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"The Key to Ascension is Learning to Focus Your Consciousness"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness


Lady Portia and Count St. Germain channeled through Star Hinman - February 7, 2020

BlissfulVisions.com Lady Portia and Count St. Germain: Dear Ones, Be aware that humanity is now entering a very important period of time in your opportunity to grow and evolve in consciousness toward the ultimate goal of ascension into higher realms of reality. You are no longer limited by a “glass ceiling” which previously acted as a barrier to fifth dimensional consciousness.

This has been dissolved by many important activities of light which have transpired over many years. You are now free to access higher realms than ever before! But, if people are unaware of this opportunity, they may not use their inherent abilities and focus their consciousness toward these higher realms.

We are bringing this message at this particular time on earth, because humanity, and all life, is poised to make a great leap forward. Many do not realize that their divine role on earth is to learn to use their abilities, focused on higher realms, and to discard the limitations of the past. It is our intention to give you some concrete information on how you might approach this process.

You all know how to avoid negativity and polarization of consciousness into “good” and “bad” in your thought processes, but many do not have the complete understanding of why this process is so vital and necessary to your growth at the present moment. We see that, unfortunately, many people languish in the “prisons of mind and thought,” entertaining erroneous beliefs about reality – which they may have unknowingly created for yourselves. To be successful in this process of moving forward, you will need to learn to be aware of the thoughts that are coming to you, and be able to distinguish the “belief structures” that you have set up for yourselves in your process of “understanding reality,” and all that this process entails.

At this very moment, humanity stands at an important crossroads between freedom and control, positivity and negativity of thought, emotion, and belief, for, as has often been said, “as you think, so you are!” Be aware that you are creating your own reality with every thought you create. Many do not realize this important concept, and therefore allow their minds to run on “automatic pilot,” so to speak – unaware that they allow their powerful consciousness to continue in “the ways of the past,” the beliefs about reality which have been set up through many prior experiences in a “different age” – a different “reality” on earth.

Everything Has Changed While You Weren’t Looking!

It’s as though everything has changed while you weren’t looking! The change has been that fast and that dramatic. You are entering “The New Age”– the Age of Aquarius – the Age of Freedom! And those of you who realize this truth will have access to new abilities and the opportunity to use your mind and consciousness to form your reality – as a sculptor shapes and creates an image in physical form.

We tell you these things to free your mental function and the creative power it commands, so that you will realize you now have the power and ability to bring your consciousness to new and exciting levels which you have not yet experienced. In order for you to be successful in this process, you will need to be aware of your thoughts, and the belief structures which will be revealed to your consciousness, through this activity. Then you will have the important opportunity to change your mind about many things! And this will change the “outer reality” which you are now experiencing. This process may sound formidable to many of you, who may be unfamiliar with it initially, but it is actually quite easy – once you become accustomed to it.

Freedom from the Prison of the Past

We bring you these messages because many people are focused now on the process of ascension in consciousness, or ascension to fifth dimensional consciousness, as it is sometimes described. Perhaps you sense that this is the moment when you can become free of the prison of the past, which is composed of many old, outmoded, and limiting belief structures about yourselves and regarding the nature of reality, in general.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to “die,” or leave your physical form, in order to make all necessary progress to reach many beautiful higher levels of consciousness. You can do quite well with this process while still in your physical form, as many people are learning now, as they experiment with it. But we will mention that it does require dedication, tenacity, and a willingness to see clearly whatever blockages you may have created for yourselves so that you can release them.

We have found, and will mention it here, that many people have been greatly aided in this process through the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame, which, as you may know, has the instant effect, once it is called forth, of removing many levels of non-beneficial and restrictive energies from your system. (To access the documents, “The Invocation of the Violet Transmuting Flame” and “Creating Your Sacred Space,” please see the Creating Sacred Ceremony page on our website at www.StarBird1.net).

Consciousness Control in the Present Day

Much of what we are observing now, especially in your current political scene, involves various attempts at consciousness control. If the “powers that be” can split you into groups who oppose each other’s beliefs and ideas, they can control your consciousness by keeping you fixated on “the fight,” and, consequently, your energy is locked up in the dynamic of opposing each other. Be aware that when this is happening, then you do not have time, or the ability, to be a neutral observer of whatever situation is occurring and clearly perceive it – much less take intelligent action as a response.

This, we feel, is the purpose of your current political turmoil. And while we will not go deeply into this subject, we will mention it in passing, so that we have the opportunity to give you valuable perspectives on how to navigate and respond to these occurrences.

All of these attempts to polarize consciousness into states of duality such as “right and wrong” or “good and evil” are attempts to disempower you by keeping your consciousness polarized and divided. They fall under the broad heading of “divide and conquer,” because we have noticed that when people are in such polarized states of consciousness, they are not centered within themselves and may have difficulty accessing their truth and spiritual guidance.

The process of polarization would split you from your Divine Source energy of wholeness and interfere with your connection with higher mind and truth. These things give humanity your ability to clearly perceive what is going on around you when there are attempts at control and manipulation. When you are in a state of oneness, love, and peace, you are in touch with your knowledge and power, and cannot be controlled or manipulated by outer forces or intelligences.

We bring this information to your attention, not for the purpose of criticizing persons or groups, but for your education. We are speaking about energy and consciousness, and the energy dynamic which can arise in the society due to the attempts of energies which are “less than light,” or are not of the spiritual nature in their being.

Entering the Fifth Dimension

This is your moment to shine! Imagine creating a new life, a new reality for yourselves! This is possible now. Many of you are learning to access and use fifth dimensional energy! This is very exciting for humanity, and for those of us in the spiritual realms who are watching this progress. Many people just need a little validation and encouragement to believe and understand that, yes, this IS really happening! You are not “just imagining it!” We know that all of you have unique abilities which have laid dormant within you for many years. Perhaps, previously, that was not the time to bring them forth! Your time is now. You are experiencing a rebirth in consciousness which will lead you to many new and higher levels of the use of your abilities. This is an exciting time for all of you, and that is precisely why we are bringing you this message, to encourage you to move forward fearlessly into new vistas of possibility – new worlds of opportunity and growth.

This is, indeed, and exciting time for humanity -- which has been held in the dungeons of past limitation for literally eons of time. But now the bonds are breaking and the chains are falling from your consciousness. You are free -- if you will realize this truth and use all the energies and abilities that are now available to you for the manifestation of the beautiful realities that you have often seen in your “mind’s eye,” but never believed could be real.

We are all here to encourage you! Many in the higher realms are assisting this process on earth, so there is no lack of assistance for each of you! Believe and know this, and you will have the use of many energies of which you were previously unaware.

Many people are now able to access the beginning stages of fifth dimensional energies. What does this mean? For one thing, time is not operating for you as it once did. Immense changes can occur “overnight” – and we have seen this happen for many people. We encourage you to explore the new ways your mind, working together with your emotions, can quickly change your reality. It is no longer “set in stone” – as it once seemed to be. That is fifth dimensional energy at work, and it is very exciting!

What Is Ascension?

Ascension need not be a complex subject, as it may be described very simply. You “ascend” when you move into higher frequencies of energy, consciousness, and reality. This process may happen for many reasons, but one of the quickest and easiest ways to begin this “transition in reality” is to simply change your mind!

Release old, erroneous, and limiting beliefs structures that you may have been holding. This process gradually allows the energies within your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies to move to new and higher levels of energy frequency and consciousness.

When you shift your thoughts and beliefs about reality to a higher level of understanding, or a new paradigm, this process then causes immense changes throughout your being. For one thing, it affects the way your body functions in physical reality.

You may experience a feeling that you have become “lighter,” as a result of releasing the heaviness of negative thinking and the resultant unpleasant emotions. This process may easily enable you to manifest more health and well-being for yourself.

It frees your mind from unnecessary restrictions, and many new thoughts and realizations may begin to flood into your consciousness. Many new opportunities for growth and change may “miraculously” appear in your lives!

But this process goes far beyond solely a restructuring of thought and emotion or bodily function. Ultimately, it creates many dynamic effects within the finer energies which compose the four lower bodies and the entire auric field.

Be aware that, as your energy frequencies rise to higher levels, these finer energies are restructured on the basis of the “laws of operation” of the frequencies of crystalline energies. To describe this process very concisely, the energies within your four lower bodies take on evermore complex geometric formations or “structures,” as the frequencies of energy rise to higher dimensional levels. This entire process is a function of moving into the high-frequency levels of this crystalline energy.

This is exactly what happens when your consciousness moves from the energies of third dimensional reality to the energies of fifth dimensional reality: the energy of the vehicle which carries your consciousness (in this case, the four lower bodies) is restructured in this way to reflect the properties of crystalline frequencies. And it follows that your energies are then reorganized on the basis of the energy laws and dynamics of a new dimensional frequency.

As You Think, So You Are

Remember, as has often been said, “Mind is the builder.” In this case, mind is the “builder of form” in physical reality. The great intelligence of the body is always informed by the mind of the being who inhabits the body. If you wish to have perfect health in the body, remember this simple truth!

This example illustrates the powerful truth that your thoughts, and the energy they produce, significantly affect the creation of outer world circumstances in your lives. You’ve all heard about people whose lives were changed “overnight.” You now live in “The Age of Miracles” – where this can happen for you, as well – through accessing and using the power of your mind to affect the creativity of fifth dimensional energy.

-- The Key to Ascension --
Learning to Focus Your Consciousness

A Message from Count St. Germain

In closing, we will tell you that perhaps the most valuable lesson you can learn in this process of “ascending in consciousness” would be the ability to focus and direct your consciousness!

Why is this important? You ARE what you focus upon, in the larger sense of the word. Realize that consciousness is permeable – it is fluid – it is not some static thing or concrete object. Be aware that you change your consciousness daily – indeed, moment to moment, by whatever you choose to merge with in this way.

Many have not yet recognized this simple truth. They think that it is possible to go about their lives with impunity – studying all manner of subjects which are not in alignment with Divine Law. Be aware that you do so at your peril. There are consequences to knowingly refusing to acknowledge and act in accordance with Divine Law. We hope that many will find this message instructive, at best, or, at a minimum, to be an interesting concept worthy of ongoing consideration.

Learn to observe without judgment.
Realize that you have nothing to defend.
Release your hold on the past.
Observe It All as sheer consciousness.
Release yourself from the boundaries,
And Be Free!

Our love and blessings go out to all of you constantly, Lady Portia and Count St. Germain.

About the Channel - Star Hinman

Star has acted as the Spiritual Messenger for Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters since 2001. During that time, many articles authored by this spiritual group have been published in the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Her offerings include in-person classes, channeled “energy events,” seminars, and spiritual mentoring.

She also offers private channeled sessions with Lady Portia and Count St. Germain for clients all over the United States, and all over the world – in areas such as New Zealand, Singapore, London, Canada, Kenya, and The Netherlands. In May 2017 she was invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to represent Lady Portia and The Ascended Masters as their Messenger and Spiritual Channel for the celebration of the Wesak Festival.

Star is the founder of The Clearinghouse, a Tucson Organization for Consciousness in Arizona. Contact her at email: info@starbird1.net or write P.O. Box 68704, Tucson, AZ 85737. For information on Wesak Festival event and other articles and services, please visit her website: StarBird1.net

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