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"Get on your dancing shoes and be prepared for the rock'n roll year 2022!"

Road to Oneness

Stay in Your Heart for Coming Changes!

Amma the Divine Mother channeled by Cathy Chapman, PhD
Sedona Journal of Emergence – Annual Predictions Issue 2022
Angel Image © Copyright ​Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman used with permission.

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Amma the Divine Mother: Wonderful day to you, dear ones. You wonder if 2022 will be any different from the past two years. I will give you potentials that humanity can choose to change; however, certain events are, as you might say, set in stone. The energies have gone so far that the events cannot be changed. You cannot make an instantaneous right turn with a huge cruise ship. You can change some things about yourselves.

Let us begin by establishing the heart source. This is an energy structure you create within you that grounds you into Earth and the center of the universe and helps you stay centered and grounded:

1. Move into the front of your heart chakra at the center of your chest. If you are unfamiliar with this process, begin by putting your hand on your heart chakra. Breathe in deeply. Imagine you are breathing in and out the front of your heart chakra. Go deep within as much as you can. You are entering the center of this exciting world of energy.

2. While staying in the front of your heart center, simultaneously move into the back of your heart chakra. (It is opposite the front.) As you go deep within, you travel through a hallway or a tunnel. Keep going until you move into the expansive space that is your sacred space.

3. Move into the front of your sixth chakra, your brow chakra. Allow yourself to move as far within as you can. Feel the changes in your energy as you do this.

4. Move into the back of your sixth chakra, changing the energy again.

5. Image a beam of energy going from your heart chakra up to your third eye, right through the center of you. Feel the connection.

6. Send that beam of energy straight up to the center of the universe. It knows where to go.

7. Send that beam of energy straight down into the center of Earth. Experience feeling centered and grounded.

This is your heart source. You are both deep within your heart and deep within your third eye, a visionary aspect of yourself. Any time you experience fear, you are not in your heart source. When you experience jealousy or judgment, you are not in your heart source. Establish these seven steps again and return to the heart source.

When you have practiced it enough, you can say, “Heart Source,” and it will form. Your heart source keeps you centered and grounded. Stay in the place of love as love incarnate. It is also a Merkabah and protective energy. When you experience fear, move into your heart source, and it will protect you from the effects of fear. Connect with God using the name that is meaningful to you.

Expect Extreme Weather and Continued Political Upsets

You have been in this era for some time. You have been called to do the work necessary to heal this planet. This is the time you have been preparing for. It is your time to act for the good of all. You can make changes on this planet.

You have noticed how your climate has been changing, have you not? Fires have erupted across the planet due to record heat and drought. How can you change this? Just as a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can cause a hurricane in the Texas Gulf Coast, so can your emotions move energy. Your thoughts can move energy. For the next years, you face a continuation of what happens with too much heat and cold.

In desert areas and other parts of the world, water shortages will cause conflicts. This is more the case in the desert areas of the western United States. Even though it is not a desert, you will also experience this in the areas of the Great Lakes where other countries have permission to bottle your water. There is going to be an uprising, even violence, if citizens cannot get the water they need. Other parts of the world will experience an overabundance of water that will continue over the years.

What else happens when water is scarce? There is not enough to water your plants, crops, or animals. You will see the price of food escalate in the second half of 2022. There will be powerful tropical storms and ice storms. You will see floods and droughts. The planet is attempting to bring herself into balance.

What can you do to help this situation? First, manage your thoughts and feelings. When you experience these events, immediately go into your heart source and release fear. You are the way-showers for the rest of the world. There are close to 8 billion people on this planet, and few are truly spiritually connected.

Rather than suppress your anger, manage your anger. Increased violence results from people not knowing what to do with their pent-up feelings. Even when people explode with violence, remain in your heart source. Send love.

You will see more violence in different parts of the United States, Canada, and Central and South America. You will see more violence in Europe. You will not hear about violence in China, but it is there. There will be more violence in the Middle East. There will be more conflict between Palestine and Israel. Conflicts in the Middle East are examples of violence and hatred embedded in DNA from centuries, even millennia, ago.

In the United States, there will be a greater demand for reparations for those whose ancestors were slaves. Your natives in the United States — First Nation, as they are called in Canada — will demand reparations. In a movement that might not become known for a couple of years, the indigenous will demand the return of money the United States government owed to tribes and then lost and misappropriated. More will be revealed about this through whistle-blowers.

More people will demand equality for those of all races and socioeconomic levels. The fear that others will lose their status will cause tension and even violence. This calls for an opening of the heart so that people realize the importance of treating all as one. A synergistic effect can expand the economy of the world. A stronger economy and greater peace will bubble fourth in many areas.

Exercise Tolerance for Others’ Choices

You are wondering about this virus. Will it continue to mutate? Yes, it will, because that is what viruses do. Do you remember when the HIV virus first entered the world? You don’t hear as much about it as you used to. It has become a chronic condition that can end your life. There is less fear about that virus now among the general population. You have learned how to protect yourself and how to manage it medically and nutritionally if you get it.

The same will be true for this virus as it mutates. The best preventions for becoming ill are good nutrition, regular exercise, and being at peace with yourself and others. In the third dimension, there are consequences to your choices about how to manage this virus. Yes, this virus is just as real as the HIV virus, and its mutations are real. You must accept the consequences of your actions, knowing that they affect more than just you.

Have no fear or anger at anybody who chooses whatever they do. These emotions weaken your immune system. Make your choices about who to be with and how to be with them based on their choices. Listen to your inner knowing and not the chaos surrounding you. It doesn’t matter what the illness is; you know the precautions to take. There are consequences for every action in life.

You have heard of people called “long haulers” who have had COVID. The medical community will learn more about the immune system as they address the side effects of the virus. They will discover more about how certain parts of the body act and react and how the body is a system that works together. Other fields will generalize this information to how everyone and everything on the planet is a system. The individual is one part of the whole. The choices one person makes affects the entire community of humanity.

The medical community will expand their knowledge of microbes, the immune system, and medical interventions due to this worldwide crisis. They will discover what works and what doesn’t. Yes, money is involved and complicates the dissemination of information. Some information will not be disseminated because it affects the income of a few. More people will become aware of what you call “complementary” or “allopathic” medicine. More people will learn about and believe the power of nutrition, energy-based healing, homeopathy, and herbs.

Work for the Whole

People will become more aware of the importance of various professions and jobs. You will come to know that the people you pay the least attention to have the greatest impact on your economy. Be in your heart, and treat people with care and kindness, no matter their job.

Open your heart to all. Accept people as they are. Once you accept them as they are, you can make decisions about how to interact with them. This is no different from the effect of choices you’ve made throughout your life. Now, however, responses to your actions come faster than before. Your world will learn the cause and effect of individual choice.

The United States is divided. Countries worldwide are divided. If you remain in hatred, anger, criticism, and judgment, this division will continue. You have the chance now to not foster division. This will be a difficult change for most of humanity.

Tremendous grief is overwhelming this planet. Many have left their bodies due to illness, conflict, and what you call natural disasters. Learn to mourn and then release grief. Your grief honors the loss you have experienced. Manage the intensity of your feelings, as they can negatively affect your physical body by weakening your immune system. Your feelings affect the energy of the planet itself. When your collective anger is like fire, you support fire springing forth in the land.

People are changing their views of the economy. There will be uprisings as people demand wages that support them and their families. They will begin to realize their importance and demand that others recognize their value. This is part of the evolution from separation to wholeness. When all honor and support each other, your economy will flourish and grow in ways you didn’t know were possible. You will learn as a people that you produce synergy when you work together for all. The economic well-being of all will increase when you make this adjustment.

There will begin to be a greater awareness of what child abuse actually is and how prevalent it is. It has increased tremendously during your quarantines when where you can go has been limited. People’s hearts will begin to open and pour outward.

You will change. The key is to recognize what is not working and make the changes. Release fear. Release guilt. Notice what people need. Listen to what is in people’s hearts. Listen to what is in your heart. That is crucial.

Political divisions are a planetary concern. There is only one party with different facets. How can that not be true if all are one? Find ways to move from the separation of your heart and mind to find what best serves the people and the planet. These changes will be difficult until people become aware that working for the whole brings stability.

Listen to Others As You Want Others to Listen to You

Remember how disappointed many were when 2012 came and there was no cataclysmic change to peace? The pain needed to surface. Listen to people when they talk about feelings and oppression. Are they always right? In their minds, they are. In your mind, you are. Could their words or your words be victim consciousness? Of course they could. At the root of these beliefs and feelings is the fear of not having the money to live, of not having power.

There is a power struggle on this entire planet. People are going to awaken to changes that need to be made. These changes will come because people will make noise. They will demand that they be treated with fairness and respect. This will begin in business. Managers will take the sides of their employees rather than their customers. They will ban certain customers because they do not respect their staff. This shift will occur because managers realize that without employees, they have no one to take care of customers.

The result of all this turmoil will bring humanity to the place of ascension. Humanity is slowly coming to realize the importance of each person and that some people can receive more resources because their needs are greater. When they receive the resources they need, their fears are relieved. That fear no longer goes into the greater population.

More people will be leaving their corporate jobs and beginning their own businesses. This will include women attempting to manage their incomes as they manage family responsibilities. The youth, who many of you complain about, are not lazy. They have different values. They want people to respect them, and they are looking for their place in the world. They will be agents of change from the systems you are familiar with to new systems of living their lives.

Find those who are working from their hearts. You will identify them by their kindness. These are the people who will change the world.

There will be an increase in gun violence in the United States. There is a way, if people come together, to have peace and freedom from violence. Needing guns for defense is a symbol of how unsafe people feel. When the population feels safe, guns for defense go unused. Guns are not the problem; hearts are the problem. As hearts change, the need for guns to feel safe will disappear.

It is important for humanity to establish certain boundaries. The most important personal boundary is to stay in acceptance and love. This helps you make decisions beneficial to all. If you are angry at someone’s choice of lifestyle, you are not in a place of love and acceptance. The problem is with you and not with them. Even when someone perpetrates violence on you, remain in acceptance and love. Make the decisions you need to protect yourself. The more people who detach from the choices of others, the more peace there will be.

Be Open to New Perspectives

More people will be speaking and living their truths. When you do this from your heart, you facilitate change. Things will not change unless you stand in your truth from your heart. You will find people becoming more frustrated with the politics of this world, no matter which country it is. They see politics as not supporting the welfare of the people. The politics of division are meant to keep people from their power.

Let’s talk about the children being born. Their energy is stronger than that of previous generations of children. They are here to break the patterns of the past, and they will resist continuing life as it has been. Their energy could be confusing to you.

The pandemic has revealed how little is known about educating youths. Innovators will come to the fore to break established ways of teaching. This will cause conflict among educators. Advanced knowledge of education has not been implemented due to resistance to change, but a movement will begin to help those who learn differently. People in this movement will have to stand firm against those who attempt to control the information given to the children.

Information about how to retrain the brain will come to the forefront. Scientific discoveries about neuroplasticity will be applied to learning and recovering from brain injuries. Respect will grow for individual children as older generations retire and new generations come in. They want to discover what each child needs to develop her gifts and talents.

Now I speak directly to those of you who are lightworkers, and that includes everyone reading this. It is imperative that you practice and learn to stay in your heart and connect with your spiritual support team. As more of you recognize this, those who see no value in the transcendent will criticize you. Do not worry about criticism. Join with others to stand and speak your truth.

There will be difficulties over these next years as those called baby boomers do not want to retire in the ways their parents did. They might change jobs as they discover other ways to make their lives meaningful. If you are a boomer who has retired and feels useless, find what gives your life meaning. Sitting in your room, being cognizant of the love that you are, accessing your heart energy, and sending it out to the world are powerful ways to support this changing world.

Let’s talk about the media for a moment. Be in your heart source when you listen to, watch, or read the media. Most news is tilted in one direction or another and contains little truth. Take the information into your heart and ask, “Is this true?” You’ll very rarely get a total yes response. Ask, “What percentage of this is true?” Take everything within and evaluate it. Be willing to change your perspective based on new information. You will know the truth, because it brings peace to your heart. Ultimately know that this world is an illusion. The only reality is love.

Be Prepared, and Be Responsible

People ask about cataclysmic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and tsunamis. There will be more earthquakes and storms. Just know they will happen, and always be prepared. Have emergency supplies in your home in case the stores are emptied before you can get there. Have water, nonperishable foods, and any medications you need. Do not do this in fear.

Those of you who are animal lovers, there have been changes in animal populations on land, in air, and in the water. The pollution overtaking your oceans is grave. Radiation poisoning in the Pacific is greatly affecting sea life. The pollution of oil spills and trash is grave. Is it hopeless? No, your planet is an amazing living system. She is creating microbes that have mutated and learned to subsist on petroleum and radiation.

Whales, dolphins, fish, sharks, plants, coral, and the waters are in danger. Changes need to occur in how your commercial enterprises handle fishing and drilling. Releasing trash from ships into your oceans needs to end. Every piece of trash released into the ocean removes oxygen from the water and blocks sunlight. Young people are developing amazing tools to gather debris in your oceans. Congratulate them and listen to them.

There will be more innovations by young people. They are discovering things by asking, “How can I do this?” They go within themselves and discover the power of their imaginations. They are not held down by their youth, and they are making changes on this planet.

Many people are concerned about the lack of participation in religion. People are delving into the freedom of spirituality rather than the structure and limitation of dogma. Their spiritual connections will propel them through a dark night of the soul into discovering what is meaningful in their lives. There will be a greater need for what you call “spiritual coaches.” Be clear within yourself and heal yourself so that you can help others heal.

You have the power to change certain things on this planet. It requires you to gather as one to enhance your energy through the synergy of oneness. Your beliefs don’t matter as long as you are within your heart and willing to send love to others. You can change the complexion of what is happening. You have that power.

Know how much you are loved. I love you and Abba loves you as if you are the only person on this planet. Our love is totally focused on you. It doesn’t matter that there are 8 billion people on your planet. As an individual, we give you all our love. Your choice is to receive it or not. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother.

About the Channel

Cathy Chapman has been a psychotherapist since 1976. Over the years, she’s integrated spirituality, psychotherapy, energy work, and hypnotherapy into a powerful process of brief therapy. Cathy believes that people are perfect spiritual beings who came into their physical bodies to explore life and, believe it or not, have fun. Go to her website to learn more, OdysseytoWholeness.com To join Dr. Cathy for her Sunday Ceremonies, register at https://drcathyphd.info/SundayCeremoniesReg Each week you’ll hear a channeled message from Amma the Divine Mother (most often), Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Yeshua, and others. No charge!


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