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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

Ascension Updates: August 2020


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BlissfulVisions.com August 31, 2020 – TRANSITIONING OUT OF A MONEY-BASED ECONOMY – Divine Mother - You are transitioning out of a money-based economy, which is a distorted energetic, towards a money-free culture, where all your needs are abundantly provided for and in ways you cannot currently imagine.

At present, your life is based on meeting your subsistence needs: shelter, food, warmth, clothing… very little time and energy is available for the fuller expression of the greatness that is you, in form, at this moment. This will soon change.

With regard to the monetary system, this must evolve. It cannot be eliminated nor can it be transformed overnight.

To share all the money in the world equally at this present time would create as many problems as are currently being addressed. So, the process will be a more gradual evolution; that does not mean it will take centuries, it will take perhaps a decade.

In more practical terms, everyone will receive money. Everyone. Soon. It is a right for everyone to have the energy (money at this time) to create what they need to live.

There are others, who will receive greater amounts of money, with the express aim that they are stewards of Gaia, stewards of my trust, and that these funds are to help humanity, from funding new forms of education to financing the building of new means of transport, new means of energy, new means of creating food and clothing, in alignment with their soul contracts.

Some will use their money wisely; others will make mistakes in order to grow into wisdom and stewardship.

Within the ascension journey, you are like a snake shedding its skin – the skin of the ego, the skin of the lies told to you by successive unloving forces. Ascension is an internal journey. It is about you, my precious child, and your Divinity. The focus is not on what others have or have not; each child’s focus should be on themselves and how they use the money to express their energy, their light.

Be reassured, my precious children, not one of my children will be short-changed in this evolution. Not one of you, for every single one of you – no matter what you have done or not done – is of my heart, my being, my essence. You are my Love, expressed in human form. What a miracle is that? How could I not look after you as the most precious, beloved aspect of my Self? Channeled by Jennifer Crokaert.

BlissfulVisions.com August 30, 2020 – PLANS BEHIND THE SCENES ARE MANIFESTING SO KEEP THE FAITH, BABY! - KaRa the Pleiadian - I am KaRa. It is a pleasure to be able to be with you and to share in these moments, in these ways.

For there is so much that can be said. There is so much that we want to be able to say. But as always, we are held back from doing so. So much that we know is going on behind the scenes.

But some of these things now you are becoming aware of more and more. The trust is beginning to filter out. Not only to you, those that are of the Awakened Ones, but to those that are yet asleep. It is beginning to filter to them. And those that are asleep, or were asleep, are now beginning to awaken themselves, because they must awaken.

The entire planet must awaken. Gaia herself is moving on into the higher vibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond. And all of life here on the planet must do so as well. Because life cannot exist in the lower dimensions here much longer. It must move on.

And Gaia herself will only hold the place for those that are yet remaining within the illusion for so long a period of time, then she must release. She must release those that will not move into the Light, will not move on with her. They must be released.

And they will be accommodated. Everything is being planned. Everything has been planned.

And it is only necessary for those of you that are the Awakened Ones, those of you that are the Wayshowers, to continue to move forward. To continue to move forward with hope, with the knowing that everything is exactly how it needs to be. And you, those of you, just simply need to continue to move on, continue to forge ahead, and bring higher consciousness along with you.

Yes, we know there are times when even you, those of you, slip and you fall back deeply within the illusion again. And hope seems to diminish more and more because of all the craziness that is happening around you. But you also knew coming into this that that craziness was going to occur. You knew it was going to happen. You knew you were going to be part of it. You knew you were going to wonder at various times—why, why are you here? Why did you do this? But you also knew that it is at the highest level of your being within you to continue to move ahead, to continue to bring about the Changeover.

And you, those of you, are the Changeover. It would not happen without you. The Solar Flash would not come without you. The Great Awakening, that is occurring right now, would not happen without you.

Yes, we are here within our ships. We are here to assist wherever we can. But as you know, we can only do so much.

But we can tell you this: that there are things that are occurring now, behind the scenes yet, but are very close to coming forward, very close to being revealed. You have heard it in terms of announcements. You have it in terms of new experiences that are coming. And it is only you that needs to continue to hold on just a little while longer.

Continue to move about your business within the illusion, but not be a part of the illusion any longer. Yes, you are in it, but you do not need to be of it. So just continue to move forward, continue to strive ahead, and everything will continue to take care of itself.

You have our promises. You have all the promises of all of the Company of Heaven, of Prime Creator Himself/Herself. Everything is being worked out. All you need to do is to continue to trust in the plan and know that the plan is being worked out exactly as it needs to.

And your part in that plan becomes greater and greater as you continue to allow for your frequency vibration to continue to rise. Because once your frequency continues to rise and your consciousness raises, your power raises with it. And with your power, you will spread the Light even more.

Some of you are noticing that now, as the power within you begins to grow and expand, and begins to bring a new sense of peace within you, and a peaceability to be able to speak out, to speak out to your fellow man. To speak out and say, “you do not need to continue in your sleep state any longer. You can rise above that, now. You can find yourself in the Light.

Because the Light is everything. The Light is all everything, and all things. And it is time now for you to realize that at a more full level, more and more, each and every day, as you come closer and closer to the Great Solar Flash, to The Event, and the Great Changeover that is following this transition that you are in right now. This transition that is taking you from one paradigm into a new higher level paradigm. One that you can now be more comfortable in, feel yourselves becoming yourselves more and more within this new higher level paradigm. It is all up to you now, each and every one, to continue to be the Wayshowers.

To continue to call upon those of us, those of the Company of Heaven, your Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the Agarthans, all that you can call upon. We are all here to assist you. And all you need to do is call upon us, and we will be there.

But I can tell you always that there are plans in the works right now to begin to bring a connection to you, which is more than just this type of connection, more than just feeling us within yourself, hearing our words within your thoughts. An actual physical connection is coming closer and closer. Call it contact, first contact. Although first contact has been occurring for some time, now. But call it a more full contact, and more full disclosure, as those of you that have been prepared for these times that are ahead, those of you that have been prepared for this, are being prepared for those further contacts to come. I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness to all of you. Channeled by James McConnell.

BlissfulVisions.com August 28, 2020 – THE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very impressed with the way humanity has been able to take so much on this journey that you have been on since you began incarnating there on Earth. You have been so resilient in the ways that you have been able to process as much pain and trauma and negative emotion, and you have gained much strength through those struggles, through your heartache and heartbreak.

You have become such an impressive collective because of your willingness to hold on in spite of at times very terrible circumstances and situations. We are not the only ones who are impressed by the fact that you are still there.

There are many other beings throughout the galaxy who have taken notice of the human will. You are such capable beings, and you demonstrate how beautiful your souls are when you face adversity head on.

We are surprised that there are not more suicides. We are surprised that you do not have a higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse, because those are your typical escapes when things get too hard. But the vast majority of you are hanging in there. You are keeping your collective chins up and you are hoping for change.

Now, those of you who are awakened have been hearing about the shift in consciousness for quite some time, and many of you have lived through prediction after prediction of when it would be, and you saw those dates pass you by. And yet, you still remain hopeful. And the truth is, you are shifting. You are not the only ones who are shifting. We are all shifting. This is a universal shift. This shift affects all dimensions and all galaxies, and no matter how it might look there on planet Earth, you are spiraling up, literally and figuratively.

You are making your way to the promised land. The important thing here is that you find a way to make the most of the journey that you are on. You will always be served by looking for the opportunity to experience joy there on Earth. It doesn’t have to be all pain and struggle. In fact, when you see those circumstances as opportunities for growth and expansion, then that’s what you get out of them. You will always benefit by looking for how something could possibly serve you, and you will always benefit from holding the belief that everything is serving you in some way.

So please keep that spirit of humanity alive within you. Remain hopeful and continue to hold on to that knowing that you are shifting to a better and higher frequency range. You are the ones who are taking on the most and having the hardest time of it. So remember that and congratulate yourselves for hanging in there for so many of your eons and eons of your time. And remember always that no matter how things might look, the situation there on Earth is always getting better energetically and vibrationally. Channeled by www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 26, 2020 - THE SEPTEMBER 2020 ENERGIES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are so very satisfied with the progress that we have felt you all making during this month of August, and we know that many of you are anticipating what the upcoming month’s energies will be all about. We know that you anticipate more change, more assistance, and more of the natural evolution of the energies that you have available to you. And that is what you are going to find there in the month of September, the month of your next equinox.

The energies coming in for you will be about helping you to create more ease, more relaxation, and more fun in your lives. It is time for humanity to get less serious and to feel more free, more childlike. It is time for you all to invite the faeries to play with you, to demonstrate to you what their lives are like. We invite you to feel for the truth that what you are becoming, as you shift into your fifth-dimensional selves, is very faerie-like. You are there to awaken within you the knowing that you can create lives of ease, playfulness, and fun. You can allow your inner children to emerge and to take you away from all of the doom and gloom that many humans have been focusing on for quite some time.

We are here to remind you that you can take a break. You don’t have to be focusing on what’s wrong with the world all day, every day. That will always be there for you. You can always go back to fulfilling your purpose, your mission. The upcoming September energies are about reminding you that it is also important to replenish, to relax, to rejuvenate, and to make this journey, this evolution of consciousness, as much fun as you possibly can.

The joy is only in the journey if you allow it in, if you look for it, if you make sure that you are the one skipping and singing as you traverse your path. We invite you to feel for the joy that is available to you, the joy of existence. Your joy does not have to be conditional. You do not have to wait for everything to change for the better before you start having more fun. And in fact, if you allow these September energies to do what they are designed to do, then you will be more likely to let in all that you have been summoning for yourselves and for all of your fellow humans.

You might do a better job of asking and summoning when you’re in that place of angst, fear, and sadness, but you do a far better job of receiving what you have created when you are in that place of ease, when you are looking for opportunities to take a load off, to take it easy, to take some of the responsibility off of your shoulders for making it all better. You are there to create this beautiful reality there on Earth that you want to experience, and you need this component. You need to let in what you have already created, and now is the time. Now is when the energies will support you and assist you, and make your jobs there on Earth a lot easier. Channeled by www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 23, 2020 – YOU ARE GETTING HEART CHAKRA UPGRADES – The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very sincere in our appreciation of how well you have all been able to manage during these tumultuous times there on planet Earth. We know that those of you who are awake often carry a much heavier burden than those who are not, because you are in touch with your emotions, and you are willing to feel them. We want you to know that you are going to be repaid for all that you have done for humankind. You are going to receive some beautiful upgrades to your heart chakras that will enable you to process for humankind much faster and with very little pain.

This is something that your higher selves have decided it is time for you to receive. It is time to make the journey to the fifth dimension easier on those of you who have been doing more than your fair share of the work to get humanity ready. Humanity needs you to stabilize the energies there, and humanity needs you to show the way, to show them how it is done, how to take something that is painful, process it, release it, and replace it with something that is beautiful.

You do not transmute energy. This is something that we often hear people say in your new age community, and it isn’t actually what you are doing. You are processing it, allowing it to be exactly what it is, and running it through you as it is. You change through that process. You are transmuting you by being willing to do that work for yourself, for your past life self, and for humanity. And then you activate a vibration that feels much, much better to take its place, but you aren’t transmuting anything.

You are there to allow everything to be as it is and to rise above what is lower vibrational. You are not there to eliminate anything, and you are not there to transmute anything. You are there to be Source, which is everything, embracing Source, which is everything. That is why it is not your mission to defeat anything. There is nothing outside of you that you could possibly defeat. It is your job to make peace with everything that is in existence and to then choose what you want to experience, what resonates with you, what is of a high vibration.

When you seek to defeat, you lower your vibration, and then you have more things to defeat in that lower vibrational state. You’ll get more and more of what you would deem to be inappropriate, or even evil. And that is why we are so proud of those of you who are able to receive this message. We are so proud of those of you who are doing this, who are rising above what others are seeking to chase down and lock up. You will only experience the planet you want to experience by raising consciousness. That is the only way to get there.

Now, getting back to the work you all have been doing. We want to assure that these heart chakra upgrades are already in the works. It is going to be easier the next time you process, and easier the time after that, and it will continue to get easier because you have paid your dues. You don’t need to continue to experience abject fear or anger that borders on rage. You don’t need to experience sadness that quickly spirals into despair. You have done it all. And while humankind by and large cannot and will not acknowledge this, we can, we will, and we are, and we are happy to be a part of these upgrades you are getting to your hearts and your heart chakras. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com









BlissfulVisions.com August 15, 2020 - YOUR NEW TELEPATHY – Commander Ashian - We have information we wish to bring forth. Many have struggled with loss of contact with loved ones in the lock down. Yes, there are phones and zoom calls and all manner of ways to connect, but the intense emotional intimacy of being in the physical presence of a loved one, of hugging and interacting with a loved one, was absent for many. There was a h***, a pain, created in each being that was deprived of the physical presence of their loved ones.

This is as the dark side would wish it to be. They thrive on pain and negative energy, and I do not say that to make anyone feel bad; honestly acknowledging any negative emotions and feelings frees that energy of its darkness and converts it to the light energetic.

This is the crucial alchemy that starseeds and light workers across our precious Gaia are performing, for the benefit of all who lack the skills to do this work at present. However, what was not so clearly anticipated by those forces, is that this enforced distancing has led to the rise of telepathic neural networks within the human collective.

Unconsciously, many of you have been connecting on different planes with your loved ones; you have said prayers for them – which evokes their spirit; you have had ‘imaginary chats’ with them – which evokes their spirit; you have dreamt of them – which evokes their spirit. You are beginning to get the picture!

Physical presence creates an emotional intimacy; spiritual presence also creates that emotional intimacy, albeit in a more refined vibration. Without knowing it, many of you have been reigniting the foundation and framework for your – soon to come – full telepathic abilities.

The lock down has expanded your spiritual abilities.

At present, this is akin to when children learn to draw; the colours wash gloriously across the paper and the child proudly declares they have painted a cat, as the equally proud parents try to decipher ‘cat’ from the shades and squiggles! However, with practice and guidance, a shape that is identifiable as ‘cat’ emerges.

So it is with your telepathic abilities. You have begun, you are now in training, exploring and playing with this new ability.

Imagine hugging the person you are separated from, this will be registered by them and will evoke a deeper sense of intimacy within you, between your loved one and you. Have conversations where you see them sitting with you; you are not imagining them, their soul is present, you are in connection, a more refined connection but, as you get used to it, you will come to experience it as emotionally intimate as physical contact.

If there is someone who is willing to practice with you, all the better! It will strengthen your ability.

With the coming Light jump, or shift, many ‘new’ abilities will come to the front and telepathy is one that you can begin to practice now. Even if you feel that you are not successful, you are reawakening these neural pathways and strengthening them, which will make it easier when your new abilities are consciously held within you.

You may like to know that, on this ship, we are mostly telepathic. Channeled by Suzanne Maresca.

BlissfulVisions.com August 13, 2020 - THE STORM IS PART OF ASCENSION - Ivo of Vega - The Storm is part of a collective Ascension process for humans on Earth.

Unless you go through this process of awakening and not complying with the evil agenda, you will not ascend.

When the deep state is arrested and ousted from your world, and you return to the world you were living before 2016, what is there to stop another set of people from taking over your world again? Nothing. You must go through this pain in order to evolve. It is the evolution of the human mind and release from the dark's grasp over you that will lead to your eventual freedom. But it is a choice that each individual must make: to be free to ascend or to stay in the lower frequencies.

What you perhaps seem to misunderstand is that your world was created based on corruption. It is entirely based on theft, lying, cheating, manipulation and control. That is the Matrix world and your current life is part of that. The fact that you have surrendered your god-given world to beings who are foreign to it bears that out. You have given your world to thieves who claim to be its leaders when in fact you are its leaders, not they. You were born here.

It would be difficult to return to your pre-COVID world without falling back on lying, cheating, stealing, manipulating and controlling as the basis of life. To suddenly declare that all will now be transparent, authentic and of service to others when all are incapable of that would be absurd.

Also, the lives you live now bear no resemblance whatsoever to the true life of a multi-dimensional human.

So the Storm is necessary. You are all becoming socially involved in your political system because now you are all personally affected. You cannot ignore it anymore because your pre-COVID standard of living, which was acceptable to so many, is being threatened. This is necessary to make you realize how fragile that way of life was and how vulnerable you are. Many realize that now. In feeling these states of vulnerability, you are taking precautions so that you are less vulnerable. And this is good. You are reacting to the stimulus affecting you.

What you need to be living is a lifestyle that is not vulnerable, and that is the true fashion that the human being lives in - because in becoming invulnerable, by living an invulnerable lifestyle - you are empowered. The problem is the earthling is so disempowered now. You need to gain your power back.

Power begins, as I said before, when you say no to those claiming authority. When enough people do this, the authority has no power over you.

You must understand universal law is at work here. This is your planet. Yours. You are the governing power of your planet, not the dark ones, not the deep state. They stole your planet from you. They are pretending. They are lying when they proclaim to be your authority. Universal law stipulates that those native to the planet are its benefactors and hold the power of authority over anyone who visits. In other words, what you say, goes. All must comply with your collective will on this planet. You make the laws and they relate to God’s universal laws. Click Here for FULL REPORT.

BlissfulVisions.com August 12, 2020 – DON’T FALL FOR THE CABAL’S NARRATIVE - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are completely on board with the movement that you have begun there on your world, and we are referring to the movement towards the taking back of your independence, the activating of your freedom, your sovereignty. You have all been made more aware of the forces that operate on your world and throughout your solar system. These dark forces have been utilizing many different techniques to keep humanity feeling powerless, feeling enslaved.

These groups go by many names, one of the more popular one being ‘The Cabal.’ And, of course, they are aware of the fact that you all have become aware of them and that you are seeking to break free from their clutches. And so, they utilize technology to put out a lot of misinformation to lure people into a trap, and that trap is putting you back into more of a third-dimensional mentality.

They want you to think that they are everywhere and that they are all-powerful, and they are the ones who rile you up and get you to focus on them and focus on defeating them. And the reason they do this is because they know that keeps you in a lower vibration.

They know that the only way for you to become truly free, truly sovereign, is to raise the level of your consciousness. The only way to break free from the shackles of their oppression is to be in a higher-vibrational state. And so, they keep you glued to your phones and your computer screens, sucking you in, telling stories about famous people, stories that have no basis in reality whatsoever. And they also are putting forth the idea that there are forces on your world that are trying to defeat them and lock them up.

These are very manipulative individuals. They know exactly what they are doing, and you all have the opportunity to break free from their story, their narrative. You have an opportunity here to start a new narrative. It is time for those of you who are truly awake to set yourselves free from this idea that you are always being oppressed, that you are always being lied to.

It is time for those of you who are ready to truly take command of your lives to let go of their story, their narrative, and to begin to focus on the truth that you are unconditional love. You are Source Energy Beings. You are beings of compassion and joy, and if you can take your focus off of this idea of defeating all the bad guys, then you can put your attention where it belongs, which is on yourselves, on your hearts, and in your communities.

If you put your focus on peace and kindness, compassion and love, and if you can take your attention off of your devices, your screens, then you will become the powerful force that they don’t want you to become. You will become the force that sets the major changes on your world into motion. You don’t have to wait for an event, or a solar flash. You don’t have to wait for anything in order to take back the power over your own lives. Now is the time, and you are the ones. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 12, 2020 – STAND TOGETHER. STAND UNITED. - Commander Ashtar - The Second Half of 2020 Will Test Humanity - Interviewer: Can you give us any advice as to what humanity may be facing as we approach the second half of 2020? As well as any recommendations that you can give to us so that we are in alignment with the higher vibrational plans that you are working with?

Ashtar: Yes, and that is an excellent question. There is much coming down the pipeline for humanity. If you envision the first part of 2020 as a ripple effect, where humanity has had to face its darkest moments, its darkest demons. The second half of 2020 will force humanity to look these demons in the mirror to face much more of the pain and trauma that they experience at an individual level, at a societal level, and more broadly at a collective level.

What is happening now is that humans are being forced to face many issues, whether they are personal or societal, that must be resolved. And this is a test for humanity. While Yes, you must use your voice for freedom and for justice, it must be done calmly, harmoniously, and peacefully. For violence begets violence in the same way and with the same force that peace begets peace.

We hope that humanity has learned to tread carefully, but steadfastly in the right direction for all in the first half of 2020 so that they continue this firm but peaceful march in the second half of 2020.

Humanity Must Stand United

We will not make any bold statements or prophecies about what will come in 2020, but it will be more of what you have seen in the first half. But remember these are tests. Do not allow yourselves to be played for there are many who wish to play you. You must stand together, regardless of your creed, color, religion, or political beliefs. For at the end of the day, these matters not.

What matters is that you are all human. And at the core, you all wish for the same things. You all want happiness, health, freedom and justice for everybody. So you must work for it together . You will not achieve this divided, you will achieve this together.

You’re all in this together, you were all being tested but by a few. And so, you must stand together, do not let them divide you. And when we speak of them, you know who we are referring to. What you all want is the same. Do not let anyone convince you of anything different. Channeled by Kate Woodley @ www.AscensionCalling.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 11, 2020 – WAKE UP! THIS IS YOUR WAR. THIS IS YOUR BATTLE. - Ivo of Vega - The fight you are engaged in now is one of higher consciousness. Do you continue to give away your right to self-determination to the deep state (aka dark cabal, technocrats, Illuminati, etc.) or do you step forward and become sovereign? This is your choice now. This is your personal war.

Understand this: it is playing out on a large scale arena, but each person must make up their own mind. So it is your personal choice to make and to enforce. Your right to determine how you will live is in question and you must each answer that question for yourself.

There is a rogue organization on your planet to create mayhem that profits from the chaos they cause. Until they are revealed to all upon earth and all believe that they are present, they will always carry weight with the public.

When we (Galactics) say we will intervene it is because that is what the masses are asking us to do. Unless you ask, we cannot do much. There must be a majority of the human collective consciousness in order for us to intervene on behalf of the Human populace.” - Channeled by Sharon Stewart – August 6, 2020.

The Solution - Ivo of Vega via Sharon Stewart

Non-compliance is important. Do not comply with mask wearing. Do not comply with signing in at banks and restaurants to get a meal. If you wish to get together with others, do so. You know there is no horrendous threat to you, no more so than catching the flu or pneumonia. The numbers Trump will release soon will bear that out. The world will be shocked. Like him or not, he is still the authority in the United States and you have been programmed to listen to authority.

The other solution is to stop listening to authority. Stand up to authority. Know your constitutional rights. Learn them now. And live by them. That is the law of the land, not the legal system that is currently being exercised. Do not allow violations of your rights and your children's rights. You understand that all that is being done is a lie. It is a ruse. So the solution is not to play along. - Click Here for FULL REPORT - August 11, 2020.

BlissfulVisions.com August 7, 2020 - VICTORY OF THE LIGHT IS THE ONLY OPTION - Rev. Dennis Shipman, Chief Kahuna of BlissfulVisions.com - The dark forces are doing everything in their power to win the battle for Earth and Humanity’s enslavement. They know if they don’t win, they become memories of history. So, they are using their old, ancient system of “Divide and Conquer – Problem, Reaction, Solution.” And, it appears to be working.

Everywhere we look today, we see polarization – nation against nation, and people against people. Fingers are being pointed in blame, judgment, and criticism. It appears as if the entire world is falling apart. This is what the dark forces want you to believe so they can come to the rescue with the solution – a solution that will certainly mean increased forced enslavement for you, your family, and nations of the world. Ask yourself, “Is this what you want?”

My friends, this is the great awakening into unity consciousness. This is the battle for humanity’s consciousness. If you haven’t already realized it, NOW is the time to pull out all your spiritual weapons to win the war. What are these spiritual weapons? Three are listed below, but the general theme is RAISE YOUR VIBRATION.

Daily Meditation – I hope all of you are meditating on a daily basis. The Dali Lama says he meditates between 4-5 hours a day! WOW! Now there’s a challenge for us to match his devotion. Imagine what he experiences in his meditations! Oneness? Unity Consciousness? If you don’t have your own style of meditation, check out the three types of meditations at BlissfulVisions.com

Inward Healing – Awakening into unity consciousness requires us to cleanse the negative energies in our emotions and illusions in our minds that will allow the liberating, brilliant light of our soul to come shining through. The vast majority of us are raised on blame, judgment, and criticism. The dark shadows of this trinity of saboteurs do not serve us any longer. Perhaps they never did. Join me in letting go of these satanic traps forever, and replace them with joy, peace, love, balance, and harmony – the star pentagram of 5D unity consciousness. In doing so, this will definitely raise your vibration by a vast quantum leap.

Service to Others – Just by raising your vibration, and being your loving self to others, you raise the vibration of yourself and the human collective consciousnesses. Nothing more is asked of you. There are, of course, many other different ways you can be of service to others that you can employ, if you like. Being of service to others is NOT what the dark forces want you to do. They want you to hate others, abuse others, and kill others. They want you to blame, judge, and criticize others. My friends, we are peaceful-lightworking-warriors that employ spiritual weapons to win the war, and go forward into the Amazing New Earth and 5D unity consciousness. Protest in demonstrations if you must, but the path to unity consciousness will never go away. Stay the course! Victory of the Light is the Only Option.

BlissfulVisions.com August 5, 2020 - MANY NEGATIVE ET FORCES HAVE BEEN CAPTURED – Pleiadian Commander Ashtar - The Galactic Federation of Light has made some significant inroads. We communicated to you recently that we had fully surrounded and captured many of the malevolent ET forces who had bases in and around your planet. While there are still a few stragglers, for lack of a better word, we would like to inform you and assure you all that the vast majority of them have been caught. This of course pertains to the negative ET forces.

It is not to say that members of other negative forces, that is human groups that we shall not name out of concern for censorship, are still at wide. However, we know who they are. Many of you know who they are, and their time is limited. Their time is running out. They are cornered in many ways. We will not reveal more at this time for there are still operations underway.

What we wish for you all to know is that progress is fast and furious on our front, from our angle. Do not measure our progress based on what you are hearing from your news, or what you are NOT hearing for that matter. For there is a huge and deep disconnect between your mainstream media, your leaders, and the heads of many organizations, and what we, the Alliance and the Light forces, would be communicating to you.

Your Mainstream News is Misleading

We see things from a very different vantage point. And that is our advantage, and your disadvantage. This is why it is so important that I connect with all of you, so I can share some uncensored and accurate information. This information is not information that will be revealed to you through your mainstream media. We have long, long given up on that. And we would encourage you to steer clear of mainstream media for what comes forth is all programming designed and aimed to influence you and hold you in a place of fear and uncertainty. And as of late, as has been reflected by the protests and riots occurring around the globe, the mainstream media has been serving to fuel the anger that so many are feeling.

We would encourage you to ask yourselves, how you feel while you watch the news. Do you feel uplifted or discouraged? This should guide whether or not you should continue to watch, or listen to, your mainstream news.

The Galactic Forces are Aware of Everything

We have been observing every political move, and every sentiment that the masses have been feeling. We have observed all events on your planet. We have even observed the happenings that have not made their way to the mainstream media for very obvious reasons. We have seen and continue to follow it all.

Know that there are millions of Light beings that stand shoulder to shoulder with you and with us in seeing this mission of light through to completion. There is lots of movement on our end, and it is all extremely positive and very encouraging.

Remain Calm

We wish you much love and ongoing positivity. Remember to continue to maintain a state of inner calm and harmony, no matter what is happening around you. And remember that all emotions are contagious. What you feel will be felt by those around you. So you must be aware of what you choose to feel and what emotion you choose to share and spread. Many blessings to you all, Commander Ashtar. Source: Channeled by Kate Woodley at www.AscensionCalling.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 4, 2020 – MATTHEW WARD: ASCENSION REPORT FOR AUGUST – Channeled by Susan Ward – What we see in Earth’s energy field of potential can be likened to the excitement of unceasing fireworks. This is a reflection of activity on the planet as awakened souls are throwing off the yoke of millennia of dark domination.

The corona virus and protest movements are primary in this activity, and first we shall address the virus. Factual information is coming from growing numbers of medical specialists who are speaking out about viruses, vaccines, masks, immune systems, treatment for covid-19 patients, and inflated statistics about cases and deaths attributed to the disease.

What we can tell you that they cannot, because they have no scientific evidence, is why the disease is surging in regions where it had notably decreased. The dark ones who released the virus in China several months ago have been releasing more; and people whose immune systems have been weakened due to stress caused by fear of getting the disease, confinement, financial burdens, unemployment and mask-wearing regulations now are susceptible whereas a few months ago they were not. Another source of stress is separation from family in hospitals or who died without the comfort of loved ones at their side.

It is not surprising that your mainstream media are crying “conspiracy theory” at the truths coming forth, but you may wonder why so many in the healthcare industry are advising adherence to “authorities’” guidelines for your and others’ “safety.” Some who know the truth are “in on” the lies, some are bribed to be silent, some are afraid to speak up, and a considerable number may not know what virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists and other scientific specialists know.

The Illuminati’s control of life on Earth includes education from first grade through university and doctorate degrees, and no information is in standard medical and pharmacological curricula that could interfere with that secret society’s adding to their fortunes via the medical establishment and Big Pharma. Those are part and parcel of their goal to eliminate most of the world’s population and be served by survivors.

They have been seeing their once powerful global network become tattered and world domination slipping farther and farther away. They desperately needed the corona virus to get them back on track, but instead of dying by the millions daily, people around the world are raising a unified voice about the lack of proper healthcare that the poor and people of color have long endured.

And, the international group that has undertaken the monumental task of ridding your world of all dark activities is closing in on the Illuminati. We don’t know when arrests will be made, but as soon as they are, covid-19 will run out its course and never again will Earth’s peoples be subjected to such a scourge.

It is lamentable but not unexpected that troublemakers would infiltrate peaceful demonstrations against racism and its profound injustice. Do not discount the handiwork of the Illuminati in this, too—they are subsidizing the rioters. This group of individuals who feel entitled to rule the world, who started two world wars and numerous civil wars and have controlled the global economy for a century have been reduced to paying low-level minions to destroy property and lash out at peaceful protesters and law enforcement. And even this is not working. It will not derail efforts from community to national levels to end inequities that have lasted far too long.

Change will come on many fronts, and in some countries sooner than in others. But the ever-rising vibrations that will ease bigotry out of your world also will fell tyrannical leaders and crumble male-dominated cultures wherein women are treated as possessions. Click Here for FULL REPORT.

BlissfulVisions.com August 3, 2020 - I AM HERE TO ASSIST AND GUIDE YOU TO ASCENSION - Prime Creator Source - Greetings, My Dear Ones. I am here your Father, God and your Prime Creator. You noticed that the world you used to know about six months ago is now gone. In this moment, you are confused and uncertain on what is happening on your planet. Everything around you is collapsing and changing rapidly, you are moving now to a new 5D existence. The system of enslavement is getting dissolved like it never existed before here on Earth. Yes, the 3D matrix is going to be removed and you are advancing towards a new phase of your life.

I am here to assist and guide you during your Ascension Process to The Golden Age. I am available 24/7 through this channel and I work closely with the group called Galactic Federation Brotherhood. Your world is changing at accelerating pace with each day you are moving more and more away from the reality you knew, which was forced on you for many thousand of years. Your liberation is coming now. You are here to ascend for the first time ever with the physical bodies on Earth and millions of beings are observing your Ascension. You chose to come here on assignment and see this mission through. Right now, Mother Gaia is bombarded by high energies from Space and the timelines are shifting and moving much faster to speed up this process.

We are here, including me, Prime Creator to help you with this amazing development of your awakening and evolution to become a Galactic Human by ascending first to fifth dimension and then later on to even higher dimensions. I am happy to be here and lead you to your new life. The Coronavirus once again was injected into your society after three months of being locked up. The only news you ever hear now on TV are on how many people died or got effected by this virus, and I need to tell you these numbers are not accurate. You are under attack by The Dark Forces who are using all their power that they have left trying to keep this 3D reality going. Unfortunately for them, it's not working anymore, they keep loosing their forces everyday. We are making sure that you are staying safe and sound. We are eliminating them one by one on a daily basis.

We need to heal this planet from abuse, pain and suffering by bringing all of the living beings to a better place by uplifting their energies to higher realms, so we can trigger the healing process for the whole planet and it's inhabitants on Mother Earth. Yes, lets heal Earth and humanity together by doing daily meditations, either by yourself or in groups by sending love and light to all of the souls here and by being compassionate to each other.

You were always curious and wondering how long it's going to take for you to get to a new reality. Unfortunately, you were asleep and not aware what was going on, because The Negative Forces made sure that you didn't know who you are and kept you in the dark by not letting you see and understand the world you are living in. Their whole purpose was to make sure that you would be stuck in this 3D matrix by making you reincarnate life after life and never be able to leave this planet. They even implemented a special system of artificial intelligence, you call it here AI, to keep you here on Earth, so you would not be able to leave and go to back to your Galactic Family or to your home planet, where you came from.

The human civilization stayed in the darkness for a long time, and now I am here personally overlooking the whole process, and I am working with the group Galactic Federation Brotherhood to help to accelerate this Ascension Process, and move everyone to a more happy and prosperous life that all of you deserve. Since, I have been on Mother Earth, I made time adjustments. Your time is now going much faster, I am trying to speed everything up in your reality to a faster pace, so your Ascension Process would move more quickly. Your ascension was suppose to happen a long time ago, and it was stretched out by all of these negative entities, who came here to this planet only to destroy, torture and keep everything and everyone in the darkness by not letting anyone to evolve. These times are coming to an end, me, personally and the rest of Galactic Federation of Light, Ascended Masters, Grand Counsel, High Counsel and etc. are diligently working on that.

Please, understand that it's very important for you to do your daily meditation, express your gratitude for the things you have and by being kind to yourself and nature. You need to find the time to connect with me and other higher beings, so we can assist you and guide you through this process to The Golden Age of Gaia. Yes, I have been emphasizing on meditation and all other beings have been repeating on how important it is. The meditation connects you to 5D energies, it speeds up the Process of Ascension and it keeps your life essence safe from The Dark Forces. Also, telepathic communications happens during meditation, you can connect to anyone here or on other planets on a conscious or subconscious level.

Remember all of us are One and we are One Universal Mind. The Universe doesn't have a beginning or end. The time zones are going to be dissolved on Earth, and time it's going to become unimportant, you are going to live your life without ever looking at the clock. Everything you know now it's going to go away. It was created only for one reason to control you, not to let you be free and be able to think for yourselves. It was a clever and long term plan by all of these negative beings, who even used artificial intelligence, which destroyed many planets, galaxies and universes. It becomes very dangerous to have this technology without keeping a close eye on the their development by making sure it doesn't get modified. If you loose control over it, AI develops on its own, and then it takes over planets, galaxies and universes. This becomes a very dangerous weapon, which can be unstoppable.

The Negative forces implemented some of artificial intelligence on Terra Christa (Earth) to put everybody down to their knees, so that you couldn't even be able to have a second to breathe without being watched and manipulated by them. Perfect example of this is the Coronavirus, look how quickly they put you under their control in every aspect of your life. It was done without any consideration of your well being or helping you to stay safe. The Negative Side just pushed their selfish and very dangerous agenda to keep you under their absolute control and to kill you with their vaccine plan, which was suppose to help you to deal with the virus, the Coronavirus is only life threatening on TV and in front of the cameras.

This virus cannot harm you the way they describe it to you. You can create anything with your mind, so be careful what you wish for, because that can become your reality. If you start believing that this Coronavirus is real, then it can become real. Please, be aware that you are a powerful multi-dimensional being, who doesn't even know yet how powerful you really are. The mystery about you is that you have more than 15 strands of DNA from other Galactic Civilizations in you. You were manipulated and your DNA was altered and forced to be here forever. I am happy to announce to you that it's ending now and that we are almost there.

I am here myself overlooking this process with the help from the Galactics in higher realms. I decided to come here to Earth, because I saw that this process here has been dragged forever. I want this to be done as soon as we can and move to other projects. I would like for all of you to be able to enjoy your life for the first time, and have the life that you deserve by not to being always controlled and told what to do. I can't wait to see these happy smiles on humanity faces, when they are going to have new crystalline bodies in 5D reality. Yes, your body is going to change, what you have now at this moment cannot go to the 5th dimension, the light would be too powerful and it would burn the physical body. You are slowly changing without noticing to a new crystalline light body.

I am happy to help and guide human beings through this Ascension Process. I appreciate my times with all of you here on Mother Gaia and I send to all of you my blessings, light and love. Stay strong and be kind to each other and let's heal this planet together and make Terra Christa bloom by being happy and nurtured with no more pain or suffering ever again, only happy and amazing experiences for all of you. Your lives are going to change to the point that you will never experience disease or sickness and you will stay young forever. If you decide to leave this planet, you will be able to change your form, but you are not going to be forced out of your physical body.

The times are changing, a new world is just around the corner. I came here to greet you and to give my love, light and my blessings to all of you. Thank you, I am Prime Creator and I enjoyed being here with you today for these few moments and I am sending high energies to all of you. Stay in light and love. Channeled by Erena Velazquez at www.GalacticFederationBrotherhood.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 2, 2020 - HOW THOSE IN POWER WILL COME TO HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART – Archangel Michael - How can there be oppressive regimes? And I include the western world in this. How can there be exclusion, when all [human collective} are united in heart, when [there are] those who wish their opinions to be heard, their priorities to be counted, their desires for participation to be included?

Yes, it means a change of heart for those who wield power, which is a very small percentage of the global population …. But how does that change of heart take place? Well, it takes place in a number of ways – and I know I am giving you a global overview. We will spend many hours talking about the specifics.

But if the collective is saying, “Share. Let me participate. Let me be free. I demand my freedom,” at the same time as those who are in power, who have wielded power – and we are not just talking about those in containment; that is a whole other, separate discussion – those in power are also having a change of heart.

How is this occurring? Because the energy upon your planet, not only within you, but upon the planet, Gaia herself, is shifting, so that there is a different longing, a different desire, so that their focus is no longer on holding onto what they’ve got, so there is an easing and saying, “Yes, I think it is a good idea that there is broader participation.”

No, not everybody has any desire to participate in what you think of as the political process. And at the same time, what I suggest to you in the anchoring of my peace initiative is that in so many ways everything is political, the same way everything is economic. So there are shifts taking place on every level.

Now, you say to me, “Okay, how does that reflect in the outer world?” Let us use the example, well, of the cities of light. Let us use the example of your galactic brothers and sisters. Let us use the example of architecture.

When there is a vision of access, of sharing, of beauty, of grace, then what you choose to build are not stone edifices that keep people at bay. Cities shift. And the term, even of what you think of as a city, which has become fairly unmanageable, in human or divine terms, become places of gathering, of welcoming, of accessibility, so that those who construct, design, who participate, who gather in the cities, whether it is for a place of healing or commerce – commerce takes on a different meaning – they become places that are welcoming rather than exclusionary.

Now, your cities of light are at hand – cities that were once 80,000 years in the future. This is why I say to you, you have been creating Nova Earth, and co-creating it, with us, with your star brothers and sisters, and you have been pulling those cities closer and closer, because you are ready.

The vibration with your star brothers and sisters – which, by the way, is not simply the Fifth Dimension; but that, again, is a different conversation; there is so much to talk about – but that vibration more and more and more is compatible because you are not carrying that debris. You are coming into the full partnership, yes, but you are also coming into the fullness of your being. And I mean each and every one of you, and who you are, who you are claiming, who you are becoming.

Are there needs for the platforms, and particularly this one, to continue? It is seldom that I am at a loss for words, but we really don’t know what we would do without this platform. And that is why we encourage you, and we request you, in the spirit of equality and partnership, to please continue on. You are serving, but you are also creating with us.

Are there need for conferences, for gatherings, for people of all realms to come together, not just with the intellect, not just with the information, but with the heart? Because if the heart is not present, if the love is not present, there is no Nova Earth. So if the love is not present, the creation is a false illusion. It is a deck of cards that is blown away by the wind. The bedrock is your spirit, your soul, your heart, your intentions, and yes, your actions. Source: Golden Age of Gaia

BlissfulVisions.com August 1, 2020 – THE CASSIOPEIAN CONTRIBUTION TO THE AUGUST ENERGIES - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very pleased to announce that we have been meeting with several collectives here in the ninth dimension to determine how we can all unite in a more harmonious way so that we can all be of greater service to humankind and all of the other physical beings throughout the galaxy. We are so very happy that we have experienced more of the perspective of the Cassiopeians during these little get-togethers. Cassiopeia is a star system where beings incarnate in order to explore all of the various ways there are of feeling, expressing, and knowing the vibration of love.

And so, the Cassiopeian perspective on how to help humanity at this time is to transmit more and more love every single day, every single moment, in fact. They are very certain that this is the best approach to assisting all of you. It is an approach that they have found to be tried and true in their experience, and they have a lot of experience putting this philosophy to the test. Now, as we have said, in previous transmissions, the main purpose of the energies that are coming to you from our collective, and other collectives that we are working with, is to put you all in that knowing that you are Source Energy Beings.

And the path to Source is now and always will be the heart. Source is Love. Source loves all beings unconditionally, and so this Cassiopeian approach, this Cassiopeian agenda is one that we are in harmony with, and we are going to help put to the test there on Earth and throughout this galaxy of ours. This is a time when many humans are abandoning their hearts, and getting very attached to their thoughts, their perspectives, their points of view about what’s happening there on your world, and we could not imagine a better time, nor a better opportunity for love to be anchored in and to do what it does.

Love heals. Love awakens. Love is a force to be reckoned with, and one that can be used to create a much more harmonious and peaceful experience of life there on planet Earth. Now is the time to put this Cassiopeian philosophy to the test, and you are the ones who are awake enough to resonate with this truth. And so, we suggest that you all focus on opening your hearts up throughout the month of August there on planet Earth, and see how much of this beautiful Cassiopeian energy you can anchor in and make available to the rest of humankind. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com

BlissfulVisions.com August 1, 2020 - THE AUGUST ENERGIES FROM ARCTURUS, PLEIADES & SIRIUS - The 9D Arcturian Council - We are very pleased and excited to share with you what we believe the month of August will be all about there on planet Earth. We have been working with a Pleiadian collective and a Sirian collective to put together a package of energies that will work quite nicely with the other energies that you have coming in for the month of August. It is our intention to make this upcoming month be all about you finding your core within. This is the month of humankind recognizing the Divine that is always present within each and every one of you.

We really want to hammer home the truth that you all are Source Energy Beings, and that you have access to All That Is when you focus inwardly, when you give your full and undivided attention to the unconditional love that exists at your core, at your heart-center.

If you are going to lead humanity as the awakened collective, then you have to be the ones who hold the Christ Consciousness within you. You have to be the ones to demonstrate to the rest of humankind what is possible when you truly know yourselves as Divine Beings of Light and Love.

What we see there on Earth is far too much waiting around for something to occur that will rescue humanity from yourselves. Only humanity can truly rescue humanity. There are, of course, beings and collectives like ourselves who are doing everything in our power to help you awaken as a collective, to guide you back into yourselves, and to remind you of how powerful you are. But there are far too many humans out there telling you that you aren’t as powerful as some cabal group and that you have to wait for some kind of solar flash to come and rescue all of you.

It’s time to stop pinning all of your hopes on one politician saving the day, or even a group of well-meaning individuals defeating the bad guys. What humanity needs now, and what this upcoming month is giving you the opportunity to recognize, is that Divinity activated within as many of you who are willing to go out there on a limb in the same way the one known as Yeshua once did. Remind everyone that they are Source, that they are Divine, that they are creating all of this as an illusion so that they can wake up from the dream and become the powerful beings of light they truly are.

Welcome in the August energies with open arms, and take that full knowing of who you really are out into the world. Spread the light, spread the love, spread the healing, and offer compassion and forgiveness freely, and you will see your world transformed in a way that nothing else could possibly accomplish. You are the ones to truly embrace your true nature as Divine Beings, and it will be a group effort to bring the rest of humanity along for this very fun, joyous, and beautiful ride. Channeled by Daniel Scranton at www.DanielScranton.com


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