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"The reality you are living in - at this time of great change - cannot continue as it has."

Road to Oneness

2021 Predictions: The Times They Are a-Changin'

Bartholomew through Anthony Lapsley, Alexander through Robin Baldock, and Jehoshaphat through
Greg Branson - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com Bartholomew: Things are moving very fast. You are aware of the explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon [August 4, 2020]. These kinds of events will continue to be triggered by energies erupting from inside the earth until you humans get your acts together, as you say.

Nothing happens that is not brought into being by you collectively, and that includes the other kingdoms on your planet.

You are being encouraged to understand the naturalness of everything that happens. The coronavirus will not go away, and these turbulent events will not cease until you stop resisting the lessons to be learned and start to seriously carry out the acts of transformation being asked of you.

This is not the time to assert individuality at the expense of community and global cohesion. Many of you believe your freedoms are being taken away and forces out of your control are being imposed on you.

In fact, none of you is being forced by the state or your family or any other human authority to sublimate yourself to the detriment of your destiny plan. You are being asked to stand shoulder to shoulder and stride forward with integrity, marching for a different kind of freedom while creating what is laid out for you to achieve. We wish to see equality of spirit with no one artificially higher than another. This allows relationships born out of unconditional love to develop and continue through the coming crises.

You have to pull yourselves together. This will, at last, bring the balance that many of you with moral integrity have sought over the centuries. You need to understand the reality you are living in at this time of great change. It cannot continue as it has. For you, but more for others, you must engage in what will go against some long-held tendencies that humanness has taken upon itself. You must learn to live with others as if they are part of you. You have made individuality too important.

You must share what the planet provides with others. This is not difficult. It is like tribal existence on a grand scale but with no intention to take what the other tribes have. America cannot be great again if all other countries are not part of this greatness.

Much change will be needed following the election, whoever prevails. I see an incendiary event taking place in Washington, DC, that will proliferate to other states and especially to those close to the great oceans. Water has a magnetizing effect on people’s emotions, and reforms often come as a result. For this reason, it is very difficult to fully bring about change in the middle of America, which tends to maintain a more conservative approach to life.

Natural and Human-Made Eruptions

Jehoshaphat: Yes, while change is generated in the heart of any country, it must spread far and wide for the change to be global. The Lebanon explosion did not arouse the kind of mass compassion and outpouring of empathy that was needed, so these events will continue until this happens. It is worth investigating the nature of compassion, for some of those who claim spiritual generosity do not extend it to those who live far away.

Everything people do affects Earth and causes these eruptions, including volcanic activity, which we predict will happen soon. A volcano is a natural release of pentup energy. It showers energy far and wide, but it intends no harm. We suggest that you let these eruptions of energy come into you in small ways. Stay in your heart, and let the energies burst out, but don’t act on them or inflict them on your environment; just let them go.

Bartholomew: Of course, you have to relate to many others who allow their frustrations and fears to control them. You need to say, “That behavior will no longer be tolerated in my world. Behave yourselves, and then you will be accepted by Earth and by spirit with open arms.”

There is work to do to avoid even greater calamities, but this must begin inside every individual heart to mature how you live. It is all about encouraging loving relationships in those around you with both parties caring deeply and reciprocity holding sway.

This extends to the protest movements that have been erupting around your Earth, which can be a very good thing but not necessarily so. They will continue to be a powerful influence on how people behave, both for and against change.

Alexander: Many people rioted during Martin Luther King Jr.’s time. People on the cutting edge of the current movement to change how racial issues need to be addressed are very focused on continuing the principles of this great man. They carefully monitor what is going on in the networks they have created. But any movement that extends out so far and so quickly cannot be easily managed.

Bartholomew: It has to be acknowledged that karma is involved that demands they stick absolutely to the truth and not just to that part of the truth that suits them. This karma relates to nature. If they do not deal with this karma, they will surely lose their way, because for some of those involved in the various initiatives, rage — not love — is behind what they aim to achieve.

Jehoshaphat: Karma cannot be relieved by taking the polar-opposite stance to those you disagree with. True nonviolent protest is very difficult to achieve. You must touch a light within that brings all forces of opposition together as one to unify, not dis-unify. Disunity is often the case at this moment.

Grassroots Call for Change

Alexander: Overall, America is quite an Evangelical Christian country, where the idea of good and evil holds sway. This creates a need within some for Armageddon. This is one way to view what is happening, with each side projecting evil onto the other side.

It is difficult for a proud country that sees itself as the leader of the free world to admit that, on some levels, their systems have broken down. Much needs to change for a surge forward involving all citizens and for the country to retain anything like the prestige it has known.

In 2021, the grassroots will definitely be calling much louder for change, even though, divided as they are, they might not know what those changes actually need to be. But they do know it is necessary to come together to achieve it. Those trying to divide in order to rule will continue to pursue an us-against-them agenda. This could easily lead to a breakdown that enables everything to be rebuilt in a much better way, which is not their intention.

You might think, from what we are saying, that it doesn’t matter who wins the election, because even though one resulting scenario would be more turbulent than the other, everything will still get to an acceptable position eventually. This, we suggest, is a dangerous position to hold, for the results might send things completely out of control. The ecological changes happening will become quite relentless if you don’t act coherently, and humanity will suffer greatly.

It is particularly irresponsible to play politics in relation to China as if there will be no adverse propaganda reaction; there always is. Certainly, many things are going on there that need to be stabilized. President Xi Jinping’s once-powerful grip has seen him overstep the mark with much papering over of cracks, which will nevertheless continue to widen. So his position does not seem certain at this time. This will create many challenges, and it is not a pretty sight to see any country potentially break apart.

Jehoshaphat: To make a difference, you will all need to reach out to the many people who will be affected by the dramatic events to come. This might be easy to do for people close to you who have undergone life-threatening experiences, but now you must extend it to the many people caught up in these big global upheavals that we see continuing. To achieve the really big changes needed, an immense outpouring of love and compassion must envelope the planet.

The dramatic events ahead will bring humanity back to Earth. They will enable people to get in touch with their inner selves to begin the process of loving themselves unconditionally, contacting those aspects they have kept away from their hearts, concentrating on unity rather than division, and revealing the honor and truth that lie within wisdom.

If you can work together sufficiently over the next four years to the completion of this current phase of global evolution — when the route taken will gradually become the narrative the whole population can agree to — working together is by far the best and most productive way forward. The people of America must look to their hearts and arouse unconditional love; they must have no hidden thoughts or agendas. The deeper truths revealed will bind everyone together. That is our most fervent wish.

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The Guild of Peacemakers, formed in 1976, is a group of trance channels who meet regularly to focus and direct energy to secure peace in our time. They are also past-life therapists and earth-energy workers who release trapped spirits and harmonize the underlying power grid in many places around the world. The guild can be contacted on heliosc@dialstart.net.

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