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Ascension Updates: January 2019

From Trusted Alternative News Sources

January 16, 2019 - "STEP FORTH! THE TIME IS NOW!" - I AM your Mother God and I have a message for All Lightworkers! STEP FORTH! THE TIME IS NOW! The time for old programs that made you feel small, insecure, question your power and not feel good enough is finished. Those programs are deleted as of now. So be it, it is done. These programs were brought forth by Beings who did their best to keep you down.


You are one of very precious few who have chosen to come. To lead by example, to lead with your hearts...the chosen few. You begged and pleaded and prepared to be here now. You have the strength, you have the courage, you must stand up now!


You have prepared!! You have the knowledge and you have the pure hearts to accomplish your missions successfully. You shall lead by example. You shall make courageous decisions leading with your heart.


Again, know that you are fully supported in all ways and means. You only need to ask for assistance and we will all be there.


I love you and ask ever so gently, but firmly, that you move forward. STAND UP! BE THE SHINING BEACONS THAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE...THAT YOU ASKED TO BE! SHINE YOUR LIGHTS!

The time has come that many, many, many (people) will need to see your lights. They are swimming in the darkness and they need to see the HOPE that you will bring. They don't understand what is going on. They see the changes, they feel the chaos that has been projected and they are afraid.

* * * I plead with you, dear Lightworkers, as YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONES and you must step forward. * * * STAND UP! * * * SPEAK UP! * * * THE TIME IS NOW! * * * I AM your Mother God and I have sent my message to you today so that you can REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE! REMEMBER! * * * I LOVE YOU, MY DEAR CHILDREN. Go with my love, always. (SUGGESTION: READ THIS MESSAGE ALOUD TO YOURSELF. FEEL THE INTENSE ENERGY OF IT). Source: Divine Mother God channeled by Dancing Dolphin.

January 11, 2019 - POSITIVE CHANGES IN EARTH'S ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD - The recent changes to the Earth’s electromagnetic field are affecting you in positive ways. Everything that you experience from this point forward is moving you closer to being ready for the energies of the shift. So everything must be seen as a positive step forward for humanity, and this is no exception. The changes in the field are making Earth more compatible with the high frequency energies that are coming at you from all angles, all day, every day.

And the grid that you have been co-creating together has also been improved by the recent changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field. So this will affect you all individually in different ways, but the end result will be that you will be transformed on a cellular level. You will be able to hold higher frequencies in your physical bodies. You will have greater access to the portal that exists within you that gives you direct access to the Source Energy dimension, and you will be able to feel your emotions more intensely. And that means that you can move through the lower frequency emotions more quickly and efficiently.

We also want to assure you that this change is affecting the Earth’s environment in a positive way. It is going to be a part of the global clean up that you will also experience before the shift is complete. You can expect more positive changes to occur, some of which will be initiated by the Earth herself, and some of which will be initiated by the Earth’s allies, of which there are many. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 9, 2019 - LEMURIA, ATLANTIS, ET's & NEW TIMELINES - We are seeing more of the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis being excavated. We are seeing a timeline where you discover the truth of how long there has been human life on your planet, and we are also seeing the possibility that irrefutable evidence of extra-terrestrial life on planet Earth will be discovered, and it will be discovered by someone who will not cover it up. Now, what all of this will do for all of you is yet to be determined. More possibilities will open up for you depending on how you handle all of that information as a collective. The information stored in the crystals from Lemuria and Atlantis are enough to take humanity to new heights.

But with those discoveries that you have in your very probable future come the traumas, as many of you have yet to fully process the emotions you’ve experienced from the losses of Atlantis and Lemuria, and also from the experiences that you’ve had with extra-terrestrials. Of course, not all of them have been good, and we are referring to past life experiences with them as well. What you have shown yourselves to be ready for is an intense time, a time of information coming to you that many of us in the higher realms believe you can now handle. But you are the ones who must take it on and face it, and we are the ones who have faith in your ability to do just that. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 8, 2019 - HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SPIRIT GUIDE BASHER channeled by Darryl Anka - Funny. Humorous. This video sets a new standard for self-improvement messages (IMHO).

January 7, 2019 - THE NEW YEAR WILL BRING SHOCKING NEWS, EARTH SHATTERING EVENTS, MAJOR POLITICAL UPHEAVAL AND HEART AWAKENING - Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council serving full-time through the Ascension Process. From our perspective the Ascension Process is proceeding rapidly and effectively on the earth. The energies are perfect to set the stage for the new. The energies of this new year 2019 are clear and clean. They reflect the illuminated cleansing that occurred in 2018. These energies released expressions of darkness that had to be cleared. The horrific situations were beyond the understanding of those with heart and soul. There will be long-term ramifications of those events. Those involved affected everyone, helped people open their hearts, and helped people to see how important it is to help each other and to come together in oneness.

What happens to one affects everyone. Many sacrificed their lives, their livelihood, their homes, family, pets and their well-being. Needless to say, many lessons were learned and are still being learned through these heart wrenching events. The planet is in a state of flux. It is important not to take things for granted and to be aware. Being grateful that all needs are being met is integral to living daily on the earth right now.

In this new year there will be more shocking news, earth shattering events, major political upheaval and heart awakening. Humanity will begin to learn more of the truth about how they have been living, and the truth behind the scenes. It will be given in doses so that it can be processed at a rate that will not overwhelm the masses. This is part of enlightenment so that humanity can be freed.

Much is going on behind the scenes that cannot be revealed this time. The earth Council, the Light Alliance, the Angelics and Masters, are all working together to assist in aligning the energies that are not for the highest good of humanity. We are looking out for all of you. Clearances will be given at the appropriate time for information and action. Those who are part of the Galactic’s will become further involved with their missions. They will be coming together as teams for divine assignment. There is a lot of work to be done. Re-settlements will also need to take place so flexibility could be important.

We want to remind you to take excellent care of your selves and each other. It will all be worth it because the shift is nearly here. If you feel you need extra assistance please call upon us. We hear you, know you, and are with you. I am Mira sending you love from the Earth Council, the Pleiades, and the Forces of Light. Source: Mira from the Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner.

YOU ARE LIVING IN A RE-CONSTRUCTION ZONE! - Here is the latest message from Apollo, January 3, 2019: "A major event is on its way. These are the days that have been long foretold. What matters the most is your love of self, of life and love itself. You are a part of the earth so love of the earth is also paramount. You are living in a re-construction zone. Much needs to be done to de-construct you from your past way of living in favor of the new. There are signs and guide posts wherever you turn. You must be aware and on guard awhile you are moving around. Don’t take anything for granted. Pay attention to the signs around you. Take things slowly and fill each day with the pleasure of moving through this mess. All is going to be cleaned up with the event that is at hand.” Source: Apollo channeled by Valerie Donner.

January 5, 2019 - BECOMING AWARE OF SELF-SABOTAGING UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS - We will repeat today a message concerning unconscious beliefs. There are things that you accept as true even though you have not personally given any thought to them. Some are extremely important and limiting. In one of our messages we used the words deserve and worthy. We used the word unworthy. This was in the context of a discourse on the illusion of separation. We would like to expand on those terms today.

We understand, and we stated, that mankind is in the process of bringing the illusion of separation to an end. Seen from your vantage point, it will be obvious that everyone is not at the same point in the process. And the ideas of unworthiness and being undeserving are an unconscious anchor holding many in place where they are. As is the idea that it is not possible to be at one with the divine. There are even those, and not a few, who would be afraid to achieve that oneness. So we have here a few serious things to discuss.

If you cannot think of yourself as deserving of a thing, you will never be able to have it. If someone were to give it to you, you would figure out a way to lose it. The same is true of feeling unworthy. And almost every person on your world has as least begun by judging himself, herself, as being in that state, if not just downright needing to be punished. Many centuries of being taught such things have resulted in you believing them.

It is a widely understood concept now that the divine does not judge. But understanding the concept does not guarantee that it is accepted in one’s deepest core. It is quite possible to think one thing and actually believe the opposite. In fact, it is more than possible, it is common.

As for being afraid to achieve oneness, or even progress, this also is holding many back. You do not know what sort of life you will lead when those things are overcome. And what one doesn’t know, one has been taught to be afraid of. And again, it is possible to wish for something and still fear having it.

There are practices among you these days that will help you to find and root out these things. And they can be found and worked on in prayer and meditations of all kinds. It is not all lost however if you do not practice these things. It may be a lot more difficult to see them in yourself however.

That is the trick, you see. You need to know that they are there. Once you find them, merely being aware of them will begin to dissolve them. Now in the time you are living through, the energies that your world is being flooded with are bringing these things to the surface for you to see and release. And those who understand this will have a much better time of it than those who do not yet know what is happening. Of course this is the reason why we keep pointing things like this out to you.

There is one more suggestion we would make, and it is not the first time we have made it, nor is this the first time you will have seen it. If you make a daily practice of sitting quietly and breathing white, or perhaps white and violet, light into the top of your crown, your heart, and then throughout your body, you can make short work of much of this. It is not necessary to spend large amounts of time with it. It is good if you can remember to do it often throughout your day. It is accepted by many that you are about to enter an entirely new phase of this ascension process. And that is true. Would it be a shock for you to discover that the process of self-realization will not end there? Source: The Council channeled by Ron Head.

January 4, 2019 - LET GO OF WHO YOU HAVE BEEN - Before you can begin a new life, you must let go of the one that you have been living. It must be a conscious practice for you. You will find that the letting go will be something that will be enjoyable in the long run. As you release your attachments to things, and people, and goals, you also release attachment to the version of yourself that you have been. That was a lovely experience, full of wonder, excitement, and also with sorrow, letdowns, anger, remorse.

So letting go of that self means letting go any sense of identity that you once gleaned from experience, accomplishments, status, and so on. Those were always temporary and were more ways for you to play out your idea of separation and your dramas to give you reasons to feel things.

And now it is time for you to be completely new in every moment. And to be completely new in every moment means to release attachment to who you were five seconds ago. You are not the sum total of everything that you have ever done and said and thought. You are so much more. You are pure potential. You are infinite Energy and you are limitless creation.

When you are willing and able to release attachment to former self, to forget everything that you have learned, to take a moment to consciously set yourselves free, you will find that there is nothing standing in between you and a reality that up until now only existed in your dream state. Welcome to the new you. Source: The Creators channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 3, 2019 - FEEL THE LOVE FLOW - We are excited to bring you each and every update that we do. We are especially enthusiastic about sharing with you this particular transmission because it is going to leave you feeling that truth of who you are flowing through you. We are talking about love.

We are talking about the experience of love that is always available to you, and we want you all to recognize that. We want you to feel for the truth of who you are flowing through you because it is the ultimate experience to have in a physical body.

You are all channels of love, but you are not always allowing yourselves to align with that truth. There really are no good reasons to deny yourselves the experience of love, but you certainly have come up with quite a few over your many lifetimes. When you let go, you fall in love. When you let yourselves have the experience, it simply flows.

It’s not something you have to work on. What you have to work on are the issues that get in the way of you fully feeling it and expressing it.

Now, oftentimes you take for granted that the other people in your life know that you love them, or you say the words, but you don’t really engage in the emotion itself when you say them. So we are here now to encourage you to not only say the words, ‘I love you,’ but we also want you to direct the love that you are to the other person, or pet, or whomever, while you are saying it.

Make eye contact. Make physical contact. Make sure you are actually feeling love flow through you, and make sure you let everyone know that you feel it, that you are it, and that you are opening yourself up to allow more of it to flow because of them. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

January 2, 2019 - PLEIADIAN LIGHT-SHIPS DESCEND TO WITHIN 1-MILE OF EARTH'S SURFACE - On December 26, 2018, at the direction of the Grand Councils of Light, benevolent Pleiadian military light forces descended to within 1-mile of the Earth's surface. This is a sub-protocol dubbed as "Operation Masterpiece" and it is fully engaged now and will be engaged through January 5th. This sub-protocol is part of the overall prime mission "Project Freedom Earth" to fully liberate the planet. Over 70,000 Pleiadian light-ships are involved in this grand mission to Earth. Back-up support from the sky to the ground is being provided by three other major star nations. The goal of this final deployment of light forces to Earth is to assist in completely closing out the old 3D Earth matrix portal and to fully open up the new 5D Earth portal of Heaven on Earth. The majority of major Cabal leaders have been neutralized and we are closing in fast on the remaining one. We have a super back-up plan just in case, and believe we have thought of every possible scenario. Source: Reposted by Era of Light - Click Here to Read the Full Report.


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