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"It is time that the illusion of Earth transforms itself to fit with your ever-expanding consciousness."

Road to Oneness

Chaos Is Evidence of Powerful Change

Divine Mother channeled by Miriandra Rota
Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com Divine Mother: Greetings! I am the Divine Mother, and I come forth in response to your request to speak about the upcoming year, 2021.

There is much to know so that you can live within your journey in a way that will uplift your steppings, regardless of what the external world of illusion presents to you.

It is time that the illusion of Earth transforms itself to fit with the ever-expanding consciousness that you hold within the fabric of your being.

As you are well aware, there is great chaos on Earth and in government leaders, the hearts and minds of people, and cause and effect itself. I would like you to understand the reason for the chaos, for it is different from what you would believe or suppose.

There have been emissaries that I have called forth to come and assist my suffering children. These emissaries have been (and will continue to) placing within Earth the frequencies of peace, love, and compatibility with all.

You have been devoted to expanding your consciousness and holding peace within your heart. When you have felt called to battle and hold hate within your heart, you have not. Because of your continued dedication to truth, there has been a shift in consciousness. Because of this shift, the emissaries in spirit form have been able to assist you as you continue on your daring spiritual path, which is the path of all beings.

Frequencies Shift to Support Truth

Because of the changes in consciousness, frequencies on Earth and within the Earth’s grid continue to shift and balance. The grid on Earth holds the integrity of the encodings and vibrational frequencies that determine the manner in which cause and effect can hold itself closest to truth.

Now you might be wondering why the grid of Earth hasn’t been holding more truth or more frequencies of truth. The answer is this, my dear children: There must be compatibility with all frequencies. This means that if pure truth incarnated within Earth’s grid, it would cause most of physicality to dissolve, simply because it could not hold those frequencies.

Physicality itself holds the illusion of separation from the whole. This is natural because of the way physicality presents itself. Yet within the illusion, untruth has developed and affected the consciousness of the sleeping masses to such a degree that there has been an increase in the negativity on Earth.

This is why I have sent the spirit emissaries to assist in the change that wants to occur. And the reason that I say “wants to occur” is that you and all others who hold truth and love within your hearts have called it forth. You have been calling forth peace for a very long time.

Finally, there has been a balancing of the frequencies so that more of, what is called, pure truth can incarnate. This means that there is a greater possibility for truth to reside incarnate. This also means that the grid on Earth can release those encodings and frequencies that support a more expanded consciousness and truth.

Truth incarnate represents itself not as words but as frequencies of peace or total compatibility of the all. This then means that the all — totality of being — would be incarnate as it always has been, for there is no separation. You incarnate consciously.

Peace Will Replace Hatred

How will the frequency change and encodement activation affect the upcoming year and your journey within it? There will be more chaos, yet hear my words: This chaos is for the betterment of all. You see, there must be a gradual shift and change — a gradual releasing of those frequencies — so that physicality can adjust itself. When you are aware of the chaos and see it increasing, know this to be true: This is evidence of increased frequencies that will support an awakening within the masses. Yes! This is something for you to celebrate.

Now, I am not saying that when you experience chaos on your journey you should be happy about it. I recognize that chaos presents some difficulties. Yet if you would hold within your heart and mind the purpose of your journey, which is to incarnate truth and light consciously, then you will hold at bay the chaos. You are the ones, my dear children, who are actually saving Earth. You are in the process of saving humanity from itself — from its sleep state.

As the frequencies begin to be accommodated within Earth, peace will begin to present itself. It will be a sigh of relief. Yet know this to be true as well: There will be those who will not like peace because they are addicted to power, including the power that flows forth as a direct result of war.

The great wondrous news is that although there will be threats of war, the new wave of consciousness will not allow it. Do not allow your heart to be filled with fear when you hear threats of war. Hold to your consciousness of peace and love — love for all beings — even those who are threatening war. Remember these words and your purpose of holding truth incarnate consciously.

Your purpose is being fulfilled even as you receive these words. You have been fulfilling your purpose for a very long time and for some, lifetimes. Now flows forth the gift of your dedication, as peace begins to sigh herself on the lands and into the hearts of all beings. Again, even in the hearts of some beings, there will be chaos as peace begins to replace hatred. Now you can understand why this is a gradual process.

When peace replaces hatred, a great transformation occurs. Those who will release hatred from their bodies, experience a shift of frequencies and encodings that have been holding them in a deep sleep state, which is a refusal to accept that all beings are one being. When such a shift occurs, there is a possibility that the physical body will not be able to sustain the transformational frequencies. This is why our love for all beings is so very important. We must, my dear ones, assist the whole to give evidence to what it truly is: all one.

The Awakening Consciousness Emerges

During the upcoming year, there will be those ones who dare to present new laws and new ways of being that will support Earth. They will dare to call people to reach out to one another in caring and love. They will dare to stand among those who used to hate and speak with them in soft, loving words, inviting them to remember truth and fulfill a greater purpose — one of saving humanity from its demise. More will respond to such words than will not.

Many lands will experience a change of leadership and cessation of greed so that people are truly cared for. It is quite possible that those who have amassed great quantities of wealth will find their wealth diminished, for there will be a foundational change that will bring balance. In addition, those who have been making agreements that are against the betterment of people will find that they and the agreements will be exposed. People will begin to trust leadership and governments.

People will awaken and shed the need for a cloak of darkness lest they be too vulnerable to love. First one, and then another and another, will begin to feel the light of truth flow forth on Earth, even in those countries where there has been no freedom for a very long time. My dear children, this is not a call for you to take responsibility for this. These words say to you that your continued manner of being is the assurance that these changes will occur.

All rests on the awakening consciousness of those who hold truth within their manner of knowing and being. When one being awakens, it changes the nature of mass consciousness. Imagine what all of you have been doing! You have been reaching into the darkness of the suffering mass consciousness and breathing your breath of truth and love.

What has occurred within the dark consciousness — the suffering sleep state? There has been a moment of hope, and that moment of hope has grown. When hope enters the consciousness of the masses, it is a threat to those who control the masses and want them to remain asleep, as if the masses are slaves to the building of wealth and power. Yet as I say these words, their ways are coming to an end.

The hope that builds and resides on the breath of truth and love, which all awakened beings have been radiating outward, breathes into the darkness of sleep and suffering of the masses with compassion and love. It has given a foundation within the sleep state, and it is one of freedom from oppression. Even those who have been in power and control can feel that the ground on which they stand is cracking and dissolving. They will try all the harder to control; yet do not be fooled, my dear ones. They will not succeed. Now is the time of shifting and aligning truth within physicality. Now is the time of your fulfillment of being and purpose.

Dare to Be Who You Really Truly Are

When you incarnate into your journey on Earth, you hold within your being your dedication to truth. Your consciousness gives to you an inner knowing. You know that all is one. You know that truth prevails. You know that untruth cannot stand in the face of truth. And you know that your reason for this lifetime is being fulfilled in the moment.

This year of 2021 will begin with chaos, but in the days and weeks that follow, the debris of the chaos will clear. There will be a sigh of relief flowing on the lands, and people will feel a manner of peace. There will be those who will make decisions that give people a reason to dare to trust once again.

People from all lands will reach forth, ignoring the boundaries drawn on Earth, declaring a oneness of being — one Earth, one nation, and one of all beings where all are free to be. This is coming, my dear ones. Remember, it is a gradual process so that all can remain incarnate and Earth can adjust to a new consciousness that loves her essence of being. Remember these words when you are tempted to lose hope. The chaos is temporary and evidence of a powerful change on Earth.

Dare to continue to be who you really are, and dare to let go of who you believe you are supposed to be. Allow yourself to be your beautiful being that you are. Allow yourself to emerge more fully. Your innocence of being is begging you to allow it to be the major presence in your life. Remember, innocence is different from vulnerability. Innocence is strength of being, residing in the power of truth and love. That is you. You are most beautiful. You are in the process of saving humanity from its sleeping self. You are succeeding right now, in this moment called eternity.

There are many in spirit form who are present to assist you. You know this already, I am certain. You are so very awake! You are magnificent. You are truth incarnate: one breath, one heart, one spirit — One. I could not be prouder of that which you are. Until we speak again, I am your Divine Mother. So be it.

About the Channel

Miriandra Rota is an internationally known author, lecturer, explorer, and deep-level channel. Miriandra has been working in the spiritual field for nearly forty years and is the author and channel of numerous books and audio programs. Sharing expanded consciousness truths and helping others achieve the greatest realization of themselves continue to be her life’s work. To learn more about Miriandra, visit her website, Miriandra.com, or contact her at PO Box 81, Troutdale, VA 24378-0081 or miriandra@miriandra.com.

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