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BlissfulVisions.com August 30, 2020 - CURRENCY REVALUATION (RV) MONEY UPDATE - Divine Mother - My dearest children, many of you are aware that the time of the Reval is drawing closer. Enormous strides are currently being made and that time is very near indeed.

Some of you are making great plans about what you will do with your windfall; some of these plans reflect the highest vibrations of love and light, some less so.

It is for this reason, to discuss the subject of money, of pure, creative energy, that I wish to draw close to you today, my cherished children.

Many imagine that when you finally have money, significant amounts of money, perhaps for the first time, you will finally feel able to breathe, to be free, to choose, to rebalance and realign.

Some of you have thought of wonderful ways of sharing your bounty with your loved ones. Even more commendable, some of you wish to share with those that you have never met and will never meet, simply because they are in need and, whether you know it deep in your bones or not, they are You; every bit as much as you are Me.

Now, I wish to gently draw your attention to a few points, in the way that a Mother does, when she knows the pitfalls ahead of her children.

It is widely known that money is not good or bad; it is the way you use it that reflects the light and the shadow within you. It is to this point I would like to draw your attention. As much as you can, use your money so that it may reflect the light within you, the divine within you, the qualities and virtues that you have nourished throughout your lifetimes. Let it uplift you and others, may it free you and others, rather than bind you.

When you consider how to create with this great good fortune, consider how aligned your creation is with the best of who you are. It can be tempting to wish to show off, or to teach others ‘a lesson’; these are parts that require healing, love and nourishment. They do not need to be condemned, nor do they need to be in the driving seat when considering how to use your new financial energy.

This money will act like a magic wand; it will transform lives – not least of all, your physical and spiritual life. Let that transformation carry within it the quantum power of the light, of divine love, not the binding, limiting power of darkness, for the time of darkness is fast drawing to a close.

You are now being given a chance to act, to create as the divine spark within you, to have the energy to manifest and birth your ideas into life. EnJoy it! Create in ways that bring joy to you and others. Channeled by Jennifer Crokaert.

BlissfulVisions.com July 17, 2020 - WAITING FOR THE RV TO ROLL OUT? – Saint Germain - About the St. Germain funds, the prosperity funds, the RV, the economic reset, all of these things. Yes, they are delayed, and very much so.

Originally it was decided to roll them out in 2001 yet the collapse of the twin towers in New York delayed the onset of funding, and these funds were then stolen, and this had to do with the twin towers as well as the computers for these funds were then hacked in order to steal them.

The computer systems were in the twin towers. We then received the funds back over the ensuing years and put them on our own Quantum Computer System (QFS) rather than leaving them vulnerable to attack on earth.

Energies were right at the time of September 2001 to roll out the funds (yes, it is an "11" - 9/11 adds up to 11, which is a divine number) and we were ready to go ahead. So many of you have no idea what actually occurred that day and that truth will be coming out as well.

This tragic event that was created to steal the funds, however, it woke up many and for that we are grateful. With that, then we need to explain the St. Germain funds to you. Yes, so many are waiting for their money. However, when you wait for something, you are leaving it in the future.

With that, then we need to explain the St. Germain funds to you. Yes, so many are waiting for their money. However, when you wait for something, you are leaving it in the future.

Manifestation of anything decrees that
it must be asked for in the present moment, not in the future.

God does not recognize the future, the only moment is now. God does not work on linear time, He works on quantum time, and so must you if you wish to manifest anything, including the St. Germain funding. Your artificial time system was created in order to control you and your languages have changed to facilitate this control. So you must overcome these shortcomings.

With your artificial time system, you have learned there is no way to access the past and the future, which of course is nonsense. Because these are now moments, the way to do so simply is to recognize that time as being the present and you will be there. Having a great spiritual capacity is also part of this because when you don't act in a fashion of higher consciousness, you will have few multidimensional capabilities.

So in anticipating your funding, you are in fact, delaying it. To demand that money now with the expectation of receiving it now, will help you to gain more financially.

In fact, to bring on the new system, the economic collapse, means you must work with Creation to do so. So you must utilize creative principles, not the dependence you have used to manage your way through the Matrix. You are not dependent on the St. Germain funds for your well being. If in fact you demand to know how to increase your abundance, you can tap into the system of universal law which runs parallel to your Matrix system, and jump systems. It is a question of knowing how. Your abundance lies there, not with the Matrix and not with your dependence on it.

If you find you have difficulty with achieving more income, then perhaps you might look at how spiritually fit you are. Do you align with and serve God every day? The All? No? Then it will be more difficult because God creates all, including your abundance and the St. Germain funds.

When you continue to invest your energies into the false fiat system created by the Cabal, which you have lived in all your life, then you will continue to suffer lack of funds. To believe the dollar is more powerful than you are is a false belief. It is not. You are the most powerful and you can command a higher income for yourself. The dollar cannot. Talk of "the Mighty Dollar" is nonsense. You are mightier although many do not realize this.

Those who work in their life's chosen fields are already further ahead than those who do not. To serve God in the way it has been chosen for you to help those on earth is already more quantum than not.

You must move away from the system in place and shift to the new higher dimensional system in belief and then you will see change come about more quickly. Nobody is at fault. It is simply a learning process.

Believe in the QFS system, believe it is there to support you NOW, and demand to have your income increased. You will see changes occur. Invest your energies into the QFS system, and take them away from the old Fiat system you have always worked with. Refuse to earn money through the old Archon system and say that your money is coming from God through the QFS. Align with the new reality that is being created by people such as yourselves and walk away from the old system.

I hope this helps so many of you. Your guides attempt to show you all the time how to change your beliefs and attract abundance and prosperity. The fact that you have little monies or less than you'd like, is because you are invested emotionally and in the mindset of the Fiat system. Believe in a secret computer, if you like, with a payload of wealth for all. Envision this. Know it is willing to pay you to relieve your suffering and believe it will do so as quickly as possible. Make sure you envision everyone else gaining the funding for themselves because selfish desire avails you of nothing. Wish for goodness for all, because that is Creation and that is the QFS system. Channeled by Sharon Stewart at www.sharonandivo.weebly.com

February 23, 2020 - HUMANITARIAN PROJECTS AND THE RV - Divine Mother God - I know many of you have prepared Humanitarian Projects and have invested in foreign currencies so that you may be blessed with an abundance to create your desired projects. This is very admirable and I am grateful and thrilled for all of you who preparing to help others. I realize the wait has been significant. It is not any easy thing. I cannot give you timing on this either, but I bring it up so that you know that I know who you are and all the effort that you have put in to your creation and manifestation of your desired works.

This is vital. This is very important. This is much needed and will be more needed in the future. So I encourage all of you who have done this work to continue to have patience — hang in there — it will not be in vain. It is coming.

It is vital. Vital to the commonwealth, your communities and survival in the future when times may be rough economically and your projects will be useful and very much needed. So I encourage you all to stay the course if you've been guided to do this. I am with you on this. I will support you all. I am proud, proud of my children who have been called to do this work. Proud that you heard the call and jumped in with both feet. I am a proud Mother. Thank you! Source: Divine Mother God channeled by Dancing Dolphin.

BlissfulVisions.com December 11, 2019 - THE REVAL IS NOT THE ONLY SOURCE OF WEALTH FOR REDISTRIBUTION - Steve Beckow @ Golden Age Of Gaia - We heard Archangel Michael say in our last post: “There is also the chance (because it is not written in stone, not even in amethyst), that if things do not go forward at a pace that is desirable for the unfoldment of the Mother, that he will proceed with the disbursement of his funds in a different way.”

The means of getting abundance into the hands of people who would shoulder the task of irrigating society and redistributing ill-gotten wealth are flexible and extensive. I asked Michael on one occasion what sources of wealth he’d be channeling through Michaelangelo & Partners, exclusive of the Reval, and the list shows how many additional sources of wealth there may be:

Steve: I want to have more understanding of where the inflow of money is coming from. Some of its coming from the Chinese elders. That’s correct right?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

Steve: … And some from the prosperity packages?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: I know we discussed this at some point but I can’t find that message, that’s why I’m going over it here. Some from sequestered illuminati money, human rights abuse?

AAM: Yes. …

Steve: … From historical assets?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … Off-planet gold?

AAM: Yes. Gold is a universal currency and it certainly has value upon this planet of Gaia. So yes, those transfers have mostly been made and made about a year ago. Moreover, there’ll be more than one prosperity package.

Steve: Will [my prosperity package] be delivered by FedEx or will it show up as increased digits on my bank account?

Archangel Michael: It will be both, actually.

Steve: How is that possible?

AAM: Because it is more than one payment.

Not included in this list are funds from Leo Wanta, the European royals, and humanitarian philanthropists without affiliation. Also not included are precious metals and historical assets sunk in American warships off the Philippines. The point is that the Reval is not the only source of wealth that the Company of Heaven wants to put in the hands of lightworker philanthropists to begin the process of rebuilding the planet along new lines. If financiers and militarists continue to hold up the Reval, the Company of Heaven will work around them, just as, with the Delegations, they’re working around the deep state to introduce the galactics to the world. RE: Delegations - see December 1, 2019 - Preparing To Meet Our Galactic Neighbors - Ascension Updates: December 2019.

BlissfulVisions.com December 3, 2019 - RV PAYOUTS ARE HAPPENING - St. Germain the Ascended Master - Hello friends and family. I am your St. Germaine. I am here on official business, which is to cheer you up and to let you now that yes, all is proceeding nicely and that the payouts are being paid out. Now to those of you who have not heard hide nor hare of this it may feel like this proclamation is a bit of an eye roller. And I understand, I can see and sense that many of you are a bit steamed that this has taken so long. My friend, my family, this has been a tremendous undertaking. The amount of darkness and enmeshment that has been put upon Gaia and her inhabitants has been the darkest of the dark places in the universe. I say this with all sincerity. It is for this reason that we have had to take utmost care to ensure the success of this mission! And we have!

I know that you are tired of hearing how well everything is going and you want results. Look around friends. Look within, friends. Vibrationally you are not who you were yet but yesterday. You are expanding and growing exponentially, as is Gaia, as is the hard work that we have been putting into place behind the scenes. We have had to dismantle and reassemble much. The galactics are in charge. They are your friends and family. Do not be angry with them that it is taking so long from your vantage point. Friends, your vantage point is limited. This is the job assignment that you took and you knew that it would be quite challenging. For you are the way showers, the chargers and it is hard for warriors of such caliber to ground the light. In fact it is much easier to charge, to fight, to get all of the aggression out. And that is what I am sensing here now and I wish to send my healing light to you.

It is time to remove the steaminess of anger of impatience. This has been a project of enormous, gigantic proportions. Remember the Creator in these times of stillness. Find the stillness within you and it is there and only there that you will find peace. For the Christ within beacons, calls you home in this inner stillness, this sanctuary of grace, of peace, of light. When you are angry and impatient you miss the stillness, you miss the blessing of connection that comes with it. And I see that this is upsetting to many of you. I apologize. I am eager to show you our vantage point when I am permitted to do so and perhaps you will not only see the large critical part that you played in holding the light, the space, but also all of the snags and snafus that have been successfully averted and how many lives have been saved in this process of being careful and going slowly. You are aware, are you not that most planatery ascensions are with empty planets, because it is so destructive. And you are aware, are you not that you have all been individually promised a different unique ascension experience? And that this has never been done before? Of course it does also matter that this was on the most abused and battered realm, that this realm has been quarantined and cut off for eons. Humanity has had the cards stacked against their favor for far too long. The evil ones, the ones without their heart awareness are learning this. Their next assignment will be to experience the pain they have inflicted. Send them your pity, your love. Send them your forgiveness. Your anger and impatience does not serve the mission, it only delays it further. For your vibration is the key to this success. Why else do you think there has been such a tremendous mission of others to constantly create delays and lower vibrations by false expectations? Do not listen to any dates. They are deceptive in a realm of infinite possibilities and parallel realities. Claim your reality, friend. Claim your ascension in the most perfect and Christed timeline and there I will be. There we will be. The Company of Heaven awaits with open arms, open hearts, welcoming you home.

I do hope that I have been encouraging. Ah, yes. I wish for you to picture your disappointments with the RV, with the galactics, with the darkness that has permeated this realm. I request that you place it in front of you in a bubble. Look at it. Really see it for what it is – the absence of love, the absence of peace, the absence of what it is that you want to experience. Let us transform it. I ask that you join me with sending your own violet fire mixed with mine and let us transmute this together. This bubble we fill with the fire of the violet flame. Watch it transmute and transform into happy expectation of all good things coming your way into this realm. Look again. See Nova Gaia gleaming gold, gleaming green with life. See your heart space expand in this reality. See your ascended self hugging you tight, welcoming you back to the fold. For friend, you never truly left, but you felt you did and so that is the same experience. No more. Welcome home. Transform this realm into light with me. Send Gaia this violet flame of transmutation of love, of joy, of pure bliss. I am your St. Germaine. Peace. Source: St. Germain channeled by GalaxyGirl.

November 27, 2019 - GCR-RV-GESARA UPDATE - One Person’s Opinion, Anon Intel: My intel is saying the RV exchanges are not likely until the military can guarantee safety coordinated with the transfer from the old fiat system to the QFS. A coordination of exchange when control is guaranteed. Control of safety, transfer and banking. What constitutes control? Arrests (of the dark forces intervening and delaying in the process).

Key: Control. Control = safe RV, safe banking, secure transactions, legal control, rule of law. None of these are ready until arrests can be made and are made. That puts us into December. Perhaps longer depending upon the rate at which arrests are made. We all know of 7 or 8 key arrests to be made in mid-December. We don't know if those are sufficient to allow exchanging to commence.

Keep in mind coordination of implementing gold-backed, new currency (which began being placed into vaults in November 2018), the arrests, the stock market and other things to be considered.

GESARA is not likely to be announced until July 2020. Why? That fits the time frame of 120 days to implement elections without having to explain so much to the public a different election time, and allow them time to digest something that would be radically different from what they are accustomed. It also provides six months for 144,000 arrests (if it goes that fast and not stretched through December). Then we must consider North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Hong Kong. They must also be brought into compliance before GESARA can be announced/implemented. Arrests = Control. Source: Restored Republic, Compiled by Judy Byington, see section 3C, November 26, 2019.

August 13, 2019 - RV UPDATE - (Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.) Military and Reno sources expected redemption and exchanges beginning Tues. Aug. 13, while last week it was reported that Redemption Center personnel were told to cancel all vacation leave and report to work on Tues. Aug. 13.

According to HSBC contacts the reset began in Hong Kong on Wed. Aug. 7. The next day Thurs. Aug. 8 several different contacts reported that exchanges were taking place with liquidity in certain countries, Iraq and Iran were putting out a new in-country Dinar rate of $3.91 on their cards at some point soon and Prosperity Packages were being delivered.

Around noon EDT, the reset appeared to pause, while exchanges and package deliveries were stopped. Intel straight from the top said that the Chinese Elders called an emergency meeting on that Aug. 8 between China and US leaders, where a new contract was signed. Unless the new contract extended the date (which it likely did) completion for private exchanges for Contract Rates and official activation of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) was set for Thurs. Aug. 15 according to an agreement between the World Court, China and the Zimbabwe Treasury.

Evidently Thurs. Aug. 15 was also the date our Social Security cards would be gold-backed, meaning that US citizens were no longer considered “cattle” to the privately owned US Inc. Federal Reserve – Crown of England – Vatican – Central Bank world monetary system. Unless the new contract extended the date (which it likely did) the deadline for Zim redemption was set for Sat. Aug. 17. Major political and economic changes, mass arrests, trials and tribunals were expected worldwide Sept. to Oct. and perhaps through December. Source: Special Report: Restored Republic via a GCR as of Aug. 13, 2019 Compiled by Judy Byington.

July 27, 2019 - RV-INTELLIGENCE ALERT - COMPLETION - (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.) The reinstatement of Federal executions by the Department of Justice is in preparation for the upcoming criminal charges of various high profile individuals. (Source: NBC News: AG Barr orders the reinstatement of the federal death penalty on July 25, 2019). Deep State Cabalists who participated in Satanic Rituals that involved human sacrifice will now be given the death penalty.

The RV began as of midnight on July 22 for core groups and T4A. T4A is now fully liquid as of yesterday, July 26. T4B is expected to be processed by the end of the month. The bank(s) chosen by the Earth Alliance to process currency redeemers have been given notice that the private currency redemption event is now imminent. Instructions will be published once the green light is given for T4B. Redemption funds will be withheld until the Quantum Financial System is implemented. The QFS will be implemented by mid-August after the completion of the private currency redemption event. Source: Operation Disclosure, RV-Intelligence Alert - July 27, 2019.

July 18, 2019 - RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - PROGRESS - (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.) The changing of the old guard is progressing. IMF Chief Christine Lagarde has resigned. Meanwhile, the Earth Alliance is making progress on dismantling the fiat financial system. Deutsche Bank (DB) is suffering from bank runs. The implosion of DB will send shock waves throughout the global economy. Multiple triggers to dismantle the fiat financial system are being set. Talk of a world being backed by gold is reaching the mainstream surface. The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) is expected to be implemented by mid-August. According to a source, the funds currently flowing into the QFS is unfathomable. Multiple sources agree that the RV is very close to occurring as it must occur prior to the implementation of the QFS. Source: Operation Disclosure, RV-Intelligence Alert - July 18, 2019.

July 16, 2019 - RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - ANEW - (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.) World leaders have been called for a closed door meeting to be briefed on the final roll out of the transition. The disclosure of extraterrestrials and an official first contact event has been scheduled to occur sometime this year. The restoration of the Republic (for the united States of the America) is expected to be completed by September (which is the same month the Deep State Cabal stopped the first transition attempt on 9/11.)

The new Quantum Financial System (QFS) is expected to be implemented by mid-August. The implementation of the QFS will reset all currencies to gold-standard values and forgive all debts. Funds in the form of Prosperity Packages (PP's) will be given to the public after all debt is forgiven. Universal Basic Income (UBI) will also be implemented. The entire global economic system will start anew free of poverty and financial pressure. The redemption of basket currencies (RV) will begin prior to the implementation of the QFS. Redemption funds (up to 80-90%) will be withheld until the QFS is implemented. All basket currency holders are encouraged to use the redemption funds for humanitarian purposes as all debt will be forgiven and everyone will be given PP's and UBI. Source: Operation Disclosure, RV-Intelligence Alert - July 16, 2019.

June 15, 2019 - RV-INTELLIGENCE ALERT - SHOWDOWN - (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.) The number of Deep State Cabalists defecting and/or surrendering to the Earth Alliance is greatly increasing. However, the few die hard Deep State Cabalists refuse to surrender and are expected to resist until the bitter end. According to sources, the US Treasury (UST) has been infiltrated and is actively delaying the private currency redemption event (RV).

The Earth Alliance is currently working on clearing the UST of Deep State Cabal infiltrators. A deadline has been set for this operation to be completed shortly as Deutsche Bank (DB) is scheduled to trigger the collapse of the fiat financial system in order to implement the new Quantum Financial System (QFS). If the operation is not completed by the deadline, the Earth Alliance will have no choice but to take military action and complete the final phase of the transition the hard way. This means that the mass indictment event will have to begin earlier than planned. We are witnessing the final showdown between the Earth Alliance and the Deep State Cabal. Source: Operation Disclosure, RV-Intelligence Alert - June 15, 2019.

March 31, 2019 - RV Ascension Report by Pleiadian Commander Ashtar Sheran

Conditions for the RV funds to be released:

  • All countries on Earth must be GESARA compliant.
  • Our world must be at peace, cooperating with the Earth Alliance forces.
  • Our world must be rid of all key cabal players in order for the RV funds to be released.

Click Here to Read the Written Report.

December 19, 2018 - A FEW POINTS ON THE GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET - Here's a report by KejRaj that does not indicate his sources of information, or that it is his opinion he is expressing, so I leave it to the reader to decide what you want to believe. The reports coming in for GESARA-GCR-RV are "ify" "not solid" "promises, promises, promises" and "far too much speculation" by those who think they are in the know. When will we get some solid information that you can depend upon? Who knows? Click Here to Read KejRaj's Report.

November 22, 2018 - RV REPORT - (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.) The RV is expected to begin on Black Friday (November 23, 2018) according to multiple sources. The stock market is then expected to crash as early as next Friday -- officially beginning the transition phase to replace the old fiat financial system with the new quantum financial system (QFS). The transition phase will last 1-2 weeks. All countries will undergo massive changes and reforms. The unsealing of indictments (estimated over 61,000 now) will also begin during this time. GESARA will be announced by the end of the transition phase. Source: Operation Disclosure.

November 20, 2018 - GESARA-GCR-RV-INTEL REPORT - (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.) The private currency redemption event (RV) is near release as the stock market is being set up to crash. Once the RV begins, the stock market will drop dead thus hemorrhaging the fiat financial system. The fiat financial system will be exposed for it's worthless value thus opening the door for a new quantum financial system (QFS).

GESARA will then be announced during this phase to completely halt Central Banks from attempting to keep the old fiat financial system afloat. All Central Banks will be forced to shutdown under GESARA law. The Cabal will be completely bankrupt at this point. During this transition, mass unsealing of indictments will occur and all countries will undergo drastic changes as per GESARA law. GITMO will be populated. Note: GITMO stands for Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, officially known as Naval Station Guantanamo Bay is a United States military base and detention camp located on 120 square kilometers of land and water at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which the U.S. leased in 1903.

The migrant caravan issue will continue until the crash occurs giving a reason to keep the military on standby. (This gives you a rough idea of the current timetable for the RV). Once the transition is complete, all currencies will be officially asset-backed under the QFS. Disclosure will begin once the world has settled down under GESARA law. Source: Operation Disclosure.

November 13, 2018 - ET DISCLOSURE GETTING CLOSER. In this message, Ascended Master Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light says that operations are underway to bring about disclosure, and the Pleiadians – who will be landing first on Earth's surface – are planning a big celebration. On the whole, the galactic star fleets that are surrounding Earth are showing themselves more and more to us. And, if our political leaders will not make this announcement about disclosure, then Ashtar says it's up to the general public and lightworkers to create this event by holding the vision of disclosure because we are the disclosure. Source: Commander Ashtar channeled by James McConnell – Click Here to Read the Full Message.

November 8, 2018 - THE NEW GOLDEN AGE IS HAPPENING AND IT'S COMING! You hear many times of the changes that are developing, the changes that are happening behind the scene. Many of you take this upon faith at what we say. What many have been saying is accurate and is going to happen. There are those of you that somewhat become disconsolate at times where you wonder why you keep hearing this over and over, and yet the changes do not appear, at least not as you are expecting them to. And we tell you each and every time be patient. Changes are here. They are all around you. All you need to do is open your eyes, both your physical eyes and your third eye. You will see everything that is developing. As always, it is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. You have been seeing. You have been hearing.

But there are times when you do not trust what you see, and you do not trust what you hear. Because it is clouded over by the many misconceptions and misinterpretations that are put before you by the various operations that are out there, championed by the mass media. The mass media that you all turned to, to see what is real. But as many of you have come to understand, what is coming through the mass media now is anything but real. For the most part, it is a false revealing of the truth. But those of you know the real truth, know it deep within you. And whenever you hear it from any source and it resonates within you, you know at that point that is the truth. You know– you do not even need to ask any one of us or anyone, is this the truth, because you know it. It resonates within you.

And I tell you now, as St. Germain, that these changes that you have been expecting, we have been creating this expectation purposefully. Because if you have the expectation within you, then you will create the visions that go along with it. And as you create the visions, you are then creating the reality. You are bringing into existence into the collective consciousness those very visions that you have been creating. So create, my dear brothers and sisters, create, create, create. Do not stop. For this is the new age, new Golden Age. Source: Saint Germain via James McConnell.

October 12, 2018 – The Storm, Prosperity, and Abundance are Coming! It’s time to be prosperous and abundant. It is time for the changing of the old guard to hand over the reins to those who rightfully deserve them, and that is you precious Gaians, as you will be known once you become a Galactic Society. For yes, you are Mother Earth and Mother Earth is you. You are eager to get to work and anxious to end the old way. It has been a bumpy ride and the seas are still to grow as you move through the storm, but know that a beautiful tropical paradise lies just on the other side of these stormy waters. You are navigators, way showers. Captains of your ship. You are very well equipped to handle whatever comes at you and that is why you are the ground team. Now, it is about to go down. Enjoy it because the storm will bring everything into full view that you have been fighting so hard for. It is time to witness the spectacle that is to alter this planet and herald in a new Golden Age. Source: Saint Germain channeled by Per Staffan – Click Here to Read the Full Report.

Lightworkers: Breathe! Switch Gears! Chill Out! Relax! Global Currency Reset (GCR) and Revaluation (RV) is Imminent!

September 22, 2018 - Saint Germain's Message to Lightworkers: Well, let me say that I know what's floating around in all of your heads. “When is the RV going to happen? What will my exchange appointment be like? When will “The Event” come? When will we go to Hollow Earth? When will the Galactics land? When will our Mentors arrive? When is Disclosure going to happen? What about all those mass arrests? When will we get flying cars? (smile) How long will we have to accomplish our Humanitarian Projects before...? When can I ride on board a spaceship with my Galactic Family? WHEN IS THE ASCENSION GOING TO OCCUR?” Well, as you can imagine I cannot give you deep, inside secrets of what's going on behind closed doors. But please know that your Alliance Teams are continuing their efforts to bring the RV/GCR about. It is not a question of “if” but only a question of “WHEN.” Source: Saint Germain’s Message to Lightworkers: Click Here For Full Report.

September 15, 2018 - Archangel Michael on Reasons for Delay in GCR-RV Release: The RV was intended to already be complete by now. But has there been human free will “acting out.” The delays are not about – massive interventions that are required, but it is about pivotal human greed, and this cannot be permitted to be one of the driving forces behind this re-evaluation (RV). We are fully aware there are those that are simply in this for greed, and the desire to continue to exert control over others? And we will not override free will – but we will not give this type of abundance to those who would use it very actively to do harm. So it is even better to delay rather than to allow the use of these funds – and power – to in fact harm and set back what is already underway. Source: Archangel Michael on Reasons for Delay in GCR-RV Release - Click Here For Full Report.

RV Funds Revised Schedule, New Banking System!

September 19, 2018: I can honestly say that my time frame for this event is past due. As I told you in May, June and July, it was released by the (Divine) Mother. Since then, many hoops have been jumped by various diplomats who are doing their utmost to secure the GCR and GESARA for their countries. But there are still those who oppose this movement and progress. Let me say that nothing NO-THING can stop the GCR, GESARA and all my prosperity funds from being delivered to you and Gaia's peoples. No-thing! Mother has indeed decreed this event from the beginning of Gaia's time and she has indeed released it earlier this Spring. So, we have delays put forth from those who wish to do us all harm. These beings (with a small b) are to be pitied. They have no love for anyone but themselves and do not feel worthy of love. This is why they fight "tooth and nail" to hold on to what they feel is theirs. It is to no avail. They will not be able to hold on much longer. Source: Saint Germain channeled by Dancing Dolphin.

September 18, 2018: A revised schedule is being drawn up for distribution of the RV funds that will equip you for your prosperity monies. It will also deliver a new banking system, based upon reporting guidelines agreed to some years ago. These rules will restructure bank operations and severely restrict any kind of bank fraud. Once all of this is achieved, new governance can freely and legally manifest. It will abolish personal taxation and allow the rise of an entirely new business environment. Under these fairer conditions, currently-suppressed inventions will emerge. These devices will clean your air, water and sky and make possible a formal disclosure of our sacred mission. With first contact, we will be permitted to travel to your shores and begin a mentoring program that is to lead you to full consciousness. At that time, you are to be reintroduced to the Agarthans.

In our hearts, we see the way Heaven is orchestrating the demise of the dark's control over your beloved planet, Gaia. The ancient families, who long have been in charge of a vast secret depository of gold, silver and precious gems, are working to bring your prosperity to the next level. They have agreed to bring your abundance to the delivery stage. In accordance with their wishes, we are making much-needed arrangements that can securely transfer this prosperity to you, the peoples of the world. We laud those in a number of governments who are assisting us with the new mandates necessary to help you receive your blessings. Likewise, the Agarthans, our Inner Earth companions, are preparing a process that is to allow this monumental shift to come about as effortlessly as possible. It is our honor to bring these events to fruition, as they are in accordance with Heaven's divine plan to return you to full consciousness. Source: The Galactic Federation of Light channeled by Sheldan Nidle.

Ascension is in Full-Swing! Reach for the Stars!

September 7, 2018: Greetings, I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, a member of the Earth Council. There are many comings and goings with the Galactic’s and earth beings. The Ascension plan is in full activation. Every moment is being used to fulfill the mission. We take it seriously. Just like you, the Lightworkers, we are dedicated to having this be the most successful Ascension ever.

Humanity is being constantly distracted so they cannot be aware of what is actually happening. There are many actors on the human stage right now, including the President of the United States. He is playing out his role at this time of change. Please understand that the light is looking out for you, your country, and all countries being involved with the massive change. Please trust the light and the truth that you know in your heart that only goodness will prevail. This is a necessary process where the planet can only shift when humanity becomes more aware of the truth.

We see that most of you are adjusting and adapting to the multitudinous changes with which you are faced. Your bodies are changing, relationships, jobs, and locations along with your realities in general. You need stamina, faith, courage, and self-love. We rely on you to be as loving and calm as possible because the rest of humanity is stressed and anxious.

Some of you continue to hold on to emotional loads that you have been carrying from childhood. We understand how problematic this can be. We support you and encourage you to release as much from this bondage as possible. It simply no longer serves you. It is not who you are. Your job now is to raise your vibration, keep your frequency high, and move into a higher consciousness way of life, free from struggle, heartache and pain.

Reach for the stars, ground crew! There is more there than meets the eye. Keep your eyes focused on the stellar rays that are coming from the Galactic sun. They are affecting your consciousness your bodies and souls. Every time you acknowledge our presence we acknowledge yours. By doing this you are utilizing your telepathy to connect with the oneness. The days of separation are over. You deserve so much more. The Creator wants you to have it all.

The dynamics of the planet are changing rapidly. Please pay attention. Your awareness and action change these dynamics. You can assist in accelerating and freeing humanity by speaking up and questioning some of the accepted ways of doing business. Business is not as usual. Service to self is on its way out. Many of the ways that you are accustomed to are passé. They simply no longer fit.

We are working with you to take back your planet. It is light all the way. Freedom is going to be the norm. Let us work together towards this unified goal. I am Mira loving you in the most Galactic way. Source: Mira of the Pleiadian High Council channeled by Valerie Donner.

Time for the Disenfranchised to Get Their Prosperity!

Update August 25, 2018 by The Arcturian Council: You have been waiting for quite some time to see major changes in the arena of your world economy and the economies of the major industrialized countries of the world. The changes in currency value and the economic structure of the major countries in the world have been topics of considerable debate.

There is now an understanding that leveling the (economic) playing field, so to speak, would be good for everyone. It is time for those who have been disenfranchised, not given the same opportunities as the privileged ones, to get their share (of prosperity).

Now the big question is how to do this, and the answer lies within you. You are an individual, and as an individual you have the ability to help create economies that work for everyone. You have the ability to see every person as deserving of having their basic needs met. You have the ability to create that world, and if you are one of the have-nots, it’s time for you to feel your worth. It’s time for you to accept your value and receive.

Open yourselves up so that you can receive. Feel the abundance vibration flowing through you so that you can be the catalyst for a major change in the way the world operates financially. If enough of you do this, you will create that change. Don’t wait for others to fix the system. Don’t wait for anything to come along before you create the reality that you want to experience.

This is not about playing the same old game (of competition) and being one of the winners. This is about acknowledging that the game has been rigged and creating an entirely new one (based on sharing Earth's resources).

Source: The Arcturian Council channeled by Daniel Scranton.

Final Transformation and Reintegration to Occur Inside a Crystalline Light Chamber

BlissfulVisions.com Update August 22, 2018 by the Galactic Federation of Light: Let us turn our attention to an aspect that parallels your prosperity, the heavenly preparation of your physical self for full consciousness. This process entails a complete redoing of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Final reintegration is to occur while you are safely inside a crystalline Light chamber. This special living compartment of Light is to fashion a complete re-sequencing of your cellular RNA/DNA. It works as a dynamic Light instrument, according to each individual's particular requirements and orchestrates new sequencing codes that move you instantly toward achieving your full physical potential. Designed by Heaven, this process will take approximately three Earth days to achieve its divine goals. Your own body guardians and your other heavenly guides are to direct it. Once you emerge from this living crystal of Light, you are to be returned to full (5D) consciousness.

Full consciousness is the divine goal. The Creator decrees that your reality is to return to a fully conscious one. The reality you know now is rapidly becoming something quite alien. We witness these events taking place before our very eyes and closely observe the galaxy shifting back into a unified, multi-dimensional state. The frequencies showering your planet are vast energy waves that reorder the energy fields that intertwine space and time. As this reweaving progresses, the galaxy manifests her beauty in a suffusion of luminous color and breath-taking shapes. Glory be!!!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters. The time is coming when a new era of peace and enlightenment is to shower Mother Earth! This new reality is beginning to manifest in many blessed ways. It is this glorious new reality that allows us to move humanity forward into a new Galactic age! As we become more able to understand how this realm is changing, we learn new ways to spiritually address each other. What we ask of you now is to dream of, and visualize, a wondrous new world that is kind, caring, and prosperous. Source: Sheldan Nidle / Planetary Activation Organization. Click here to read full report.

Russia Has Evidence of Illuminati Crimes Against Humanity

August 20, 2018 by Spirit Guide Matthew Ward: About the private meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the capital city of Helsinki, Finland on July 16, 2018. The meeting had to be private, with only their translators in attendance, because the nature of the most vital information they discussed required secrecy. It is what members of extraterrestrial special forces in intelligence agencies have told us: Russia has myriad computer files and recorded calls that are evidence of Illuminati (aka Dark Cabal) crimes against humanity.

This evidence gathering was crucial as Putin, one of the most powerful and knowledgeable persons in your world, is leading the group working behind the scenes to arrest and prosecute the guilty individuals. In addition to the two presidents, other influential persons in governments and economic, judicial, corporate, military, religious and media sectors are involved in this undertaking of massive scope; and until all dominoes are in place, the most significant aspect of Putin’s and Trump’s conversation at the Helsinki meeting cannot be publicly disclosed.

The peak of the Illuminati felt that something was afoot, though. Originally their accusations against Putin and Russia for the troublemaking caused by Illuminati minions was vengeance for his repeated refusal to join forces with them. Now, maligning him and his country was a matter of urgency. “Russian meddling in the United States 2016 election” and “creating divisiveness among the voters via social media” has been escalated to “Russia will try to manipulate elections in all democratic countries,” “Putin has waged cyberspace warfare,” and “Russia could shut down power grids and create chaos.”

The aim of this stepped-up anti-Russia propaganda is to convince the populace that nothing coming out of that country can be trusted, nothing Putin says can be believed, so that when the aforementioned evidence does come forth, it will be discounted. That reaction is likely and so are the Illuminati’s vehement denials, but ultimately the truth and justice will prevail. If you have heard or read about the eventuality of arrests and charges, be discerning—some of that information is accurate, some is not, and wherever the Illuminati control the media, the accurate is reported as “conspiracy theory.”

Ever-rising vibrations are undergirding the collaborative effort to end their long reign of deception and world control through their malevolent international empire. However, when that empire is but dust and rubble, the effects of its economic devastation and societal manipulation will linger for many people, and many others still will be oppressed by tyrannical regimes. Your mission as light-workers continues to be vital! Sending forth love-light energy in your thoughts, feelings and deeds and visualizing Earth immersed in golden light will help hasten the day when all peoples can rejoice in freedom and share in the world’s abundance.

Now then, always we wish to address your interests in world happenings, and doing so in the context of universal laws and planetary and personal ascension raises your conscious awareness. Also the purpose of our messages is to offer enlightenment about other matters that are equally important for you to know, and we welcome all comments and questions of a spiritual nature. Source: Matthew Ward channeled by Susan Ward.

Kazarian Mafia (Dark Cabal) Doomed in U.S. & Russia; Galactics Gave Humanity Quantum Financial Computer System

July 24, 2018: U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed their common enemy is the Khazarian mafia. They are collaborating on their takedown in many ways. Two recent opinion polls show the Khazarian mafia has lost control in the U.S. The first is an Axios poll that shows 92 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of Americans overall believe that “traditional major news sources report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading.” The other is a Gallup poll that asked Americans what they worried about. “Global warming” did not register at all, and Russia was at less than 1 percent, despite a massive, prolonged Khazarian mafia media campaign to promote both these issues as the most important concerns on earth.

The Khazarian propaganda media was also hit with a devastating “truth bomb” thrown by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the press conference that followed his July 16th summit meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump. Putin told the hundreds of journalists and propagandists assembled that “Business associates of [Neocon power broker Bill] Browder have earned over 1.5 billion dollars in Russia. They never paid any taxes, neither in Russia nor in the United States, and yet the money escaped the country and was transferred to the United States,” and that “They sent a huge amount of money, $400 million, as a contribution to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.” Source: Benjamin Fulford Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis.

Galactic Federation of Light: The dark cabal remains as arrogant and uncompromising as ever. They are befuddled by your rapid upsurge in consciousness and the awakening of the general public. The Light quotient in your solar system is rising exponentially in ways they had not predicted or even thought possible. Their hold on society weakens every day as more people become aware of their unconscionable schemes. Long ago, the dark cabal lost the ability to fathom their forfeiture of power in controlling the narrative mindlessly adhered to by the masses. The cabal continues to believe, erroneously, that they will rise again, like the phoenix, from the ashes of their demise.

For decades, covert strategies have been planned to free humanity from debt slavery and restore Gaia (Earth) to become a planet that flourishes in peace and liberty. We continue to ask for your patience. These strategies cannot be rushed. It is vital for you to remember that you are dismantling a power structure that has reigned for over 13,000 years. Brace yourselves for messages that may perhaps shock you, but in a very positive way.

We have provided the Alliance with a new "computer" system, the Quantum Financial System, which will eliminate any way to steal or manipulate money. It is designed to be the death of the central banking system, which is the means by which the cabal keeps you in debt slavery. You are meant to live in the Light, basking in the divine Truths given you freely by Heaven. In this new reality, we are to shepherd you back to your fully conscious selves. Together, we are to bring greater Light to every corner of this galaxy. Source: Sheldan Nidle Messages from the Galactic Federation of Light and Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.

Click Here To Read: The New Hack-Proof, Super-Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computer Global Financial System

2018 - The Year of Freedom & Abundant Blessings

July 15, 2018: Humanity doesn’t yet know they are free . . . The head of the snake has been chopped off. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are down, down, down. All that’s left are the little mice (minions) that do their dirty work. They are scurrying around, with no direction to go, looking for a place to hide. They don’t know what to do because they do not have any orders anymore. Daily, the questions among them is who got suicide? Who stepped down? The Light has won! . . . The new U.S. Republic is coming in 2018. Med beds are coming in 2018. RV is coming in 2018 – possibly within the next 30 days for all to receive their blessings. Love All. Serve All. Source: Saint Germain Channeled Message .

The Dark Cabal Are Terrified of Trump

July 13, 2018: U.S. President Trump plans to release information that the dark cabal has kept hidden from the world that would have made life on Earth so much easier. Currently, only a select few are aware of this information, and revelation of this knowledge will send shock waves throughout the world. Trump intends to takedown the dark cabal, and remove them from power in his administration and in the U.S. This channeled message suggests that’s why Trump was put in power. Everyday on TV and in newspapers, you can see the cabal use everything in its power to attack and destroy Trump. They hate Trump because they cannot buy him, so they try to destroy him. The cabal shows no mercy. Never has there been such a vendetta against one man. The fact is the cabal are terrified of Trump because he is exposing them for what they are: criminals. Source: Spirit Guide Montegue Keen Channeled Message.

Dark Cabal Queen Elizabeth to Surrender to Trump; New Global Quantum Computer Financial System

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

July 7, 2017 - Trump is meeting with Queen Elizabeth on July 13 where allegedly he will privately receive the crown's formal surrender. All assets stolen by the crown and the rest of the Cabal will be returned to the people. Trump will meet with Russia’s President Putin on July 16.

Trump's planned military parade in November signifies the Alliance's victory over the Cabal.

Zimbabwe – The country is set to announce a new gold-backed currency as early as August 1st. This will trigger the U.S. to announce the return to the gold-standard, thus officially switching from the old greenback fiat-dollar USD to the new currency USN (United States Notes).

GESARA - The U.S. announcing the USN promises to trigger the process of introducing GESARA to the world. Once the enactment of GESARA is announced, full disclosure will follow.

New Global Quantum Computer Financial System & Currency Revaluation (RV) – The RV has evolved beyond a simple revaluation and currency exchange/redemption. It is not going to be the way everyone imagined it. The RV will be handled through the new Global Quantum Computer Financial System (QFS).

The QFS is “alive” with consciousness. Gifted to us by the Galactics. Not much information has been made public about this new system, yet. According to the book “Messages from the Hollow Earth” by Dianne Robbins, advanced civilizations in hollow earth use amino-acid based computers (highly advanced Artificial Intelligence). It is assumed that the QFS operates similarly to the computers in hollow earth.

What we do know is that the QFS knows how much foreign currency you are holding at this time. It reads your mind and knows your location at all times through frequency waves. The QFS currently has accounts for each and every human being on this planet. Your account on the QFS can only be accessed with your DNA. You will be compensated by the QFS for holding currency (Iraqi Dinar – IQD, Vietnamese Dong – VND, Zimbabwe Dollar – ZWD) and other currencies set for revaluation.

Your compensation funds will be deposited into your account on the QFS. The QFS has accounts for each and every human being on this planet. Even those not holding foreign currency will receive prosperity funds from the QFS. This is in alignment with GESARA – abundance for everyone.

Technology will be released in order for you to access your funds. Instructions will be given via a website that will come online for everyone to access. The 800#’s will no longer be used to make an appointment but rather numbers you can call for instruction on how to access your funds.

All funds under the QFS will be digital. This must be done in order to introduce a cashless society which will pave the way for certain technologies to be released to the public such as replicators and quantum technology medical beds. Replicators could be used for money laundering since replicators can create or produce anything. Therefore, a cashless society is a way to prevent such issues. Hospitals and factories will become obsolete with replicators and med beds. People must be compensated for the loss of jobs. There will be a drastic change in the global economy with the introduction of the QFS and suppressed technologies.

All assets/wealth stolen by the Dark Cabal will be rightfully returned to every human being on the planet via the QFS. The New Global Quantum Computer Financial System will be explained during the full disclosure event after the enactment of GESARA is announced. Source: Various Alternative Intel Sources.

July 2, 2018 - Alliance Preparing to Give Back Trillions of Stolen Wealth by David Wilcock

At least four independent insider sources have revealed that the Alliance is now locating and legally seizing trillions and trillions of dollars in assets stolen by the Deep State (aka Dark Cabal). The money is set to be released back into the legitimate economy as “prosperity funds” that could almost immediately create radical improvements in our overall quality of life. Certain purported “sources” have been prognosticating this online for years, but this is the first time that our own insider circle has made such statements.

Enormous leaps forward are now being promised by Q Anon for this very month — July 2018. This is a very exciting news. One insider’s estimate of how much stolen money may be recovered is literally upwards of 30 Trillion Dollars. Thankfully, no one will have to design a building big enough to hold all that cash. The stolen credits will simply be transferred back into the economy.

This is one major piece of “good news” that we have been authorized to discuss. The details of this plan are being hammered out in a variety of high-profile meetings of top world leaders. The enigmatic Q Anon briefings went completely silent as of May 22nd following a big burst of data. It looked like it might be over. One small post was made on June 3rd, followed by another week-long delay. As it turns out, this was because the team was fully focused on these high-profile meetings, which involved very serious and complex negotiations. Then the cryptic announcements came back in full, daily force as of June 10th, and have continued ever since.

The Alliance versus Cabal battle is now moving so fast that we have not had time to keep up with it. Things have finally eased up enough for us to make the time to post. Read the Full Story - Click Here.

What Is Q Anon?

Q Anon is a series of enigmatic posts on 4Chan, an anonymous internet forum, which began last October 2017. These posts are giving the blow-by-blow stages in an ongoing, official effort to expose and defeat the Deep State / Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati. All of our very best intel has confirmed that Q Anon is the legitimate, public voice of the Alliance (allegedly a high-official in U.S. President Trump administration), kept anonymous for their own protection. "Q" is one of the highest security clearances in the presidential administration, and "anon" is short for "anonymous." Qanon's Website - Click Here.

A recent article, linked below, indicated that Q has called out certain prominent public figures as Alliance supporters: Source: Pro-Trump Conspiracy Monger Qanon Calls for Regime Change in Iran.

Among the figures who have been promoted by QAnon as heroes resisting the “deep state” include Blackwater founder Erik Prince, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former Mayor of New York City turned Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The statements in the Q Anon briefings have aligned very nicely with our own intel, and added vast amounts of new, supporting data. Though our insiders have indicated the U.S. President is cooperating with this agenda, the Alliance’s effort is decades in the making and far bigger than any one administration.

June 27, 2018 – Dark Cabal Takedown by The Galactics, Saint Germain, The Alliance, Montague Keen, New Global Financial System Is Run on a Quantum Computer

BlissfulVisions.com Saint Germain: I AM St. Germain and I come with the Violet Flame. But I Am not only the Violet Flame, but you are the Violet Flame as well. We are all together the Violet Flame. We are all together the flame of purging. Purging out all of the old that no longer works, will no longer work. You are the new life we are the new life. As everything continues to revolve and change and move into a new evolutionary pattern throughout the planet those of you the light workers and warriors, those of you that are anchoring the light and sharing the light, you are the ones that are creating the new world all around you.

First you create it within yourself then you create it outside of yourself. And all of you together are creating this new world, this new world with a new paradigm, with new frequencies, new higher frequencies and vibrations that are brought about by the tonal changes that are coming to the planet. The new frequencies that are arriving, new energies that you are all beginning more and more to feel these energies.

Sometimes these energies are difficult to work with. Other times they are a blessing as you feel them move into you, the blissful feelings that come as a result of this. Because you know with these new energies that you have arrived to the point.

You have arrived to the zero point. Zero point where life literally begins to standstill. Time zones or rather the time lines begin to merge more and more.

I said through another source recently the time is nigh. That is true for there are many changes that are coming. Many that have been working in the background for some time and have literally brought the cabal, those of the dark forces, to their very knees because they know that their time is nearly up. Yet they struggle, they fight to hold onto all they have known. Because they are not going into the higher vibrations with you. They are not going to be able to withstand the energies as you are feeling them now. Because as these energies come in, it causes those who cannot handle them to lash out at their brothers and sisters. That is all they have ever known to do. Not to love, not to share, not to be as One, but to be divided bring derision and division to all of those so that they can continue to maintain their control.

But they are fast losing that control. Because the world is not dividing; the world is coming together. The people on the planet are coming together. Even if it does not show in your various media presentations it will begin to do so. For as always for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear if you are looking for the positive, you will find a positive. Just as if you are looking for the negative, you will find that as well. For all is coming now to a balance, a balancing point. And you, my friends, are that balancing point. You will come to understand this more and more as these days and weeks and even months begin to fly by even more than they have. Because time as you know it, or have known it, is ceasing to exist. Time is speeding up. The energy timelines are speeding up as well and bringing about the many changes that are very near to becoming real to all of you.

Those of you know, those of you that are awakened, know that the President of the United States, the Donald Trump, is the one that is challenging the very forces that have been at work for a long time. He is challenging those forces. And in doing so he is finding himself at times being kept from doing what he knows to do, yet he is persevering. He is pushing forward because he is the one that is meant to go up against those forces. And in doing so, he is bringing about a great many changes that as of yet many are in the background but they are coming forward.

And you will see these changes very shortly now. These shifts in energy that are as a result of the old paradigm falling away, being replaced by the new paradigm. A new paradigm of love, of peace, of harmony, of Oneness, replacing the old paradigm of fear, of hatred, of anger, of derisiveness.

Time is nigh my friends. The time is now. So reach deep within yourselves, each and every one of you, and find that strength within to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters whenever the opportunity now arises. And I tell you now as St. Germain, many more opportunities will arise for you to do so: to share the light, to spread the light, to be the light. Because you are the light to the world.

I Am St. Germain and I leave you now with all my peace and love and that the Violet Flame continues to burn within each of you and spread accordingly to the consciousness as it is needed. Source: Saint Germain channeled by James McConnell.

United You Stand, Divided You Fall

Montague Keen: The mental turmoil humans are experiencing on Earth is without precedent. The energy is being deliberately engineered to disarm and confuse you and so cause conflict. Everyone seems to be attacking each other. This is all orchestrated by the Cabal. It is when you are all fighting and arguing, attacking each other, that you are not looking at what the Cabal is doing. The Cabal is delighted, as this is their little game. Humanity falls for it every time.

Why are humans so gullible? Why do they always accept what the Cabal instructs them to accept? Some do so, because they are so desperate for attention that they are prepared to go to any lengths to get it. UNITED YOU STAND, DIVIDED YOU FALL.

Humanity is fighting for its very existence. There is a huge effort to keep you asleep. There is so much happening just out of your frequency but only a few are aware of it. The Cabal operates in this frequency, so you are not aware of all that they are doing to wipe you out. They will not concede defeat until the last possible moment. They will try to do as much damage as possible to those who try to awaken you. Ask yourselves why people are so prepared to believe the worst of each other; why they fail to see the bigger picture.

The technique of divide and conquer has always worked for them as you fall for it every time. You know in your soul that together, you can create a future for all the creatures of the Earth. Stop attacking each other. Be constructive. Discuss what is needed for man to come together and act as one to protect your future. Many years ago, I told you that you will recognize the signs that signal man’s opportunity to take back the Earth from the hands of the Cabal. I pointed out that there would be earthquakes, and volcanos would erupt. You are seeing this every day now. THE TIME IS NOW.

What are you doing about it? Change must happen. Every one of you must act together as one, to remove all that is dark from the Earth. You have no time to waste by attacking each other. Every moment counts. TOGETHER, no power on Earth can stop you. See yourselves as the powerful souls that you actually are. Action is needed, so believe in yourselves. You can do it. The Cabal is encouraging you to waste valuable time in attacking and abusing others. The Cabal loves it. You are their puppets. They would not succeed without you. Remember, DEATH comes to all, and you will answer for your actions. You will not be allowed to go forward into the light. There is no place for you and your like. Think about that.

Your food is being tampered with as never before. The Cabal is desperate to wipe you out as quickly as possible before many more of you awaken. When you are advised that something is good for you, whether it be medication or food, avoid it like the plague. Grow your own food if at all possible. Only then can you be sure it is okay. Eat as much organic fruit and vegetables as possible.

The rays of the sun are being blocked from you. All people need its beneficial rays in order to survive. The Cabal has ensured that your oxygen level is so low that people struggle to survive. You are surreptitiously being wiped out and many of you cannot be bothered to look at what is being done to you. What will it take for you to wake up? We, on this side of life, can only do so much to help you wake up.

TV is a weapon that is skillfully used to hold you under their control, especially the sport that fills your screens. It acts as a hypnotist in the corner of the room. It does a good job. You are controlled by the signals that bombard you. Your computer is also used against you. You are being watched and listened to. As for SMART METERS: they are deadly, never agree to them. The Cabal has all this technology and it is used against you. You allow them to do it to you. They cannot do it without your permission.

When you entered the Earth as a baby, you had the potential to become the powerful being of light that you are. The Cabal immediately took control of you, and through vaccinations etc. THEY TURNED OFF YOUR LIGHT TO ENSURE THAT YOU NEVER PROCEED THROUGH LIFE AS THE POWERFUL BEING OF LIGHT THAT YOU ARE.

They ensure that you are weak and fearful, constantly sick and fully under their control. Knowing what you know today, why do you continue to accept these conditions? When did humanity lose its voice? Who speaks to your inner core today? Who is speaking up for you, showing you the way forward out of SLAVERY? Though many speak, there are few you can trust.

David Icke has worked hard all these years to open your eyes to what is being done to you. Understand, you are all in the same boat, whether rich, poor, awakened, or asleep. You need to come together and step into your power. REFUSE TO BE WIPED OUT.

I ask that you listen to the Testimony of Ronald Bernard - Click Here. RONALD BERNARD, a very brave man who was a member of the dark cabal, became a whistleblower, and survived to tell his story. He bravely opens his heart to you, so that you can see clearly how they operate in your world. It is possible to go to the edge of darkness, AWAKEN AND FREE YOURSELF, and survive the experience. Ronald’s work is of great value to all who seek the truth. He deserves your respect and gratitude for sharing with you his terrible experiences on the dark side of life. Source: Montague Keen channeled by Veronica Keen.

New Global Financial System Is Run on a Quantum Computer

Intel Operation Disclosure: The new global financial system is run on a quantum computer and cannot be hacked by anyone, including the Dark Cabal. Several hacking attempts have been made by the Dark Cabal, and have met with failure. The quantum computer can even send a signal to the hacker's computer that destroys the computer's server. This quantum computer is located on an orbiting satellite which is being protected by Secret Space Programs. The quantum technology was provided by the benevolent Galactics.

The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking world. The key is to implement limitations that will prevent corrupted banksters from gaining significant profit. All Cabal assets will be seized by the Alliance and redistributed to benefit humanity.

Alliance theoreticians work on a daily basis to determine the timing of the RV release using mathematical formulas based on multiple factors. Multiple factors such as the current state of the geopolitical arena, global economy, unawakened masses, current events, and planned events. This allows the Alliance to determine the optimal time to release the RV. The optimal time to release the RV is quickly approaching as all the dominoes fall into place revealing the big picture.

The Golden Age is right around the corner. The Galactic Age is next in line. Source: Intel Operation Disclosure.

Much Is Being Readied for a Significant Coming Event

BlissfulVisions.com The Galactic Federation of Light: This ever-changing orb upon which we gaze is a world where the dark pursues its diabolical schemes with little success. We cannot emphasize enough that the demise of the cabal is closer than most of you might believe. The recently formed Alliance, in company with our earth allies, is at the ready to spring a carefully-set trap that will lead to arrests of some of the cabal’s upper-echelon personnel. The arrest plan is designed to keep the public informed as a way to limit chaos. As we have mentioned before, their “tried and true” ways of keeping the citizens of Earth in bondage no longer work. Because the dark appears unable to alter their modus operandi, their tricks to obstruct the Divine Plan continue to expose them for the scoundrels they are. Meanwhile, the masses are awakening. Globally, citizens are beginning to rise up, demanding transparency and Truth.

At present, the dark is being forced to give up vast sums of its earthly wealth. Consequently, all the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse and avoid arousing the panic and outrage that would ensue if this fact were made public. The true wealth of your global societies will appear only when a global reset manifests, founded on gold-backed currencies. This reality is nearing a point where it is to be revealed to the public. Once these announcements are made, they will also reveal a new series of interim governments. Right now, sensitive negotiations are concluding to permit all of these events to happen. The Alliance is now in a position of power and is doing whatever is required to make this difficult transition run as smoothly as possible. The epochal moment is soon to arrive for all of us to bestow upon this planet, and its surface population, a most miraculous gift.

As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. It is essential for your cousins, the Agarthans, to be properly introduced to you. They propose to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different from that which you have been taught. We also intend to display the various technologies we wish to share with you. This agenda is merely the first part of our initial interaction with you.

You are basking in the energies of the recent powerful Summer Solstice, which holds many keys to what is to unfold. Literally, the eyes of the galaxy are upon you! Heaven assures us that countless necessary changes are being prepared to manifest, to allow the Light to emerge Victorious! This will constitute the opening salvo in the move to establish the new energies that are to propel you to the very brink of full consciousness. Many Beings of a highly spiritual nature have joined together on your world to create the conditions for first contact and all that is to follow. We are using our technological advantage to accelerate the plan and ensure that this pivotal opening move succeeds according to Heaven’s wishes.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters. Last week, we welcomed the new frequencies from the Great Central Sun scheduled for the summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere and winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere of the planet. The energies that accompany June’s Solstice are bringing an upgrade to your human and Light systems. The seeds planted at the Spring Equinox will now bloom. These new frequencies are a potent catalyst for change. Offer gratitude as you witness changes in yourself, and the people around you, in government and the financial industry, and in the planet herself.

The energies enveloping Gaia also encompass our entire Milky Way galaxy. The atmosphere of Venus is cooling. That of Mars is also experiencing climate change and is beginning to terra-form: small ponds of water are springing up on her surface. The red spot for which Jupiter is known has disappeared. Saturn’s rings are proving to be a more elaborately interwoven web of consciousness. Changes to our galaxy such as these are caused by a rise in consciousness. Collectively, we are ascending the frequency spiral to the 5th dimension.

Clearly, much is unfolding to birth an entirely new world for you. We encourage you, dear ones, to participate in this process. Recent steps taken toward transformation have reached the point where you are obliged to come together to help one another. Each of you possesses knowledge of how you are to morph into galactic humans. Share this with each other. Create a safe environment in which you can discuss these subjects freely and openly. It is one thing to hear this information issuing from a television set, but quite another to hear it with the Love and caring that emanates from someone you know. There is no substitute for the personal touch. It is our intention that this blessed transition to full consciousness be filled with the magic of the Divine! This is a sacred task that began nearly 13 millennia ago. Now we are doing whatever is required to bring Heaven back to each one of you.

Today, we continued to inform you about what is manifesting around your globe. An age of prosperity and harmony is forming. This is a time of transition. Be patient and ever ready to work for the triumph of this new series of realities and prepare for a new spiritual age. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!) Source: The Galactic Federation of Light channeled by Sheldan Nidle.

June 14, 2018 – The Alliance Is Taking Down The Cabal

The Galactic Federation of Light: After 13,000 years of unopposed control, the Cabal finds itself struggling to adjust to a sudden surge in humanity's growth of consciousness. There is nothing they can do to hold that back. But they still attempt to hold back your ascension, and will do whatever they can to do so. The dark forces are not fully at bay yet. They have one or two more final grasps at holding onto their life, holding on to what they have always known. And they are grasping now at whatever they can to hold the status quo.

This new element of humanity's growth of consciousness scares them, and is truly changing everything. As we reported in an earlier message, a new coalition of forces, to which we refer as "The Alliance," has come together as a most compelling group that we have grown to respect. They continue to mystify the cabal, wreaking havoc on them in every way possible. The cabal remains bewildered as to why their arsenal of tried-and-true methods continually backfire on them.

We are delighted to report that your old reality is being shifted because it ultimately leads to disclosure, which makes it possible for us to move more quickly to the next step, an unprecedented global first contact with you. In previous years, we watched as the dark ones dashed the dawning of a new governance. Despite these early difficulties, we knew that you were eventually to triumph over the dark. The dark is slowly fading into historical oblivion. We have patiently watched as our Earth Allies and new Alliance friends suffered through their early growing pains. They have shaken off their hatred and wish only to propel the cabal out of power. New governance is to set the stage for our arrival. For far too long, surface humanity has been exiled from its extraterrestrial origins.

We have been assisting the Alliance in a number of ways. First, we are complementing the forces they have assigned to the removal of the current US regime. Second, we are providing the necessary resources to allow the Alliance to put into effect a new hard-backed currency system on your world. Finally, we are expanding our liaison and diplomatic personnel so as to be ready to furnish the services required for a more harmonious reality on your world. Many events are about to manifest and become known. Your prosperity funds are being made ready. The magnitude of this step has prompted us to send out a special detail of ships to watch as this program unfolds. No major problems have been encountered thus far. Your world is poised for freedom! Source: The Galactic Federation of Light by Sheldan Nidle.

Update: June 8, 2018 – Changes! Changes! Changes! by Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner

Mira: I am in full service to the earth on the Earth Council, to assist with the ascension of the planet. I greet you today in a new gateway that was just opened for the ascension process. It will allow more expeditious travel between planetary systems, by giving us more access to strategic locations where our help is needed. We will be installing some more of these as time progresses. We are coming from a place of strength and competency, and so are you. There are increasing numbers of us, because we are on a rapid trajectory to assist the earth’s ascension.

There has been too much outside interference with dark ones going where they do not belong. This is being remedied and will soon be complete. We have numerous ways to purge what needs to be taken care of. We have them running. We are making huge progress and there is still much that we cannot tell you. In the end, you will be made aware of all of it. Right now is not the appropriate time. We have to keep certain information to ourselves.

I can tell you there is a lot going on with your governments. It is behind the scenes. It is election time in the United States. Much change is afoot. Many new people have been called to action. The old system of service to self will be slipping away. You will have better cross representation of the populace. Make the best of the choices at hand. You need to be heard.

It is important that you take a stand on what is most important to you. This is the main way that you will be able to change the planet. Follow your heart and put your energy in to projects of great value. Begin to envision your future. Picture a clean earth. Feel into the abundance that is coming to all of you. See a planet free in all ways. Stay centered and calm. Find new power and strength. Move into the oneness of life with every being on the planet.

We are finding our way to be with you again. Many of us are on the planet already. The truth about us cannot be suppressed. Right now your U.S. government is clearing the deck for full disclosure because they have been told by us that it cannot be stopped. They are trying to save face from anger and distrust when you all know the truth. It could happen sooner than you think. It could shake up many people but it needs to happen. We do not have time for spoon feeding the populace or your government’s control. It is nearly over.

We know that for some of you it brightens your day (or your night) when you see us in the skies. We delight in these maneuvers. We communicate telepathically and enjoy your excitement when we connect. You will begin to see much more of us. Welcome us and this makes it even more favorable. These are exciting time for all of us. We love and support you. I am Mira.

May 15, 2018 – Takedown of Dark Cabal

The Galactic Federation of Light by Sheldan Nidle: The inevitable defeat of the dark cabal continues. One cabal strategy after the other is falling away. As the cabal weakens, its membership diminishes. Meanwhile, the Light strengthens as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place that will ensure humanity’s freedom. Peace, prosperity and new governmental order are growing closer every day. The Earth-plane is transforming gradually to a 5D reality. Read the full report. Click here.

Lord Ashtar, Ashtar Command, The Galactic Federation of Light by James McConnell: We are working to bring about many changes to planet Earth, and to the collective consciousness of humankind. We are moving into the Action Phase of the Final Preparation Phase that is going to bring about many, many more sightings of our spacecraft across the planet. More and more, we will begin to uncloak ourselves. But we are only uncloaking ourselves to those that do have eyes to see for it is not yet time for the mass populace to become aware of us. But, for those of you, the forerunners, the way showers, to begin to light the way for all of those others yet to come after. And, there are those that are preparing the way also in Hollow Earth, the Agarthan realm, in Telos, below Mt. Shasta in northern California, USA. And, many other cities located in Hollow Earth. We are all preparing the way for the Light to overcome all of the darkness here on planet Earth. For when The Event occurs, when the Light has fully overcome the darkness, there will be no more darkness, no more evil, no more fear. If you can imagine a world that can be as that, then you can begin to believe that all is possible. Read the full report. Click here.

The Light Has Won!

Update: Sananda (Jesus) via Galaxy Girl - April 2, 2018

Sananda (Jesus): Dear-hearts, children, friends and fellow warriors of the light, I am your brother and friend Sananda here to reassure you friends that all is indeed going quite well! For as the light permeates all things, the darkness and dross - the misguided energies - have no where to go, but to be transmuted by this radiant light from Source! And this is most excellent news of course, is it not? For you are ready for more light - the human collective has decreed this, and indeed, you are, and shall receive, your hearts’ desire, friends.

Today I would like to give a simple message for you, dear friends. And it is this; the struggle is over. The pain and the waiting for external provisions is long past. You will be able to create - manifest - anything needed for yourself or for the others that serves the highest good of all. It is time to simply relax into joy! Relax into your purpose, for that is what brings you deep satisfying joy. If your heart sings you should do more of that! For the time of the grindstone is over.

It is time to put your heart into your passion and it will be less of work and more of joy. This is coming ever nearer, friends. Pull this reality of never-ending prosperity and endless light to you and it will become infused with and by your essence, and in so doing, you will be helping with its’ creation, as well as manifestation.

For you are creators! You are beings of the highest light and love, here now for assisting with the creative process of restoring Gaia to her former glory and radiance. And in so doing this act of selfless service, you will become more of this as well, and all will ascend as one. For that is the experience you have decreed, oh mighty human collective. Yes you are in the process of remembering who you are, and together there is no stopping you or the advancement of your radiant light from transforming everything you touch! And everything around you is blessed by this energy upgrade.

I say again - the struggle is over. The light has won. Relax into joy and claim your place on New Earth and let us create this glorious experience together! I am always here for you. I am your Sananda. Be at peace and be in joy!

Update from Multiple Sources: Feb. 17, 2018

Nearly 75% of the dark cabal forces have been arrested, sequestered away from doing harm to humanity, and/or held in jail for military tribunal. About 18% of the dark cabal forces have been removed from planet Earth by forces of the Galactic Federation of Light.

The remaining 25% are the nastiest of the nastiest. They are squirming in their nests, and they are losing power quickly. Fear riddles them like cancer. Their machines, puppets, clones of capitalism, are being exposed and are malfunctioning. Most of their military and technology assets have been destroyed. ISIS is reportedly destroyed. The Light Alliance is actively seeking out the remaining dark cabal agents on a daily basis. Their escape routes are thwarted by superior technology of the Light Alliance (Earth Allies and the Galactic Federation of Light forces).

The Law of Attraction is working. Their dark magic serves only to mire them in the hellfire they have created. In their last ditch efforts of desperation, they are doing numerous things to try to keep humanity down and to start a world war like spraying chem trails, attacking Lightworkers, creating man-made flu, instilling fear with false flag events, building up the military and instilling fear about nuclear war, working the fake news, distracting us as much as possible and by playing with the stock market. As each bastion of control crumbles and implodes under scrutiny by the Light Alliance, new systems are established of transparency and compassion.

Keep the faith. Hold the Light. No need for panic. 2018 is predicted to be the year of the dark cabal’s total defeat. Continue to Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. Send love to the Light Alliance and to those who are drawn to violent ways, like the dark cabal forces. There is great change coming. A fundamental shift in economic power. A plan is well underway to secure a safer future for all humanity.

Global Currency Reset (GCR), Nesara/Gesara, ET Disclosure

Saint Germain: “So I will tell you right now that all matters having to do with your abundance are well in hand! I have seen to it that everyone – the entire human population of Planet Earth – will receive dollars or yen or whatever the currency is. It will be backed with gold and precious metals, and to that end I have made that secure. So there will be no worthless paper (fiat) money.

All paper will be backed and have substance and equality! The price of gold will be the same worldwide, for instance. And the dollar will be the same as whatever currencies there are in other nations. So there will be no more disparity. There will be no more speculation. There will be no more trading or arbitrage or however you want to call it!

Wall Street, as it has existed, will not be controlling the economies of the world, because it is really those who wear the dark hats (dark cabal) that have been controlling Wall Street and the banks and the whole monetary institutions and systems worldwide. That is ending! NESARA will finalize that ending! The distribution of abundance is to get you to a place where you will no longer need money of any kind!” - Source: Saint Germain via Susan Leland, May 23, 2017

We are told that NESARA/GESARA is already created and standing by to be rolled out as the new benevolent government for America (Nesara) and a more benevolent government system worldwide (Gesara). All 209 sovereign nations of the world have approved this already. As part of the Nesara/Gesara roll out, long suppressed technologies by the dark cabal (like free, non-polluting energy) will be released to free us from laborious tasks and assist in cleaning up the planetary pollution, and bring Gaia back to a pristine environment. At some point, the Masters of Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy and the Agarthans of Inner Earth will emerge and be among us to give us new teachings and help usher us into the new golden age.

Saint Germain: “Replicators will be available to create anything out of energy because everything is energy, we’re all energy – replicators will be able to accomplish a great deal to acquire food, clothing, whatever. You will have robots because no one is going to do any form of slave labor anywhere in the world. You will have opportunities to be creative, to enjoy the creations of others, and to create yourselves whatever it is that you choose.”

Dark Cabal Takedown

The term "dark cabal" has been used in Sheldan Nidle’s reports from The Galactic Federation of Light. The dark cabal is known by other names, such as: the Illuminati, New World Order, the powerful elite, the Secret Government, the deep state, the shadow government, etc. The support and assistance we have to establish this a new golden age of multi-dimensionality and inter-galactic relations on Earth is beyond incredible! What is true is the unseen presence of billions of Galactic ships and trillions of higher beings, including many legions of Angels, circling the Earth and answering the calls for help.

Behind-the-Scenes News Sources

Listed below are behind-the-scenes news sources that you can review at your convenience to keep up with the swift moving changes. I have followed these sources for a while (for months and sometimes years), and I believe them to be credible sources. All or most of these sources have videos on YouTube.

As always, you must use your discernment to decide if they are credible for you.

Q Anon is a series of enigmatic posts on 4Chan, an anonymous internet forum, which began October 2017. These posts give the blow-by-blow stages in an ongoing, official effort to expose and defeat the Deep State / Cabal / New World Order / Illuminati. Q-Anon was allegedly thought to be a high-official in U.S. President Trump administration, kept anonymous for its own protection. Now, new disclosure suggests that Q-Anon is a group of high-ranking U.S. military intelligence officers in the Pentagon that is supporting President Trump's initiative to "Drain the Swamp." "Q" is one of the highest security clearances in the presidential administration, and "anon" is short for "anonymous." It was rumored in August 2018 that Q's website had been taken down, just in case you can't access it. Qanon's Website - Click Here.

Benjamin Fulford, Geopolitical Investigative Reporter: BenjaminFulford.net is a geopolitical news and discussion website from reporter and investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford. Reports are based on information from a broad range of sources including the yakuza, MI6, the Freemasons, the CIA, the KGB, Mossad, the triads, the Chinese government, Japanese military intelligence, etc. The reports provide updates and summaries of the latest events in the ongoing secret war for control of planet Earth. This website is completely independent and is not affiliated with any corporation or governmental organization.

Corey Goode - claims to be a former Secret Space Program member turned whistle-blower, who claims to have spent “20 Years and Back” in the U.S. Navy secret space program, and special contact for the benevolent ET’s The Sphere Alliance.

Sheldan Nidle - Channel for The Galactic Federation of Light and Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. Author of several books and videos on the subject. Produces free weekly updates on the progress of The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness, and hosts regular Internet webinars. Was contacted by Sirians when he was a young child, and has been working professionally in this area for over 20 years.

Dr. Steven Greer – The Disclosure Project - American retired medical doctor turned ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of suppressed UFO information. Has produced two documentary films on the subject: “Sirius” and “Unacknowledged.”

John Smallman - Channel for Sananda (Jesus) and other spirit guides. Jesus offers updates on The Great Awakening into Unity Consciousness, and most if not all of his messages are also published on the Sananda Website.

Sedona Journal of Emergence - A monthly publication featuring “all channeled” material from many sources. Available in print or e-magazine by email for worldwide distribution. Provides a forum for those who wish to speak to us from other dimensions and realities about our emergence into multi-dimensionality and our re-connection to the oneness of creation.

Biblioteca Pleyades – Provides alternative information that seeks greater clarity about us as Humans and Beings of Light. Presents documented information from authors from many disciplines: whistle-blowers, former intelligence CIA/military officers, scholars and researchers, scientists, and insiders in the know about the Secret Government, Alien Contact, and other information that “debunkes” or “exposes” the official history that has been fed to us. Languages: English, Espanol, Italiano.

David Icke – English writer/author and public speaker. Has made his name since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist, calling himself a “full time investigator into who and what is really controlling the world.” He is the author of over 20 books and numerous DVDs, and has lectured in over 25 countries to audiences that cut across the political spectrum.

David Wilcock – New York Times bestselling author, lecturer, filmmaker, researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. Does not channel spirit guides or ET sources. His latest book: Ascension Mysteries: Revealing the Cosmic Battle Between Good and Evil (2016) is a bestseller on Amazon.com.


Free Translation in 100 Languages at BlissfulVisions.com

The Sinless Reality Free E-Book by Dennis Shipman

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