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"Progressive Reports on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness (aka Ascension)"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness


Road to Oneness


Road to Oneness


Ascension Updates: June 2020

BlissfulVisions.com June 29, 2020 - DISCOVERING THE JOY OF HELPING EACH OTHER - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are continuously monitoring the progress that you are making there on Earth, and we have noticed areas where you are consistently doing extremely well in terms of your spiritual evolution and the advancement of the evolution of your consciousness.

You have been able to get to a place in your maturity where you tend to look out for one another. You tend to ask how you can help, and you seek to be of service to anyone who is in need. We are speaking now not only to the awakened collective. We are referring to the vast majority of humankind.

The word ‘humankind’ has the word ‘kind’ right in it, and you have been living up to that designation. Human beings are by and large being more kind to one another. Unfortunately, the instances where humans are not being kind to each other are what get all of the media coverage. And so, humankind has created its own form of media. You have social media, where it is easier to find good news.

A lot of people look down on social media because of how many people are just posting about how great their lives are, but even that is something that you could be celebrating. You could be looking at your fellow humans who are posting pictures of themselves in a beautiful setting, looking like they are having an amazing time, as inspiration. You could aspire to find yourself in a similar position, also having a lot of fun, or an exciting adventure.

Now, getting back to what we are seeing within humankind. There has been a portal that has been bringing in more of the energies of Sirius. The Sirians are stepping up quite a bit to spread that beautiful energy, to spread the vibration of the Sirius star system. That is what the Sirius star system is all about. It’s about being of service. It’s about kindness.

And you all have been opening yourselves up more to receive these Sirian energies to have those aspects of you activated that want so very much to be of service. And we have seen the changes, not only in your vibrations, but also in the acts of kindness that have been spread throughout humankind over these past several challenging months there on Earth.

And this is something that you can count on continuing for the human collective, as more and more individuals discover the joy of service, the joy of helping others. It is another way to take your power back from those who have been oppressing you. You can help each other, instead of looking at the governments, the banks, and those who have a tremendous amount of power and authority for their help. Even though they should be giving you all help, and they should be held accountable for their actions, and for inaction at times, you don’t have to wait until there are changes at the top to be kind to each other and to scratch each other’s backs.

You can do this. You are doing it, and we are here to point that out to all of you, because we know that you always benefit from some more good news. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 28, 2020 - THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE - God Said - In all humility, I ask you to love. You love by feeling love, so feel it. The giving of love is automatic, for love will not be still. It has to move. Love does not differentiate between giving and receiving.

Giving love is not an act of will. It is natural. Giving love is not a decision. The decision to love is a good step, but love is not a step. Love is consciousness. No one is an authority on love. No one is a pro. No one’s love is higher than another’s. Love is its own master, and love reveals itself as it is.

Expounding on love is not love. Demonstrating love is not love, for love demonstrates itself. You cannot give instructions on how to love. Love isn’t an instruction. Love is not an item. Love simply is. Love is not self-conscious. It is better to think of love than to think of something else, but the thought of love is not love. Love is love and requires no thought.

Love expresses itself, but love is not an expression. Love could be expressed all day and yet not be love. Love has no symptoms. Love is as attributeless as I am. Love is, or it is not. Love can be seen in a painting, yet love cannot be painted. Love can be heard in music, yet it cannot be orchestrated.

Evidence of love can be evident, but love needs no evidence. Evidence of love is not love, just as wood is not fire. Only love is love. Love can be spoken of, written of, but only love itself can be experienced. Love is felt, yet it is also beyond feeling. Love is its very own thing, and there is nothing like it. Nothing else comes near to it.

Love is a state of Being. There is nothing for you to be but love. Love is what you are. You are born love, and you die love. Regardless of how much you notice it or not, that is the case. Love does not have to be noticed to be love. Love unnoticed is still love.

There is no market in love. There is no lack, but there is a lack of awareness, yet love requires no awareness. It is love with or without it.

Love needs not accoutrements. The accoutrements are not love. They may or may not follow love. Everyone is a follower of love. Even abstainers from love follow it with their eyes. It is impossible for you not to be enthralled with love. Love is a magnet. It magnetizes itself. It keeps bumping into itself, yet love feels no bumps.

Love plays not favorites. It does not make choices in order to be. It already is. Love has no choice but to love. That is the least it can do, and it cannot do more. Love takes no offense. Love takes nothing. It only leaves itself in its wake. Love is not improvised, yet it is spontaneous. It is always new, and yet it lasts forever. You cannot forbid love. You can forbid it all you want, but love knows its way. It passes through every border. Love knows not borders.

Do not propound love. Do not sit on a high throne of it. You are not lord and master of love. You can only be it. In all humility, you who already are love, begin to know the love that you are. Channeled by Heavenletter: http://www.heavenletters.org/the-love-that-you-are.html

BlissfulVisions.com June 27, 2020 - YOUR ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK TO ENTER A NEW WORLD - A NEW REALITY - The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light - "We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path. Dear One, you are on the right track to enter a new world - a new reality.

Many Galactic Civilizations of Light have been through similar transitions on their planets and star systems. In other words: we have great compassion for what humanity is going through. As we were moving through these transitions, we have learned so much about the raising of our vibrational frequencies, managing our mind and thoughts and most importantly: our emotions.

So, at the core of all of this is your desire, your intent and your emotional state, which is created by your thoughts. Your thoughts and emotions keep projecting the essence of the vibrational frequencies into your future reality at all times.

How do you manage your thoughts and emotions, when you are being surrounded by the illusion of the lower dimension? You focus and give attention to what you want to see and experience and by withdrawing attention from what you don't want to see and experience.

Your attention is like a powerful laser beam that conjures the energies of the Universe and empowers anything you pointing it to. Where are you pointing your attention towards?

We recommend to set your vibrational and emotional tone at the beginning of the day and from there, maintain it throughout the day. This will allow you to project new and higher vibrational experiences into your future. This is the time you have been preparing for all your life times.

You are ready to experience the great Light of Source - The ONE that is within you. You are ready to step into your Ascended Mastery. You are ready to step into the New Earth!

We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious. We are with you, every step of the way. You are loved beyond measure. We are with you ... always. We love you. We are you. Namaste." Channeled by Asara Adams at http://www.teloschannel.com/

BlissfulVisions.com June 26, 2020 – POSITIVE CHANGE REQUIRES A DIRECT INCREASE IN THE OPENNESS OF EACH PERSON’S HEART – MEDITATE. MEDITATE. MEDITATE. - Archangel Michael - We all know that you are going through a very difficult period of time, and unfortunately, it will continue for a while yet. We don’t predict the date on which things change. We predict the circumstances which allow things to change. And the circumstances that are required for changes to occur are a direct increase in the openness of each person’s heart.

Now you don’t have to do this alone. No. Because you are assisted at this time with an enormous influx of light-filled energy which is affecting every single one of you, whether you believe in it or not. This is a time, in the evolution of this dreamlike world that you are experiencing, for it to  shift higher, and by shifting higher we mean shifting higher in consciousness.

Now not everyone will be able to make this change. Those who cannot, will remain and will experience your earth as it is now. But for those of you who are able to make a shift into a higher energy level, your world will be quite different. This won’t happen overnight.

These changes happen within your own being. Now, when each of you evolve to a certain level of awareness and spiritual understanding, you may indeed completely leave this experience of worldly life and move to higher dimensions.

When you experience Earth itself evolving, there will be more tumultuous experiences there as well.  This is why we say there may be more storms, fires, earthquakes, etc., because of the dramatic shifts going on both within each of you and within earth itself.

As I said last week, there are two parts to this evolution for it to happen in a more easeful way. One is, of course, the external influx of light, or as many of you would call it, Grace, that helps you to uplift your awareness. But there’s an equal part that you can take responsibility for which will help it progress in a more balanced way. To do this requires going within.

Now, many of you have ways that you already go within. Why not practice a method that you can carry with you all the time? One that doesn’t depend on a set of outer circumstances, sometimes very difficult to achieve, in order to get that result.

Every single one of you has, in one way or another, touched the experience of a space deep within you of supreme silence, of joy rushing up from within. You just don’t realize that’s what you’re experiencing.

That’s why we encourage you to learn how to go more directly to that inner space where your mind is quiet mind and bliss can shine forth – the Bliss of your own inner light. And one of the very best tools for that which can go everywhere with you, is to meditate.

The more that you meditate, the more you establish yourself in that state or near that state of inner silence, it changes your reaction to outer events. They lose some of the intensity of their charge and you can simply move to act from a quiet and loving space without the drama, without the outer intensity that there used to be. Because a part of you is always resting within. And when you establish yourself in that state, the light of that experience is radiant. It radiates out to others. Without them even knowing, they suddenly feel a little more peaceful, a little more loving, or a little quieter. So not only do you benefit, but as you grow and change within, your world begins to do the same thing.

This is why you meditate – so that you can witness these events and perform whatever actions are appropriate in the moment but remain peaceful and centered within, even when it appears that your world is in turmoil.

Please allow me to talk for a moment about meditation. I have offered you the practice of witnessing your breath. It is very normal in the beginning to have a difficult time not affecting your breath, not feeling a need to change it, or feeling uncomfortable because you’re  suddenly so conscious of it that it makes you anxious. This is very normal, and it will pass. You breathe without your attention all day long. You breathe in and you breathe out. The rate changes constantly, and you may not even notice. It’s only because you suddenly have put your entire focus on watching what it’s doing that it makes you anxious, or at least some of you. Let that be okay. It’s very normal. You can watch the anxiety and then shift back to watching your breath.

Your breath is a powerful connection between your spirit and your physical form. That’s why this is such a powerful technique–witnessing your breath. So, even if you feel anxious, keep doing it. It won’t hurt you. Watching your breath is not going to cause you harm. You’re safe. Just keep watching it. Allow yourself to be deeply relaxed, and if you have a very difficult time with your mind being restless, you can lay down straight on your back, so your spine is straight – because that will help the energy move. When you lay flat on your back, often your mind will become quieter. Then, transition back to sitting up.

So next time, we’ll meditate together again. Each time you do it, it will be easier and easier. Don’t have any expectations about what will happen in your meditation. You can often have long stretches, day after day, where it feels like nothing is happening. What’s happening is simply below your level of awareness, so you don’t experience it. But if you allow yourself to meditate,  you will be drawn, at a pace that’s right for you, deeper within. All of us send every single one of you our love. I am Archangel Michael. Channeled by Sharon Davis at https://Angelics-Speak.com/

BlissfulVisions.com June 25, 2020 - THE AWAKENED COLLECTIVE IS READY FOR THE THIRD PHASE - The 9D Arcturian Council - We have been examining the effects of all of the energies that have been pouring in to your atmosphere on the human collective consciousness, and we have noticed that you are getting yourselves into a place of greater awareness of what no longer serves you. It is as though a light has been shone upon the thoughts, beliefs, habits, and relationships that have been weighing you down. And as you clear out what no longer serves you, that’s when you have the opportunity to really tune in to what has been going on with you vibrationally.

When you are ready to tune in to what you are feeling and what you are vibrating, that’s when you know you are ready to go to the next level, to take yourself into a higher vibrational range. And that’s what this shift is all about. This shift in consciousness is about you experiencing all that the Earthly plane has to offer, and then it is about making peace with all that has been, that could be, and that is happening. And then you get to choose.

We feel that there are more of you in the awakened collective that are ready for that third phase. You are ready to choose, and you are ready to choose because you have allowed yourselves to be sensitive enough to these energies that have been coming in. You have done the purging. You have let go, and you have awakened to those vibrations within you that are and have been blocking you from choosing the vibrations that you actually want to feel and to know as possibilities.

You want to feel unconditional love, unconditional joy, unconditional freedom, and so much more. But first you have to realize that you have a choice. You, as the awakened collective, do realize that you have a choice, and still, not all of you are choosing. And that is because your mind likes to have problems to solve, and so your mind goes looking over here at this issue to try to solve it, rather than just admitting to yourselves how you feel about that issue so that you can clear that lower frequency vibration and activate the new vibration, the one that was always there but that you hadn’t given enough attention to in order to notice it.

It is with those vibrations that have been lying dormant within you that you co-create the new Earth, the fifth-dimensional realm, the post shift reality. That’s what you are there to consciously actualize, and you are the ones to do it. You have the tools. You have everything that you need inside of you, and all that is left for you to do is make that choice. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 24, 2020 - SOMETHING WONDERFUL IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. GET EXCITED! - Adama of Telos via Davey - Greetings to all who are reading this message, I bring this through this one who is channeling for the first time in an open recording. This is brave and we respect this, and so we do with all channels.

And we commend those who are stepping forward, to allow us to bring our message, through to the people on the surface of this beloved planet of Gaia.

There is great turmoil at this time, but there is great hope to. Great hope in the knowing and the heart centered feeling that something tremendous is about to open for you all. Please do not take these times as a sign of things, as how they actually are. This is not so.

For there are things that have to play out, they must play out, in your outer world. For these are clearing, as they clear, you see them. The key is to be the observer, not to get involved, not to identify, simply to observe, love, forgive, let go, allow... Allow things to pass and they will.

All that you see, is millennia upon millennia of repressed trauma, pain, feelings of anguish and an entire trove of negativity and ill feelings toward others as all part of the game of separation. You see as you experience separation, you became lost in a sense. You didn't really get lost, your connection to source was always there, it will always be there, it can never not be. But it appeared to you that it was. And so began the generation of all the different feelings and the experiences from that seed point of loneliness, fear, lostness, abandonment, feeling unsafe, scared and all the other things that you don't like to feel. And these have been the layers of your experiences over millennia, many, many millennia. And they are all, ALL of them, being cleared now. Do not re-identify with them. Do not identify with them at all. Simply allow them to pass, observe and send love to those who are caught up in them, who are identifying with them. Who believe that these experiences, these energies are their truth, when the opposite is true.

And in truth, nothing can be further from the real truth, because you are source energy beings, you can never not be. You can never be anything other than source energy love light. but because of this game you are allowed to temporarily fool yourselves into believing you are otherwise. That was the game. It was meant to be that way. It was designed to be that way, for how else could you experience the illusion of separation? It had to seem real. And this is why it is so difficult for so many to release themselves from the identity. but this will change.

The energies coming in in this June solstice and that will be coming in in future days will break away those chains. Will encourage those caught up in this to release themselves. for they are holding themselves, no one is holding them there. And this is where compassion is so important. Compassion and the understanding that they are gripped by themselves, in their own fears. And they have yet to awaken to that truth. To awaken to that concept that it is they who are holding themselves there. And it is they that have the power to release themselves. And they will dear ones, they will. Some may come kicking and screaming (laughter). But they will have that opportunity, they will have that revelation, that realization, that they can release themselves at any moment they choose. they only need to choose to do so. And that is the great power, the great gist from source that is ever present, always there, never dimming, always reminding them that one day they will allow themselves to awaken to this truth. And they will choose to act upon it.

You the awakened ones have already chosen this. you are going step by step, through the layers, releasing yourselves of the bondage. That you have held to yourselves and know that you have the power to release yourselves from.

You are doing a splendid job!!! Those here in Telos and those there of the Galactics assisting you are in awe of what you are doing and what you are about to do! This is an amazing time beloveds, dear brothers and sisters of the surface population. Please hold faith in your hearts. And know that everything is as it is meant to be. And what is about to unfold is the most glorious... We cannot tell you yet exactly what, we only ask you to hold a faith and the heart centered feeling of love and belief, the knowingness, because you can feel this when you feel in your heart center, when you allow yourselves to open and feel that peace, that calm, you know what is about to unfold. You may not be able to assign words to it, or describe it fully, but you know, you can feel it. Something amazing, as this one would say, 'something awesome', is about to unfold.

We bid you farewell now, we love you all, and we are so excited to see what is about to unfold, the love and compassion that is about to enfold upon this world. It is simply awe inspiring. We cannot wait, here in Telos, for you to experience this. for you to feel this, to feel the love, to feel the compassion, the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Be well, go in peace, we are with you our brothers and sisters, we are here holding the candle light for you and with you, our love is ever present. Let our excitement inspire you, let your excitement inspire you. Until the next time, our beloved family of the surface population, the dear lightworkers, the dear unawakened, yet to awaken, we love you all, equally and so much. Farewell for now and be at peace, we love you all. Adama of Telos.

BlissfulVisions.com June 23, 2020 - YOU ARE AT THE CUSP OF THE NEW AWAKENING, THE NEW DAWN THAT IS COMING - Commander Ashtar - I am Ashtar. I come at this point in your evolutionary process, in your awakening process.

For this is that grand awakening. This is what you all came here for. These are those times, those moments just prior to the Great Awakening. You are in it now. And you are moving through it rapidly. Because everything is exactly as it needs to be in these moments, even though everything appears around you to be in chaos.

There will be order coming from this chaos. Because you are moving through this process, and what is occurring is a separation. Yes, you must become united. But first, in order to do so, there must be that separation. A separation of the wheat from the chaff.

That is what is occurring. Some are calling it a timeline shift. That is also correct. Because those of you that are on the timeline that is in creation now, the creative process that you are in, you are creating the timeline that you want to be on. You are creating the timeline of the new higher vibrations and frequencies, moving into the higher dimensions.

And yes, you will be leaving behind those that are not ready for this. But fear not: those that are not ready, those that choose to not be ready, they will be accommodated just as they need to be. And no one, and I repeat: no one shall be lost. Even though they are temporarily lost to you, even if they may be family members. They will be back with you again.

For you, yourselves, have left many, many times your families, your loved ones, in many different systems, many planets. You have done this many times before. You have said good-bye, whether it was through a dying process or just simply leaving to move to continue on your journey.

You have left them before, always to return once again, to connect once again to your brothers and sisters, to your family members, to your loved ones. For they are all a part of our soul family—always will be, always have been. You will be back with them. Even those that have left you in this lifetime in the dying process: you will be reunited with them once again. And those that still yet may leave in that process, you will reunite with them again.

You are destined, my friends, you are destined to complete this journey that you came for. You made many promises long ago and, as you know, you volunteered to be here. But those times are coming to an end. This volunteering is coming to an end. You are close to reaching that finish line. We know you have heard this before. And in your third-dimensional illusionary understanding, you wonder, “When is it going to be? When is it going to be?’” But our answer to you is you are in it right now.

You are at the cusp of the new awakening, the New Dawn that is coming. It is already approaching now. And if you look out and look beyond the chaos, you will see the blue skies. You will see the white fluffy clouds. You will see the flowers in the fields blooming. You will see and feel the water, consciousness within the water. You will know beauty, even within the seeming ugliness.

But the seeming ugliness is necessary for more and more people to awaken. That is what you are waiting for. Many of you could have ascended back in your 2012. Many of you were destined to do so. But you know that you all chose at a deeper level, within you at the Higher Self level, you chose to wait so that more and more of your brothers and sisters here could ascend with you.

That is what you came here for many, many lifetimes ago, to prepare the way for this Ascension process. To be those Way-Showers. To show the way. To prepare the way.

And along the way, the systems that are in place need to be changed. They need to be busted wide open. And that one you have as the president now, President Trump, is that System Buster. He has been put in place for this. He volunteered for this. He is the one that is leading you through this transition.

All of you must give him all of the strength that you can muster to provide for him the Light. Send him Light. He is in need of a great amount of Light now. For those of the dark forces will do everything that they can to hold him off, to hold those forces of the Light off.

But as you know, and as you have heard many times, and have begun to fully realize, the Light has already won, and what has started cannot be stopped. It can be postponed, and has been many times. But it cannot be fully stopped. You, those of you, the Light-Workers and Warriors are the ones that are paving the way forward. So continue to assist in any way that you can, any opportunity that arises to help others awaken.

Even if you may receive those attacks you speak of, those mental and emotional attacks, you can ward that off. You can protect yourselves. You have the tools: the Violet Flame, the Shield of Light, Archangel [Michael’s] Blue Sword of Truth, the use of crystals. Whatever it is, whatever tool that works for you, you have it to use to shield yourself from negativity, to shield yourself from the dark forces attacking you. And in return, for reaching out to helping others, you will help more and more to awaken to who they are, just as you were helped by those of us to awaken to who you are. For you are all of us becoming. You are the ones that are going to take our places. You are the ONES. You are the ONE.

I am Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace and love, as we continue to watch from above to assist whenever we find it possible. And you have many, many that are assisting and helping you. You are not alone, my friends, never have been, never will be. We are all in this together. Remember that. We are all in this together. Channeled by James McConnell at www.AncientAwakenings.org

BlissfulVisions.com June 22, 2020 – DEGREES OF AWAKENING – Divine Mother God - Welcome beloved hearts. I hope that the channels I share here leave you feeling loved, appreciated, uplifted and en-lightened. Only ever take what serves you, leave everything else. You are an incredible being of light and love, who chose to be here in this Now, to assist in the birthing of the Ascension physicalisation. Thank you so much. The divine in me salutes the divine in you.

The awakening process works on different levels:

1. There are those who have slumbered long, who now have a feeling that things have changed, but they are unable to express why.

Of course, they see the changes after the global lock down, but they sense that something deeper has changed, even if they are not able to put into words what this may be. This group is experiencing a gentle nudging from the inside, a feeling that is sometimes hopeful, sometimes fearful.

2. Then there are those who are awakening to the lies that have been forced upon humanity, and this group can experience despair for some, anger and rage for others. This is proper, it is a stage of the bereavement process through which they must pass. Experiencing it and acting it out are, however, very different.

3. There is another group, who have passed through this process and have moved to understanding that all is love. If you find that, on some days, you drop from loving forgiveness into rage and perhaps even despair, this too is part of the process. Be gentle with yourself, then you can hold that vibration for others.

This group is currently focusing on light and love within, as well as sending love and light to those whose hearts lack this divine food, where divine love and light has been squashed, brutalized or suppressed.

4. Finally, there is yet another group of light workers, who not only know that all is love, but they are experiencing this directly, as their hearts open to direct experience of their Higher Self, so that the love that has layed hidden within them for so many lifetimes erupts within them.

All groups are necessary, just as all stages on the journey are necessary. You cannot jump from discovery to heart expansion directly, you do have to pass through the stages.

To create heaven on earth right now would result in disaster, because the majority of humanity would not be able to comprehend the leap and they would seek to recreate situations and behaviors that resonated with them, creating more chaos and pain.

The past needs to be cleared, the pain needs to be healed.

I am not saying that we are waiting for 100% healing, 100% clearing: we are awaiting the vibrational tipping point. And you are so very, very close.

All those who predominantly hold the vibration of love, hold a higher vibration than those predominantly living in fear; therefore, the energy they exude has greater power, due to its higher vibration. Fewer people, but greater light power.

The less you seek worldly power, the more you seek forgiveness and love. Paradoxically, through this process, your inner power grows. It is then that you have begun to surrender the ego, allowing the power of the divine to flow through you in the service of the highest good.

The process of awakening is the process of releasing the divine within. The Divine Mother Father One is an energy of complete love and acceptance. The journey to this vibration is the reason for all incarnations: the journey.

Wherever you are on your journey, know that your space and vibration is sacred. It is a part of the whole and it is serving its purpose in freeing humanity. You are all, without exception, channels of divine love, some of you are more open to that love than others.

Where ever you are, whoever you are, you are of Me; you are sacred and welcome, forgiven and received within Me, no matter what. Channeled by Jennifer Crokaert at www.jennifercrokaert.blogspot.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 21, 2020 - THE SOLSTICE TRANSFORMATIONS HAVE BEGUN - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very satisfied with the way you all have been opening yourselves up to the energies of the solstice, as well as the energies that have been piggybacking on the energies of the solstice. We have been noticing the transformations that have been occurring in the root chakras of those of you who have been particularly open and allowing. You know when it is time to relax and receive. You know when it is time to let in all that you have been summoning, and now is one of those times.

These energies began coming in before this date on your calendar, and they will continue to flood in, giving those who have yet to open up to them more and more chances to do so. We are also noticing that those of you who have been receiving these energies consciously are feeling more grounded, more rooted to Mother Earth, and are now in a position where you can really do some good creating of the second half of the year 2020.

This is a year that will continue to challenge people to awaken, and that is a very good thing. You are going to see many more transformations within yourselves and others, as individuals finally let go of politics and conspiracy theories and tap in to their potential as creator beings, as the ones who are there to make a difference on Earth.

You are there not to just be told what is going to happen by beings like us. You are there to work with us to create the reality that you have decided is the ideal for all of humanity. You can bring in even more fifth-dimensional energy. You can summon and receive even more of the energy that creates worlds, galaxies, and universes. We, and so many others like us, are at the ready. We are ready, we are willing, and we are more than capable of assisting you in becoming the version of humanity that you have always aspired to be. This time of the solstice is not over by any stretch.

Keep yourselves aware of all that is happening energetically, as you continue to have events occurring up there in your skies, events that are fundamentally transformative and that are meant to shake things up there on planet Earth. But it is not just your solar activity that is responsible for the awakenings and the transformations. It is you.

You are the ones who are there to make something happen with your consciousness, your energy, and your vibration. You are the ones who understand that you are a part of a collective and that all must be respected, loved, and forgiven within your collective in order for you to ascend in the beautiful way that you are beginning to take that next step of your journey. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 18, 2020 – LEARN PROPER ENERGY MANAGEMENT – Athena – Goddess of War and Wisdom - I came to your world once to show you who you are, and I have returned again, in the same regard. Proper energy management must be learned. If not at a metaphysical level, then at a mental/emotional level. The emotions show you your feelings about others. Your energy bodies will show you how connected you are to others, or if you are in fact connected, over-connected or under connected.

Energy management shows in your relationships to others. Are there others you idolize, attach to, try to monopolize their time? Are there others you are not interested in but they are obsessed with you? Are there others you speak to occasionally and leave the conversation with all issues resolved? Are there others you continuously argue with? Are there others that you use for particular reasons, such as going to them because you know they cannot refuse your request?

The metaphysician will see the cords, hooks and energies between themselves and others but those without this visual capacity can also sense the energies being exchanged in their relationships. If none of these options are available, then you can understand how relations go by understanding mental and emotional exchanges between yourself and others.

This has to do with energy vampires, and this also has to do with those who refuse the energy of others for whatever reason. These are distant people, who do not connect with others. As opposed to the energy vampire, who connects to take advantage of others.

Those who have healthier relationships connect and disconnect amicably and exchange appropriate amounts of energy, neither overwhelming or underwhelming the other. Support can be exchanged between these people without fear of developing energetic dependency, as these two parties are both autonomous self realized personalities.

Dependency on others' energy is dangerous for both parties. It is a violation of universal law when not offered by agreement. It is considered to be theft on the part of those who are unaware they are vamping the energy of others.

Relationships must take on normal exchange properties, otherwise universal law is violated. This can take some learning, especially in your dysfunctional world that encourages the misuse of personal energy. Many who are not energetically savvy will have terms for energetic exchanges that can help them to begin, such as "they give me the creeps," "they are in my face," "they won't leave me alone." All of these are indications you are sensing the energy of others and your energy body is warning you that there is a problem.

Someone giving you the creeps is an example of someone whose energy and intention is too low to be of value to you. Someone who is in your face is a dominator who is intent on robbing you of energy or latching on to your energy as a source. Someone who won't leave you alone is someone who is attempting to hook into your lower chakras in order to feed. Sometimes this is sexual, such as stalking.

Insistence must be practiced on remaining autonomous. To the extent that you relinquish the need to feed on others' energy will be the extent that you experience relief from dependency from others. There is no such thing as a parasitic human, although human attachments can be problematic for someone attempting to achieve autonomy.

Be certain that you are sovereign - that you have no attachments. Keep clearing them if you reattach and find out why they are able to access your energy source repeatedly and heal those wounds. Usually it is through the same auric wound that an inter-dimensional attachment can parasite from your energy source. Once that wound is closed, you will be less vulnerable to such attacks.

If, for example, you are attached to by a sexual energy, then you must heal your sexual issues. If perhaps you were abused or raped, these issues must be healed and you will repel the sexual energetic to search elsewhere for its food source. You will begin to see healing in your relationships in the physical to know how successful your efforts have been.

The other way to repel occasional parasites is not to connect with them. Connection with a parasite is not advisable.

Advice on shielding is being requested.

Shielding is a useful tool but it tends to have more use in the short term. Attempting to shield yourself from any potential problem does not work. You cannot shield yourself from life. You must learn to deal with it.

Your people are still learning, however they have much help available to them, whether you sense this help or not. It is still there. This is the difference between the truth and your beliefs. You tend to believe your eyes, and forgo the truth in favor of what your eyes tell you. This is incorrect. The Truth is you are well cared for.

Shielding is only useful for short term occasions. You are all on earth to re-learn your powers and you cannot shield against the lessons you would gain from.

If someone annoys you send them white light energy. Cutting cords is fine but sending them white light removes your annoyance and raises your vibration. Like Ashtar Sheran said, "If you fear something, send it love and then you won't fear it anymore."

Beware of what you focus on, what you focus on you attract more of. If you focus on a problem you'll get more of that problem. Focus on the solution. If it's another person you're focusing on that's causing the problem, send them white light or at best ignore them.

When you don't wish to have something increase in your life, ignore it. When you wish it to increase, pay attention to it. This is either investing energy in, or withdrawing energy from, what you desire or dislike. Often you pay attention to what you dislike by lamenting its presence in your life - this is the opposite of what you should be doing.

Energy management is important for your own peace of mind and to raise the vibration of humanity on earth. I AM Athena. Channeled by Sharon Stewart at www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 15, 2020 - TURBULENT TIMES AHEAD; SATURATE EARTH AND HUMANITY WITH LOVE - The Earth Collective Consciousness - This is the Earth Intelligence Report for June 2020. Upon the Earth at this time continues the alignment of higher levels of being as your governments throughout the Earth are shifting pertaining to the balance of power.

The world is growing much more discerning relating to acts that hold agenda-based operations behind them. Whenever you notice such intense public exposure on your mainstream levels that in any way, shape or form indulge in calamity, violence, sickness, illness, and corruption, it is wise to understand that such events are doctored.

These events are staged to promote greater political power in favor of those who support corruption.

Rather, we would suggest that your energy focus on yourselves and each other as you come together in any fashion and support what is actually true, which in turn relates to the opposite of what’s being exposed in your mainstream. Come together in community, in compassion, in love and support one another so that you may understand what the true feeling of a harmonized collective feels like.

The Earth will be going through turbulent shifts in the times ahead leading into your late Summer and early Fall periods. This will relate to further Earth changes and shifts. There may also be psychological operations taking place pertaining to such Earth shifts that are not genuine. Much of this is in correlation to profit gaining greed and political favor. Be aware of such agendas should they arise within the coming months.

Continue to bless your Earth. Continue to assist each other. Meditate daily, and let your love saturate the Earth through all territories. Through all nations, and through all of humanity. When you continue to serve the Earth with love and compassion, opportunities that once seemed quite grim will no longer be able to manifest themselves into being. Where there is a powerful energetic of love collectively, it will cancel out all wrongdoing every single time.

Your Earth calls out to you now more than ever to assist in bringing in the warmth of your love, cooperation, compassion, and community together. This is what is needed the most at this time. Not to concern over your politics, over collective event that encourage violence, but rather to heal such things with a warm and open heart. To directly send intentions of prosperity, of community and of compassion that will be the antidote to the corruption illness upon your planet. Many are doing this now, however; the more that become involved with simple acts of kindness, the greater your world will shift into greater events that will be of strong significance to such prosperity that will lead your civilization towards a more loving and cooperative age. This concludes the Earth Intelligence Report. Channeled by Brad Johnson at www.NewEarthTeachings.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 14, 2020 – YOUR COUNCILS ARE GUIDING YOU – Ashtar Sheran - I am Ashtar Sheran, with a message for all Lightworkers. Your counsels are guiding you.

What do I mean by this? Alas, many of you don't realize the significance you have in being on earth right now. Ivo has explained some of this in videos and books, and Sharon has relayed the messages, so I will add my part in this now.

You are all representing a world, or worlds, or dimension or dimensions in your work here on earth. As I said, you may not realize it. You are multi-dimensionals, and at times, so is your work.

If your most recent past life was in the Pleiades, then Pleiadian guides will be assigned to you, sometimes a twin flame, sometimes family members from that lifetime, and sometimes counsel members who wish to infuse earth again with the knowledge of that counsel, through you. The counsel members are always watching you, as you are an ambassador for their worlds, representing them upon the earth. Your life is not any less important than that.

Sometimes you may see beings you're unfamiliar with, see shadows walking through your home, have dreams of strangers who seem alien to you.... these are often the counsel members as they school you, answer your questions, and work on your awakening.

If you have a predominance of lives in any particular area of the galaxy, such as Vega and Sirius, such as Sharon has, then you will be visited by counsel members of both these worlds. They may be of differing frequencies as well, if you have had lives of differing frequencies in their worlds.

If you have had past lives in many different constellations, or many different dimensions, then congratulations, you are playing a role of infusing the knowledge of the One through to your planet. You are a complete being with information entrusted to you by many worlds and God himself.

If you are a master, then speaking to the masters will also be possible. If your physical body has other bloodlines than those your soul predominates with, then these counsels will be interested in you. DNA is key.

You are a receiver, you receive the energies from these constellations, their stars and from the people on these planets, and it is infused into your DNA and transferred down into the inner core of earth. Gaia is enriched by your energy transfers. This happens always, but specifically at peak times of open portals, galactic alignments and also through visitation.

Many of you have no idea of the unique role you are playing to reconstitute the earth as a knowledge bank, to restore her to the wonderful realm of perfection that she once was.

Light is being infused into your planet in so many ways, and in so doing, you raise its frequency and the frequency of the people upon it. You raise them back to their splendor as the Olympians they once were, the Atlases, the Aphrodites, the gods who walked this planet in Antiquity, the marvelous loving powerful beings that earthlings once were.

Your contribution is so appreciated, you have no idea how loved you are. We are with you. Adonai, Ashtar Sheran. Channeled by Sharon Stewart at www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 13, 2020 - YOU ARE USHERING IN THE NEW AGE OF VIBRATION - The 9D Arcturian Council -We are very satisfied with the progress that you all are making in relation to the June 2020 energies that we have referred to a few times. We want you all to know that those of you who are awake, aware, and receptive of these energies are making the difference that you have always wanted to make there on Earth in this lifetime in particular.

You all have an ability to sense when something big is happening energetically, and whether it is a solstice, a full moon, or some other celestial event, you all tend to open up more to the energies that are present, and you do so for yourselves and for your fellow humans. You are, after all, a part of the human collective.

And as much as some on your world right now would like to draw lines in the sand, and say, ‘It is us versus them,’ it never will be. It always will be you as a collective, moving forward, breaking new ground, and raising your vibrations as high as you possibly can. You all, as individuals, can lead the charge of holding higher vibrations. You all can find out what it is in your lives that naturally puts you in a higher vibrational state.

This channel that we are speaking through right now always gets a boost from the toning that he does at the beginning. Now, the tones are initiated by us, as we begin to come through him with the very first sounds that you hear. But the tones still have the effect on him that they do, and that is significant in establishing a connection with higher-dimensional, higher-vibrational beings. As you all get clearer through the living of your lives that puts you in a higher vibrational state, then all you have to do is decide for yourselves that being in that higher vibrational state is important to you.

At this moment in time, we suggest that you put how you feel above the gathering of information. Information can of course empower you, but there is so much information being offered at this time that is designed to manipulate you and keep you feeling small. There is so much information out there right now that is about dividing you into groups, when you need to be coming together. And what brings people together better than being in the same high vibrational state?

So you do what makes you feel good, and be the examples to others that you have always intended to be in this lifetime. Let others follow your lead to discover what puts them in a higher vibrational state, and you can raise the consciousness of this human collective that you are a part of so easily and so fast and with more joy than you ever could by sharing someone’s conspiracy theory on the Internet. Remember that, because the opportunities to share those theories will continue to come your way. But now is not the time for being a part of this information age. Now is the time to usher in a new age which we will call, "The Age of Vibration." Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 12, 2020 – SHADOW BEINGS SHALL NOT TAKE CONTROL AGAIN – Archangel Michael - I am Archangel Michael. It is time now, to express those things which are happening across the planet. But more than what is happening across the planet, is that you find solace within yourself, comfort within yourself, that calm that has been spoken of within yourself, within the storm that yet still rages around you.

But that storm is diminishing. And it is diminishing because those of you, the Lightworkers and, even more importantly, the Warriors of you, are helping to diminish that storm, helping to bring the light across the planet, and to have the Light seep in to all of the dark corners that yet still remain on the planet.

And yes, there are some. But they are becoming less and less. And those that occupy those dark corners, those shadowy beings are running as far away from the light as they can. Because they cannot withstand the light. They cannot withstand the higher vibrations that you are creating. We are not creating it; you are.

The Cosmic Source is assisting, of course, with bringing these energies to the planet to help to raise the vibrations. But it is those of you, the Workers and the Warriors of Light, that are enabling this entire process, and this entire plan, to continue to move toward fruition, to move toward the crescendo that yet approaches now.

And I say yet approaches, because it is approaching. You are coming closer and closer to that crescendo, to that ending point. That zero point that has been spoken of. That zero point when the Solar Flash can actually occur. But again, not at the third-dimensional illusion. It is not going to happen within the illusion.

It is going to happen when those of you have raised the vibrations enough across the planet as a collective to allow for the frequencies, the higher frequencies, to come in. So that more and more are ready for this. More than just the Lightworkers and the Warriors. Many more, who are now turning on their lights, igniting the flames within them consciously or even unconsciously, are doing so.

And that is what we see from our vantage point. We see light returning to the planet, whereas many across the planet still see the darkness. They feel the fear that has been spread across the planet. But because of you, that fear is also diminishing. Because you refuse to allow that fear to take over. You refuse to allow the darkness back in, to allow the shadowy beings to gain control again.

And I tell you now, as Archangel Michael, they shall not take control again. They have lost the control. You may look around, just as all of your brothers and sisters look around, and see the destruction. See the storm that still rages within their minds, within their belief system. But I tell you that that storm is diminishing greatly now.

The Light has returned to the planet. And you ARE the Light. All of you are the Light. All of you that hear these words now and resonate to these words at a feeling level. Not so much at just hearing them, but feeling these words, feeling the connection, feeling the love that is behind these words for all of you. And then all that will resonate to these words as they read them or hear them later.

Because it is all a part of creation. Creating that which you came here to create, to bring about the New Golden Age of Gaia. You are that New Golden Age of Gaia. You bring the belief system. You bring the creative power to create whatever it is that you want to create.

It is not up to anyone else controlling you. It is up to you controlling yourself, controlling the beliefs within you, controlling the programming within you. Transforming – not so much overcoming, but transforming – that programming into the creative light that it can and will be, and is becoming.

For if you are in the moment, as has been spoken of many, many times in many different ways, in that moment, in those higher frequencies in that moment, there can be no fear, there can be no shadowy beings. There can only be love. Only higher consciousness. That is up to each and every one of you to create within yourselves, each and every moment of your lives moving forward now. Not looking backward, but looking forward. Being in the moment. And letting that being in the moment create the next moment, and the next one, and the next one.

And in those moments you have created your future! That is the power that you have within you! That is what you need to come to understand! Again: you are the power, and you are the ones you have been waiting for.

You are not waiting for Archangel Michael. You are not waiting for the many Archangels to come. You are not waiting for the Ascended Masters to rise again within the public. You are not waiting for the Galactics to show themselves.

For you are those Galactics. You are those Ascended Masters becoming once again. You are the archangels remembering who they are, and the aspects that each one of you are. In connection to all that has been said previously.

We are here in the millions and millions to assist you. But that is all we can do is assist and guide, and to be the light shining forward in front of you. But you must carry that light. Carry that light to your brothers and sisters anywhere and any opportunity that you have.

Show them that there is no reason to fear, whether it is a virus or it is destruction in chaos across the planet, whatever it is. There is no reason to fear. Because fear begets more fear. But Light and love beget more Light and love.

So create now the life in front of you. The New Golden Age that you have all been preparing for and waiting for so long to manifest here on the planet. Heaven on Earth, you call it. Well, it is time now to manifest that heaven right here on the Earth and in the Earth.

I am Archangel Michael, and I leave you now in all of my peace and love. And that my Flaming Blue Sword of Truth is there always for you to call upon to sever any remaining psychic ties, any remaining programming that still continues to hold you back.

But know that it only takes one time to call upon me and it is done. But that is a belief for a program that many of you have running, that you must call upon me again and again and again to continue to sever those ties. But it is not necessary. One time and it is done.

And then it is up to your belief system to take over, and to know that all that you have been preparing for, all that you have been planning for, is in the process now of reaching that crescendo. That finish line that Sananda has spoken of so many times. The finish line, though, is within you. All of my peace and love be with all of you, Archangel Michael. Channeled by James McConnell at www.AncientAwakenings.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 11, 2020 - 5 STAGES (CHANCES) FOR ASCENSION - Prime Creator - Greetings. I am Prime Creator, you call me God or Father, you give me different names. I am here to deliver a message to all of you. As I spoke to you last time, a lot of things have changed in this world, where you are now.

First of all, you had experienced two in a half months lockout at your home. You lost your income, your freedom and you have been told and forced to stay at your place. Today, I would like to talk about it, what's going on right now here on Mother Earth, as I mentioned before, she is in 5th dimension and she left behind only her shadow, this is what you see right now in this 3D reality.

I want to bring to your attention that a lot of events are happening in the world and in your neighborhood at this moment. Please, understand and be careful on how you express yourself about the way you feel and stand up for your violated rights. I ask for you to do this in a peaceful way, I know many of you are doing this without violence. While the Dark Ones as usual trying to attack you and your neighbors by creating riots and destroying other people's property, so please be aware of that and stay away from the ones, who are trying create more problems in this world right now.

What is starting to happen now is the timelines are separating. What does that mean? It means the 3D timeline is separating from 5D timeline, so the people on Earth who are not awake, they are going to be left behind and the ones who are awake, they are in transition to 5D and they will be moving forward. I would like to let you know that my original plan was to bring to Ascension all of the Humanity at the same time. Me and the rest of my crew, The Galactic Federation, Counselors and etc., we came to understanding that this is not possible now to ascend all of the beings on the planet Earth at the same time. Many of you are still asleep or half asleep and some of you are awake, it would be unfair to the ones, who are awake to keep them here on this planet in 3D reality by waiting for the other ones to catch up. We send a lot of energies to Earth to speed up this Ascension Process, but unfortunately even that didn't help to wake up certain ones, their preferences on a subconscious level is to stay asleep, because of your free will, we can't force on you the Ascension Process. We need to give you a chance to come and ascend in your own time, when you are ready to ascend.

In the meantime, I want to tell you that I put together a plan, which consists of 5 stages of Ascension. The first stage as you know are light workers, light warriors, starseeds and etc., who are the first ones in line for Ascension. They are the ones who are doing most of the work at this moment, they are trying to help and bring this world to Ascension to fifth dimension. You would like to know what are they doing, they are preparing the foundation on this planet by doing spiritual cleansing by removing all of the negative energies and negative entities, what are here right now on Mother Gaia. A lot of work has been done, but the Negative Ones still sneak themselves in and are trying to disturb our work.

As I mentioned, there will be 5 stages of Ascension. The first one you know now who it will be, then there will be second, third, fourth and fifth stage, so each of you will have fives chances to ascend, if you are ready to ascend, if not, then you are going to go and repeat your life either on the same or on a different planet, but it's going to be 3D density planet. We can't and we are not suppose to enforce on you against your free will this process, unless you did the work by raising your vibration with meditation and are ready to go through with this process by advancing forward to Ascension.

I am Prime Creator and I would like to express my gratitude to all of the light warriors, who are working so hard and preparing the foundation for us to step in. Many of them are doing all this work and are not even aware that they are the only ones doing the work at this present moment on Gaia. These light workers are removing and cleaning all of the energies that carry negativity, which are preventing you and the rest humanity from reaching Ascension. They are like little bees, who are flying from flower to flower and bringing their light and cleansing all of the impurities in their way, so please be patient and understand.

I know you heard many times and are tired of hearing about the process that we are moving to Ascension and that we are going to have soon the Nesara Gesara Republic. Please, look at the whole picture now and see that to make changes here is so difficult and you would say, why is it so difficult, because everything in this 3D density is hard and has a lot of resistance to bringing the light to this 3D reality, so please acknowledge and help each other. When you see someone in your surroundings, who is trying to reach out for the light, help them, just give them the light and unify with them by being on the same path, on the path to freedom, joy, happiness and prosperity, which have been promised to you a long time ago, believe me, it's coming, it has been coming for a while now.

The year 2020, it showing to you how much things are changing around you and around the world. In these couple months, just look how many events took place. I understand your frustration, especially in the United States, where the Dark Forces started riots by violating the first law and the most important law in the Universe by taking away somebody's life, which is not acceptable and will never be acceptable by the Universal Law. We are not pleased that this happened and we are staying together with the family, who lost their loved one and we are expressing our sadness that the Dark Side once again attacked Humanity. Please be careful and understand that they are trying to manipulate the situation in America and continue this reality by creating chaos around you.

The best way for you is just be aware and stay in the now and connect to me through your meditation, you will be safe under my divine grace. I am Prime Creator, I have been protecting you and everyone here on Earth and in the Galaxy for a long time, my job is to preserve your life, and to bring you joy, harmony and peace, which has been taken away from you many years ago by Negative Civilizations, the Reptilians, Dracos and etc., who enslaved you. Now, it's time for you to regain your memories of who you are and take your freedom back one step at a time, even if at first it may seem that things are moving very slowly, but it's moving forward. The Galactic Federation has been doing a lot of work secretly and out of sight for now, until the right moment arrives and then everything will be revealed to you. They are going to pick up and continue the work what is assigned for them to do from you, the ground crew, when you will finish cleaning up the negative entities from this reality.

I am always here and available to you, if you want to talk or reach out to me, just go to meditation state and ask for my presence, and I will be there, I am always there, because you and I are One Universal Consciousness. You, me and the rest the world are one and we are never apart from each other, we are always together. The only time you got separated from me is by this 3D reality, you think your not connected to me, it feels like it in this low density dimension, but you still are, just trust yourself and don't be afraid to go ahead with everything you have to do to continue with your spiritual journey here on Terra Christa. Just stay connected to the center of your being, to your soul with meditation, and your soul will guide you on what to do and where to go.

I am very sad that you and the rest of the humanity need to go through all of this suffering and pain. I gave you free will and it was used against you by the Negative Groups, who used it to torture you, enslaved you, abuse you and to kill you, especially the young children. More than 8 million children disappear every year in the world. They have been kidnapped, tortured, killed and used as a sacrifice by the Satanic Pedophilia Groups. The end is coming for them, and I am happy that it's going to be the end for them. It has been mentioned in other messages that a lot of children had been rescued and help was given to them, so they can recover and go back to a normal life, even if at this moment nothing feels normal for them, but with love and patience, we will heal and bring them back their life they lost and give them back all they missed in their life.

I am Prime Creator, I love all of you and I am always supporting you and carrying you on my shoulders. You would ask me how I am carrying you on my shoulders, it is very simple, when your going through hard times, you never see me in front of you or behind you or next to you, but I am always there with you. A lot of times, I help you get through the tough times in your life and help you to move to the next moment in your life, even if you don't see me. We are always together and nothing will ever separate you from my love that I have for you, we will continue marching together as One Consciousness of Love to your new life and reality.

You're going to leave behind this third dimension and you're not going to need to look back ever again and remember all this pain and difficult times you went through. So stay on course. Continue with your Ascension process. Needless to say, it is very important.

I am grateful to be here today to deliver my message to you and I have faith in you, that all of you are going to help me and help yourself to move to a new stage in your life. We together as One Universal Consciousness will bring a new world with new Nesara-Gesara Republic and life here on Mother Earth will never be same, it's going to be amazing, everyone will be happy, prosperous and everyone will have a peaceful and harmonious life. There will be no more fear, suffering, and no more hunger, only joy and happiness.

I am your Prime Creator and I was happy to be here today to assist and guide you to your new life and a New Age on this planet. Thank you, I send to all of you all my love. Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

BlissfulVisions.com June 10, 2020 - THE PLEIADIAN-ARCTURIAN-SIRIAN-ALLIANCE - The 9D Arcturian Council.

We are continuing to monitor the human collective consciousness for new ways of reaching you energetically to support you and to give you what you have been asking for there on Earth.

We know that 2020 has been a very challenging year for a variety of reasons, and we in the higher realms always look for those openings, those cracks that appear during times of crisis that the human collective finds yourselves in.

You are there to be the receptors, to be the ones who anchor in the high frequency energies that we all provide from the higher realms, and yet we still have to remind you time and time again that this lifetime, and this time in particular in this lifetime, is all about receiving. It’s not about doing, achieving, or even having, especially not having through hard work. You are there to become. You are there to blossom, to grow with ease, and you are there to do it in joy, while helping others.

That is why the energies coming in to support you at this time are once again being amplified by those of us in the higher realms who are looking out for humanity. We have formed many alliances in our desire to help all of you. The Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian Alliance is perhaps the most powerful one in the galaxy, as we all have slightly different ways of helping you and slightly different ways of administering the help. Right now, as you are getting closer and closer to the June Solstice moment, you all can expect major spikes in the waves of energy that come in from our star systems, and from the nonphysical dimension in which we exist with our not so little alliance.

Alliances are of course natural in the ninth dimension. There is no competition. There is no need for us to feel like we are not getting the credit that we deserve. We all just want to help, and that is what brings us together. What brings us together is that vibration that we all share, and what will bring humanity together is your vibration of wanting to help, wanting to be of service, wanting to heal wherever the healing is needed.

You will find yourselves gathering together, whether in person or online, to be the solution, to anchor in the powerful energies that we are all sending, and to discuss how you can collectively hold space, heal, and offer the love and compassion that is needed at this time. You all know intuitively what is needed, and you are getting better all the time at listening to that intuition that works so well when you allow it to. Continue to open yourselves up and expect the energies that are coming in to be the most powerful you have ever experienced there on planet Earth. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 9, 2020 - GO INWARD AND CONNECT WITH SOURCE - The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light - We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path. We are always here for you and you are welcome to invite our presence into your experience anytime.

Dear One, we are constantly working on creating ways to assist humanity's Ascension. Know that your Galactic Family of Light is walking beside you, as you are stepping into the New Earth.

At this stage of the Grand Shift of Earth, the energies are ready for you to think of what is coming next. Old systems of the third dimension are in the process of falling away and are being dissolved.

It is important in these times to go inward and connect to the Source within you. At the same time, there are billions of Galactic Beings of Light around your planet, who are holding the energies of Love and Light for this transition.

There are also millions of Starseeds in human form who are awakening to their specific mission at this time. These Starseeds are realizing that this is the time to step into their Divine Purpose in a new way - the "Higher Dimensional Way" of creating change.

It is the realization of the power of Light-Love energy and the profound impact the higher dimensional focus of energy can have in the "real world experience."

The old way was to take action to feel better and to experience an improvement. This yields only limited results.

The new, higher dimensional way is to feel better first, connect with the Source within you, expand the energies of Love and Light, visualize the improvement and THEN take action. This employes the limitless possibilities and tangible manifestations of Source/The ONE/Creator. This is how entire worlds are being created.

It seems though that this is easier said than done, as humans are being bombarded with the illusion of the lower dimension. There is so much information of the old dimension and the somewhat rocky transition everywhere. However, there are many who are awakening to the path inward and creating from within.

If you feel guided to experience the higher dimensions and create the New Earth with the power of Source Creator, then we have some tools and activations for you at our upcoming Galactic Broadcast (details at website): Meditation experience to connect with Source. Activation of Source/Creator Energies to Create The New Earth. Cosmic Update on The Grand Shift of Planet Earth and more. Know that all is well. We are with you, every step of the way. You are loved beyond measure. We love you. We are you. Namaste. Channeled by Asara Adams at http://www.teloschannel.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 8, 2020 - BE GRATEFUL FOR ALL THAT YOU HAVE AND ALL THAT YOU ARE - Archangel Gabriel - Dear One, You have so much to be grateful for. At times it may feel as though life is hard, and yet if you can pull back from its drama, you will see how fortunate you truly are. Even the lessons you are now going through are a blessing.

Though it may feel as if you don't have enough — whether it's time, money, health, or love — you actually have been blessed with a tremendous gift. That gift is your life. A physical body is a wondrous blessing. Take time to observe the miraculous occurrences in your body. It is a miracle that messages are transmitted from your brain so there is movement in different parts of your body. It is a miracle that you don't have to tell your heart to beat or your stomach to digest.

The physical body is a constant source of awe when you consider it a gift from God. You are to use this body to learn your lessons in life and to help bring Heaven to Earth. You are here to create a better world for all. You are here to learn to find peace and harmony within yourself so all people on earth may experience this. One person finding inner peace helps to bring Peace to the entire world.

You are a part of a wondrous Presence in whom you live, move and have your being. Divinity exists beneath all your tumultuous thoughts, and between your breaths. You are here to remember this fact, and to live in this awareness at all times. This Presence is constantly giving, and you can consistently receive the blessings available by focusing your attention on the truth of who you are. You can know that whatever situation is occurring in your life, or in the world, God is in the midst of it all.


Be grateful for this gift of Universal Presence within you. Be grateful for your body and for the lessons you are learning which assist your spiritual progress. Take the time to see the beauty in nature — a flower, tree or bird — and be grateful for the beauty of the Divine there and within all things.

Be grateful for the presence of the Angels in your life. These messengers from God are a powerful force for Love and Wisdom in your world. You can call upon them at any moment, and their assistance is available for you. This is a supreme gift.

And be grateful for all that you are. You are a spark of Divine Light radiating God's Presence on the earth. You are God’s Love expressing to others. You are God’s Wisdom remembering the truth of Divine Order in every situation. You are so much more than what you seem. Remember the expansiveness of your true nature, and be grateful.

Your gratitude opens the floodgates for Heaven's blessings. Gratitude creates an energy that beckons Good into your life. When you are grateful, you feel more peaceful and more fulfilled. It is easier to remember that God is within all people and situations. And you can begin to be a witness rather than being embroiled in life's dramas.

You hold the key to Peace on earth. As you gratefully focus on the truth of your Divine Nature, remember your message from Archangel Gabriel today: Be grateful for all that you have and all that you are. Channeled by Shanta Gabriel at ShantaGabriel.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 7, 2020 - ALLOW THE SOURCE WITHIN YOU TO CREATE DIVINE PERFECTION AND WELLBEING IN YOUR EXPERIENCE - The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light - We are here now. We love you. We are you, from your future, to assist you on your path.

At this time of the grand shift of Earth, there are different realities each individual can choose as things are progressing.

You have been preparing for this moment as a spiritual being on your path of ascension all your life.

You have heard and learned about the fact that you are the creator of you reality and this is now graduation time for you.

The intense contrast on your planet is providing a powerful momentum for your desire of an improvement of your world. With your desire, the new and improved reality has been created. In order for you to become a vibrational match to it, it is imperative to focus only on the things that match your new and improved reality.

So, when you begin to go inward and connect with the Source within you, you will be able to feel the energies and feelings that are a vibrational match to your improved and Divinely Perfect Reality. Then, your experience of reality can reflect your alignment with the desired outcome.

Allow for the Source within you to create Divine Perfection in your experience, not the outer illusion of events. Begin to see the world through the eyes of Source: Divine Perfection and Wellbeing. Anything less is not a Source creation. It is a human creation that you can choose to be a part of or not.

As we behold the transition of planet Earth, we are holding the vision of Divine Perfection of the New Earth and we can tell you that it will all turn out very well - if you let it. We are with you, every step of the way. You are loved beyond measure. We are with you ... always. We love you. We are you. Namaste. Channeled by Asara Adams at http://www.teloschannel.com/

BlissfulVisions.com June 6, 2020 - THIS IS THE FINAL BATTLE BETWEEN THE LIGHT AND THE DARK - Mira the Pleiadian - Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently serving full-time on the Earth Council.

Many times in the past we have foreseen the chaos that currently exists on your planet. We feel your suffering and your anguish. We feel your despair and your fear.

We know that in your life experience in the US and many other places, you did not anticipate these events. As you know, this is the final battle between the light and the dark. You are being made increasingly aware of the evil that exists and how it wants to destroy whatever it can because it knows its time is done.

Did you ever expect the powers that have been controlling this planet to leave gracefully? Do you understand how desperate they are right now? Can you feel them clawing and fighting to keep what they have? They want to keep you in their clutches with their lies and deceit.

However, whatever plans they have to remain in control, will not work. The light is on the planet and has taken charge. Whatever is occurring now is being played out as the very end game.

The way is straight towards the light. You all need a rest and are due many rewards and celebrations. Please rest your mind and your bodies.

Don't try to figure everything out because it is incomprehensible. It is deep and it is wide. It is dark and it is deceptive. It wants only for itself, its own self-interest. We assure you that behind the scenes the light ones are mightily at work. They know exactly what to do and how to make modifications when they are necessary. It is a way of flowing with the energy and you are all learning this too.

We recommend that you stay connected to your inner self and to us. We are in the skies all around you. We are your brothers and sisters. Be strong and vigilant. Be truthful and honest. Know there is a divine plan and trust the plan.

Help each other. Keep your hearts open and welcome in the light and love. Hold that light and love. Discount the fear. Stay connected to Source. Maintain your power by listening within. Soon this drama will be over, and you will be on to new and higher things. We will be dancing with you in the stars, in the sky and on the streets. I love you and I am with you. I am Mira. Channeled by Valerie Donner at https://www.thegroundcrew.com/

Message from Commander Apollo: “Pay attention to the details of what is occurring around you. You will not want to miss a thing! The truth is beckoning you to open your eyes widely. You will blink and the old will disappear. The past is over, and the future is now. There is a need for balance and harmony at all times. When this is off, you will find it more challenging to live your everyday lives. Be good to yourself and loved ones, animals included. They are challenged too. Take nothing for granted except your ability to rise above the chaos and shift into higher consciousness. Be aware and keep loving when things are not the way you would like them. Soon you will have your way.” Channeled by Valerie Donner.

BlissfulVisions.com June 5, 2020 – IGNORE THE DEEP STATE. MOVE AWAY FROM THE MATRIX. LIVE IN A HIGHER VIBRATION – Ivo of Vega: The United States is now involved in a race war, following on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, which did not create the fear and separation that the Deep State was hoping for. So they heated up the situation by stoking fear as much as possible, then threw a match on it to light a new fire: racial tension.

We saw many doctors come up to protest the way that the virus was dealt with, and many pundits share posts of experiences with old folks homes admissions not being screened, and then of course social media began censoring their voices, so Donald Trump changed the laws forbidding them to do so. He's watching now. If the censorship continues, he will take other measures and this may include closing Twitter and Facebook, even YouTube, those who censor will be taken out of business.

The Deep State is manipulating the people, the people are responding by telling the Truth, the Deep State is then censoring them, and then Trump legislates new laws forbidding them to do so.

So now, you are in a race war across the United States which is beginning to show elsewhere. All the meanwhile, the Deep State is using the media to take shots at Trump, claiming him to be incompetent, uncaring, a buffoon, etc. and he is coming back to use the legal system against them. So they change tactics and now you have a race war that is showing in other parts of the world.

When your people refuse to understand that this is being done to them, rather than something that happens organically, that all of the history between whites and blacks was manipulated efforts to keep you hating each other, then they fall prey to the wars. The anger comes out. This is why you have a class system. So you can hate each other.

I could see the timelines of rioting and shortages and possible civil war in America based on the spiritual state of the people of the United States. There are many who still are led by the ego, which of course is manipulated through the Deep State by mind control, and they are the ones who attack others and become violent.

You see there are others who are hearing the alternative news and stop the rioting before it begins. This is interesting to watch. There are people on the streets, expressing their dislike for what is going on, and refusing to riot and throw bricks because they know the bricks are being planted by the Deep State through George Soros' Antifa, to create rioting and war.

The Deep State enjoys war. They have funded many of them.

So it is up to you, those who are more educated and wiser, to hold your highest vibration for the people of your world. Hold your highest vibration and see the good coming out of this for everyone.

You all have to work to get that reptilian part of your psyches under control. Violence is not the solution. If it had been the solution, would you be where you are now? No. In fact, it is the part of your psyche that the Deep State/Dark Ones enjoy manipulating - the part that is like them.

You are not like them. You are like us. This is the reality that so many earthlings have yet to discover about themselves. So many live lives never knowing who they truly are, and this is a travesty.

So, it is best that those who are not inclined to this violence hold their highest light to help the collective get through these problems with fewer incidents and deaths.

The next thing to be exposed
in the media will be the pedophilia.

This is what the Deep State fears: that they will be revealed for being the satanists that they are. That it will be revealed that your children are what they are after.

It is within the capability of all upon your Earth right now to eliminate their influence from Earth by eliminating the darkness within yourselves. It is the dark parts of you that allow their darkness to flourish. That is why they manipulate you into arguing, fighting and rioting. You feed them when you do.

You can resist them. Simply do not give in. Ignore them. They cannot be everywhere all the time.

You are the Light. And nothing happens to you that you do not create yourself. If you fear being jailed, it might happen. If you do not fear it, it will not happen. It is up to you to work with your soul to manifest your life as you wish it to be. You are not, nor were you ever, subject to the rules of these controllers. You never were. That is the truth you must understand.

This is an important lesson to all: you are free. The only reason you feel imprisoned is because you agreed to their rules.

They own nothing without your consent. Do not give it to them. Move away from the Matrix. Live in a higher vibration. Continue to help to open the eyes of the sleeping. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Channeled by Sharon Stewart at www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 3, 2020 - LIGHT FORCES REPORT - Commander Ashtar - Greetings to all humanity and our friends. This is Commander Ashtar at your service. It is always with great honor and excitement that I have the privilege to share with you some very important and meaningful updates. These updates can now be shared on a more regular basis for there is much happening on the earthly realm, both energetically and at a physical 3D level.

Let us start with what is happening and permeating on your realm at an energetic level. There has been a two way influx of energy moving on to Gaia, your beautiful Mother Earth, and moving out from her. We have had a number of lightworkers and light warriors who have been conducting some very effective and efficient clearing work. They have cleared out layers of darkness—both physical and non-physical—from your realm.

Negative Entities Are Being Removed

This has represented a massive outflux, a mass exodus of negative entities and energy that has been removed both from inner Earth and Earth’s surface. We will not provide the details of what has been removed. For this would take far too long, and for some of you, it may instill more concern than relief. What I can say is that with the vast removal of these layers of darkness, there is now a greater influx of bright and powerful light as well as light codes and information. It has been more successfully permeating your planet. This light information has been landing in humanity’s DNA to trigger and activate the necessary information to prepare you all for the upcoming and impending ASCENSION. We understand that there are growing pains. Many of you are feeling Ascension illness and symptoms. We assure you these are temporary, and they are all for a grand and beautiful outcome.

Energetically, Gaia looks far brighter, she’s far healthier. This is not to say that there is not still work to be done. This is not to say that there are no more dark forces among you. There are, unfortunately. However, the good news is that a large number of them have been cleared and captured. They are no longer able to instill the amount of oppression, fear, and abuse that has been imparted among humanity for millennia, and in some cases, eons.

Light Forces are Making Significant Gains

At a physical level on your planet, the light forces are amassing speed, their efforts are being accelerated, largely because many of these dark forces have been removed, and as such, the lightworkers and the light warriors are increasingly unobstructed. The momentum that we have seen from our standpoint is incredible. We are seeing Light forces move steadily across many regions of your planet, even those far reaches that until recently, were, let’s say unattainable. The Light forces, our boots on the ground or our specialized ground forces, have reached every dark corner, every underground base, every underwater base, and even those cloaked dark ships that have been lurking in your skies, in your atmosphere—and even in the solar system—have been surrounded and in most cases, they have been captured and incapacitated. This is extraordinary news and we are pleased to communicate this with all of our friends on Earth.

We understand that you would like more information. Trust, when we say that in time, all the information that you need to know will be granted. For now, you simply need to know and understand that the light forces are ahead of the game. Their progress has been tremendous and victory is upon us. In many ways, this has been won, but there is still some logistical work and some covert operations that are still being carried out.

Humanity is Awakening

What lies ahead for humanity is beyond beautiful. The suffering, the oppression, the fear, anxiety and confusion that has plagued so many of you for too long is slowly starting to lift. Many who have felt fear as a result of this Coronavirus are slowly but surely emerging from the blanket of fear that has held them down. They are once again starting to pop their heads and open their spiritual eyes and awaken to the truth that surrounds them. But they are also awakening to the future and the life that they want to see and experience. And as such, they are creating this for themselves and they are perpetuating this at the collective consciousness level. Know that you do not stand alone. Of course, all of our lightworkers on the ground (whether you are aware that you are a light worker or not), stand shoulder to shoulder energetically and consciously. Know that you are joined by legions of your friends from the stars, both in non physical and physical form, who support you steadfastly.

Envision Your Beautiful Future

We, including myself Ashtar, all send you so much love and light. And we would like to congratulate everyone for their work. Whether you are consciously aware of what you have contributed to this mission, know that you have all played an important part and you have delivered your missions successfully. Continue to hold the light and to envision the future that you want for yourself. It is almost here. It is almost upon you all. Just a little bit more patience and a LOT of trust. Your faithful friend, Commander Ashtar. Channeled by Ascension Calling at ascensioncalling.com

BlissfulVisions.com June 1, 2020 - MAKE THIS VIRAL. SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS. THE BATTLE FOR THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF EARTH - Lady Portia and Count St. Germain: Will you choose love or fear? You have had the emergence of this Corona Virus, which many have used as an opportunity to exert control over the consciousness of earth.

Realize what is at stake!
Realize what is happening!

Realize the important choices which are being presented to you. Humans have never before been presented with such a stark contrast of alternatives: love or fear – freedom or control!

You are learning a hard lesson in your country about the effects of polarization and schism in society, and how the forces of hatred can destroy society (as a consequence of the societal reactions to the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers).

Witness the recent riots that have occurred in many cities all across the United States. As we have often said, “schism creates anarchy – but love creates peace!” You have the opportunity to choose between these alternatives.

Which would you prefer to experience?

We see the flames burning in your cities, as crowds of people riot in the streets. Is this the reality you want? If not, you can change it!

There are many forces trying to take control of your consciousness now – for their own selfish and destructive purposes. Be aware that there are factions within your society trying to exert influence in order to control the consciousness of the nation at this time in your evolutionary history. It has ever been so – with those who believe that power will bring them the riches they desire! However, the end of this story is always the same: the destruction of a community, a society, or an entire civilization.

Do not fall into the trap! Open your eyes and see the whole picture of what is occurring in your country. Identify all the actors on the “stage of this drama!” Do not allow yourselves to be led, like lambs to the slaughter, by those who do not have your best interests at heart. You are not sheep – to be told what to do! ||| Click here to continue to FULL ARTICLE. |||

BlissfulVisions.com June 1, 2020 - BEGIN NOW! LIVE LIFE WITH LOVE AS THE CURRENCY - Xiaera via Jennifer Crokaert - Greetings beloved brothers and sisters of the light. We are very glad to be in your presence again and to have the opportunity to share our perspective, our experience of this stage in the end times, the end games.

Although you may consider this anything but a game, at the highest level, the off-planet level, those who are ‘pulling the strings’ consider this as meaningfully as a game.

They care not for Humanity. They know they can no longer exploit Gaia and her population, and most have left or been dealt with; the events you are experiencing now are the result of those on planet fighting for their very survival.

Some of them will stop at nothing. Others have had second thoughts and have seen the error of their ways. All of them were indoctrinated in the way that you as a population have been programmed and manipulated. Not one of them is unworthy of your compassion and forgiveness.

They have chosen a difficult path, for the karmic weight they carry is not one you would wish to endure. Yet this concentration of darkness had to be played out, so that the light would be revealed and would, eventually, light up even the darkest corners.

Now, to events afoot. There is much change as you know and you will not have to wait for much longer to have the proof that many of you have yearned for, so that those still asleep may awaken. As I mentioned when we last communed, the hologram is rupturing. There are illusions you cannot conceive of that will become clear. Finally, all will make sense.

At this time, we would share some ‘self-care’ suggestions. In the current situation, it is crucial that your vibration remain as high, clear and loving as is possible for you. Focus on all that these new times will bring you, on the deep, nourishing satisfaction that you will feel when love is shared freely among all people, when you are united for the common cause of the upliftment of all.

Be aware of what is going on, but NOT at the cost of your vibration. When you are feeling overwhelmed, saturated, hopeless or even dirty, pull back. Recenter: in whatever way uplifts you. Begin now. Share seeds with others, but do not overwhelm the sleepers. No one likes to be awakened by a bucket of ice water thrown over them.

Begin now. Live life as you intend to live it, when love is the currency. By this, we mean live now with love, with joy, with kindness, with compassion. Life lived with the values, virtues and qualities of spirit are the scaffolding of the New Earth. Better to raise that scaffolding now, as it will make the transition when the pivot point comes much easier, as you will already be used to living a life of loving service.

Begin now. Gratitude. Whether it is for the sunshine, the breeze, the air you breathe, the joy on the faces of others… a life of gratitude is a life of blessing. It is walking on a velvet carpet, regardless of the terrain you are crossing.

The days and weeks ahead will demand all that you are: your compassion, composure, forgiveness, understanding, empathy and love. When you are overwhelmed, retreat and re-nourish your heart.

This is the time. You are in the Now moment that you have planned and trained for at a soul level for eons. This is the dawn. You are love incarnate. Website: jennifercrokaert.blogspot.com


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