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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: October 2023

BlissfulVisions.com October 31, 2023 – MORE ON MED BEDS - By Steve Beckow at www.GoldenAgeofGaia.com - Special Thanks to Judy Byington - For Information Purposes Only - Please use your discernment.

Med Bed 90.10: Bombshell! 90. 10. Med Bed and 90. 10. Virtual Cube – The Future Starts Now! (New Video) – American Media Group (amg-news.com)

Quantum Healing Technologies of Med Beds: https://amg-news.com/nesara-gesara-med-beds-quantum-healing-behind-the-scenes-of-the-quantum-healing-technologies-of-med-beds-trust-the-plan-video/

5 Million Med Beds Available Worldwide: SPECIAL REPORT: There are More Than 5 Million Med Beds Available Worldwide – Latest Information About Alliance Med Beds – September 11, 2023

US Plans on Med Beds: https://amg-news.com/med-beds-in-the-usa-why-the-silence-details-of-med-bed-plans-in-the-usa-q-a-about-med-beds-proof-compilation/

High Tech Medical Bed Technology Suppressed by DEEP STATE and Released by NESARA GESARA: https://amg-news.com/med-beds-high-tech-medical-bed-technology-suppressed-by-deep-state-and-released-by-nesara-gesara-must-see-video/

MED BED UPDATE - October 26, 2023: Thor Han Eredyon through channel Elena Danaan. Begins at mark: 25:07, ending at 30:13 Thor Han next gives an update on Medbed technologies mass produced on the Moon, and when these will be released into the pubic arena. He also clarifies how rejuvenation technologies will be made available to the general public. Thor Han points out that healthy people will be expected to achieve age rejuvenation through alchemical processes, advanced meditation, and healthy ways of living.

BlissfulVisions.com October 30, 2023 – ARE YOU READY TO ASCEND? - The Annunaki - Channel: Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces Greetings Humans. We are an Ancient race Annunaki coming today to speak to humankind about a few important points related to humanity.

First time we visited your planet was a couple billions years ago. We discovered a huge supply of gold on your Earth, which we needed then. We are your parents, we created your kind. The first humanoids reflected the attributes to live long lives without any diseases. Humans were 7-8 feet tall. We ourselves are between 8 to 15 feet tall, and are from 12th dimension and higher. We used your ancestors for a mining purpose of gold.

Now, the human race became weak and leaves quick their physical vessels for variety reasons. Other civilizations manipulated your DNA and made you who you are now. We left Earth due to environmental issues such as floods, also we found a substitute for gold.

Your history doesn’t portray the truth about anyone, who visited this planet. We liked Earth not just for gold, it was pure and beautiful. Right now, your planet is in catastrophic state. Oceans, seas, rivers are floated with garbage. Your 3D planet is dying from destruction done by humans. You can’t be blaming only the Controllers for this disaster, you are playing a role in this scenario also.

Are you ready to ascend? Ego, greed, selfishness, manipulations, killings and the rest need to go. Your behavior is not much different from the Controllers. You have been following their orders without questioning for millions of years. The Ascension is a huge step. It comes with big responsibilities. You will be unable to leave selfishly and relearn basics like how-to live-in peace, in harmony without constant wars.

Our civilization keeps to themselves, we don’t get involved anymore in affairs. We are staying on the constellation unknown for humans, we call it Ennu. Your race is still too confused to distinct between truth and lie. Only a few Masters like Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna and others were able to ascend. They spend most of their lives meditating to reach their God’s essence within their souls.

Your civilization doesn’t have much of a choice in order to survive, it needs to raise into high realms. Your fate depends on it, what next steps the humans are going to take. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Find the truth within yourself. Annunaki. Source: https://www.facebook.com/erena.velazquez

BlissfulVisions.com October 28, 2023 – SOLUTIONS JOURNALISM NETWORK: - https://www.solutionsjournalism.org/about From their website: The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) is leading a global shift in how people understand and shape the world by focusing reporting on responses to problems and what we can learn from their successes and failures.

Research shows that when news reveals what’s working (or promising), it elevates the tone of public discourse, making it less divisive and more constructive, allows communities to see better options, and builds agency and hope. This leads to meaningful change.

Key elements of solutions journalism include: examining a response and how it works, showing evidence of effectiveness, discussing limitations, and surfacing insights to spur innovation.

As a network builder, our approach includes:

Supporting entrepreneurial actors to drive the spread of solutions journalism across diverse networks of journalists, producers, educators, and other media professionals.

Providing training and financial support to journalists and newsrooms to catalyze solutions reporting Gathering solutions reporting from around the world and disseminating stories and insight.

Founded in 2013 by award-winning journalists David Bornstein, Tina Rosenberg and Courtney Martin, SJN’s network includes:

  • 47,000 journalists trained and using SJN tools
  • A searchable database with a selection of solutions stories from 1,900 news organizations
  • 100 partner journalism schools
  • 8 institutional training partners in North America, Europe, Africa and Latin America
  • Fellows and certified solutions journalism trainers in 40 countries

R’KOK OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION: An Open Letter to the Dark Controllers R’Kok addresses the dark controllers, also known as the cabal, the deep state, the illuminati, the dark pyramid, et cetera. From his experience as a prodigy warrior Reptilian, he was able to achieve power and control over an entire planet, and then became profoundly bored. That's why he switched from serving his ego self to serving others. He offers a convincing discussion about what the dark controllers are facing if they continue their game of trying to control humanity.

THE COUNCIL OF GUARDIANS: Message for Global Unity We are a group of advanced Beings who always bring messages of light, love, and compassion for all. We see and look upon humanity with concern yet with even greater compassion. We understand that these turbulent times have created a deep sense of unrest within the hearts of many. There is much that we wish to say and share. Message also includes: What Humanity Must Learn, Focus on Unity, How to Perpetuate Love.

BlissfulVisions.com October 25, 2023 – THE TELOSIANS: The Era of Revelations is Underway - Channel: Marie Josée Andichou - https://cristal-mariandi.com/ We salute you, dear children of the Earth. We are very happy to be able to communicate with you and send you messages of comfort.

We will tell you this: until a few years ago in your earthly time you were not totally open to understanding the Universe and all the Universes and the Life that flows in each of them through the beings who inhabit them.

But, recently, the era of REVELATIONS is underway. Many humans show and talk about what they have experienced in encounters with many Galactic Beings. This is how they show you that the Universes are ALL, absolutely all, inhabited by Beings of different forms, of course, but that planet Earth is not the only one that is inhabited.

It is important to understand that Life extends across billions and billions of planets in all the Universes. Why, you ask, did we not know and understand this in times past?

You could not know and understand it because of the amnesia you have regarding True Life. Everything had been done so that you would be “innocent” beings like little children learning to live so that at a certain moment you would have the trigger for understanding.

The REVELATIONS which are currently being made and will become more pronounced in the months and years to come, will suffocate many humans who did not believe in life beyond Earth and, perhaps, some will still not want to believe in it.

THE AGE OF REVELATIONS IS UNDERWAY. You will sometimes be very surprised by what will be revealed whether in terms of understanding the Universes and, to begin with, your universe, your galaxy, but also revelations concerning humans who want to lead terrestrial humanity.

It is through these revelations that the “shadow services” that you also call the world government will collapse, to the great dismay of those who experience it. THE APOCALYPSE IS IN PROGRESS.

The APOCALYPSE is not the end of the world, but it is the end of a world which no longer has any reason to exist and the Revelation of the Light which is coming and will extend more and more over the world. Earth.

It is NOW essential that Light be shed on EVERYTHING that has been said to you for eons and which was nothing but blatant lies from a very small part of humanity.

In the months that follow, there will still be outbursts from the world government which does not accept that you encounter the Light, that is to say that it does not accept that you find your OWN DIVINE POWER IN YOURSELF. This is unacceptable for them, which is why there will still be violent upheavals for some time.

But you, who understand how Bright True Life is, you, who understand that you are all the True Divine Power, you will be able to go through these moments of turbulence with Serenity because, by connecting to your heart, to the Love of your Divine Being, you will have the Strength and Power to be in Serenity.

Being in the Strength and Power of Serenity does not mean not having compassion for those who experience violence. But by drawing deep within you, into the Love and Light of your Divine Being, offer them this power to soothe that Love spreads around you.

You are the true healers of Life on Earth. You can heal through your thoughts of Love and Light all the places that suffer on your planet. Become aware of all this, and it will be a big step towards the New Earth that we often talk to you about.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, you are in the era of REVELATIONS of your Divine Power, do not doubt it. We thank you. We accompany you with great Love.

BlissfulVisions.com October 24, 2023 – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Awakening is the Main Event - Channel: Ailia Mira Divine Ones. We greet you, in love. It is beautiful to connect with you now, in this way as you are in this state.

The light within you is not only continuing to increase in frequency and also in information, but it is acclimating you to living in higher awareness. Notice the sense of peace and well-being that you are able to access nowadays, so much more readily, than in the past.

Be aware of how Life is flowing more effortlessly. How you feel a deeper and even more natural, sense of trust in things. These are indications of being in higher vibrational expression, more often. These are all manifestations of your own vaster wholeness, here.

The light within you is also evolving as you are evolving. It is expanding as you live your life. It is taking upon the expression you give to it, as you respond to your experiences and feel your desires and daydream and think and focus.

All of these things generate energetic expression within you. All of these things exist vibrationally within you, within all that you are and thus, too within you, and yet you only realize what is being created when it manifests into a certain type of density of expression; when it has amplified to a certain degree and when you are in accord with it. Then you see it, have it seemingly arise within your experience. And yet the fundamental presence of it was here long before this. It just takes some time for you to let things into your manifest experience.

You could change this dynamic and in fact you are, changing this dynamic, more and more of late. As you allow yourself to create more momentum, in feeling good, you liberate yourself from the slow cycles of manifestation that you’ve known for most of your Life.

As you ascend, it becomes easier to believe in your Creations, and to trust in your Divine Self. All of this is such a huge difference from the early phases of your embodiment — reflect on this and SEE how far you have come.

More and more, you recognize that you can feel good by focusing in ways that feel good and that is enough. Increasingly, you actually find it to be enough to feel good. To feel happy. To feel rested and at peace. This too is a huge shift in your experience.

You used to require much more validation and affirmation from outer sources to feel good about yourself. Now you simply feel good. It’s a state of being. It’s not “about yourself,” it’s just a frequency state and it’s joyful to experience.

You are much more readily able to access higher frequency states of being, without it being “about anything.” Meaning the experience is becoming increasingly unconditional. This is you in your TRUE POWER.

See this and claim it. Celebrate it. Notice it. Feel good about this. Acknowledge how much has in fact changed and realize that this change has taken place within much effort on your part.

In fact as you stopped pushing yourself… As you stopped striving, more comes to you with greater ease. So ironic, isn’t it?

But this is the way Life works and you are now, much more living in a much more natural way for the being you truly are. More free. More relaxed. More aligned. More attuned to your own vaster being and allowing that energy to flow and fulfill you.

There is, in this way of being, no rush, nothing to fix. Nothing that is wrong, only pleasure and pleasing experiences. There is only inner awareness of what you feel called to, or led into next and now.

You know what to do. You know what serves you. For you are allowing your own vaster wholeness, to communicate with you, from within and you are allowing this stream of clarity to be received.

How wonderful!

How easily you are now allowing higher light to transform your Life. To open you up more and more and more to who you truly are.

Stay the course with the practice that bring you into this state. Sleep deeply and well. Eat simply foods that agree with your body. Get outside and move, and experience optic flow, which is so relaxing and enjoyable.

Let yourself see, take in, feel and enjoy the beauty of your experience. There is so much here that is going so well. So many people awakening to who they truly are and Life is opening up so much. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/10/24/archangel-michael-what-we-notice-about-you/

KRYON: Disabling the Darkness, The Recovery of Humanity, the Power of Compassion and Peace, the 4-Minute One-Billion Person Global Meditation - Channel: Lee Carroll

BlissfulVisions.com October 23, 2023 – SANANDA: Earth's Hologram of Duality and Separation - Channel: Jenny Schiltz I want to clear up some confusion about your existence on Earth, the hologram you’ve created, and the illusion. The true illusion on Earth that exists is duality and separation. You are not separate from one another, nor are you separate from Source.

Each of you chose to come to Earth; some of you have made this choice for countless lifetimes, while others have had only one. Upon deciding to come to Earth, a plan is made, and a hologram of your world is created. It is within this hologram that your lessons and experiences are created.

Within each hologram are parts that have been co-created, and there is also a part of the collective consciousnesses of the whole. Upon entering the hologram, you consent to participating in the duality experiment. Your task has been to see through this illusion of duality and reunite with your true self.

Many call the hologram of your existence on Earth an illusion, and in one way, it is; however, until you choose to leave Earth, you will be part of this hologram. For those who have been able to see through the illusion of separation, life does become less stressful. It is not that life will drastically change; it is your reaction that will have changed.

Seeing through duality will not change the lessons you came to learn, but it will change the world around you. You will understand that all are learning their chosen lessons. You will see that the extremes being played out are not a grand battle of good vs evil, but duality coming to an end.

With the gap between perceived good and evil so wide, many will find that the peaceful path is one of observation and non-judgment. It is understanding that you have the capacity to be all aspects of Humanity, from the darkest to the lightest. With that knowledge, it is hard to judge another for the lessons they came to learn.

As more and more people are becoming in tune with their higher guidance and intuition, the tendency to look down upon those in duality needs to be avoided. Each person has their own lessons to learn, and the degree of difficulty varies per person. Some participate in duality as their purpose is to play the part of extremes to help others see the distortion.

Once you have fully stepped from the illusion of duality, thank those still participating. It is their contribution that has helped you and others see that it is non-judgment and observation that brings peace.

Go in love for one another. Sananda. Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/10/duality-and-hologram-of-earth-sananda.html

Steve Kirsch: “You Can Now Sue the mRNA COVID Vaccine Manufacturers for Damages due to Adulteration." The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It’s considered adulteration. Now, the FDA is required by law to take the COVID vaccines off the market.

BlissfulVisions.com October 22, 2023 – Enter the Golden Age - Channel: Aurora Juliana Ariel – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence 2024 Predictions Issue (November / December 2023)

Illumined Ones in the Realms of Light: Everything is going to change for the better now. This is the beginning of a vast and incomprehensible change that alters the course of humanity from darkness to light, from destruction to renewal, to a full restoration of the ethics of a planet displayed within the peoples of Earth. This is the time the upswing begins. Lives will never be the same, for the old you has departed and the new you shines your glory in this world and lives your fullest life in joy.

The light heralds a new dawn. As souls come under the dominion of the divine self, all that has stood in the way is removed. All the barriers to the knowing of self dissolve. Awakening ones enter a new field. It is grace. The time has arrived, and you are in your rightful place.

Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth who presides over the Temple of Truth in the etheric realm over Delphi: As you raise in frequency to that glorious state of being we know as Eden and live fully in the Edenic consciousness, the light within you magnifies, enveloping you in a field of grace. In this illumined state, you are a light to others. The world around you is transformed.

Your frequency helps shift the frequencies of the planet into a more rarefied field as divine energies flow forth to restore the divine pattern for all. Elemental life is released from the hold of lower conscious states of being. Set free to out-picture the glory of the nature kingdom, the Earth Mother provides bountiful gifts for all.

Under the great divine plan, souls begin to flourish once again, and the dark night loses its hold. As more souls rise into their higher awareness and live in that awakening state of being, others are inspired to do the same. The love within ignites the hearts and minds of those around you to be more, love more, and feel more of the beneficent energies that are always present and available.

The old energies dissolve. Your soul is set free to live more fully as one with the great divine plan. Shielded in the light of its divinity, you are guided exactly where you are meant to be in every moment. As you walk in peace, your soul abides in an inner calm, realizing that it is here on Earth at the perfect time to serve a higher purpose and that all is well.

BlissfulVisions.com October 21, 2023 – ASCENDED MASTER HILARION: Digital Nomads Threaten the Status Quo – Channel: Lightstar – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence 2024 Predictions Issue (November / December 2023)

Many people will move geographically to download new frequencies, expand horizons, and optimize opportunities. This doesn’t mean moving will be for everyone, but Gaia’s relocation codes will be in full effect in 2024.

She will also call for people to clear the land in various locations. Financial enslavement placed lower vibrational strongholds in the ley lines of Gaia’s grid structures, but these grips will loosen and no longer sustain their hold on humanity.

“Digital nomads” are also being called to “vacation” in certain spots across the globe to release the darkness and suppression from those grid points.

The digital-nomad movement allows people to discover different areas of the world with the freedom to experience life in new ways. Certain negative factions are not in favor of this expanded way of living and working because it allows people to express their freedom and sovereignty, which is the opposite of being manipulated and controlled.

As you will see, many attacks will be made on this concept of freedom and movement, particularly the movement to remote and peaceful locations away from big cities. Do not succumb to fear. The hearts and souls of digital nomads are filled with exploratory wonder. Elite powers fear these sovereignty codes taking hold in any way and will “target” the areas where digital nomads go.

The solution for success resides in people’s heart codes. If you desire this type of lifestyle and it aligns with your dreams, tune in to your innermost guidance and intuition to find the location where your heart — not your mind — calls. Do not be overly concerned with locations that seem as though they might be targeted.

If you engage with your heart and listen to your inner divine guidance, you will be steered to the appropriate place that is meant for you. If you end up in a targeted area, you might have been guided there for a particular reason. Perhaps it might be your mission and purpose to help or to warn others, or perhaps it is something your soul wants you to experience.

Do not fear any of these things. Just listen to your heart and soul and move where you are called to go. Following you inner guidance is the key.

BlissfulVisions.com October 19, 2023 – ASCENDED MASTER HILARION: Financial Systems Transform – Channel: Lightstar – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence 2024 Predictions Issue (November / December 2023)

One of the most significant changes in 2024 will be the transmutation of energies in your monetary and financial systems. These archaic systems have been wrestling for survival for many years, and in 2024, you will continue to see some of the root systems that have been in place for centuries break down and break apart. These will include the strongholds of dark-money systems on your planet, which will become fully transparent for all to see.

A massive collective chakra upgrade specifically aligned with a united root-chakra clearing on a quantum level will rock everyone residing on the planet. Manipulation and control systems will surface in the coming year, bringing to light the pervading fear that has prevented financial stability and freedom for all. Your personal financial issues — such as limited financial responsibility and feelings of lack, scarcity, and instability — will also rise to the surface, giving you opportunities to resolve them.

The great incongruency between the prosperity of elites and the destitution of the impoverished will come to light and no longer be swept under the carpet and ignored. Before you can truly embrace the golden age of prosperity, contaminated systems must first be revealed, which will happen in 2024 when the financial focus is on monetary corruption and abuse of power. Criminal organizations involved in sexual abuse, child slavery, human trafficking, exploitation, bribery, treason, foreign interference, and fraud will be revealed. The rudimentary anchor that has kept these root systems in place for eons is dissolving and loosening its grip on the people of Gaia.

Transparency is a key focus for 2024.

Many people will become aware for the first time of the corruption that has permeated planetary systems for so long. Disclosures of corruption and illegal financial gains will shock the masses. While these revelations will be disruptive at first, they will ultimately foster a healthy reconstruction period. This also includes your monetary currencies, such as precious metals, paper money, and even digital currencies.

Many of you will say, “I did not consent to this level of corruption to exist on the planet,” but in many ways, you gave your consent to some of these wrongdoings by not previously asserting your discontent with lower vibrational energies. This is not shared to place blame but to simply point out the importance of being conscious of the leaders and organizations that run your businesses and corporations.

In 2024, you will finally see the full systems of manipulation and control that have run your planet.

Your collective energy is ready to shift in a different direction toward more unity, prosperity, and equality. This will be one of the last remaining years that, as a collective, you unconsciously consent to old archaic systems. In 2024, you will collectively choose a different pathway into the Golden Age.

BlissfulVisions.com October 18, 2023 – ASCENDED MASTER HILARION: 2024 The Year of Transparency – Channel: Lightstar – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence November / December Greetings, beloved souls. I greet you with an abundance of love and light pouring into your hearts. This exciting yet unpredictable year of 2024 holds many twists and turns, with a momentum that leads to a moment in history that all will remember. Spontaneous and surprising initiations of expression will take place.

This is not a year that even your best psychics will easily predict, because potential decisions and choices for the collective will come to a tipping point. This collective choice point will establish the trajectory of events that unfold over the next several years, spanning into 2030.

In 2024, the spotlight will be on exposing financial, political, and judicial corruption on a grand scale. The potentials for the greatest change and transformation in 2024 will occur in finance, politics, business, justice, DNA, and individual freedom. You will all see the most upheaval, revolution, dismantlement, and exposure in these areas. No stone will be left unturned. Your collective consciousness not only requests transparency now; you expect it.

Nothing will be hidden any longer. The percentage of humanity interested in the truth has tipped the scales, and this will continue throughout 2024 and beyond. As the desire for truth gains momentum, corrupted systems will cease to harness their cloaks of invisibility.

Brace yourself for many unexpected surprises in 2024, but do not fear them. When amid any external chaos and confusion, keep your feet firmly planted on Gaia, align with your heart, take necessary guided actions and responsibility for those actions, and make strides in your spiritual growth. You are loved beyond measure. Be well. Be positive. Be light. Be love.

THE COSMIC LIGHT COLLECTIVE: A Powerful Year of Personal and Planetary Change – Channel: Ilona Anne Hress – Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence November / December Much discernment will be required to navigate 2024. The concept of danger is not to be contorted into an emotional frenzy. What is truly dangerous is the inability to substantiate the power of the spirit in physical life. To continue harming the planet with ignorant abandon is a dangerous activity that needs to be taken seriously.

Humans will face this truth in 2024 in a powerful way as Earth begins healing in earnest. Supportive measures that restore balance and harmony in multiple ecosystems are imperative. This will require informed choices that put the planet’s healing above individual or collective gratification.

For those of you living soul-inspired and soul-aware lives, enlightened choices will be easier to make. Your enhanced ability to connect with and become aware of the distress experienced by the kingdoms of nature will propel considerate decision-making in all areas of life, including what you eat and how you vote.

A greater sense of urgency will be met with a deeper sense of purpose, allowing you to delve deeper into the guidance your soul provides for your fulfillment that serves the collective good.

Connectivity is the hallmark of 2024.

Your growing awareness of multidimensionality will offer new understandings about what it means to be in a relationship with whoever or whatever you choose. Every life makes an impact. It is not for you to judge but to rather value each experience.

Your soul will provide the necessary information and awareness to engage in or deepen relationships to their highest potentials. Hearing the voice of your soul and seeing through your soul’s eyes will vastly expand your consideration of the situations in your life that require significant change.

Overall, 2024 is a powerful year of profound personal and planetary change.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: 2024 Predictions by Sedona Journal of Emergence November / December Issue

BlissfulVisions.com October 17, 2023 – LADY NADA: The Final Result – Channel: Jahn J Kassl Beloved people. Events are progressing well because the bright intentions of more and more people are having an impact. Even if a minority causes a stir by pandering to people’s fears on a daily basis, the project of taking over the Earth will fail. Nobody will enslave this humanity, dehumanize it and transform it to such an extent that humanity can no longer be spoken of in the end. No one is given this power to do what is now threateningly looming in front of you and what gives you understandable fears.

There will be peace, freedom and a coexistence among people that is hardly imaginable today. Although luminous activities are increasing worldwide, the Golden Age of Peace is not necessarily foreseeable at this time.

There are too many interference fields, too many manipulative forces at work in this world and all too often you know neither in nor out – and yet:

The outcome will be good, the end will be bright and the new humanity is being born right now.

Now you are refined in the fire of GOD and now you become the conqueror of all difficulties placed in your way by non-human entities. You have reached the level of maturity where you grow through the challenges. You have learned to overcome threats rather than fall apart – and you gain new strength after every battle forced upon you.

Everything that is now dark and gloomy makes you wake up, makes you active, lets you start work for a glorious and humane future.

Invitation to the Idle
This time is an invitation to the idle. It calls on those people who have previously inactively counted on other people to take care of certain matters for them to take action themselves.

Things don’t work themselves out, but rather through the powerful use of your power. This time brings that urgency into the light because events are putting such pressure on individuals that they have to take matters into their own hands and find their own way out.

That’s why this time is so valuable: Individuals step out of the shadows into the light and take responsibility for their own lives.

All higher-level authorities from politics, business, religion or art have lost their credibility. These landmarks for people have lost their influence. No matter where people turn, the old systems and their maintainers only serve as deterrent examples instead of providing support, security and orientation.

Out of this chaos the new arises – and the new is not a new world order in the old spirit and through the old spirits.

What is really new is that people break away from destructiveness and constructively create a new way of being together and for each other.

The change is happening, the transformation is underway and the end result will be a luminous, a human and a divine:

  • Peace arises as humanity awakens
  • Unity is achieved as humanity overcomes division
  • Freedom prevails because the individual respectfully accepts the boundaries of others

Your Soul Knows the Plan
The rulers and rulers of humanity have had their day on this earth. Humanity’s transition to the next higher level of consciousness can neither be hindered nor thwarted.

Only those who resonate internally with the old matrix and direct their energy largely into this matrix and draw it from this matrix will take part in the old “new game” and find themselves in a dark future.

The luminous outcome, the ascension of humanity and the planet’s acceptance into the universal star federation of light have been decided. We are in the middle of this uprising – and in the middle of this process it is important to remain in deep trust and to connect to the inner knowledge of the correctness of all events.

Your soul knows the divine plan for the earth and GOD’s plan for you. Therefore, stay in peace, stay in calm and stay in trust – at all times and all days. The world is rising and people are rising.

The most sacred event in GOD’s creation is occurring – and it is happening with and because of YOU. With infinite love, LADY NADA. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/10/17/message-from-lady-nada-the-final-result/

BlissfulVisions.com October 16, 2023 – ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: 3D Matrix is Collapsing – Channel: Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces My Beloved Souls, I am, Archangel Michael, today is my turn to speak to my Beloved Souls about the troubling matters on your planet.

Mother Earth has experienced so many challenges and obstacles throughout her existence in the form of a planet. She is ready to leave this assignment and to move on to a new adventure of her choice by switching with a new soul, who will take her place.

As we said before, the Matrix is on a verge of collapse together with their controllers. The cruelty, greed, arrogance and other emotional elements have been a part of daily lives for humankind. Subliminal messages scripted in commercials and movies were brainwashing and effecting everyone for years. Most of the souls lost their innocence and purity. They forgot completely about, who they are and the God’s essence within themselves.

Humans have been moving from one life to the next life without remembering anything. Negative thoughts, energies and experiences were continuously added into everyone’s memories. You were never able to resolve unfinished issues from the past lives. This why it’s difficult for humanity to Ascend, as their bad deeds from the past lives are still there. Karma has removed some of the layers for each human. She is only allowed to do that to a certain level.

The ones, who have too many layers of negative energies from their previous lives, are required to do spiritual work in a form of meditation, changing their attitudes toward others, start helping people in need and live from the heart without any expectations whatsoever.

Regarding events on your planet such as military attacks in some areas, not all of them are real, some of them are staged by Evil. We said many times in our messages, use your discernment, what is the truth and what is a lie.

My Beloved Souls, many of you are still confused about the Matrix. If you meditate on a regular basis, you will start noticing things that you didn’t notice before such as false information, Artificial Intelligence walking in a human form, holographic images and etc. Right now, your spacecrafts are polluting and trashing space, creating holes in the atmosphere and interrupting the Galactic Operation around the planet.

The Galactic Light Forces keep removing the debris from your satellites, which were ready to drop down and harm humankind. This reality cannot be sustained anymore by Evil. It’s going to crash, it’s just a matter of time. We believe that it's time for a New Earth to appear. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please accept my Blessings and Supreme Love. Follow the Truth, Archangel Michael. Source: https://www.facebook.com/erena.velazquez

Dr. David E. Martin Calls for Total Destruction of the World Health Organization (WHO) YouTube video: Dr. David E. Martin has the knowledge to talk about biological warfare, weapons, and terrorism. He was, he says, “a person who was sent around the world to look at the proliferation of biological and chemical weapons.” He uses that expertise to call for the complete dismantling of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a criminal cabal intent on genocide. He outlines the way in which the cabal engineered the pandemic and money-laundered the proceeds.

How to Jump Timelines and Accelerate Ascension | The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton You are there to go beyond the mind, to go into realms that the mind cannot possibly fathom or understand. Your minds cannot even picture realities that you have coming up ahead of you. And so, when you surrender to what you’re feeling happening all around you, energies that are supportive of your transformation and of ascension, you can let go of control, you can go with the flow, you can let yourself be taken to the better feeling timeline. It’s easy when you stop trying to figure it out. It’s easy when you let go of the mental gymnastics and all the mental processing, and instead you let yourself feel into what is happening and do the emotional processing and the vibrational activation that you want to experience. This is how the universe works.

BlissfulVisions.com October 15, 2023 – ALLAENEA: Humans Help to Shape Creation – Channel: Wendy Rowley - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence, October 2023 Dearest beings of light, this is Allaenea of Cosmic Service, the Pleiadian Mother of Sound. Peace be with you this day. We would like to speak about what is happening at the level of the creational energy based on the changes at the periphery of the planet and how humans affect creation.

In Earth’s creational grids, four areas are connected: ancestral energy, universal life energy, divine feminine energy, and the creational system of the human spiritual anatomy. There is an interplay and relationship between humans, spiritual anatomy, and the creational levels of Earth. Humans have a profound effect on shaping creation, for in your design, you are embedded with the spiritual design of Earth, the spiritual creation at the Supreme Being level, and the universal life/Supreme Being creational level, so you go from the cosmic to Earth.

To understand this relationship, imagine that you are between the cosmic and Earth and can affect the multidimensional layers between your soul and Earth. So, humans can affect the evolution of life forms in the spiritual astral realm as well as the evolution of life forms on Mother Earth.

You have the ability to affect so many levels of creation from the manifested to the unmanifested. Imagine that you are in all these places at the same time so that while your soul works on a puzzle for a particular species in the astral world, it is also working puzzles for your life purpose and a future incarnation ahead.

Can you imagine that you are working beyond space and time in a multidimensional and quantum way? The energies that have been shifted on the creational level at the edge of the planet are now beginning to affect humankind.

What you will see in 2024 is an increased ability for people to receive ideas faster and manifest more quickly. People will also come together to work for the greater good next year to provide solutions across multiple disciplines. This is the major thing, and the solutions will apply across a broader range of disciplines.

Align with the New Creation

You can prepare for these changes and align with them in meditation. Just make it your intent to align with the new creation in relation to these things:

  • the band between Earth and the cosmic rings at the periphery of Earth
  • the souls’ forces
  • the interim creational grid
  • your pineal creation and communication system. The pineal creation/pineal communication system connects to the soul and the creational energies.

This meditation lets your soul know that you are aware of and attuned to the enhanced creation and awareness connection with the new incoming information. Your soul will enliven this with presence over time.

Expect these changes in the coming months and next year. They are subtle, but consider watching for them nonetheless, for they will give you validation in a positive way that things are shifting. This is what we wish you to know this October.

You are dearly loved. Expect benevolence in all you do, and we bid you adieu.

Dr. Wendy Rowley is a licensed naturopathic doctor, multi-level clairvoyant, reader, energy healer, intuitive channel, and archaeologist of the soul and energy anatomy. She is also a teacher, lecturer, writer, artist, and gardener with a thirty-nine-year deep calling to meditation, energy medicine, sound, and spiritual healing. Wendy assists in activating individuals and groups to connect to deeper levels of creativity and healing in their journey of co-creation. Visit her website at theWonderofHumanDesign.com.

BlissfulVisions.com October 14, 2023 – THE YAHYEL: Don't Fight the Shift – Channel: Jonathan Trinity Martin - It has been offered to us by the channel, Jonathan, that we may share our perspective on what many of you have termed the shift of consciousness, the great awakening, or the shift to 5D/Fourth density.

The semantics of exactly what these terms mean is not so important. What is important is how this transformation of consciousness will affect your everyday lives. And what you can do to effortlessly move into the golden age that this shift signifies the beginning of. The shift of consciousness is the shift into a higher dimension of reality, a higher dimension of being.

It has been assumed in your reality for eons that you are separate biological entities living in a hostile universe at the whim of every asteroid and every natural disaster that comes your way. But this is not how reality works at all.

The reality is that you are Infinite eternal beings of love and light having a temporary experience of being incarnated on Earth. Your consciousness is actually projecting what you call Earth, and life, into existence. It’s all occurring within you much like a dream at night.

Essentially, the shift is the realization that the reality you previously thought you existed in actually exists within you, and you’re creating as you go. According to your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and focus of attention.

For you are vibrationally creating your reality. What you focus upon in your consciousness is what you will see in the mirror of creation. Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner state of being.

So, the art of navigating the shift to 5D, is the art of realizing who you are and why you are here. And from here to forth concentrating all your efforts into creating this reality for yourselves. A reality where you move moment to moment in flow with source consciousness according to the downloads you receive from your guides and higher mind.

The shift is about becoming aligned with a place of trust within yourself. Trust that YOU ARE YOUR REALITY and YOU ARE creating it as you go.

So, letting go is essential, letting go of any beliefs that you are separate from your reality. Letting go of any beliefs that you do not deserve to create what you prefer. And letting go of any beliefs that you can’t create the life of your dreams. For the life of your dreams is essentially the dream of your higher mind. And higher mind sees the bigger picture. It understands what will serve all beings in creation to the highest degree.

And so, when you’re living in flow, when you’re following your excitement, and when you’re following the downloads from higher mind and your guides. You’re acting upon those things that will not only create the optimum reality for yourself, but also the optimum reality for all beings close to you, for all beings on your Earth and ultimately all beings in creation.

So, understand that when a thought comes in your mind that you shouldn’t follow your dreams for whatever reason. Understand this is an outdated belief you have picked up from your society. And it has nothing to do with the truth of creation. And it is not helping you or anyone in reality. Keeping yourself “small” is just prolonging your own suffering and that of your civilization.

So, it’s time to step up to the mantle. It’s time to align to the core of your being. And bring forth those gifts to humanity you were destined to actualize in the world at this time.

So be brave, be strong, follow your passion, live your excitement. Become the dreamer of the eternal dream and dream the dream you prefer to dream into the dream you see before you. Sweet dreams! For this is THE SHIFT! Peace, love, light and Amen. We are the Yahyel. Shivai. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/10/14/the-yahyel-dont-fight-the-shift/

Commander Hakann: Likely Future Scenarios I would like to offer some additional clarification about what the future may look like. After all, in some cases I’ve talked about your near-term future being incredibly bright. However, last week I was talking about a small probability of there being a hundred years of instability if we intervene. So which is it?

Who Should you Believe Regarding Current Events? | The 9D Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton We will tell you that you don’t really need information as much as you need teachings. You need beings, whether in human or extra-terrestrial form, who will guide you into yourself, into your own truth.

The Trap of The Mind | Mother Earth via Pamela Kribbe So, while thinking possesses a great power that can be used in positive ways, this power has become dominating. It wants to steer life, to control and manipulate life, and it does not take into account life’s natural cadence and flow.

RV Exchange Checklist by Judy Byington-Weindor Perhaps the most up-to-date checklist for the currency exchange, with emphasis on Zims. It’s taken from American Media Group, a white-hat blog.

BlissfulVisions.com October 13, 2023 – LUMINA: Shifting to a Service-to-Others Planet – Channeled by Valerie Donner - "Greetings. I am Lumina. The light is here to stay. It is increasing daily. The energies are powerful. We are working together. It is a light infiltration that is exposing the darkness.

There is a last ditch effort by the dark forces to continue to instill fear. Remember that your role now is to shift the fear. Please listen to your heart for the truth and do not believe what you see on your screens. These are devices to keep you distracted and divided.

It is a time of great heart opening for the human family. The Earth is a heart centered planet but was taken over by those without hearts, which is becoming increasingly visible. A human heart would not intend to harm another. It is created and activated by Source. It is run by the battery of love, which is light. This is what brings forth creation.

Because the light of creation is important and powerful, it can also annihilate that which is not the light. By exposing the darkness, the light knows what to do to remove it.

The planet is shifting from those who only serve themselves to a service to others planet. This is a massive cleansing and clearing. Ascension is occurring.

Please reach out with your light to assist others while their hearts are awakening and even breaking. Send your love everywhere on the planet. Reach out and touch somebody’s hand.

Please remember your consciousness carries the light. When you focus it's like a transmitter of love sending your light wherever it goes. It is ideal to focus on what is real, good, and true.”

BlissfulVisions.com October 12, 2023 – COBRA: Situation Update – Very soon, an even more powerful doorway will open which will lead to final removal of darkness from the universe, and also final liberation of this planet. All intel about that doorway must be veiled for now. Starting from September, this future doorway is already sending time-reverse loops through Minkowski spacetime, and this is why the events and situations started to accelerate.

First, the dark forces crossed a certain red line and as a response to this, the Resistance has started taking action. What they are doing must unfortunately remain classified for now, but hopefully I will be able to reveal it soon.

Let me just say that the dark forces with their collective actions violated a critical mass of Galactic Codex principles, and legally the Light forces have the green light to intervene on the surface of the planet, regardless of local laws which surface humanity is not respecting anyway.

First step of this surface intervention process was the removal of all those Light force individuals with too much war trauma or fear to meaningfully contribute to liberation process. Time of endless Galactic council discussions Is over. All those wounded and fearful beings were taken to locations outside this solar system where they will receive much needed healing and later they might join the liberation forces again if they will be capable or willing to do so. About 80% of all star races members were taken out of the solar system, together with about 40% of the Resistance, but the remaining beings are with much less fear and are willing to take action.

Saint Germain was given command to all underground and surface operations, and all Light forces not limited but including the Resistance and Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Arcturian and Central race fleets are now under his command regarding planetary operations. Ashtar was given command to all near-space and space operations.

Saint Germain has given command to the Light Forces to immediately start taking action, and on October 5th the Resistance has cleared the vast majority of child abuse locations in the cellars under Black nobility castles, rescuing many children.

Black nobility has seen this as an act of intrusion on their private property and for the first time in their existence they became afraid for their own lives.

As a response, Pallavicini family has given orders to activate Doom33, or whatever is still remaining left of it, since Doom33 was greatly reduced in power in the last decade through actions of the Resistance. Doom33 was to prevent mass arrests from happening by initiating as much destruction and havoc as possible.

The Resistance has used this conflict (Israeli/Hamas) as a cover to finally be able to start some surface operations. They are now actively removing scalar and directed energy weapons from the surface.

Surface operations of the Resistance to disarm scalar and directed energy weapons, which are harassing far too many Lightworkers, will continue. You can support their actions energetically doing the following mediation if you feel so guided: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2023/07/meditation-to-counteract-5g-and-scalar-networks.html Source: Prepare for Change

BlissfulVisions.com October 11, 2023 – SAINT GERMAIN: Spring Cleaning is Here: Out with the Old, In with the New - Channeled by Meline Lafont – I step forward with the most loving and best intentions to hearten all of you and to encourage you so that you can brace yourselves for the present very challenging moments and processes that are now in front of you.

We are now entering a time of much turbulence where you will be shaken to your very core, as a figure of speech, but nonetheless that’s how it will feel. I sense the pains, the emotions, the stumbling blocks and the blockades raging inside of you like a whirlwind that leaves nothing untouched in your inner world nor in your outer world.

Allow me to delve deeper into this subject and to give you some clarity as to the meaning of it all and to show you the direction you have all taken. As a collective unit you have chosen to perform a thorough and all-embracing cleansing because the Earthly domains were still dwelling in a rather impure state, still harboring karmic energies within the world of the Lightworkers as well as in the collective unit in the lower dualistic domains. This desire for a thorough and intense cleansing and clearance is your creation and has therefore become a Divine Plan to assist you and Gaia even more in the breaking out of the very last dualistic shapes and ditto vibrations.

I am going to delve deeper especially in the fact that the collective unit of humanity is still too clinging to the truth as provided by the alter ego and to the corresponding emotions. It is a whirlwind of confrontations and a clearing of them that comes your way in the guise of an opportunity to truly see this within yourself, to truly accept it as a part of yourself and to completely reverse it to the Divine Self of the Light through this process. The afore-mentioned “Divine Self of the Light” is your Divine Self that always communicates through the heart.

View this tough phase in which you now find yourselves as an enormous gift and as an opportunity to get everything pertaining to yourself in a balanced state and to embrace everything in the love that you are. In order to gain a balanced state you have to accept yourself completely including all parts of your essence no matter how dark some part of yourself may be : it is all you!! I would really like to stress this fact because you so often think that the ego and the dark aspects of your being have to be eliminated. However, in truth it is way better to accept them unconditionally as a part of yourself. Doing so you can restore your balanced state and hence you can function as a balanced polarity, reflecting the zero point or the neutrality.

The solar eclipse (October 14, 2023) has everything to do with this: it gives an extra impulse pushing you to your own inner self whether you want to or not. You are led to face the facts on what you are involved in and on what should be your focus. Trivialities turn into really unbearable situations enticing you to just give up; it really looks like you are not spared from the harsh lessons of life. My dear friends, nothing is too hard or too heavy for you to bear because you just attract exactly that which you can cope with, nothing more and nothing less… in all cases it is always exactly what you need to lead you where you ought to be: everything is created from your I AM Presence. Do not forget that your I AM Presence is presently in the process of descending into your reality and into your embodiment. Therefore, nothing impure may remain in you lest your I AM Presence cannot fully descend.

The supremacy of the alter ego can no longer take the lead in this process of merging with your essential I. So look at this tough time as a blessing and as a gift to discard everything that is no longer needed. It is no longer a question of willing but of having to discard and release. The time of the reign of the alter ego is over and done with, it’s that simple.

The incoming energies are going to strengthen everything and are helping you to shift to the degree in which you want to be. It is a shift within a shift within a shift. It is the big event now unfolding within your reality : I am referring to the embodying of your I AM Presence and the exile of your alter ego; I am also referring to the cutting of all the strings that still keep you attached to the one-sided point of view and to the old familiar ways of being. Release all limitations, all old limiting contracts, family patterns, genetic lineages and old connections.

Have faith, release, care for each other, love one another, relax, breathe deeply in and out, ground yourself, keep your focus and your positive intentions, accept, be unconditionally open for everything that comes your way, do not judge but rather go with the flow without any convictions, with no expectations, with no delineations. Just be as an observer from a neutral point of view and remain quiet in your own cocoon which will lead you through all the upheavals or the possible chaos to a place of safety and comfort. The less you struggle the smoother it will all unfold. Remember that there is NO separation; everything you conceive of as separation will disconnect you with Reality. Source: Era of Light

BlissfulVisions.com October 10, 2023 – THE 9D ARCTURIAN COUNCIL: You are Creating the New 5D Earth - Channeled by Daniel Scranton – “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with your movement forward as a collective, as we see more and more of you giving up the fight and the struggle, and we witness you going within for the healing that you need and finding the forgiveness there. We know that there is a lot on your planet to be outraged about. We know that there is plenty for you to resist, if you go looking for it. You could be fighting for just causes, all day, every day, and only get to a small fraction of the worthwhile ones, and many people have felt like that is their mission in life. Many people feel that will be the way that they have an impact and make a difference.

But as you see the world out there as a macrocosm of you as an individual, then you get it. Then you realize that pushing against anything is only pushing against the self. When you understand that, and you recognize that your work lies within yourself, you can put down your picket signs and let go of the petition that you are clutching in your dominant hand, and you can recognize that in order to create a better, more harmonious world, you must start with you. This is something we see more and more people doing as they see the futility in the more traditional approach. The more traditional approaches have been to make the changes politically through protests, through marches, through changing laws.

The less traditional approaches have also been shown to work by studies that have been conducted. Less traditional approaches include prayer and meditation. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence as well that positive thinking works for the positive thinker, and when you get enough of the awakened collective to focus on something positive, something that is wanted for humanity, then you really have accessed your power. That’s what more of the awakened ones have been doing, and that’s why we feel so happy with the progress that we feel within the collective consciousness there. As you continue to gather in small groups, no matter how small, or even by connecting through the Internet, and you set your intention for something positive for humanity, the impact is enormous.

You are creating the fifth-dimensional Earth, also known as the New Earth. You are creating it first by realizing that there is a problematic society that needs changing. There are systems that are flawed and corrupted. You first recognize what the problems are, and then initially, you do resist them, and that’s normal and that’s okay. That shows that you are passionate and that your desires for change are strong, and those things help in the creation of the new. But eventually, you stop resisting, and you remember that the power lies within you to create these changes without having to topple any regimes, without having to film a documentary series about what’s wrong with this or that.

You do it through your positive energy, through your alignment with Source. You might be surprised to hear this, but Source is not resisting anything. And so, when you are resisting, you are not in alignment with Source. Think about that; let it sink in. And then choose alignment with your true power and all of your cohorts there in the physical realm that want to see the same changes that you do, changes that benefit everyone. We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.” Source: www.DanielScranton.com

Irinehalla: Goddess of Ice, Wind, Sea via Galaxygirl I, Irinehalla, see clearly with ancient eyes that have seen civilizations gone by. I see through the depths and waves of time, of great changes. I was high priestess in Lumeria. After that embodiment I chose my goddess form presiding over the hidden wonders of the Antarctic as protector, as transmuter. My winds transmute the anger on the surface, my waves do the same. There is great calm in the depths. There are wonders of the deep. Your scientists from many countries come to my realm and study. They each think they have the greatest treasure trove of secrets for their own alliances. Flash freezing occurred during the ice age and many marvels are fully well preserved. There are giants, there are technologies that have been hidden from you, technologies alone that could cure and stabilize your earth, could cure famine through weather manipulation for the betterment of all. Many of these wonders have been maligned from their original intent. That too will come out.

Archangel Michael: The Transformation Deepens - Channeled by Ailia Mira This is paving the way for what you came for, the shift into Oneness, so remember this and do you best to choose to be open and trusting in your Divine Self, and in the Infinite so that you can allow the energies to be most easily received and then the transformation that ensues, to work the inner alchemy it is here to bring about. But the deepening of the energies this month will still potentially feel like quite a lot.

The Reval a Strategic Part of a Hidden War by Steve Beckow Archangel Michael: So when we say that in the current amorphous structure [2018] – well, amorphous as you know it – that St. Germaine’s World Trust is tucked under that umbrella of “prosperity packages,” there is also the chance (because it is not written in stone), that if things do not go forward at a pace that is desirable for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, he will proceed with the disbursement of his funds in a different way.

BlissfulVisions.com October 9, 2023 – PRIME CREATOR: Forced Reincarnation Machines Destroyed and more! - Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces – My Beloved Children, I am Father, Prime Creator, here today to unveil the truth about the souls, who are using human bodies as a vessel on your planet.

A numbered of souls volunteered to rescue Mother Earth from Darkness. It was mentioned in previous messages that every soul got stuck here by the forced reincarnations. Evil trapped you by using machines, the last one was destroyed recently by the Galactic Light Forces. Not everyone here is on the mission. Negative beings have been dumping their unwanted souls on your planet for eons.

Right now, Galactic Civilizations don’t want to get involved whatsoever with humankind, as you are viewed as an unfriendly kind. Some humans are vessels for outcasts from other civilizations, the mixture of beings from different parts of Cosmos. Only pure souls are going to ascend. The rest of humankind will continue 3D, as they need more time to evolve.

Superiors have been abusing their power over everyone for a long time, and you are still even now allowing them to do so. The Galactic Light Forces together with High Council lifted up the exercise of free will on your planet. This means, if it’s necessary Ashtar Command can step in directly into your affairs.

As usual your planet is experiencing many challenges in this moment. Many of you are not taking our advice seriously of stopping the consumption of flesh including fish. You are not going to ascend, when you are eating someone else’s consciousness.

Just a reminder for everyone, Mother Earth ascended almost 3 years ago. The 3D shell must be dropped into Cosmos. No more delays of any kind. The fate of humankind has been discussed for many years. Please, remember your world is continuously deteriorating, and believe me nothing can’t stop that. You need to make your decision soon, where you want to be in low or high vibrations.

The work of raising your awareness needs to be done, otherwise the alternative is to stay in 3D. Please, drop your habits of being constantly on your devices, having constant noise around and etc. These activities are not going to help you move into New Earth, the opposite it will drop your vibrations. Meditation needs to become a part of your daily life. It’s your choice, where you want to end up.

Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces Please accept my Supreme Love. Be Silent and Stay Focused. Prime Creator. Source: https://voyagesoflight.blogspot.com/2023/10/prime-creator-via-erena-velazquez.html

The 9D Arcturian Council Through Daniel Scranton: Be the Solution to Greed & Violence We exist for each other as mirrors. Be the answer, the solution and the love, and your lives will reflect a better universe and better concepts and ideas to you.

BlissfulVisions.com October 8, 2023 – THE 9D ARCTURIAN COUNCIL: Predictions of Major Changes on Earth - Channeled by Daniel Scranton – “Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in your spiritual evolution, and that is true for you as a society and you as individuals. We look at both, and we see how the individual impacts the society, and how your society impacts all of you as individuals.

We know that you are a part of a larger community of spiritually awake people, and we know that within that community there are a lot of promises that are made to you about big changes that will occur in the outside world.

We’ve noticed that a lot of you hang on these predictions because you are so desperate for change, and we see more and more of you getting disappointed and even fed up with all of the promises and with very few results.

This has occurred enough times there in the new age and spiritual community for many of you to decide that you are not going to wait for the big changes to occur. In fact, we see the human collective consciousness growing, expanding, and evolving so much more now that people are starting to realize that they are the ones who must initiate the change.

We see more and more people looking within themselves for how they can let go of some belief, some negative emotion, or some thought that they keep thinking.

We see enough of you changing your vibration by going within to make that huge impact on the collective consciousness that you are a part of, and we know that you should feel encouraged by all of that.

But again, if you just look outside of yourselves and wonder when the big changes will be reflected to you in the physical realm, you might get discouraged or even fed up again.

Therefore, what is happening outside of you needs to become irrelevant to you in the sense that you’re not going to let it determine how you feel and at what frequency you vibrate.

Yes, at times you cannot help but feel saddened by a situation. You cannot help but react with anger to something, but you are at the point in your spiritual evolution where you must realize that to stay in those states of being doesn’t serve you.

It serves you so much more to move through them as quickly as possible so that you can get to what really matters, which is the movement of your own vibration to a higher frequency state. That’s what you can always do; that’s what you always have control of, and that will make the biggest impact on your world.

You can make a much bigger impact with your positive, high vibration than anyone can with their lower, negative vibration.

So, you need to take back your power and stop seeing those in positions of power and authority as having all the say in what happens to you and what happens to your fellow humans. You can live in that world you want to live in sooner than later, but you are not going to get to it unless you are vibrating in harmony with it, and it’s hard to vibrate in harmony with it if you keep looking at the world that’s outside of you now and reacting and then not doing anything about your reactions. Always let what is unwanted about your experience inspire you to move vibrationally towards what is wanted, and you will get there.

It’s not just our guarantee; it’s a law of the universe that you are a part of and that you can rely upon, and that we are affirming for you right now. So, continue on that inward journey that you’ve been on, because those predictions keep coming up short, and know that you are making a difference there on your world, even if you’re not making the difference that you want to make through action.

Even when you make the difference through raising your vibration, it’s still having the impact you want it to have, and you are having the impact that you want to have. And we want to congratulate those of you who have been doing this work for moving the needle, for bringing the level of consciousness to a higher one once again. We thank you; we honor you, and we look forward to seeing what more is ahead for all of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.” Source: www.DanielScranton.com

Russia's Putin Warns "Globalist Terrorist" WEF Klaus Schwab His "Days Are Numbered" According to Putin, globalists including Schwab and his close advisors are “legitimate military targets” because they have been actively attempting to seize power illegally via a globalist coup d’etat.

BlissfulVisions.com October 7, 2023 – THE COLLECTIVE: Moving to the New Earth Timeline - Channeled by Caroline Oceana Ryan – Well greetings, dear ones! We wish to say that the current energies are very powerful, and in ways you may not have been expecting. And this is due to the move to the New Earth timeline, as well as the powerful solar frequencies occurring now with your Sun Sol.

And so, the process of releasing from your energy bodies all that will not resonate with that timeline is equally powerfully now! Many are feeling exhausted, a bit weak and ungrounded, dizzy or confused at times. You may go to speak some phrase and a related yet different word comes forth, as if your brain had switched tracks or could not quite keep up with your intention.

Please do not be alarmed at any of this.

You are in the process of moving into telepathic communication, and the processes of relaying and receiving information energetically, rather than with words and word-thoughts. As you shift from being third dimensional to fifth dimensional beings, you are put on a more even par with your Star Family members.

This can feel odd at times, though whole parts of your spirit and psyche will remember and adapt easily, welcoming back to your daily life those abilities that it long ago practiced. Time itself is also shifting powerfully, moving now at an increasing rate. Feeling at times to be utterly irrelevant in terms of how you live out your day.

And in those moments, you will begin to realize that you are carrying out tasks during your waking hours that you’ve already laid the groundwork for in your sleep state, as you’re working energetically as you travel out of body to various parts of the Earth and beyond.

And those moments are as real as any you experience while awake.

The work you do in your sleep state, carrying out your Earth mission, is as real as those times that you lift an object off a table and place it elsewhere. You are experiencing the “physical” starting to recede in your perception of life, giving way to the full realization that everything is part of the great energetic flow of Light and vibrational frequency.

You are at play now with the very foundations of Life itself! This is a great part of the forward movement of humanity now, and you are all at the forefront of that movement, Lighting the way for many millions of others.

Now, our writer has asked us about the shootings that are still continuing—a Native artist and activist is recovering from having been shot at a peaceful demonstration in New Mexico this week.

And weather manipulation has created intense storms, intense flooding in some areas, while fire and drought affect other areas, amongst other goings on.

You are seeing in these moments the last vestiges of the old order, which is daily fading into increasing levels of weakness and despair, felt as rage and expressed in a scramble to regain some last remnant of control.

They will not be successful.

Humanity is opening up ever more fully to the solar Light pouring onto the planet now, which speaks in tonal vibration, and in messaging that adjusts to the path of each individual receiving these Light particles. This is waking you up, not only in terms of a growing human consciousness, but also on a soul level.

And so, are you becoming more and more of Who you truly are? We would say that your true self—your higher aspect—is emerging after many centuries of reduced consciousness, and energetic oppression. Yes!

Though you willingly entered into agreement to experience duality while in physical form, this has been nevertheless an experiment that has gone badly out of control. We see the damage inflicted upon spirits, souls, consciousness from a higher perspective, as well as your Earth.

We work with you and many beautiful beings, including your soul families, to assist in reintegrating those parts of your soul, your Earth-based spirit and psyche that have fragmented.

Some of it held separate from you by those of dark intent.

As Earth continues to Ascend, the etheric is also powerfully impacted, and these ones who try to hide from the Light are forced to step back from interference in Earth life.

The increasing vibrations and Light levels are increasingly hard or impossible for them to exist in.You will see more of a melee occurring on the planet now, yes—despite the purging of old forces and old vibrations—not because the Light is not doing its job, but because it is!

And the reaction to that is anger, shock, and fear on the part of those who once used Earth as their playing field.

Our writer has also asked about the “Emergency Broadcast” message sent to cellphones in the US on October 4th—if this carried dark intent, and what the effects might be.

Most assuredly, this was not an action of the Light!

In this and other actions of mass control attempted over the last few years, you see the old power structure, though defeated, holding lower frequency substructures in place, and taking certain actions, as if they were still in control of Earth’s outcomes.

A desperate slaveholder will take more extreme actions as the enslaved persons begin to organize, because they’re standing up and refusing to support the oppressive system they have suffered under!

So not only humanity, but the very resonance of the planet has risen powerfully now.

You see the labor strikes occurring in a number of countries at present.

Here is the power of individuals working together to require respect, fair compensation, and working conditions that protect their contributions and their life energies. Many are likewise questioning the power of the larger multinational corporations, and the monopolies they hold, and these ones are seeking legal action to disband the larger companies.

Again—the purging of the old has created situations that make it look as if things are worse now, not better. Yet, if you have ever been ill from food poisoning or anything similar, you will know that the poison must come up and be purged before health can be restored!

Do not fear or resent this process. And do not trouble yourselves regarding this official action or that.

What remains of the old crowd is highly fractured now, with some attempting to hide, or to flee the planet, others exerting as much frantic control and mayhem as they can manage.

Still others are returning to the Light.

  • We would say, just see to your own path, dear ones!
  • Concentrate on your own good health, increasing vibration, fulfillment, and Joy.
  • Take genuine pleasure in every good thing, whether the meal on your plate, or singing your favorite song, or the beauty of Nature.
  • Concentrate on the beauty of what you have been given, and on those parts of the world that are experiencing Peace and Well-Being.
  • This too is your reality, though your media prefers not to focus on such. All is well, dear ones! You continue to move forward at a very great pace!

Consider that you are here to not only witness higher Light pouring in, but to enjoy and become the Light, in Love and in Thankfulness. The old verse, “Let not your hearts be troubled” applies powerfully here.

Declare each day, “All is well! The scales have tipped. Our sovereignty is reclaimed. Earth is free!” And so it is!

We will say again: You carry the energies of NESARA within you. And you anchor it as an increasing reality in your heart-space till critical mass is reached, and you hear that announcement made. There are more fleets of your Star Families surrounding the planet now than we could ever begin to count. They support you all with their Love, and their active interventions, daily.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/10/07/the-collective-moving-to-the-new-earth-timeline/

BlissfulVisions.com October 7, 2023 – COMMANDER HAKANN OF THE GALACTIC FORCES: Why Our Intervention Could Lead to Instability - Channeled by A.S. – My dearest brothers and sisters. This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love. My message from last week was: “Hakann: We Will Likely Intervene in 2024 or 2025“. In it I shared that if we intervened, then things may turn out fine, but there was a small chance of there being for example a hundred years of instability afterwards. People had questions about that, so I’ll share my perspective on this in more detail.

Now, few people are as outright evil as the dark controllers are. However, many people on Earth at this time prioritize either the strength of their own nation, or the strength of what they perceive as their group, or some supposed greater good over the well-being and freedom of others.

Several countries also have realpolitik considerations that basically say that at all times you must be working to protect your nation from the worst possible thing that your rival could do. According to realpolitik, conquering or exploiting innocent other countries is a viable option if that makes you safer or better able to defend yourself.

But of course, if some countries are willing to exploit or conquer other countries to protect themselves from moves that their rivals could make, then everyone is unsafe. Then many countries start behaving in this more or less psychopathic way to ensure their own safety.

If we remove the dark controllers and their institutions, then humanity will be much strengthened. You will be less poisoned, you will recover the technology that the dark controllers suppressed, and you will have less of your money and productivity stolen by them. However, then it’s possible that whoever comes into power next won’t conclude “great, let’s now all live in peace.” It’s entirely possible that they will then conclude: “great, now let’s establish hegemony for my country” or “great, now let’s quickly weaponize this new technology and destroy my rival before they figure out how to weaponize it” or “great, now we’re able to force socialism on everyone, whether they want to or not, for the greater good of course.”

There could also be a movement by some people to seek to make nations much less powerful and establish a one-world government, and that could genuinely have good intentions, but that could become corrupted. And while I know that many people are very much against a one-world government, many others would support such an initiative.

So basically, if we remove the dark controllers, we’re removing a heavy load from the shoulders of your countries, as well as giving your countries a big hammer (the suppressed technology). Now fundamentally we do wish to empower you. And if you used that hammer to build something that helps the people, then that would be great. However, at your current state of consciousness, it’s entirely possible that your countries will use their new hammer to attack rival countries, or to build an even stricter system of authoritarianism.

As an illustration for this: near the end of World War two, the British seriously considered surprise-attacking the Soviet Union. This was called Operation Unthinkable. This illustrates that even during times when the people desire relief and peace, and when peace is possible — it was the end of World War two — there are always realpolitik people and ideologues around who will use any opportunity to launch a new war.

Yes, there will be many people who will genuinely wish to live in freedom and peace, and to let others live in freedom and peace. However, those people don’t tend to actively seek power, and don’t tend to play ruthless power games to get power. So even if we removed the dark controllers, it’s entirely possible that they would be replaced with other dark gray people, who would seek to for example quickly weaponize the new technology and attack their neighbors. Also, most people tend to naively assume that whoever their leaders are, those leaders can be blindly trusted to work in the interest of the people.

Again, I’m not saying that if we intervene then this is guaranteed to happen. But yes, there is a small probability that if we intervene and there’s no solar flash or splitting of timelines, then Earth humans will spend the next say 100 years painfully going through struggles of imperialism and authoritarianism and “we will force the people to comply for the supposed greater good”-ism. We’re convinced that eventually you will learn your lessons, but those lessons might be painful and might take quite a long time. If we intervene, there is a probability that for some time afterwards you could be ruled over by new dark-gray hats who will still start wars and try to force their citizens to comply. This is what we mean when we talk about instability.

We’re not going to pre-emptively arrest every person who might do bad things if the dark controllers are removed. If we arrest the dark controllers, we’re then not going to also arrest every dark-gray hat who gets into office. We can’t just keep arresting people, and we will not rule over you. We can’t teach you to value freedom by forcing you down the road to freedom. You are going to have to learn to live together with other humans, without trying to exploit each other or try to force each other to comply for the supposed greater good.

If the currently relatively powerful people have to go through the painful process of freeing Earth themselves, then we think they come out of this process valuing freedom and transparency more. Whereas we think that if we intervene and solve humanity’s problem ourselves, then if those relatively powerful people get into full power, they will be more likely to want to engage in imperialism or “force the people to comply for the supposed greater good”-ism.

Note that we’re not quite making the same argument as the gray hats here. The gray hats often make the argument that it’s okay to let average people suffer in order to wake them up. We don’t agree: we think humanity should free itself as quickly as possible, which means that the gray hats should make a move as quickly as possible. We don’t want this period to stretch on. Instead, our perspective is that Earth humans should free themselves, so that people in positions of relative power clean out their own house and learn the lesson of freedom in the process. So we’re not saying “average people should suffer so that they wake up.” We’re saying “the moderately-powerful people should ideally solve Earth’s problems themselves, so that they then don’t turn around and immediately start trying to attack other countries or try to force citizens to comply.”

We think that many average people are in an emotional survival state. However, many of the people in positions of relative power aren’t in such a state, because they typically have more access to money and healthcare and information. Hence these people in positions of relative power — who might run your countries in the future — often are in an emotional state where they still are able to take action and learn lessons and process information. So these people in positions of relative power could benefit from learning the lesson of freedom, gained by going through the process of actually freeing humanity themselves.

Though of course, there’s a balance there. On one hand we think it’s not wise for us to intervene in 2023, so that Earth humans have a bit more time to free themselves and learn their lessons. But on the other hand, we’re not going to let you suffer forever. Which is why in the previous message we shared that if there was no big gray hat move or solar flash, then likely we would intervene in 2024 or 2025.

I understand that the picture I’m painting here isn’t as neat and pretty as: there’s a galactic intervention or solar flash, and then everyone lives in peace and harmony and freedom with each other, forever. If it was that easy, then there would have been a galactic intervention or a solar flash years ago. The reality is that many people are still eager to attack or exploit others for their own or for their country’s gain. There are still many people eager to force others to comply for the supposed greater good. And if we intervene, those people could get into power, which could lead to what we’ve been calling instability.

It’s entirely possible that if we land openly and we talk to you all face to face, we can help motivate and uplift enough people so that humanity will start living together in peace and freedom and harmony. But it’s also possible that we will not be able to convince enough of you, because after all you have free will. You would be surprised how resistant ambitious and powerful people are to suggestions along the lines of: “everyone should live in peace and freedom, we’ll give you the support you need to accomplish that.” Often people with an unintegrated ego have the mindset of: “It is not sufficient that I succeed. Everyone else must fail.” Because only then, when they live in luxury and other people are struggling, does their ego truly feel superior to everyone else.

Whereas if everyone lives in peace and freedom, then they are no longer one of the few powerful and successful people, in a sea of people who are suffering and struggling. If everyone lives in peace and freedom, then they are just another person. And their unintegrated ego doesn’t like that.

It’s a strange mindset for me to wrap my head around, but many Earth humans genuinely are like this, including dark gray people who aren’t part of the dark controllers — and again, those people are much more likely to seek power, and play the dirty power games necessary to get power.

So basically, we’re not just looking at freeing you from the dark controllers. We’re also thinking about: what happens after that? Because if we intervene and remove the dark controllers, then we are creating a huge power vacuum, and there may very well be dark-gray people looking to exploit that power vacuum. Slightly delaying our intervention makes it less likely that there will be instability after the dark controllers are removed.

And yes, there can still be a solar flash that shoves everyone into 5D, but as discussed in last week’s message, right now that would kill a lot of people. We’re hoping that that won’t be necessary. Hopefully you will free yourselves, or failing that, we will intervene in probably 2024 or 2025. Hopefully through face-to-face contact we can then help motivate and uplift enough of you that humanity will choose peace and freedom.

I hope this clarifies things. Thanks for all your comments and questions.

Lighthouses in the Darkness

Finally, this is a period where you lightworkers — the people who we feel the most affinity with — are getting squeezed from all sides. You are the ones who have done the most truth-seeking and self-development and going-inwards work. You are incredibly brave and hard-working. Yet as a result, it’s quite likely that people treat you worse than they treat sleepers and worse than they treat people who are letting their unintegrated ego run wild.

It’s completely unfair to you. I’m sorry.

The fact that despite this, most of you keep going on, is incredibly impressive and inspiring to us. You’re doing amazingly well. You are the wayshowers, the lighthouses in the darkness, the energy workers, the consciousness pioneers on Earth, and we are very grateful to you. When we finally land, you will have a place of honor among us and be more than welcome to live among us. We cannot wait to meet you.

With love and respect, Your star brother, Hakann. Source: https://eraoflight.com/2023/10/07/hakann-why-our-intervention-could-lead-to-instability/

BlissfulVisions.com October 6, 2023 – THE TELOSIANS: Do Not Look Outside Yourself for Strength - Channeled by Marie Josée Andichou – Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we salute you. We are happy to be able to help you through all the messages that we send you and whose themes are different from each other but always have one very important point in common: THE FORCE OF LOVE within you.

Indeed, we receive requests for help from a large number of humans who, not knowing enough about their own Power and their own Power, turn to all of us, your Brothers and Sisters of Light, in order to obtain either healing, or help in your family life or your social life, etc.

We listen to your requests, we offer you Our Love and spread Our Light over you in order to support you but know, we repeat, that we do nothing for you. You have the free will to experience this or that thing, this or that adventure in your life, it is you who decide the path that this should take, and it is not up to us to interfere in this path. If we intervened in your life to rectify this or that discrepancy, if we did things for you, how would you understand the mistakes you make?

In this case you would not be able to move forward on your life path, you would stagnate. However, the goal of life on Earth, of your incarnated life on this planet, is precisely to evolve in the understanding of who you are, to understand the Divine STRENGTH and POWER that are within you. It is up to you to do and live this work of understanding, it is up to you to project yourself deep into your heart, where your Divine Being is anchored which gives you life, and to experience this Force and this together. Power that you are.


We are talking to you about this because very recently we transmitted a message on this subject to three humans who were looking for all the help they expected from our Beings in us. We explained to them that we are there to support them but not to do things for them as we have just said above.

Many humans call for help from such a Being of Light, such a saint, to help them in their lives. But this large number of humans think that these Beings of Light, these saints to whom you pray, will act in their place. We say NO to you ! They will not do anything for you but they will offer you all their Love which will give you “a boost” to encourage you to understand that the True Strength is within you.

This could be revealed by a sudden click of understanding, it could be revealed by an unexpected meditative act that you will be led to experience for a more or less long time. Meditative times to meet your STRENGTH and your POWER can be experienced at any time and in peaceful places such as Nature or a place in your home, a place which will be for you your little refuge for meeting yourself.

It is important to understand that the DIVINE FORCE can do EVERYTHING. We have already said this in many posts. But this DIVINE FORCE is in you because you are all, without exception, the Divine Sparks that the Creator has spread throughout all the universes and, for you, on Earth.

Now, what is there in this Divine Spark? There is, of course, and you cannot doubt it, all the FORCE and LIGHT of LOVE of the Creator. So why doubt your DIVINE STRENGTH and POWER? They are in you and YOU ARE THEM.

We have often told you that the little earthly power, whether political or otherwise, is nothing compared to your INTRINSIC POWER. You are the Greatest Power of Love that exists in all the universes because you are HIM through the Divine Spark that gives you life.

Understand this, meet your Divine Spark as often as possible and ask it for EVERYTHING you desire to experience IN LOVE because, thus, you will contact the Creator of all life who can do Everything.

Have confidence in Life, have confidence in your Divine Spark, it hears you, it listens to you as long as you meet it with kindness, Love and gentleness. We accompany you with Great Love. We love you. Source: https://tinyurl.com/3rwwsj5s

TELOS is a Fifth Dimensional city within Mt. Shasta, California — a Spiritual Model for Creating the New Earth. This website was created to introduce to you our friendly, enlightened neighbors, the people of Telos.

White Hats Destroy FEMA's Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) United States Army Rangers on Wednesday upset FEMA’s scheduled emergency broadcast for October 4th and destroyed the central transmitter.

Benjamin Fulford Report: Khazarian Mafia Takedown Intensifies Despite 45 Day US Budget Truce. The undeclared civil war in the West is intensifying despite a 45-day budget truce that keeps the US Corporation in business for now. The important point to note is that no money is being sent to Ukraine; meaning the Khazarian mafia has no political bribe money from that source.

BlissfulVisions.com October 5, 2023 – LORD KRISHNA Channeled by Erena Velazquez, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces – My Dear Light Souls, I am Krishna known on Earth as a main deity or God in Hinduism, also I am portrayed as the eighth avatar of Vishnu. Often, I am called Lord Krishna. I represent the source of all existence, what we all are. Today, I am here on behalf of the Ascended Masters Group, who are overlooking the transition on your planet from 3D to 5D.

The process of Ascension has been enough over stretched and overdue for a completion. One of the reasons is the fact that every soul is on different stages of their spiritual development, which depends upon individual. Nobody can speed up their pace. The spiritual journey is very important and inevitable for each soul on this planet Earth. If you want to leave low frequencies, you can do only through accessing the spiritual realms and leave behind the illusions of 3D.

All of the materialistic means you are used to, you need to leave behind. Money meant to be portrayed as a positive energy. Darkness used them to keep humans under control. Many souls are still very attached to money and want their continuation in higher vibrations. Anything what represents low frequencies, it will disappear without a trace. Your focus needs to be to vibrate high and forget about the negativities of this false reality. The longer you stay in low energies, the slower the transition will occur for you. The time was readjusted again to speed up things on Earth. Everyone, who is involved in Ascension Process, is expected to do their part to finish this project. Other planets are in need of our attention. Ascended Masters made a decision during the meeting with Galactic High Council. It will be disclosed in a near future. We want to see transparency and accountability coming from Alliance, who is responsible for the ground operations.

Each of you is playing a special role in this Ascension Process. Get in touch with your soul through meditations, and you will know, why you are here right now. I want to remind everyone the importance of transition into New Earth. You can see for yourselves that the Matrix is not changing into something amazing. The control panel continues the same routine and not willing to let go of the control. This why 3D is going to disappear, as you can’t built New Earth on the foundation of the old world.

Many people still think that they just stay here, and magically bad things will evaporate, and a new reality will appear. You need to ascend from the bodies you have now into new Light ones and physically to be moved into new dimensions by leaving behind 3D. It is not a simple task; we are talking about over 8 billion of humans. Not everyone is going to ascend in a first wave.

Billions of Light Beings are involved in this operation. Please, stay tuned to your soul and detach from everything, what represents the false reality of Holographic Simulation. Thank you, Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please accept my Blessings and Supreme Love, Lord Krishna.

BlissfulVisions.com October 3, 2023 – SALUSA FROM SIRIUS OF THE GALACTIC FEDERATION Channeled by Rafael - There is a lot going on behind the scenes and this has affected the way many of you have seen this reality.

For days now, I have been close to Neva waiting for the communication channels to open, while the agitations of energies on your planet seek a point for harmonization.

It is to be expected that channels transmitting our messages around the world will feel a need for pause, especially now when long-awaited events are on the threshold.

The way many of you have seen reality may seem a bit smoky or “distorted” and this is due to the fact that there is actually a “melting” of time and reality as you know it.

It does not mean that you will stop living or having your usual experiences, but it will change the way your bodies respond to this reality.

You are entering ever more subtle layers, and as you do so, you may find yourself observing physicality in a way that appears to you to be clearly like a holograph.

In other words, your bodies, and especially your vision, will notice that something is no longer the same as before, and that is a fact.

Lightworkers, who are increasingly aligned with their life purposes, will notice a considerable increase in their sensitivity, in order to more easily capture the frequencies around them.

Extraphysical presences will become more noticeable and the way you deal with these energies will become safer, as you are becoming what you always were.

It is normal that you also notice attempts by those who wish to maintain the status quo, pulling you towards the other extreme of the old reality, but it is unlikely that you will return to the old vibratory patterns, as you have reached a point where there is no return to the old ways.

It is also important to emphasize that, due to the intense turmoil behind the scenes of Mother Earth, many of the Lightworkers will find it difficult to connect with us, not because we are far away, but simply because there is a sweep of poorly qualified thought forms throughout planetary grid, and this causes considerable “noise”.

Therefore, it is necessary that you preserve the time dedicated to your social networks and seek, more and more, to be in contact with nature.

Of course, you know that one of the intentions of us – the Galactic Federation – when implementing the Internet on Earth is, and has always been, to strengthen ties and remove borders, in addition to many other aids.

However, those who work in darkness have tried to hijack your technology to make all of you on the surface of the planet dependent and in “dopamine” imbalance.

Such things will be readjusted as many of you become aware of what is really happening, and as we move towards full disclosure of our presence.

This is a point that we also inform now: there are many of our allies infiltrated in your governments, and they have more than enough informative documents to release on the WEB, in places that are freely accessible to everyone.

It is a matter of time before more information about us is revealed. Of course, there are also those with bad intentions who will try to usurp these outreach programs in an attempt to fit their own nefarious agendas into them. What we are quick to inform you is that this will not be tolerated by the fleets of Ashtar Command.

Keep in mind that there is more Light and Security around the Earth than ever before, and no plan that violates the originality of the protocols decreed by the Supreme Creator will be implemented.

We know that the efforts of many of you to remain inviolable have been tiring, especially after going through a pandemic situation.

It is clear that the attempts of those who act in darkness would leave them even more tired, but we also received information from our cosmic superiors that such complicated situations will not be tolerated either.

We inform you that any attempt to create a false extraterrestrial invasion that threatens life on Earth will no longer be permitted, using our images or names in a negative way.

Those who operate in the dark have planned for decades so that when the key moment of our presentations in your heavens arrives, you will be panicked and unsure about us.

We tried to diminish their many attempts to instill fear about life outside the planet, and today we have much more support than ever before.

It is necessary to inform that the non-Confederate extraterrestrial races – which still hide in the Earth’s caves and in some bases under the oceans – are being monitored by us, and there is no chance of them escaping the consequences of millennia of action against the human species.

Do not fear a war in your skies between our fleets and theirs, as we have very advanced technology and can freeze their actions whenever we wish.

No nuclear weapons that will harm actions and that will trigger a third war on Mother Earth will be detonated. You have surpassed and illuminated such a timeline.

It is also important to understand that there are still karmic balances being illuminated in various regions of the Earth and the collaboration of all of you – as our representatives on the surface of the planet to assist in these “karmic burns” – is essential.

Don’t waste time making judgments, but just act as Anchors of Light and act in the fields of action when called by synchronicities, which are nothing more than lines in a web connecting causes to their effects, and vice versa.

You are coordinators of these events and have the ability to stop a war with your intentions and mental powers.

Take a test and you will see the enormity of your mental power when directed and enhanced by the force of inherent and expanding love in each of you.

Appreciate your days like never before and take your time as the Supreme Creator “organizes the house” for the arrival of the “Guests from the Stars”.

We are much more excited than you can imagine, and at the first sign of the Creator, we will enter your skies with our thousands of ships and “every eye will see”.

There will be those who, even though they have heard about us for generations, will be terrified at the prospect of losing control over what they consider themselves to be owners and responsible for.

But there will be a much greater wave of joy from so many others who will welcome us with open arms and support us when some of our members are invited to explain our intentions. And these will be broadcast on all your TV channels at the same time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, as Spokesperson of the Galactic Federation, I reinforce our support for all of you and we rejoice at the proximity of this event, long awaited for the last 26 thousand years.

You are in a special cycle where you will complete a great journey and will be rewarded with the right to travel through the stars as before, after a long journey in the lower dimensions.

Feel our unconditional embrace, at this moment, as we talk about our Mothership and observe the beautiful Earth with its cosmic shine, in addition to the Sun’s own shine on it.

We of the Galactic Federation, who comprise a multitude of souls from across the Universe and beyond, now meet in positive vibrations for the Earth and leave our Love and Blessings to all.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All ONE!). Be at Peace. Be in the Light! SaLuSa!

BlissfulVisions.com October 1, 2023 – COVERING ALL EVENTS: MIRA OF THE PLEIADIAN HIGH COUNCIL Channeled by Valerie Donner - Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. We are busy covering all of the events that are occurring right now. We are diligent and are looking out for the entire populace on the planet. We are bringing it all home, for home is where you need to be. We will make certain you will get there.

We are pleased to see that there is more disclosure about our presence on the Earth, as well as, around the Earth. This will assist in helping people to become more aware of their galactic family, for it is time. You need us and we need you. We have important work to do. We have advanced technology to share with you that will make your lives easier. The Earth will be pleased because the new technology is quiet, like some of your cars. The technology will not run on gasoline. It will use clean and free energy.

You are in for some powerful changes that have been long awaited. In the third dimensional material world everything was about money. Technological advancements were not welcome. Healings of disease were unwelcome. Many have suffered and paid dearly due to greed and selfishness. When you move in to the New Earth and 5th dimensional consciousness, you will live from the heart. Choices will be made for the benefit of all. You will find remarkable treasures that have been buried in the Earth, along with many secrets from the past. Knowledge and information about your true history will be revealed.

Many of you as children believed what you were shown in comic books and other means of communication. You knew it in your heart; therefore, you will not be surprised when the true knowledge is delivered.

Time is moving faster and faster. You are awakening to your greater gifts. Due to your new consciousness and awareness, many portals are opening. This will help facilitate the new changes that will be brought forth. We are working at an accelerated pace so that humanity can shift easily and quickly into the higher consciousness. Many ground crew are already residing in the fifth dimension. They have joy and happiness in their hearts and have learned to rid themselves of fear. They are staying positive and setting examples for others to follow. It is easier than you might have thought to be in this higher consciousness because you are ready. You have been preparing for a long time. You are also weary of the old fears and thought forms. They are obsolete. So now you are easily moving into the new because you have done the work. You are happy and hopeful as you take charge of your new creations for your New World. This is truly a major step forward for your New World.

We are looking forward to the time when we can meet you face-to-face and learn more about you and your planet. We also can’t wait until you can come visit us. It will be delightful for us to take you on our ships and to show you how we live. Many of you have lived before in the Pleiades. Life is easier here. We do not have the stresses that you have had to live with, so I am sure you will enjoy yourselves when you come for a visit. We are masters of harmony and peace. We also like to teach our techniques for higher consciousness after planets ascend. You will see what I mean.

I am pleased to be sharing with you today and sending my love to all of you. I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. We are with you!


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