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"You are called to stay in your heart, and become the Light you are!" - Amma

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Transmuting Pain and Low Vibrations into JOY!

Amma the Divine Mother - Channeled by Cathy Chapman

Cathy Chapman

Cathy: I'm so delighted to be here with you and I'm even more delighted to bring in Amma. I always enjoy her energy. Before we get started with Amma, everyone say "Heart Source". Even those of you who don't know how to fully establish your Heart Source, being in the energy saying Heart Source, will bring you into that space. I am also going to take you through the process of establishing your Heart Source.

1. Move into the front of your Heart Center. Just feel yourself go deep within.

2. And now move into the back of your Heart Center going deep within.

3. Go into your third eye, your brow chakra, you're staying in all of these places at the same time.

4. Now into the back of your brow chakra. Some of you may not have known that you have a front and a back of 5 of the major chakras.

5. Now image a beam of energy going from your heart right up to your brow chakra.

6. And now send that beam straight up to the center of the universe. Don't worry where that is, it knows where to go.

7. And now straight down into the center of the earth. So you are still in those 7 places. You have now established your Heart Source.

Now we are all meeting together in our lecture and healing room. Just imagine yourself moving into this room. There is a floor of light below us, a canopy of light above us. Pillars of light are in each corner of the room. There are angels from Archangel Michael’s band and Archangel Gabriel's band surrounding the entire room. Feel their energy.

We're all in the room together, even those who are not on the call but are listening later. It doesn't matter if they are listening 10 years from now. Since there is no time all of us are gathered together in this one place.

Now there is a pillar of light in the very center of the room. Send a beam of energy from your heart to the central pillar. And now invite anyone on the inner plane that you want to come and join you in the central pillar so we can all have the pleasure of their energy.

I'm seeing Jesus and Buddha come in. Every time I see them coming into our healing and lecture room they come in together. Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Abraham, and Quan Yin, and many others are coming in. Invite anybody else you want to come in.

Now I'm just going to ask my healing guides to work with your healing team. Each one of you has a Healing Team whether you know them or not. I'm just asking them to use what we call the Basic Plug-in to clear your energy of anything that is inhibiting the full reception of this message. Don't worry if you don't know what the basic plug-in is. Now, if you will also send a beam of energy from your heart to mine. And now I will invite Amma to come in.

Amma the Divine Mother: Good wonderful evening, my dear ones. How wonderful to be here with you. Of course, I am always with you. It's wonderful for you to be with me in this conscious way. I am Amma the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and my precious ones I am your Mother. You might think that I would not know all of my children because there are so many but I know each one of you individually.

I know your heart, I know your Soul Self, that aspect of you that is the fullness of who you are. Much of who you are is home with all of us not here on this planet. We are all together. That is what Oneness is all about, being together.

You know how important consciousness is. I don't know if you're aware that when the world gathers together, when a hundred people gather together, when a thousand, when a million people gather together you alter the consciousness of this planet. There are tens of millions joining together in celebration altering the consciousness upon the planet. You bring the energy of goodwill you are experiencing together. It spreads outwards to everyone to the entire planet.

Send Gratitude to Mother Earth

Send Gratitude to Mother Earth

I want you to try something right now. That beam of energy I had you send down into the center of the earth connecting you to this wonderful planet of yours, focus on it right now. I want you to think of something that you are grateful for. It could be a person, it could be an event, it could be something that you're seeing right now. I want you to allow that gratitude, that appreciation to come into your heart. Now double it, double that feeling.

Now visualize all that energy of gratitude going down that beam of energy you sent to the center of the earth. Send that energy into this blessed planet of yours and feel her response to you. Feel that response. That is just a little exercise that you can do anytime that you wish to bring blessing to the planet.

Your planet absorbs the turmoil of those who are living upon her. She also absorbs the joy of all living upon her. There is much turmoil on the planet. You give her a breathing space if you send the energy of gratitude to her.

Send Love Energy to Mother Earth

Now you could also send the energy of love and gratitude as a variation of love. I'm going to show you how you can send love energy to her. Bring to mind one of the people you love the most. If you don't have one person that you love the most just bring to mind one, two or a group. It could be all of your children, your most precious partner, significant other or spouse. It could be a friend or a sibling. It could be a pet.

Bring that individual who came to mind and feel the love that you have for that individual. Now allow that feeling of love to double. Double it again. Fills you up does it not? Now, again, gather all the energy together in this wonderful ball of love energy. You can make it whatever color you want or put it in whatever shape you want. Send that beam of light down into the planet. That is another way you can love this planet and send her the energy of love. This assists in clearing space and she enjoys it.

Activating the Energy of Transmutation

The planet is adept at transmuting energy if you send negativity to her. Let's say some people attempt to breathe out the negativity within them. They become afraid it will infect other people. It doesn't because of the wonderful way that energy field is constructed. Your energy field was carefully constructed so that the energy you release to free yourself travels through your energy field and is transmuted. Yes, it is transmuted into a higher vibration. This is different than when you send energy out in anger or in fear without the intention of transmutation, without the intention of release.

When you have the intention of release then you activate the energy of transmutation. When the energy you release goes through your energy field it is transformed by your energy field.

Those of you who are of the Judaeo-Christian tradition may be aware of the phrase "You were wondrously made." You were so wondrously made and you continue to be wondrously made. Become aware of how wondrously made you are and how to use or enhance the tool of your wondrousness. (Is there such a word as wondrousness?)

Learn to use your energy field as a tool for the transmutation of low vibration energies. Be aware that you have within you and upon this amazing planet of yours everything you need to make changes within yourself. You have within you the power and the ability to release that which you no longer need and to bring in love and the awareness you do need.

Think of something you need right now and I mean need. I just heard a few people say, "But I don't need anything. I want for some things but I don't need anything." Since we're dealing with needs tonight, think of something that you believe this planet needs. Not the planet herself but everybody upon this planet. Now we're going to do a little exercise. Again say "Heart Source" so you come back into your Heart Source. Focus on the front of your Heart Center in the center of your chest.

Now take that need, whether it is the need for you or it is the need for this wonderful planet of yours, or the people upon this wonderful planet. See it in some symbolic way. You could see it as a stone or a crystal or a flower or a tree or a plant. It doesn't matter just see it in some particular way. Now visualize a sphere of energy around it. Send your own heart energy to that sphere of energy and notice how the sphere changes. Notice the color or the vibration, the feeling or the sound. It doesn't matter which. Just notice what it becomes.

Manifesting Fulfillment

Here's a way you can use that wonderful energy field that surrounds you. You're going to make a request of your energy field and activate its consciousness and an ability you may not have been aware of. Tell your energy field you're going to send a ball of light containing the request for something you or the world needs. Ask that your energy field transform the sphere of energy from that of need to the energy of manifestation and fulfillment as it passes through each layer of the field. If you asked for peace that is transformed and amplified into greater peace. If you asked for financial security the energy of abundance is amplified as it goes out of your energy field. Now, see that ball of energy in your hand and blow it out of your energy field with the intention of sending it outwards. Experience and feel what is happening.

There my wonderful dear ones, you have sent out an energy to be manifested. I want you to know that the energy came from you. You developed it, you created it, and you sent it out. No matter where it goes it has your imprint upon it. When other people's energy of manifestation meets your energy of manifestation, the energies of manifestation come together. They join and amplify the energy. The energy has your imprint upon it as well as their desire for manifestation for peace, financial security, love, or health. The amplified energy comes back to you because it follows your imprint. Your transformed request returns to you and then goes out again in a continuing cycle of increase. This is how your work together in the Oneness.

Transmuting Pain into Joy

Now we're going to do it in a different way. These are exercises you can use throughout the year. I'm going to show you how to work with something you don't want to manifest but, in fact, want to get rid of. I want you to locate an area of pain or discomfort in your body.

Now, we're going to use that amazing energy field of yours in a different way. You're going to program your energy field by setting your intention to release whatever this discomfort is in your body. You're releasing the energy of it.

Everything begins with energy. Tell your energy field, which is a vibrant living aspect of yourself, that you're going to send something outward that you want your energy field to transmute so that it becomes the opposite of what you sent out. If you're sending out pain you can ask your energy field, as the pain goes through your energy field, for it to be transmuted into joy for the rest of the world.

Transmuting Low Vibrations

We're going to follow the same process that we did before. See that which you wish to release in some symbolic form. Bring energy around it. Set your intention that your energy transmutes the low vibration energy, the pain, be it physical, emotional, or mental pain.

You are programming your energy field so that it transmutes what you no longer want into something you do want. As what you want transmuted passes through your energy field, it begins the transmutation process. Through each layer of your energy field it is transmuted so that, when it leaves your 7th layer it is fully transmuted. You're not breathing out into the world more pain because you are transmuting it with your intention.

Are you ready? Put the energy ball containing that which you no longer want in your hands. Blow it out with the intention of it leaving you and of it transmuting so that when it penetrates that 7th layer of your field it becomes joy.

Now notice what you have done! You can do it as many times as you wish today or whenever. Twice in just a few minutes, you made the decision, you made the choice, to send out powerful, wonderful love energy so that the planet and everyone upon it may have that energy.

All of that energy you sent out, every one of you listening to this and doing this little exercise, all of that energy joined with the energy sent out by everyone else, it comes together and expands and expands and expands to where the vibration of that energy can encompass the earth.

When you sent out the energy with the intention of transmutation, the low vibration energy, the pain that you released, as it moved from your energy field, it was transmuted into joy. It joins with all the other joy being sent out.

This lifts the energy of the planet. You can counteract the pain that was unintentionally sent out. You can counteract the cries of people who are in pain, who do not know how to release the pain so that it transmutes into joy.

Bring Healing to the Planet and Yourself

Send Healing to the Planet and Yourself

As a being of great love, which you are, and as a being who is aware that you are a spiritual being, you have the responsibility to share the message of love. That doesn't mean you go on a street corner and preach. That does not mean that at all. It means you become consciously aware of how you can bring healing to this planet and yourself by being conscious in the releasing of low vibration energy and transmuting it to higher vibration energy. In this way you are, shall we call it, feeding the planet with the love and appreciation that you have.

Dear ones, I do not have to tell you there have been difficult times occurring upon this planet. You are aware of it through your social media. Those of you who are active in social media are aware there are things happening upon this planet, that your traditional or mainstream media is not reporting.

Because there are people with phones able to take photographs and videos, you know more of what is happening upon this planet than anyone before you.

Now I want to tell you something very important. What you have presented to you in the form of violence and turmoil is not the T-R-U-T-H. What is happening is an evolving of the planet as the people upon the planet are choosing to let go of the negativity that is present. And you say, "But Amma, look at the pain? Look at what is happening. Look at all of the people whose lives are being lost." This is happening as a part of the cleansing.

These people whose lives have, or are being lost, are the very people who volunteered before they came into their body to help bring awareness to everyone else. And you may think how can that be so? Why would anybody want to choose that? Those of you who are Christian celebrate the birth of one who chose to do that.

You have figures in history who have chosen to sacrifice themselves so that others may learn and live. I want to tell you that the word sacrifice or the phrase sacrificing themselves is not true. What they have done is come to play a role in this incarnation of someone who assists in transmuting low vibration energy in a public way. Yes, it looks like pain, and it looks like suffering and it is that in, shall we call it, this movie or play of what is happening right now.

Break the Apathy to Move Forward

My dear ones, we are all, when I say “we” I am talking about all of us on the inner plane. We are all gathered around you cheering for all that you are doing right now to clear the low vibration energy from this planet. In order for the clearing to occur it must become known.

I asked you to find a place of discomfort in your body. If I had not asked you to do so, your conscious awareness of the discomfort may not have noticed it. In order to release low vibration energy you first must become aware of it. Sometimes you need other people, other human beings to say, "Oh, that is so painful. That must hurt."

You may be familiar with the concept of shock. You have an automobile accident and you broke your arm in that accident. In fact, you broke it so much the bone is penetrating the skin. Due to shock, your body may not register the pain. It often does not register that pain for some time. Shock is your body's protective mechanism.

Part of what is happening upon this planet, as you watch the violence on social media, as you feel unrest about your political situation, as you are in fear about what is happening in your personal life, you first go into a type of shock. It is a protective mechanism within the body and the mind. The spirit allows you to get adjusted to what happened. When the shock wears off the pain is there, is it not?

That is how you were created, that is how you were made. This was not created out of desire to have you suffer. It was created this way to give you a chance to recognize what is happening and then, after you move through that pain, you decide how you will express your feelings. You may have energy of a productive anger which moves you forward to take action.

Part of what is happening is to break the apathy people have moved into and have them come together again to move forward. They may find like-minded people who are also willing and ready to move forward. That is where you are.

Stay in Your Heart and Become the Light You Are

Everything is Vibration

This is the time, my dear ones, that you have been preparing for. When you accept this as true, you discover what it is you are called to do. And who is calling you? It is not me calling you? It is your Soul Self, that aspect of you that sprang from the Oneness to experience what is now happening. Your Soul Self is calling you to step out in courage. Your Soul Self is calling you to become clear upon who it is that you are and what your role upon this planet is. As you become aware of who it is you are, you recognize and become even more the light, the light of this world.

You are being called to be more light. You are called to allow the light to shine out from you, to be present as light. Light gives support. Light also attracts the gnats and the bugs that are around at nighttime. Consider how you will attract both to you. You will give support and there will be those who will not be supportive; yet you were called to stay within your heart, to stay firmly grounded upon this planet and be who it is you truly are.

Anyone listening to this message, no matter when you are listening, you are a being of light. You made the choice to come and to share your light to this entire world. It is time. Have courage, take the risk, step into uncertain ground and know that you are all doing it together.

That, my precious ones, is my message for you tonight. My blessings to you. I would like you to feel me now, wrapping my arms around you as I am loving you, knowing what your struggles are and what your joys are. I know the paradoxes and the conflicts within you, yet I only see the love that you are. My precious ones, I am Amma the Divine Mother of the Divine Mothers, and I still carry you within my womb.

Cathy Chapman is the channel for Amma, The Divine Mother. She has been a psychotherapist since 1976, and is the author of “Change Your Encodements, Your DNA, Your Life!” and “The Heart: Doorway to Your Power.” Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, to have fun. This article was posted with permission from the author. To read the full story how Cathy became a channel, click here. To learn more about Cathy or Amma, go to OdysseyToWholeness.com or AmmaTheDivineMother.com

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