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"The year 2021 represents a turning point in the history of humanity!"

Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

The First Year of a New Direction

Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell
Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com Xenanthium: Greetings! Humanity only embraces change when the alternative is too painful. This is just part of the human experience, as we are consumed with our little corners of the world and experiences. Since humanity does not seek change, change must move us forward, whether we’re ready for it or not.

In reality, all change originates at the soul level. It originates at the nonphysical level where all experiences are decided and planned. Humanity, by design, was meant to move in a straight line until the wheels fell off, and that happened in 2020.

The year 2021 is the ninth year into the new wave of change that started in 2012. The number 9, in numerology, is the number of completion, and it will be the first year of a new direction in this new wave of change. We refer to this time as the New Renaissance.

For this New Renaissance to occur, all the foundations that supported humanity until now need to be brought into the light. What humanity will discover will be enlightening, to say the least.

This system — or, more exactly, this belief system — came from a place of fear, lack, and control. We have spent the past 2,020 years living in fear and supporting those of us who see fear around every corner instead of connecting with our souls and God selves, which know we are safe in all-ways and that we can all live in love, peace, harmony, and joy.

Our world leaders have acted out this contrast for all to see so that we can choose to live differently. The change coming is beyond the reach of the physical realm, and as we embrace the knowledge that we are all creators and not victims, the change will progress. There will be new directions in thought and leadership. Some will be false starts, but they will unravel quickly as truth finds its way into the light faster than ever before.

For many of us, it will seem like being kids in a candy store, and we will be disarmed, at first, because of how thoughts and desires manifest. This does not mean we will be free from conflict. There will still be several intense conflicts as this energy of hate and greed burns itself out. In these moments, it is important to realize that these souls are making statements about the past for us all to remember where the path of fear, hatred, and greed leads.

Discover Your God Self

Many of us have forgotten the magic that happens when we live in harmony. As we begin to remember our God selves, we become more connected. This connection in harmony is what allows magic to happen. When we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love others. When we want the best for ourselves — freedom from greed, not at the expense of anyone else — we live in the flow of life. When we become abundant, based in love, we show others how to become abundant in love.

There is no shortage of anything in the universe, unless we believe there is. This is the basis in thought for the New Renaissance. It all starts with what we believe.

The true revolution in consciousness resides within us. It is the reason why taking the time to grow personally is so important.

This is not an external journey or movement, nor has it ever been. It is all about becoming connected to Source and to the unconditional love from where we came.

When we make the time to take that internal journey, we connect to the source of All That Is. This is where all things are possible. Humanity has spent thousands of years trying to create change from the human perspective. All change attempted by force has failed and will always fail, as it is in complete opposition to the foundational energy of the universe, which is unconditional love.

We all came here to learn this, and we will learn it in our own ways and in our own time. That is why it is so important to work on ourselves and not worry about the paths others take, because they have created those personal experiences for themselves. There is nothing wrong with another’s path; it is just one of the many different experiences that leads to spiritual growth. When we learn to appreciate, without judgment, the paths we have all taken, we are one step closer to unconditional love.

There will continue to be civil unrest for the remainder of 2020 and into early 2021. This is a growth process, and it will become more apparent that coming from a place other than love does not achieve desired results. COVID-19 made 2020 the year of fear and not feeling safe. Many who left the planet wanted to leave through the fear and death experience. More souls will take this route, but 2021 will be a contrast to compassion and understanding.

Each of these souls shows us a contrast to flowing with the stream of life, which is peace, harmony and joy. This internal recognition and change cannot be legislated or forced on anyone; it is a choice that comes from understanding and living from our God selves. It is also about learning that what we hold in our thoughts and hearts create the change we desire.

The year 2021 is a journey of discovering our God selves and learning to live in the unconditionally loving flow of life. If we meditate, quiet our minds, and commune with our God selves, we will experience growth.

About Predictions

Those who make predictions sense the divergences that occur downstream in the flow of life. It is like being in a raft and seeing the rocks and forks in a stream. Those of us who live in fear drift toward the rocks, and those of us who know we are flowing with all life and safe in all ways, steer clear of the obstructions.

Everything in life is energy manifested into matter and thus our collective creation. Predictions are nothing more than maps describing the obstructions seen downstream. When we understand that life is fluid and we become more in tune with the flow of all life, we easily flow around any and all obstructions.

An intention is important with any prediction, as this is the true gift that can be given to humanity: the knowledge that we create our future. We do not need to understand or dwell on every rock in the stream; we just need to realize that, as beings of light energy, we can flow around them as we fill our hearts with love. We do not need to concern ourselves with every obstruction; we only need to understand that we no longer need to live in fear. We are safe all-ways.

We intend and declare that we flow with all life, and we are grateful for this life experience. We are filled with the knowledge that we affect all things by filling our hearts with love and holding within us the most benevolent outcomes for all. Thank you so much, and so it is.

About the Channel

Hugh Campbell is an ex-aerospace engineer who evolved into an energy healer. He incorporates pranic healing to facilitate a person’s self-healing by the sharing of metaphysical principles. He can be contacted at Frenergee888@gmail.com or at Hugh Campbell, PO Box 1133, Cedar Glen, CA, 92321-1133.

The Energy of Rebellion

Alison David Bird, the Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim
Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim: Escalating violence in your streets — varying from quiet protests against racial hatred, abuse, and gender discrimination to outright genocide by despots in other countries — is nothing new. Only the energy of rebellion is intensifying, not the darkness.

Your perception of the world as being a harsher place than ever has much to do with the technologies that bring you instant news reports. A camera in every hand can now catch what was not seen before beneath the decay of your societies.

Part of the awakening process brings emotional upheaval, and many people find these feelings difficult to interpret and process. The awakening process also unearths fear at the level of cellular memory: family lineages and karmic imprints from past-life associations.

As these feelings surface to be released, they can beget frustration and anger. Anger with no outlet will vent along any avenue it can find, like water rushing to fill a conduit to the sea.

A rebel without a cause and in emotional distress — feeling hurt, betrayed, and angry — will jump any bandwagon that passes with little regard to who might be crushed beneath its wheels. This creates conditions for the lost, lonely, isolated, and disenfranchised to fall victim to praying terrorist organizations that manipulate their vulnerability.

Kindness toward all people is the answer. More should be done to compassionately help immigrants and refugees feel integrated, included, loved, and forgiven.

The New World is a melting pot, not a planet of separation. People who demonstrate hatred toward immigrants and refugees are succumbing to fear, which can result in reciprocity that further polarizes, demonizes, and radicalizes.

Technologies, such as cell phones, quicken communications. Hand-held devices record warped windows on the truth that are instantly distributed around the world. This might be a revelation to some of you, but many technologies are not here by accident; they are tools that can be manipulated.

Your government worked with off-world intelligences to develop much of the technology you see today. But these technologies were abused and misused and given only to a select few to make powerful corporations even more powerful and make money for big interests. These technologies have been used to control you, the people.

Young lightworkers are fighting to assist humanity in a mass awakening to the truth about power-mongers, corruption, and the hell-bent intentions of those who plot against the weak in the names of avarice, greed, and gluttony. Be discerning of what you see played out on the screens in your living rooms. Know that through the various acts of violence and complacency, accusations and denials, and agreements and disclaimers, accountability will eventually come.

Acts of rebellion are casting light into dark recesses of the establishment, revealing rot, decay, and the need for archaic structures to be condemned, torn down, and rebuilt.

About the Channel

Grace Elohim is fully integrated within Alison’s biological vehicle. They do not channel conventionally. Information is transferred via kelontic data streaming. Alison, a former medical journalist, finally accepted her role as a psychic healer in 2008. In 2012, she was contacted by Pleiadians of the Galactic Federation of Light, and in 2013, she was bestowed with Marconic Energy, for which she has been custodian over many lifetimes. To learn more, go to Marconics.com

An Explosion of Awakening

Archangel Michael through Rae Chandran
Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com Archangel Michael: Greetings. Blessings and love to all, this is Archangel Michael. In the grandness of the universe, there are wondrous things to be discovered. The greatest discovery human beings can have at this time is self-discovery. When this slowly starts to happen, you will learn more and more of the universe.

The year 2021 represents a marker point — a turning point in the history of humanity. Although the planet shifted a few years back on December 12, 2012, the coming year is the true beginning of a stronger imprint of this changed energy.

What we see in the year 2021 is a greater explosion of awakening throughout the planet. Twenty twenty-one will be marked as the great shift where more and more of humanity will start looking inward and the journey of self-discovery picks up momentum. We in the spirit realm designate the year of 2021 as the year of new beginnings.

What does it all mean? The planet Earth will be supported by higher beings of light, who are friendly and loving space brothers from outer space and other realities, in a more tangible way. The potential for contact between human beings and higher beings is very high. This contact will not be a one-time event; it will be a continually growing and evolving one. These contacts will be acknowledged by many world leaders, and it will bring people together in a more harmonious and united way.

New Spiritual Understandings

We see in the year 2021 there will be greater knowledge and understanding of higher spiritual truths. New revelations will be brought forth through people with a new and expansive view of spiritual principles than you have on the planet right now. Some of these truths will be related to a new understanding of chakras. For example, currently your understanding is limited to seven chakras.

New information will come through that explains that each of the seven chakras contain the heart chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. Also, there will be a greater understanding of the elemental chakras, personal chakra, and Goddess chakra, and you will shift from a focus on seven chakras to forty-seven chakras. In addition, there will be new revelations on opening and integrating the higher chakras.

There will also be great revelations about primordial life force. For example, the kundalini does not exist only in the base chakra; it exists throughout the body, in all organs and cells. These new understandings will shift the concept of the Merkabah into new and higher forms — to the Merkanah, a greater light quotient within ourselves.

As new thought patterns begin to emerge, they will have a major impact on human consciousness and become imprinted on Earth. For the planet to truly change and shift, there needs to be newer and higher thought imprints. So one of the greatest shifts in the year 2021 is the beginning of new spiritual understanding and new thought forms on the planet.

More Awareness and Societal Improvements

Another potential for 2021 is the greater acceptance of alternative healing modalities throughout the world. People will seek to understand more about the causes of sickness — not just on the physical level — but how emotions and thought patterns affect health. This will slowly start to affect food consumption and lead to better maintenance of the human body. Herbs and other Eastern medicines will also become more accepted.

We also see concerns over the role of television and media in your daily lives. Humans will start to realize that television and other forms of media are mainly a tool for commercial purposes, and there is very little truth to the contents they broadcast. Big social media will also be in the spotlight. People will call for the regulation of markets to prevent manipulation by a few and an investigation into how a better system can be implemented. So in many ways, it is a year of taking power back by the people.

There will be calls to change public education in relation to the subjects taught and methods of teaching. A more holistic approach to children’s education will be emphasized. There will also be greater calls for freedom around the world. Young people will lead this in many countries.

There is the possibility of discoveries of new minerals and metals, new species of fish and other mammals, and a greater awareness of the importance of oceans in the overall balance of Earth. So we see the year 2021 as a year of true, new beginnings in human potential.

About the channel

Rae Chandran creates individual and healing soul symbols that are channeled from ascended masters such as Master Kuthumi, Lord St. Germain, Mary Magdalene, Isis, and a host of other lightbeings. Rae has been on the path of self-discovery for some time and teaches spiritual disciplines and other modes of healing for audiences around the world. He also conducts spiritual tours to sacred energy spots. To learn more, go to RaeChandran.com

Invoke Energies for Positive Change

Spiritus Sanctus through Rev. Dr. Pam Murray
Published in Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Edition 2020-2021

BlissfulVisions.com Spiritus Sanctus: My Darlings! So much has happened since we last spoke. Those of the darkness have been taking a last stand, hoping to feed on your fears and hates. Indeed, those are what feed them. Are you playing in that energy or have you chosen the side of light? Sometimes it feels as if you are a mouse standing up to an incoming eagle, doesn’t it? Well, let me tell you, you are not a mouse. The darkness is the mouse when you spread your wings of courage and say, “I Am the light!”

This is what we can expect in the coming year. Oh, dear ones, it can be a year of brilliance if you choose it and have the courage with intention to live it.

You see, when the darkness is backed into a corner, so to speak, it fights with the ferocity of a cornered beast. Indeed, that is what it is. But you, dear ones, are stronger. The light within you is more powerful than any beastly dark force.

Next year will be so exciting! As the consciousness of the world escalates, you will see positive changes that you have not seen before. Knowing this, you must stay positive, daily affirming what you want in your life, which is not always what you see.

Send Energies into the World

With the veils thinning, every thought and emotion you produce will more and more quickly bring results to you. This is why it is important to stay in a positive, productive mindset. If you have been criticizing certain people (especially leaders, yes?), you must stop putting value statements on them. Certainly, disagree, if that’s what you do, but do it based on facts and observable behavior. Leave the labels, name-calling, and anger behind. Why? Because you are so powerful. You have legions of angels and superbeings working on your behalf. They want to help you bring the world closer to paradise next year, but they can do so only when summoned through a heart filled with love and courage.

“It’s so difficult, you say,” when looking at a world that seems filled with hate and those seeking only power and self-gratification. Yes, it is difficult. This is why you must focus 100 percent of the time on what you want to see. Give that power.

When you find a negative thought/energy creeping into your mind, say, “Begone! You do not belong in my world.” Then turn your thoughts again to what you want, especially where it concerns peace and freedom for all.

There will be days next year when the veils for certain energies will be thinner and more accessible to you. It will also be an opportunity to send these energies into the world for good. On those days, I suggest a ceremony to help you tune in to those energies. It won’t take long, but the momentum of your participation, combined with others doing the same thing, will resonate throughout the universe. It doesn’t matter what time you perform it, as others will be participating in their areas of the world, creating an energy vortex that is constant.

Intention Ceremony

On the dates specified below, sit quietly for a few moments to bring your thoughts and your intention to what you are about to do. If you like, light a candle or incense, or put on soft music — whatever you normally do when entering sacred space.

Ask your guides, angels, or committees (anyone out there) to be with you and give your thoughts extra power for the good of the world.

Look at the energy for that date. For instance, the energy of January 9 is “Intention.” Contemplate what that means to you and the world around you. Imagine that you are sending beams of this energy around the planet. Ask for guidance to apply it in the coming days. If you are so inclined, journal your insights.

End your session by thanking those beings who are helping you and others who are taking part in this activity. Then go about your day or evening.

Here are the dates in 2021, and the energies associated with them: January 9: Intention . . . February 25: Awareness . . . March 5: Courage . . . March 30: Self-Forgiveness . . . April 9: Wisdom . . . May 19: Worthiness . . . June 12: Strength . . . August 1: Peace . . . September 9: Cheerfulness/Laughter . . . October 17: Freedom . . . November 21: Compassion . . . December 21: Determination . . . Work to Embody the Qualities You Desire.

If you feel you must set goals and projects on January 1, try this instead: Make a list of the energies and qualities you wish to embody in the coming year. Then write what kinds of behaviors are associated with those qualities. When you are aligned with the attributes you desire to exhibit, everything else you want will be attracted to you in the most perfect form at the ideal time.

When you work with these energies on the days specified, you are creating a powerful field around yourself and throughout the world. This field is strengthened each time you participate. The dates given are when these energies are the most accessible; however, you may carry out the ceremony at any time. The more you participate, the stronger the energy.

You have so much to look forward to in 2021. This is the year of light. Go in peace.

About the Channel

Rev. Dr. Pam Murray has been helping people create the lives of their dreams for more than thirty years. Working with Spirit, she clears soul programs that impede progress and works with clients to rewrite soul contracts. Her web site is PamMurray.com. Email her at destinypm@charter.net

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