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"Everything is going to change, and you can either go with it or fight it."

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Prepare for Intense Change

Count St. Germain and Lady Portia channeled through Star Hinman

BlissfulVisions.com Lady Portia: Dearest Ones. Know that you are entering a powerful period of change that will affect the physical-material world circumstances of your lives in many unexpected ways. Stay positive in your focus, even in the midst of all the challenges that will be created by so many changes happening at once. You can choose to focus on positive themes that assist you in keeping a positive attitude. This is important, because your consciousness is so extraordinarily creative and powerful in these higher frequencies of energy.

You can expect important foundational changes in your lives as well, including changes in your physical bodies. Be open to these changes! Do not fight them out of a sense of fear. know that everything is going to change, and you can either go with it or fight it. But things are going to change - in powerful, new, and exciting ways. This will be beneficial change for Earth, and all of you, as you stay aligned with light; we cannot overemphasize this.

Overall, this process will be a beneficial change in the circumstances of people's lives, but there are some things, including the effects of this process, which may seem abrupt, unsettling, or frightening. Remember to hold you center point in the light and refuse to be moved by fear, lower energies, or emotions. Many people will simply have to become accustomed to a faster rate of change in their lives and the material world, which are sometimes found to be based on old, lower-frequency energies.

Forewarned is Forearmed

As these old creations fall away, the new is born. Know that all these changes have been residing in the realms of causation, and now it is time for all of this to descend into the world of form - which is your physical experience on Earth. The populace needs to be prepared for this process to occur and expect a faster rate of change so that they will know what is happening and understand that these changes are meant to be beneficial. We expect that those who run higher frequencies of energy within their physical bodies will be affected first, then it will filter down to more people, and eventually all.

See the BIG picture: Know that this entire process is about much more than individual lives. It is huge and will affect all creation on Earth - from highest to lowest. As the energies move from higher frequencies of the spiritual realms to more material, or solid, earthly realms, prepare for all to change, and receive it gracefully if you can. Shiny, new things that operate much better in your lives may replace old, outmoded material objects.

See the higher good in all of this as it occurs! Stay out of fear as much as you can. Fear is a lower vibration and not beneficial in this process. Set your intention to align with your highest levels of guidance in order to receive support in the spiritual, emotional, and mental realms, as well as receiving practical levels of guidance for your physical-world lives. They will give you valuable guidance to smooth the way before you. Remain calm, stay aligned, and keep connected with the energies of your spiritual guides and teachers, as well as the guidance they provide.

Do what you can to minimize stress in the physical body, mind,k and emotions. Humanity, Earth, and all her life are in such a powerful phase of this process of change now. with each full moon, the energies and their effects will become stronger and more noticeable. Equinoxes and solstice points become powerful foci of energy and change.

Trust the Process: Trust that you are being guided, and go forward with confidence in all that you do. We advise being graceful in your acceptance of change. "Go with the flow," as many of you like to say. Be aware that resisting or fighting these changes out of fear only delays your progress and makes some of the effects more distasteful Be aware of your reactions to stress, and try to minimize this according to your individual needs. You may find that the changes appearing in your lives are beneficial to you. You may even decide that you like them!

Remain steadfast. Above all else, keep a positive attitude. Change does not need to be fearful. It can bring positive experiences into your lives, as many of you are realizing and seeing with your physical eyes as it manifests on Earth.

I am Portia, and with great love, I have given you this message. Namaste.

Unexpected Events

Count St. Germain: This year is going to be very dramatic. And I do not mean simply emotional drama. It will be dramatic in every sense of the world. There will be drama in unexpected events. People will be jolted out of their seats, because a great percentage of what will happen will be completely unexpected. You are going to have a few curve balls thrown during the beginning of the year, which are going to change many aspects of life on Earth. And I cannot say exactly what this will be, but you will know it when you see it! (Channel's note: This is due to universal laws regarding what may be revealed in advance to humanity).

These two or three events will affect the remainder of the year and throw everyone for a loop. In other words, people will not know how to react. No one will know what to do, and people will be in a state of shock. These events will shake up your society, shaking loose some of these entrenched encampments of one division against another.

Obviously, we don't want to see you be totally taken aback by this. I am giving you this message so that you will be ready when the events happen. It will affect nearly everyone in the United States, and many world events will be quite unexpected. Some of these will be viewed as having a positive nature while others will be viewed as a very negative nature.

These events will make it harder for people to sit in their opposing camps and continue fighting each other. There's going to be quite a bit of confusion among many political and religious leaders. The effect will be extensive.

Change, Disruptions, and Progress

This is going to be a year unlike any other. Many people are going to feel as though there has been a departure from everything that has gone before. This is a good way to describe the energies of the year 2020, because it is a new decade, and often that promotes a type of dramatic departure. Just be prepared for abrupt change, and new things emerging of a very unexpected nature. These will be unsettling things for humanity.

Chaos will increase. This is not necessarily a bad thing. As you might have noticed, there is already a very high level of disagreement, so this level of chaos is going to dampen the level of political disagreement and division.

There will be changes and disruptions in energy systems and energy supplies. Monetary systems are going to come under some stress, but they will weather this just fine in the long run. I do not see anything deleterious in the effects on the economy. There will be some bumps, but all in all, I see the economy moving at relatively smooth rate compared to all the other things that are gong to be happening. And you will find that many people are going to do quite well against the backdrop of all of this.

I don't want to get too specific. It would take all the fun out of it if you know exactly what is going to happen. However, economically, I expect that all of you will be doing better in the coming year, unless you miss certain opportunities that will be given to you to steer things in this direction.

You are all, in your individual lives, going to have some fantastic opportunities to make progress, and some of this will be in ways that you do not expect. This is going to be a very good year for all of you. I see you doing some wonderful things in your lives, and many of you will end the year much happier than you are at the present time. We are delighted to be able to deliver some good news and give you some encouragement, because there have been challenges for all of you in various ways in the past year.

Some of this has been quite distasteful to all of you, and I don't expect that things will continue in this way. I see much more encouragement in getting good breaks in life. You will find that things seem to work out better for you, and some of you will receive a great return for the financial investments that you have considered. Some of you will be feeling very encouraged by the conditions in your lives, and stresses and strains will decrease to an almost nonexistent level.

Weather events are going to continue to be very upsetting, particularly in September 2020, some more severe than what you have experienced so far this year. Two or three things are going to happen that are going to cause quite a bit of physical and financial devastation in some areas of the country, and it is going to be very shocking to the people involved in these events. There will be some fires as well, one particularly upsetting for many people.

There will be rising sea levels that affect two or three coastal cities. They are not prepared for this, unfortunately. They will not be ready for these events.

There is going to be war in foreign countries, but this will not affect the United States. Two or perhaps three of these countries are apparently going to have a great conflagration among them. The chances of that are very great, but it will not affect the economy or the well-being of people in the United States, because troops will not be sent to these areas.

There is a possibility that the World Bank will have a problem in the second half of the year, and two or three countries might have severe financial downturns. Those countries might experience depressions quite unexpectedly. This is going to shock the people in these countries into a different state of awareness. They will realize that they need to be careful, as this type of financial problem can easily spread beyond the boundaries of those countries. I do not see it affecting the economy of the United State in any significant way, due to the guidance of your political leaders.

There will be a change in some of the political leaders as well in the second half of 2020. There will be unexpected changes involving the elected leaders in some political positions, and this is going to shock many people. They will just have to adapt to this.

There will be big shakeups in some political parties. There may be a reorganization in Congress. A lot of things are going to change with that. I feel those will be good changes. It will bring more of a sense of stability to the country. Many things will be clarified.

That is all for now. It has been my distinct joy to be with all of you, as always. This is Count Saint Germain.

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain would like to assist us in the process of accepting and adapting to this rapid, and sometimes challenging, period of change in the year 2020 by bringing a positive and very powerful "point of focus," which they have done in their article, "Expect a Miracle!" This article is now available to read at Star's website: (click here).

About the Channel - This article was reposted by permission from the author, copyright 2019.

Star has acted as the Spiritual Messenger for Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters since 2001. During that time, many articles authored by this spiritual group have been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Her offerings include in-person classes, channeled “energy events,” seminars, and spiritual mentoring.

She also offers private channeled sessions with Lady Portia and Count St. Germain for clients all over the United States, and all over the world – in areas such as New Zealand, Singapore, London, Canada, Kenya, and The Netherlands. In May 2017 she was invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to represent Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters as their Messenger and Spiritual Channel for the celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Star is the founder of The Clearinghouse, a Tucson Organization for Consciousness in Arizona. Contact her at email: info@starbird1.net or write P.O. Box 68704, Tucson, AZ 85737. For information on Wesak Festival event and other articles and services, please visit her website: StarBird1.net


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