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"We created the pyramids by using our Universal Mind. It only took a few seconds."

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ANUBIS: Creator God from Andromeda Galaxy

Creator God ANUBIS Ė Channeled by Erena Velazquez Ė July 1, 2020

BlissfulVisions.com ANUBIS: Greetings. I am Anubis, I come from Andromeda Galaxy from one of the brightest stars there. You call me here on Earth the God of Death and that is not true. You tell the story about me how I was overlooking dead souls and guiding them to the light, this is how you portray me here.

I am actually God of Life and Queen An-Ra sent me here to be one of her representatives. I am going to help, guide and teach humans on how to preserve their life.

Many thousands years ago, about 10,000 years ago we the Egyptian Civilization were here and we were teaching humanity. We were sharing with the scientists on how to use our advanced technology, which the humankind at that time have never seen and never had before. We decided to take away our technology, because humanity started going in a wrong direction and it would be too dangerous for them to have this technology, they would use it in a destructive way, so after that we left the planet and went back to our home (Andromeda Galaxy).

We are 16th dimensional light-beings and up. We call ourselves Gods, who like to help other civilizations with their development, our Egyptian Civilization is very tall, most of us are between 20-25 feet tall. We are a very advanced nation, we can build cities, buildings and ships by using our consciousness.

Our cities are majestic and unique, which reflect the richness of our consciousness with extremely tall buildings, some of them are in shape of pyramids. Gold, white and black are our signature tones we use everywhere.

The ships we fly are the fastest that have ever been made by anyone in the Galaxy, they look like pyramids made from indestructible and light material. You are probably curious about how the pyramids were built, the mystery the human race hasnít figured out yet. We created the pyramids by using our Universal Mind, and it took us only a few seconds.

Now, it's time for us again to come here, because we have descendants on Earth and we want to make sure that they are okay and protected during this Ascension Process, plus we want to share our knowledge with the people on this planet, on how to live longer lives and to be free from diseases.

Well your body was designed a long time ago, when we were here and your bodies were pure perfection. You could live long lives, like thousand and thousand of years, but unfortunately many things happened to you like your DNA was alternated. You never nourished and preserved your soul, you became too selfish and too easy to be controlled, this is why you lost everything you had. Now, it's time to rebuild what you lost and this is why I, God Anubis came here to help you.

My Queen An-Ra, sent me here also to help our descendants who are still here, we want to protect them. The Dark Forces would like get their hands on them, we are not going to give them that chance.

Well, I am God as you know, if you read the history, I am a very powerful God. I am the one who cares about the planet Earth and humanity. I remember them going through the evolutionary process, when we were here in Egypt helping them, they were blooming and were very happy in that time. We are the ones who built the pyramids, we also taught humans our language and we were leading them, but they stopped listening to us. They started to follow the Dark Gods, we would show them that they were following a negative path, but they continued to be influenced by the Negative Side and the humans didnít listen to our warning. We decided to let them know that we were leaving the planet and taking our advance technology with us.

We are coming back to Earth, because we want to help again, like we did in the past, about 10,000 years ago, it's okay, now we can now catch up, what was lost during those years. We are going to give you our technology, which is beyond your imagination as soon as the human race proves to us that they are ready for it, and will use it in a responsible way. Since that time we left Earth, our civilization kept on advancing in every way, so we can teach you so many things.

I am pleased to be here and ready to assist you, maybe some of you will be intimidated by me, but please don't be, I am come in peace and not planning to harm anybody, I am following my Queen's order to lead you to the light and preserve your life. I am going to show you on how to get more enlightenment and move closer to the Ascension Process by making your body move faster towards Ascension, so just follow my guidance and trust me, you're not going to regret it.

I am Anubis the oldest God from Egyptian Civilization, who was here and then returned to our home planet in Andromeda Galaxy, we are happy to help human beings and to teach them a lot of things that they don't know yet. The only thing we are looking for is their willingness to open themselves to us and other nations. You need to open your mind and heart, otherwise you will not grow spiritually as a Human Civilization, it will lead you only to self destruction.

We always viewed humans as children, because we have more life experiences and we are much older and a wiser civilization. We are Gods who want to enlighten you and take you to a much brighter future than you are living now.

The Dark Gods led you to your destruction. Now look at your history and yourselves, and ask where you are now, youíre still in 3D reality. What does that 3D reality mean for you? It means that you are living in duality and are being pulled in two different directions. You never know what to do, what is the right thing to do, because youíre always questioning yourselves and the answers usually come from the mind and ego, and they create only more problems for you.

Itís time to follow the teachers who are going to be appearing in front of your door. There are many of us that are coming here, Ascended Masters, your guides and Galactics to assist you. The Prime Creator came here to be channeled and he stays telepathically connected to this channeler 24/7. Also, other Galactic Civilizations want to help you, and I, Anubis and the Egyptians are here to lead you to The Golden Age. Just let us teach you on how to live a better life, by being more happy and healthy, what you don't have right now.

How many people in this world are sick with diseases? We can eliminate all of the diseases in just one week. You would say how is it possible? Yes it is possible, because our technology can do that.

You are still in an infant stage compared to us. We have been around for a very long time and we are one of the oldest civilizations in the Universe. We gained a lot of experiences by interacting with other Galactic Nations, we are also part of The Galactic Federation, so we know a lot and we learned a lot from others, because we are willing to learn. We call ourselves Gods, because we create new lives, new planets and a lot of other different things, so this is why we call ourselves creators. We are like God who creates life, he is the one who taught us, on how to create, so he is our teacher and mentor.

God is the creator of all planets, galaxies and all of the universes. He calls himself the Prime Creator, so we look up to him, and he shows us the way and how to make new life. Now, it's our turn to show you the way on how to be independent and strong like us.

We are a strong and a peaceful Egyptian Civilization, we would never harm anyone unless they try to attack us, then we would defend ourselves, but this is expected, we would never strike first. There were many who attacked us, what do you think happened to them? They are no longer here. Our reputation is that we are one of the strongest nations in the universes, so nobody attacks us anymore, everybody is afraid of us, because they know what can happen to them, they will be dissolved in the universe like dust, like they never existed before. We don't want to do that to anyone, because we love to protect life.

I am Anubis, I am a strong willed God and at same time I am soft on the inside, because I love life, to teach and to help in advancement of other civilizations. This why Queen An-Ra trusted me to be one of the first from the group of Gods, who contacted this channel to be channeled.

After me, there will be more Gods coming through this channel with their messages, because we want to help and we are ready to help. Itís time for us to step in, it's divine timing to lead the human beings on Mother Earth to Ascension. We know that the planet has already ascended, she is in fifth dimension, it's only a small part of her is here, because she still needs to keep life on this planet. As soon as humanity ascends into the fifth dimension, this shadow of hers is going to be dissolved into the universe.

I also love the sun, here we treasure the sun, because it gives light to keep life on the planets. The Galactics across the galaxy either live on the surface or on the inside of the planet. On Earth you have been taught that the sun is harmful and that it gives you radiation, this is not true. The radiation comes from your poisonous environment, what you have here. Your body gets effected especially your skin. Sun is life without sun there is no life.

I am Anubis and I am grateful to be here and I came back to help the human civilization to go in a new direction by explaining to them what it means to be alive. Life in the Universe is a treasure, it's more precious than gold and the biggest gift you can have by having a physical body, so please treasure your life.

If you are forced out of your physical body, you are going to reincarnate here again, life after life. You have done this already thousands of times. Instead of living long, happy and prosperous life here, you have been living very short lives. This cycle is coming to an end.

I am going to teach you on how you can enlighten yourself and create a much stronger body. When you get our new technologies, they will help you to maintain a healthy body. I will show you how to have a strong spirit and body, because this 3D reality was only created for one purpose, first to enslave you and then to destroy you.

I am Anubis and I carry a lot of pride, because it's based on my experiences, strong personality, and my dedication and love to help others.

The black color on my uniform doesn't represent darkness, in our society black color is the highest rank you can earn. I earned that rank with my work, commitment, strength and my truthfulness. I never lie, and I am proud of it.

I love to enlighten other beings and I love to bring light to the planets. I was happy to be here and convey my message to you. Thank you and I will be back again.


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