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"Free energy will be easily accessible to all from Earth's crystalline-based grid."

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The Crystal Grid System of Earth

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light channeled by Star Hinman - March 1, 2020

BlissfulVisions.com The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light - The crystal grid system contains a huge “body of information” for the Planet Earth, since, as you may know, it is a multi-dimensional, intelligent "energy system." It is much more complex in its construction and operation than often is realized or appreciated at the present time by the inhabitants of Earth. 

We say this, because it operates as a "dynamic intelligence," whose energy field extends both beneath the surface, within the body of Earth, and out into “space,” beyond Earth -- the distance of which fluctuates, due to the shifting and changing of many circumstances. Often it may be found to extend a great distance beyond the physicality of Earth.

The amount of complex, crystalline-frequency information stored in this “energy system” could not be contained in even your most advanced electronic storage systems on present-day Earth, which necessitates that this intelligence be stored in both physically-oriented and non-physical energy structures of crystalline formation in and around Earth herself. These, as you may know, have both the intelligence quotient and capacity to store huge amounts of data within them.

Extra-Terrestrial “Fingerprints” Upon Earth

This “crystal grid system,” as you have termed it, operates mainly on electronic frequencies, similar to radio-waves, but at a much higher frequency level than can be generated by any of the equipment which you presently have in operation on Earth.

It is a crystalline-based intelligence, which includes much information both inspired by, and derived from, what you might refer to as “extra-terrestrial” sources, since its point of origin, or “creation,” is of ancient lineage itself.

It has recorded much inter-stellar activity and information originally derived, inspired, or “replicated,” due to contact with what you would describe as “extra-terrestrial intelligences,” who have had much to do with the formation of present-day Earth. Their “fingerprints” are upon the physicality of earth, as well as being stored within the endemic intelligence of what you may refer to as her “auric field,” “energy structure,” and “crystal grid system.”

The crystal grid system is much more dynamic and influential in the creation of earth’s circumstances than what is generally accepted or realized in the present day, but the relevance of this circumstance will be much more understood in years to come, when you have confirmation of this information from extra-terrestrial visitors to Earth. They will tell you of your ancient history, and reveal many of the present “inaccuracies in the record” regarding your true history -- and the many misconceptions about the sources for the origin of Earth will be corrected, as these facts are revealed.

Then you will have a much truer “record of the origins of Earth,” and humans will begin to take much greater care of the planet, when this perspective is communicated and understood. Many things will change as a result of this activity, and you will see that technology shifts to an “Earth-friendly” perspective, rather than continuing current practices which damage your planet.

Energy systems will change, and “free energy” will be easily created and freely accessible to all, by many of the factors which will then be known about how the crystal grid system functions and how Earth’s energy field operates.

Question: I've heard from a channeled source that Earth's crystalline grid is nearly completed, and another channeled source says it is fully completed. Which is it? And, why is it so important to complete it now or in the near future?

Pleiadians: A more accurate description would be to say that it exists in a state of “perpetual transformation.” Things of this multidimensional nature may not be adequately described using the terms you have presented in your question.

Question: How is Earth's crystalline grid a quantum multi-dimensional energy?

Pleiadians: This description is valid because Earth’s crystalline grid is composed of what you would refer to as "quantum," or "multi-dimensional" energies. These terms refer, as you know, to the levels of energetic frequency composing the item in question. A simple way to describe this would be to say that the crystal grid system is composed of extremely high frequency energies which range through many varied levels of energies which are in a constant state of change.

Question: Why is the crystal grid composed of crystal and not something else? Why is it crystalline-based?

Pleiadians: Your Crystal Grid system is of crystalline structure and formation by "intelligent design."  This is purposefully done specifically because of the unique "informational storage and processing" capabilities of what humans refer to as "crystalline." This term, as you know, refers to a particular pattern of atomic and molecular structure in material elements, which is capable of storing enormous amount of “data,” as opposed to non-crystalline structures which are much more limited in their storage capabilities.

This "crystalline grid," as you refer to it is as ancient as the Earth herself. Of course, it has evolved in complexity as the Earth has evolved – going through many changes over millions, indeed billions, of years. And it continues to evolve, shift, and change, since the Earth herself is undergoing great change now – even in your present day – due to the accelerated progress into higher dimensional realities, which you usually refer to as "5th dimensional consciousness."

Humanity changes, and the Earth changes. You are not separate from her, and she reflects your changes, you see, as you reflect hers. You "work together" in this vast process of "ascension." The intelligence of Earth, and her grid system, "monitors" your progress in this process of raising the level of your consciousness! Did you know that?

It is very exciting for all of us, including many other beings existing in the higher dimensional realms, to watch this level of evolution and change taking place for the Earth. Many intelligences assist in this process – not only us! We are but one of millions who are participating in the evolution of Earth consciousness. This is, and has become, a huge "galactic project" for the Earth and all her life. It is very exciting, indeed, because there are so many "intelligences" constantly coming and going from the atmosphere of Earth to complete their various projects regarding the evolution of Earth.

This is just the beginning of the huge “shift in consciousness and technology” which is coming for the Earth. You are on the cusp of great change for your planet, and much of this is, shall we say, being “encouraged” at the present time by many of those whom you would describe using the term “extra-terrestrial.”

We think of ourselves as “co-habitants” of Earth with you, because, indeed, we were here before you! Our blessings to all of you, we co-exist with you in a vector of love. We are The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

About the Channel - Star Hinman

Star has acted as the Spiritual Messenger for Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters since 2001. During that time, many articles authored by this spiritual group have been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Her offerings include in-person classes, channeled “energy events,” seminars, and spiritual mentoring.

She also offers private channeled sessions with Lady Portia and Count St. Germain for clients all over the United States, and all over the world – in areas such as New Zealand, Singapore, London, Canada, Kenya, and The Netherlands. In May 2017 she was invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to represent Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters as their Messenger and Spiritual Channel for the celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Star is the founder of The Clearinghouse, a Tucson Organization for Consciousness in Arizona. Contact her at email: info@starbird1.net or write P.O. Box 68704, Tucson, AZ 85737. For information on Wesak Festival event and other articles and services, please visit her website: StarBird1.net

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