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Road to Oneness

Creating Our New Earth Visions with
Dream by WOMBO Artificial Intelligence

BlissfulVisions.com Dream by WOMBO Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image Generator is the cutting-edge technology that uses AI to generate beautiful and amazing images. The great feature about this technology is you don't need any artistic ability to create absolutely awesome stunning artwork with words!

This tutorial will give you all the details you need to transform your visions of our New Earth into amazing, beautiful, uplifting, positive artwork that you can share on social media and with your friends.

The AI images on this webpage are examples of what you can create; visions of what our New Earth might look like to you that are pristine, magnificent and in harmony with Mother Earth, galactic creation and Universal Consciousness.

The Goal: Raising Our Consciousness
and Co-Creating Our New Earth

We want to create positive visions (AI images) to raise the consciousness of our home planet Earth and humanity, to bring in more light, and co-create our New Earth.

Our New Earth is all about creating peace on Earth for all humanity, harmony, joy, abundance and love, and elevating our consciousness to the 5th dimension and higher. It is the greatest evolutionary event in human history.

Right now, there is a group of capable human beings who have come together to initiate and activate and maintain this project: New Earth AI Image Team Project. You are invited to join this Team and be an integral part of this immensely crucial project.

Waves and Waves of Co-Creators Creating Our New Earth

The idea is to create positive, inspirational, empowering, uplifting images using Dream by WOMBO AI image generation, and to post your images on social media where you are already a member. You don't have to join any more social media sites, unless you want to.

Ask yourself: What does our New Earth look like to me? Visualize your vision in your mind's eye, then create an AI image, and post it on your social media. Tell people in your post:

"This is my vision of our New Earth."

Let us create a worldwide collective consciousness of co-creators that are creating AI images of the New Earth and posting them to social media where everybody can see them. Let us inspire others to create their visions of the New Earth!

Benefits of Creating AI Images at Dream by WOMBO

  • Dream by WOMBO is free, no sign-up or registration required (unless you want to)
  • No payment required (unless you want to upgrade to their premium offer)
  • You can make as many AI images as you like, no limit.
  • No previous artistic ability required.

Terms of Service, under “Intellectual Property”

Users own all artworks created by users with assistance of the Service, including all related copyrights and other intellectual property rights (if applicable).

In other words, the AI images you create, you own and you own the copyrights. But, for our use, we’re not concerned with owning the image or copyright because we are going to release it into the public domain by posting it to different social media platforms. We want people to download the images and share them with friends because we want to infuse these visions of the New Earth into the collective consciousness to enable transformation.

Terms of Service, under “Attribution”

"In exchange for access to or use of the Service, such as to access or use artistic tools or NFT-generation software, you agree to attribute or give appropriate credit to WOMBO for its assistance in generating any artwork in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use."

No sweat! There is an easy way to provide this attribution that is automatically done for you. I will speak more about this in the section below.

How To Create AI Images at Dream by WOMBO


This service uses both what’s known as “text prompts” (descriptive sentences up to 200 characters in length) and uploading an image of your choice whereby the AI service will configure an image back to you based upon your input.

  • You can use both text prompts and your choice of uploaded images together or separately.
  • 75 art styles are available to choose from to configure and enhance your AI image.
  • I use my desktop computer to create AI images. A friend of mine uses her cellphone. I believe you can use your laptop or tablet.

Step 1: Using Text Prompts – 200 characters max.

  • Go to the webpage to Create AI Images. Use website address above.

  • Pre-Set Text Prompt Options: Under the “Enter Prompt” title, and under the box “Type anything” - you will find "Prompt History." To the right of that you’ll see several pre-set text prompt options: “Sunset cliffs” “Never ending flower” “Fire and water” “DNA tornado” “Groovy times” “Dream within a dream.” Choose and click one option and it automatically inputs it into the text prompt box “Type anything.”
  • Now, simply click CREATE. Continue to click CREATE until you find an image you like. Then, go to Step 2 for download.
  • Check out each option before proceeding on to discover the amazing results of these options.
  • To move to the end of the options, click one option, then press your "right" arrow on your keyboard to choose your next option.

  • Type Anything Box: Under the “Enter Prompt” title, in the box where it says “Type anything” - copy and paste any the following sentences below (text prompts) to discover how to use only text prompts to create AI images. From there, you can experiment and create your own beautiful text prompts.

Use These Text Prompts - type or copy and paste into "Type anything" box

  • astrology signs
  • crashing ocean waves
  • meditation blue sky
  • dolphins swimming underwater
  • white trees purple mountains majestic
  • dolphins jumping high in crashing waves
  • Atlantis in the ocean with dome buildings
  • futuristic domes in the sky over the ocean
  • meditation woman feather headdress cyan hair smile
  • Hawaii crashing ocean waves sandy beach palm trees
  • beautiful future pristine gold purple landscape rivers
  • futuristic domes in galaxy with planets of the universe
  • loving family hugging each other blue sky white clouds
  • crashing ocean waves on sandy beach with palm trees and domes
  • family standing in forest holding hands blue sky white clouds
  • earth in galaxy with ancient pyramids and waterfalls and tropical forest
  • butterflies flying over crashing waves and palm trees (add Flora v2 Art Style)
  • ancient pyramids on ocean with crashing waves and beautiful beaches
  • earth in galaxy with ancient pyramids and waterfalls and tropical forest
  • shaman woman meditation in sky praying hands feather headdress smile in clouds
  • smiling fairy flying on lotus with big wings and blue eyes and blond hair and red lips
  • shaman woman wearing necklace feather headdress cyan hair blue eyes walks on ocean
  • medium shot shaman woman hands outstretched overhead in the air feather headdress smile clouds
  • shaman woman with cyan hair and blue eyes with a smile and blue sky white clouds and feather headdress
  • futuristic domes on earth with waterfalls and blue sky with white clouds and blazing sun and bright flowers and humans walking

Then click: CREATE – located below several illustrations of Art Style. The “Create” tab will always light up when you are ready to create. If it remains mute, then you are not ready to create.

Step 2: Download Image

If you like the image you created, then click: FINALIZE. If you don’t like the image you created, simply click again: CREATE. Repeat the process until you create an image you like.

Clicking FINALIZE will take you to the DOWNLOAD page. On the right side under the heading “Art Preview” you will see an enlarged image you just created. Click “Download” tab located below the image. A popup window “Download Dream” will give you 3 choices: click ORIGINAL. Once download is complete, click the “X” in the right corner of the Download Dream box to exit. It will return you to the DOWNLOAD page.

On the Download page, it will give you a larger picture of the image you created. You can inspect the image in greater detail before you download it.

All images are downloaded in the format of 960 pixels wide by 1568 pixels high. The amount of bites varies with each image created. Expect between an average 200-500 KB per image.

Above the Download tab, there is a “Generate Again” tab. Click it to generate another AI image using the same text prompt.

  • Repeat this process to create and download as many AI images as you like.
  • Create your own text prompts to change the AI image or to create entirely different images.
  • Write down and make a list of text prompts that work for you.

* * * BE CREATIVE! * * * EXPERIMENT! * * * HAVE FUN! * * *

Attribution: automatically added to your image

On the Download page, at the bottom left of the image you created, you will see an “Attribution” designation “dream.ai” in white letters on a pink background. This is the attribution I talked about in the company's Terms of Service, and this attribution is automatically placed on your created image. You don’t have to think about it or do it manually. This is your agreement “to give appropriate credit to WOMBO” per their Terms of Service for using their free AI image generating service.

On the Download page, you will also see (on the left side of the webpage), a selection of titles: “Back to Creation” “Name Artwork” “Add Tags Optional” “Publish” “Create an Account.” I have used only one of these tabs, “Back to Creation” - it will take you back to your original “Create Artwork” page where you can change the wording of your text prompt (if you desire) or choose to use any of the art styles to enhance your image.

The Art of Writing Text Prompts

To understand text prompts, imagine that you are speaking with an artist about what you want them to create. You would include a subject (the main focus of the visual), what the subject is doing, where, and how, along with additional descriptive words to describe the rendering's visual style.

  • The AI image experts say that text prompts should be at least 3-7 words long. Dream by WOMBO allows you to use up to 200 characters.
  • AI text prompts should include a subject (person, object, or location) and descriptive phrases (adverbs and adjectives that describe the subject).
  • Avoid using abstract concepts because they lead to inconsistent results; use concrete nouns instead.
  • Aesthetic and style keywords and phrases can add the finishing touches to the rendering.

Using Image Prompts

Dream by WOMBO allows you to upload images to the AI generator as a basis to render new images. You have to use text prompts in conjunction with image prompts for this format.

  • Go to your “Create Artwork” page (where you inputted text prompts).
  • Scroll down below the “Art Style” and find “Input Image Optional”
  • Upload an image. If you don’t have an image, go to Pixabay.com and download an image. You don’t need to sign-up or be a member. Choose the lowest image size.
  • When you upload an image, it will take you to the “Crop Image” screen. The screen is movable. Move the screen to your desired position, and click “Crop” at the bottom.
  • Below your uploaded image, you’ll see “Adjust Influence” with 3 options: Strong, Normal, Weak. It automatically defaults to Normal. Experiment with these options.
  • Strong: gives you an AI image “strongly” resembling your uploaded image.
  • Normal: gives you an AI image based on about 50 percent input of your uploaded image.
  • Weak: gives you an AI image with “very little input” of your uploaded image.

  • Click CREATE. If you like the AI image you created, then follow Step 2 above to download the image. If you don’t like the image, click CREATE again until the AI image generator gives you an image you like.

Adding “Art Style” - located under “Prompt History” on “Create Artwork” page

75 Art Styles are available to choose from (to click on) to enhance your AI image. Art Styles are shown in square boxes with artwork symbolizing the style if offers. Experiment with these options, and have FUN!

The Art Styles that I use most often are: “Realistic v2” “Flora v2” “Diorama” “Vibrant” (sometimes). Adding Art Style is where you will discover that your creativity has an “immense” range of options to choose from.

Art Styles are used in conjunction with:

  • Text prompts and choosing an Art Style, then click CREATE.
  • Or, text prompts plus Uploaded Image and Art Style. Once you have your Uploaded Image and selected a Text Prompt (or created your own), then go ahead and select any Art Style you desire.
  • Click CREATE.

Analyze: Do you like the image that AI created? If not, then you have some choices:

  • Click CREATE again to create another AI image.
  • Or, you can change Art Style, and click CREATE.
  • Or, you can change Text Prompts, and click CREATE.
  • Or, you can change both Text Prompts and Art Style, and click CREATE.
  • Repeat the experimental process until you find the AI image to your liking.
  • If you like any of the AI images that you create, go to Step 2 for download.

Be CREATIVE. Experiment. Have FUN! Post your AI images on Social Media!
On your website, if you have one! Share your images with your friends!

Let’s create AI images of our visions of the New Earth, and inspire
a worldwide collective consciousness of co-creators to do the same!

Share Your New Earth AI-Images on Facebook

Here’s a list of Facebook groups where you can post your images. You must be a member of Facebook before you can join a group. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. The number of daily active Facebook users worldwide as of the end of the 4th quarter 2022 was 2 Billion.

Spiritual Advertising Group Worldwide – 21.7K members

Free Spiritual Advertising – 14.6K members

Spiritual Advertising Group for All – 12K members

Advertise All Things Spiritual – 9.3K members

Spiritual Advertising For Everyone – 8.6K members

Spiritual Advertising Group – 8K members

The Spiritual Advertising Group – 7.3K members

Mystic Spiritual Advertising – 6K members

Creating the New Earth together – 5.2K members

Metaphysical Magazine – 3K members

Lightworkers Free Advertising Group – 2.5K members

Free Advertising for Spiritual Businesses – 1.2K members

Join Our New Earth AI Image Team Project!

Project Facilitator

Dennis Shipman @ BlissfulVisions.com Dennis Shipman is the Project Facilitator for our New Earth AI Image Team Project. You are invited to join this Team (it's free), and to be an integral part of this immensely crucial evolutionary project of raising our vibrations and co-creating our New Earth. Please contact him at: email (at) blissfulvisons (dot) com

Our New Earth AI Image Team Project was born as a result of Valerie Donner (creator of the Ground Crew website and channel for Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Apollo) sending out a "Call to Action" by the request from her spiritual guide, Lumina - "to be a part of this creative process to help raise the consciousness of the Earth and all of life. We are creating a beautiful New Earth and you are a part of it."

Creation starts with a vision. Lumina asked those of us who felt called, to participate in a collective visionary Zoom call on Saturday, March 25. In this first call, we created our intentions and visions for our New Earth; brought our dreams for a New World together for peace, harmony, joy, abundance and love, and worked on elevating our consciousness to the 5th dimension and higher. Meetings are held every 2 weeks. If you feel called to participate, please contact Dennis. Click Here for Valerie Donner's Ground Crew Website

Free Translation in 100 Languages at BlissfulVisions.com

The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness Free eBook by Dennis Shipman

The Birth of the Project Creating Our New Earth Visions Using Artificial Intelligence

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness