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Ascension Updates: December 2018

From Trusted Alternative News Sources

December 27, 2018 - GROUP MEDITATION LOWERS CRIME, SUICIDE, & DEATHS IN SURROUNDING AREAS - Meditation is not just a way to cope with stress and seek inner knowledge. It literally has the potential to literally transform the world. When large numbers of people get together and meditate at the same time, it has an energetic ripple effect on the consciousness of the surrounding people. People who aren’t even meditating are impacted by the effects of the meditators. Let’s look at some of the scientific studies that prove this to be the case. Source: Spirit Science - Click Here to Read the Full Report. - Click Here for the Global Peace Directory.

December 26, 2018 - LIFTING THE VEIL - We are very interested to see how you are going to enjoy the feeling of liberation when you release yourselves from the limitations that you have placed upon yourself. This experience is one that you only get to have once, because you will never move from such a place of limitation to such a place of liberation. It’s not possible in any of the other dimensional shifts that you will make on your journey back to Source.

The agreement that you made to be third, and now fourth, dimensional before you incarnated is one that you did not take lightly. It is one that you knew would be the ultimate challenge of existence, and now that you are closing in on letting go of all of that limitation, we can feel the excitement and the enthusiasm within you.

We want you to know that the freedom from limitation that we are talking about has nothing at all to do with money, borders, governments, or even the cabal/illuminati/whatever name they are being called in this moment. You will be the ones who lift the veil, and that will occur in the moment you truly recognize that you are infinite and eternal beings of light and love.

When you start living that truth in every moment, then nothing about your economy can keep you down. No chemtrail is strong enough to lower your vibration, and there is nothing that anyone can do, who is in one of those positions of power, that will be able to put the limitations back on you.

One of the greatest illusions that you are living under is that people outside of you have any sort of control over you. They do not decide for you whether you are in your hearts or not. That is all on you, and that is the freedom that you seek. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

December 25, 2018 - THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS - Our perspective is that you are awakening within you so much of the light that the world needs, and yet you often do not give yourselves credit for the fact that you are doing so much for the rest of humanity. Your consciousness there on Earth is bringing about the great changes that you want to see.

Those of you who are awakened want to experience a better world, and you want that world to be a better world for everyone. Just the fact that you hold that desire within you is a huge service to humanity. The big picture here is that you are breaking down barriers that have existed within each of you. You have been defragmenting yourselves and becoming whole.

That work alone is so significant that if it were all that you did, it would still be enough of a contribution. When you realize that the outside world must reflect what is going on inside of you, and you take note of all of the wonderful work that you have done, it should then be impossible for you all to not acknowledge yourselves. We want you to do just that on a regular basis so that you can take the pressure off of yourselves to do more or to be more than you are right now.

You are there on Earth leading by example, holding space for humanity, and wanting what is best for every single person on the planet. And that common desire that you have for a better life for all unites you as a collective of light-workers. This is the gift that you are to humanity. This is the second coming of the Christ Consciousness that you are celebrating on your Earth. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

December 21, 2018 - WINTER SOLISTICE - THE GALACTIC WAVE IS COMING! - The galactic wave is coming closer and closer. And it is destined to raise the consciousness of all at one fell swoop as it swoops across the planet, as it spreads across the planet. This galactic tsunami will spread across the entire planet. And it will do so in a very short period of time. So every life form on the planet cannot help but feel the immense shift of consciousness that comes with this wave. So, all of those here in the Ashtar Command, the Jupiter Command, the Galactic Federation of Planets: all of us are here to assist and to help you through this process of Ascension. And all you need to do is call upon us. What is Ascension? It is moving from one level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness. That is what this is all about. Source: Lord Aramda channeled by James McConnell - Click Here to Read the Full Report.

December 19, 2018 - A YEAR OF CHANGE: 2019 - The year 2019 will be filled with a lot of shifting and change. The planet is changing. As you witness that change, you will see people go into fear. As they go into fear, they will isolate themselves, disconnect themselves intentionally from others, but we’re asking all of you to start working with facing your fears, to eliminate separation, to increase your oneness. On the other hand, as you move into 2019, several opportunities will arise in ways that you never dreamt possible before. More and more of the people are waking up and seeing that nefarious people are clearly manipulating things behind the scenes. They’re right out in the open. Becoming a master of a connection with the Earth will be an incredible focus for 2019. Source: The Time Keeper channeled by Steve Rother - Click Here to Read the Full Report.

December 18, 2018 - YOU ARE A MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ASPECT OF DIVINE MIND - Being in human form is only one aspect of who you are. As a physical being focused on this third dimension, it seems to you as if that is all that is. It feels real, looks real; yet it is only one perspective of the multidimensional aspects of what a human/being actually is. Each dimension is available to you at all times. Each is resonating at a different frequency. As more and more beings become conscious, these other realities/dimensions will begin to appear. Understand that the world you view is only one small perspective of the whole. Remember, you are a consciousness and an aspect of Divine Mind. You are multidimensional in nature and function. How the multidimensional aspect of yourself manifests depends on your belief systems, your expanded awareness, and your openness to all possibilities. Source: ©2006 Peggy Black at www.morningmessages.com.

December 17, 2018 - Your job is to have no attachment to the appearance of disharmony but to hold to the Love within all things. - Deep within you and all around you is Divine Love. When you are free from distracting thoughts about the surface appearance of the world, it is easier to remember this truth. Even if you are in a situation that appears to be upsetting, know deeply in your heart that God's Love exists within all things. When you remember this higher wisdom, the outer world of appearances has no choice but to fall in line with your focus of attention.

It has become a scientific truth in the study of quantum physics that the particles of atomic fields arrange themselves into form when the focus of the scientist's attention is there. Before this focus of attention, the particles were waves of energy with unlimited potential. Many books have been written which describe this process in detail. This field of unlimited potential, waiting for your focus of attention, is why your thoughts are so powerful. This is why you can create your new reality by holding a vision of what you want to see happen.

The universe will be creating your reality according to your thoughts, whether you are paying attention or not, so having a conscious awareness of the future reality you choose to create is very potent. Imagine a world of Love in your thoughts, focus your attention on this as truth, and you shall have it. Know that with God all things are possible. This means it is possible for the world to live in Peace and Harmony, for all people to have enough food to be healthy, and that all can live in joy-filled Abundance. Despite appearances to the contrary, this is Divine Will for all human beings.

Your deepest beliefs will affect this process. It is good to be aware of the subconscious thoughts that run contrary to your future visions. Your thoughts are the vehicle to create a world of Love and Peace for yourself and all others in alignment with this idea. Know that one of the greatest truths in the universe is that God exists in all circumstances and Divine Love is within all things. Hold your mind on the power of God's Love, ask for a miracle if you need it, and allow this Universal Presence of Love to show you a reality where Harmony and Beauty are all that exist. Source: Archangel Michael channeled by Shanta Gabriel.

December 14, 2018 - FEELING GOOD IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT - The purpose of crying is to release emotions that make you sad. It’s important for your well being to vent and let the tears flow when you reach overload. The purpose of laughing is also for your well being. Humor relaxes you and reminds you not to take life so seriously all the time. Imagine a World without laughter. When was the last time you had a really huge belly laugh? Remember how good it felt to laugh at a comedy with friends or to laugh at yourself. Not only do your oxygen levels rise but endorphins are released to make you feel better.

Feeling good is what it’s all about, surviving Earth life. Daily exposure to negativity has a very detrimental affect on you. Being told to “lighten up, take it easy, calm down”, by others is said with good intentions but often the recipient gets defensive because you just can’t instantly raise your feelings from low to high. Do what makes you feel good at your own pace. Simple pleasures work best in steadily rising you away from gloom and doom. Your number one priority is to be a resident in the land of Joy. Life has many ups and downs and we are here to experience the good and the bad.

Each and every day forgive yourself and others and start with a clean slate. Isn’t that a priceless gift being able to live TODAY without the past or present successes or imagined failures getting in your way? No person, place, or thing can control or take away your Joy. The Highest Vibration is Joy and Joy was given to you by your Creator. Live in Joy and Gratitude my friends of the Earth. Source: Lord Maitreya Speaks at PleiadianCaptain.Space.

December 13, 2018 - DEDCEMBER 2018 SOLSTICE ENERGIES - The Solstice energies are about unification. They are about letting go of differences. They are about forgiveness, and they are about removing the illusion of separation. If humanity could see itself as a collective, the world could change overnight. If you could support one another regardless of beliefs that differ, you could see so much positive change. You could experience a coming together the likes of which would warm every single heart on the planet. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

PUTTING FAITH IN YOURSELVES. When you put your faith in the universe (Spirit, God) and the plan for humanity, you are putting your faith in yourselves, and you are putting your faith in Source. The Source Energy within each and every one of you is strong enough to overcome any egoic persuasions. And remember that as you evolve and expand, so does Source. That means the signal within you is getting stronger all the time. That means it’s harder and harder for anyone on Earth to ignore that Source essence that is coming from within. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

December 12, 2018 - ECHOES OF THE NEW PARADIGM - Your planet is in the process of a spiritual awakening. When you begin to notice and pay attention to the larger unfolding, you become aware that truly, something is occurring. Most of the shifts and changes have been subtle and have been taking place for a great number of years; the shifts now, however are beginning to be obvious. You are observing the rise of feminine energy stepping up, speaking out and coming forth in leadership positions.

There are those who are awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave. These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to model and sculpt energy with more loving consciousness. They are envisioning and imagining and calling forth this new reality.

Science and spirituality are merging in the reality that the laws of quantum physics are working through you, whether you believe them or not. You and your collective have the awesome opportunity to anchor, advance, and welcome the truths that are the first echoes of the new paradigm which are becoming apparent. Source: The Team channeled by Peggy Black at MorningMessages.com.

December 11, 2018 - YOU ARE POWERFUL MULTI-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS OF LIGHT. We are placing a great deal of our attention on the way in which all of you are choosing to reveal to yourselves how powerful you are. The reason why we are giving this the majority of our attention is because we want to use that same approach to help empower the rest of humanity. You all are looking within more for your power, and we are noticing where you are finding that power. You are in fact very powerful beings who have been tricked into believing that you are almost completely powerless, especially when you don’t have a lot of money, power, or influence. Now, the power we were referring to in that last sentence was the kind you get from being a king, a queen, a president, a prime minister, or the head of a corporation. That is traditionally how you have seen individuals displaying power, and that time is coming to an end.

You are in fact realizing that most of those individuals who have a great degree of power in one sense actually feel quite disempowered. Why else would one seek to rise such a position? But now humanity is recognizing that you have power within you, especially those of you who are awakened. You have been taught that you are the creators of your reality. You have been told about the power of your focus and how powerful your vibration is. So now we see more and more people, just in the past week, tuning in to that inner power. We see massive amounts of awakening to the truth that your vibration gives you the ability to create what you want. We also see more of you jumping timelines consciously than we have ever seen before. You all are deciding one by one to take back your power, and we could not be more joyous to witness it. Everything that you do now helps to inform us as to how we can reach the rest of humanity, how we can convince them that they are also in fact very powerful beings. Source: The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

December 10, 2018 - YOUR PREPARATION CHECKLIST FOR ASCENSION - Greetings I am Mira the Pleiadian. I greet you today from the Earth Council where I have been working for over six of your earth years. My job is to assist the earth’s Ascension process. I am here to assist you as you move into higher consciousness. At this time, I would like to assist you with several different matters. This is in preparation for your Ascension. It should serve you well and I trust that you will take these matters into consideration.

Number one. What is your stamina level? You are running the last lap of the final race. Are you breathing? Are you keeping your eye on the prize? Are you continuing to raise your vibration? Are you letting go of what no longer serves you? Are you trusting the process? Are you reminding yourselves of your part in the divine plan?

Number two. What is your most important area of focus right now? Are you prioritizing your spiritual work and healing? Are you taking care of first things first? What matters the most? Are you trusting yourself? Are you believing in yourself? Can you envision a new future for yourself and a new planet?

Number three. Are you building greater faith and trust in the process at hand? Are you managing to stay positive and when something negative comes do you let it go and not let it affect you as it would have in the past? Do you feel that you are capable of maneuvering over any hurdles that might come your way?

Number four. As you approach the end of these lower dimensions do you feel yourself becoming less burdened? Does the material world have less impact your daily life? Are you beginning to get a sense of what it feels like from time to time to feel some bliss, joy and happiness? Do you want more of these positive feelings?

Number five. Are you getting ready to have contact with us, the Galactics? Are you open to meeting some of your Galactic brothers and sisters who are already on the planet? Are you aware that you will recognize us when you see us? Can you begin to imagine how joyful and heartfelt your reunions will be? Are you ready to share and learn from each other?

Number six. What is your preparation level for stepping into new work assignments? What is the burning desire and passion within for greater service to the earth and life on the earth? Are you willing to learn with others and to share what you know? Are you willing to amplify your creativity and to part with the old way of doing things?

Number seven. Right now, it is can you think about getting the best that you can get from these final days in the third dimension? Can you make the best of it? Can you put it all together so that you can see the big picture and get the value from that? Can you remind yourself that you chose to be here at this time for this very special purpose? Can each of you realize how important your contribution is, and that the value of your energy and love is enough?

These are my thoughts right now. I hope that they will be helpful. I cannot wait to see your reactions. We are in full swing with everything that is occurring right now. Our total focus is on you and the earth. We continue to participate in doing our part in relieving the earth from the contamination of the dark forces and for the illumination of the light. I am Mira with love. Source: Mira the Pleiadian channeled by Valerie Donner.

December 6, 2018 - QUESTIONS ABOUT SOURCES OF CHANNELED MATERIAL. - Question: “There are many folks who channel, some channel individual energies/entities, others channel multiple beings that act as a group, for example The Council, Abraham, etc. Are these all separate beings or the same just known by different names, and is the advice they give all pointing us humans in the same direction? Thanks!” Answer: Understand that ‘The Council’ is not a name we gave ourselves. We have explained, as has our channel, in previous messages, that it is a name he asked to call us by when he tried to explain his experience of us. We do not need names here, but we do understand your need to have a way to identify us when you do not feel the energy of us.

But do you understand that on these planes, an intelligence can be anywhere it is needed at the speed of thought? It can also be everywhere it is needed. Can be and is. Now, are we all pointing you in the same direction? We will answer in this way. It is obvious that there is an entire spectrum of energies in the universe. There is lower than where you are. There is where you are. There is higher beyond your ability to comprehend. Yet you are made to evolve into that comprehension. And you contain a spark of divinity that drives you to that end. And our role is to help you in that endeavor. Source: The Council channeled by Ron Head - Click Here to Read the Full Report.

December 5, 2018 - BE IN THE MOMENT, FILLED WITH JOY, GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION. - There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being that we invite you to maintain. When you bring your awareness into the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of a high vibration, it does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it. The key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your joy, gratitude and appreciation. There will be a flow, a grace and an ease. It is not what you do, but how you do each moment. The illusions of struggle, stress and strain are low frequencies, and these states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down.

Become aware that you hold the illusion of struggle, difficulty, and challenges; these are states of mind that are learned as part of the third dimension. They are part of the collective limitations of lack and powerlessness. There is an awareness occurring in the consciousness of humans - that they are unlimited; they are only playing a hologame that appears to have limitation. This is an illusion. These illusions of limitation are passed down from parent to child; they are only beliefs. These limitations are encouraged and maintained by your society; they are supported by the media, and by your leaders. Limitation is the old third dimensional paradigm.

There is an evolution of consciousness happening in the hearts and minds of more and more humans who are waking up to the realization that they are the creators of their experience. This evolution of consciousness expands into the truth of the unlimited self - into the awareness, and the aspect of each human becoming conscious of their lives in multiple realities. Source: Morning Messages channeled by Peggy Black at www.morningmessages.com

December 4, 2018 - YOU HAVE LOVED EVERYONE! - We have begun the process of examining your Akashic records, and we are looking for connections that you have made in your past lives to each of the individuals that you currently share your planet with. We are looking to create a tapestry of genuine connection throughout all of the many lifetimes that you have all spent in this galaxy together. We want to unite humanity so that humanity can unite the galaxy. And the way we are looking to achieve this is by sending a transmission that will include every single one of those connections, every single moment where you will have looked at one of your fellow humans and felt the vibration of love within you. We are eager to complete this little project of ours and to transmit that energy to all of you.

We are eager to awaken within you the knowing that everyone on planet Earth, even those who are sworn enemies have at one time or another loved each other. You have all done so. You have all felt love within you at one time in your very long history for every other person that is on planet Earth right now. We know this already, and we are going to come up with the perfect transmission of energy to remind you. When you are reminded of the truth that you are love, nothing else matters. Nothing that someone else has ever done or said or been can compare to the truth of who you all really are. We are just going to offer that reminder and then see what happens. We have so much faith in all of you that we know what the effect will be, but we are still eager to see it all playing out and to see you all feeling it once again. Source: The 9th Dimensional Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

December 2, 2018 - STAYING IN THE FLOW - Before every exhale, you must inhale . Before every inhale there is an exhale. When you give you receive. When you receive you give. When you spend it is because you have saved or you will save to pay for your purchase. In all things within the vast and magnificent Presence of the Divine, there must be circulation. Energy must flow to you, through you, and from you in order for you – and the universe – to be healthy. When energy is stuck you feel fatigued or unpleasant. When spiritual energy is flowing you feel boundless physical and joy. You have access to an unending and constant source of energy at all times. You need not feel tired. You need not feel pain. However, so many of you have simply not been taught how to keep your energy in flow.

There is a human tendency to stuff your feelings for example. Your body tries to hold the energy, like a battery, as best it can. However it gets "overcharged" with stuffed emotions, and begins to attract more of that energy from the outside world. Pretty soon, like a person with "static cling," you have all sorts of energies stuck to you. As soon as you find a healthy outlet for those feelings, the energy is in motion once again and anything that was "clinging" to you is easily washed away in the flow.

There is also a belief that "it is better to give than receive." In truth you cannot separate the two. When you give, you receive joy, satisfaction, pleasure in seeing the receiver receive. When you receive, if done graciously, you gift the giver with your own joy and appreciation. If you give but refuse to receive, you can easily become bitter, broke, and exhausted. If you receive but refuse to give of your love you will be very lonely indeed for you will never feel the love of God emanating from within you.

Giving and receiving does not have to be "even" in the material sense. It simply has to feel good in the energetic sense. You will know when you are out of flow by your fatigue, pain, or upset. You will know when you are in flow again by your feelings of relief, contentment, and joy. Even your body will relax when you feel the flow of grace running through its channels unobstructed once again. Your heart will be joyous!

So, dear ones, in this season of giving, by all means, share your love. But don't forget to receive as well. Sit. Breathe. Receive our love and the love of God. Receive your gifts graciously. Give of your gratitude and appreciation. Above all give the gift of your Presence. Your true, honest, and authentic self given to the world without shame or guilt – in any given moment – is the greatest gift you can give. A rose is made to bloom and yet the thorns are a gift of its Presence as well. All of you are a gift dear ones. Give yourselves to the world honestly, and in return you will have no obstructions to receiving our love. God Bless You! We love you so very much. Source: The Angels channeled by Ann Albers.

December 1, 2018 - YOUR GALACTIC HISTORY - We have noticed a trend upon your planet, and that trend is to look for reasons to not be in harmony with one another. This trend is not something that humanity came up with. You all took it on. Your prejudices, your bigotry, your xenophobia, and so many other habits that you’ve picked up have come from other parts of the galaxy. Earth was always meant to be extraordinarily diverse, especially in comparison to other planets in the galaxy.

And with all of that conflicting energy that you have there on Earth, it was part of your destiny to be at each other’s throats over little things like what country you were born in, or what color skin you have. Something as silly as the way you choose to connect with Source has become a huge polarizing and divisive issue, and it needn’t be. If you think about it, how someone else chooses to make that connection has nothing to do with you.

So there must be a bigger story here, and the bigger story is that you all have long histories in the galaxy. You have had experiences in other star systems where extra-terrestrials have invaded and taken over. You’ve seen planets destroyed over ideologies, and you’ve seen people taking their beliefs to such an extreme that they would participate in a genocide without blinking an eye.

So that’s the history that led up to the Earth experiment, and you all carry these memories in your cells, in your DNA, in the atoms that make up your physical bodies, and of course, whether you remember them or not, they are a part of your consciousness. Therefore, when you see something happening on your planet that makes you feel very depressed about the state of the human collective, please recognize that you took this on as a collective, and you took it on in order to heal it, in order to release it.

You took it on because you knew that you would be the ones to break the cycle, to release all of this violence and hatred. And in order to do that, you had to stir the pot up again first. But please believe us when we say that we know you will release all that is divisive, all that separates, and you will do it in this lifetime. And those of you who are aware of this transmission, you are the ones to lead this revolution. Source: The 9th Dimensional Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.


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