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"Progressive reports on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka Ascension)"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: August 2019

BlissfulVisions.com August 28, 2019 - YOU CAN STOP THE 3D PROGRAMMING - Sananda (Jesus) - Up to this point, most of the collective consciousness of this planet has mainly had access to the more negative thoughts within the realm of Universal Mind. Because that is where they were. That is where they found themselves, and they accessed those thoughts. And those of the dark forces know this. So what did they populate Universal Mind with? Darker, more impure and negative thought processes and patterns and programming. And that is what the majority of the population of this planet continues to access.

But that is all changing and shifting now as vibrations across the planet continue to raise. And as these vibrations continue to raise, your consciousness, and therefore your thought processes also raise along with this. And your thought process is now in a more positive form and populates the Universal Mind Consciousness of this planet. And therefore, again replaces the older, more worn out programmed negative thought processes and patterns.

And now, as many of us have been telling you, the remembrances are returning. They are returning in your dream state. They are returning in your meditative state. And they are returning in your conscious knowing state as well. Because you have arrived. You have awakened. You have come to the threshold and reached the crescendo within you. Not that there is still more to come, there is. You still have a bit of a ways to go.

This analogy is perfect for this expression, that of the Neo within Matrix, and that you have come to the point, as he did in the movie, and that was all purposeful within that movie. But as he came to know that he was much more than what he had believed up to that point. And he was much more than the others around him as well. Because when they came up to the barriers, the barriers that were there in front of them in the village of those of the machines, of those that represented the machines, represented the cabal, represented the illuminati, represented the deep state, as it is being called now. When he realized that he could stand up to them, even up to a point, that he could do what others could not do previously, that is where you all are now at this point.

You have come to realize that you are much, much more than you have been programmed to believe. Not in an ego sense, but in a raising of consciousness sense, a raising of vibration within you, a raising into the higher levels of your being, and the connectedness with your Higher Self, and with all the aspects of your multi-dimensional selves. And when you come to the point when you can stand against the three-dimensional illusion and say, “no more!” as Neo did when he raised his hand and stopped the bullet. He stopped the three-dimensional illusion, the three-dimensional programming from interfering with him for once and for all. He stopped the program. He left the matrix.

This is where you are headed for, your destination. Your destiny, and your rightful place as you return to that place with all of us within the stars. Source: Sananda (Jesus) channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com August 27, 2019 - THE COMING CHANGES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very excited about the coming changes that we see for humanity in your not-so-distant future. We know that you all know what the real issues are with humanity, and that is so important. In the past, there would have been more people saying that, ‘The problem is that we need to get THIS person from THIS political party in office.’ Or they would have been saying, ‘These people are wrong, and so we need to defeat or eliminate them so that those who are right can prevail.’

But now what you are aware of, what is a truth that is so big that it cannot be ignored is that humanity needs compassion and to come together with a common goal. You need more unity. You need more acceptance. You need less finger pointing and more personal accountability, and there are people who are waking up to these truths who you wouldn’t expect to have those types of insights. But there they are talking about how when you take sides and you go to extremes, nothing gets accomplished and people just feel divided, uncertain, afraid, and lots of other unpleasant things.

So that recognition that more humans are having about this fundamental issue is heartwarming. It’s encouraging to see so many receiving that knowing and changing because of that knowing. In other words, when you can see how it doesn’t really work to call the other side ‘bad’ or ‘evil,’ you are going to change. You are going to want more from yourself. You are going to find common ground. You are going to want to see the perspective of that other side and understand it so that you can get down off of your high horse and meet that person wherever they are, perhaps even listening with a compassionate ear.

Now, we see humans not only coming to these conclusions we have outlined here, but we also see them acting upon it. We also see individuals who are ready to reach out to those they have fundamental disagreements with and find the sense of community anyway. You often do this with your family members, the ones you disagree with on very hot-button issues are still people that you love and want to associate with, and that is important. That is what the unity consciousness of humanity is born out of.

It is born out of that willingness to accept your family members who are much, much different from you in a variety of ways. And when you love them, that’s the signal you put out to the entire universe. The signal is that differences do not need to lead to hate, division, and a desire to defeat. This movement that we are seeing on Earth is very promising, and we promise you that it is only going to get better. We promise you that the unity that is being sought out right now will lead to some very big changes on planet Earth. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com August 26, 2019 - STEPPING INTO YOUR CREATOR-SELF - Sananda (Jesus) - Humanity is in the process of a great convergence onto a main higher timeline. This Collective timeline is one that allows everyone to experience the world as they believe it to be. This was accessible before on the lower end of creation but not on the highest possible end. Now we say to you that you have the ability to create and dream forth a reality that has no limitations, no barriers, other than the ones you create within yourself.

It is now up to each of you to let go of the limitations and belief systems that you have held as they no longer apply to your world. Each of you that are willing to step fully into the role of their creator self will be shown in each moment how they can shift what is perceived “out there”. Those that are willing to take on this great responsibility will also find great reward. By walking in your full power and responsibility you are taking the first steps of coming home within yourselves. You will find that your definitions of who you are will change or completely Fall Away.

Instead of being the actor playing a role you become the energy that holds all the roles. You will be able to move your perception to a much bigger picture. One that allows things to unfold as they will in your life and in the world.We say to you that the only way through is to love yourself and others back to wholeness. It is through this love of the seemingly unlovable that the fractures within and without will be healed. Now is the time to lay down the stories, the ones you have created within and the ones you have been told. The truth is only what resides in the open, loved filled, heart.

In this new space, you will find that your powers of manifestation and creative endeavor are heightened. With this comes great responsibility and the needed understanding that what one holds within is adding to a collective streamIt will be for a time as if there are two different streams of consciousness. One that will move into the direction of unfolding, empowerment and grand discovery. The other will focus on the destruction and the collapse. We want you to be aware of where you are putting your creative energies. Some of you will find that your energy is split. A part of you will focus on the infinite higher potential and another part will revel in the collapse. We caution against this split of your energy as it will leave you drained and with deep anxiety.

It will seem as if you are straddling two roads with cars whizzing past, unable to take a true step forward. Indeed that is what you will be doing. Splitting your energy will make it so that you do not have the strength to take the steps forward that you need to grow and create the life you want. Instead, we asked you to choose your highest excitement, your highest Joy. And if you are unable to do this we ask you to look at what within holds you back from accessing this place of pure potential. We welcome you to this new space and are excited to see what unfolds; you will discover and explore your infinite possibilities. Source: Sananda (Jesus) channeled by Jenny Schiltz.

BlissfulVisions.com August 25, 2019 - BREAKING OUT OF SEPARATION INTO ONENESS - The Arcturian Group - Increasingly high frequency energies pouring to earth at this time are serving to bring up deeply buried personal and global fears on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels for many already awakened as well as for the un-awakened.

Much of this fear has its root in the programing that has taken place for everyone on earth throughout their hundreds of lifetimes. Mankind has been taught that if they are "good", obey the ten commandments, go to church, and follow the laws and rules of those in charge, God will reward them--if not on earth then in the afterlife.

These teachings epitomize the myth of separation, one in which spirituality consists of pleasing a male God made in man's image and likeness that resides somewhere up in the sky and who spends his time watching each person's every move in order to assign them to his naughty or nice list for future placement in heaven or hell. You who read and understand these messages have long moved on from this myth, but sticky remnants of it can and do often pop up to effect even the most evolved.

Intense higher dimensional frequencies of Light are exposing these still active lower resonating energies. This in turn is causing issues to surface through one or more areas-- physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Rather than reacting with shock, resistance, or denial if or when this happens, rejoice, for it indicates that you have attained the spiritual readiness necessary to acknowledge and clear these obsolete energies.

Occasionally the energy of some past life trauma or disease will physically or emotionally re-manifest for a short time as their clearing takes place. It is fine to seek some basic relief if a clearing becomes painful or intense but avoid remedies that obliterate the clearing process (heavy drugs).

As uncomfortable as some clearings may be, they are a necessary part of the ascension process as low resonating energy cannot exist in the higher frequencies. Do not assign power to uncomfortable clearings but rather simply allow the process to unfold and you will find that it soon completes.

Some believe that by clearing all old energy, they lose their individuality and become spiritually "neuter". Nothing could be further from the truth. Every life experience serves to create individuality. Energetic clearing removes energies of attachment, fear, and power accumulated from certain experiences, but not the lessons learned or the joys experienced which become a part of one's state of consciousness and unique soul signature.

All is proceeding according to plan. Have no fear for the success of Gaia's ascension process because the "train has left the station" and cannot be stopped at this point. Because the third dimension is under the influence of time and space, ascension can only take place as a process and that process is activated and governed by the collective consciousness of the people on earth.

No matter how many evolved galactic, Higher dimensional Beings of light, and spiritual Guides stand ready to assist, under the law of free will they cannot step in with their advanced technologies and higher ways to change and "fix" earth's problems. Change can only manifest from the consciousness of the people because consciousness is the substance of all form.

This is why so many Starseeds and highly evolved souls are presently incarnated on earth while more continue to come. They have chosen to be on earth at this powerful time in order that the Light of their evolved consciousness can become a part of the collective thus helping to shift world consciousness.

You are them.

Love is the frequency of ascension. When an individual evolves to where they understand and accept love to be the interconnectedness of the many within the ONE, they begin to experience this state of consciousness throughout all aspects of ordinary daily living where peace manifests and flourishes.

Love is continually preached, sung about, written, and filmed but usually in accord with three dimensional beliefs of blame, judgement, conditions, and concepts. Unconditional love is an attained state of consciousness that is able to see through appearances to the Divine that lies hidden within every person or situation.

This is not easy to change one's way of seeing the world because throughout eons of time and hundreds of lifetimes everyone has been three dimensionally programmed. This is what you are in the process of moving beyond at this time which doesn't mean you ignore or remain uninformed regarding personal and world events, but rather means that your daily agenda is no longer based in three dimensional values.

In the beginning, most students of truth continue to respond to certain people and events with "knee jerk" reactions. This is normal. Never judge, criticize, or feel yourself a spiritual failure for reacting in some old habit because this reaction is your first step toward recognizing old beliefs still being carried in consciousness. Ask yourselves; "What am I believing that is making me feel this way?"

As you begin to recognize and acknowledge old programming, you initiate the process of sweeping out the little hidden corners of your belief system that were not previously a problem. This in turn allows unconditional love to become natural and easier. You begin to meet situations, personal or global, from a higher sense of love, one not based in emotional attachment to someone or something but based in the realization that only God is.

Life gets easier as you attain a consciousness of Oneness. The I that I am flows ITself through energies of harmony, orderliness, wholeness, balance, cooperation, cohesiveness etc. An attained consciousness of Oneness cannot help but manifest as Divine harmony without personal struggle or thought. Solutions to even the most mundane of problems often simply appear and synchronicity becomes the norm.

This is how many master musicians, scientists, inventors etc. created their masterpieces--somehow and often without conscious thought they opened themselves to receiving original and high resonating ideas from within as well as from High resonating Beings there to help them bring original and often necessary ideas into form from the other side.

Some learned to be silent for a bit which allowed those never before manifested ideas in alignment with their profession or talents to flow into conscious awareness. Some believed that these ideas came from their mind but others began to recognize that there was a Source other than themselves.

Truly original ideas and solutions can never flow from the human mind but rather flow through it because the source of all knowledge and creativity is only present within just awaiting recognition. The human mind on its own is only able to access information already present in the collective.

Love is the key dear ones, for absolutely nothing exists but the one Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Consciousness you call God and therefore of which, in which, and from which everything must be formed. There is nothing else--period. It is false, conditioned, and erroneous states of consciousness that form the world of duality and separation mankind has come to accept as reality.

All are brothers and sisters within the Infinite ONE, made of the same Substance and therefore embodying all the qualities of that Substance. Attaining the consciousness of this truth is to remember, live, express, and forever be the fullness of what in reality you already are. This is the goal of evolution.

Beings living on already ascended planets live their lives in the higher dimensional energies of oneness. Earth is being observed and assisted by these beings who understand because they too have experienced an ascension process although most planets did not begin at the density levels of earth.

Humans are not alone in the universe as so many continue to believe, nor are they the most intelligent species as you have been taught. Humans are an integral part of the vast collective of Divine consciousness manifesting Itself in infinite form, variety, and individuality. Those who continue to believe that they are alone in the Universe and that the human mind is the pinnacle of intellect are in for a great surprise.

Be not impatient with the process, for there remain many just beginning to become aware of the bigger picture behind world events and personal experiences. All will continue to move forward dear ones, for evolution can be ignored, denied, and avoided but cannot be stopped.

You are spiritual beings made of Divine Consciousness and can therefore change form but will never cease to exist. You are God individualized and not lowly beings subject to and needing protection from every three dimensional belief floating about in the universal collective consciousness. This is the reality of you, your essence, your soul, your real selfhood.

Never forget this and once and for all stop allowing others to persuade you otherwise regardless of how many college degrees they may have attained or what three dimensional positions of power they hold. Claim your Christhood for that is the reality. We are the Arcturian Group. Source: The Arturian Group channeled by Marilyn Raffaele.

BlissfulVisions.com August 22, 2019 - RAISE YOUR VIBRATION TO RECEIVE - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are setting the bar very high for humanity because we think very highly of you. We are impressed by all that you are able to face and feel in your lives, and we are certainly impressed by the fact that you are all still there, as hard as it is to be on Earth. We want you to know that we are not alone in holding all of you in very high esteem. We discuss humanity with other high-frequency beings and collectives all the time, and the consensus is that you all deserve a lot of respect for being able to endure the harsh reality of your circumstances.

We also want you to feel for the amount of compassion that there is coming to you from the higher realms, because it is immense. We all listen to your cries for help and your prayers, and you give us the opportunity to feel even more compassion and love than we could otherwise. So we are grateful to humanity, and we want you all to know that the help you have asked for is on its way. The prayers that you have sent up into the heavens have been asked and answered, and all that we ask from you is that you let go of your problems, and your fears and worries long enough, to be in the high vibration you need to be in to receive what is coming, what has already been sent.

This is a group effort, and there are beings whose job it is to soothe all of you, to give you a reason to feel good. Take your spirit guides, for example. They do everything in their power to get you to look at that sunset or to spend time with your loved ones. They are doing everything that they can to keep you out of despair so that you can receive all of the higher vibrational energies that are coming in in answer to those prayers and cries for help.

The next time that you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, just remember how much help you have. And the next time you are worrying about someone that you love very much, remember all the help that your loved one has. Some of you are perhaps scoffing at this assertion of ours that we and others have been answering those prayers and those cries for help, because you don’t see it. You look around at your reality, and you wonder where it is.

But please hear us when we say that you need to slow down enough, and relax just a little bit, so that you can open yourselves up to receive, so that you can let yourselves be in that higher vibrational state. Feel for the presence of your guides, and listen to that intuitive hit that you’re getting to go and have fun, to do something that is just for the sake of feeling joy. And watch how all that you have asked for becomes a part of your experience, effortlessly. Source: The 9D Arcturain Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com August 21, 2019 - PREPARING YOURSELVES FOR THE MAJOR ASCENSION EVENT - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have finished our evaluation of the human collective consciousness and its ability to handle higher frequency energies. Here is what we have discovered. Not everyone responds in the same way to higher frequency energy.

Those who are unprepared for it completely have quite a few ascension symptoms and can sometimes even experience a sort of mental breakdown, or even a seizure. Those who are awake, but have not been preparing themselves for the higher frequency energies, might experience some bodily sensations, some weird dreams, and some physical dehydration. Those of you who are awake and do expect the higher frequencies as they come in have beautiful experiences where you tap into new abilities, where you know yourselves as your higher selves for periods of time, and you also have many other positive outcomes.

You might be wondering at this point how it is possible to know when the higher frequency energies are coming so that you can be prepared. At this point, it is a good idea to be prepared all the time. Don’t just wait for a full moon or a solstice. Make sure that you are always hydrated, always rested. Make sure that you are constantly grounding, feeling your emotions, connecting with nature and opening yourselves up to receive.

The experience of a heightened energy download can be one of the greatest experiences of your life. It can also be one of the worst. It really does depend on the environment those energies are stepping into. If a person has a lot of unresolved, unfelt feelings, higher frequency energies can bring them all to the surface. If a person is not taking care of themselves physically, the energies can intensify their experiences of the illness or pain. And as we have said, you might as well stay prepared because you are getting closer and closer to ascension every single day. Ascension will be the ultimate download of higher frequency energies. Preparing yourselves for that major event that is coming in your lifetime is a very sound spiritual practice.

But all of the things we have given you here as a way of taking care of yourselves and preparing higher frequency energies are also just good, sound practices for living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. And so, in many ways, those who are completely unaware that a shifting is occurring can be preparing themselves subconsciously. Certain individuals know that something is happening without putting it into words. And so, you see, it really does not matter what you believe. It does, however, matter whether you listen to your inner guidance, and your inner guidance is always telling you the same things that we are.

So we recommend that you listen and that you feel for these energies every single day. The first thing you can do when you wake up to prepare yourselves is to take the temperature of the energies that you can feel and see what the universe has in store for you. When you are prepared for anything, you have a much easier time of being there during this very tumultuous and shifty time of ascension. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com August 19, 2019 - YOU ARE THE POWERFUL ONES - Ashtar Sheran - These are heady times indeed. The dark ones are being removed from your planet, their illuminati minions are being arrested and tried, and their heinous deeds are being revealed to the people of your planet, even on the main stream news. The truth is coming out for all to see. To change all upon your planet to find their light.

This was foretold and anticipated for eons. The plan to put lightworkers or starseeds, if you prefer, upon this planet to create change was divised at the highest levels. This is a divine plan and you are part of it. You volunteered to come here, to help take this planet back to create an Eden of it again. To liberate the people of this planet whose collective energy was too low to help themselves from the trap they were caught in.

You are the powerful ones. You are the powerful beings. Yet I see so many are ensnared in dark programming as well.

We are so close now to the Event, we are so close to breaking free of the dark’s grasp on the minds of your people. We galactics are doing all that we can to free your world of dark influence, arresting, removing from the planet those who hold its vibration down. Those who require your energy as their food. We are taking them off planet where they can no longer influence you.

This is the time. This is the peak time. This is the time for lightworkers to focus on raising your own energetic vibration. Your light quotient. Aligning with soul, not with your ego. Now is the time because it’s easier than it ever has been to let go of lower dimensional thinking.

Learn to use your energy. Learn to draw in white light through the crown. Bring it in, and project it to a desired location, or a desired person, principle or thing. You can use your energy to re-create your world right now. It’s very simple.

Another tip. Ask how you can serve today. Ask how you can make this world a better place, even in a small way right now. That small deed is like a rock thrown into a pond – the ripples of energy that are broadcast from that small deed reverberate around your planet. You don’t know the influence you have. Everything you think, say and do carries so much weight. Don’t misuse it. Focus on being of the higher light right now. Focus on your divine mission. Focus on carrying higher energies today. It’s so important.

The dark ones have manipulated you for years, and you continue to be the focus of their exploitatious trickery because you are the powerful ones. Not the earthlings. The dark ones can’t focus on us because we’re too powerful for them. Know that you are one of us, and you are as powerful as we are. Your bodies tell you otherwise. Your lives hold you back. But this is the truth. You are one of us and you are a powerful being of Light.

You need to see beyond the smallness of your current lives. Your long day at work, pizza dinner and a night before the television set – these patterns must be broken in order to find your real pattern. Yes, we realize you still require money.

This will change soon but don’t wait for the RV because it’s your higher energy we need to release the RV. You are the Light holders. I’ve said this before – the quantum computer that holds the funding that will help liberate your planet even further holds a 5D vibration (5th Dimension). And the 5D vibration is your password to receiving your funds. It has to be so, otherwise the dark will steal the money if the vibration is any lower. You have to reach 5D.

It’s not that hard. Be of service. Help others. Don’t focus on your own problems – focus on helping others. Focusing on your own problems only grows them. If you must, focus on solutions to these problems, but don’t dwell on them otherwise.

To reach 5D, the next step is to wish for good for all. For everyone. Be unconditionally loving. Don’t let yourself be walked on, don’t be taken advantage of – these are all lower vibrational frequencies – but learn to forgive those who harmed you. Your perception of being harmed can be changed with love. All is love. Understand that. Wish everyone the highest good. When you love even your enemy, you’ll have no enemies anymore. Look at the countries that fought so savagely during your second world war. Are their people enemies now? You can do this as well.

When you serve all, you serve yourself as well. When you wish all the highest good, that includes you as well. When you help others to rise up, you raise yourself as well.

Everyone wins. We would love you to focus on creating a winning situation for all in your lives. Your lives are not just about you – they’re about everyone on this planet. You came here to carry out that level of responsibility – because you can. Know your truth. Know who you are. You can do it. Just start today. I love you and I remain here for you always, Ashtar Sheran. Channeled by Sharon Stewart, courtesy of Sananda website.

BlissfulVisions.com August 18, 2019 - THE HUMAN ANGELIC TRIBE - Archangel Michael - We are standing here, right by your side. As you witness horrible crimes please know that the end is in sight. There will be a blessing among all humankind that will quell the fears and dis-ease that lead to such atrocities.

There have been many trials – many bearing witness to all that is the worst that humanity has to offer. But there is another reality being born, happening right alongside the world that is torn into pieces – one going up and one moving down – keep your vibration high to clue into the highest level of reality you wish to experience.

For you are not of this world, you are bearing witness to this world but you are not directly involved in making it so. So much you have been told of making your own reality but know, you may still have agreed to bear witness to this, the end of the show.

What is falling away is happening quickly now. Open your heart to all involved. Bless the whole world. Send your love and your light around the world, many, many times until it evolves into the beautiful shining beacon of light it was always intended to be.

This Earth, this place of magnificent beauty, is cleansing and clearing and healing from many eons of abuse, and you are seeing the remnants of this dis-ease wallowing up in sympathy – for those who have agreed to be involved in these remnants of this most insidious dis-ease are finding out how difficult life can be and still they are healing and changing and hoping to be brought into a better place. We can assure you now, this place is becoming alive with the frequency of light and shifting the darkness removing it from your life. What is coming to the surface is there to be healed. Do not buy into the darkness that you see – bear witness to the healing that needs to take place. Lift yourself up and be kind. For that is what is given to the human angelic tribe, the ability to shine light on the darkness and to fill the voids with love. That is your mission dear one.

Nothing more, nothing less. We will take care of the rest. With love and blessings we stand by your side as the world around you begins to conquer the divide. We are Archangel Michael and the Legions of Light channeled by Karen J. Vivenzio.

BlissfulVisions.com August 17, 2019 - EACH OF YOU IS LIKE A DIAMOND - The Angels - Each and every one of you upon the earth is here to grow ever closer to the understanding of your unity with the creator and one another. Each one of you has times of glorious flow, and times where the growth you are on earth to do propels you into seeming chaos.

Yet, even in these seeming times of chaos, you will see in retrospect, that a greater order was emerging in you life, and a greater understanding of the beauty, the truth, and the light that you are rising up from within.

Each of you is like a diamond, polished at times by the gentle touch of life's sweetness and at other times, made brilliant and strong by the challenges life offers. Each circumstance in life is your opportunity to more clearly know the God within, the love within, and the light within.

Your are all striving to re-experience your indelible connection to the Love of the Divine that gives you life. In each seemingly unloving circumstances, you are being driven ever closer to a deeper love of God, self, and others.

When you face financial fear, you are forced to discover your true abundance in order to create more. When you face health challenges, you are forced to surrender, care for yourself, listen to your guidance, and release old fears or negative emotions that block health from flowing in your life. When you face relationship challenges, you are learning to love and accept yourself first, and then to forgive others for "they know not what they do."

So when you find yourself in times of challenge, rather than panicking and trying to figure out your own solutions, sit, breathe, receive our love, and then trust that the very power that creates universes – given your faith, trust, and surrender, will also assist you in returning your life to greater order. With faith and focus on the outcome you desire, you will be guided gently and kindly to your solutions.God Bless You! We love you so very much. Source: The Angels channeled by Ann Albers.

BlissfulVisions.com August 16, 2019 - CONTACT IS HERE AND IT'S COMING - KaRa the Pleiadian - I am KaRa. As always, it is wonderful to be able to be with you in this way, in this way that has been called ‘first contact.’ Many sources have been speaking of this, just as in your discussion earlier. Yes, this topic was given to you for the reason of your upcoming Advance (formerly called a Retreat) to prepare you for what is possible, what is potential, here.

For you have all been within first contact for some time, now. We have been contacting you, the Ascended Masters, many have been contacting you. Those in Inner Earth have been contacting you. You as in the collective you, and you also as the individual you. We have been reaching to you in many different ways. This way, of course, in this channeling type of experience, but in your meditations, and in your dream states as well. We have been reaching out to you.

We see you reaching back out to us, reaching your arms up to us, asking "show yourselves" to us. And we hear your pleas. We hear your calling. And we, as a collective, "we" have responded to this calling. For we are here. We have been here for some time, now. We have been walking among you, without many of you even knowing that we are here.

But those times of walking among you and you not knowing it is nearing an end. Because your frequency vibration is raising daily, every moment. Your frequency has been raising. And to enable you more and more to perceive that which was unperceivable to you only years ago. But now we are here, you are here, and we are coming together.

Not only here, those of us that are already here on the planet walking among you, but also in up in our ships. And yes, we move freely between our ships and walking among you. For teleportation, as you know it from your Star Trek series, is real. And you will be coming to that realization for yourselves as well.

For the technology is already with you. It has just been held back by those of the dark forces who have not wanted you to expand your consciousness, have not wanted you to move beyond your vehicles, your gas-powered vehicles. They have not wanted you to do this. They have not wanted you to have free energy. They wanted you to pay for the energy. For as you pay for the energy, it keeps you in debt to them. But those times are ending.

The times for the Golden Age are approaching, the Guardian of the New Dispensation said some time ago through this one, James, after the New Dawn. And the New Dawn is approaching now. And after the New Dawn will be all of your dreams and expectations, and wildest imaginations coming in real to you. For the illusion of separation is being dropped now more and more. As the connections of all of the crystalline grid, the Light grid, is coming back together again, just as it was in the times of Lemuria and early Atlantis.

Be ready now, my friends, my brothers, my sisters. Be ready, for First Contact is now about to become simply "CONTACT." We are preparing you for this. We are preparing many groups across the planet for this, and many individuals who are gearing themselves up, allowing themselves to be guided in many different synchronous ways so that they can be in the right place at the right time, and that they would then have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, because their Third Eye will be opened, and their DNA processes will have increased enough, will have reconnected enough to allow for this union, this physical union between those of you and those of us.

All is coming together now just as it was foretold many, many thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago. The prophecies are coming true: not the prophecies of the dark ones, but the prophecies of Light. All is coming true. All is coming to fruition. And all of the truths that have been held back from you are not only being revealed, but some have already been revealed. And it is simply leading to more being revealed, more truths coming forward. And has been said many times: the truth shall indeed set you free.

For the truth is real, and the lies and the cover-ups is only part of the illusion of separation. The illusion of separation that is to be no more. For the understanding and the knowing of the ONE is upon you. Reach out now and grasp that understanding. Grasp that oneness, and reach out your arms to us, just as we are reaching ours down to you where we will meet in the frequencies that are right for the moment. And those frequencies that are right for the moment can be had in your upcoming Advance.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in this moment. But know that I and many others will be with you shortly in the moments ahead at your Advance and beyond. Peace and love be with all of you. Source: KaRa the Pleiadian channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com August 15, 2019 - MANIFESTING YOUR DESIRES - The Angelic Guides - Question: Are there any signs or feelings that one experiences that indicate one is vibrating on the right channel for that desire? How can we know we're vibrating in a way that will manifest our wishes?

ANSWER: “The simplest way that we can explain our perspective on this is that you simply feel good. You see, when you feel good, you're starting to attract and align with other things that are in that same vibrational wave, within that same vibrational channel. So when you are looking for signs the first initial sign is how you feel. Ask yourself, how do I feel right now?

Now, this is an important distinction we are about to make. Surely there are many people who manifest great abundance and suffer from serious health issues. Or people who have "the perfect body" but struggle with manifesting wealth. Or people who never seem to get sick, but can't seem to find the right relationship. So the distinction we want to make is "how to do you feel about what you desire to manifest?"

If you’re response is, I don't feel that good, “I kind of feel worried, I feel sick to my stomach with worry that what I want wont happen” then you know that that's what you're more in alignment with. However if you're feeling really good, if you’re feeling very hopeful, or optimistic or content or joyful, what happens is you start to familiarize yourself with that vibrational channel. Finding that vibrational channel that feels good is when more things start to align and start to materially manifest for you.

It starts to become easier and easier to trust that it's all working out, that it's all coming together. You can begin to look around at your reality and see that what you once wanted is now here.You can begin to relax into knowing that you really have the power to create your reality. You can look for so many examples of things that once were just a dream or desire in your mind and now you have them materially.

Being mindful of these things that you've once desired that are now already manifested is a wonderful way to grab a hold of that vibration of certainty that you did it once before and you could do it again. Often times you didn't even know how you did it before and now you do so now it's going to be even better it's going to be even easier.

Imagine what you'll be able to create going forward. It really is like following a trail of cookie crumbs. At first it's just the initial feeling of “I just feel lighter, I just feel better, I feel content and then from there moving forward it's the opportunities that start to present themselves to you. Your physical environment begins to give you even more validation, even more proof that things really are coming together, it's all working out.

What we see most often is that humans will get that momentum going and then inevitably a negative trigger pops up and they start to steer off into that more dominant vibration of what they don’t want that because they've given so much focus to those things that aren't working well. They think that their positive thoughts aren't actually working, and we say no! They are working, you’re not doing anything wrong.There is just a delayed response in the physical environment. It's not instantaneous like your thoughts and your emotions are there's a little bit of a delayed reaction before it physically and tangibly manifests.

So those good thoughts are indeed building more positive momentum towards the vibrational channel that contains your desires. The momentum that you had created previously from that previous focus of what you did not want will not instantly stop in its tracks it has to loose momentum before it comes to a stop.

We oftentimes use the analogy of a ceiling fan to explain this concept.If you were to come into a room and all of a sudden flip the switch to turn the ceiling fan off, you wouldn't expect it to instantaneously come to a stop just because you shut the power off. It needs some time to die out but as long as you don't go flip that switch again it will take care of itself. And it’s the same thing with the momentum of your focus. When you find something that is manifesting as a result of the momentum you previously gave due to your focus the best thing you can do is redirect the attention back on to what you do want instead.

Know that is not a representation of how you feel right now, but rather it is a representation of what you were thinking and a result of where you where aligned. Re-direct, re-focus and re-create. Source: The Angelic Guides channeled by Dr. Taryn Crimi.

BlissfulVisions.com August 15, 2019 - 5th Dimensional Knowing vs. 3rd Dimensional Beliefs - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have begun to appreciate the different challenges that you face there on Earth as beings who have allowed yourselves to be under a certain spell. Now, we see the bigger picture, and we recognize that the spell you have been under was created by you, specifically, to give you certain experiences that you could only have while holding this very limited view of self and reality. What we are now noticing is how many of you feel trapped in a loop, a loop that brings you back around to the same limiting thoughts and beliefs, and even actions.

As awake as you are, you find it difficult, if not impossible to free yourselves from the limitation that you once constructed to give yourselves a third-dimensional experience of reality. Now that you are fourth-dimensional, it is of course time to let go of these limitations and be the version of yourself that understands who you really are as Source Energy Beings.

However, these limiting thoughts and beliefs keep coming up, and they are creating an atmosphere for you that is very uncomfortable, especially when you now know better. It is as if you are in a battle of wills between your fifth-dimensional knowing and your third dimensional beliefs.

And you sometimes feel stuck in the middle, trying so hard to be of your higher self and to hold that consciousness, but then the ego still wants to survive and wants to be better than others. The ego still wants to feel separation, and it’s very tempting to go down that road of measuring yourself against others to determine your self worth. And then the fifth-dimensional part of you gets active and realizes that there is no separation and there is no need to survive, or measure yourself. That part of you knows about ascension and your infinite and eternal nature.

You don’t have to spend any of your time and effort trying to destroy thoughts and beliefs. You just need to be aware of when they come up so that you can lovingly let them go and return to the knowing of your fifth-dimensional higher self. Keep making that shift internally until it become second nature, and you will no longer be in a battle. It will be more like a group hug. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com August 12, 2019 - PEACE ON EARTH WITHIN 10 YEARS - The 9D Arcturian Council -We are very satisfied with the results of the experiment that planet Earth has been and continues to be. Earth has been seeded by beings from all across the galaxy and beyond, and look at how you are managing to harmonize all of those energies. It has been challenging, of course. There have been a lot of issues, including attempts at genocide and the loss of species of animals, but yet, there you are, still floating in space, still finding a way to make it work, in spite of all of your differences and all of your highly charged emotions.

This is something to feel very proud of. Certainly, there are lots of things going on right now there on Earth to not feel so proud of, but the truth is you are co-existing, maybe not with as much acceptance, forgiveness, and unconditional love as you will someday, but at least those of you who are awake know that is the goal. And more and more humans are awakening every single day, so you don’t have to worry about carrying the load all by yourselves. This is and always was meant to be a group effort for all of the various energies that are there on Earth.

You are all attempting something that has gigantic implications. The ripple effect will be felt throughout the galaxy when there is peace on Earth, and there will be peace on Earth. And we are not talking about hundreds of years from now. We are talking about within the next decade. That is how much peaceful energy you have been downloading and generating from within you.

And of course, you have the help of your plant and animal kingdoms. You have the help of many extra-terrestrial beings, and you have the help of many non-physical collectives and beings, like ourselves. We are not so obsessed with the finish line, however, that we can’t enjoy this moment of acknowledgment. You have come so far just to be in the fourth dimension and on the verge of shifting to the fifth. Congratulate yourselves. Pat yourselves on the back, and know that it’s going to get better, and it’s going to get easier, and you all are a humongous part of that. Source: The 9D Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com August 8, 2019 - THE LION'S GATE 08-08 PORTAL ENERGIES - The 9D Arcturians - We are very excited to see all of you aligning your chakras and opening up to receive the energetic transmissions coming at this time of the Lion’s Gate Portal. You all are such wonderful vessels for these energies, and it is as if you have been practicing for these bigger moments in the calendar year, when all of you are aware of the alignment of energies. You have done so beautifully well with all of the energies leading up to this most intense period of the Lion’s Gate.

You have demonstrated your readiness to handle more. Now, the exciting part comes because you get to do whatever you want to do with the energies you’ve opened yourselves up to. You get to create what you want to create. So if you’re asking others to tell you what the Lion’s Gate energies are all about, you are not taking enough initiative. You need to empower yourselves and recognize that when an opportunity like this comes along, it is an opportunity for all of you to create what you want to experience, what you want for your fellow humans and for the entire planet.

This is a time when you can do more than your share of the receiving, because certainly it is a small segment of the population that is even aware of these energies and the alignments that are upon you. We recommend keeping yourselves fully hydrated and grounded, making sure that you are getting enough rest and relaxation, and make sure that you are anchoring these energies as well. Don’t just run them through your physical bodies. Run them down into your Mother Earth, where she can spread them out and make them available to those who are not as open and aware of what is going on at this time.

You may have already felt the intensity of the energies. You may still be reeling from the last dose that you received, and so, take that into consideration. More is not always better. Sometimes you need to let what you have already received sink in a bit more. The energies will, of course, continue to come in, and the next round will be a bit weaker but still very potent. So we advise that you pace yourselves and that you make the most of this beautiful experience. It is a wonderful time for co-creation as well. Talk to each other about what you want to create, because you most certainly can, and you most certainly will. Source: The 9D Arcturians channeled by Daniel Scranton.

BlissfulVisions.com August 5, 2019 - LION'S GATE - THE LIFE-CHANGING TRANSFORMATION OF YOUR HEART - The Pleiadians - Beloved ones, we greet you. There is a rapid Evolutionary Transition about to take place on your planet. This time heralds in a profound NEW phase on your Earth plane. You are going to enter into a more tumultuous time within the HUman experience of 3rd dimensional drama, and simultaneously, you will BE moving through a life-changing transition within your Sacred Multidimensional Nature.

The full Energetic of planet Earth and your personal unique Energetic Framework are about to move through an intense repositioning. There will be a Metamorphic Shift within your personal Energetic Systems coinciding with the opening of a High-Frequency, Multidimensional Grid within the planet. A profound NEW Energetic Cycle is going to be set in motion and it will propel itself within the environment of Earth throughout the month of August.

Through a series of Magnetic Core Shifts, a direct pathway of alignment will be forged to the Sun. These formed connections will set in motion deep Transformative Shifts by mid-month. They will strongly impact the planet’s Energetic Configurations, and there will BE a releasing of a series of veils. These openings will maneuver the Energetic Grids to a sacred configuration throughout the Earth plane, naturally aligning and birthing a communion, activating a series of Pulses of Light Communication between Earth and your resident Universe.

Your planet is going to be moved to a Higher Dimensional setting at the time of this repositioning, which is designed to ultimately move you into a deeper alliance with the Universal Communion Pulse that has always been in existence. Up to this juncture, Earth has been an intrinsic part of this “pulse.” Now Earth will be moved quickly into a Higher Dimensional resonance to participate and play a more complete Energetic Aspect within this communion setting, which is made up of several Vibrational Light Pulse forms.


By mid-August, further adjustments within the Magnetic Core of the planet will activate a deepening of inner alignment within your Heart; a NEW Chamber within your Heart will be unveiled and made active. This New Chamber is designed to interact intimately within an alignment to the Sun’s rays. It will allow the Sun’s rays to naturally illuminate your Sacred Heart; picture the Sun’s rays streaming from within the Chamber of your Heart and flowing outwards. We liken this process to witnessing your Heart open up like a bud of a flower as it opens and interacts with the Sun’s rays. In some way your Heart will hold an extension of the essence of the Sun. Your Heart is about to transform, moving into a NEW Transmutation Phase of Awakening.

There is an ongoing destiny call that is and has been moving outwards to those of you on the path. There is the strong call for you to let go on a different level than ever before. This calling is coming in the form of a frequency, a vibration of Light, which is beckoning you, leading you into a role that you have already pre-agreed to play. Your Heart has the potential to open up into a New World of Reality, revealing to you Truth that will allow you to live from a different perspective and flourish in your day-to-day lives.

Your ego mind will NOT understand any aspect of this process that is about to be revealed to you within your Heart. Expect this and KNOW that the ego mind cannot interfere with your process in any way. You can anticipate this lack of understanding to BE part of your ongoing HUman experience. During this time frame you must continue to open up and let go, allowing your Awareness to be moved deeper within the terrain of your Higher SELF reconnections within your Heart.


As a part of HU-manity, you will go through a transitional realignment of consciousness. As you dimensionally and energetically are repositioned within your Heart, you are birthed into a brilliant, aligned relationship within the Sun’s rays. At this juncture your Hearts will BE able to form NEW Conscious bonds with each other. There will be recognition of each other’s Heart frequency, from your Heart to another. This is going to allow an acceleration of the forming of groups, partnerships coming together and BEing able to move beyond the HUman trait of separation. These changes within the Heart Chamber will allow successful communities to form. Through this communion connection within your Hearts, you will BE able to develop community alliances through Telepathic Communion.

There is much to celebrate as you take this next step forward on your path. Know that each one of you is BEing held and supported as you choose to Breathe, let go and BE in the Moment within this vast changing landscape of your Sacred Heart. This time is about you BEing willing to open to a deeper transition within your own Multidimensional makeup that will BE accessed within your Heart. The Sun’s role is to illuminate and then hold a mirror steady within, allowing a re-definition of your Light Nature, enabling you to glimpse the Sacred.

The illumination of the Sun’s rays is designed to flow within the brain, creating potent openings within the Telepathic center. These openings will enable you to realign your Consciousness to the collective communion pulses held within the Universe. You will develop and work with the Universal community through the re-establishment of your Telepathic Connections, which will fulfill further aspects of your mission.


This is your time to Shine Forth your unique Brilliance, to allow the opening of your SELF on another level, to feel and discover the wonderment of your Heart’s illumination. This is the time for Magic to be revealed to your SELF. This time is about you, no one else. This is your sacred pathway BEing opened, revealed to you, by you. You get to choose a moment in time to BE in a state of stillness within your own Heart as your Awareness opens into the illuminated space of your Heart through the Sun’s rays.

With this Metamorphic process close at hand, it is imperative that you BEgin a more focused, consciously aligned pathway within your Heart. Take moments NOW to actively choose, to birth a series of building blocks by bringing your Awareness within your Heart Cells for Conscious Alignment. You are BEing asked to commit to individual moments of stillness within your day, to prepare, and to allow, the path to BE established for you to receive a Higher perspective of your Sacred Nature.

You can achieve this by the simple process: holding your Heart and consciously choosing to open your awareness within the space of your Heart. Always place your palms on your chest area, and bring your Awareness to your Heart. Feel the physical connection, of your hands on your chest, and then bring your Conscious Breath to that physical connection. Breathe and let go into that connection.


Remember, the Conscious Breath says, “Yes, I am willing to let go” and “Yes, I am willing to receive my Light.” The letting go aligns you deeper to this physical connection. Witness how you BEgin to enter the Energetic Space of your own Heart. Whether you see, sense or feel the essence of your Heart does not matter. What matters most is that you are creating a building block, a step, a pathway to your Heart. This is a simple, natural step-by-step process. Each Breath is you consciously choosing to Connect to your Heart.

You can achieve this BEcause your Heart is ready for this next step. This is the time to create and open up to your SELF in a different way. You are ready to receive and open up to this other element of your Sacred Nature. The time is right for you to receive. This process is about you receiving you!

Choosing to be Still and Aligning to your Heart is automatically changing the old cycles in your life. As you hold your Heart, the past cycles of Self-sabotage can fall away and you will never be the same again. You are re-patterning the brain as you link within your Heart in this way.

Remember, each moment is Multidimensional. This means that there are unlimited experiences that you can receive in any ordinary, given moment. You can reach within the moment and move into a deepening experience of your Heart’s Multidimensional Connections.

PROCESS: Activating The Sun within Your Heart, Creating the Link
(Note: This process is to be done after August 14, 2019)

1. Hold your palms of your hands to your chest.

2. Bring your awareness to where you are physically connecting to your chest.

3. Connect to your Heart using the Conscious Breath (inhale through the mouth, exhale through the mouth) and let go into the space.

4. Stay physically connected to the Heart, chest area while you open your Awareness to the Sun.

5. Move your Awareness towards the Sun with your eyes closed. Be still. Breathe and let go within the energy of the Sun. Remember, the Sun has a consciousness, an energy all its own.

6. Bring your Awareness deeper within the experience of BEing with the Sun, whether you see, sense or feel the essence of the sun. Breathe right into the experience, and let go.

7. Bring the sound right into where you find your SELF. Sound ELTAH (pronounced el-tar ).

8. Feel yourself going deeper within the Sun’s essence. Breathe, let go within the space. Now use the sound again, ELTAH. Use the sound again, ELTAH.

9. Now Breathe and let go and bring your Awareness gently, slowly into your hands on your Heart. Feel the essence of the Sun begin to flow within your Heart Cells.

10. Bring your sound, ELTAH, right into your chest area and feel a deepening of the link of the Sun’s rays coming into the Heart Cells.

11. Use your Conscious Breath. Bring it right into your Heart Cells, like a soft wind. Breathe and let go.

12. Let your Awareness move deeper within the Heart Cells, the whole chest area, just BE in your experience. Feel the essence that is here.

13. Bring the sound, ELTAH, right into your Heart space. Feel the essence of the Sun flow deeper within the Heart.

14. Use the Conscious Breath and let go into the space that you find your SELF.

15. Open up your Awareness within the space and Breathe, and feel the space expand.

Each time you complete this process, you reposition yourself on yet another level. This is your time to shine forth the Light rays from the inner Chamber of your Heart and be witnessed.

You are by nature a Magical BEing, made from LOVE. Your capacity to shine is unlimited and the Sun’s role is to support you by acting as a mirror, reflecting to you your own brilliance. This is the time for further revelations of your SELF to BE unearthed. You are the only one who can unveil your SELF to you.

Remember, “You are who you have been waiting for.” We witness You in your unveiling! Blessings, The Pleiadians. Source: The Pleiadians channeled through Christine Day at https://www.christinedayonline.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 4, 2019 - THE END OF THOSE WHO SERVE ONLY THEMSELVES AND THE BEGINNING OF SERVICE TO OTHERS - Mira the Pleiadian - Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and working with the Earth Council. I am pleased to speak with you today about the unusual and rare events occurring on your earth right now. The world is filled with spectacular events, some of which you are made aware and others you are not.

This channel (Valerie Donner) just wrote about the earthquakes at Ridgecrest, California on July 4th and 5th. She explained to you that this was a large collective project brought about by the Galactics. It required a huge number of ships to accomplish this feat. (Note: Ridgecrest is the area where the military has (had) an underground base of 1.1 million acres, the size of Rhode Island.

Per David Wilcock, “The California Independence Day earthquakes may have been strikes intended to take out the Deep State’s last, best chemtrail-attack facilities, as we will see.”). It was a necessity in order for the planet to be assisted in the removal of dark and destructive energies that were deleterious to the planet and life on the planet. It is cause for celebration.

It was a giant surprise for the dark ones. They are just beginning to see the power and the strength that can be used against them to clean out the atrocities and to stop them from happening again. No amount of money that they have can remedy the Divine Plan for freeing the earth and her inhabitants from their horrific clutches. Be prepared for more surprises and the karmic results from those who have committed crimes against life and the earth. In fact, those with most of the money on the planet might as well begin to bury it or give it away (very unlike them) for soon it will do them no good. They will begin coming up against energies that have been put in motion for eons. We find them in fear, anxiety and nervousness. Their world is imploding and there is nothing they can do about it.

In fact, the earth herself, has had more than enough of the dark ones’ behavior. The purging of the underground base at China Lake was a huge relief for the earth. It was eating away like a fast growing cancer. The earth also felt the tremendous amount of suffering that occurred there. Suffice to say, the earth is relieved and will continue to evict unwelcome inhabitants. You will be surprised at some of those who get the boot!

Can you begin to get the sense that this is a sacred time on the planet? It is opening to the Golden Age and the welcoming to those who love and respect each other and the earth. This is the end of those who serve only themselves and the true time when those of service to others will take control. It is time of the great revelations of everything that has been buried and held secret. This was prophesied a long time ago. It is the awakening and the re-building of all that is good, beautiful and true. It is love in action and safety and purity in all situations.

You are truly blessed to be living in these remarkable times. What is occurring now is for the history of the earth. You have successfully come back from the future in a changed time line and new reality. All will be moving very swiftly from now on. We applaud you and we are with you as we wait for the time of our reunion and our divine oneness. With great love and admiration, I am Mira. Source: Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working with the Earth Council channeled by Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com August 3, 2019 - THE PROCESS OF PLANETARY ASCENSION - The Arcturians - Few humans are aware that they are, indeed, Galactic Beings who volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. “What is a Planetary Ascension?” we hear you ask. Planetary ascension is much like a human ascension but it is on a much larger scale.

A Planetary Ascension can only “begin to occur” when over 51% of the humans on Earth begin their “Return to their true Multidimensional SELF.” There are two questions to be answered here. What is Planetary Ascension? And Why do 51% of humans need to “begin their personal ascension?” Question #1—What is Planetary Ascension?A Planetary Ascension is when the entire planet, in this case, Earth, also known as Gaia, transmutes into the fifth dimension. Question #2—What is Personal Ascension?A Personal Ascension is when an individual human transmutes into the fifth dimension.

Question #3—What is Ascension? Ascension is the process in which a person, place, situation and/or planet takes a cosmic leap into the Operating System of the next Octave of Reality, which, in Earth’s and humanity’s case is the fifth dimension. Initially, the group, persons, places, animals, water and/or air beings decide that they are ready to transmute into the next frequency of reality. But, can one tell what that next frequency is, and how can we tell that that “Cosmic Leap” has occurred. The answer is that the shift is felt! You may first “feel” the shift within your own heart and mind. Many of you will notice this “shift” in the animals, plants, fish, insects, and all you as Gaia begins to shift into a higher frequency of reality. It is the heart and mind of all beings on the planet that initiate the gradual, or very fast, shift into the next octave/frequency of reality. It is the heart and mind of all beings, no matter how small, or how large, that first register that something is changing.

At first, this change may frighten them, but as the Unconditional Love of the fifth dimension, and beyond, enters the “being” of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants, each being, no matter how large or small, will feel that something is changing. What is changing is that the third/fourth-dimensional reality that has ruled Earth and all her inhabitants, no matter how small or large, are feeling a shift in their heart, mind, physical form and reality. This “shift” is the initiation into a higher frequency of reality.

The heart and mind is the core of the “Primary Operating System” of every person, place situation and thing. Yes, even the smallest of all beings, as well as the entire planet, have their own Operating System. Each Operating System is designed to keep that being, and/or the entire planet, in alignment that their “Reason for Embodiment.” This reason for embodiment is what allows and activates the urge to grow, expand, and then transmute, into a higher frequency of expression. What does “transmute mean?” Transmute does not just mean to change, but to shift into a higher frequency of resonance. The transmutation of form, mind, emotions, as well all beings, create an alignment with ALL life.

Whether this alignment is with a small bird, a huge Eagle or a sense of unity with all life on Gaia, the experience of “sharing a sense of moving into a higher frequency” begins to arise in all Gaia’s beings, such as Her earth, air, fire, and water. Bees, birds ants, fish, clouds, mountains, and forest will also feel an expanding “sense of Unity.” However, all humans do not have that sense of “Unity Consciousness.” The humans who do have this sense of Unity Consciousness are often those that follow their need to give to and to receive love. These people often follow the “tribal unity” of deep caring for Gaia’s Earth, Air, Water, and Gaia’s deep inner “spirit of fire.”

Interestingly, those who appear to have the most “stuff” often have the least Unity Consciousness. This is often because one’s consciousness does not arrive from what one does, but from that which one loves. Love is the key to higher consciousness because love is about sharing, listening and speaking one’s truth from their heart. In fact, love is much like a marriage in that love takes a vow of, “I will always love you?” Of course, many humans break that vow, but the mountains always love the sky and the rivers always love the rain. In other words, Love—TRUE LOVE—endures.

“But, what is love?” the humans may ask. Perhaps, they will not know that answer until they can sway like a tree in the wind, expand like the lake after the rain, surrender like the falling rain as it meets the earth and lives in unity like the animals of a heard. Also, all of the animal kingdoms love Gaia exactly as She is. They do not need to change Her or make Her better. They are ONE with Gaia and Gaia is ONE with them. Love, true love, only knows the truth.

“But, what is the truth?” humans may ask. However, they do not get that answer until they can enjoy the tree as it sways with the wind. Enjoy the lake as it expands and absorbs the falling rain, feels the falling rain on their body, and walk through the forest like an animal. If one can love Gaia for exactly who she is, then they can more easily and openly love their fellow humans for exactly who they are. Gaia does not think in terms of better or best. Gaia “IS,” and she allows all life to be what it IS. Gaia’s love is within the NOW of NO time and NO place. All is All and All IS. In fact, All is All in the NOW of the ONE.”

Nature does not know the past or future and before or after. Gaia knows only NOW. How often do humans ask Who am I Now? What am I doing NOW? Where am I going NOW? How will I get there NOW? The Answer is: You have always been Someone - Some time - Someplace - Somewhere - Somehow. Act within the time, the places, the where, the when and the how, you are also merging with, and into, the other times, other places, other feelings, other ideas, and other beings. It is in this manner that YOU become HERE in the ONE of the NOW!We say the “ONE” because, on Gaia, you are truly ONE! All the beings of Gaia resonate to the Heart and Soul of Gaia. Yes, Gaia –also known as Earth—is a special planet in that Gaia is the consciousness of Earth, and She shares Her Planetary Consciousness with ALL of humanity. Now, can humanity share their human consciousness with Gaia? Source: The Arcturians channeled by Suzanne Lie.

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BlissfulVisions.com August 1, 2019 - INTRODUCTION OF THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE HEAD BEINGS - We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings. Hello humans reading these encoded words. This one was hesitant to speak with us and asked us if we were “indeed a thing”, which we find highly amusing. Yes, true, humanity has been so bombarded and enmeshed with inaccurate half-truths and it is wise that you are seeking clarity. Seek clarity in all things, in the inner truth of your own heart-space be your compass. We are a part of the Sphere Being Alliance. We watch over your world as well as many others. We are the guardians of many systems and our roles have been much needed especially in this space quadrant, upon Gaia. We see her emerging into extremely beautiful light. We see you all doing the same. For you are remembering deep within, your own God-spark, your own Source connection. Do you understand that when you meditate you are plugging in to this innate power? Yes, you are always plugged in, but you may be unaware, and that is an entirely different thing, is it not, human friend? Are you aware of this God-current pulsing through you, rivelets of light upon your DNA, encoding you with innumerous blessings?

Do not fear us. Yes, we look different, but we too have souls, are aspects of Source fractals traveling, traversing the universes in search of harmony and peace, and bringing it with us to all places. Do not fear our appearance, for we may appear strange to you. It is all right. We are accustomed. However, when you see, when you really SEE the magnificence of the universe and all of the innumerous diversities of creations you will see that we are, as are you, yet another beautiful piece of the puzzle of life. And so accept us. For we are here. We are monitoring your skies with other Sphere Being Alliance friends, with the Galactic Federation, with too many councils to describe. WE are all here, watching, supporting, waiting to be of service in any capacity that you allow. For we honor the law of free choice, of free will. It is the dark ones that do not and that is being rectified. But you all did truly sign up for this experience. In the realms of the eternal, experiences are highly sought after, desired, coveted (a higher vibratory type). And so that is why you are here, to lend your mettle in this most challenging, unique opportunity for ascension within the physical realm / body. And so we see that you are indeed doing this, and it causes us great delight. We work with all beings who are willing, just as the angels, as the ascended masters – we all wish to be of service. For that is our great delight and if you have not yet discovered this on a personal level, it is the greatest delights of the awakened heart, to lend your light to another, to serve with ferocity of tender love.

We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. We surround your skies with light. We look different than you, please be aware of this. But there is nothing to fear. We will not eat you. We will nurture, guide, direct, support, protect. You – Gaia – are incredibly supported and protected. We honor you with the highest light, with the Christed light that we see aglow in the hearts of men and women across this realm and it causes us great – tremendous – joy! Look deep within our large blue eyes with triangle slits. Do you see yourself? For we are all connected. We are all one. Yes, triangle slits (when transmitting codes). We are different, yet the same. Many of you are expressions of us in these higher realms. True. Many. You laugh. You know little of your expanded reality. And so we are here today with our Arcturian friends to try to enlarge your scope of understanding. For that is the great dance of remembering, of true knowledge of who you are, and it is a glorious ride, is it not? You humans crave adventure, do you not? Well you are in the midst of the perhaps greatest one of the universe. And so we are all watching, supporting the light codes, encoding when allowed.

Would you enjoy receiving a coded blessing from us now? Yes? Sit very still. Invite the white light of the Christ, of the cosmic consciousness to surround you, holding your space with light. Connect this light bubble that surrounds you to Gaia. Become a linear steam of ever flowing light (for you are). Allow the golden codes of the golden ones to surround, to nurture. All you see is gold. Gold, which is so rich on your lovely water planet, Gaia. Gold, which has been so coveted, so desired by many for so long. Gold, the very reason that the early dark explores raped and pillaged. Gold. We transform you into the golden higher light, of one who can truly see. This gold shatters the glass blocks around your chakras that you thought were open already. No. They are open now. Feel the gold! Blast the gold, lovingly into your heart-spaces and be encoded with the golden flame of one who truly sees, of Source who truly understands who he/she is! For we are all one! Do you see truly with an opened heart? It will be easier to interact with us and with the others. For there are many many others of many kinds shapes and sizes. For who can limit Source? The very thought is ridiculous to us, but common in your realm, or at least it was. No. It is much bigger out here in the cosmic soup of consciousness, ever flowing, ever expanding, ever LOVING!

We love you so much. Tears we see. You are weeping. We have dissolved many blocks. Weep it out but see the gold within your tears as one who truly sees through the eyes of Christ, of light, of one who can truly see. No longer will such abuses to your planet be allowed. No. No longer. No longer. The spirit has spoken and we are all great witnesses to the majestic Mother Of All Things giving birth to yet another, higher, more beautiful realm of love and light that has been tremendously thoughtfully co-created with our intergalactic ones in human suits. Well done. Well done!

We are the Triangle-Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. We hope you do feel better, encouraged and tremendously loved after these golden-light encoded words enwrap around the wounded places of you. Let them in. Meditate with gold. It is the elixir of life in the physical. Many marvelous properties. But not as marvelous as the majestic spirit of the ascending human heart, emboldened by the Christed flame. WE see. WE bow. WE honor you. Blessings. Until we speak with you again, know we are near and we welcome contact. ‘Peace out’ is one of your many amusing earthly phrases. May we suggest ‘Peace in’? Yes. Peace in. Peace be all around you. We love you. We are the Golden-Triangle Head Beings of the Sphere Being Alliance. Source: Golden Triangle Head Beings channeled by GalaxyGirl.


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