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The Secret: How to Stop Fear and Corona Virus
from Infecting You!

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain channeled through Star Hinman - March 16, 2020

BlissfulVisions.com Lady Portia and Count St. Germain: Greetings Dear Ones, We are happy to be with you today, and we have much good news for all of you!

We want you to know that none of you will be affected by the difficulty you’ve heard about (the Corona Virus) as long as you do not bring it to yourself through fear, because people who are sending out this fear vibration towards the virus actually unknowingly draw it to themselves.

Those who have no fear of it have no connection energetically with it, and so they have nothing to do with it, because it is “in another universe” from them, so to speak.

When you are in the higher energies, you are on a different level. You are on a level above where this type of activity cannot intrude into your space. Many people do not realize this, and unfortunately, through constantly focusing upon it and fearing it, they are giving their power to an infectious agent.

In effect, they are “inviting” it to come into their space and operate, and, in a certain way, to usurp their divine power and authority in their own body.

You Might Unknowingly Create What You Fear

And so, what we would recommend to all of you is to be very much present and conscious in your body, and keep your energy level high! Stay positive, and then you do not have to worry about being “attacked” by this type of thing. It is the people who are worried about being attacked that create the attack. It is always what one worries about that then seems to occur for people.

You will be learning more about this type of thing as time goes along. I would venture to say that all of you will become quite adept on this subject before this entire process comes to conclusion, because there are many things that you can do energetically, and with your consciousness, that successfully hold this type of “energy infiltration of your being” away from you, so that you do not invite it towards you. Then you are not inflicted with what seems to many people to be an “attack” or an intrusion into their space – when, in reality, there has been this subliminal attraction of the infectious force, which might be described as an “entity” because of the level of “intelligence” it contains, you see.

Many times, these things operate like an “entity” because it has a consciousness. And so, there can be the intrusion of this consciousness into one’s space before there is any physical manifestation that any infectious process has taken place.

And many people will be studying this type of transmission of viruses or viral agents, and all of this type of germ warfare, as well as similar subjects, because your government is studying all of this type of thing now quite a bit, and there is a lot of experimental activity that is happening now among many governments across the face of the earth.

In fact, almost all of them are now experimenting with this type of thing. So, it is not unusual for this type of thing to “escape” from the laboratories, from the test tubes, where they think they have it so contained – and then someone touches the wrong test tube and then goes home to their family, and the entire family is infected with it.

Find the Truth in the Higher Realms

You would be surprised how much this type of thing is happening across the earth. I have seen quite a few examples of this myself, many times. And, although it is certainly not talked about on your news programs – yet, if you waited to hear the truth from these sources, you would have a very long wait, indeed!

And so, the people who are intelligent with this type of thing are tuning in to us directly, or perhaps others in the higher realms. You would be surprised how many requests we have all had for knowledge and information about this entire subject of contagion and what types of contagion may be or could be coming forth across the earth in the foreseeable future. And I do not see any other instances of other things like this happening in the near future – just to give you some good news on this point.

But people are certainly going to learn a lot about themselves and many other subjects through this process, because you might say that this is an “education” for some among the human population of earth, who believe that they can experiment on all of these animals in such a cruel and inhumane way – and that there will be no repercussions from this type of activity.

And many of your other diseases, I will tell you, have been created in this way – unbeknownst to the population of earth, because this type of thing has a very long history – not only in this century where you are now – but also in many previous centuries, when there has been this type of transfer of these viral materials from other non-human populations to the human population of earth.

A Very Long History

In times long past – even beyond your human memory – this has caused great decimation of the human population of earth. In fact, it almost wiped out the human population of earth in one of these events, long, long ago – before there was such a thing as recorded history. It was a very great distance of time in the past, and the human form was not as you know it now. It was in a different level of the evolutionary process.

And so, there have been many of these types of events, which, fortunately, you have survived! I should say that your genetics have survived, so that those of you who are here now in your present forms are the latest survivors of this entire process of the human race living through these episodes – some of which have come to almost total annihilation of the human species on earth.

But, you see, this is a very complex subject, because there are, for one thing, so many sources of this type of contagious element. Not all of these are in the form of what you would call “viruses.”

There are other elements which have been introduced into the human biology which was present on the earth in some of these instances long, long ago. Some of these things, it might be said, were introduced from, shall we say, other star systems – by visitors from other star systems.

And this is not in your recorded history either, but some of this activity was purposefully done – and, at other times, it was sheer accident. And those who were carrying these infectious agents often were not aware, and did not take the proper precautions to protect the human population of earth.

So, yes, you have been through many of these types of episodes and events. And this one that you have now, I’m sorry to say, will not be the last.

This is an ongoing type of event that will continue until humanity changes some of its animal husbandry and experimental laboratory practices, shall we say, because this is so unneeded – to open the door to this type of transmission, because, you see, your animal species are completely different from you in their chemical makeup. And so, some of these infectious elements, which are very dangerous to you, may have a beneficial effect on the host organism that is carrying it. And these are not in the human form, I am speaking of the animal population.

Change Is Needed

It is all an unknown at this point in time, and I cannot tell you that it will never happen again. And I cannot tell you when it will happen again, if it does. But I will tell you that, because of the activities of people on the earth, they are inviting this type of thing to happen. So, there is very little you can do about it (short of making requests to governmental authorities, etc.), and there is nothing we can do about it (*) until this process of introducing this transfer of genetic material from one species to another stops.

*(Note: The Realms of Light are forbidden to interfere or “insert their will or agendas” into human, earthly affairs by Divine Law. They may only educate people in order to attempt to change their attitudes and behaviors.)

Those who are engaging in this type of activity will not “learn the lesson” from this experience and end this behavior – that I can tell you -- because there are other “situations,” shall we say, where this type of thing is happening, all over the earth. There are many, many more of these types of situations where something like this could be released, and I expect it will happen again. Now when that will be, I cannot tell you, because we do not control this type of thing on the earth. And, this is due to that “small thing” of free will that you have heard spoken of so often, I believe. *(Note: This is a humorous reference to humanity’s free will, because it is well known to all that this subject is of paramount importance – both on earth and in the Ascended Realms.)

And so, of course, we do not control these people, and we do not control their experiments. We do not control their activities – even some of the ones who are looking to create more of these viral agents to be used in military procedures, shall we say. And there is quite a bit of this going on, through the activities of many of these governments.

Invoke the Divine Presence Within You!

But what can you do in response to this situation? Now I will get to the important part of the story.

What you can do is to believe that it cannot affect you, because this belief has a power beyond your knowing when one believes with all one’s heart and all one’s being that you are under direct divine control of your well-being in all levels of yourself (the four bodies: physical, etheric/spiritual, mental, and emotional).

And when you bring this truth into being within you, simply by focusing upon it with unwavering belief, then it is done! That becomes the important circumstance which is taking precedence over all else within you, and determining the conditions which manifest within the four bodies.

And so, that is what I would recommend to all of you: BE THE HIGHER DIVINE PRESENCE in your physical form and all of your energy bodies – and claim that strong connection! Because, truly, you ARE the Divine Being INCARNATE!

Some people just do not realize this. But, you see, when you invoke that truth into your system, and you BELIEVE IT, this changes the chemical constituency of your body. Did you know that? It changes everything! And it can regulate many chemical programs. It can easily change chemicals from one aspect of the chemical to another through the transmutation of matter.

The Power of the I AM PRESENCE Within You!

It is quite extensive what this type of focus on the I AM – YOUR DIVINE PRESENCE – can accomplish, when it is invoked into the physical form. This is true because it has, unknown to you, abilities to regulate, command, and control circumstances to the highest levels of being, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining your well-being.

And so, this is what we often teach the students in many of the classes that we teach (and many of these are held in the higher realms during the night, where human beings can all attend in their “finer bodies” while the earthly form is sleeping) – because this is the simplest and quickest way to the higher consciousness, which you seek. It is simply to claim, invoke, and become ONE with your higher presence.

Now many people call this “the God presence,” the “Divine presence,” or “connecting with your Divine Self.” You can use whatever words evoke this circumstance within you. It does not matter! The words do not have to be correct according to me! They must be correct according to what evokes within you this divine response within every cell of your being.

Because, at the very core of every atom and electron within every cell of your body is what has been called “The God Particle,” which is the Divine Impetus for your being. And it is very tiny when you look at it as a part of physical matter, but it is actually more energy than matter.

The scientists have isolated this type of thing in some of these laboratory situations where they are studying these things that they call “The God Particle,” and all of this. But what I am telling you is that you do not need to make this chemically complex, and it goes beyond religious doctrine, to be in actual fact true, regarding the chemical constituency of the physical body which you inhabit.

Your Divine Authority in Physical Form!

And you, as a Divine Presence taking physical form, you have an authority in the physical form. And that is what I am telling you about now, as I am urging you to approach things on this level of your obvious divine authority – because, when you go to this level with it, it takes precedence over all lower levels of contagion and contagious activities, or the intelligence of viral components, or any of this other material which exists on these lower levels of energetic frequency.

So, in fact, you are speaking to the part of yourself that has the Divine Authority to manage literally every cell – and every atom and molecule within every cell. When you realize this truth, you then approach it from the proper level, which is your Divinity.

And this is where people might make the mistake: they approach things on a lower level that does not have command-and-control of all of these systems which they are wishing to influence.

And that is why I am telling you about this, because all of you are interested in finding, as it were, the “answer” to ending fear and worry regarding matters of infection or contagion.

Ascending to the Throne Room of Your Consciousness!

And many people, believe it or not, have discovered this technique that I am telling you about now – some through religious training, others through different avenues of coming to this same place of invoking a power higher than the intelligence or power of an infectious agent. And so, in a nutshell, that – very simply – is what I would recommend to all of you, to put an end to any need to fear this virus, or any other, and to effectively “sit within the throne room of your consciousness” and go to the highest levels within yourself, which do command these levels of bodily intelligence and well-being. And you will be so much the better off for approaching things in this manner, because it does put an end to the fear and worry! You feel that you have connected with a part of your being, your intelligence, which is superior to these levels of viral infection.

And so, think about these things, and begin to use this information. I believe that you will have great success in eradicating any levels of fear, worry, or concern that have crept into your consciousness. When any of this type of material comes to you, just tell it to “Be gone! I am not interested in that,” and return your focus to your Divine Presence, and claim the Power that resides there!

The more you do this, the stronger you will be in the knowledge that this is an All-Powerful energy which you are keying into here when you use this type of knowledge and belief, and have the application of it.

Using this knowledge energizes the entire body to a completely different state of energy – well above the level where it could be “infected” by any lower-vibratory activity such as the intelligence level of a viral agent.

And you can tell your friends about this information, also, because more people need to be made aware of how to handle these situations which are scaring many people, and have people really in quite a state of fear about this situation, because they have given their power over to these viral-level energies, or “intelligences" – whatever you wish to call them.

The Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame!


And so, you can operate at a level which is quite far above these things. You all know how to do this, so keep your energy levels very high and remember to use the Violet Flame daily, or whenever any of this fear comes to you, or you feel “energetically-infected” by any of these thoughts of fear or infection. Immediately call forth the Violet Flame and use it to release and remove these energies from yourself.

This has been a difficult time on the earth for many people, we understand that, but you will get through it, and you will all be just fine, so do not worry about it too much, because “This too shall pass,” and I can promise you that! And then you will be on to something else entirely.

We want to thank you for being with us today and giving us the opportunity to bring this message, because we feel that it will have great benefit for many. Thank you for your kind attention, and we send you much love and our eternal blessings. Namaste

Star’s Note: Of course, this is a message from spiritual beings in the Ascended Realms who have a spiritual perspective on this topic. They know that, as human beings in a physical environment, we have the intelligence to take normal precautions to avoid coming into contact with infectious agents.

For more information on The Violet Transmuting Flame, please see the Creating Sacred Ceremony page on our website at StarBird1.net

About the Channel - Star Hinman

Star has acted as the Spiritual Messenger for Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters since 2001. During that time, many articles authored by this spiritual group have been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Her offerings include in-person classes, channeled “energy events,” seminars, and spiritual mentoring.

She also offers private channeled sessions with Lady Portia and Count St. Germain for clients all over the United States, and all over the world – in areas such as New Zealand, Singapore, London, Canada, Kenya, and The Netherlands. In May 2017 she was invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to represent Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters as their Messenger and Spiritual Channel for the celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Star is the founder of The Clearinghouse, a Tucson Organization for Consciousness in Arizona. Contact her at email: info@starbird1.net or write P.O. Box 68704, Tucson, AZ 85737. For information on Wesak Festival event and other articles and services, please visit her website: StarBird1.net

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