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"When are you going to love your soul?" - Question from ET visitor.

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

ETs from UFO Casebook's Best Pictures Speak

The Explorer Race Series #25 by Robert Shapiro - Copyright 2018
Excerpt Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence - February 2022

BlissfulVisions.com Zoosh: Now and in the coming years, you will find that the biggest challenge you face daily is getting along with people, even people you know well and usually feel good about.

Things will come up that will be contradictory, and sometimes they will just be misunderstandings that are not obvious right away.

I want you to look at this in a different way because it will help you to prepare for consciously meeting beings who are from other planets. They have begun visiting again, but they are visiting in such a way that they cannot easily be detected so there will be no harm to them or you. They are checking to see whether you are ready to receive beings from other planets in a pleasant way.

They donít want to visit and be helpful if youíre going to be hostile toward them. You can understand that.

So, whatís going on for you with this misunderstanding and difficulty in communication among family members, friends, and groups is that you are learning how to be patient and to be unconcerned if you have to repeat yourself in many different ways to make clear what you are trying to say.

So, this is really communication practice, which is necessary when you meet people from a culture so different that it doesnít have any resemblance to anything on Earth. And that will happen before you expect it. Good life.


This book is for those who are interested in things that are new, different, exciting, or mysterious. Itís for people who enjoy mysteries and new things revealed as well as common ground exposed. Perhaps you will discover your likes and dislikes are not only associated with Earth and your personality, family, and friends. Some of it might actually be associated with your extraterrestrial roots!

All of you on Earth, all you human beings, have extraterrestrial roots. If you trace the Earth-human DNA back far enough, it goes to other planets. The reason youíre not aware of this or able to prove it scientifically in published papers is that what little is known about this on your planet is largely kept secret. The original intention to keep it secret was to protect people so that they wouldnít feel (how can we say?) put upon, as if they were somebodyís pets. Thatís what people were afraid of.

They were afraid in those days that Earth people would feel smaller than they are, and the influential people of those days felt that it would be better for you to feel that you were able to do things no matter what they were and no matter how hard they were to do. Something might take a long time to do, but it can be done if you believe in yourselves. Thatís what they thought.

So the people back then tried to keep some things quiet, and once they established that procedure, they were basically stuck with it. Thatís why for a long time, people were publicly laughed at for being UFO contactees even though there are private organizations set up in various governments to look into it as a scientific fact.

Very often, there was physical evidence of such visitations. So I want you to understand that it is not really a valuable search to find out who you can blame for keeping these things secret. The motivation was to protect the people of Earth. However, it just became a secret in itself. Once you establish a policy, thereís a tendency to protect the policy and to forget why the policy was established in the first place. So thereís that.

As you read these pages, you will discover that your brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, uncles, friends, and relations are not only on Earth. They are on other planets too.

Chapter 1: The Mirror Universe

Welcome. Yes, welcome. Thank you.

Can you tell me about yourself? We are not like you. We do not look like you. We are not humanoids. We have more legs than you have, and ó how to describe it in your terminology? ó I donít think you have a being living on the planet now that looks like we do. We have four legs and appendages (thatís what Iíll have to call them), parts, of ourselves that can move in and out. I suppose you have that too with your tongue; it can move in and out. You understand what an appendage is in this application?

We have a head, and we have eyes like you do, but we donít look anything like you, and thatís as much as Iím going to say. We donít have tails. Iíll say that. Many of your people on the planet have those. We are not water beings. We are beings who are totally not used to water, which is part of the reason we were over the water. We have never seen so much water in any one place before.

Your planet caught our attention because of the blue. We didnít know what it was, so we went down for a quick look, and we were just astonished. I think that the amount of water on your planet is more than we have ever seen, except for a few planets in, as you call it, the Sirius star system. So this is incredibly rare.

Our planet has no water at all. We do not need water. I know that you cannot imagine what it would be like to not need water to survive. We are not made from stone.

We have friends to support us, and they bring a fluid that we consume. For our part, we have spoken to the planet we live on and have asked our home planet, in order to get this support, if the people who come can take very small bits of the planet with them. It is not business; rather, it is kindness, and the planet has agreed.

The surface of our planet has something you have also, a lot of sand. As a result, people who deliver this fluid to our surface come here. They take very minute quantities of the sand. They bring the fluids ó Iím going to use time measured by your calendar ó about once a year. And we have places to store it. Then they pick up about a half-full test tube of light brown sand and a half-full test tube (of course itís not in a test tube, but Iím trying to give you a measurement) of white sand. They are very happy with that. We do not know what they do with it, but they seem to be very happy with just that.

Whatís in the fluid? Our food. It is our food and our liquid. Are you asking for a chemical analysis? I donít think I can do that. No. Is it like food?

Is it vegetable based? Do they grow it or create it? What do they do? It would be rude of us to ask them, and we never have. It is not based in vegetable matter.

How did this begin? Well, it has always been done. I do not remember a time when it was different.

How many of your people are there? Not many. We are exactly 4,928. There are no other beings, unless you count minerals, which we do, but in terms of what you would count as beings, there are no other beings on the surface of the planet. There are some living inside the planet, we think, but they have never come to the surface, so we feel it is not for us to try to contact them. If they wish to contact us, perhaps they will. We have thought for some time that they might be related to the beings who bring us our food fluid. But we do not know this, and we do not ask.

How big are you, in our terms? About the size of one of your fully grown mountain lions, but we do not look like that.

Galactic Travels

Did you create your ships, or did someone give them to you? They are provided, loaned you would say, when we wish to travel about and see what life is like in other places.

How long have you been doing that? Maybe 40,000 years ó but not continuously. We started doing it about 40,000 years ago.

What was the impetus? Did someone come and ask, ďWould you like to go for a ride,Ē or something? We thought it would be good to broaden our horizons and to see what life was like on other planets. There were some volunteers, and I was one. We said, ďWell, when we decide to do this, we will mention it to those who bring our food. Perhaps they would be able to make it possible.Ē And thatís what happened. We mentioned it to them, and they said, ďOh, of course.Ē

They werenít traveling on their own ship, though. They knew of another civilization that had ships and that they felt would be much more suitable for us. So they outfitted the ships when we were going to go some place, and they made sure our food fluid would be there. We didnít need much else.

We have no waste material. Thatís why we donít need much food, just a little bit now and then. They delivered just that, you understand, so that we would have enough for our trip and a bit more, should we be delayed. They outfitted the ships so that we would have what we needed.

From time to time, not regularly, we went on these journeys. When we completed our journey, we alerted our visitors (who brought us our food and outfitted the ship), and they took the ship back to wherever they got it.

Do you fly the ships, or do they provide a pilot? No, the ships basically fly themselves. There is no pilot. It is navigable by feelings.

How do you know where to go? Well, we get on the ship, and then we sort of turn around a little bit. You would say we just revolve or rotate, and then we sometimes look up or look down. Once the ship has lifted off, thatís what we do. When we get a good feeling ó the best feeling ó then the ship will just start going in that direction. When we get the very best feeling, we stop and look around. We can look out of the ship; we never get out of it, though.

How many of you are on the ship? Three. We three are all who ever volunteered to go. Nobody else was interested. When we come back, we talk ó not out loud, but telepathically ó about what we saw. But we donít tell them everything. We only share what we think would be of interest to our people, such as, ďThereís water.Ē That was quite amazing. I think the first time we saw water was in the Sirius star system. The planet was all water; we didnít know what it was!

There is a something similar to a teacher on the ship, but it is not a being. So we can ask the teacher, ďWhat is this?Ē The teacher tells us and will continue to talk until we indicate we know enough. At first, we didnít know anything about the teacher, and we were very polite. We didnít know that the teacher would continue to talk, and at some point, after about two weeks (of your time) went by, we were very hungry, so one of us spoke up. It was sort of like, ďAhem, we need to eat.Ē

The teacher said, ďOh, any time you need to stop, say something.Ē We had never interrupted anybody before, and it took quite a bit of prompting because everybody was starving. Now we know we can interrupt Teacher.

Thatís fascinating. Are most of the people on your planet interested in what you see, or just some? Very few. Over the years, there have been maybe six or seven total. There used to be seven, but over time, one said, ďOkay, thatís enough.Ē Now there are just six.

ET Living

What is it like there? We have always been alive.

Oh, so the same number of beings has always been there. You donít recycle or come to the end of your cycle and are reborn or anything? No. We have heard about that, but we donít do that.

So what do you do on your planet? What are your interests and your activities? We think a lot. We donít have to do anything to survive. We donít have to do anything to be educated. We do not have systems as you have on your planet. Weíre very happy just existing. Thatís what we do.

Well, do you visit each other? Do you run on the land? Do you walk? What is a run?

Walk very, very fast. Oh, yes. We walk about. Our planet is not big. You have a planet in your solar system, and our planet is about half that size. It has a dogís name. You call it Pluto. Our planet is half that size. You might not consider it a planet, but itís a planet where we are, and it has its own existence. Curiously enough, it is an outer planet in our solar system. But since we only have five planets, you might not consider it to be that far out. It is not the outermost planet. It is the fourth planet from our sun.

You say you donít need to be educated, so like the teacher on the ship, do you have a teacher you can ask about things that you want to know if you donít know them? We have never had a question like that on our planet. The only reason we wouldnít know something that we needed to know or were interested in knowing is because we were near another planet. You might wonder how we know how to exist, but our existence is not threatened, whereas on your planet, existence appears to be continually threatened. Since our existence is not threatened, we do not need to know anything.

This does not mean we are without knowledge. We have knowledge. We invited the beings who bring us food to join us to talk about things, and they did for a while. But after a while, they said, ďPerhaps we shouldnít talk too much. Weíre concerned that we might influence your way of being.Ē We said, ďOh, no, donít worry about that. We are very comfortable being who we are. While we are interested in your story and what you have to say, we will not embrace it or merge it with our own.Ē They were very polite and said, ďThatís good.Ē Yet they havenít spoken to us since. So we feel that perhaps this must be something that is part of their principles, and we have accepted that. They continue to provide us with food, and we appreciate that very much.

I donít understand. You said, ďItís okay to talk to us because we wonít embrace your lifestyle,Ē but they refused to talk to you after that? They were very polite. They didnít refuse to talk. We didnít ask them anything. They didnít keep anything from us. I understand that you have a competitive spirit, and you might think of it in terms of lack, but it wasnít like that. It was always polite on our part. We actually never asked a question. Weíve never asked a question at all.

Except, as youíve said, of the teacher on the ship. Yes, thatís right. But you will notice that I have not asked you anything.

Well, I figured that you could sense us or know us or something. Well, I think it would be useful, at some point in time, for you to ask the people you communicate with these days whether they have any questions. Because it could bring out further avenues to explore.

That is brilliant! I never thought of that. I always think that I want to learn from them. Do you have any questions? [Laughs.] No [laughs]. Thatís not unusual for us.

ET Origin of Creation

Do you remember coming from another universe before you were on your planet? No. Our creation story seems to come from the brown sand. We believe that we emerged from that. We have thought about it a lot, but weíre not certain whether that means we came from underneath that sand. Weíre quite certain that the life forms that live inside the planet are not associated with us or surely they would have attempted to communicate.

Maybe they think the same thing! Maybe they think, ďWell, weíre here. If the beings on the surface want to know who we are, they can communicate with us.Ē It is possible. I cannot speak for them, but since neither of us seems inclined to pursue that, it will not happen. We are perfectly happy being who we are, anyway. We do not need to know where we came from. I am simply responding to your question. So we either have emerged from below ground or somehow come from the brown sand.

Our earliest memory was that there was the sand and then mud, and then eventually, we all emerged from the sand. I remember my own emergence. It didnít feel as if I was struggling to get through the sand to come to the surface. It felt as if I emerged from a grain of sand. Itís not unlike hatching from one of your eggs, but I didnít have to fight my way out as your chicks or birds do. It was an emergence, thatís all.

So the brown sand has apparently something to do with our lifeline. We think thatís why our visitors who bring us our food take some of the brown sand. They probably want to know more about who we are. I might add that they have now begun returning the brown sand. It appears to be exactly what it was, so apparently they take samples of the brown sand from different parts of the planet and the same with the white sand, but they havenít returned any white sand yet. They have returned brown sand several times.

Is there more brown sand than white sand? Or are they equal? To the extent that I can answer this question, I donít know.

So you donít travel around the planet? Not very much. We stay pretty much in one place.

Questions Are Meant to Prompt Intellectual Abilities

What do the beings who bring you the fluid look like? They are bipeds, so they have two legs. Iím not sure that I can call them humanoid. They have two legs and a body. I do not remember seeing them with a head or arms, but one of our people saw something that looked like an arm come out from one beingís body at one point. So maybe they have something else we just havenít seen. They clearly have two legs and a body. It is not impossible that they are wearing something like a suit, something protective.

The member who saw something come out of the body that looks like what you would call an arm didnít notice anything that you would call a finger. The member had the distinct impression that the arm was coming through something. This could, of course, be part of the beingís physical makeup, but it could also be some kind of protective thing that it wears. So the only thing that we are sure of is that they have two legs and a body.

I have tremendous curiosity. I want to know: who, what, where, when, how, and why? [Laughs.] Itís very difficult for me to imagine someone who has no curiosity. Well, for us, itís a matter of politeness. Politeness is the core of our being, and we might have questions ó we donít have any for you ó but we do not ask them unless we first have a need to know, or if those visiting us, as in the beings who provide us with our food, ask us whether we have any questions. At the beginning, they asked.

Did you have questions then? We asked a few questions. We asked when they brought us what we needed the first time. Of course we thanked them profusely. We didnít ask them who they were or where they were from. Obviously, they knew the answers to that. They knew who they were, and they know where theyíre from. We believe asking questions is meant to stimulate thought by others about themselves.

We do not believe that asking questions, for us, is about something that we need to know. So our questions of them were based entirely on the food they brought. ďWhat is this matter?Ē was our first question. They answered, ďIt will provide you with all that you need to survive and thrive for the number of beings that you have here.Ē That was their exact statement. ďThank you, very much,Ē we said.

Then the trips were made many times, and one of our deepest thinkers said, ďWe feel that these beings need to know more about themselves in terms of their own intellectual power.Ē Then we thought about how we could ask a question that would prompt them to think about their intellectual power. Finally, we asked them on about their thirtieth or fortieth voyage, ďDo you have any plans to expand the potential of your intellectual abilities?Ē Their answer was, ďWe hadnít considered that.Ē You see, that prompted them to think about it. Those are the kinds of questions we ask.

The only other time we ask questions, just the three of us, is when weíre on the ship and see something we donít know about. Weíll ask the teacher, ďWhat is that?Ē Other than that, those are the kinds of questions we ask. Weíre not devoid of questions. Our questions are purposeful. Of course, your questions are as well.

These beings came right after you emerged, then? Yes. It took us about, what you would call (I have to get your time right here) about thirty-seven hours for everybody to completely emerge. So very shortly after that, about three hours in your time, they came. So they must have seen us somehow. We donít know. But think of this: They saw us emerging, and the first thing they wanted to do was to help us. Isnít that wonderful?

Absolutely! Do you know where theyíre from? We havenít asked. They know where theyíre from, so we donít need to ask. Remember why we question.

Yes. Are there beings on the other planets in your system? We donít know.

This is like a great mystery. Would you mind if I asked someone else about the things you donít know about, or would that displease you? Itís certainly fine. Just donít include us.

Are you from some place close to us, some place weíve heard of? No, very far away.

Across the universe or another galaxy? Yes, another galaxy. We say, star system.

You call a galaxy a star system? Yes.

Ah, okay. We call a star system a solar system. Do you know anything about the story of why weíre on this planet? Why youíre on this planet?

Why humans are on this planet. No.

Oh, okay. We have a purpose. I wonít go into it, but some of the crazy things you see here are part of our journey toward a particular goal. Well, then I wonít question it.

You can question it all you want! [Laughs.] We can laugh; we know humor.

ET Origination

Do you have family units? Do you pair off? How do you live? We have a fixed number. Everybody who emerged is still in existence.

Right, I understand. But do you interact with those who have the same interests? Or do you have gender or have families? There is no gender that I am aware of. We are one family. Everybody is one family.

Do you live on the land, or do you build anything? There is no need to build anything. We exist on the surface.

So the planet is benign? It is for us. There are slight breezes, what you would call in terms of your measurement, sometimes up to 5 miles per hour, maybe 5Ĺ but not always. The sun shines most of the time. Iím not sure what that means. We do not have night very often, but when we do have a time when the sun does not shine, it is brief. And it is not pitch dark, but it is dark enough to see many other stars, and that is fun. We like that. In terms of your year, it happens about three times a year. In terms of your time, the darkness lasts about two and a half hours. But during that time, itís very beautiful.

Three times a year, there is darkness for two and a half hours? Not darkness. Not completely. Twilight.

How often does the planet go around the sun? I do not know.

So is there any way you know how long youíve been there? You said 40,000 years? Since the beginning of this universe. Since the universe was being made in this part of space. We know we existed in the brown sand because we have memories when we were in the brown sand of thinking before we emerged in our current shape. But at some point, for some reason, we emerged into our current shapes, and we can walk about in the sand.

Do you know how long ago that was? Well, all I know is that your solar system didnít exist at that time. Thatís the best I can do.

You are able to see across the universe ó feel, know ó without going there, right? Feel. Going back in time and feeling to where your solar system is? Itís not there. So thatís my answer.

But while youíre on that planet, that is the reason that you donít have to ask questions. But if you want to know anything, you just know? No. We donít need to ask questions.

Well, letís see. Let me say it another way. Are you able to commune with other beings all over the universe since you act telepathically or on a feeling basis? Itís possible, but weíve never done that, nor do we have any interest in doing that. We communicate telepathically with the beings who bring us our food because it would be rude to do otherwise.

Do you communicate that same way among yourselves? Yes, exactly. I think this is what you do when you are at deep levels of sleep. This is only a thought, but it doesnít make sense that you would be able to speak when you are in the form of light. In my experience, lightbeings do not speak out loud.

Right, yes. See, we are not our natural selves. We donít know who we are. I believe you do at the deep level. At the deep level, but not at our conscious, feeling level. Well, I am looking at someone right now. Something I saw when I was on the planet, above the planet, you understand? And someone was dreaming, a child. The child was at that deep level, and at that deep level, the child looked exactly like, apparently, what you said you actually look like. It was a sphere ó

Of light, yes.

The Other Version of the Universe

You only have one ship, right? When we are loaned ships, we have two. Iím not sure why the other one is needed. It seems to trail along after this one. We donít know why, but we donít have to know why. The beings who brought them to us said there would be two ships, but of course, the three of you will be on one. And we donít need to know why, so we didnít ask.

There might even be some of those other beings on that ship? Itís possible.

How long were you gone, then, from your home base, from your planet? Let me think. I have to think in that particular measurement. Iím converting. It was about three weeks.

Okay, so how long was your total trip? In other words, youíre not away from home longer than a year, so you take your food with you, right? Certainly. It was outfitted. We didnít take it. The ship was provided for us, outfitted with our food.

So you could be gone from home more than a year, but you were not? We have never been gone that long. We were gone for three weeks.

Did you visit several places or just here? Several places. This is the only place that needs mentioning. This is where you are.

What draws you to these places? Feelings.

Can you give me an example of one of the other places you went? What feeling did you have and what did you see? Yes. It was very interesting. It was a solar system that we felt was exactly like ours. It was a planet that felt exactly like ours. And the other planet, I donít know how to describe how we know what the solar system looks like. Itís like a picture we have. They look like ours. Of course, we asked Teacher, ďWhat is this?Ē Teacher responded, to the best of my ability to translate, ďIt is a double image. The entire universe has a double image.Ē We asked what that meant, and Teacher said, ďThe secondary image is waiting for another creator.Ē

So that was the answer. Apparently, there is a whole double image of everything in this universe thatís just waiting. But this is what we think. We think that when that other creator comes, the image that we are in and that you are in is going to become, then, the double image. Itís going to change, and the other image, yes, the other image of the universe is going to be the one the other creator is going to do things with. This is what we believe.

Then what will happen to the one that weíre in now? That you are in now? I do not know. This is as far as weíve gone with that thought. I do not know whether that is what will happen, but this is what we think. You can ask others.

I certainly will [laughs]. So you were able to go to that planet? We went to the solar system. We didnít go to the planet. We donít ever get out of the ship.

But you have the ability, on the ship, to sense or see or feel the beings on the planet. Were there beings on the planet? We did not sense any. And we did not sense any beings on the other planet, either. This is one reason we believe that this other version of the universe is waiting. Maybe there are no beings on any of those other planets. Itís possible theyíre just waiting for that other creator. This is what we think.

Polite Telepathic Communication

Do you sense logically or mathematically? Whatís the difference? I mean whatís the difference between logically and mathematically? Mathematics is logical. Logic includes mathematics, so they are the same from my point of view. Theyíre not identical.

Do you use mathematics for sight? We donít need mathematics.

But you know what it is? We know what it is, yes.

Youíre absolutely fascinating. So when youíre on your home planet, then, you think a lot. Do you have telepathic discussions with your friends? We sometimes do that, yes, of course. When we seem to all be having similar thoughts, then we might discuss them. Conversations telepathically are much quicker for us than speaking. Such telepathic communication is not unusual. When others have completely different thoughts, we donít try to barge into their thoughts with our communication. Whoever is thinking about something else simply does not hear what we are communicating until they are ready to hear it. No one is left out of the discussion, but at the same time, no one is interrupted in what they are thinking. That is the polite way, we believe.

Your sand, does it look like our sand? Grains? Itís similar. Some pieces are a little bigger, but perhaps you have some bigger pieces of sand as well. By bigger, I mean that some of the pieces are perhaps three-eighths of an inch. These are not typical, and they are usually crystalline. Well, all sand is crystalline, but they are clear crystalline.

My understanding is that the sand here is from the breakdown of rocks. Do you have weather, winds, rain? We have wind.

Well yeah, but five miles an hour. So, do you have mountains? Do you have trees? Not that I see. There are rolling hills. But no vegetation, no green. Iíve never seen any. Of course, we donít wander over the whole planet. We are quite happy being where we are. I donít know anyone who has traveled from where we originally emerged. I donít know anyone who has traveled more than, Iíll use your conversions, more than 100 yards from where we are. So, of course, there could be all these things, but I donít see them because we donít travel unless we get on the ship. Then the ship comes to where we are, and the three of us get on it, and it takes us where we want to go. So, of course, that counts as travel. We leave from where we exist. We donít fly around the planet to look because we donít feel the need. We go directly from where we live to where we feel.

You said there were only six. Were the rest of the people interested in the fact that you found a double image of our universe? Only six people were interested in anything we had to say about our travels, but if theyíre not all interested in something, we can feel that slight sense that you would call boredom. When we started to tell the others about the double image, we felt them getting bored, so we didnít say more. Itís just we three who know about it.

Youíve never done this before, speak through a human, right? No, never.

Youíre doing fantastically. You understand the concepts, the conversions. The being that is providing the means to do this, I think, needs most of the credit, because the method of knowledge involves the use of the beingís measurements.

Yeah, I know, but Iíve talked with hundreds of people in the same way through him, and theyíre all different, which is fascinating. I donít know where to go with this. Iíve got about 2,000 questions. Well, weíre going to have to stop soon.

Have you viewed the people on our planet and watched their activities in any way? Oh, no. I do not think itís proper. We were able to see ó thatís what you say, see ó the child at the deep level of dreaming because the child was the natural self, a lightbeing. So that was allowable. What we have seen, we kept far enough away (how can we say this politely?) so that we would be safe. We were able to observe only that which emanated into its natural form, and we saw a few others who must have been dreaming as well.

We have some knowledge of your structure and systems, which are canals and ribbons of solid stuff you would call highways and, apparently, vehicles that travel on your water. Itís one reason we were there in that photograph ó looking at vehicles that traveled on the water. Of course, there was that ribbon of matter that apparently supports smaller vehicles traveling on land.

The bridge, yes. So you have water in Sirius? We had to stay far away.

Yet you were close enough to be photographed? We donít know how that happened because we were really nowhere near the surface of your planet. But Teacher said that sometimes when ships are photographed as light, the way we were, they are not near the planet. They are well beyond photographing.

But apparently your people need to be reassured that there are other natural life forms beyond your planet. We think that we observed the child at the deep level of dreaming being a sphere of light because our ships were also, through your photograph, spheres of light. This must reassure your light selves that other spheres of light incorporating other forms of life exist.

This reassures ó I have the word now ó your soul. So it must be a soul need. I can see, from what you apparently have to deal with, we couldnít come down very close to the surface of your planet because of what you have to deal with.

Right. The discomfort. Also, somebody might shoot at you. That, you would need such reassurance for your souls.

Thatís beautiful. Okay, do you have anything you would like to say to the people who read this? Yes. We are going to leave you with a question. We are wondering: when are you going to love your soul?

Thank you. Thank you very much. The voice is just about gone now.

This gives so many questions about the mirror universe. Would someone like to talk about all the things this being was not interested with? Itís fascinating! Not ďwould like to,Ē but if you want to ask about the mirror universe at some point, you can. You can always ask. If nobody comes in, then you know theyíre not available or the answers are not available.

Okay, Iím going to ask next time then. Emerging from the sand! This is fascinating! Thank you.

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