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2021 Predictions: Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Divine Hosts of Light, the Guardians of Light from the Future, and Pallas Athena through Aurora
Juliana Ariel, PhD - Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com The Divine Hosts of Light: As your world spins seemingly out of control, we hold a higher vision for humanity. The present challenge is a test for a world in transition. Will old ways continue?

Will you continue to pursue your dreams and desires at the expense of others? Will money be the highest value, or will love and connection replace the pursuit of material things in a never-ending game of who has the most and the best and who is better than the rest?

The challenge for humanity at this time is to awaken fully and become wise stewards of Earth, guiding the destiny of the planet into a more enlightened era by living as your highest selves and operating from more conscious, clear, and directed ways that fulfill a divine, rather than human, plan.

Will you succeed in awakening in time to bring the world into the glory of the divine template that has been revealed to many? Will you follow the golden rule and live by the laws of life that want only goodness for every soul that dwells in these matter planes? These choices are yours.

We, who see the world from a higher vantage, understand the great shift in consciousness underway and how the awakening is allowing truth to be unveiled at last so that the darkness can be seen for what it is and eradicated from Earth. This darkness is within and without. It lives in the psyches of humanity like a virus that has tainted, corrupted, and contained many souls in its virulent matrix. To be released from inner darkness, you must go within and address the aspects that live in the unconscious (or beyond conscious awareness). To transform yourself into the gold of true nature is an ancient art known throughout time in the mystery schools.

Today, the awakening has called millions of you into the inner transformation of self. We call this sacred alchemy, an alchemical key that allows souls of Earth to transform the Earth from within. Each time you do inner work, all humanity ascends to the next level.

As more of you awaken to the glory of your divine nature and rise in consciousness, the vibration of the world shifts, allowing many more to enter the Edenic reality that lives beyond human programs. As more of you learn to live fully in this reality, it becomes a physical, tangible template on Earth.

This is the way Eden (Paradise on Earth) is restored, the purpose for which many souls of Earth embodied in this time.

There Is More Awakening to Come

In 2021 and beyond, the awakening continues in full force. Many ailments drop away as souls tend to their inner worlds. Suffering is seen as something that must be eradicated, and measures are taken to end it in the world. Beneficial programs are initiated by conscious leaders who have the mantle of light from on high. The darkness long hidden on Earth continues to be unveiled, and remedies are initiated. The truth is a force of great good that awakens more souls than ever. Dark deeds are quelled and justice prevails. People of all nations come together and unify under the great divine plan, forming alliances for positive planetary change. Many more adopt the Earth restoration project and dedicate their lives to positive change on Earth.

By 2033, great changes will have taken place. Souls of Earth will breathe free. Many great programs adopted in the 2020s expand to bless even more people. Cures are initiated. Advanced technologies change the way of life. Freedom is a prevailing keynote, and authentic self-expression is a way of being. Trust in the Divine is restored. People look within for guidance and follow their unique destiny paths.

Abundance increases exponentially, blessing the ever-evolving, high-conscious society that emerges out of the great travail. Souls thrive in the new energy, partaking of the bountiful blessings of a world that has transformed.

While elements still need to be addressed and ideas updated, most humans change their values, which are expressed in the beneficial lives they live where the highest intentions manifest abundantly in physical form. The change is palpable, and this inspires many more to focus attention and bring their God-given talents to a world in transition.

You Are at a Turning Point!

The Guardians of Light from the Future: You will see a big change in the world that is unprecedented in these turbulent times. Great light has bathed the souls of humanity, and many more of you have awakened to take your places in the grand play. Many more inventions and innovations come forward. Souls will have had enough of the pollution of the planet. Many will rise together to turn the tide on planetary conditions that led to the demise of nature in its most splendid forms.

A great turning point is at hand as more of you lend your hearts, heads, and hands to the restoration of this beautiful planet. So much help is standing by when humanity is ready to make the inner shift that will change everything on Earth. It is yet to be seen how many of you will take heart, knowing you can make a difference. Who of you will valiantly stand with the hosts of light to bring Earth into the blessed time you have seen and in which we live in the future?

Freedom Is at Hand!

Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth: A world in turmoil gives way to the glorious light within that first quells the darkness of ages past and transfigures the awakening soul into a new vibration, a new way of being, and a new way of life. Old patterns are dissolving in many who came to lead humanity out of the darkness. These way-showers were called into extraordinary duty in 2020 as countless adversities appeared on the planetary scene. Holding in a high vibration of love, the field of Earth held secure as souls traversed the great travail. Many fell under the weight of planetary chaos, while others held fast to the light within. This mixed vibration of discord amplified negative elements that were experienced en masse by those who had chosen to participate in the dark time.

While this seemed to be the prevailing theme in 2020, so much more was going on. This unseen hand in the destiny of a planet made great strides in setting countless souls free who for lifetimes had been caught in the matrix of human suffering. The way to freedom became a focus of many who realized their destinies were now being called into action to stand strong in the light and be bastions of divine energies by holding fast to their authentic selves.

Tethered to the one true reality, eternal light is a fully present reality within every soul, making these light-bearers focal points of our assistance on Earth. Many of us have come to help initiate the great change. We align with souls who raise their consciousnesses and choose to live in the dignity of their divine selves. Many understand this is the time of the great cleanse. They have seen the inner reflections of the outer world condition and have tended to hide aspects of themselves that caused havoc in their lives.

Through this sacred alchemy, a new world is being born. Humanity is rising out of the mire of archaic ways of being. Unconsciousness is giving way to truth as many wake up and realize they are divine. Divine attributes are being called into the world. These long-lost cords of the true self are now coming into view as shadow elements clear from within.

2021: Chaos Dissolves: People contain new light. Greater love is the key that unlocks the mystery of self. Many rise into greater stature and take their places as illumined citizens focused on positive planetary solutions. Great offerings are released to a world that still continues in the great travail. Help and healing becomes more readily available to souls falling under the weight of planetary conditions.

As the drama continues, a great light is born into the world, as many souls are now in the resonant realities of their divine selves. Holding fast to this inner light, the whole nature of reality changes as the outer reflections of a dysfunctional humanity dissolve. Vast amounts of darkness are transformed as the cleanup continues. Many more join in the sacred work.

2022: The Beginning of the End: A mass of dark elements comes to light, putting humanity at a choice point. Will the darkness continue with souls living in an unconscious, pattern-driven realities, or will more of humanity rise up and awaken to the truth of who they are, bringing their light quotients into the equation?

A crossroads in time and space begins the deep reflection of the next wave of souls destined to awaken. Shaken to their cores, they find the impetus needed to make positive changes.

Love again becomes a focal point, as a new solidarity of Earth inhabitants forms. Legions of light support this change, tending at inner levels to the newly awakening ones. Those who continue to hold in their higher consciousnesses lend their gifts and talents to the planetary upgrade.

High frequencies can now reach every part of Earth, as light-bearers hold in that vibration as conduits for the great change. The frequency of change is the keynote, and many souls are set free from patterns of the past that caused immense suffering.

2023: The End of Suffering: Many more souls take action for positive change. Legions of light continue to support awakening souls, and many leaders come under the mantle of the divine ones who help them govern from their divine authority. This massive change allows great programs and potential for humanity beyond what was seen before, because greed and avarice are being replaced systematically by those leading from their authentic selves.

Allegiance with the great divine plan becomes the theme of many souls of Earth. As light increases within, ailments fall away, and humanity receives many more inventions and cures. It is a time of thanksgiving as positive changes begin to affect larger portions of humanity, creating ease and well-being for many on Earth.

2024 to 2029: Positive Planetary Change: Darkness rises to be cleared. Humanity is beset with challenges that ignite passions to set things right. Dilemmas create opportunities for innovations and cures of many ills that continue in the world. The number of high-vibrational souls who know their mission and purpose for being on Earth, increase.

A great alliance between awakening ones and the hosts of light bring untold blessings to the world. All manner of unseen assistance is given, and many prosper under the great change, even while others grapple with darkness that reflects inner conditions yet to be healed.

The 2020s are a choice point: Will humanity continue to live in a pattern-driven reality, or will it choose to rise in consciousness and be the change called for in this time?

About the Channel

BlissfulVisions.com Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, has been a vessel of healing and a voice of positive change since her teens — when she was awakened to a planetary conscience, remembered her destiny on Earth, and received a divine sponsorship that has inspired her global healing mission. As a pioneering doctor, scientist, author, musician, entrepreneur, producer, mystic, and healer, Aurora is a Renaissance woman for the new millennium. She cares deeply for our world and devotes her life in service to the advancement of humanity. To learn more, click here go to TheOracle.Love

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