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"Liberate your Soul, and then craft for yourself a Truly Radical Life."

Road to Oneness

2020: The Liberation via Heather Kristian Strang

Originally published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence Predictions Issue - Channeling Her Highest Light Team – Mother Mary, Jesus Christ & Mary Magdalene, St. Francis of Assisi, John the Baptist, Archangel Michael, King Solomon, King David, and Source Itself.

BlissfulVisions.com The Light Team: Dearest Divine Ones. It is a time like no other. Well, if we are to be as clear as we wish to be, it is a time somewhat similar to what you have lived before in other incarnations only now you are equipped with greater details, greater clarity about this Earth plane you are living on and the requirements necessary to thrive in your experience.

For you have tried all of the options, have you not? You have all tried competition and greed, you have tried lust and anger, you have tried jealousy and envy. And yet, none of that brings you solace, none of that brings you comfort, none of that brings you all that you most desire.

And what is it that you most desire you may ask?

At the core of it all, you truly desire fulfillment. Deep satisfaction. True inner peace.

You desire waking up with not a care in the world because you are so fully led by The Divine, by the Sacred, by the Truth of who you really are.

You know you are safe.

You know you are cared for.

You no longer need those outside of you and around you to validate you or to enslave you.

You are here to be the sovereign being that you truly are – all while in a body.

And we know, not many of you have been able to do so, certainly those of us who were in bodies previously can attest to the tremendous strength and courage and free will choices for empowerment that is required to be who you really are and to live your Divine truth while in a body.

Even so, it is a time like this that you have longed for. For the cosmos and the power of All-That-Is is supporting you in being exactly who you most came here to be while in a body during this most abundant time in your unfolding.

Have the Courage to Heal

And for that, the theme of the time that you call 2020 is The Liberation. For that you will need to break free, to liberate yourself from what has previously enslaved you. This will require great courage. Not great courage to tell those who are part of the systemic pain you despise that you despise them and how wrong they are. No, anyone can do that our dear ones.

It takes great courage to unearth from your Soul its deepest longings and desires and to heal what is wounded within and to Love what has previously been unloved and to then walk this Earth, walk in your bodies as this open, clear, grounded, connected, Divine being that you are. Shining a Love and a Divine power so bright that all are transformed by your mere presence.

We know, it sounds grandiose, does it not? And yet, this is what you have ascribed to those of us who have walked your Earth before and it was in truth exactly that. But exactly that from tremendous courage to see within and around what we did not wish to and to then choose fully to bring it to peace, from outside of the wounding and desperation of the Soul and the heart and the body and the mind, and to then transmute it to Divine Love.

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

This year that you call 2020 will require you, will beg of you, will plead with you and will give you every opportunity to liberate yourself. To liberate yourself from the constraints and pain and wounds and lies that you and those around you have told.

To liberate yourself from the wounds of illusion. To walk your Earth with full sight – seeing clearly that which you truly are and seeing clearly the Divine being that you are and honoring all the places with which you are guided to.

Too much time and attention has been given by all of you to what is “wrong” around you and far more time must be spent on liberating your Soul knowing that as you do, as you reclaim your broken bits, as you resuscitate what has been lost long ago, that in doing so, you liberate and empower and free the Collective Soul.

For it is not your work to change the systems and to smear the current configurations with anger and rage. It is your work to become so fully who you really are that you walk into those establishments or set foot near whatever it is and immediately all goes Higher and deeper into Divine Truth from your aligned, embodied presence.

This is not a fantasy our dear ones, this is already happening for those of you who are aware and awake and have been working so intently on the liberation of your Soul. The continued liberation of and reclamation of your own Soul and the embodiment of the Sacred being that you are while in your physical body has and will continue to transform all beings everywhere.

Notice we did not say transform all awakened and willing hearts like Heather Kristian thought we were about to say, no, we are saying your power, your impact, your influence is profound – but first, the liberation.

First, you must set your Soul free.

You must heal and tend to and reclaim your Soul, and then craft for yourself a truly radical life.

What is a Truly Radical Life?

It is a life of Peace, a life of Love, a life of integrity, a life of crystal-clear Spirit-Led surrender and guidance and direction, a life of Joy, and of course from all of this is a gift of a life filled with great Prosperity.

We will see you there our dear ones. We will see you there.

About the Channel - This article reposted by permission of the author, copyright 2019.

Heather Kristian Strang is a bestselling author, spiritual guide and Love Activist. She has written eight books, four of which are channeled guides, including her recent #1 bestseller on Balboa Press, Love Now: Your Daily Dose of Love & Miracles. Kristian has facilitated metaphysical healings, trainings and meditations for thousands of women, couples and families worldwide. She’s the founder of Rising Up for Love, a Love-based organization that brings more Love to the earth through meditations, Love Activism trainings, emotional empowerment tools and more. Receive a free Love Meditation and healing transmission (click here).


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