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"Earth is experiencing an acceleration and transformation on the subatomic plane."

A Massive Metamorphosis to Oneness

The Great Wisdom channeled by Judith Moore - Sedona Journal of Emergence - September 2021


Earth is experiencing an acceleration of the microenergetics of substance on the subatomic plane. This means that the very nature of reality is transforming. Light particles within the molecular vibration of mass and matter are accelerating to a velocity of vibration that the planet has never experienced since the time of creation. This is the force of genesis.

Genesis is a manifestation of creation that initiates a new cycle of time as the synthesis of reality. It is the origin of the manifestation of creation that creates from source energy, not from the lesser realms. The omni particle of creation is at the epicenter of this shift. This means that reality as it was in the old cycle cannot be sustained in the vibration of the new cycle of time because it carried distortions that created dichotomy and separation that limited consciousness.

It has been said that nothing new is possible, that history will repeat itself, and that humankind is limited to existing in a realm of extreme duality with repetition of trauma cycles that cannot change. This was the nature of existence in the old world. The old world is the old paradigm. Humans had to struggle to evolve to a state of higher consciousness and oneness. Change was difficult and often impossible because of the fields of resistance and distortions in the bioenergetics of the old paradigm. The reality shift manifests as an opportunity for humans to choose to engage with the flow of harmonious vibrations and enter a state of union with the forces of creation, which is oneness.

Now, dear ones, it is truly possible to choose love and see the manifestations of this choice in the capacity you have to love and be loved. Love is the force of creation that is oneness. Your world is a living hologram. The holographic field of the planet resonates with the essence of the genesis of creation. The holographic reality of the planet is changing from separation to oneness.

Keys to Human Evolution

Your soul is encoded with light particles that have sensed the quickening and respond to the genesis vibration. As you awaken, you are in a wave of consciousness that generates energy into the creation principles of the new holographic Earth through the morphogenetic field. Each soul has the capacity to quicken and resonate with the vibration of the new hologram and thus become a newly evolved human.

Evolution is a process of a collective reality shift. As you are part of the critical mass of humans who have awakened, you are a key to the greater reality. Your consciousness resonates with the blueprint of the new creation. You are part of the vibration of the emerging reality. This is because you are a living hologram, and as your holographic field mirrors the oneness, so it is mirrored into the collective.

This has a powerful effect on the structure of reality. Imagine you are receiving impulses and signals from the genesis particle and the bioenergetics of the emerging reality. Your soul quickens, and your sensory system reads these impulses that are generated from the genesis of the subatomic plane, which is the very essence of the evolving creation. The signals or light impulses are encoded with the living blueprint for the architecture of reality of the New Earth.

Your DNA is highly intelligent, as is the nature of human DNA. It learns, evolves, and changes, then it communicates the vibration to like-particle forms in the collective. These concepts are key to human evolution.

The new ideology that is oneness does not have to be taught to every human. It is not about learning how to choose love. It is about a natural synthesis and vibration that accelerates consciousness and alters human DNA through the quickening God particle. Everything is energy, and the energy of the new reality is an omni vibration in harmony with oneness in creation.

A Volatile Time of Great Change

You are living in a volatile time of great change. The resistance patterns found in the emotions of ego are struggling to keep power and maintain the status quo because it is familiar and predictable. As you witness the anger, violence, and chaos of the breakdown of the old reality, you generate light particles into that field. This is possible because you no longer participate with the drama and chaos of the old reality. Other humans are locked into the drama and chaos patterns. They are also part of the transition. Their souls have not yet quickened to the vibration of the essence of oneness, but by the nature of the divinity of the human soul, they will change. You may hold a space of compassion and nonjudgment for them in your heart.

The message is simple: You do not have to change things. You are being asked to participate with creation and to enter the stream of consciousness that is the manifestation of the New Earth. This accelerates the velocity of the vibration of the holographic field of the planet, and change happens as naturally as a seed bursting from the earth. You cannot make a seed grow. You can nourish it, water it, love it, and witness the miracle as the seed comes to life. You can think of this as your consciousness being the compost that forms the fertile loam for the seeds of change to burst into life and manifest in the collective reality.

Judith K. Moore is an oracle for the Records of Creation. She is able to receive communications for the highest good from the other side of the veil while her consciousness transcends time and space. She has completely surrendered her life to the service of God as an instrument for the awakening of the New Heaven–New Earth.

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