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Road to Oneness

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The Path of Love

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman (c) 2010
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BlissfulVisions.com The real world is the world of Love – the exquisite kingdom of Oneness within you. Everything else is illusion because it is not your Source. Yet, we grow up believing this world, the matrix, is more real than the most powerful force on Earth or in the universe – Love Itself.

The belief in separation from Love Itself is a very strong “dream” or illusion. Still, the truth remains: we are not separate from Love Itself, because our intrinsic nature is Love Itself. To transcend the dream-illusion, it depends how we treat it – either with Love or fear. If we treat it with fear, we will not transcend it.

At some point, each of us will realize that fear has no place in our lives, and we can let go fear, forever. In the vision of Oneness, fear does not exist, and the heart beholds only Love. The grand reality awaits us that living a life of Love is not only possible, but a great deal more fun because Love is light-hearted and Love is all there is.

Awakening To Your Heart of Love

Awakening to Heart of Divine Love within you can be summed up in these brief guidelines:

  • Develop a passion for your own enlightenment. Awakening from the dream of forgetfulness to Oneness is a very real possibility within the span of a single lifetime. The Divine has disguised itself in its own creation, and cannot avoid responding to the sincere call of a devoted truth seeker.

  • To deepen your spiritual life, commit to living a love-based lifestyle in thought, word and deed. It is love that attracts the Divine response because your essence is Love. And, be open to accepting the miracles that will come into your life as a result of choosing a love-based lifestyle.

  • Transformation of consciousness is a process of healing the mind of illusions, and healing the emotions of fear, whereby the truths of Divine Love that already exist within you become revealed in pristine clarity. It can be likened to cleaning the dirt away from a diamond to reveal its purity and brilliance.

The secret to finding and knowing the Indwelling Spirit of Love (which is your true Self) is learning to live a love-based lifestyle in thought, word and deed. Love has a magical way of transcending and healing all things that are out of alignment with it, and returning it to Love. It positively affects consciousness in people, places and things.

Everything in life is designed for your awakening and spiritual growth. In the past, our spiritual life has always been separate from or considered an aspect of our daily life. Things are changing now. The transformational energies of The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness are flooding across the planet, and they are becoming more and more intense. It’s in our highest interest that our spiritual life become the central focus and foundation of our daily life, including our work life.

It is vitally important for us to raise our awareness (energy vibration) to the heart lifeforce energy center. We can achieve this by living a love-based lifestyle, and practicing the qualities of the heart.

Love is the attracting quality because love is your essence, and it is the foundation upon which the universe is built. The more you give yourself permission to live a lifestyle of Love, the more you will deepen your spiritual life, and the more your life will turn into the miracle that it is.

As has been mentioned before, Self-discovery is a process of uncovering what already exists within you. By increasing your awareness of the Love-essence within you, healing your fear and illusions, and living a love-based lifestyle, you draw closer to knowing yourself as Love itself. Along the way, you will develop an infinitely better working relationship with your Self.

You’ll discover that your life just gets better and better. And, the greater chance you’ll have in attracting an experience of Oneness. It’s very possible to have all the happiness and prosperity you can handle, and it’s your choice how you want to build your lifestyle. There is no exact formula to follow.

The best guide to follow is your heart. The guidelines in this section will help you along the path of love, but they are only suggestions. Your creativity and imagination are important elements in deepening your spirituality, and building your happiness, success, and prosperity.

Daily Meditation, Prayer and Gratitude

Meditation is the highest priority of the day. It is the primary tool for Self-discovery and expansion of consciousness. There are many ways to meditate. If you desire to uncover the truth of what’s already within you, to feel love and bliss in your life, and attract the experience of Oneness, you’ll want to use a method to interiorize the mind. Find a meditation or yoga technique that works for you, or use the method described in Meditation: Journey to Unconditional Love.

Communion with Spirit in meditation is where the spiritual life is anchored, in your life, at home, and at the work. Learn to meditate daily. Preferable times are in the early morning and evening before bedtime. For those with busy schedules, try 15 20 minutes each session. Increase the duration as it feels appropriate to you.

I suggest you create a meditation altar where you meditate regularly. Your altar might contain a picture(s) of a divine person(s), candle(s), incense to burn during meditation, inspirational books, a spiritual diary or journal for reflective writing, a meditation chair or seat. Consider meditating in a group with friends once a week. Group meditation enhances our individual meditations.

At work, find a quiet place if possible, and recharge yourself with meditation at break time or before you eat lunch. If a quiet place at work is not available, try using the bathroom. Or, find a church or temple nearby. If you are having problems finding a suitable place to meditate at work, meditate on it. Ask for guidance and assistance in providing a proper place. Expect an answer.

In your evening meditation, take time to reexamine the events of your day. Take a good look at your thoughts and feelings and interactions with others. Identify positive and negative trends, your emotional issues, and change the things that need changing. Meditation is a great tool to develop our creativity. It also brings us the insights we need to change our lives for the better.

Prayer – in the language of your heart, pray to the Divine within you. Pray for your enlightenment, and the enlightenment of humanity. Ask it to awaken you, to reveal your true nature to you, to experience yourself as radiant light and boundless love.

Pray at work. Mentally, silently, you can train yourself to pray anywhere you are, while in the midst of activity. The Divine is always with you, and is aware of your thoughts, words and deeds. The Divine is only a thought away from your conscious attention and intention.

Gratitude – be grateful for all the blessings and gifts you have received, as the source of your abundance and prosperity is Love itself. And, be grateful for all the blessings and gifts that have not manifested yet in your life because they are already created in consciousness. Gratitude is your acknowledgment that Love itself is the source of your eternal being and all supply.

The Power of Visioning

The mind’s eye is the vision center within the human being. Here you can visualize your dreams, and infuse passionate intention into them, and allow them to manifest in your life as reality. The power of visioning will help you manifest everything you want.

Dwell on your dreams. Focus on the fine details. Create a vision board, if you like, and put pictures and text of what you want to manifest in your life on your vision board. The clearer you can be on what you want, the closer you’ll be to getting exactly what you want.

A perfect time to practice the power of visioning is after you have attained a deep state of meditation. If some of your dreams do not manifest, do not be concerned. Most likely, they are not for your highest good, and you do not need the learning lesson they bring.

Discover and Achieve Your Life Plan

You came to Earth to fulfill an important purpose – your life plan. You planned a full life of learning lessons to gain knowledge and wisdom of the experiences you choose in human form.

This is a custom made plan that is designed by you, before your birth, for you, and only you can achieve it. It is possible to know the details of your plan through quiet reflection and observing yourself.

Part of your life plan is your vocation. It’s found by discovering what you love to do. Bound up in this passion of what you love to do, you can discover your talents, strengths, and abilities. Apply them and build on them.

Joyfully provide a service to humanity utilizing your talents, strengths, abilities. Design or find suitable employment that will promote a love-based lifestyle, and will allow your strengths to grow. See your chosen vocation as a spiritual calling rather than as a job.

If you haven't yet chosen a trade or vocation, or are undecided about what career to pursue, get in touch with your talents, strengths, and abilities.

Truth, Trust, and Light-Heartedness

Truth is a pillar of your real identity. It is part of your Love essence, and the world knows it by the name “integrity” or “honesty.” When you decide that anything less than truth is unacceptable for you, then you are building a great pillar of strength in alignment with the Love essence that you are.

Trust is also a pillar of your real identity. Its greatest expression is the realization of the truth that you are the Light of Oneness, and always will be. The belief in separation is a strong deterrent from realizing this truth, and a source of breaking trust with ourselves. A love-based lifestyle supplemented with meditation restores confidence in the intrinsic trust we feel we have lost.

Light-Heartedness is your natural state of being. It is the joy of Love Itself within each of us. Humor is a very important part of growing into the consciousness of Oneness. Life is not meant to be all work and no fun or play. Laugh a lot! Especially when there’s no reason!

The Divine Presence of Oneness

Take the feeling of Divine Love that you develop in meditation, and feel the Divine Presence of Oneness in your heart as you go about your daily tasks at work, home or leisure. Whenever you “think of the Divine Presence,” Love Itself is conscious of your love thought.

The secret to getting the Divine’s attention is developing a powerful love call to attract the Divine response in your life. Sweet talk the Divine like you would a lover. Tell the Divine how much you want to know it in the experience of Oneness. Ask the Divine Presence to reveal itself to you. Pray deeply and sincerely.

The Divine Presence reveals itself to you when you least expect it. Be ready at all times to entertain the Divine Presence. Oneness is always with you.

Sharing, Giving and Receiving

It is a great joy for Divine Love to share itself because its intrinsic nature is limitless love and joy, abundance and prosperity. Hence, the reason we feel joyful in sharing our love with others. Scarcity or “lack” does not exist in the mind of Divine Love or in the kingdom of Oneness. It knows itself only as limitless supply of abundance and prosperity.

When we share our love in any manner, in thought, word or deed, we set in motion the law of cause and effect. It’s the law of consciousness that states “you receive what you radiate,” and the quality of your love will return to you.

Giving and receiving are, therefore, the same because it is the intrinsic nature of Love in one person sharing with the intrinsic nature of Love in another person. Spirit-to-Spirit, Love-to-Love, Limitlessness-to-Limitlessness.

If the world’s leaders could embrace this vision, and realize the resources of Mother Earth are in abundant supply, enough not only to allow us to survive but to thrive, and eliminate the fear of survival by redistributing the world’s resources for the benefit of all, we could usher in a golden age of prosperity, unprecedented in human history.

Forgiveness, Healing and Transformation

Forgiveness is the sweetness that lets human relationships run smoothly, and allows Divine Love to heal the hurt. When you forgive someone, you are already forgiven.

Healing the mind and emotions of fear-based thoughts and beliefs will empower you. As you learn to master your mind and emotions, you will draw closer to your true identity, and experience the power of Love Itself in your heart.

Transformation of consciousness is the inevitable result of healing from fear to love, from illusion to truth, from the belief that you are separate from Love to the Oneness of Love.

Inter-Relatedness Of All Things

As your awareness increases in meditation, as you uncover the truths that already exist within you, you will become ever more conscious of your Divine nature, and you will be able to “see and feel” Divine Love within you. As this process continues, you will begin to see yourself in other people, for Divine Love is indivisible and we are joined to each other.

Divine Love is the common bond we share with all human beings, and in that sharing we are all equals. We all belong to one spiritual family. No one is better than or less than the other. Our intrinsic nature of Divine Love is the eternal bond that binds us together as brothers and sisters.

All life is sacred. The inner Light of Oneness within your consciousness is the verifiable connecting point for the sacredness of all things, and proof that all creation is interrelated. Without a doubt. This is because the super intelligent consciousness of Love Itself is in all things, and our human consciousness is inseparably fused to the consciousness of Love Itself. When we overlook or ignore this fact, we lose love and respect for ourselves, each other, and our living environment (Mother Earth).

More Tips To Deepen Your Spirituality

  • Keep your body healthy. Eat nutritious foods. Maintain a wholesome attitude towards your body, but don't be vain about it. Exercise your body vigorously, on a regular basis. It keeps the body limber for meditation. The energies in the Lifeforce system can flow easier, helping to keep your body healthy.

  • Conserve your sexual energy. It can be used as a valuable partner in the awakening process. Learn to transmute its powerful energy into constructive pursuits such as creativity, deeper meditation, or strenuous physical activity.

  • Let go chaos and drama in your own life. Don't buy into the world’s fears and illusions. Pray for the enlightenment of humanity.

  • Avoid the tendency to gossip, judge or criticize others. Focus on your own awakening.

  • Watch your thoughts. Master your emotions. Cultivate heart qualities. Empower yourself!

"Love is all there is."

About the Author:

Rev. Dennis Shipman grew up in the Roman Catholic religion. He attended Catholic elementary and college-prep schools for 11 years, and volunteered as an altar boy for seven years. His search for God began in the fourth grade in an environment of devotion and prayer. By the time he graduated high school, he had developed a powerful quest for proof of God’s existence. Five years later, as a non-practicing Catholic, he experienced Oneness.



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