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"2019 will be a rock and roll year! To Stay Centered, Stay in Your Heart!

2019 Predictions – U.S. & International

Written by Leading Numerologist Lynn Buess, MA, EdS – January 1, 2019

Lynn Buess THE UNIVERSAL YEAR 2019 IS A NUMBER THREE (2+0+1+9=12 and 1+2=3). Three is the number of creativity, entertainment, the arts, imagination, communications, media, sales, emotional expression and fluctuations, sexuality, harmony (or discord) and union to name a few indicators. As an archetype, 3 represents the union of the 1 (masculine) and 2 (feminine) in the cosmic union or cosmic marriage. It strives for reconciliation of the dualities such as the yin and yang, positive and negative, good and evil, light and dark etc.

AN INCREASE OF LEAPS IN HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS (much unnoticed to the public eye) will take place this year as humanity moves closer to its cosmic connection and heritage from the stars. The demonstration of the human capacity for expression of imagination and talents continues at a hectic pace. As seen on the reality talent shows around the globe people who would never have been acknowledged beyond their family or community are now given a global audience with whom to share mind boggling talents and gifts of self-expression. These stirring performances touch every one of us in some way and contribute to the upward spiral of our awareness.

POTENTIAL FOR VIOLENCE: The combination of cosmic influx of a higher rate of vibration combined with the socially engineered manipulation of the mind and masses by a controlling few contributes to huge swings in human emotional behavior. This will be especially true in the zones targeted to foment fear and conflict. The numerical indicators suggest a high probability for another false flag type assault similar to 9/11 and other recent designed shootings, terrorist activity and gang violence.

Those who are unstable and the violent become more so, and those who are disciplined in the light experience further glimpses of illumination and expansion of awareness. With awareness comes conscious choice in our personal life and in the social and communal decisions we make.

MONEY & ECONOMY: The manner in which an individual handles money directly corresponds to the manner in which he or she handles his or her emotions. This can be a turbulent year for international economies and particularly the so-called U.S. dollar (Federal Reserve notes). A major down turn in markets and money would not be a numerical surprise.

GOVERNMENTS: This will mean governments will also be in upheaval. Trump’s administration gets severely tested. And, there will be challenges and/or changes in Great Britain (the Queen?), Israel, France, Germany and Japan to name a few. The Middle-East remains a region of tension and potential explosive troubles. These changes will be a very important indicator of which way the planet is going. Information about the significance of Antarctica cannot be contained as events and long held secrets hit the mass consciousness with startling revelations to our past, present and future.

CREATIVITY: This is a year that emphasizes creativity. In the human unconscious creativity is sexuality and sexuality is creativity, and so sexual topics, issues, discussions and display will be heightened this year. The upside will be more interest in the enlightened application of kundalini and such techniques as seventh level tantra (not to be confused with the Hollywood diluted, eroticized, commercialized and gratuitous versions).

THE DARK SIDE OF SEX: The other side is exploitation of sex, pornography and gratuitous indulgence. Using numerology analysis, this will be a very likely year for long simmering issues of sex trafficking, snuff films, pedophile rings and the dark side of Hollywood to come into public scrutiny.

The Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Savile scandals have just touched the surface of a wide spread global network that goes right to the top of political, religious, entertainment, corporate and other institutions. If the indictments get through a compromised and often corrupt legal system, expect some shocking revelations for those who are naive and uninformed. Some letter combinations that might come up with this matter include PG, DC, BO, HW, RDN, JE, GB, JP, BC, HC, OW, TH, WH, SS, TT, JB and JS to mention a few possibilities. Don’t be surprised to see some of these under scrutiny regarding issues of treason, extortion, assassination, grand theft, (and, you know, other small stuff!).

MASS MEDIA: The mass media takes a big hit at this time as more aware citizens recognize the distortion and abuse of the information networks.

FEMININE ENERGY: Expect a greater participation and contribution from women in the “overly prolonged male dominated” politics and public positions. Much emphasis will come about restoring balance of the feminine energy archetypes throughout all facets of human social, institutional and personal relationships.

WILD EMOTIONAL SWINGS: There is a correlation between the collective global human behavior and nature. The number three is one of emotions and this will be a year of wild emotional swings in the planetary population. On the physical surface emotions relate to water, so expect more turbulent water events: floods, big waves and the frozen version of heavy snows. Also consider water rights and restrictions reflected in droughts. Underneath the surface (unconscious) lies oil, which will become another fluid that raises volatile reactions.

WEATHER: This is a year of more intense and frequent volcanoes, earthquakes, and destructive storms. This will be hard to ignore since there will be more of them in populated regions. The Middle-East, Pacific Rim and South America will be particularly active. The other side of upheaval and chaos is enlightenment, grace and the miraculous. Expect signs and miracles of a biblical sort.

MUSIC & THE ARTS: The trend for decades in education and public priorities has been upon science, technology, sports and business with an increasing decline of support to music, theater and the arts. Events of this year will point out the tragic impact upon societies that ignore creativity and the arts in favor of the other aforementioned subjects. Society will once more realize the importance of the arts and the balance they offer to that which can become potentially heartless, impersonal and detached. Expect a resurgence of the arts and music in communities and curriculums everywhere.

RESTORATION INTO THE GALACTIC COMMUNITY: All of the above serves as a wakeup call to the human race, and the hope here is that more people heed the call. The potential is clear for an awakening of a much larger portion of the human population. Enough that can turn the tide from being victims of manipulation and darkness toward a world of restored light, integrity, harmony and restoration of its place in the galactic community. When the light shines brightly, it is difficult to hide the deeds of darkness that lurk in the shadows.

INNOCENT HAPPY CHILDREN: Number "three" encourages freedom of emotional expression, light heartedness and the innocent play of happy children. As the dark side of humanity becomes more recognized and released into light, the earth has the opportunity to come out of hiding and be restored to the enlightened galactic playground that some say we were designed and destined to become.

LYNN BUESS, MA, EdS, is a leading numerologist, international author and speaker, wellness innovator, and therapist. He has been active in the self-awareness movement for more than half a century. Since 1980, Lynn has practiced numerology around the world. His list of clientele would make an impressive Who’s Who list of international personalities. Lynn has published, among many other books, “The Heart of Numerology.” For more information, go to www.NumerologyRising.com - This article was posted with permission from the author. ©Copyright 2018 All Rights Reserved.


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