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"This is the nightmare of censored and “dangerous” science today."

New Book by Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD
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Forward by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Nephew to President John F. Kennedy

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD: I never imagined I’d become one of the most controversial figures in twenty-first century science.

For me it was always about following the data and listening to the patients. As scientists we’re supposed to solve problems and help humanity.That’s our mission, the very purpose to which we’ve dedicated our lives.

How is it that conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),autism, neurological diseases, and even cancer have become so controversial that many in medicine turn away from looking at the possible root causes of these diseases?

I don’t know why we can’t all just put our heads together and figure this out. Maybe some of my ideas are right and maybe some are wrong. Let’s put all the ideas under the microscope and see what happens.

When I was in a lab, making breakthrough discoveries, such as how to develop AIDS drugs to solve our world’s greatest modern plague,the HIV-AIDS epidemic, it was never about glory or reputation.It was about changing people’s lives. That’s where I derive my greatest satisfaction.

I don’t consider myself one who seeks the limelight. When I worked in a lab, I was usually in by five in the morning, often not leaving until six that night (unless there was a baseball game at Camden Yards). I read a lot of scientific articles, trying to understand what the best minds in the field are finding. When I relax, I like to watch baseball,which explains why I often wear a baseball cap. It’s just more comfortable to me. I like other sports as well, basketball and football,and for many years I’ve belonged to what we jokingly call the “PoorBoys Yacht Club” (actually, it’s the Pierpont Bay Yacht Club, but we prefer PBYC) and enjoyed sailing on the Pacific Ocean with my husband and our friends.

I participate in cancer support groups, using my knowledge as a researcher to help people going through therapy by explaining options their doctors suggest.

None of that explains why the police raided my house on a mid-November morning in 2011 and held me in jail without bail for five days. I didn’t murder anybody. I’m not the agent of a foreign power. In fact, I was never even tried for a crime, the allegation vanishing like an early morning California fog.

What do I think was my real crime? Following the data and listening to the patients.

When it became clear that our research ( with Kent Heckenlively) was opening old wounds and the asking of inconvenient questions, a campaign of unprecedented ferocity was launched against us. Most of that story is covered in our previous book, PLAGUE.

By the end of 2012, our work had been thoroughly discredited in the scientific community. I’d been arrested and jailed for five days and rendered unemployable by the fraudulent acts of those at the highest levels of Health and Human Services (HHS).

If I am a criminal, why were no charges ever brought against me? My record is clean. And in the years since my false arrest and imprisonment, why have I been unable to have a single day in court for a judge and jury to hear my claims, even though I have never given up the effort to receive process?

This is the nightmare of censored and “dangerous” science today. There are no data because the appropriate studies are forbidden and censored.

Hot Riveting Topics in the Book

  • 1. A Scientist at Sea
  • 2. A Rebel from the Start
  • 3. The Dead Doctors—What Is Real?
  • 4. The Fate of Those Who Fight the Darkness
  • 5. Is the Government a Friend or Foe?
  • 6. The Blood Working Group and the Cerus Boondoggle
  • 7. VP62—The Clone Assassin
  • 8. My Identity Stolen in Vaccine Court
  • 9. What I Really Think about HIV and Ebola
  • 10. My Coauthor Gets Banned from Australia
  • 11. The Way Forward
  • 12. One More Story I Should Probably Tell

Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD
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