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"We are infinitely more than we have been taught!"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

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Beyond Dogma To Oneness

Written by Rev. Dennis Shipman (c) 2010
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BlissfulVisions.com There is a state of being within you, purer than the snow, and more radiant than the sun. It is sinless, powerful, loving and supremely-intelligent. It radiates a blazing light of boundless, unconditional love. This is your true nature or Self. You have been this way ever since you were created as a light-being, before the beginning of time, in a Oneness where time as you know it, does not exist.

When Oneness bursts forth in your mind’s eye, in a vision of radiance and glory, it reveals the existence of your Sacred Presence. Within the vision, you realize a unity that different religions and philosophies and cultures have called different names, yet all these names refer to the same intrinsic paradise.

The vision fills your entire being with incredible exquisite transcendent light and limitless, unspeakable bliss. You discover your true nature as radiant light and boundless love. It is the macro-cosmic design within the microcosm, the source of opulent supply, peace, prosperity, majestic wonder, and guidance. There's no end to it.

All your fears melt away, and concepts such as right and wrong, good or evil, and all low vibrations such as negativity simply vanish! You stand face to face with the Sacred Presence. You see and feel your "original" state of being – a sinless perfection of pure consciousness, serene tranquility, brilliant radiance, pristine creative-intelligence. It has always been there, within your being. It is with you now, and it will never leave you. In its blissful light, you’re at home, and you want to stay forever.

The experience of Oneness signifies a great awakening to the kingdom of Spirit within you.

It completely transforms your consciousness, perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs from darkness to light and from fear to love. The experience is beyond time, space, motion, description, yet not beyond knowing. It signifies a baptism or "being born again" in Spirit. Oneness is not something that can be bought, sold, borrowed or stolen. Its vision demonstrates the startling truth that there is no difference between the intrinsic nature of Divine Love and your real identity.

The energy in Oneness is beyond description. It's incredible to witness and feel the seeming paradox of Divine Love’s all powerful nature in oneself in a most gentle, compassionate way.

The discovery of Oneness is an astonishing revelation. In its Presence, I felt an overwhelming feeling of equality, as if I was a partner in the grand scheme of life, and it totally accepted me in spite of all my human frailties. A wonderful feeling of reassurance came over me to know that this Sacred Presence dwelled within me, and I was loved unconditionally.

In the Bible, we read man and woman are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27). When you stand in the light of Oneness, in the sacred presence of indescribable love and bliss beyond compare, you know the exact meaning of this Bible passage. You understand your special, imperishable, sinless “relationship.” You are Divine Love in human form. There is no doubt in your mind, ever again, about its certainty and Reality. You discover you do not have a soul. You discover you "are" a living Soul.

Oneness reveals our consciousness “in pristine beauty.” It re-directs our focus of attention from our limitations to the all-encompassing vision of the Sacred Presence. When this happens, it releases our minds and hearts from fear and illusion to the transforming healing power of Oneness. It uplifts and re-energizes all aspects of life.

The sacred Oneness in you lives in all humanity, in each person's heart. Only by touching the sacred Oneness within us can we truly know and understand how deeply sacred life is. It is the greatest relationship we can ever know. It's more exciting and enduring than any human relationship because it is based on true unconditional love. In this relationship, we discover our real identity: Divine Love.

The experience of Oneness reveals a Higher Power exists within you. You realize that your entire being is the sacred temple of its dwelling place. Your life is joined and inseparable from the life of Oneness. You are united, always have been, forever, though it appears as if you are not. Our separate personality is merely an illusion. This appearance of being separate from our Higher Power is the grand illusion we all face. We have forgotten our sacred relationship with Oneness, and we have forgotten we are Divine Love in human form.

Note: Reasons for this "forgetfulness" are explained in Chapter 3: The Illusion of Separation in the series The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness.

There is only one universal consciousness, and we all share in it. In this sharing, everything becomes sacred and precious. Nature takes on deep meaning and purpose because you see them through the eyes of the consciousness of Oneness or Divine-Love. Before awakening to Oneness, we tend to view Nature as dead and not a part of ourselves. However, it is infinitely more related to us than we think.

After the awakening experience of Oneness, you see yourself in everything, for example: rocks, trees, rivers, oceans, fish, sky, animals, flowers, buildings, cars, trucks, and most of all – people. All creation becomes dynamic, alive, and precious. You begin to see life as it is, and not through our cultural conditioning.

The one universal consciousness has its own truths that uphold yet supersede physical, three dimensional laws. These truths are based on divine or unconditional love. This is what makes the human family all one. The essence of each of us, each light-being, is composed of the same Divine Love universal consciousness.

What you do to others, you add to the whole consciousness of humanity because it's "spirit to spirit" - your spirit sharing itself with the Great Spirit in all. Sharing your spirit in the spirit of Divine Love uplifts the whole of humanity.

True freedom is Oneness. Nothing in the world can give us this freedom that Oneness brings, and nothing in the world can take it away.

The experience of Oneness is equally available to all of us. No one is excluded. It doesn’t matter your calling in life or what you’ve done. Oneness comes to the individual. No outside authority has control over this as it is granted by the sacred presence of Oneness Itself. I believe Oneness is what we are really trying to capture in the all-consuming pursuit to satisfy our endless desires for human love, pleasure, security, and we don't realize it. We will never be truly happy or fulfilled without the Sacred One in our lives.

There is more to life than we have been taught. The God we pray to, we seek, is not outside of us in some far away heaven, but within us.

Pre-Existence and Reincarnation

From Spirit we came, as Spirit we are born into human form, and to Spirit we shall return. Everybody who has ever lived on Earth is still alive, and probably has returned to Earth many times, in many different characters. Almost everybody who is alive on Earth today has died many times in the past. All of us have “re located” back to our Spirit home after physical death, and reappeared as different characters on the stage of life. Only the human body dies. You are immortal.

Reincarnation or rebirth is our freewill choice to incarnate on Earth to gain knowledge and wisdom in the experiences that we choose before our birth.

The early Christian Church accepted the teachings of reincarnation, and laid great emphasis on rebirth. Reincarnation was expounded by the Gnostics and numerous church fathers, including Clement of Alexandria, the celebrated Origen (both 3rd century), and St. Jerome (5th century). In 553 A.D., Origen and the teaching of reincarnation were declared a heresy by the Second Council of Constantinople. As a result, all references to rebirth in the Bible were removed. Ever since, over 1,450 years, the teaching of reincarnation has been outlawed in the West. This ban continues to the present day. However, it has never lost its ancient roots in the East. (Sources: Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Americana, New Catholic Encyclopedia, 1981). Read the full story: The Ban of Reincarnation in the Bible.

Who Is God? Who Are You?

The questions ''Who is God?'' and ''Who are you?'' require a person to unlearn everything Western society has taught about God or Oneness, and discover it from an entirely different viewpoint. The answer to these questions cannot be understood merely by the intellect or reasoning process, but they are clearly resolved by the sacred experience of Oneness, which is the falling away of our cultural conditioning to reveal our true identity.

Awakening to our real identity brings a radical knowledge about our true relationship to Spirit, humanity, and all creation. The revelation is so incredibly radical that it may be difficult for the reader to accept.

The limitations of language present a barrier to describing the intrinsic nature or essence of Oneness because the subject does not conform to the logical noun verb object configuration. The experience of Oneness is beyond time motion, logic, language, and intellect, but not beyond our knowing. It must be “experienced” to be known and understood. Only by living the experience will an understanding come of its reality and value in the everyday world. When you awaken in Oneness, you awaken to the spiritual realities and truths that were once hidden from you.

In the Bible, it is said man and woman are made in the “image and likeness of God” (Genesis 1:27). This passage does not refer to our creation as human beings, but as mirror reflections of Oneness. Incredible as it sounds, the truth is our real identity is God-like. The answer to the questions “Who is God?” and “Who are you?” is astonishing! God is you, and you are God.

Jesus The Christ

Imagine yourself walking inside the consciousness of Jesus. What do you think you'd find? What kinds of thoughts and feelings do you think you'd see and feel? What kind of consciousness do you think a Christ has? How did He view Oneness with God and His own intrinsic nature? What's so special about the message of Oneness that Jesus would offer Himself to undertake the journey of crucifixion and resurrection?

Jesus was a living example of a permanent state of Oneness with Divine Love Consciousness (God). When He said, ‘’I and my Father are One’’ (John 10:30), He meant that His whole consciousness in body, mind, spirit, and emotions was in a state of permanent Oneness. His life had been totally transformed into His original state of being, fully conscious of His God-like identity. He could see and feel His sacred divine nature in other people, nature (trees, rocks, flowers, water, land, etc.), and communicate with the angels. He was not proclaiming Himself as God. His life demonstrated the power of being at-one in Divine Love Consciousness. That’s why we refer to His consciousness as Christ-Consciousness, which I call Divine Love Consciousness.

Jesus said this same Divine Love Christ-Consciousness exists within each one of us. ''I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.'' (John 14:6). He meant that we must awaken to our Divine Love Consciousness through an experience of Oneness before we can know God the same way Jesus knew God. Jesus wasn’t talking about salvation through Himself as a man, or as a religious hero. He was speaking about achieving a permanent state of Oneness through our own efforts.

When Jesus said, "If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" (Matt. 6:22), He was referring to a direct experience of Oneness in the mind’s eye between the eyebrows. This is where you will behold radiant Light and experience boundless Love in the experience of Oneness. In His permanent state of Oneness, Jesus knew the truth of this statement. He knew the same God-Light in Him also exists within each of us. His life and resurrection are triumphant reminders of the truth of who we are – God-like.

Jesus is not the only begotten Son of God. We are all Sons and Daughters of Oneness. Divine Love Christ Consciousness is the only Son of God. This distinction has no reference or insult to women’s liberation. It is a sacred state of consciousness we are talking about in which all women and men share equally. Each of us is the offspring of God.

Jesus did not die for our sins, and He cannot save you. Nobody can save another person or die for the sins of another. In the powerful Light of Oneness, concepts of sin and sinner disappear. Only bliss and unconditional love exist. In the ecstasy of Oneness, you see and feel your eternal holiness and that you are already saved. There is nothing to save or be saved. The real salvation is Oneness. All of us already belong to Oneness.

If you want Oneness, if you want a direct experience of God, it is your responsibility. Nobody can do it for you. Jesus can offer guidance and healing on your journey to help you awaken.

Jesus was not different from us. He had a human-divine nature just like us. His human consciousness was transformed into a permanent state of being of Oneness, Divine Love Consciousness. He was like us, and someday all of us will return to the fullness of our own Divine Love Consciousness. Jesus is our Elder Brother who has completed the journey that we are traveling. He shows us the way to return home to Divine Love.

The Great Soul

We are beautiful, powerful light-beings or Souls. We are like exquisite, priceless artwork.

In its full potential, the Soul is the “image and likeness” of Oneness: fearless, invincible, changeless, eternal, infinite, formless consciousness, omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful, unconditionally loving, joyful, peaceful, innocent, and sinless.

The Soul is our real identity. Each of us is a living Soul in human form. It is our original state of consciousness before we were born into the Earth-pane to experience fear, illusion, limitation and powerlessness as learning lessons.

At the time of this writing, when the Soul incarnates into a human body on Earth, into the third dimension of dense reality, it has to shut down an average 90% of its awareness of its Oneness. Some come in with a greater awareness than the average 10% percent. This in itself is a great challenge and learning lesson because as we grow up, we accept into our mind the conditioning of the world, and therefore, the tendency of the Soul is to forget its divine origins, and hence, its real identity. This is a common experience for nearly all of us.

In this state of forgetfulness, the Soul does not remember its natural, original state of being of Oneness. It does not remember the kingdom of Oneness within its consciousness, even though the kingdom goes wherever the Soul goes, and is always with it whatever it may do.

Though it has the power to forget its real identity, the Soul does not have the power to sever its divine connection. And, Oneness will not destroy the Soul in its forgetfulness because its love is unconditional. In its choice to incarnate on Earth, the Soul is blessed by Oneness to do the human journey. And, the sinless reality is infinitely aware of the journey of each Soul.

The Soul has the freewill to completely obliterate the vision of Oneness in itself for as long as it likes. It can live in denial, avoidance, or ignorance of its real identity, but eventually it will return home to the fullness of Oneness or Divine Love Christ-Consciousness.

In its love for the Soul, Oneness will send the enlightened Ones to remind the Soul of its divine origins. That’s why we see great lights such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammad, Bahaullah, and those who have experienced Oneness.

The Full Potential of the Soul

In its full potential, in its beautiful, powerful state of light-being-ness, the Soul possesses the same Christ Consciousness that Jesus demonstrated on Earth.

In Christ Consciousness, the Soul is in permanent, direct contact with Oneness. Christ-Consciousness is a state of being that is conscious of its Oneness in all creation, and where all things are possible. The mind is empty of restless thoughts, and it returns to “stillness” – its natural condition. A quiet mind exhibits incredible power to manifest anything. The Soul knows the secrets of life and how to safely operate the forces of nature, and works what looks like miracles to the untrained eye. The power of the Soul has complete control over life and death, health and disease, prosperity and scarcity. The Soul’s power is great because its power is united with the power of Oneness.

The Soul is formless, pure consciousness, timeless, eternal, beyond duality, beyond form, beyond time and space. It cannot operate in the third dimension without a human body. To achieve its purposes of incarnation on Earth, it creates a personality which acts like a vehicle, much like a car is a vehicle of transportation for a person. The Soul uses its “personality vehicle” to function on Earth, and to accomplish its life plan of learning lessons. The personality vehicle consists of a mind, human body, and emotions or feeling nature, and life-force energy system. The human body is the temple of the Soul and of Oneness.

The Soul is all inclusive, which means it works for the benefit of all, not for the selfish self of “I, me, mine.” Inclusiveness takes many forms, including but not limited to: brotherhood, world peace, justice, equality, survival for all, sharing, caring, light or understanding, and prosperity for all. The Soul lives in a world without limits, yet its challenge on Earth is to demonstrate its limitlessness in a limited form.

The Soul has the power of infinite creativity, to manifest objects at will by the use of pure mental power, the power of levitation (lifting objects by the use of mental willpower), the power to see auras, the power to leave its human body at will and come back whenever it likes, the power to heal any illness, sickness or disease, the power to travel to any place in the universe just by thinking itself there, the power to hear the celestial music within its consciousness just by focusing its attention on it.

The Soul never gets tired or old or sick. It is not created with any human frailty or weakness. It abides in ever-new joy and bliss. The Soul is immortal – it never dies, never sleeps, and cannot be destroyed or killed. Its purpose is to be a divine instrument to extend the creations of love in the universe, and to gain the knowledge of experience in the many dimensions of consciousness.

It has one more highly valued gift: innocence or child like wonder which shows up in creativity and a special brand of its own cosmic humor or lightheartedness. What marvelous creatures we are! Fearless, changeless, eternal, all-wise, all-knowing, unrestricted freewill, unconditionally loving, radiant lightbeings, just like Oneness.

Holy Trinity

We are told the Holy Trinity consists of the Father God, Son of God or Sonship, and Holy Spirit. And, that it is incomprehensible to understand because it is a mystery. Since there is doubt and disbelief in our human minds about our real identity, we believe in the mystery.

Once you experience the Perfect Light and Blissful Love of Oneness, the mystery of the Holy Trinity simply vanishes from the intellect, forever. The Light of Oneness relieves the confusion in the mind by re-educating it – instantaneously – to its proper relationship to you and Oneness. In Oneness, you discover your eternal relationship. The intellect cannot comprehend the relationship of the Holy Trinity without the awakening experience of Oneness.

Now, with all that said, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity is meaningless in our pursuit of deeper spiritual meaning or Oneness in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you want to believe in it or not. It won’t affect your search for Self-discovery – which is, a process of uncovering what already exists within you.

The Bible

We are told the Bible is the word of God. In ‘’The Lost Books of the Bible,’’ (1979) it says the compilation was an ‘’evolution at the hands of churchmen with various beliefs and purposes. In the formulation of early church doctrines there was dissension, personal jealousy, intolerance, persecution, and bigotry.’’

It took about 200 years to decide which books would be included in the Bible. Major voices in the decision were Augustine, Jerome, Tertullian, Origen, Irenaeus, and Clement of Alexandria. Finally, the books of the Old and New Testaments and the Apocrypha were put together at the end of the fourth century A.D.

There were changes made to the Old Testament and the Apocrypha was dropped in the Protestant Bible in the 16th century, but according to “The Lost Books,’’ the New Testament has remained unchanged for almost 1600 years.

In the sixth century, Origen was declared a heretic and we learn all references to reincarnation were eliminated from the Bible. “The Lost Books of the Bible’’ include 26 ecclesiastical writings of early Christian authorities that were omitted from the authorized New Testament. It is an interesting read with a different light.

The Bible can be fun and inspirational, but is the Bible necessary to experience Oneness? At best, it is a book of truths that reflect the truths found within you. You, the Soul, are the Word of God. And, God – the Source of the Word – is within you. Every truth in the Bible is found within you.

Belief and Knowing

Belief is not required to experience Oneness or to develop deeper spiritual meaning. The experience of Oneness is not a belief, and not a new religion. It’s the revelation of what already exists within you, a direct perception of truth that brings a "knowing" of our real identity, and that the kingdom of Spirit exists within us.

The difference between religious belief in God and knowledge of your true nature that Oneness brings is the difference between night and day. If you really want to know the answer to the great mystery of life, you must be willing to go beyond religious dogma and focus your intention and attention on discovering and uncovering what’s already exists within you.

Jesus said, “Except a man be born again of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God’’ (John 3:3). Jesus was talking about ‘’awakening’’ to our real identity. He wasn’t speaking of the sacrament of baptism we receive as newborn infants or later in life. The experience of awakening is the admission ticket, the doorway, to knowledge of your real identity. It reveals proof of the existence of your Self as unconditional Divine Love, and a higher power.

Dogma and Doctrine

The real Teacher is within your heart. When you stand transfixed in the revelation of Light and Love of Oneness, dogma and doctrine become meaningless. You discover they have no intrinsic value, and never did. The critical importance of experiencing Oneness is it abolishes all illusions that separate us from knowledge of our real “pure-consciousness” identity, and transforms all fear-based ideologies into the liberating reality of Divine Love.

Sin and Salvation

Out of the darkness came the sacred Light of Oneness, blazing like a roaring fire in the night. As I stood transfixed in wondrous astonishment at the holy vision in my mind’s eye, the sacred power of Love flooded into every cell in my body. Bliss permeated my mind and every emotion. I surrendered to the bliss of the circle of light before me. The mystery of life found me, and welcomed me with shameless truth in a most gentle, compassionate embrace. Nowhere in the vision was there to be found any hint of fear or judgment or its brothers of sin and eternal damnation. They simply didn’t exist. Within the light of the circle of love, the vision seemed to whisper so sweetly, “Behold your radiant Self.”

If a belief in sin exists, then it is our human minds that have created the fearful illusion, and believe in its judgment, because judgment and its brother sin do not exist in Oneness or the kingdom of Spirit. And, if judgment and sin do not exist, then neither do its brothers of fear and eternal hell. For what need does a sinner have for salvation if sin and its brothers do not exist? What is there to be saved if there is no sinner? Let us remember: what does not exist in the Kingdom, also does not exist in the journey for us on Earth.

Sin implies a lack of love, and a lack of love implies a fear has been created in the mind that has crept into the emotions that makes us fearful. Oneness did not create fear. We can congratulate ourselves on that one! Nevertheless, we can choose to create in fear and believe in the many forms of fearful illusions that we create, or we can choose to let go fear, and observe how naturally love emerges like the blazing sun to show us the truth: love is all there is. What has been done in fear, can be undone in love.

The many forms of fear are only mistakes to be corrected rather than evils to be punished. The reason fear, sin, sinner, salvation, judgment, and eternal hell do not exist is because they were not created to exist in unconditional divine love, and Divine Love does not condemn its own. It is unconditionally loving.

There exists an entirely different set of guidelines to gently guide a Soul into deeper spiritual meaning or the experience of Oneness. All the guidelines are based on freewill and Divine Love. The solution is found solely and only in love.

The grand experience of Oneness is the ‘’creme de la creme’’ of human existence, full of ecstasy and revelation. In its Light, you wake up to the image and likeness of the sinless reality within you. The grand experience of awakening is your salvation. The salvation you are seeking from Jesus is actually found within you, in the awakening experience of Oneness.

We are created in sacredness and Divine Love. Once you are created as a Soul, you are never destroyed or sent into permanent exile. In the powerful, radiant Light and Love of Oneness, concepts such as fear, sin, sinner, salvation, judgment, eternal hell, and all negativity are annihilated. What floods your entire being is the Divine Love of a pure, spotless, sinless state of being from which you need no salvation. There is nothing and nobody to be saved because there are no sinners. It’s time to put away illusions. Time to accept who you are.

Heaven and Hell

When you experience Oneness, and witness your own Eternal Light and feel your own Infinite Love, you will be in Heaven, because that is what it is. Heaven is not a faraway destination where we go after death. It is located within us, in our consciousness, and we can go there anytime we want. Jesus said, “The kingdom of God (Heaven) is within you.” (Luke 17:21).

Eternal hell, as we have been taught by our religious dogma, does not exist. It has never existed as eternal damnation because Unconditional Love does not condemn its own. No one will ever be cast out of Heaven for all eternity. Not even the so-called devil. There is no last judgment day and no final bodily resurrection. Nobody will be left out of Heaven because from Heaven we came and to Heaven we shall return.

Hell is made by each of us, moment to moment, in our negative thoughts, words, deeds, feelings, desires, ambitions, and our lack of love for ourselves and humanity. War, hate, anger, famine, prejudice, arrogance, manipulation, intimidation, illusion, separateness, jealousy, resentment, any negative mental or emotional vibration or energy, are all examples of hell that we have created.

Heaven is also created moment to moment in our thoughts, words, and deeds. It’s an inner process that manifests in our physical life.

Death does not exist. It is but a doorway back to Spirit. It is not the end of the line by any means, and life is not a one-shot deal. We are immortal, and life is more extensive than we have been taught.

When you witness the Heaven of Oneness within you, the idea of eternal damnation and death are obliterated from your consciousness. Only the splendor of immortality remains shining in your mind, and it sends a crystal clear message to your heart that you stand forever in Heaven wherever you are. Spirit created us as itself, and from Spirit we came, to Spirit we shall return, and as immortal consciousness (Spirit) we shall always remain.

The Devil

Do you still believe the devil is Satan, an evil or fallen angel, who flies around tempting us to gain control of our Souls? Well, you are free to believe it. Personally, I have never seen Satan, and he certainly was not in my experience of Oneness. As far as I know, there is no devil outside of our self. We have the power of the devil in us, and the power of God. It depends how we use our willpower, our freedom of choice, and where we put our intention and attention.

The devil symbolizes our dark side, our separate, selfish, greedy nature. It’s the sum total of darkness we have created in our minds, and this dark consciousness has the power to keep us enslaved in illusion that perpetuates our selfish desires. It acts like a vicious cycle. Our personal selfishness contributes to the world’s selfishness.

The truth is, our minds are joined with all human minds. Collectively, our personal selfishness contributes to the sum total of all the darkness in the world’s consciousness. Selfishness is a learning lesson. Withdraw your intention from selfishness, and it fades away. Change the world by changing yourself. Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Heal the world by healing your mind and emotions of the many forms of fear.

We have the power to shape our consciousness into the ugliest evil the world has known, or into the mighty Christ that we are. It’s our choice how we want to create our inner world, and the outer life we all share together. Shall we live in fear or freedom? Darkness or Light?

Religion and Spirituality

Religion with its dogma is a learning lesson for those who need it, and it has its place in our journey of Self-discovery. At some point in the journey, there will be those who feel religion is not serving them anymore, and they will begin to seek a path that holds deeper meaning for them. There is nothing wrong with those who have opted out of religion into a spiritual path; they have just outgrown each other. This is a natural part of human evolution. Oftentimes, there is a lot of anger, shame and guilt associated with leaving religion that yearns for healing.

The path of spirituality without its dogma is a learning lesson for those who need it, and it has its place in one’s journey of Self-discovery. It’s not better than or less than the path of religion; it just has different learning lessons and outcomes, as does the path of religion. Nor does it preclude the individual from returning to the religious path. Again, we must honor the freewill choice of the individual, and it’s best to shower them with love on their journey.

Somewhere in the journey, the seeker will encounter Oneness – a direct experience of one’s true nature. It does not matter whether the seeker is practicing a religion or a spiritual path, or has chosen no religion or no spiritual path. Or, if the seeker is a member of the clergy or not, or where the event takes place. Now, we are getting into an area that is only granted by the super-intelligence of Oneness, and it will choose the time and place and type of awakening experience that is most beneficial for one’s spiritual growth.

The point is, you are already in Oneness; you have just forgotten it. It’s with you now, and has never left you. A better term for the experience of Oneness is “Remembrance” because that is what happens for you – you wake up and remember who you are. If you really want the experience, then ask for it. It’s as simple as that. Pray fervently, sincerely, "Reveal Thyself, Reveal Thyself." When it happens, it will be true love at first sight.

Dogma is meaningless in our pursuit for deeper spiritual meaning or Oneness. Believe in it or not, as you wish. It has absolutely no significance in Self-discovery, a process of uncovering what already exists within you.

About the Author:

Rev. Dennis Shipman grew up in the Roman Catholic religion. He attended Catholic elementary and college-prep schools for 11 years, and volunteered as an altar boy for seven years. His search for God began in the fourth grade in an environment of devotion and prayer. By the time he graduated high school, he had developed a powerful quest for proof of God’s existence. Five years later, as a non-practicing Catholic, he experienced Oneness.



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