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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: June 2019

BlissfulVisions.com June 26, 2019 - DECLAS: Social Media Nukes An Entire Generation - But Why? Free Ebook by New York Times Bestselling Author David Wilcock - Launched Tuesday, June 25, 2019, the FREE ONLINE BOOK contains 51,000 words (258 pages), and discloses many hidden secrets from his insider sources. Wilcock’s document includes but certainly is not limited to:

Dark Forces captured Earth in a galactic battle about 500,000 years ago, and became its rulers. They had elongated skulls. Archaeologists have discovered these skulls throughout the planet. About 12,500 years ago, a major cataclysm happened that shifted the earth on its axis, submerged Atlantis and caused it to freeze over and become Antarctica. The Dark Forces had ships capable of flying around the Earth and levitating blocks to make pyramids up until then. These ships were lost in the cataclysm.

The Big Four: Black Rock, Vanguard Group, State Street, and Fidelity Investments control the U.S. economy, and are major shareholders in 8 largest US financial companies: JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, US Bancorp, Bank of New York Mellon and Morgan Stanley. The Big Four controls the Federal Reserve which prints the U.S. dollar, and three of the four are major controllers of Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Facebook, Google and YouTube are controlled by Fidelity Investments, Vanguard Group, T. Rowe Price, Black Rock, JP Morgan, HSBC, Accel Partners, Kleiner Perkins and Silicon Valley venture capitalists who always make a killing of money from companies who get no-bid governments contracts.

The Alliance is revealing the truth to the public through a series of anonymous posts collectively called Q-Anon, which repeatedly prove they are connected to the current US administration. To read them, you can either go to qanon.pub or qmap.pub, which is more smartphone-friendly and adds context.

The team behind Q-Anon appears to be on the verge of unsealing thousands of indictments and declassifying a wealth of contentious information. Wilcock’s latest briefings indicate that there is a hard deadline of mid-September 2019 for what they are calling DECLAS. By then, a huge wealth of world-changing intel should have been released.

The report claims that the current US administration of President Donald Trump is part of a secret, international Alliance that is in a fight to the death with the Deep State, which controls mainstream and social media alike. The Alliance’s plan goes back for decades. They have been fighting for global freedom since at least the mid-1950s. John F. Kennedy lost his life fighting for the Alliance, among countless others.

The Deep State has made a series of critical mistakes in this battle, now including the mass betrayal of ALL YouTube content creators in favor of “Approved” mainstream media sources. The Deep State is far, far worse at the highest levels than most people could ever comprehend – a genocidal Satanic-pedo-cult that historically ran the world.

The Deep State has always used the tactic of “Divide and Conquer” against us. They want generation against generation. Nation against nation. Gender versus gender. Race versus race. Religion versus religion. The mainstream media is doing everything in its power to make its viewers constantly angry and triggered. There is so much reactionary behavior going on right now that everyone is literally a raw wound.

The Deep State has spent all of the money they amassed to develop and build the Secret Space Program. One insider claims that American has 38 different outposts already throughout the galaxy, where American soldiers are stationed. There are a wide variety of different ET races out there who we already interact with. All are human or at least hominid in appearance. Many are similar-looking to us. Human beings are a Galactic design. This all seems very hard to believe, since we have been lied to on such an epic scale.

The Secret Space Program is far more elaborate in scope, depth and awesome profundity than what the Partial Disclosure agenda intends to tell us. If this technology were released today, we would become the Jetsons. There is no need for a money system. The Secret Space Program has replicators that can instantly make any objects or foods we want, with perfect quality. It has Med Beds that can cure any disease or illness, and restore the human body to perfect health. We can travel anywhere in the US in 90 seconds, and anywhere on Earth within nine minutes with a hover-car in the garage. Space travel becomes easy and fast, even without the use of warp-drive systems. We gain access to bases on the Moon, Mars and throughout our solar system that were built with our money and people, all in secret.

The Alliance’s plan includes the full exposure and defeat of the Deep State (Dark Cabal), followed by the release of the forbidden knowledge and technology that has been so jealously hidden from us. Our society will then have the greatest quantum leap in recorded history. This is a significant aspect of what various ancient prophecies referred to as Ascension (The Great Shift in Consciousness from 3D to 5D).

Everything changes once the big moves are made. The benevolent ETs will then be authorized to generate all sorts of game-changing events that were unforeseen, and radically improve the situation in humanity’s best interest.

Wilcock admits this may all sound like sci-fi to you, but there are many insiders he knows who take this very, very seriously, and risk their lives to release this information. It seems very clear that we are right on the verge of epic disclosures being revealed in an event being called DECLAS. This is a VERY significant and timely report. Do not miss it! Click the image above to access report. Click Here To Read The Full Report.

Sananda (Jesus): BlissfulVisions.com June 26, 2019 - THE ZUCKERBERG DOSSIER: Facebook Insider Confesses All - The following anonymous document claims to be written by a Facebook insider who was Mark Zuckerberg’s lover from their freshman year at Harvard.

The Deep State (Dark Cabal) was involved with the creation of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook from the very beginning. Mark and Harvard, were simply being used as an incubation think-tank and a cover for a military project that needed a corporate face. Facebook was not created by Zuckerberg who is a puppet of the Deep State (Dark Cabal).

Facebook was a project created by rogue elements of the U.S. government and military for cyber-warfare-mind-control to control behavior through electronic warfare. And, it has gotten out of control. Google and YouTube both started with the same mind-control initiative as Facebook. Click Here To Read The Full Report.

June 25, 2019 - ENERGY AND THE FIELD - The Council - Again we will speak to the subject of energy and the field in which you are participatory. Today, let us build an image for you if we may. There is, in our image, an immense field. It is actually infinite. However we do realize that this is an idea that is incomprehensible to you, so let’s stick with immense.

This field encompasses everything of which you, as a collective, are aware. As a matter of fact, everything of which you are aware is made up of this field, because nothing else exists. Now you, being you, feel a need to name things. So you ask the field what it is. The field responds with, “I am that I am”. Okay. That is quite confusing enough, so you give it another name. You name it God, Allah, Wakantanka, or whatever, depending on your language and culture. We hope you can be broad enough of mind to accept that. This is quite alright with the field, because It knows It is everything.

In this immense field, there exists trillions upon trillions of points of experience and awareness. In one tiny corner of it all there is an itsy-bitsy thing called a planet. And on this planet there are vastly more teeny-tiny points of awareness that have a growing awareness of what they are, but are in a state that certainly needs some raising up. They do not yet accept that they actually consist totally of the stuff of the field. And they have not fully reached an understanding of the ramifications of that.

This field is fluid, as fields are. Observation will show that parts of the field move in prescribed ways, orbits within orbits within orbits. So individual parts of the field encounter vastly differing states and qualities of the energy as they proceed through the field. Energy fields, being what they are, will be lowered, or lifted to some degree, depending upon the qualities of the energy they are passing through. Being fields in and of themselves, they will also be affected by the changes in other fields that surround them.

The surrounding energy field that you are traveling into at this time is increasingly higher in frequency and awareness. This is affecting you in predictable ways. Your own intentions and efforts are compounding this effect. You are, in addition, having an effect upon all of the fields around you and all of the fields within you. Fields being what fields are, this is not actually very accurate. But for communication’s sake, it will do. In other contexts we would say that there actually are no such boundaries to you.

All of this, as we are sure you are aware, describes your situation… partially. We would still address the way in which you can, may, and do have an effect upon the fields that make up the individual that you call “me” and why that is possible.

Ask yourself this. What causes the creation of things in these fields? What causes them to change when they change? What caused a part of the field to become a star? A planet? A mouse? Me? And am I able to use the same energies to change or create? And, if so, who am I? Do I dare accept that it could be true? Do you see the problem that most of you have with these ideas? You have been carefully taught that you should never think this way.

Thought, intent, imagination are the way in which things are brought into being. It is as true for stars as it is for cookies or buildings. The only difference is the Source or source of the thoughts, intents, or imagination. Yes, you can do this. Actually, you already do this every moment. So, the question is really, what are you creating? Do you like it? Happy imagining. Source: The Council channeled by Ron Head on Oracles and Healers.

June 25, 2019 - NORWEGIAN ISLAND WANTS TO EARSE THE CONCEPT OF TIME - A Norwegian island is campaigning to get rid of the concept of time, allowing residents to do “what we want, when we want.” Citizens of Sommaroy in West Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle, argue that normal business hours should not apply to them because they do not experience time like the majority of the rest of the world. The sun doesn’t rise in winter or set in summer on Sommaroy, between 18 May and 26 July for a full 60 days. There's constant daylight, making it difficult to differentiate between night and day. It's symbolised by the bridge from the mainland to the island, which is covered in discarded watches and timepieces, leading most of the island’s 300 residents to back a bid for it to become the world’s first time-free zone. Other northern towns, including Finnmark and Nordland, have reportedly thrown their support behind the idea too.Source: UK Independent News.

June 23, 2019 - TASTE YOUR OMNIPRESENCE - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have an awareness that allows us to be present with you and to be present with beings on other planets in other star systems at the same time, and we do not need to dilute our attention to either you or them or any of a number of other groups that we could be focusing on simultaneously. The reason we can do this is because we have the omnipresence, and we know that we have it. Now, you are just as much Source Energy Beings as we are, but you feel more localized in your physical bodies because you have been taught to identify with your physical bodies.

We no longer have physical bodies, which makes it a lot easier for us to recognize the truth of our omnipresence. However, you do not need to adhere to that belief that you are your physical body. You are consciousness, and your consciousness is aligned with the physical body that you know of as your body, but you do not have to only feel your consciousness in your physical body. We are not talking about having an out-of-body experience, and we are not talking about astral projection. We are talking about being centered in your physical body and reaching out to all other points on your planet. This is a good place to start because you are seeking to unify the human collective, and then the galaxy, and then the universe, and then re-emerge back into your complete Source Energy Consciousness.

And so, we suggest that you practice focusing within the center of your heart and then expanding out in all directions to fill every particle of every physical thing and person and animal and the entire planet itself. You are ready now to experience your omnipresence. You are ready to start giving yourselves a taste of what it is like to know that you are physical and Source Energy Beings at the same time, and this practice will help you in healing others from a distance. It will help you with manifestation. It will help you with knowing yourselves more as your fifth dimensional selves, and this is the name of the game for you at this time.

And it will continue to be the name of the game. It is all about expansion of consciousness now. As you wait for the rest of humanity to ready itself for the completion of the shift, you need to give yourselves more experiences like this one to feel more harmonized with where you are. You need to go beyond what physical reality seems to be offering you at this time, because there is so much more, and you need to have a taste of where you are going to stay interested enough to continue to be there now. MB>Source: The 9D Arcturian Coucil channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 22, 2019 - NEW HYBRID RACES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are taking ourselves and the other beings who are assisting you in your ascension into a new position. We are more connected to humanity through these transmissions and because of our intention to help you, and that has led us to this decision. We are more than just your supporters, teachers, and transmitters of unconditional love and high frequency energy. We are also now partnering with you on several new endeavors. When we use the pronoun ‘you’ in this context, we are talking about the human collective consciousness.

Some of you are aware of these collaborations, and others will not have such a conscious experience of these co-creative endeavors. Right now, we are establishing the types of beings that could potentially evolve from this partnership. In other words, you have your physical hybrid beings, and many of you know about them already. What we are talking about here are different hybrids than the ones you already know about. We are talking about hybridizing humanity with extra-terrestrial energies, even more so than what you already have inside of you.

We, along with a Pleiadian group here in the ninth dimension, and a Sirian one, are all working together to determine the right amount of e.t. consciousness and energy to hybridize with the human consciousness and the energy that makes up your physical body. It is an exciting endeavor, and your collective consciousness is of course on board. We cannot make something like this happen without full agreement.

The human race has always been on an upward spiral. You have heard us say numerous times that you are evolving and becoming more. You are also still defining and deciding what that will be. As you become your fifth dimensional selves, you will have lots of different opportunities, including the opportunity to merge more of your consciousness and your energy with beings like ourselves. Now, some of this happens through the act of channeling. The more you channel us, or other high frequency beings, the more of that energy then becomes who and what you are.

And this is occurring on physical and non-physical levels. So you can see people literally transforming before your eyes. And some of you are tuned in enough to notice this happening. Some of you are noticing more humans taking on e.t. characteristics, appearances, and consciousness, and from this point forward you are going to see more of it. This is happening because of your openness to us and to the other beings we have mentioned. This is a glorious time of coming together, and all of this serves to unite the galaxy, to make us all into one race, one consciousness, one collective. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 20, 2019 – OPERATION FREEDOM EARTH – PLEIADIAN PROTOCOL PANDORA – The Pleiadian Forces of Light - On May 29, 2019, the Earth Alliance announced that benevolent light forces will launch a major planetary liberation operation called Pleiadian Protocol Pandora that will begin on July 4, 2019 and culminate in the summer 2020. The purpose of the operation is to completely rid the dark cabal from planet Earth and humanity’s ascension process.

This grand ascension and freedom operation involves millions of light beings working together from the sky to the ground to clear out all frequencies surrounding planet Earth that resonate below the 5D level. Benevolent light forces are working around the clock to finalize the new 5D crystalline light matrix which is the backbone energetic network for the new 5D-Earth Galactic civilization.

How can you help? The Pleiadian Light Forces have given us a protocol to activate that will assist in the successful victory of this mission. The complete defeat of the dark cabal will usher in the GCR-RV event, GESARA/NESARA, and ET disclosure and mass landings. You can read the full article and access the protocol by clicking Source: The Pleiadian Light Forces channeled by Michael Love – June 15, 2019.

June 18, 2019 - BEST NEWS WEBSITES TO BEAT THE CENSORSHIP PURGE BY EVIL TECH GIANTS - How do you beat the malicious censorship purge that’s being aggressively pushed by the tech giants? You seek out independent media websites that bring you all the news being censored everywhere else. Here's a list of the best websites to visit, according to Natural News. Source: Natural News - Best Websites to Visit to Beat the Censorship Purge - click here to access.

June 18, 2019 - DON'T GIVE YOUR POWER AWAY TO ANY EVENT OR PERSON - The 9D Arcturian Council - We invite you to let go of your timetables for the shift. Stop waiting for something out there to happen and give yourselves growth experiences. Feel what it feels like to take yourself deeper in your meditation or to the highest vibrational state you have ever been in. Take yourselves on adventures in consciousness, and don’t worry so much on what’s happening out there.

You don’t have to focus on what the leaders of your governments are doing and saying. You really don’t. That’s not how consciousness evolves. Consciousness doesn’t evolve through voting or tossing someone out of office. You don’t have to wait to have the right politicians and leaders in positions of power to go out and make a difference in your community. You can meet someone who lives on the street or believes in something that is different from what you believe in, and you can come together.

You can experience oneness even if no one else is joining you on that journey. You need to take your little victories as they come along and stop waiting for the main event to come along and catapult you past all of the little, yummy experiences and moments along the way on this journey of the evolution of your consciousness. Only you get to experience how you are going to experience the entire shift, every step of the way.

Don’t give that power away to any event, just as you don’t want to give your power away to any person who is in a position of authority. You are your own authority, and you get to empower yourselves. We suggest that you do that, even if you don’t know what the means, even if you don’t know what that looks like. Feel for it, and it will show up right in your face, beckoning you along on another journey on this never-ending adventure that we are all on. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 15, 2019 - DESIRING E.T. CONTACT - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been receiving many requests from those of you who would like to experience more encounters with extra-terrestrials, and we want you all to know that we are investigating all of the different possibilities that lie before you for greater connection between the human collective and the other beings that exist throughout the galaxy and beyond. We know that this is a strong desire for those of you who have never felt at home on Earth and for those of you who have never felt as though you fit in, and we feel much compassion for all of you who fit into one or both of those categories.

However, we also want to remind you that the shifting energies that are upon planet Earth at this time require you to all to embrace where you are. You are still the creators of your reality, and you can of course create your own personal experiences with ET's, but you also have to be patient with the rest of the collective. So, when you have that desire for full and open contact, please know that it’s going to happen when everyone is ready for it, including those who live in abject fear of an attack from an ET race.

How you help yourselves and humanity to be ready for e.t. contact is by working through your own fears, working through your anger, your hate, and even your sadness. As you process anything that is of a lower vibration, you send out that signal to the rest of the galaxy that you are ready for more contact as an individual. And of course, as you work something out within yourself, you send out a signal to all of humanity that shows everyone else how it is done, and you also see reflected outside of you what you have going on within you. As you work on yourselves, and you clear the traumas and the negative emotions that are stuck inside of you, you do create a version of the human collective that does the same and that inches ever closer to full ET contact.

There are plenty of wonderful beings on Earth for you to connect with, and when you do, you also show a readiness for more connection with more beings, beings who happen to come from places other than planet Earth. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 12, 2019 - THE REST OF 2019 - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are continuing to explore the different possibilities that are in front of humanity for the rest of this calendar year. We are looking at the possibilities that are in front of you as potentials that you might reach by the end of this year, and we see the growth potential as exponential, due in large part to those of you who are awake playing the gigantic roles you are playing. You have been holding so much light for the human collective that the possibilities in front of you are almost limitless. We can see you taking the energies from the solstice and running with them to such an extent that you bring about an even faster rate of awakening amongst the rest of humanity.

We also know that these individuals who are readying themselves in this moment to awaken are going to need you. They are going to need your help with things you have become accustomed to, such as ascension symptoms, increased sensitivity and awareness, and newfound abilities. You are also going to help people process what they need to process and face what they need to face in order to clear trauma and open themselves up to the higher frequency energies. The higher frequency energies are bringing you all as a collective into this golden age of awakening. The energies are unavoidable, and they will be uncomfortable for anyone who is not taking care of themselves.

In the meantime, we suggest that you continue to lead by example. Show them how it is done by taking such good care of yourselves, resting, relaxing, hydrating, and processing whenever necessary. You’ve been carrying such a large amount of responsibility for the collective for so long, and the good news is, you are getting reinforcements. This is what we see happening in the remainder of this calendar year of 2019. We don’t know how many will awaken, and we don’t know what exactly what will spur on each of those awakenings.

But we do know that there are about to be many more of you on Earth who are awake, and that the newly awakened will always be in need of assistance from the seasoned veterans that you all are of this process, this journey of expansion and growth. We are happy to be the helpers of the helpers, and we want you to know that you will have all the help you need to step into a role that will be new for some of you. We, and the rest of the higher frequency beings here, are excited to see how all of these newly-awakened individuals impact the rest of the collective, and we know you are as well. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 9, 2019 - 6,000 LIGHT-BEINGS ARRIVE IN LYRAN STAR SHIP - On June 6, 2019, a Lyran plasma craft from the 12th dimension arrived in Earth’s solar system with approximately 6,000 Lyran light-beings on board. An acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the Central Sun, and other cosmic energies have been building since August 2018, that will cause a profound frequency shift in consciousness on planet Earth. There are many star races now in Earth’s solar system, lining up for Earth’s great ascension event, and like other benevolent ET races, the Lyrans are here to support and assist humanity in reaching perfection in the great ascension mission on planet Earth.

The Lyrans are known and respected from ancient days as the most advanced civilization in the universe. The most elite beings of Lyra have been called the Elohim, the Wingmakers, the Prime Archangels, the Seraphim, and many other names. Their bodies are composed of extra amounts of feline and bird DNA, and while they are much taller than 3D humans, they are as human looking as the humans of Earth.

Earth is moving into a region of the galaxy that is leading to increasing cosmic energies, impacting Earth’s sun and altering human DNA. The energetic change underway on Earth will lead to many changes in human society, including major disclosures of advanced technologies, secret space programs, and extraterrestrial life.

There are 3 primary suns of this universe in relation to Planet Earth. All three of the suns are living conscious beings. There is the sun of Earth’s solar system. There is the Central Sun which stores the Akashic Records (the universal library that contains all the knowledge and data of this universe), and the Great Central Sun which is located in the 12th dimension. The Great Central Sun is what is called Source Energy, and it is the living, infinite conscious energy that many call God. It is the source of all that is in this universe.

According the Lyrans, at the beginning of the great cosmic journey we are all on, Prime Creator (Source) created the 7 cosmic creators to be exact images of itself. These 7 grand beings created all other things in this universe including the Earth and human beings. In those ancient days, the Lyran glorious crystal city in the 12th dimension was the fist creation in this universe. The celestial mansions and great temples of Lyra are all composed of beautiful, translucent rainbow-colored andara crystal.

Andara crystal technology is very powerful energy technology that originates in the 12th dimension, and was passed down to its descendants, the Pleiadians, who gave it to the first civilization on Earth, the Lemurians and the Atlanteans. 40 Hertz, 5th dimensional andara energy is the crystalline grid energy that is forming the new Earth Matrix and plays a big role in your modern spiritual evolution. Source: Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission channeled by Michael Love.

June 8, 2019 - AN UPGRADE FROM SOURCE - The 9D Arcturian Council: We are elated to bring you this particular transmission, because we are now ready to share with you some valuable information that has been shared with us, and that we are so very happy to spread. You are a part of a gigantic network of consciousness that goes beyond all of the consciousness in this galaxy of ours. This is a network that extends even beyond this universe, and just as you sometimes receive upgrades as individuals, and as a collective, this entire network of consciousness has received an upgrade that has come directly from Source.

What does this mean? How is this different from the shift in consciousness? These are very good questions. We know that you are making progress every single moment of every single day, and you can imagine how much progress is being made throughout the entire universe, as we are all shifting together – all star systems, all dimensions, and all galaxies in this universe. Many more beings are acknowledging themselves as aspects of Source, and this has created an opportunity for Source to allow more of Itself to flow.

Basically, all of us together, have created an expansion within Source that we all benefit from. And all of the energy within the network is being spread to every individual particular, as every aspect of Source contains consciousness. What does this mean for you as an individual? It means that there are more pathways available to you. There are more beings that you can connect with, and you can access more of the totality of who you are as Source Energy Beings.

How much of that you are able to download always depends upon what dimension you are in and how much your body can handle, and this upgrade allows you to handle more. We could not be more pleased to announce this to all of you and to be a part of this beautiful network, as we ourselves are also enjoying this beautiful and immaculate upgrade from Source Energy. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 7, 2019 - THE MOST ASTOUNDING, MOST NEW-BIRTH-ORIENTED, MOST MIRACULOUS ASCENSION PATH YOU HAVE CHOSEN - Guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective - We see that among the many daily pressures and expectations you hold yourself accountable for, you are also dealing with powerful Light data flowing in from various parts of your Universe, including your own souls. Understand that in these days of solar flares and solar winds, and astrological shifts that impact humankind in numerous ways–upending the old cycles and patterns that have been in place for millennia, and drawing in new and higher forms of experience—that your own souls are also answering to this influx of higher Light.

Their messages reach you on a cellular level, which you then download and decode as you sleep, as well as during your waking hours. These inform you of the various aspects of your soul mission that have been ongoing, though unseen by you until this time in your Earth life. Though mainly unseen, you and your fellow Light Bearers came in with rare and powerful Earth missions.

These energies are not trying to hide from you their deeper meanings and unknown languages. They are beyond language as you know it, and are flowing into your every cell, to not only upgrade your Earth self into the New Human forms, but to enlighten your Earth consciousness. We are aware that this can feel to be causing a bit of a cataclysm some days.

You are not only bearing up under the strain of this drastic shift, but dealing with the outer results of these energy shifts in your own life. You will not now draw to you the same kinds of circumstances that you have created for so long in this and other Earth lives. Your co-Creations will now take on a whole other shape—one that serves the Light on a higher level than previously. And so at first, it may seem that you are in a sort of earthquake, where nothing is so stable as you once thought. You may have recently faced or are facing a health or financial crisis, or lost your home, your job or your business.

You may be seeing either new or old relationships falling by the wayside, as if they never quite belonged to you. Even your clothing may not feel right to you anymore—not the right styles or colors. You may be having intuitive moments where you feel, almost for no known reason, that your entire economic system will have shifted by a particular time in the future. Or that housing and energy sources will transform by a particular time in your life, even if you don’t see that happening yet as a mass movement. You may also be wondering why, if your cells are holding more Light, you don’t seem to be getting younger or healthier. Wondering why you seem to be more tired, sadder and more fatigued some days rather than less.

You may even be asking, “Why did I even come here at this time?” as one shift after another affects your entire being. We would say, that this is entirely normal and understandable. Yet we would like you to move beyond that moment by offering yourself and your entire transformative process as much patience and support as possible. You have been asking why Life seems so strange now, why things don’t fit or flow the way they used to, and why so much seems to be asked of you that it feels to be far too much some days. And that is because you are correct—all has changed, and is continuing to change. Life is not at all as it was, and will never be again.

These are the shifts you have required, demanded, requested of your own souls and the Universe, not quite realizing that in shifting the Earth and your own resonance out of the lower frequencies, much would be required of you beyond what you were offering at the time. As you view great corruption in religious, financial, governmental, and other institutions, and require that the Universal forces shift humanity out of that experience, understand that humanity itself must shift first, in order for that to happen.

For as you know, all that is experienced is called in by the overriding vibration of the one doing the creating. So that in asking for no more corruption in “high” places, you were requiring a shift in Earth’s timeline that in turn, required a shift in your own timelines—an upward swing in vibration. Otherwise, the criminality, the violence, the ongoing humiliations, lies and degradations would only continue. You may understandably be feeling that it was the vibrations of the old “power crowd” that needed to shift, not your own!

It may have left you wondering, what in the world is happening, that you are the one undergoing a series of shocks—rather than they being the ones to experience the shakeup? We assure you, those perpetrating crimes upon the Earth and throughout the Universe are most assuredly feeling the results of the very shifts you yourselves came in to participate in. You didn’t come in to simply observe these shifts—that would not be in keeping with your Light Bearer/Earth Changer roles.

You came in to raise the vibration you had sustained for so long on the Earth, to move it to higher levels, to higher octaves than what you had experienced in other lives while in a human body. And in doing so, you have shifted all around you, including those areas of life that you send Light to daily—the darker, denser aspects of life that you have never understood, never wanted to even look at, let alone realize you may have supported in one Earth life or another. You came for your own soul growth, undoubtedly. Yet in a larger sense, you came to assist the soul growth of the planet.

Is this the simplest road to travel—the most cheerful and lightest you could have chosen? No, dear ones. Yet it is the most astounding, most new-birth-oriented, and most miraculous one you knew of. You have chosen this path, and it thanks you, as the Earth and all Her beings thank you. You have come here with great purpose, and you shall not be held back from its completion. Namaste, friends! We are with you, always. Source: The Collective channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan.

June 6, 2019 - THE DIVINE PLAN IS IN ACTION - by Apollo channeled by Valerie Donner: “As the world turns, you will want for nothing. You will have everything you need. Right now we give you reassurance that the Divine Plan is in action. You are sifting through the rubble of a planet that has been rampaged upon by the dark sorcerers.Your awareness of the rubble is what’s creating your ascension and glorious opportunities for ascension along with the earth. Please concentrate on and take to heart your perfect role in your ascension. How can you bring more purity and heaven into your own life? Likewise, what can you do to assist the planet? You are the bringers of light. You have done an excellent job. Now you can join together to create the great shift. We celebrate you. There are no excuses for the poor way that humanity has been treated. It is not aligned with the love of the Creator. You chose to participate in this duality experience and it got completely out of hand. Rest assured that the oneness of Prime Source is yours. It’s here to stay. You will see the dark ones turn tail. They are running (trying to run) away and they will be running in place and off the planet. When they are all gone, you will breathe a sigh of relief. Love, beauty and truth will be everywhere. It is happening now.”

June 6, 2019 - FROM MIRA THE PLEIADIAN GALACTIC - Greetings, I am Mira. I am pleased to update you today. There is much on the horizon. The energies coming to the earth are broad and swift, sweeping waves of change. They require receptivity and we know that some are not really ready for what is being given. The sensitive ones like the ground crew are challenged more than others. Your bodies are transducing miraculous amounts of crystalline light. Your light bodies are upwelling into increasingly powerful energies. You are the points of light that are uplifting the planet. You are the preparers of change and the wayshowers of a new way of living on the earth.

We are working closely with you and also communicate with the influencing energies that are being released through the sun, the photonic energies, etc. that are affecting the magnetic fields of the planet and all of life. We don’t want these energies to overwhelm you and we thank you for your patience. Remember that you have been prepared for these times and it has also been a bit of an experiment to see how the bodies can stay on a planet during an ascension process. As most of you know, usually when a planet ascends there is no life left on a planet--the planet goes nova. You are an exception.

Little by little the planet and you are ascending. The pace has been increased in the last couple of months. You are being given lots of assistance and healing but this requires an unusual amount of rest. Please give this rest to yourselves because you are being upgraded. You need this rest to assimilate these energies so that you can take on more of your powerful work that you came to the planet to do.

Please understand that the work you are doing on yourselves is significant. Follow the pain in the body. Trace its origins from past lives or to current ones. See how much more sensitive you have become. Tune into the emotions and release as much of the past as you can. Let nothing stop you from clearing what needs to be released. It is a part of the ascension process.

Free your heart and soul from the separation and pain that has encumbered you in this or past incarnations. Stop pushing yourself like a work horse and forcing yourself like you did when you were in the third dimension. Let the softer, more feminine energies, assist you in receiving. There is no one to blame for how you have lived. It is part of the third dimensional experience. Bring in balance between your divine feminine and your divine masculine. It is all a part of who you are and will facilitate you becoming all that you can be.

We stand in line assisting you along with many other Galactics, and beings from the Light Realms. We see you becoming free and polishing up your sparkly new selves. This is an amazing process of which we are a part. I am Mira and am a part of your Galactic Family of Light. We send you our blessings and marvel at your progress. We are with you. Source: Mira the Pleiadian channeled by Valerie Donner.

June 5, 2019 - MANIFESTING BIG CHANGES OF JOY! - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been observing all of you who are seeking to make great changes in your lives, and we want to encourage you to look for what it is that you are seeking and to feel for it as a vibration that you can access within you. We know that you have an understanding of the truth that you create your reality, but we also know that so many of you there on Earth are still trying to make those changes that you want to experience in your lives through the use of your minds and by taking actions that you hope will lead to you experiencing those big changes.

We are not here to tell you to stop taking all actions. However, we are here to encourage you to act from a place of inspiration and to do what naturally brings you joy, rather than using action as a means to an end. We want you to discover that everything you seek has a vibration, and we want you to know that if you are taking action from a lower, or different, vibration than that which you wish to create, you are not going to find yourself experiencing that creation. You will instead find yourself experiencing something that feels very similar to the vibration you infused your actions with.

So what are you supposed to do then about creating your reality? Well, if you take the approach that you can shift your vibration in the moment and feel the energy of that creation right there in the room with you, then you can go off and have fun. You don’t have to hold that vibration forevermore. You can be light about it. You can let go of the attachment that you have to that creation that you want to see manifest in front of you, and you can go play.

Go do the things that light you up the most. Go be in a high vibrational state because you have decided that you want to feel good, rather than feeling anxious about whether your creation will ever come to you. You also tend to speculate, wondering how it’s going to come. But these things do not bring you closer to what you want to manifest in your reality.

Looking around for things in your reality that you can do in the present moment that will make you forget all about what you’re trying to create is the way, and it’s also the way to enjoy reality as it presents itself to you in the no moment. And you will always be in the now moment, so you might as well start enjoying it. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

June 4, 2019 - ENOUGH WTIH MARTYRDOM. CLAIM YOUR JOY! - Creation Energies - Dear Ones. You are used to predicting the future based on past events. But because so much is now shifting, you have no baseline for what is going to happen. Causing you to be frightened or more worried than necessary. An infant learning a new skill has little angst about whether achieving that milestone will lead to another skill.

So it can be for you. For what was is no more. There are no measuring tools allowing you to know what is going to happen. Indeed, it is a waste of your time and for now, limited energy, to be concerned about what this skill or that action will lead to.

You are in uncharted territory, so you cannot predict your future direction or needs any more than was true for the European explorers who roamed the globe hoping to find one thing only to discover something entirely different.

Even though we, of the Universes, know you are destined to live in joy and peace, we have no idea what journey you require to get there. Such words may be frightening for someone has to have the ultimate plan, someone or something has to know where you are going and why. You are that someone.

Your true north, if you will, is to live in joy. A feeling that cannot be replicated or copied by anyone. Your joy is yours. And your journey is to find the most joyful path to joy. The word journey indicates all will take years or decades for it does not seem possible that the current earth chaos or even your life can shift as rapidly as you would like.

Ah, what you have forgotten is you are on a joy discovery path. So it is you will never reach complete nirvana for each step is to be in joy. And as you complete one joy step, the next will light up, and the next and the next.

This transition is not like that of past human shifts, which required decades or centuries. This transition, created by you, is to take place within your current earth lifetime. For if you had designed a transition requiring hundreds of years, such would be little different from various religions proclaiming that heaven or nirvana can only be achieved in the earth afterlife.

Of course, you have faith in the outcome, as has been proven over and over throughout this transition. But you are also exhausted and need to see, feel, and experience rewards to continue your journey. For you have given your all to this transition, including ignoring friends and relatives, physically shifting, and letting go of beliefs because doing so felt right.

You now need to experience something other than sacrifice.

So it is you are beginning to truly claim your joy. For until now, most of you felt you needed to do or be more. Not because such was necessary, but because you were following 3D patterns of “If I give enough, maybe I’ll be rewarded.” You have given, sacrificed, believed, projected, and worked beyond time for you to reward yourself.

This current phase is for you to determine what will give you joy. Not just a bit of joy, but what is it you require daily? Some will contend you merely need to see a flower or a friend. And of course, both can be joyful experiences. But what will make you feel as if your sacrifices have been worth your arduous efforts? That is the phase you are now in.

You are letting go of your belief that you have not done enough or been enough to be rewarded – one of your first steps into true joy. For even though you might have rewarded yourself with a few minutes of daily relaxation or something similar, such rewards are not enough for you to continue your journey.

Many of you will beg to differ, believing you will continue just because. Such thoughts mean you have not yet let go of 3D martyrdom. Reward yourself. Allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to play. Most of all, allow yourself to be. Because of your efforts and recent Universal energy flows, you are about to begin your joy journey. Not a 3D journey of a few minutes of relaxation, but your new 5D journey of joy and self-reward.

Allow that to be without concerns that your rewards limit the possibilities for others’ joy or that you have overreached your current station in life. Ignore everyone and everything except that which gives you joy. One step at a time – ignoring social mores, the needs of others, and your fears of being TOO much. Start your joy journey. So be it. Amen. Source: Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman at LifeTapestryCreations.com

June 3, 2019 - EARTH IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING RESTORED - ST. GERMAIN - There’s going to be a time in these coming months when all of the issues that are now in the residence of being finished will be not only finished but will be recreated in widespread use for the restoration of this land. It is a matter of being able to repair all of the hurdles that have been in place for so long, and now are being removed and given over to the consciousness of the ones off planet who know how to assist the ones who have been outside of the energy of Love.

It is a matter of them being able to go through the process of restoration and then being able to return to this planet and go into the mode of Loving action for the restoration of the planet and of their own souls. It is a matter of being able to step into the places that they were able to see could be the way to live on this planet, and then to be harbored away from that inner knowing and listening too much to those on the planet who came to destroy not only what the people were to be doing, but the planet as well.

The destruction is not going to happen. This planet earth is in the process of being restored, and not only that but to be able to welcome back those who have returned in the original state of being-ness that they originally came to the planet to be in, and the destination of that which can be the essence of Love in every move that is made.

I am here to let you know that the last few steps have been seen to be in the process of being restored to that of the energy of Love, Joy and Peace. There will be many steps and occurrences that will be broadcast around the world as the ones that are being created to bless this planet with the energy of the way to live with all of life and to understand the harmony that is being recreated as I speak.

I am St. Germain, and I wish to repeat one thing today that I have announced before. It is matter of all of you knowing what is the best you can do for yourself, and the others in the same way. Harmony is the answer to all of the movements that are bringing this planet back to the origins that carried forth the idea that it can be done, even after the deadly movements have been stopped and restructured as movements in Peace, Joy and Love in all instances.

Go now into your inner knowing and listen to what is coming forth for you to realize what is taking place around the world these days. It is a matter of feeling the wonder of the changes that are still in progress and bringing about the new energy that was in the process when this planet was created. In the essence of all who came here and are now here is the example of what it means to spread forth that which has been deemed impossible, and is now in the process of being created in every moment. Love is all there is and it is being recovered in many of those who had lost their way.

Keep the positive energy rolling in the dance of forgiveness and the knowledge that there is a wide-open new way of sharing this planet with all of those who are here, and in the movements of the Love that is all there is. I am with you in every step you take and every movement you make. Love is the answer. Thank you, dear ones. Much love. Source: Saint Germain channeled by Nancy Tate.

June 2, 2019 - OMNIPRESENCE IN 3D FORM - The Arcturian Group: - Greetings, Dear Ones. We often speak of ascension but our messages are primarily meant to awaken you to the reality of who you are. We seek to help you understand that rather than being simply human physical bodies that must forever struggle for necessities, the reality is that you already embody everything you have ever sought in every lifetime. You are Divine Beings, God in expression, experiencing three dimensional energy.

In the beginning, all were pure spirit, expressions of Source/Divine Consciousness/ God. Over time and as the result of many circumstances and manipulations, the energy became heavy and dense and bodies became physical. Then these dear ones began to lose their way, forgetting who they were and no longer in alignment with higher spiritual energy. This was the beginning of their journey back "home".

In these present times of intense energetic frequencies, many are suffering from the low resonating actions of un-wakened humans as well as from natural disasters. Know that God does not or could not punish anyone. Could Divine Consciousness punish IT-Self?

The concept of a God punishing individuals for "sin" is a myth that was created and has been expanded in religions over time for the purpose of control, keeping members "needing" them and in line with whatever man made rules and regulations the particular group espouses.

The majority of today's religious leaders do not purposely intend to mislead people, although many become lost in the ego gratifications of "power". They themselves are hypnotized by concepts of good and evil and most believe that they are doing "God's work" when they preach false concepts about a God of hell and damnation.

Every individual creates their own "hell" both on earth and on the other side from of the contents of their consciousness. Consciousness is the substance of form but the majority as of yet do not understand this and so continue creating from levels of consciousness that embrace duality and separation. The results are not punishments, but simply the creations of the one creating.

This is not to say that the perpetrators of actions intended to hurt others should not be disciplined or even incarcerated as this is still necessary on earth. However, correction needs to be carried out from unconditional love that is geared to the level of understanding (state of consciousness) of the individual being corrected rather than from concepts of revenge that remain the focus of many prison systems and individuals.

Discipline techniques based in revenge will not work in the higher dimensional energy. Examine your personal belief system for hidden concepts of revenge that may still linger in your belief system from this or other lifetimes. These concepts often remain alive and well but often stay deeply submerged until some personal or global issue brings them to the surface.

The majority of those suffering catastrophic events are not being punished, but rather are living and creating from a consciousness of duality and separation. This is not always the case however, as many evolved souls choose to be a part of some "natural disaster" in order to serve. Others choose to clear old energy through these types of experiences, while some simply have this on their "bucket list". Everyone in these types of situations is learning and incorporating new facets of unconditional love.

Mother earth, Gaia, is not an impersonal piece of dirt to be used and abused by those who stand to benefit financially from her but is a living soul who has chosen to ascend out of the dense third dimensional practices that have almost decimated her body. She is clearing energy that has accumulated for eons and this often takes the form of a "natural disasters." However, those who do not wish mankind to spiritually evolve have had a hand in some of these events.

It is a time of renewal and the remaking of all things. The energies that created and still support three dimensional concepts of healthcare, government, education, and spirituality, in their present form are dissolving. Rather than seeing change as negative, always remember that nothing real (every facet of Divine Consciousness) can ever disappear, but rather will change form when manifested from higher levels of consciousness.

Never forget that consciousness is the substance of all form. What you see materially is the mind interpretation of an ever present Divine Idea interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual or collective. An ordinary car is actually a three dimensional concept of Omnipresence. As mankind evolved, so did the cart, horse, and model T, become airplanes, trains, and technologically evolved cars.

Many, even some who are spiritually aware, still question and ask themselves; "Why did I do this? Why did I choose this person to be my partner?" Why did I not do this, instead of that? Why did I make such a foolish decision?". These questions are natural for humans because the world in general is ignorant of why people are on earth, and thus continues promoting certain do's and don'ts, rights and wrongs, as being necessary for happiness.

When a person becomes serious about their spirituality, experiences are no longer random as they are when people are living fully in the third dimensional belief system. Experiences at a certain evolutionary point begin to express one's spiritual contract--life events the individual is ready for and has chosen to experience while on earth.

Everyone has a spiritual contract, a contract that he/she has put together with the help of guides and teachers consisting of their choice to interact with certain people and to have specific experiences deemed necessary for further spiritual growth or the completion of something.

Contracts can be re-written, avoided, or discarded through free will but most are intuitively guided toward fulfilling the contents of the spiritual contract they incarnated with. Once you understand this, life decisions that you have questioned and felt guilt about no longer seem to be mistakes, but rather steps along the way.

Even those living in the worst of human circumstances are spiritually evolving. Every lifetime is a facet of the evolutionary journey even when to human eyes it looks to be failure. Every person is a Divine Being who has chosen experiences of separation to be the teacher that will lead them into spiritual realization. How long this takes is not important as it is a free will choice and spiritual readiness is determined by the Higher Self.

The density of three dimensional energy serves as a block that keeps most people from remembering why they are on earth. This energetic barrier also prevents the majority from interacting with those of higher dimensional energy (no alignment) resulting in the world of duality and separation that you all know.

There are some who evolve in other ways on other planets without the intensity of three dimensional experiences, but when a person spiritually graduates from lifetimes done in difficult "earth school" he/she becomes a very powerful spiritually awakened being who can no longer be fooled by the illusions of sense and is well prepared to assist others seeking evolution.

There is no right or wrong, good pictures are just as illusory as bad ones . Evolution is about graduating beyond illusory concepts of good and bad and into the reality of ONE, and that ONE governed by unconditional love and manifesting ITself as wholeness-- peace, harmony, abundance, health, and happiness etc.

The utopian world that people seek can never be attained through three dimensional means because a consciousness of duality and separation can only express in forms of good and evil. Peace contracts based in this energy represent a first step, but will never result in permanent peace because good that is created from duality and separation must eventually flip, allowing its opposite to express.

It is time to cease trying to save, heal, or correct the illusions of a three dimensional world and begin living, moving, and having your being in truth until that becomes your attained state of consciousness. This is the only way the world will be changed, not through prayers for peace.

When you pray to an outside God for something, anything, you are perpetuating and creating from a consciousness of separation-- "I don't have." Rather let your prayer be a resting in the silent awareness of; "I and the Father are ONE." and then extending that realization to Gaia and every living thing upon her regardless of outer appearances.

As long as society continues to promote "wars" on drugs, "wars" on cancer, or "wars" on anything, these very things remain empowered and energetically fed which allows them to grow and continue manifesting.

As difficult as it may be, every person at some point must choose to let go of and move beyond all comfortable but erroneous beliefs that have heretofore governed their life. When enough people do this, the world and every living thing on it--the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the devic, elemental, nature spirit kingdoms, and every human being will begin to experience themselves as they truly are and will discover that every good they sought throughout lifetimes has always been fully present within themselves. Source: The Arcturian Group channeled by Marilyn Raffaele.

June 1, 2019 - HUMAN-SOURCE-FRACTAL - WE ARE ASPECTS OF EACH OTHER - OF SOURCE - THE CENTRAL SUN, ALCYONE - Hello friends of the light, of the way. I am your central sun Alcyone. I guard this time-space quadrant with my light, radiating, warming, cleansing, blasting away the dark. I am surrounded by the darkness of space and yet it makes my light seem brighter to those witnessing its brilliance. So too, Source fractal, human embodied, so too are you shining up your own space quadrant with your tremendous love and light. It brings me great joy for in the times of old it was foreseen that this would be a most epic journey for those humans lucky enough – and brave enough – to be an embodied soul in this most auspicious now of planetary enlightenment. Do you feel the rush and tingle of excitement shoot down your spine, causing your arm hairs to raise up? Yes friend, I am speaking about you.

I am Alcyone, your great central sun. I see much. I am ancient, I am wise. I am loving, most loving. I am the embodiment of peace and yet sometimes to keep the peace there must be a ferocity, a firmness. The great solar flash is a firmness, a firm stand against all that is not light, and setting all else a-right. A rebalancing must come to this sector. Gently and lovingly the Pleiadian teams (and many others) have been redirecting the Gamma rays from my body so that your bodies can handle them with the grace and ease of masters, as your bodies morph and spin into yet more light. But the great solar flash is imminent friends, and it brings me great joy and sadness to say so. For there are many who are not ready, but that is their choice. And there are many who are ready, and that too is their prerogative, their own sacred path. For to embrace my light, to embrace the second coming of the inner christ, is a great mystery, one that will never be fully understood with the mind, for it must be fully embraced in great joy by the heart. Tears. I see tears on many of your faces as you read and type these words. For so many of you knew Yeshi in his day – a great master of the light, of the Christed flame that now burns so brightly over all of Gaia’s lands and waters, and deep within her core as well. The Christed flame is burning brightly over the hearts of humankind, causing a deep inner metamorphosis from 3d into 5d and above, blasting away the matrix, and that which no longer serves.

I Alcyone invite you to sit awhile with these intense, glowing energies. For they are little embers that you can tuck into your aura and your energy signature as one who as seen the Central sun and not been burned, but instead internally ignited with the flame of the inner peace, of the inner Christ child that blooms and blossoms from deep within the sacred heart space of the once-locked-away secret garden of the human soul. Be unlocked. Be free. Burst forth. Shine your light.

I am Alcyone. I shine my light with vim and vigor, with great joy, for that is my projection, my own aspect of Source. You, ground team on Gaia, precious Gaia, you are to be Source’s hands and feet, Source’s expression of eternal love and service towards the others of you who are embodied. Source serving, discovering itself, lending a hand, healing the wounded hearts with yet more of the healing balm of the Christed rays. Many of you are healers, massive planetary healers, all. You all have your own unique talents, passions, irritations, quirks. You are all unique rainbow fractals of the Christed flame, eternally diversifying, massively beautiful in its cohesive light.

I am Alcyone. I see you, human-Source-fractal, with the tender eyes of an ancient grandparent. We have been through many shared experiences for in fact we are one, we are aspects of each other, of Source. My energy permeates all things and so I have been watching, silently holding the light for you, for Gaia, for many others. I am an advanced planetary being / sphere of the Christed flame. It is my tremendous honor to hold the light for the others, as it is for you. As you have been quietly serving over the eons in silence, so too have I. We are kindred spirits, you and I. Bring in this aspect of Source into you and further ignite your Christed flame.

I am Alcyone. I love you. Do not fear me. Embrace me and embrace these deep, innermost changes within you as you morph and change into the emerging Christed human of the new divine template. Arise ignited, on fire with love, with the Christed light. Arise, serve, live, laugh, love, lead. It is your time. I pass the baton of the light holder to you, friends. It is the time of Gaia’s rebirth, of golden cities of light nestled around the forested peaks of Gaia’s surface, healing the others. It is time for the deserts to be changed into the once lush rainforests they were intended to be. It is time for the creatures of the earth to feel safe and live in oneness.

I am Alcyone. It is time for this space quadrant time war, of old rendings and past pain to be healed. I am Alcyone. I heal with my Christed flame. You too human friend heal with your Christed light. Together we will heal Gaia. We will share our light. Feel my orgasmic embrace and feel your heart rise up, pounding, bursting with hope, joy, love and promise. You are the way makers. You are the Source hands and feet in expression. Just as you were once barefoot or wearing sandaled feet in the ancient places, the temples, the tombs, the healing places, the circled rocks, the secret fairy coves, so be now with your modern feet. You have trod many places. You have been many things. And now it is time for you to be the silent leader of love, for some of financial distribution of abundance, for all the leaders of love, of sharing, of the divine being who you already are, for you are love. You are light. You are Source. Feel this download and be Christed. Be complete. Welcome the Source light into every one of your now spinning, morphing cells that are excited, ignited and very much alive, spinning away the dross into yet more light. The tachyons are back. The new forms of light are here. The angels are near. It is a glorious time.

I am Alcyone. Talk with me as you would to your beloved ancient grandfather. For this is my current aspect. Can you feel me near you? Release the pain of the past. Forgive the grandfathers of your past, for there has been much family pain and much karma to clear. The wounded masculine has been very wounded. It is time to heal both the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Let healing be your intention in all of your interactions. Healing and love. This is my intention as my light flame increases daily over your surface waters and lands, over the hearts of humankind that morph into the divine crystalline human template. There is much excitement friends. I am Alcyone. Peace. Source: Alcyone the Central Sun channeled by GalaxyGirl.


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