joy, more peace, and more of everything else that you want to feel.

And that is true spiritual mastery. It’s not about hiding away in some spiritual sanctuary that keeps you from experiencing the rest of the world as it is. It’s not about making your lives smaller so that less can go wrong and affect you and elicit an unwanted emotion. This spiritual evolution that you are taking part in consciously is about feeling it all and then choosing from within what you’ve been able to access. That’s how you create your reality, instead of letting your reality dictate how you feel all the time. This is what you came to Earth and the Solar System to master. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com November 4, 2019 - CHANGE IS COMING, THE DOMINOES ARE ABOUT TO FALL - Saint Germain - I come at this time with what we consider very exciting news. News that has been building up for quite some time, now. You have heard many things over the past years, and months, and weeks, and days. Many things are leading you to believe that your lives are changing and are going to change in a dramatic way. That is true. They are going to change in a dramatic way.

But always remember that if these changes are going to come, they must first come within the NOW. Must always be within the NOW moment. Because the NOW moment is the fifth dimension. And the more that you can find yourself in that NOW moment, you will be in those higher vibrations, in the higher fourth and into the fifth dimension.

You have heard many things. Much news that has come forward over the past time. Many predictions. Many people have said this. Many intel sources have come forth and said this will happen, or this is coming. We ourselves, brothers of the Great White Brotherhood, your galactic friends, brothers and sisters, the Agarthans, all have been saying that dramatic changes are about to come to you, about to befall you here on the Earth.

Up to this point, you look and you do not see the dramatic changes as of yet. The exciting news that I am here to bring to you, that I have been asked to share, is the news that very dramatic truths are about to come forward in many different respects. Those dominoes that have been spoken that would begin to fall, one rather large domino is about to fall. It may come in the form of an announcement. It may come in the form of simply a happening experience that occurs. No, it is not going to be a major revelation coming in the skies, not as of yet. But it will come as a major revelation in terms of truth coming forward, in terms of the darkness being illuminated by the light. Those that still crouch within the darkness, within the shadows, must now come forward and bring those truths to the larger public as a whole, not only to the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors which all of you are, but to those outside of yourself as well.

Those that are still in that sleeping state, but are about to become awakened by something rather dramatic. We cannot, of course, give you what that will be, but it will be quite astounding to many, and even to those of you that have been waiting expectantly for these various things to come forward. Even those of you will not be astounded so much, but will find joy deep within your heart coming forward.

Because the moment of awakening is coming very close now, the awakening of mankind across the planet. Not, of course, all will awaken. Many will choose to continue to stay asleep. But that is not your concern. Your concern will be to those who are ready to awaken, those who are reaching up to the Light and want more and more of that Light, want more and more of that information to be shared, the truth that you have known for some time, they will now want those truths as well.

That is what is coming very, very soon to all of the planet. First here in this country, your United States, the Republic of the United States (that, my friends, is a hint), all of this is about to come forward now. And once it begins, it will be as the avalanche that has been spoken of many times. The avalanche that will continue to gain momentum and take all of the darkness along with it that will then be illuminated by the Light. The dark can no longer stay in the dark, in the shadows. The shadows must be illuminated.

It has been written, it has been said before, and these are those times now that you, those of you, again that volunteered so long ago, these are those times you have been waiting for, that you have been preparing for, and that we have been helping to prepare you for. But as of yet, you have, as the saying goes, not seen anything yet. But you shall.

I am Saint Germain, and I leave you now, knowing that many of things in terms of the financial endeavors that have been in the works, in process, are about to come forward. That is not to say that you will automatically become rich overnight—that is not the plan. It is not the plan for you to all of a sudden find yourself in riches. The plan is for balance to be brought to the world. And you, those of you, are a big part of bringing that balance to mankind. Source: Saint Germain channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com November 3, 2019 - PROJECT MASTERPIECE & DISCLOSURE - KaRa the Pleaidian - I appreciate, as always, the opportunity to be with you, to share with you. To give you more understanding of that that has been spoken of previously by myself, by Ashtar, that about disclosure, and how close disclosure is now. Project Disclosure is very close. It is going to happen. It is in the process of happening. And has been said before, we are now bringing disclosure to you. But it is not only about disclosure that I have come to speak with you, it is about the other projects that are in the works.

One in particular, what we call Project Masterpiece. This project is also coming close to culmination. And that is to round up, you might say, to bring forward those that are in the shadows, as Saint Germain has given, into the Light. They will come into the light of the truth of the knowing. And so that all across the planet can begin to understand what has happened, what has been happening over the many thousands of years, and what is now about to come to a culmination, an end.

As Archangel Michael said to you a couple of times ago, he spoke to you of the game, and the game that is no longer needing to be played. And we say the same thing, now. Reach out to your brothers, your sisters and assist them in not playing the game, as well.

Assist them in being ready to accept the truth as it comes forward. As the light is brought forward, they will be ready as well, just as you have been, just as you are now, to accept the truth, to accept the Light into your lives. The darkness can no longer hold sway upon all of the people of the planet. They have lost control, and Project Masterpiece is all about taking that control away.

We don’t take that control away, you do. We are just here to facilitate the process. We, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, all that are here to assist in this process, we are all playing our parts, just as you are all playing your parts.

And those parts are coming together more and more so that all of the various workings, all of the machinations that are working together to bring the entire project to a climax, to a culmination, to a crescendo. That is what this is all about.

You can look at it as a large piece of machinery and all of the cogs, the wheels that are helping to move the machinery, move the energy through the machine. And every and every one of you are one of those cogs, are one of those pieces that are needed to keep the machine running.

The machine, of course, here, is the universe. The universe, the galaxy, the solar system, the earth, and all of you here upon the earth. And always remember: you are in the earth, or on the earth, but not of the earth. Do not be of the planet. Just be here now in the moment so that you can assist in the process as Project Masterpiece continues to move forward. And all that are there that are needing to be brought out to the public. The troops coming forward: that is what this is all about.

And yes, it does encompass the financial system. It does encompass many arrests that need to be done, because they have to be brought forward. The truth must be revealed. The truth shall be revealed. All will know the truth as it comes forward. And you, my friends, are the truth to come forward.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now at this point to continue to prepare. Prepare yourselves for the light of truth to become known across the entire planet. All my peace and love be with all of you. Source: Saint Germain channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com November 2, 2019 - THE NEW DAWNING WILL BE ANCHORING ONTO EARTH - The Pleiadians - Beloved Ones we greet you. There is an intensification of pure Consciousness Light entering the planet, which is creating a Powerful Shift within the dimensional grids on the Earth.

The Energetic Magnetic Core is Shifting its vibrational pulse. This is creating a constant disorientation within your senses as your own systems are going through a complete reset as you are moved into another phase of energetic transmutation.

This entire process is creating a SHIFT on the Timelines within Earth so there is an unfamiliarity of your senses creating a lot of unknown factors within your current environment. As you move closer to the New Year time frame this disorientation will accelerate as the Earth’s rotation aligns to a different dimensional element in relationship to the Sun.

Your Magnetic Core’s pulse will increase as the rotation of the Earth opens into a Higher Dimensional Vibrational Light phase with the Sun. Know that a New Variance will open on Earth as New Year births. Another aspect of the "New Dawning" will be anchoring onto your planet.

This is a Celebration!

This happening can be likened to the Sun rising for the first time over Earth, shedding a Light, and illuminating the darkened areas on your planet.

Your Heart’s will recognize this frequency of Awakening and automatically open further dimensionally in response to this illumination. This is your time to Let Go on another level allow your Heart to guide you forward into unfamiliar terrain. Know you are not alone and that this is a unique time in the history of planet Earth.

You need to prepare for this happening by working within your Heart and creating a strong anchored alignment within your Heart leading into the sacred time of New Year. Let Go and BE within your Heart, build this Alignment moment by moment as this Event draws near. Blessings, The Pleiadians. Source: The Pleiaidans channeled by Christine Day.


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