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BlissfulVisions.com March 16, 2024 – ASCENSION UPDATE: Commander Ashtar, supreme galactic commander of the Ashtar Command channeled by A.S. - Original Title: "If I am suffering, then what am I making my pain mean?"

My dear beloved Earth humans. This is Ashtar speaking. I greet you in peace and love. And I am glad to be speaking to you through this channel.

First of all, on behalf of all of us, on behalf of the universe: we see you. We appreciate you. We deeply respect you. And we love you so, so very much.

It is because of the steadfastness of you that our current operation to help Earth is possible at all.

Your brothers and sisters who are currently still asleep may not realize what a crucial function you are fulfilling -- how much you are indirectly helping them. But out here, everyone recognizes your value. Even if you feel that you are not doing anything, you are actually fulfilling a crucial role in grounding positive energy, in processing pain from the collective subconscious and doing light work in your sleep.

With that said, many of you are, understandably, wondering what all this pain is for. Why doesn't Source just metaphorically snap its fingers and activate the solar flash today? Why don't we land today? What is all this pain for?

The situation is very complex, and you can look at it from a whole lot of vantage points and levels of consciousness, all with at least some amount of validity and usefulness behind them. It’s not the case that only one perspective is valid: different perspectives all have some amount of validity. Still, today I will give another way of looking at life on Earth, and thereby another piece of the puzzle.

Ultimately I am hoping that this message will help you find some meaning in this pain.

So, why haven't we intervened yet? Hakann has answered this question previously from a medium-consciousness perspective. Namely: landing today (openly or just visiting select people) wouldn't be safe for us or you, if we don't remove the dark controllers first. Us launching an operation to arrest all the dark controllers ourselves within one or a few days is something we could do, but that could create a power vacuum and instability and chaos, with a chance of that instability lasting for quite a long time. Also, if we do this, there is a small chance that the dark controllers would succeed at triggering a spiteful and destructive plan of theirs and do a whole lot of damage to the people of Earth.

Alternatively, we could land, arrest the bad guys and hand you a Pleiadian-type of civilization, but the last time we gave you a ready-made civilization was Atlantis.

Hence, we prefer at present to do covert operations and to rapidly raise the consciousness of Earth, so that most of the liberation work will be done by Earth humans. This rising energy should either nudge you to free yourselves, or if we have to intervene directly anyway in a major way, first raising the energy in this way will very much reduce possible instability and chaos that could follow.

That was a medium-consciousness perspective. Today I would like to zoom out a bit and give you a higher consciousness perspective. The following is how I and the other galactic decision-makers look at it.

The Earth School Perspective of Soul Growth

Suppose you run a school. Each course in your school corresponds to one life in this galaxy. Life in the Pleiades would be one course. So for example, a soul can first take the Pleiades course, then take the Pleiades course again (choosing to be born there a second time) and then take a third course somewhere else.

In the distant, distant past, you only offered light and pleasant and fun and love-filled courses. However, students got bored and didn't learn and progress very quickly. The total body of knowledge and research of the school also didn't expand very quickly.

Hence, nowadays you as the school administrator offer various courses, from courses that are light and pleasant and fun and filled with love (life in the Pleiades) to courses that are very hard and challenging and painful but also very educational and give a lot of soul growth (life on Earth).

As it turns out, the most popular course you have, by far, is a very painful but also very educational course (life on Earth). There is no waiting queue to join a pleasant and fun course (life in the Pleiades) but there is a huge waiting queue to join the painful but rewarding course (life on Earth).

A person's lower self is their mind and body and emotions, or what an average person thinks of as "them." You could think of your lower self as the vehicle that your soul is driving in order to physically experience life on Earth.

Imagine as the school administrator you are getting reports that the lower selves of people in the Earth course are suffering very much. The lower selves are asking for the course to be transformed into another incredibly pleasant, purely love-filled course. You know, another Pleiades-type of course.

However, the souls of most Earth people think that the Earth course should be made lighter and easier and more free, but in a gradual and subtle and covert way, so as not to disrupt the current very educational lessons too much. The souls of most people on Earth think this is no emergency, this is merely a situation that needs some covert and gradual tweaking.

We are indeed honoring this soul request to make Earth lighter and more free, but in a gradual and subtle and covert way, so as not to disturb the current lessons too much.

After all, souls care a great deal about soul growth and lessons.

Keep in mind souls can't be harmed. Also, a person's soul can very easily make a person die and go to the afterlife and then reincarnate somewhere more pleasant. So souls aren't trapped there on Earth.

Furthermore, a person's soul is very much a part of them and not separate at all. So it's not like people are being oppressed by their soul -- their soul is part of them.

As the school administration, you actually have two types of students, namely service-to-self and service-to-others students. And for the service-to-self students, Earth is also an incredible place to learn. While the service-to-others students can eventually progress by just spending lots of time in the Pleiades, the service-to-self students have few suitable courses. They need something like the Earth course to actually progress at all.

This may not be a popular position, but as the Ra Material has pointed out: the service-to-self path is equally valid. And respecting the service-to-self path, as well as the free will of those walking that path, means that we can't just protect everyone everywhere from harm. If we did, then the service-to-self path would be more or less invalidated. We would be going back to the situation where every course is cozy and comfortable, students become bored and not much growth or expansion is achieved.

And that is why there is pain in the universe. This isn't Source being malicious or negligent, or there being something wrong with creation. Souls actually prefer there to be pain and contrast in the universe. Evil isn't a problem to be solved, it's a feature to be managed.

After all, if souls want to be untouched by service-to-self beings, souls can just reincarnate over and over again in for example the Pleiades. (Our fights with reptilians aren't happening in the Pleiades.) So if souls just want bliss and love, that path is available to them. However, most souls, after a number of lives in the Pleiades, start itching for a life on a world like Earth.

If your soul wished, it would also be easy for your soul to arrange your death and then your reincarnations in a near-utopian Pleiades world. But you're still alive, and hence your soul at this moment in time still wants to be on Earth. And clearly, your soul thinks you can handle it.

Your soul feels your pain, but your soul doesn't resist it, hence your soul doesn't suffer. Yes, I know this is easier said than done for someone who was born on Earth and who never got the love and stable foundation to get to that level of consciousness -- but at the same time, life on Earth is actually the perfect place to really deeply learn the lesson to not turn pain into suffering.

Or if you're a higher-grade student who came back to help, this is a perfect opportunity to help those current-grade students who do still need to learn that lesson. And even if you just exist as a spiritually awake person on Earth, then you're processing stuff in the collective subconscious for the non-awake (which is why you may be in so much pain -- you are probably strong enough to take on much pain indeed in order to transform it for the collective). I really appreciate you doing that, that is a mighty service indeed.

If you are suffering, I would invite you to reflect on what you are making the pain mean. If you are making the pain mean that you are not good enough or that you failed as a lightworker or person, then I would point out that even just being spiritually awake means that you are the top students of the toughest school in the galaxy. Great job. Genuinely, I mean it.

Even if you don't do anything, you're still grounding energy and processing pain from the collective subconscious and doing lightwork in your sleep. Every person receiving these messages is doing that, and you have my deep appreciation and respect for your significant contribution to humanity.

If you are making your pain mean that you will always be in pain or that existence is always going to suck, well, that is something your ego tells you. It's not actually true. Likely life on Earth will soon become significantly lighter. Also, as a soul you might be millions of years old, and you probably have a long existence ahead of you as well. So then, a hundred years on Earth is something like 0.01% of your total existence, or even less than that. Yes, I get that it's painful, but it's also the equivalent of one really bad day. It sucks, but bad days do pass, and bad days in no way define your entire existence.

This might be a good sentence to write down on a piece of paper and put it in a place where you will see it every day: "if I am suffering, then what am I making my pain mean?"

So, as the school administrator, what do you do? Do you directly intervene in the Earth course to immediately turn it into another fun, easy course, by having galactic soldiers arrest the dark controllers? But that ruins the best course, and also one of the relatively few courses that service-to-self students can use to progress. And their path is equally valid.

Or do you choose to follow not the request of the lower selves of the people on Earth, and instead honor the request of what most souls on Earth currently want? So: work towards making Earth less painful and more free, but in a gradual and covert way, so as not to disturb the current lessons too much. And indeed, this is what we are doing.

I think you may be able to see that the worldview that I present here indeed explains why there hasn't been a solar flash yet, or public landings, or us arresting dark controllers, or us privately meeting lightworkers, or us taking over your media, or us filling your skies with visible spaceships, et cetera. If you reject this message, then I think it would be hard to explain why these things haven't happened yet. Why couldn't a high-tech, psychically powerful civilization arrest some Earth humans?

And claiming that we are somehow not allowed to intervene also isn't very logical, because we clearly already are intervening, for example during covid times and by providing channelings and by sometimes showing our spacecraft in your skies. So why don't we just blanket your skies in spacecraft? Do you think that someone made a rule that says that we can show fourteen spacecraft per day, but not fifteen?

It is more accurate to think of yourself as the reincarnating soul, rather than think of yourself as a body and mind. Your body and mind are just one of perhaps a thousand vehicles that you have driven throughout your existence as a soul. And souls aren't being harmed -- in fact, most souls on Earth are currently loving the amount of soul growth they are getting. Souls are aware of the damage that is being done to their lower selves, but that's just a replaceable vehicle to them.

If most souls on Earth actually had the attitude of "please arrest the dark controllers today, this is too painful" then I would deploy over a million high-tech, psychically powerful galactic soldiers on your world within a few hours, and they would arrest the dark controllers within a day. Or Source would launch the solar flash today. However, most souls on Earth don't actually want us to arrest all the dark controllers today or have a solar flash today because they're getting so much soul growth right now.

You are wrongly thinking of the lifespan of your vehicle as your entire existence, rather than thinking of the perhaps one million years that your soul has existed as your entire existence.

You are wrongly thinking of your body and mind as "you", rather than thinking of your soul as "you." This mistake is understandable because you're currently experiencing your lower self and not so much your soul. Still, your soul sees your body and mind as just a vehicle through which to experience life on Earth, and if this vehicle is destroyed then your soul can simply get another vehicle later.

Now, we do sincerely agree that the suffering on Earth is currently too much, in any way you look at it. Even if we only cared about soul growth, the suffering on Earth is so great that it's counterproductive for soul growth. And of course, us galactic decision-makers have a compassionate side as well. All else being equal, we prefer that people don't suffer.

We're just going about helping you in the way that most souls on Earth prefer, namely in a gradual and covert way, that doesn't disrupt the current lessons too much. We are rapidly increasing the energy of Earth, hoping that the people of Earth or the gray hats will liberate Earth as soon as possible, getting great soul growth in the process.

Still, at some point we will intervene directly if Earth isn't liberated, because some souls genuinely do want us to directly intervene right now, and it wouldn't be fair to those souls to keep this situation dragging on forever. Furthermore, ultimately we are serving Source, and Source has decreed that you shall be free. And so, you shall, and if that can only be accomplished by us intervening directly then that is what we shall do.

While there is a small possibility of delays, it is quite likely that your lives will significantly improve this year or the next, and that we will physically meet you this year or the next. And us positive galactics are very much looking forward to meeting you, myself included.

Why are you just hearing about this now? Well, most of my Pleiadian brothers and sisters are very loving and compassionate people and they are in resistance to letting other people suffer. I don't enjoy letting people suffer -- hopefully the question in the title will reduce your suffering -- but I'm also not in resistance to letting other people suffer.

Furthermore, it is not easy to find a channeler who is pure enough and has a high enough consciousness that he or she can transmit this kind of message. This channeler, for example, simply didn't have the level of consciousness necessary until now. I would like to thank this channeler, and I would like to congratulate the people of Earth on your very rapidly rising level of consciousness. You are doing incredibly well.

Also, look, you are currently in an incredibly hard school that is painful beyond reasonability. Some of you feel guilty that you are not doing more to help your fellow man, but life on Earth is so incredibly tough that just surviving is already a challenge. Even just energetically things are very rough right now, and I know that there are many practical and physical and psychological challenges on top of that.

I would try to just do your best, and if your current best is just surviving, then just survive. Just living through the toughest course in the galaxy is already quite an achievement, especially if you do so as a spiritually awake person. And as I said, even if you don't feel that you are doing anything, you actually are doing a lot.

Finally, one way in which your current pain very much does have meaning is that we're learning on Earth how we can turn a too-painful course into a still educational and also bearable course, without disrupting the lessons too much. If this succeeds on Earth, we can replicate this "send high energy" strategy on many, many worlds indeed, because right now we are learning exactly how to do that.

In that way, even just by existing on Earth and helping to ground these new energies, you are very much making a huge contribution to us potentially finding a way to relieve suffering across the entire universe. So you already are succeeding, you already are helping, right now. Thanks to you, we will be able to turn other planets with too much suffering into planets that are more balanced out -- not an excessive amount of suffering, while still letting service-to-self students walk their path.

Because of you, in the future we may be able to relieve suffering on many, many worlds indeed, without sacrificing free will or contrast or soul growth or the service-to-self path.

With that, and with my deepest love and respect, I will leave you for today. Ashtar.


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