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"His popularity as a Master Teacher is steadily growing, worldwide."

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Jared Rand
! ! ! Lightworker Extraordinaire ! ! !

By Reverend Dennis Shipman - 25 February 2020

BlissfulVisions.com If there was a prestigious award for outstanding and exemplary Lightworker World Service, then Jared Randís name would be nominated. And, most likely, he would win the award. Why? Consider the following points of interest and facts:

- - - Link to Jaredís Website - - - www.WeAreOneLightForAll.net

(1) Jared hosts a free "Daily Global Guided Meditation" at 3 pm EST, and weekly "Time For Change" (TFCC) free conference calls, every Wednesday at 9 pm EST.

He offers uplifting and enlightening messages about our origins, our relationship to Source Creation (God) and the Galactic Universe. He will sometimes talk at length going into great detail for up to 4 hours or more! All meditation and TFCC call recordings are posted on youtube (Young Lightworkers) or weareonelightforall.net for replaying.

(2) His popularity as a Master Teacher is steadily growing worldwide. In just 4 years, he has "amassed a following of 48 million people (and continuously growing)" since his first known internet radio interview in 2016. Jared talks about numerous high-profile issues impacting humanityís current 3D to 5D transition. His mission is to help educate the general public about what has been hidden from us, who and what we really are, and where we are headed.

BlissfulVisions.comDaily Global Guided Meditation 3pm EST
BlissfulVisions.comFree Conference Call, Wednesdays 9pm EST

(3) For the past 40 years, his work has focused on the entire global transition. "Iíve lost countless friends. Iíve been shot at, poisoned, and just about everything you can think of to deter me. We now have a wonderful group of human beings that have collaborated and worked together for a very long time. Our attitude is that we have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

(4) Jaredís family has been in the U.S. since 1624 (long before it became the United States of America in 1776 -- going on 400 years) located in Charlestown, the oldest neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts. Charlestown Peninsula was the site of the first key Revolutionary War battle that occurred on 17 June 1775, referred to as the Battle of Bunker Hill (now called The Bunker Hill Monument).

(5) Jared has recently provided charts available for free that illustrate who we are, why we are on the planet, and where we are going. Currently there are 11 charts available for free downloads. To access, go to Jared's website: www.weareonelightforall.net, and at the top menu bar select CHARTS.

The first chart is shown below. Enjoy! Anti-Civilization to Civilization of the Universe


(6) Jared has extensive knowledge about the new upcoming health technologies including the Celestial Chamber (CC). The CC is powered by plasma/tachyon energy and controllable artificial intelligence. It regenerates human tissue and body parts. In about three minutes, it will completely re-atomize the human body, bringing it to immortality with no negative side-effects. It eliminates all diseases of the physical vessel. This technology is continually being advanced by Jaredís team and will be selectively open-sourced to the civilization of the planet.


(7) Jared is the founder of a U.S. tax-exempt organization called Grey Wolf Unincorporated Non-Profit Tribal Nation Association.

If in your Heart you are seriously interested in having access to these life-enhancing technologies including the completion of the Celestial Chamber, then please consider a generous donation. What a beautiful, exotic name the Celestial Chamber is, and what it lends to the well-being of the civilization on this planet. All donations are tax-deductible and appreciated in the humblest of gratitude and strictest of confidence.

The information for donations is located on the home page www.WeAreOneLightForAll.net Questions? Please email: lifelight369@protonmail.com

UPDATE: JARED RAND INTERVIEW: Super-Advanced Off-Planet Technologies (Med Beds, Food Replicators, etc.) Coming in the Next 6 Years - Featured Speaker at the 74th Meeting of the Free Energy Special Interest Group (FESIG) on March 4, 2020 (video).

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