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"China tried a world takeover but failed! Many heads are coming out of the sand!"

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"The Lesser of Two Evils"
Corona Virus: What They Won't Tell You!

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain channeled through Star Hinman - April 2, 2020

BlissfulVisions.com Lady Portia and Count St. Germain: Greetings Dear Ones. We are both with you today (Lady Portia and Count St. Germain), and sometimes we speak with our energies combined together as one consciousness – and that will occur today. What we want to tell you now is that, in this message, you are receiving the higher perspective of this worldwide situation of the Corona Virus pandemic, which many people perceive as “just the activities of a virus on the earth.” However, it is a much more complex situation than that, as you will come to understand!

Forces Vying for Power

Yes, there are “many forces vying for power” on the earth! That accurately describes the circumstances which have unleashed this situation upon humanity. It has been primarily caused by China’s desire to be “a power over all the earth.” That is the motivation which has brought forth all of this present situation -- because, as you so well know, there is always a motivation behind all activities and all occurrences. And, in this case, the motivation was a desire to achieve power and control of the earth.

Of course, this is a very serious situation for the inhabitants of earth! Perhaps you do not feel like being controlled by any country – China or any other. And so, what I would tell you is that the plans of China have been significantly disrupted as far as their ability to become “a world power,” a situation which would eventually lead to domination of the planet. And we will speak about this very directly -- because, based on the information from all of our sources, that is exactly what they had in mind. Their goal was to be the “controlling force,” or “the controlling power” for the planet Earth. It is never a good scenario – to see any one country trying to implement a plan like this.

The Virus Intervenes

We do not see China any longer having the potential of becoming a world-dominating force because of the fact that now, “The virus,” as you might say, “has changed the picture!” It has, in its operation and effects, changed the course of future events on earth.

At present, it has temporarily become the focus over most of the earth. And we would like for all of you to understand that, from the spiritual realms, we do not have ultimate control of earth in the ways that you might think that we do. Much of earth is actually in the control of human consciousness, you see, and so you might say that we work with human consciousness to create certain effects -- and many times we work with the energies and circumstances that you create.

Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils

We can influence human consciousness and we can have a certain “input,” or influence upon the events on earth. However, this may not exceed the levels of what is allowed under Divine Law – which always guides what we are able to accomplish. And so, we work with human consciousness, and perhaps we can influence the outcome of earthly events by, let us say, encouraging one thing or another.

And, what has occurred with this virus was a matter of “choosing the lesser of two evils.”

This is largely how the entire situation has played out, because, let us say that we had something to do with this virus escaping its laboratory confines – because you would not like to have seen the alternative scenario which could have taken effect on earth without this intervention.

And so, there are some very dangerous things going on in some of these laboratories which the Chinese have constructed and operate, and this particular laboratory is certainly not the only one that they have. In fact, they have others which are dedicated to other military pursuits – some of which might be considered equally as dangerous as this one that you know about in the Wuhan province.

You Have Control Over Your Responses

What you all need to be focused upon at this time, I would say, is your response to these situations and the conditions in your own individual lives which have been created through this series of events which originated at this laboratory in China, because you have no control of that, as a human being. But what you do have control over, and this is what we are asking you to focus upon now in your own lives, is being acutely aware of operating your own choices with regard to possible consequences, as a result of the choices that you are making in your lives.

And I want to say at this point that I do not feel that any of you in this room are in any danger of contracting this virus, because I do not feel that it will become too acute in your area here (in Tucson, Arizona USA), and so you are somewhat protected in this way – while some other places like New York City already have a very unfortunate situation with this virus, and they have experienced the deaths of many people.

We Do Not Control Your Destiny – You Do!
Many Heads Are Coming Out of the Sand!

We have no control whatsoever over this type of thing, and I want to make that perfectly clear. We can influence people, but we do not control the decisions that they make, and many people are making some very poor decisions in their response to this virus, I will say that. And that situation has caused the spread of it, you see, beyond where it could have been contained in some of these areas – particularly in New York City, and the places where they have had significant outbreaks of it.

But the overall effects of what has happened are vastly preferable to what would have happened if this situation had continued on the path of having China become a huge military and economic power on the earth, because they have been planning for this for many years. We have been watching this situation and observing it, while largely unable to intervene because of what is allowed by Universal Law, you might say.

And so, we are not unhappy about seeing the present developments. Now do not misunderstand what I am saying, because we are appalled by the human suffering which this situation has engendered. But through this event, “the genie has been let out of the bottle,” you see, and now everyone, all of the world leaders, are very aware of what China was planning to do across the globe – and they are having to “come face-to-face with the truth.” There is so much information that has been released “through the back channels,” and all of this type of activity, about what was being planned to occur, so that “many heads are coming out of the sand,” so to speak, and this is a good thing!

A Change of Plans

You only know a tiny percentage of what has come forward. Now many, if not most, of the world leaders have learned a great deal – which they will not be revealing to you – about the innermost workings of the Chinese government’s plans for, let us say, “the small matter” of world domination. And that is just “calling a spade a spade.” And those plans will never come to fruition now, because of this event which you are all, unfortunately, enduring at the present time.

Those of us in the Ascended Realms are all very empathetic about the circumstances which have brought such pain and suffering to humanity, and of course the amount of actual death that has come to many people because of this situation. But, if you were running the world, I believe you would have made the same choices that were made, because this virus, as painful and unfortunate as it may be, is much less damaging in an overall sense, than, perhaps, another world war would be.

A Nuclear Response to a Nuclear Threat?

An event such as another world war would have possibly ended the planet as you know it, because of the military conflicts which would have broken out due to China’s attempts at military conquest. And the only adequate response, let us say, from the United States, in order to stop this, would possibly have been determined to be a nuclear response to a nuclear threat or attack. And then you come very close, it is very perilous at that point! Because when one country begins nuclear military activities, then, of course, what happens is that the next one does, as well. And we were looking at, perhaps, the annihilation of the planet, to put it very bluntly.

And so, you see, we look at things on this level. I know human beings have a different level of observation of human activities, such as human sickness, death, and all of the unfortunate suffering which has happened within the population. And, believe me, that causes great empathy on the part of all of us in the spiritual realms. We do not like to see this type of thing happen. But I’m sure that if you were making the decision, you would prefer to see the present occurrence of this virus -- rather than the destruction of your planet.

The Galactic Federation of Light

These are the levels of considerations that many of us become involved with, and also there are many of the galactic forces (a reference to the Galactic Federation of Light), and all of this type of activity, that are able to observe these things and to have input to the situation, as well. This has been much larger than just an event on the earth! It did become a matter of galactic consideration, and many of the galactic forces became involved in some of the activities that occurred in Wuhan province. The full story of how this virus “escaped” from the laboratory will never be known, but let us say that some of this was due to the intervention of what some of you would refer to as these galactic forces.

The story of this event becomes bigger and bigger, you see, as you draw back from the perspective of simply a germ or a virus escaping into the human population, and you realize that we are talking about avoiding the possibility of world war -- or the “worst case scenario” of the complete annihilation of your planet. And sometimes the earth comes much closer to this type of thing than you would even want to know about, but people rarely hear of this information because of governmental secrecy and this type of mindset. You rarely get the view of these things such as we are privileged to have.

Hidden Areas of Knowledge

There have been some very perilous moments that have occurred along the way, shall we say, since nuclear ability was established by the many nations who now have it. And long ago this became a very perilous situation – which has never been adequately addressed. And, certainly, it has not been communicated to the populations of earth in the various countries where these military activities have been secretly taking place. This is an entire “hidden area of knowledge,” which your government is well aware of, but this is not something that you will read on the front page of your newspaper, shall we say. And there is a great deal of care taken by governments to keep this type of information from being known by the citizens of the various countries which are involved.

There is so much that has happened “behind the scenes” – even in regard to what has happened with this virus so far, because there have been certain remedies created already that you have not heard about. There is so much that goes on that the population never hears about, and so, you can just consider the fact that you know very little about what is actually happening on your planet -- and I will tell you that quite directly!

You only hear just a tiny amount, and even that is what your governments wish for you to know. Often, it is their version of the truth. For example, there was the possibility of a great military conflict between your country and China just recently, and I’m guessing you didn’t hear about that on the evening news either. Yes, there have been threats back and forth, and that type of thing, and it was becoming a very serious situation – with the possibility of many other countries becoming involved in this type of encounter, and with the possibility of this spreading, you see, even beyond the countries initially involved in this conflagration.

Possibilities of Breakthroughs

I am just generally giving you somewhat of an overview of the larger picture that has produced the conditions that you have been apprised of, as citizens of the United States of America.

And I do not believe that this virus will be as serious a situation, on an ongoing basis, as what many people have projected it to be.

It is quite possible that there will be methods learned which will successfully contain it and prevent its widespread introduction through the population, because your scientists are learning quite a bit about this now, and they will continue to study it. I believe that they will come up with some very good remedies that will perhaps not eradicate it completely, but these things could significantly prevent the spread of this virus and decrease its deadly effects. And they are working on all of this now.

The Variables Will Coalesce in Future Time

And so, we will just have to wait and see how all of these variables, and these events, come together in your future time. There are so many variables at the present time! You wouldn’t believe all of the different possible agendas and the variables. This entire situation is in such a state of flux now that I would say to just wait a while and see what plays out from all of this.

I certainly cannot predict, with any claim to accuracy, what the future holds in this entire scenario. There are so many powerful players, and they are all making decisions at the present time. It is all an “unknown” at this time, as to what they will decide and what actions they will take. But your government is certainly doing everything it can to prevent the loss of human life, so that is very good. And much of what is being brought forth in the new medical treatments has the promise of being quite effective, so I don’t believe that this particular virus will, in the future, be such a threat as it has presented itself to be in the present time. And so, we will just have to observe and follow all of this activity – waiting to see how this very complex and delicately-balanced situation continues and evolves.

And so, that is all I’m going to say about this today, and I hope that all of you do continue your normal and very effective practices to prevent the contagion and spread of this viral activity. And, hopefully, it will not become too severe here where you are, and I don’t believe it will.

We greatly appreciate your response to all of this information, and we encourage your dissemination of it to those who may be interested, because few people will have an adequate version of the truth communicated to them – especially one which includes all of these fine points of the possible future ramifications of this situation, which I believe have been successfully avoided.

Continue to take excellent care of yourselves, and our blessings to all of you. We have certainly enjoyed this time that we have spent with you today, as always, beloved ones. We love you greatly, and our love is always with you, supporting you! And so, for today, we bid you Adieu.

The Power of the Violet Transmuting Flame!


And so, you can operate at a level which is quite far above these things. You all know how to do this, so keep your energy levels very high and remember to use the Violet Flame daily, or whenever any of this fear comes to you, or you feel “energetically-infected” by any of these thoughts of fear or infection. Immediately call forth the Violet Flame and use it to release and remove these energies from yourself.

This has been a difficult time on the earth for many people, we understand that, but you will get through it, and you will all be just fine, so do not worry about it too much, because “This too shall pass,” and I can promise you that! And then you will be on to something else entirely.

We want to thank you for being with us today and giving us the opportunity to bring this message, because we feel that it will have great benefit for many. Thank you for your kind attention, and we send you much love and our eternal blessings. Namaste

Star’s Note: Of course, this is a message from spiritual beings in the Ascended Realms who have a spiritual perspective on this topic. They know that, as human beings in a physical environment, we have the intelligence to take normal precautions to avoid coming into contact with infectious agents.

For more information on The Violet Transmuting Flame, please see the Creating Sacred Ceremony page on our website at StarBird1.net

About the Channel - Star Hinman

Star has acted as the Spiritual Messenger for Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters since 2001. During that time, many articles authored by this spiritual group have been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Her offerings include in-person classes, channeled “energy events,” seminars, and spiritual mentoring.

She also offers private channeled sessions with Lady Portia and Count St. Germain for clients all over the United States, and all over the world – in areas such as New Zealand, Singapore, London, Canada, Kenya, and The Netherlands. In May 2017 she was invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to represent Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters as their Messenger and Spiritual Channel for the celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Star is the founder of The Clearinghouse, a Tucson Organization for Consciousness in Arizona. Contact her at email: info@starbird1.net or write P.O. Box 68704, Tucson, AZ 85737. For information on Wesak Festival event and other articles and services, please visit her website: StarBird1.net

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