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Manifesting 5D Paradise: The Massive Power of Your Language and Thoughts!

The Arcturians channeled by Natalie Glasson - Sacred School of OmNa

BlissfulVisions.com The Arcturians: We express our greetings to you upon a wave of the purest vibration of Arcturian truth.

We greet you with the strength of our love and the power of our inner peace. In greeting you and all beings in this way we create a vibration within and around us that supports our existence in every moment.

Do you create a vibration from within you and through your actions to support your existence upon the Earth?

Do you realize you can support your existence and creations on the Earth through the vibration you choose to exist as?

While the vibration of your soul cannot be altered and only elevated, your vibration on the Earth depends upon your choices, thoughts, examples and how you live in the physical reality.

Your vibration impacts and changes the reality you experience.

You could liken your vibration to your energy, the atmosphere you create, or the qualities you exude. It can be the way you see yourself or the impression others receive.

We, the Arcturians, focus upon the purest vibration from the core of the Arcturian Soul Group, thus everything we are and do becomes an expression of this. Where do you choose or feel guided to place your focus in order to awaken the flow of vibration through you that serves you? In taking time to contemplate where it is most appropriate for you to place your focus, you will welcome and become acquainted with the vibration of the Creator and your truth, which truly wishes to flow through you. Your mind may not be able to answer this question, your soul will guide you to new understandings of yourself.

Then you can recognize and make choices that empower and serve your vibration.

Thus, you become magnetic, powerful and a beacon of truth.

Everything you are is in your reality at some time or another.

If there are aspects of yourself you reject, hide or dismiss, so you will experience them in your reality. If you take time to cleanse your mind, emotions, and soul, so you will encounter a powerful experience of everything flowing with ease in your reality.

There are limiting habits within you which don't seem resolvable, and yet you are simply not allowing yourself to see, sense or acknowledge a solution.

There are aspects of your mind, emotions, and creations which you are blind to and there are energies, fears or anxieties which you hold onto so you can carry them with you.

Everything will show up in your reality then. It is time to let go within you that which creates a disappointing and painful reality for you.

It is important to mention that all that is divine, love, peace, truth and the Creator within you will also show up in your reality.

Sometimes it can be more challenging to recognize and project the magnificence you are because to do so requires more courage than recognizing the limiting energies you are holding onto.

Courage is needed because when you recognize the divinity within your being and choose to be a shimmering example of it; following your intuition in every choice you make, you are taking responsibility for your creations and imprint in every moment of your life.

Rather than following the ideas, concepts, ways, and examples of others, you become fully accountable for your life and experiences, recognizing that every step, word and thought impacts the divine plan of the Creator, the Universe of the Creator and especially the reality of the Earth.

To live your life knowing this requires tremendous self-connection, trust, and unconditional love. You can live a full and powerful life if you choose to. A life where you draw the wisdom of your soul to the surface to be your guide and expression.

Please do not interpret our expression to you as a need to be perfect or even the perfection of the Creator in your reality. Your being may wish to be perfect, however, perfection is unobtainable.

The perfection of the Creator is already within you. It is the innocence and sacred flow of your essence, soul, and energy. It has nothing to do with being exact or flawless.

It is time for you to discover your own blazing light, your own pathway, and your inner values. To do so is to be an expression of the Creator.

We, the Arcturians wish to encourage you to contemplate our expression and sharing to you, so you may align with the healing vibration we are sharing designed to realign you with your truth, while also restoring your inner power.

The Empowerment of Creation

The Creatorís energy of creation is building momentum on the Earth and throughout the Universe of the Creator.

Your soul, all souls are preparing to manifest from the light shifts that generate transitions and the formation of what may seem like a new world. Inner awakenings, harmonious living, peace, reconciliation, and unity will be visible within all creations. Each personís ability to create, manifest and experience that which is within them in their outer reality will be amplified.

Having a sense of what you/ your soul wishes to create for yourself and the world has never been more important.

Everything you are is manifesting as the reality you experience. This is becoming more and more real with every moment.

With this in mind, we, the Arcturians, wish to bring your attention to the language, words and thoughts you use every day.

The choices you make in all three support the manifestation of your experiences in your life. In order to benefit from the empowerment of your creative energy taking place, there is a need to:

Align your language, words, and thoughts with your true meaning.

Listen to the statements you make or create about yourself, your life and others. What do the statements you make and the phrases you use say about yourself?

Are they born from habit? Someone elseís thoughts and words you have adopted? Do you mean what you are saying? Are you saying one thing and meaning something else? Does your language fully describe your intention, purpose, and meaning?

Your language, the words you use and the thoughts you create are now more than ever your tool for manifestation and creating the ascension of the Earth.

It is important all three are as clear and precise as possible, expressing your inner meaning.

This doesnít mean that you must only create positive and loving thoughts. It is acceptable to have a negative thought or to make a limiting statement.

The key is to realize that your language, thoughts, and words must be in alignment with the feelings, purpose, and intentions within you.

Remember that every word and thought has the power and capacity to program your subconscious mind, which is the source of most of your experiences.

Do you actually mean what you say and do you want what you say to come true?

Examples of Low-Vibrational Thoughts Not in Alignment with the Creator's Energy Within You: ďYouíre such a nuisance. I would forget my head if it wasnít screwed on. I am a drama queen. I have been hurt too many times. You drive me crazy. You are disgusting. I am so stupid. I always have bad luck. I am too old for that. I canít trust anyone. That child is so naughty. I am fat. Life is hard. No one cares. Sometimes something is said with affection, however, if you took away the affection the wording is judgmental or hurtful.Ē

This is when your inner meaning isnít aligned with the words or thoughts you are creating. Alignment is needed within every part of your being and life.

It is time to cleanse and heal your language, the creation of the world and your world depends upon it. Let all aspects of your being be aligned.

Speak from the truth within you and ensure you truly mean everything you say. Each word is creating your reality step by step.

Our words are to encourage a deeper discovery into your being and the power you hold over your life and creations. In loving gratitude for all you are, we are the Arcturians.

About the Channel

Natalie Glasson, Channel, Lightworker @ BlissfulVisions.com Natalie Glasson is a Channel, Author, Workshop Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor and Founder of the Sacred School of OmNa. Natalie has been a channel for over 10 years dedicating her life to assisting others in awakening to the light of the Creator. Natalie has always been able to connect with and express the consciousness of numerous Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Elementals, Goddess Beings and Star Beings. She constantly shares new wisdom and enlightenment to aid emergence of the divine energy within the physical body, thus supporting the manifestation the Era of Love. Website: Sacred School of OmNa


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