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Road to Oneness

Road to Oneness

ET Races Among Us on Earth at BlissfulVisions.com

This series of videos featured on YouTube are produced by Universe Inside You. The source of the text is from their video descriptions. Here you will find information about many of the well-known extraterrestrial races and civilizations in and out of our galaxy. However, this is not a comprehensive list of all ET's that have visited Earth or are among us now. My hope is to introduce you and familiarize you with our more benevelont ET brothers and sisters, so when the time comes for them to appear in mass with their ships among us, that fear and hysteria won't overtake us. For more videos by the Universe Inside You, please click: Galactic Civilizations - Extraterrestrial Races.

The Pleiadians

Pleiadians, also known as Nordic aliens, are humanoid aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars, and they're really, really, really concerned about Earth and our future. So concerned are they, they've contacted certain special people to channel them and convey their message. The Pleiadians either came from a group called the Lyrans, or coexisted with the Lyrans, or the distinctions between Lyran, Pleiadian, and Sirians don't really exist. Native Americans are of Pleiadian descent, or white people are of Lyran descent, or humans are of no notable relation to either. They can either switch between the third and the ninth dimension, or they exist solely in the fifth dimension (which is the dimension of unconditional love and creativity). The Pleiadians are here in our atmosphere to help Earth and humans ascend to a higher dimension.

The Sirians

The Sirian races are very different. Some extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system are benevolent and good (mostly around the Sirius A), others are evil (mostly around Sirius B). There are many humanoid and non-humanoid species. Some are reptilian, others are aquatic. Famous aquatic extraterrestrial race, is the Nommos people, who visited Earth many years ago, and contacted the Dogon tribe from Africa in the region of Mali. They gave this tribe some incredible astronomic knowledge, which exceeded the knowledge of the scientist from this time. There are many Sirian aliens who are helping Earth to ascend, alongside the Pleiadians and Andromedans.

The Andromedans

The Andromedans are one of the most evolved civilisations working with the Earth at this time of Ascension, their civilization is very large inhabiting the Andromeda Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. It is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years away from the Earth. Their technology is far beyond anything we have experienced on the Earth as is their connection to the Creator. The information in this video is from the Andromedan contactee Alex Collier and Elaine Thompson's book "Voices from our Galaxy."

The Arcturians

Arcturians are a humanoid species, who lives on a planet near the giant sun Arcturus. The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love.

The Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light

The Ashtar Command is a group of extraterrestrials, angels and light-beings and millions of "starships" working as coordinators of the activities of the spacefleet surrounding the Earth high above the hemispheres. Under the spiritual guidance of Sananda (the Most Radiant One), the ascended master who walked the Earth incarnated as Jesus the Christ, Lord Ashtar, the commander of the galactic fleet and representative for the Universal Council of the Confederation of Planets, is currently engaged in Earth's ascension-process.

The Sassani Race

The Sassani, also known as the Shakani, are a humanoid race who live on the planet Essassani approximately 500 light-years from Earth near the Orion constellation. The Sassani extraterrestrials are moving from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension. Sassani are humanoid with light greyish skin and enlarged eyes. They received help from the Pleiadians and some other alien races.

The Lyran Feline Race - The Lion People

The Felines are a bipedal race that stand 12 to 16 feet tall. Their skin is covered by a sort of soft fuzz, and though they don’t have fur, they do have manes and both the males and females have long hair. Their eye color ranges from blue to gold and can change from blue to gold as they mature. They also turn from a golden brown color to white. The overall Feline temperament is warm, sanguine and intellectual. As they mature they take on more of a somber, introspective and gentle nature. The elders are revered for the wisdom, compassion and insight. As a race they are extremely close and have a great sense of fair play. The females are revered and honored in equal status with the males. And true to the feline way, they are all very curious and inquisitive.

The Blue Avians

The Blue Avians, are a peaceful ancient race, that has come into our Solar system, inside Spherical Ships, billions of years ago. The Blue Avians extraterrestrial species exists beyond the confines of space and time. It is believed that these creatures have visited Earth for millennia, aiding in the spiritual development of humankind and helping to shift the consciousness of our species for the good of all. Corey Goode is one of the main contactees of the Blue Avians, also known as the Sphere Alliance. According to Corey, they have recently returned to our planetary system, to aid us in our ascension process. The third dimensional forms of these beings, are said to be blue and humanoid, at eight foot tall, and bird-like in appearance, with bright, indigo-blue feathers. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Blue Avians, is their higher density, and extra-dimensional abilities. While these beings do appear physically as blue, bird-like creatures, this is only one aspect of their dimensional nature, perhaps adopted to bring comfort to beings within our world. When they do choose to materialize in physical space, they appear as humanoid creatures, with bird-like heads, beaks, and blue feathers.

The Tall Whites, Nevada USA

The Tall Whites are more than just fiction, says Charles James Hall, an educated man with a master’s in nuclear physics and former weather observer for the United States Air Force. According to Hall, who claims to have communicated with the Tall Whites, they are very real, very complex and very much a part of the community living at Nellis Air Force Base, a highly secretive 5,000 square mile “no fly zone” military compound in the southern and central Nevada desert.

The Tall Whites, Interview with Charles James Hall - UAMN TV

The Tall Whites, an extraterrestrial race coming from an unknown planet is a really recent phenomenon. They were discovered when researchers learned of the existence of a retired airman, Charles James Hall who was stationed at Nellis Air Force, and interacted with them on a daily basis. This race is important; they don't abduct humans. Hall could catch a glimpse of one of their space craft, and could understand their technology somewhat, which was based on super coiled fibre optics and many more complicated tools. As a result, the crafts were weightless and could fly against gravity easily. Charles Hall is the author of the book series "Millennial Hospitality" that describes his 2-year interactions with the Tall Whites.

The Iargans

The Iargan race, comes from the planet Iarga, which is a green planet with a population 100 times larger than Earth. The diameter and mass of Iarga, are much greater than the Earth's. The Iargan beings are very evolved and spiritual, and highly technologically developed.

The Yah Yel Race

The YahYel may become the first extra-terrestrial civilization to openly meet with us on Earth in person, in peace, in joy, and develop mutually rewarding relationships with our current and future generations. They are part of our galactic family and very similar to us in their physical appearance. They walk, they breathe, they eat, they sleep and they dream together. They value life and one another and they nurture one another in all ways that they can at all times. The Yahyel live in harmony with each other, their beautiful planet and all forms of life on it. They are helping us remember how to live in harmony with Earth and with one another on all levels of our existence together. In a sense, they are bringing timeless knowledge from outer-space that will help us understand how to fully enjoy our living-space and our heart's inner-space. They help us realize the magnificent and loving beings that we actually are.

The Zeta Reticulans

The Zeta Reticulans are described as physically looking very similar to the Grey alien, but there the comparison stops. The agendas of these two races are vastly different. Both of these ET races live in the Zeta Reticuli binary star system, which is about 39 light years from Earth. The difference is the Zeta Reticulans are highly evolved peace-loving race, and the Grays do not resemble humans, and their agenda towards humans is very hostile and evil, much like the Reptilians. Learn about the connection the Zeta Reticulans have with Earth.

The Mantis Race

The Mantis race are perhaps the most mysterious. These beings are from the Sombrero Galaxy - 28 million light years from Earth. They evolved hundreds of millions of years ago, on an insectoid planet, full of all kinds of insects, unknown to us. They became the first to develop advanced self awareness. They developed the use of tools, but in unison, they became highly sensitive, to sound and light, and its reflection in colors. The mantis extraterrestrials, are an insectoid beings, that have features, similar to the Praying Mantis insects of Earth, but they stand upright, and are at least 8, to 9 feet tall. Mantis are often encountered, wearing long robes, in a variety of colors, perhaps signifying rank, while some are unclothed.

The Reptilians

The Reptilians are one of the most ancient, and technologically advanced civilizations in the universe. What is interesting, is that they were genetically created, by another race, referred to as the Master Race - which began a long time ago, before Earth existed, in a different galaxy. The Reptilians are the creators of the Gray alien race. The agenda of the Reptilians is to takeover the Earth and make humanity its slaves. However, the Ascension process has defeated them.

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Road to Oneness

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